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Javier G9285122AP Psych book 63-87--this is not what you were reading in class as I told you no textbook reading during bellwork. Hmm...Preg. Project: 136-182AP Psych 87-110Bible: 1656-1680(1 Corinthians) + Curious Incident of the dog in the nightime: 1-53Bible: 1680-1694(2 Corinthians) + Curious incident of the dog in the nightime 53-167Preh Project: 182-192332Pregnancy Project: 192-216Curious Incident of Dog in the nightime: 167-End (226)Exploding Toilet: 1-43Exploding Toilet: 61-98AP Psych: 115-173Homeboys 1-62271 Timothy & 2nd Timothy 1731- 1741Power of a Visionary Family 1-48Introduction to flight 1-45Homeboyz 1-43Homeboyz 43-8585-101203Homeboyz 101-122Homeboyz 122-130Lightning Thief 20-377Homeboyz 130-145401Sea of Monsters 6-182Tourist Season: 1-18194 PgsAP Psych 173-264Homeboyz-145-173 173-240158Sea of Monsters 182-226AP Psych 264-312Homeboyz 240-280280-290172Drive 1-5Drive 6-50Drive 50-62Drive 63-80Drive 81-200Drive 200-202202Drive 27-175175-190190-200183Drive 200-220AP Psych 254-293293-320Young Bond 1-8080-103Drive 220-223197Percy Jackson: Titan's Curse 1-50Titan's Curse:50-210210Titan'sCurse:210-223223-229229-238AP Psych 320-325AP Psych 325-372Battleof the Labyrinth 1-165
Samantha G377 Pages382 Pages601 Pages677 PagesI am Scout 1-9The Color Purple 1-54Friends with Boys 1-224When you reach me 1-12296 PagesWhen You Reach Me 12-45When You Reach Me 46-199

Bible 1-25

Tartuffe 237-244
Tartuffe 244-248225 Pages Tartuffe 245-298Bible 8-121The Book Theif 1-98Armageddon Summer 1-9271 PagesThe Book Thief 99-165 The Book Thief 165-254The Book Thief 254-312The Book Thief 312 - 438 Armageddon Summer 10 - 40369 PagesArmageddon Summer 1-29 (reread)Armageddo Summer 29-146Armageddo Summer  147-266      The Book Thief 456-527The Probable Future 1-10The Probable Future 10-19The Probable Future 19-27    Chapter 9 Strayer book: China and The World Pages 241 - 268Chapter 9 Staryer: China and The World reread Pages 241 - 268  The Probable Future 27-305The Probable Future 27-37 reread333 PagesChapter 10 Strayer: The World of European Christendom 269 - 297    The Probable Future 27 -39The Probable Future 39 - 45The Probable Future 45 - 56    Chapter 10 Strayer: the World of the European Christendom 269 - 297The Probable Future 56 - 65The Probabe Future 65 - 87 Chapter 11 Strayer: The Worlds of Islam 301 - 329 (read twice) The Book Thief (reread) 1 - 367The Probable Future 86 - 97549 PagesChapter 12 Strayer 333-360 Chemistry 76-95Chapter 12 Strayer 333-360The Fault in Our Stars 1-318Chapter 12 Strayer 333-360 Chemistry 76-95436 PagesThe Probable Future 97 - 125Chemistry Chapter 5 102-124The Probable Future 125 - 164 Chemistry Chapter 5 102-124 The Probable Future 164-176The Probable Future 176 - 243Chemistry Chapter 5 102-124 The Probable Future 243 - 322291 PagesVampire Diaries 1-120Vampire Diaries 120-349349 PagesStand Tall 1-8Stand 8-14 Tall Chapter 5 Chemistry 102 -126Stand Tal -514-36 Chemistry 576-295 Mongols 342-368 Review 1-36Chapter 5 Chemistry 102 -126 Stand Tall 36-146210 PagesAP World History Chapter 9 330-362Ap World History Chapter 10 362-395Ap World History Chapter 11 395 - 431Ap World History Chapter 12 431 - 467Chapter Review 9-12 pages 137 Chapter 5 Chemistry 102-129The Miles Between 1 - 48348 PagesAP Chapter 9-12 Pages 330 - 467Wicked 1-127Wicked 126-172Chemisty chapter 22 Pages 576-588The Girl Who Stopped Swimming 1-46368 PagesAp World History Chapter 13 Pages 617 - 648How to Read Literature Like a Professor 1-311
