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Twitter Chat Schedule267 chats...and growingHosts:Set-up a landing page and count visitors to your chat by clicking the link in "Chat" column (E) and follow promptsCTRL+Z (Undo) .. just in case you altered something unintentionally
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NameDescriptionFounded / Moderated byMore InfoChatMonTueWedThuFriSatSunWeb Site
#FCS2010ChatForum for questions on the annual Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition. Site will be hourly before show and will stay live all day during it.@fuelcellseminarClick for infoClick to view chat1:30pm-5:00pm EST9:00am-11:30am EST1:30pm-5:30pm EST
#doulapartyDiscussions about how to support women during and after giving birth. Frequented by doulas (of course) and nurses, midwives, moms, expectant parents@Preparing4BirthClick for infoClick to view chat10pm EST
#hcmktgChat related to healthcare marketing.@hcmktg @reedsmithClick for infoClick to view chat12-1pm CST
#smNPchatWeekly chat sharing marketing and fundraising resources for the 1-person nonprofit development shop.@pamelagrowClick for infoClick to view chat12-1pm EST
#JapanTravelTravel Planning Tips & Advice for Japan@shanesakata @tokyotopiaClick for infoClick to view chat12:-1pm JAPAN STANDARD TIME
#sweetspotA weekly webcast and chat covering the week in social media for associations and non-profits, the Social Media Sweet Spot is all about finding the "sweet spot" in social media initiatives.@kikilitalienClick for infoClick to view chat12:30 - 1 pm ET
#kaizenblogdiscuss using kaizen in *business strategy*@ConversationAge @3keyscoachClick for infoClick to view chat12PM ET
#HFChatAims to put jobseekers in touch with HR folk and recruiters. Provides tips, advice, and help!@HRMargo, @RelocationAlly @JPeddeClick for infoClick to view chat12pm-1pm EST
#engage365Open to Association and Meeting Industry - Focused on Social Media for Events (marketing, engagement, communities, hybrid meetings, etc.).@chrisuschanClick for infoClick to view chat1pm - 2pm ET
#digicarDiscussions about connected vehicles, digital cars, ITS, telematics, moblie apps, and more.@connectedcar @rogermud @dkhare @techtolivebyClick for infoClick to view chat1pm EST
#scifichatTalk about science fiction literature and the genre of science fiction in general. Occasionally we will have a guest author.@DavidRozanskyClick for infoClick to view chat2-4 pm ET
#TheBigToyBookWeekly Friday chat about hot new toys, keeping kids active and playing- with great random draw giveaways. RSVP links are posted on every Thursday.@thebigtoybook @toyinsidermom @toytrendexpert @complicatedmamaClick for infoClick to view chat2:00 (et)
#FOIAchata chat for those who follow state sunshine laws and regularly work with public record requests@SunshineReview, @FOIAchatClick for infoClick to view chat2:00-3:00 pm EST
#wpchatHow to Make WordPress Awesome@patrickallmond @allaboutfocusClick for infoClick to view chat 2pm CT
#aptchatChat to discuss the apartment and multifamily industry@LisaTrosien @30LinesClick for infoClick to view chat3-4pm CST
#challengerchatA monthly disussion about challenger brands, with eatbigfish. 3rd Friday of each month from 4pm gmt. Who do you think are the most important challenger brands?@bretteatbigfish
Click for infoClick to view chat3rd Fri of each month 4pm GMT
#litchatMission is to connect readers with books and authors. #litchat operates open topic chat on Monday and Wednesday, followed with author or publishing professional guest host on Fridays.@litchatClick for infoClick to view chat4-5pm ES(D)T4-5pm ES(D)T4-5pm ES(D)T
#pldebateProfessional discussion on issues of importance to the procurement, sourcing and supply chain. Established by Procurement Leaders magazine@david_raeClick for infoClick to view chat4-5pm GMT first Friday in the month
#followreaderfor readers, publishers, authors, librarians, book bloggers, and everyone else interested and invested in the bookish community. @katmeyer @charabbottClick for infoClick to view chat4pm - 5pm EST
