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SlotsMission NameAuthorDescription
Not Completed
2co02_operation_head_of_the_lizard.altis[EC] J40Your behind enemy lines, locate and kill your targetxAltis
2co02_the_fiesta.altis[FR] Heliioscomplete a important contract for your clientxAltis
2co02_like_father_like_son.altis[FR] Heliosseveral assassination tasksxAltis
2co02_the_cut_throat.altis[FR] Heliosseveral assassination tasksxAltis
2co02_the_opera.altis[FR] Helioshit two HVTs and extractxAltis
2co@02_the_blizzard.thirskw[FR] Helioskill several HVTs. xThirsk Winter
[SAPA] Gen. Robert
it is evening and you need to take down a convoy of 6 vehiclesxStratis
[sM] The Marvelous Breadfish
go to the helipcopter crash site and check for surviorsxAltis
2co02_operation_nightmare.stratis[VGB]GreigPilWe're expecting a big hostile assault in the morning. We do not have enough defence yet. Your task is to prevent the hostile assault. Take out the radio equipment of the radarstation by destroying the big white globexStratis
2co02_operation_harvest_fire_mission_1.altis*$cott*A shepherd has seen several anti-aircraft tank in the north of Syrta. NATO is planning an air offensive in the next few days. Destroy prior to the Flakpanzer. Select the time of day for this use of conscious. Use your support modulesxAltis
2co02_operation_harvest_fire_mission_2.altis*$cott*Find the federate whistleblower, the shephard from Operation Harvest Fire Mission 1 in the town of KorexAltis
2co02_the_sniper.takistan|o|o|oo|OO|kill 4 terrorists protected by a lot of heavy armed guys, ready to sacrifice their lives to safe their leaderxTakistan
2co02_operation_atsalis_angels.altis~Forbesy2 NATO Fixed Wing Pilots tasked with an early morning bombing on the Island of Atsalis in the North of Altis. Expect heavy enemy presence on the island as well as possible opposition around and on your way to the islandxAltis
2co02_operation_fatima.altis~ForbesyForces in the North West of Altis require assistance in capturing a Command Outpost from CSAT forces, which is located at an old Castle. Command has also tasked you with a few other objectives to complete while up in the sky, although our Forces will require backup ASAPxAltis
2co02_repair_team_infiltration.stratis☣nice-strike☣you are on a ermergency repair trip for your allies the Independent. But suddenly the Independent changed the site. Now you have to infiltrate all enemysxStratis
2co02_operation_landslip.altisAdeptRemember that mission where you taking to James, who saying about strange truck, what you delivered to Miller? I think, how it was looks by the James? Short missionxAltis
2co02_operatives_coop.altisAlperspecial operations on the altisxAltis
2co02_never_trust.stratisAndreapunka NATO sniper and a NATO spotter will be sent to destroy an enemy supplying convoy, and then to eliminate the OfficerxStratis
2co02_never_trust_2_no_going_back.stratisAndreapunkthe two snipers are in the middle of a mess, they've been declared traitors by the same man who gave the order to kill the mole, and now they're running away to survivexStratis
2co@02_strd_han_rh.altisanomag(RUS)OFP collection - Rat HolexAltis
2co@02_strd_han_ttc.altisanomag(RUS)OFP collection - take the carxAltis
2co02_instant_action_escort.altisArbiterescort HVT "Palaven" to Fort Mountbatten at all costs. You are authorized to use any means necessary to ensure Palaven gets to its objectivexAltis
2co@02_deal_gone_wrong.chernarusArkhirDiplomats were sent to do the talking and something went wrong. They were taken hostage. Militia is threatening to slaughter all 11 of them if we do not deliver their former officer today before 0800 local timexChernarus
2co@02_body_snatch.zargabadArkhirTrack Sajid until he recieves the message, then take him alive and hand him over to CIA SSO for field interrogation. Get what you came for and get out of the city. FastxZargabad
2co02_sniper.altisBlooDGhosTt FRA pair of sniper to kill an enemy officer on the place of Kavala good luck!xAltis
2co02_almyra_sniper.altisBragatoYou need to see objects at 1300 to complete this mission. Your mission is to kill a enemy officer, he's a important figure to the CSAT. We've got information that he's gonna land at the CSAT Airport at Almyra around 0500 hours, and he's gonna be fast, so don't lose many chances to kill him, or you'll fail. xAltis