Elizabeth HLooking for alaska pg. 155The fault in our stars pg.115231131The gospel according to larry pg. 10Recovery road pg31Recovery Road pg 46Recovery road pg 59Recovery road 70Recovery road 120230Recovery road pg.124Recovery road pg. 146Recovery road pg. 163Recovery road pg. 215Chemistry book pgs 53-65Every soul a star pg. 6Pg. 137Strayerreading
pg 98-142
Myers psych pg115-160
Chem ph 53-69
Strayerreadingpg. 142-178Leaving paradise pg 30Leaving paradise pg. 105 What Janie found
Pg. 7
237Chain Reaction 1 - 27Chain Reaction 27 - 150Chain Reaction 150 - 270World History packet 78 - 91Psychology 127 - 168Chain reaction pg. 277338 pageslucy in the sky pg 8lucy in the sky pg58lucy in the sky pg 102 lucy in the sky 195lucy in the sky pg 267chem 77-82281The perks of being a wallflower pg24the perks of being a wallflower pg78ap psychology pg 215-228ap psychology pg 228-237the perks of being a wall flower pg 191the perks of beinmg a wallflower pg 201223 PagesChapter 10 strayer 269-297  pride and prejudice 40pride and prejudice 72Chapter 11 strayer 301-329pride and prejudice 122178Chapter 12 Strayer 333-360Chemistry 76-95Gym Candy pg.72Chemistry 76-95Gym Candy pg. 141Gym Candy pg 18187 pagesgym candy pg222gym candy pg 313wicked pg 39wicked 56wicked pg 84wicked pg 121250Chemistry pgs 102-125 wicked pg 142wicked pg170psych pg 255-297wicked pg 216wicked pg 255wicked pg. 258202Wicked 311Wicked 395mongols readng 342 -368chem chapter 5 102-126 wicked 400wicked 440wicked 445215 total pages Save the Date pg 297298127153180180Chapter 9-10 330-395Chapter 11-12 pages 362-431Save the Date pg 219258279314172How to ruin a Summer Vacation pg 265085117
John H1257pgs.Murder on the Orient express. 336 pages423pgs.519pgs432pgsThe Last Book in the universe -all- 222pgsGeek Girls -all- unkownevery soul a star -all- 322Lay that trumpet in our hands -42pgs486pgsAlabama Moon -All- 294pgsDouble Helix -All- 240pgs13 little blue envelopes -15pgs-549pgsArtemis Fowl: 227 pgs. Serpent's Shadow: 416 pgs.-643 pgs.Inheritence - 860Lord of the Kill -41pgstotal pages- 901House of Hades -All- 583pgs; John Wooden: a life of inspiration -All- 583+pgsScat- 115-160 *45Catch 22- 1-23The big nothing: 1-25pgs; Enders Game: -All- 384; Catch 22: 453pgs; 1-241 Seige and Storm1171 pgsArtemis Fowl: the Eternity Code -All-309pgsLooking for Alaska -19 pgs-The Playmaker 1-26Looking for Alaska -All- 221 pgs.Lay that trumpet in our hands 1-90 636 pgs.Serpent's Shadow (448 pgs)rocketry 101 (137pgs)585pgsCompanion guide to Doctor who, a history (473pgs); 50th anniversary, the future from here (375pgs)The Richest man in Babylon (193pgs)1041 pages(cherub) the killing -321pgsHier to the Empire -all- 423pgs744pgsMongols reading- 28 pagesBlack and white-199the real question- 233467pagesSun Tzu-art of war-72pgsThe big book of charities- 347pgs419pgsarchestry- 385pgsThe fault in our stars:1-27402pgsTales from the mos-eisly cantina-412pgs
Lynn H 686 pages676 pages845 pages529 pagescinder 484Runner 224Every soul a star 336Rash 27213 little blue envelopes 368Civil Peace ~7 pages1243 PagesThe girl who stopped swimming 336The Miles between 228 pages564 pagesAshes-12Ashes 18Ashes 72Ashes 200Ashes 300Ashes 496496 PagesRaven wood 20ravenwood 30castle corona 40castle corona 100Vote for Larry 14 Castle corona 167Vote for larry 60 Castle corona 197287 pagesprom and prejudice 36prom and prejudice 74diviners 10diviners 27prom and prejudice 115prom and prejudice 227254 pagesThe ice queen 46the ice queen 76uthe ice queen 161the red death 6 pages matched 14ice queen 