#hcsmeuLooking at increasing healthcare social media in Europe@andrewspong @whydotpharmaClick for infoClick to view chat7-8am EST
#MCRchatFans of My Chemical Romance discuss the band and share their passion for My Chem's music through a discussion-question-guided chat. A promotional and fan-uniting effort originating from the idea of @PoisonAndFire, a member of the band's street-team, the MCRmy.@MyChemChatClick for infoClick to view chat7-9 P.M. (EST)12-2 P.M, (EST)
#JBchatWeekly chat for Justin Beiber fans. The true Beliebers@JBchat @EmilyAllmanClick for infoClick to view chat8-9pm EST
#elemchatA weekly discussion about strategies and issues specific to teaching in elementary contexts@tcash @NancyTeaches @thompseg @louwinsr @doriedanceClick for infoClick to view chat11pm GMT (6PM EST)8AM (Sydney Australia)
#mbeMon-Fri 9-Noon PST A discussion centered around KCRW's flagship Program Morning Becomes Eclectic, where music fans and KCRW supporters can engage with one another and KCRW personalities.@kcrwbetsyClick for infoClick to view chat9am-Noon PST9am-Noon PST9am-Noon PST9am-Noon PST9am-Noon PST
#CSRPRChat every two weeks on corporate social responsibility and green PR@jpilmer @byubostonClick for infoClick to view chatEvery two weeks 12-1 pm EST
#ICT4DMonthly chat expanding information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D) each month with 3-4 questions around a topic of interest.@ICT_works @downeym @chloevdcClick for infoClick to view chatnoon-1:30pm EST

A monthly conversation among architects who blog about their work and practice. It a community built around the Building Content website ( ) and the Architectural Bloggers Twibe ( ), yet this chat program is open to everyone.@collier1960Click for infoClick to view chat(last thurs of month)
7:00-8:00 CST
#4changeA monthly discussion of using social media for social change projects/campaigns/work. Currently on hiatus.@tomjd @amyrsward @zerostrategist @memeshift @christinasworldClick for infoClick to view chat2nd Thurs each Month 2-4pm PST, 5-7pm EST
#4SqChatWeekly chat about foursquare! User suggestions for improvements, how businesses can use it and other thoughts from users@4SqIndy @hust0058 @cbanksindy @chris_d_smithClick for infoClick to view chat9-10 pm ET
#agchatkeep an ongoing, open dialogue amongst the various players in the agriculture, farming and ranching worlds. For people in agriculture, including those in the business of producing food, feed, fuel and fiber.@mpaynknoper @agchatClick for infoClick to view chat8-10 pm EDT
#AgeOpFor those interested in getting more out of life, marketing to the 50+ demographic, interested in the politics of aging, the tragedy of ageism, the explosion of masters athletics, the value of experience, the key to health and vitality, how the 50+ market uses the internet, and on and on. @kwidrick @ageopportunityClick for infoClick to view chat8-9pm CST
#aiachatA community of architecture professionals, connecting via Twitter, to share ideas, debate, and collaborate.@aianational @sybil_bClick for infoClick to view chatFirst Wed of month 2-3 p.m. EST
#aichatRound of 4 weekely chats, each focusing on 1 of the phases of the 4D Appreciative Inquiry cycle. Chat continues for 24 hrs with moderators in US, Asia and Europe@LorettaDonovanClick for infoClick to view chat10 Am EDT
#AOChatWeekly moderated tweetchat hosted by Each week we feature a guest blogger who leads our discussion on a variety of topics, such as , family, friends, fashion, travel and current issues in the media. Every Monday, our featured blogger is announced via Facebook and Twitter. You can check out the “events” tab on the AboutOne fan page to learn more about the coming week’s blogger discussion topics.@AboutOneClick for infoClick to view chat10-11am EST
#aopm"Anthropology of Product Management": Discussion of how we, as Product Managers, can apply social anthropology principles to our work, to be more effective in our many, wide-ranging activities.@trevorrotzienClick for infoClick to view chat12 - 1pm PST