2co02_shadow_moses.stratisCloudstabased on Metal Gear SolidxStratis
2co02_special_operations_command_day_1.altisComrade1. Clear Pyrgos of enemy presense. 2. Obtain onsite water tansportation to Makrynisi. 3. Eliminate enemy officers on MakrynisixAltis
2co02_redemption.stratisCoyotepsycho revive, nice concept. You have to go to the overwatch position, kill betrayer before he leaves area and exfiltrate.xStratis
2co02_operation_sunrise.altisCrackfoxDmitriy popov and Alexander Kolorov are leading a terrorist organisation and are building a secret base somewhere on Altis. locate the enemy base and eliminate all terroristsxStratis
2co02_operation_bald_eagle.altisEcho107Your team's goal is to seize an enemy armor facility. It will require strategy, communication, and eachothers help for this mission to succeedxAltis
2co02_seize_the_wind_plants.altisEcho107Capture all three power plants and extract on a speedboat with an escortxAltis
2co02_clean_the_spartan.stratiseqqClean the cape name "The SpartanxStratis
2co02_blackfoot_down.altisEquanzahard! SAR for a downed heloxAltis
2co02_sports_day.altisFenixMake your way to the beach, recover the dead drop, clear the power plant then gear up to take down the stadium and a nato counter-offensive. Equipment is procured onsite and in the dead drops. Makes more use of the SMG which basically never gets used otherwisexAltis
2co@02_the_sniper.altisFOne' DerTwixgo to the markers "task 1, task 2, task 3" and kill the 3 officers. But beware, these are guarded by patrols which are unpredictable.xAltis
2co@02_the_crazies.provinggrounds_pmcGarebearRHS. Horror. When you and your team patrol an abandoned sector (because of a devastating nuclear attack) you come across some strange thingsxProving Grounds
2co02_operation_trident.altisGloversounds cool. good comments. underwater. Parachute into the Pyrgos Gulf and perform an underwater infiltration of a AAF naval base. The British government has decided to send you on a covert mission to assist the FIA by destroying vital AAF targetsxAltis
2co02_operation_clever_girl.stratisGreigPilAmbush enemy reinforcement in support of an all out assault on Air Station Mike-26xStratis
2co02_operation_takendown.altisGrooveNATO is attacking one of your camps. Although the CSAT has strong anti-air defences, they manage to break through.xAltis
2co@02_strd_han_boomberman.stratisHanomagrecreation of the OFP mission. Co-ordinate a major operation. Take down guards, destroy a convoy and seize the town. Radio support from other squads, cover them with your sniper rifle and defeat the enemy. xStartis
2co02_the_contract.altisHeliosdisguise system - kill Himon and Jonathan Rotze and leave the areaxAltis
2co02_operation_mechanical_patriot.altisHobo for HireJuly 4th. missionxAltis
2co02_operation_breaking_dawn.altisJ. BlackwoodThe AAF camp is being run by a Mr John Alexander, He is your target! you must find him within the camp and kill him..You will be transported by boat a few hundred meters north of the AO, from there you will have to make your way thru the forest towards the campxAltis
2co02_saving_geneneral_brighton.stratisMajor ProblemGeneral Brighton’s sea stroll went awry when his speedboat broke down. The enemy has learned about the situation and has launched a fully-fledged marine attack. Your task is to stop the fleet of speedboats with the A-164 “Wipeout”. You will have to fight the boats while keeping the enemy air support at bayxStratis
2co02_ghost_hawk_down.altisMcFizzyA ghost hawk goes down near the town of Kavala, your squad's mission is to move in and search for survivors. Afterwards you will escape via an attack boat.xAltis
2co02_op_magic_carpet.altisMelboAs the pilot or gunner of an AH-99 Blackfoot you must support ground forces as they attack an enemy position and neutralise an enemy airfield. There are AA units around so do not fly head-first into enemy positions.xAltis
2co02_protect_the_helicopterf.altisNateA small Base for Sniper and Spotter. Target: Call the helicopter to attack the base then kill the Target E in the Base to protect the heli. Spotter can call Ifrit CrewxAltis
2co02_dam_defenders.altisNumLockcool area. Provide support defending the Dam. Avoid incoming mortar fire. Then get to extraction zone with your support teamxAltis