345365city of bones 14city of bones 300city of bones 400400 pagesor give me death 4or give me death 100or give me death 200or give me death 300or give me death 400400 pagesthe fault in our stars 20the fault in our stars 100the fault in our stars 110the fault in our stars 200the fault in our stars 300the fault in our stars 318, twilight 90450 pagestwilight 100twilight 200twilight 300twilight 400twlight 544454 pagesan acquaintance with darkness 20an acquaintance with darkness 100an acquaintance with darkness 200 acquaintance with darkness 300an acquaintance with darkness 400black duck 60460the black duck 80the black duck 100the black duck 200the black duck 300the black duck 400the black duck 450450 pagesAngelfire 100angel fire 200angel fire 300angelfire 480angelfire496looking for alaska 5501 pageslooking for alaska 20looking for alaska 100looking for alaska 200looking for alaska 221
Karen JLay that trumpet in your hands~57305 Pages read417 Pages read304pagesLay that trumpet pages 120_130 to kill a mocking bird pg.200-300Masteron and Herley Chemistry pg.52-69Eurasian Cultural tradition pg.125-152Lay that trumphet pg.130-160Antigone pg.326-341Ebb pg.707 maximilian pg. 1-14 350 pagesChinese religions pages 1-3 behind the Sunni-shi'te divide p.1-4 Eurasian cultural traditions pages 125-152Traditions and Encounters pages 33-59 Islam and Byzantiumpages 187-207Dover Thrist Editions Moliere Tartuffer pages 1-5 Christianity 321-342Tartuffe pages1-23 Judaism and Christianity pages 309-320Materson and Herley Chemistry pages52-69 To kill a mocking bird pages 300-350Lay that trumphet pages 160-180300 pages readaDover thrift edition Tartuffe pg. 1-52Tartuffe pg.237-312Eueasian Sicial hierarchies pg.155-178SAT princeton review 2-56SAT 56-72The big nothing page 1-23323pagesSAT Princeton review pg.72-155Princeton review pg.155-211 Classical era variations pg.181-206Commerce and culture pg.219-239Double helix 1-23 jaqueline woodson pages - 1-23Double helix pg.23-45300Trade and commerce pages 125-265Re-read tartufee for mid-term pages 240-298Mary Ann in Autumn pages 1-63Mary ann in Autumn pages 63-72Traditions and Encounters 138-165The big nothing pages 1-15300 pages readMasterson and herley pages 76-96The masque of the Red death pages 174-181China and the world pages 241-267the big nothing pages 16-45 Dr. Birds advice for sad poets pages 8-120Lay that trumpet in our hands pages 1-55300 pages readThe worlds of European Christendom pages 269-297The worlds of Islam pages 301-329Masterson and Hurley pages 76-101Traditions and encounters pages 61-88Sound that trumphet pages 5-35The Age of innocence pages2-30290 pages readWorlds of Islam pg. 124-182This I believe II pages 1-30This I believe II pages 30-64the spread of pasoralism pages 182-221This I believe II pg. 65-82The worlds of christendom 35 pages This I believe II 221-350306 pages readThis I believe pages 21-36the pastoral civilization pages 130-162This I believe pages 36-42This I believe pages 43-61This I belive pages 61-120this i believe 120-161 15th century 123-200300 pagescode talker 1-130code talker 130-160The Mongols packet 1-120This I belive 200-250295 pagesThis i believe pages 250-289chemistry textbook pages 102-135 The codr talker pages 87-137the 15 century pages 363-393the americas pages 397-416this i believe pages 289-300 The Mogol empire pages 236-259this I believe pages 300-345 The Muslim empire 125-165290 pages readthe worlds of the 15th century 363-393The worlds of Islam pages 301-350Pastoral people on the global stage pages 333-360chapter 21 the americas and oceana pages 179-190this I believe pages 300-353The mongal empire pages -123-165325 pages read617-679-Political transformation pages Pretty ugly pages 1-30Unit 2 study guide 1-20 The Mongal empire pages 263-296Small wonder pages 1-53Small wonder pages 54-82 Pretty ugly pages 30-53The Israel empire pages 123-183300 pages readfifty shades of grey pages 1-41fifty shades of grey pages 42-68fifty shades of grey pages 69-86fifty shades of grey pages 87-102