#ARchatA community of Analyst Relations professionals, Analysts and Influencers in the technology, social media and information sectors. We often discussion the interactions of Analyst Relations, Public Relations, Investor Relations and Marketing (B2B, B2C and IMC).@fredmcclimans @loudyoutloud @AR_chatClick for infoClick to view chat12pm ET
#artchatDiscussion about the future of humanity inspired by artists' leadership.@AmericaNowHereClick for infoClick to view chat9pm EST4-5pm EST
#AskArbonneMonthly Q&A session on beauty, health and wellness. Hosted by experts at Arbonne International. @Arbonne @Gigasavvy Click for infoClick to view chat
#assnchatOpen to any all members of the association community, including staff, consultants, volunteer leaders and members. Explore the present and future of associations. Bring your issues and questions!@kikilitalienClick for infoClick to view chat1-2pm CST
Astrologers clarifying the portent the most important trends of years 2010-2012. Ask questions about the Cardinal Grand Square and your chart. Find an authentic connection with several top astrologers
@AstroTweets @cakastro, @claire_france
Click for infoClick to view chatSaturday, October 16, 09:00 - 10:00AM (- 07:00 GMT)
#b2bchatWeekly conversation for B2B marketers@b2b_chat @kseniacoffman @jeremyvictor @andrewspoeth @b2bentoClick for infoClick to view chat8-9pm EST
#bakechatWe're a weekly Twitter-based chat covering the professional and lay-person world of baking, pastry and desserts, co-hosted by Chefs Claire Fountain and Jeffrey J Kingman@JeffreyJKingman @ohitsclaireClick for infoClick to view chat9pm EST
#BarnsdaleCalling all gardeners! Whether you’re the avid ‘all-weather’ gardening type, a fledgling ‘window-box’ variety, or simply keen to learn more – this is your chance to join Nick Hamilton, professional gardener for some professional advice and feedback@LandsEnd_UKClick for infoClick to view chat8-9pm GMT, 27 May
#BeBoldA chat focused on individual social entrepreneurs, leadership, and how to be a changemaker.@echoinggreenClick for infoClick to view chat1-2pm EDT
#BeTheOneA monthly chat about inspiring people to make a difference through personal leadership that infuses integrity, dignity and character. @BridgetHaymond @pdncoachClick for infoClick to view chat9-10 p.m. EST
#bhamchatA weekly Twitter conversation about news and issues in Birmingham, AL.@acnatta @bhamchatClick for infoClick to view chat7-8:30
#bigtweetoffTake two Twitter users with different opinions, add one controversial topic and watch the sparks fly! @thebigtweetoff @beth_carroll @thepaulsuttonClick for infoClick to view chat7.30pm-8.30pm GMT
#bikeschoolA weekly Twitter chat about all good things about cycling. We talk about lessons learned on and off the bike. With @bikerly attending, it's always a great time.@bikerly @lovingthebike @egggmanClick for infoClick to view chat9-10:00pm EST
#bizrtsSalespeople all over the world all have one thing in common - the desire to make money. But they also want to feel respected and confident in the work that they do. @marcogiunta @rethinkingsalesClick for infoClick to view chat8:30--9:30PM EST8:30--9:30PM EST8:30--9:30PM EST
#blackbookchatsChats focusing on black books and authors, hosted by RAWSISTAZ Literary Group in conjunction with our book of the month reads & reading challenges. @rawsistaz @blackbookchatsClick for infoClick to view chat8:30--9:30PM EST per schedule8:30--9:30PM EST per schedule
#blacklitchatA monthly Twitter chat about books by Black authors. Occasionally features the author as participant.@bernadettedavis, @deegospelClick for infoClick to view chat9 p.m. ET
#blogchatThe largest chat on Twitter, #Blogchat is a weekly chat about topics to help you better your personal and business blogging efforts. Co-Hosts join us the 1st Sunday of every month, and the last Sunday of every month is OPEN MIC, which means YOU pick the topic!@MackCollier
Click for infoClick to view chat8-9pm CST
#bookmarketConnecting authors, publishers, bloggers, and publicists for the greater good.@corb21 @claudiaCClick for infoClick to view chat4:00-5:00 EST
#booktweetMeet to discuss books. All books are free and eBooks. We also have a twibe open to all participants, and if you would like your tweets private you may tweet from there. @MaraBGClick for infoClick to view chat12-1pm EST