2co02_just_another_day.stratisOMACLead your sniper team to assist U.S.-based NATO infantry in defending a Forward Operating Base from a CSAT assault. Then clear and hold the local CSAT base of operations and be ready to assist intelligence-gathering efforts that will help clear the way for NATO reinforcementsxStratis
2co02_heavy_rain.stratisOne-eyed AliceDrip down, O heavens, from above, And let the clouds pour down righteousness. Let the earth open up and salvation bear fruit, And righteousness spring up with it.' - Isaiah 45:8xStratis
2co02_red_herring.stratisOne-eyed AliceFor nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light' - Luke 8:17xStratis
2co02_redemption(2).stratisOne-eyed AliceCpt. Johnson is an enlisted agent of CSAT. For now he is located on enemy base in central Stratis.He must pay for betrayal. Death is his only redemption.xStratis
2co@02_otl7_interceptors.altisOutlawz7Intercept enemy air contactxAltis
2co02_otl7_ground_attack.altisOutlawz7Remake of the classic missionxAltis
2co02_otl7_sniper.altisOutlawz7sniper spotter missionxAltis
2co02_ste_zaros_conspiracy.altisPhantom1 man is lonewolf operative. Other watch over satellite. Sneak into Zaros church and find out what's going on. xAltis
2co02_robbing_the_tempest.stratisPhantomInfiltrate Camp Tempest and retrieve a suitcase with valuable information. Stealth mission.xStratis
2co@02_df_operation_tango_down.stratisRazor64Our commander is going to brief us for our first assignment. the only thing I know about it is that we have to take out some high profile officer. well, I'll find out soonxStratis
Relive your dreams with your friends.xAltis
2co02_sniper_fire.altisSaucyYou and your spotter must give sniper support to a friendly NATO squad moving and seizing a CSAT controlled village.xAltis
2co02_escape_from_pyrgos.altisSe'KaraQuick sneaky night mission - get through Pyrgos and escape by boatxAltis
2co02_steal_the_car.stratisSiCRemake of the classic Steal the CarxStratis
2co02_angry_angel_by_sithis.altisSithisA Comanche flies a suprise attack on CSAT troopsxAltis
2co02_home.altisSithisfun! Two FIA rebels relax back home as they hear a call on the radio and the sound of their door beeing kicked inxAltis
2co02_operation_little_dove.stratisSithismi48 accuracy has been upped, making the mission too tough. OPFOR is landing on the south beach of Stratis. A lone Comanche is dispatched to hold them long enough for groundforces to move into positionxStratis
2co02_cold_winter_night.altisSPARTANVAS, respawn, You will rendezvous with Alpha 2-1, the NATO SF team responsible for securing the facility, and then provide operational oversight and support where necessaryxAltis
2co02_sting_like_a_bee.altisSPARTANTake the role of a minibird pilot tasked with supporting a flight of Blackfoot helicopters on an Interdiction HQ missionxAltis
2co02_scorched_earth.stratisSpartanYour squad will move to point Heineken and set up an observation post from which you will observe enemy troop movements. Standard Rules of Engagement are in force - so don't shoot until you receive clearance and keep out of sightxStratis
2co02_grey_ops.altisSurferYour target is a radio tower which had been used to monitor movement on the whole island back in the days. We assume CSAT and AAF are doing the same, that's why you will have to destroy itxAltis
2co02_abandoned_village_.stratisSurferexperienced author. cool, simple task. Infiltrate an abandoned village at foggy nighttime, locate and destroy IFRIT APC, extract via boatxStratis
2co02_blackwater_contract.altisTailgunner_nlWe need to get Element (VIP) to the Quontrol building inside Kavala. Element then needs to have a tactical chat with someone insidexAltis
2co02_operation_pink_mist.altisTG StuffedHALO, get set, wait for the enemy leaders and take them outxAltis
2co02_two_man_army_the_lost_one.altisThe REAL FortuNYou and your friend have been asked to help find and rescue a lost pilotxAltis
2co02_getting_tango.altisTheNightBirdCommence an assault on Frini and a nearby Military complex. Try to locate and destroy a device code named Tango, which the opposing FIA stole from NATO. Features: Short storyline, village assault, military complex assault, search and destroy in a forestxAltis
This mission is a tribute to Hitman video game.