Rakin K64217 pages126 pages read186 pagesThe last book in the universe 48Chemistry 30 pChemistry 29pThe last book in the universe 45 pagesChemistry 30 pagesThe last book in the universe pg 20223pagesMyers pyschology 30pagesMyers psychology pages 30Myers psychology page 20Myers psychology 30 pagesTartuffe pages 1-23133 pages12020 psychology20 psychology20 psychology20 psychology20 psychology20 psychology100 pages22 pages last book I'm the universe20 chemistry20chemistry25 chemistry Firestorm 20Runner 15122runner 20runner 20runner 20runner 20feather 20feather 20120 pagesfeather 25feather 20feather 20feather 20feather 20feather 20125 pagesrunner 20the man named poe 30runner 20the worlds of islam 301-320the worlds of islam 320-343myers psychology for ap 300-315148 pages readuncle johns plunges into music 11-35uncle johns 35-65uncles johns 65-75uncles johns 75 90uncles johns 90-110feathers 48-57110 pages readFeather 60-100Feather 100-120Feather 120-150Feather 150-160Feather 160-200140 pages readthe fault in our stars 10- 70the last book in the universe 90-150the last book in the universe 150-200mongols reading packet 1-15the fault in our stars 70- 120the fault in our stars 120-210310 pages readchemistry textbook pages 100-130chemistry textbook pages 105-135 ap myers psychology 210-250ap myers psychology 290-350ap myers psychology 200-250chemistry textbook pages 100-130240 pages readhome boyz 20-60home boyz 60-120ap myers psychology 310-390Homeboyz 90-120Homeboyz 120-160The fault I'm our stars 1-20260 pages readAp Myers pyschology 200-240Ap Myers pyschology 240-270Ap Myers pyschology 270-310On a dark wing 90-150On a dark wing 150-200210 pages readDark void 1-20Dark void 20-50Dark void 50-100Dark void 100-120
Brandon L705287540 pages252 pagesif you come softly: 25if you come softly: 1-181flight 116 down-62Moliére- 15258- pagesFall of Five: 1-416The Sight: 25The Sight- 70Total Pages - 486the sight- 100the sight- 120the sight- 135the sight- 152the sight- 225total pages- 155the sight- 275the sight- 323the sight- 354the sight- 400the sight- 464 Fell-16total pages- 205Fell pg 80drivers ed-178Fell-93total pages-271Fell-115Fell-325Fell-396Fell- all- 496The Masque of the red death-all-4Gardner packet-32 pgs417 total pagesRussian Roulette-100Russian Roulette-600Russian Roulette- all-737Christendom- 28Whirlwind-19784 pgsHouse of Hades-35; Whirlwind 19-132House of Hades-45; Whirlwind all-19-300The lost Symbol- 54The lost Symbol- 155total-496The lost symbol- 155- 189The lost Symbol 189-235The Lost Symbol- 235-295The lost symbol 295-345the lost symbol 345-455The lost symbol 455-508Total pages 353Owners manual- 1-47game rules- 1-16chapter thriteen reading: 35Page 15 story 1-4various unpublished works- 230pgs. Inferno-1-54Anthem-1-23total pgs. 355Mongol reading pkt. 23Collection of short scary stories- 354house of hades- 50-62movie subtitles- 18,876 words-approx: 242 pgstotal pages- 631troubled times- 247Inferno-123360 pgsLemony snicket:567Chem book:12pgs579 total pgsThe House of Hades-583Whooligy-374