#bostonchristmasChats focusing on any and all christmas celebrations, in order to promote local business, bloggers, restaurants and campaigns both for-profit and non-profit organizations@imageunlimitedClick for infoClick to view chat
#brandchatA discussion between experts, strategists, and those interested in learning more about personal and business brand management.@brandchat @mariaduron @davidsanduskyClick for infoClick to view chat10-11am CST
#CampusChatWeekly chat on topics related to the college-bound to the college graduate: campus visits. college admissions process, academic success, college life, graduation,etc. @collegevisitClick for infoClick to view chat9 - 10 PM ET
#CampusFashionBi-weekly Twitter chat dedicated to discussing college fashion, style & trends. Highlights 10 student run fashion magazines across the nation as well as fashion bloggers.@fsuCLUTCHmag @threadmagClick for infoClick to view chatEvery other week from 9-10pm EST
#carchatDiscussion about cars and the automotive industry.@michaelbanovskyClick for infoClick to view chat7-9pm CST
#careerchatGot career issues? Discuss them here! Watch for weekly topics. All questions welcome.@MyPath_MP
Click for infoClick to view chat12-1pm CT
#CareerSuccessCareer Success Radio - on BlogTalkRadio@KeithKeller @AnnemarieCrossClick for infoClick to view chat5pm (PST) 8pm (EST)10am (AEST) IT'S ALWAYS TOMORROW IN AUSTRALIA
#CelebChatWe discuss first person encounters with celebrities, public figures and those who influence us. @SSKarma @NetworkingWeb @AJPROCClick for infoClick to view chat9-10 pm PST weekly
#CEOKidsChatWe talk about raising entrepreneurs, supporting next gen leaders, best biz practices, parenting strategy@RaisingCEOKidsClick for infoClick to view chat7 - 7:30am PST
#chrchatTwitter chat for Connecting HR community (#ConnectingHR)@JonIngham @GarelaosClick for infoClick to view chat7-8.00 GMT
#cmchatWeekly discussion for summer camp professionals to share and discuss marketing and promotional trends, topics and ideas related to the summer camp field.@campmktgnewsClick for infoClick to view chat7-8 pm PST
#cmgrchatA community for Community Managers to discuss tips, advice, common themes and projects. Discuss Social Media as a tool for the profession@JPedde @kellyluxClick for infoClick to view chat2-3pm EST
#coachchatWeekly discussion for business and life coaches and those interested in coaching. Open mic format, no experts, all learners.@deswalshClick for infoClick to view chat6-7 pm PT
#collegechatA bi-weekly chat between higher education experts/journalists/authors and parents, teens, college students about college: preparing for, applying to, paying for, college life, grad school and post graduation. @collegechat @pathwayprClick for infoClick to view chat1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 6-7 pm PT/ 9-10 pm ET
#commbuildMonthly chat that happens on twitter and CoverItLive focused on community building and community management@amyrswardClick for infoClick to view chat3rd week of the month, 4-5 pm EST
#commschatUK-based chat about anything and everything to do with communications, is inspired by chats like #JournChat, #PRstudchat and #BlogChat@adamvincezini @emilycagle @commschatClick for infoClick to view chat8-9pm GMT
12-1pm CST
#cookchatA monthly Twitter chat all about food and its preparation, typically on the 3rd or 4th Wednesday of the month. Our chat is for all foodies, novices to world renowned chefs. @MattLaCasse @SJOGbornClick for infoClick to view chat8-9pm CST
#craftermindsWeekly chat for craft bloggers, about the business of craft blogging@dollarcraft @infarrantly @modpodgerocks @jenjentrixieClick for infoClick to view chat4-5pm EST
#critterchatAnimal professional discussion group about pets and other animals.@arkladyClick for infoClick to view chatTBD
#CROchatA weekly chat about conversion rate optimization/online marketing@ioninteractive @allenkristinaClick for infoClick to view chat1-2pm ET