This mission is a tribute to Hitman video game. xAltis
2co02_freedom_mission_01.altisThuBzAfter attacking the 1st objective in mission01 its time to leave, as where the 1st mission ended we pick up agian!xAltis
2co02_freedom_mission_02.altisThuBzDestroy the prototype device and escapexAltis
2co02_moonlight_sayonara.altistreendymove in and locate a device. this device is nearly ready and we believe is some kind of self-guiding bomb which MUST be destroyed! We have also discovered the location of one of their high ranking leaders and two stolen Sochors, destroy the Sochors so they cant be used against us, and eliminate the leader. xAltis
2co02_operation_nightowl.altisTriNitroTolueneA navy SEAL is airdropped into the sea under the cover of darkness, your objective: assasinate an enemy officer at night in a stealth missionxAltis
2co02_the_airfield_ambush.altisunknownHostille foces have taken an airfield we once used on Altis. It is imperitive we take this airfield back, as it is a key factor on our power in Altis. Your mission is to simply get into the airfield and kill every hostille, thus, taking back what is rightfully oursxAltis
2co@02_operation_painkiller.altisValtrosCH47 needed. Before retreating from a fragile foothold, two remenant recon teams make a last effort to cripple an enemy advance. Moving at dusk, they plan to strike a recently taken Airbase, and leave it defenseless to distract OPFOR attention from our frontlinesxAltis
2co@02_the_lamb_and_the_owl.altisValtrosCH47 needed. After a helicopter is shot down short of friendly territory, the lone survivor of the crash finds himself caught in a web of enemy patrols. He is without a map, with little ammo, and hunted by wolves... But he is not alonexAltis
2co02_hunting_grounds.stratisVanBurentake a helicopter ride with your brother-in-arm to a friendly base at the southern part of the Stratis through an enemy territory. Your job there is to find a sergeant and report for duty, shouldn't be so hard.. or should it? xStratis
2co02_the_marksmania.stratisvanburen77locate and eliminate local recruitment leadersxStratis
2co02_a_widows_call.altisVanhAa sniper mission with a twist...xAltis
2co@02_fhq_ground_attack.summer_chernarusVaranonAnother remake of the classic mission..xSummer Chernarus
2co02_operation_wirecut.stratisVasilyevichA two man BLUFOR team infiltrates the small town of Girna, Stratis occupied by CSAT forces to sabotage a communications facility guarded by CSAT troopsxStratis
2co02_operation_return.stratisVigVamgood comments. Two saboteur landed on the shore near the enemy base. Their mission - to destroy key objects of the enemy defensexStratis
2co02_the_sniper_3.altisWassermelone-700-900m Mission -moving and non moving targets -hidden snipers - changing overcast xAltis
2co02_ghillied_up.altisWatchmena recreation of the famous mission from call of dutyxAltis
2co02_the_head_of_the_snake.stratisWazpYYou'll fly in through a warzone, and take your choice of path from the insertion point to your target - a high ranking officer. We believe that if we can take him out, we might be able to change the tide of war.xStratis
2co02_creeping_death.altisWhiplashno ammo for sniper, 188 ratings on steam. 2 NATO/OTAN Soldiers we're tasked for a dangerous mission on enemy ground , these men were tasked to Identify the AAF Officer Kill him and head to Extraction where a Recon team will be waiting for them , as a secondary mission do not get detected by enemy forces.xAltis
2co02_into_the_lungs_of_hell.altisWhiplashbased on BIS showcase. NATO forces are trying to push further , your mission is to prevent this , you have several objectives for this mission , first of all you are going to transport some AAF forces to a nearby enemy F.O.BxAltis
2co@02_ace_creeping_death.altisWhiplashIdentify the AAF Officer Kill him and head to ExtractionxAltis
2co02_zmcm_vendetta.altisZenophonZenophon's Mini Co-op Missions Pack. An atmospheric sniper mission that makes players choose between trusting their sniping accuracy or risking a closer shot. A tense opening sequence is followed by an open-ended objective in which players must eliminate a target while working under a time limitxAltis
2co@02_vendetta.altisZenophonInfiltrate enemy territory and assassinate a CSAT intelligence officer. (Altis Version)xAltis