Elizabeth M10543136 pagesBible 580-585Chemistry Principles and Reacions 26-28
Myers Psychology for AP 66-91
Bible 630-635
Chemistry Principles and Reacions 26-28
Myers Psychology for AP 66-91
Bible 635-650
did not add up 25+30+2=57Holy Bible: Isaiah 1-7 pages 373-376Myers Psychology for AP 94-110Myers Psychology for AP 94-113

German II textbook 40-45
Battlefield of the Mind (rereading heh) 1-55
Overcoming Sin (online article) 1-6
Myers Psychology for AP 115-146
135Myers Psychology for AP 115-169

Strayer Reading 98-122
Strayer reading 155-178Myers Psychology for AP 115-160Tartuffe 240-280Battlefield of the Mind 55-65181Chemistry: Principles and Reactions 53-70Desiring God 1-82Battlefield of the Mind 65-70

Bible 1-63
177Battlefield of the Mind 70-87Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1-97Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 97-144161battlefield of the Mind 87-95Battlefield of the Mind 95-102Battlefield of the Mind 102-114Through the Looking-Glass 1-119146battlefield of the mind 114-140The Worlds of European Christendom 269-296Myers Psychology for AP 115-153the Worlds of Islam 301-329battlefield of the mind 140-151130the maze runner 1-100the worlds of Islam reading 301-329the maze runner 100-400428The Scorch Trials 1-50The Scorch Trials 50-75The Scorch Trials 75-140The Scorch Trials 140-380The Scorch Trials 380-384384The Death Cure 1-30The Death Cure 30-64The Death Cure 64-180The Death Cure 180-235The Death Cure 235-340The Death Cure 340-352352The Kill Order 1-100The Kill Order 100-148The Kill Order 148-260The Kill Order 160-336The Bible 1406-1416The Bible 1416-1418348City of Bones 1-50City of Bones 50-136City of Bones 136-241City of Bones 241-360360City of Bones 360-400Chapter 9-10 330-395Chapter 11-12 pages 362-431City of Bones 300-485359
Hannah M9742 recorded 198 pages193 pagesmatched 55 - 73. scat 232-361Myers psychology for AP 51-73matched 73-90, Christianity packet 321-325. matched 90- 119 , Eurasian Cultural Traditions 125-139, Gospel of John 1matched 119- 123. civil peace 238-242 144 pagesmatched 123- 132I'd tell you I love you, but then I'd have to kill you 1- 9matched 132-178. tartuffe 237-312139 pagesGenesis 1-5Genesis 6-12Genesis 13- 16Eurasian Empires 500 bce -500 ce chapter 4: pg 97-123Eurasian social hierarchies pg 155- 178. Genesis 17-36. Myers Psychology for AP 103-160that boy next door 144 pagesEurasian social hierarchies 155-178classical era variations 181-205I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you 11-13. commerce and culture 217-238matched 139-223156 pages1 Timothy 1-6matched 223-360matched 361-366150 pages1 Timothy 1the fault in our stars 1-6. 1 Timothy 2-3 1 Timothy 4resurgence of empire in east asia 126-133fault in our stars 7-108. 1 Timothy 5-6 China and the world 241-267. proverbs 11-15. 2 Timothy 1 the fault in our stars 109-116162 pagesfault in our stars 117-123fault in our stars 124-127fault in our stars 127-165. the masque of the red death 175-190fault in our stars 165-170. fault in our stars 170-239. ch 10 euproean Christendom 269-297168 pagesWorlds of Islam pg. 124-182of thee I sing 1-48fault in our stars 239-319188 pagesnever cry wolf 1-56never cry wolf 57-119crossed 1-42161 pagescursed by cupid 1-41hebrews 1-8the delinquent 1-64Avancemos! Level 2 86-139 167 pagescursed by cupid 41-89genesis 1-6genesis 7-15cursed by cupid 90-133cursed by cupid 134-178cross my heart and hope to spy 1-13164Hebrews 1-13waist deep in walmart 1-56waist deep... 57-157168 pageswaist deep... 157-203behind these walls 1-36behind these walls 37-112behind these walls 113- 124171romeo & juliet 1-89romeo& juliet 89-178