#CruiseChatBimonthly cruise travel chat for anyone interested in cruise industry@CruiseBuzz @AvidCruiserClick for infoClick to view chat2-3pm EST
#CUADWeekly discussion for Higher Education Student Affairs professionals, graduate students and students on topics related to the Student Union/Center and Student Activities fields.@EdCabellonClick for infoClick to view chat12-1pm CST
#custservWeekly discussion on customer service for all organizations; large or small@MarshaCollier @JeffreyJKingmanClick for infoClick to view chat9p ET / 6p PT
#DadsTalkingA community of Dads that are using Twitter to connect and to find ways to talk about issues of being a Dad in today's world.@Genuine @dadarocks @DadStreet @Tshaka_ZuluClick for infoClick to view chat10 p.m. EST
#DCTHDesign Community Twitter Hours@chadengle @DCTHClick for infoClick to view chat7-8:30pm EST
#dealchatSharing fabulous deals, coupons and saving tips@frugalista @dealchatClick for infoClick to view chat8 to 8:30 p.m.EST
#DesignChatWeekly live videochat for designers and creatives with a special guest. We live stream on @DesignChatClick for infoClick to view chat8pm CST
#devchatThis is a weekly Twitter Chat covering the topics of software development. Developers of all platforms and technologies are welcome. This is a chat designed to learn and share.@thomallen @dev_chatClick for infoClick to view chat7-8PM MST
#DLBChatDigital Latina Bloggers Chat hosted every other Tuesday with a variety of topics related to social media and blogging. Information and resources will be included during the chat for all to learn from.@ellamedia @lbconnectClick for infoClick to view chat1-2:30 pm EST
#DogTalkDiscussions about various dog-related topics. Guest experts will lead chats with co-moderators. Different topics weekly; anyone can join.@turtlelady81 @fangshuicaninesClick for infoClick to view chat9-11pm EST
#DolceHotelsThe entire global porfolio of Dolce Hotels and Resorts come together to discuss: what's going on at their property, callouts to Associates, special promotions, and what's going on in their community. As we share this information with each other through this chat, we also retweet comments to be shared with a broader range of followers.@dolce_hotelsClick for infoClick to view chat11:30 - 12:00 EST
#dsmaOrganized discussions (via twitter) on living with diabetes, advocacy, health, meter, support and more.@diabetessocmedClick for infoClick to view chat9pm EST
#e20wsExploring corporate adoption of social media (getting organized for relaunch in 2010; contact for more information if interested)@sourcepovClick for infoClick to view chat
#ecosysProject to drive social innovation in complex social ecosystems (Healthcare, Education) through web based collaboration.@sourcepovClick for infoClick to view chat9-11pm EST
#edchatAn incredible collaborative tool for educators to debate and evaluate solutions to various problems through Twitter@shellterrell @web20classroom @tomwhitbyClick for infoClick to view chat12pm ET & 7pm ET
#EDCTHEuro Design Community Twitter Hours@chadengle @svgrobClick for infoClick to view chat2:30-5pm EST
#elearnchatA weekly discussion and steaming video simulcast on Topics focus on eLearning which includes Rapid Authoring, Social Media, and tech enhanced ILT to name a few. @rickzanotti @terrencewingClick for infoClick to view chat10am PT live preshow, 10:15 Live show and chat
#EngchatWeekly discussion for English teachers to share ideas, best practices and engage students in learning@mrami2 @CBethMClick for infoClick to view chat7 PM EST.
#entprchatWeekly convo discussing issues in entertainment, fashion PR and management.@KionsandersClick for infoClick to view chat8-9 pm EST
#EntrepChatA weekly chat for entrepreneurs, business owners, and other professionals. We talk about entrepreneurship and tips for starting and running a business. Come join us every Sunday at 10 pm EST!@KyleMcShane @Austin_Curtis @amfunderburk1Click for infoClick to view chat10-11pm EST
#eventprofsGathering of event professionals@ready2sparkClick for infoClick to view chat8-9pm CST11am-12pm CST
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