Traci M35090191 pages173 pagesChemistry Principles and Reactions 26-44 (*18)
October Sky 1-40 (*40)
Psychology by Ciccereli and White 174-186 (*12)Christianity Packet (APWH) 321-342 (*21) Judaism Packet (APWH) 309-320 (*11)1984 by George Orwell 100-165 (*65)October Sky - 41-51177 pages1984 by George Orwell 165-190 (*25)Civil Peace 238-245 (*7)Tartuffe 241-312 (*71)Eurasian Empires 97-123 (*26)Psychology by Ciccereli and White 187-233 (*46)175 pagesOctober Sky 51-100 (49)Chemistry Principles and Reactions 52-67 (*15)Psychology by Ciccereli and White 150-207 (*57)Psychology by Ciccereli and White 207-270(*64)175 pagesPsychology by Ciccereli and White 270-440 (170)October Sky - 100-110 (*10)180Psychology by Ciccereli and White 46-87 (*41)Psychology by Ciccereli and White 88-133 (*45)Psychology by Ciccereli and White 133-173 (*40), 308-355 (*47)October Sky 100-111 (*10)183 pagesOctober Sky 112-123 (*11)Psychology by Ciccereli and White 176-219 (*43)Psychology by Ciccereli and White 250-385 (*135)The Girl Who Stopped Swimming 1-7 (*7)196 pagesChina and the World 241-267 (*26)The Worlds of European Christendom 269-297 (*28)The Girl Who Stopped Swimming 1-20 (*20)The Worlds of Islam 301-329 (*28)The Girl Who Stopped Swimming 21-100 (*80)184 pagesChemistry Principles and Reactions 76-102 (*26)Pastoral Peoples on the Global Stage 333-360 (*27)Psychology by Ciccereli and White 212-351 (*139)The Girl Who Stopped Swimming 101-125 (*24)216 pagesChemistry Principles and Reactions 76-102 (*26)Psychology by Ciccereli and White 355-467 (*122)The Girl Who Stopped Swimming 126-150 (*25)The Worlds of the Fifteenth Century 363-393 (*30)206 pagesChemistry Principles and Reactions 103-130 (*27)Avancemos! Level 2 86-139 (*53)
Mockingjay 1-111 (*111)191 pagesChemistry Principles and Reactions 102-125 (*23)The Worlds of the Fifteethn Century 363-393 (*30)AP Psychology Ciccereli and White 323-410 (*87)This Side of Salvation 1-31 (*31)171 pagesAmericas 394-431 (*37)AP Psychology Ciccereli and White 411-523 (*112)This Side of Salvation 32-50 (*28)177 pagesQuick Notes Study Guide 1-16 (*16)Political Transformations 617-677 (*80)Psychology Ciccereli and White 678-765 (*90)This Side of Salvation 51-60 (*10)196 pagesThe Healing 1-53 (*53)The Healing 54-76 (*22)
Lauren M494296423603
The orange house 1-147 Poison most vial 1-134 279No impact man 1-222222Childhoods end 1-219219insurgent 1-525All in 1-43568dnralligent 1-237The Tao of pooh 1-158395Alligent 237-525288city of lost souls 1-295275 pagesGrimms brothers fairytales 1-298298 pagesdivergent 1-295295300-500 grimm fairytale200 pagesgrimm fairytales 300-621321 pages1-310art of war 1-95
Mashnun Mdid not recordJeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life pgs 1-36It's Kind Of a Funny Story - 1-28It's Kind Of a Funny Story - 28-70It's Kind Of A Funny Story - 70-174It's Kind Of a Funny Story - 174-189It's Kind Of a Funny Story - 189-195195It's Kind Of a Funny Story - 195-211It's Kind Of a Fine Story - 211-220It's Kind Of a Funny Story - 220-289Eurasian Cultural Traditions Notes - 1-32 It's Kind Of a Funny Story - 289 - 301It's Kind of a Funny Story - 301-310144It's Kind Of a Funny Story - 316-444Looking For Alaska - 1-178Eurasian Empires - 1-33Eurasian Social Hierarchies 1-32 Looking For Alaska - 178-196389The Perks Of Being a Wallflower - 1 - 158Classical Era Variations - 1-32 The Perks Of Being a Wallflower - 158 - 216Principles and Reactions - 64-82270Alabama Moon- 1-198Alabama Moon- 198-294294Paper Towns 1-42Paper Towns 42-88Paper Towns 88-190Paper Towns 190-237237Ashes 1-17Ashes 17-38Incarceon 1-94Incarceron 94-111Incarceron 111-198236Ashes 38-85Ashes 85-122Ashes 122-183Ashes 183-212Ashes 212-274274 pagesMockingjay 1-11Mockingjay 11-183Mockingjay 183-268268It's Kind Of a Funny Story 1-121It's Kind of a Funny Story 121-304304Passion 1-14Passion 14-48Passion 48-294Rash 1-11305Paper Towns 1-73Paper Towns 73-end306An Abundance of Katherines 1-84An Abundance of Katherines 84-112An Abundance of Katherines 112-215215 pagesCity of Bones 1-84
Nidhi PScarlet 24
Scarlet-178145City of ashes..55-89City of Ashes 149City of ashes 169City of ashes- 200City of Ashes- 215215-55=160:did not add City of Ashes- 215-338city of ashes-453City of Glass- 1-71CIty of Glass- 92CIty of Glass-150388 pagesCity of Glass-150-180City of Glass- 213City of Glass- 284City of Glass 325175 pagesCIty of Glass- 325-354City of Glass- 405City of glass -500City of glass-555230City of Fallen Angels- 35City of fallen angels 200City of fallen angels 345310 pagesCity of Fallen Angels-345-400CIty of Fallen Angels-424CIty of Lost Souls-95City of Lost Souls- 150229 pagesCity of Lost Souls 150-250city of lost souls-290city of lost souls-350city of lost souls-485335 pagesAlligent 40alligent 120alligent 235235 pageswitch world 1-25witch world-75witch world 155witch world 275275witch world 300witch world 445witch world 500witch world 525250 pagesthirst#1 - 45thirst#1 - 101thirst#1 - 156thirst#1 - 245thirst#1 - 311311 pagesThirst #2 - 175Thirst #2 - 307Thirst #2- 317317 pagesstarters- 27thirst#3 76thirst#3 126thirst#3 201228 pages
Stasia S365274442331In the cards:Fame pg.25In the Cards:Fame ~ 45In the Cards:Fame ~ 274274Tartuffe ~ pg. 235-271The Miles Between ~ pg. 1450Harry and the Sorceres Stone - 100The Miles Between - 54154dnrThe Last Book in the Universe-42The Last Book in the Universe-65The Red Death - 6pgsThe Miles Between - 99128 pagesThe Miles Between 100-150The Graveyard's Apprentice - 205255 pagesThe Miles Between 151-196The Miles Between-275275 pagesDivergent-205205 pagesAllegiant-220220 pages Allegiant-340The Fault In Our Stars-97217 pagesAllegiant - 500Prom &Prejudice- 125 325 pages
AparnaLay That Trumpet In Our Hands (1-11 pgs)The Raven Boys (pgs 45-57)The Gospel According To Larry (pgs 1-37)61The Raven Boys(pgs 57-104)145pgs 104-140pgs 140-184Total pages I read Pages 127 184 - 235 pgs Hush Hush (1-65 pgs)Hush Hush (65 - 213 pgs) Antigone (pgs 311- 324) Tradition Encounters (1- 29 pgs) Chemistry Principles and Reactions (3- 19 pgs these are very interesting facts I enjoy rereading it for fun LOL)269Shadow on the sun pg 1-29338Shadow on the sun pg 1-29 Hush Hush (213-391 FINISHED IT) Cresendo (1 - 100 pgs)Cresendo (100 - 250 pgs)Cresendo (250 - 436 pgs FINISHED IT)94229 + 78 + 100 + 150 + 186 = 543 pages1- 29 pgs Juliet ImmortalI finished reading Silence 436pgs1008The Lost Girls 1-30 pgs30 +29+436 =495495Across the unvirse 1- 40 DO YOU HAVE MORE OF SCI-FI BOOKS LIKE THIS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try reading the Rest of the Enders game books; John HorzenThe City of Fallen Angels 436 pgs finisheditGoliath 7476+pgs 1-519 City of Lostpg 520-534534 pagesInfernal Devices pgs 346 (FINISHED)346The catchingfire 1-200200The infernaldevices book 2pages 365 FINISHEDRash1-25390pagesPassion1-399420 FINISHED420Nevermore 1-344 I FINNALLY FINISHED IT!344 PagesFinal Warning pgs 1- 205205 pgsThe Oustiders Pgs 1-180 FINISHED An End to suffering 23-84
Reuel V255281300504 pgsInto the black odessey one- 453 (read over the weekend too)Into the black odessey one- 578 (finished), The sentinal mage- 13 ( 5 pgs read)The sentinal mage pg.50 (41 pgs read)The sentinal mage pg 80 (71 pgs read)The sentinal mage pg 143 (134 pgs read)259 pgs read The sentinal Mage pg 209 ( 200 pgs read)The sentinal mage pg 253 (244 pgs read)The sentinal mage Pg 381 (372 pgs read), Tartuffe pg. 25The sentinal mage pg 430 (421 pgs read)The sentinal mage pg. 509 ( 500 pgs read, finsihed), Awakenings pg. 27352 pagesAwakenings pg 101Awakenings pg 157Awakenings Pg 205Awakenings pg.273Awakenings Pg. 348 (Finished)247 pgs readStarship Troopers Pg. 33Starship Troopers pg. 105Starship Troopers Pg. 153Starship Troopers Pg. 239Starship Troopers pg. 267234 pgs readStarship Troopers pg. 284Starship Troopers pg. 307Starship Troopers (finsihed) Pg. 335Dragon Age: Asunder pg. 21Dragon age: Asunder pg. 4777 pgs readDragon age: Asunder pg 96Dragon age: Asunder pg. 149Dragon age: Asunder pg. 194Dragon age: Asunder pg. 231Dragon age: Asunder pg. 295Dragon age: Asunder pg. 343296 pages readDragon Age: Asunder pg. 414 (finished), Halo: The Fall of Reach (The Definitive edition) Pg. 87Halo: The Fall of Reach (The Definitve edition) pg. 111Halo: The Fall of Reach (The Definitive edition) pg. 191Halo: The Fall of Reach (The Definitive edition) pg. 267Halo: The Fall of Reach (The Definitive edition0 pg. 339Halo The Fall of Reach (The definitve edition) pg. 395 (finished)466 pgs readStar wars Republic Commando: True colors pg. 21Star wars Republic Commando: True colors pg. 49Star wars Republic Commando: True colors pg. 93Star wars Republic Commando: True colors pg. 138Star wars Republic Commando: True colors pg. 239Star wars Repbulic Commando: True colors pg. 293253 pgs readStar wars Republic commando: True colors pg. 328Star wars Republic commando: True colors pg. 413Star wars Republic commando: True colors pg. 455Star wars Republic commando: True colors pg. 482 (finished)Star wars Republic commando: Order 66 pg. 22Star wars Republic commando: Order 66 pg. 48237 pgs readStar wars Republic commando: Order 66 pg. 70Star wars Republic commando: Order 66 pg. 115Star wars Republic commando: Order 66 pg. 167Star wars Republic commando: Order 66 pg. 227Star wars Republic commando: Order 66 pg. 275Star wars Republic commando: Order 66 pg. 319271 pgs readStar wars Republic commando: Order 66 pg. 383Star wars Republic comando: order 66 pg. 404Star wars Republic commando: Order 66 pg. 432 (finished)Ranger's Apperentice: The burning Bridge pg. 17Wormhole pirates on Orbis 3 pg. 41171 pgs readRanger's Apprentice: The burning Bridge pg. 65Ranger's Apprentice: The burning Bridge pg. 107Ranger's Apprentice: The burning Bridge pg.151Ranger's Apprentice: The burning Bridge pg. 197Ranger's Apprentice: The burning bridge pg. 231 Ranger's Apprentice: The burning Bridge pg. 262 (finsihed)245 pgs readRanger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan pg. 21Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan pg. 73Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan Pg. 111Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan pg. 169Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan pg. 222Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan pg. 260 (finished)260 pgs readRanger's Apprentice: The Icebound land pg. 8Ranger's Apprentice: The Icebound land pg. 47Ranger's Apprentice: The Icebound land pg. 96Ranger's Apprentice: The Icebound land pg. 139
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