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Name of OrganizationStudent LeadersAdvisorsMission
Academy HealthYoonhee HaN/AAcademyHealth is a nonpartisan, nonprofit professional organization dedicated to advancing the fields of health services research and health policy
Addiction Medicine Interest GroupDaniel Stokes
Louise Breen
Deepa Rani Nandiwada
Jeanmarie Perrone
The purpose of this organization is to promote collaboration between students at the Perelman School of Medicine interested in treating and preventing substance use disorders and the practitioners, community organizations, and local and national policy makers doing that work across the city. The organization also aims to build the base of providers trained in addiction medicine by connecting students with faculty mentors, organizing training sessions, and linking students to opportunities for further engagement with the field, including fellowships and conferences. Finally, the Addiction Medicine Interest Group will collaborate with existing organizations, including the Strecker Psychiatry Interest Group and the “Penn Med Harm Reduction Team”, to amplify ongoing work across campus and across the city, such as overdose reversal trainings and advocacy for safe injection sites.
Aerospace Medicine Interest GroupRyan Zahalka
Andrew Acker
David Dinges
Mathias Basner
Introduce PennMed students to the obscure but incredibly exciting field of space medicine through lunch talks, and provide a network of contacts within NASA, academic research, and private industry for students who want to explore the field further.
African Community Learning Program Daniel AkumaN/ATeach English to West Philadelphia grade schoolers of African descent; promote a sense of cultural awareness and self-esteem as they navigate the American culture
Agnew Surgery Clinic at UCHCSteve ChoJon MorrisOur primary objective is to serve as a triage clinic for uninsured or underprivileged patients presenting with surgical conditions (hernias, abscesses, skin lesions) and help facilitate appropriate higher-level care at Penn free of charge.
Agnew Surgical SocietyAmanda Chin
Drew Goldberg
Ari BrooksThe Agnew Society sponsors several informal lectures on topics in surgery at meetings throughout the year, as well as skills workshops and a shadowing program for pre-clinical students.
Alianza Médica CubanaHannah Connor
Ethan Samet-Marram
Anitra Persaud
Yentli Soto Albrecht
Iris ReyesThe AMC program aims to engage students and stimulate interest in a comparative study of public health systems while focusing on Cuba and its unique national system of comprehensive universal healthcare.
Allergy and ImmunologyAlex Nader
Michelle Rose
Ashwin Skelly
American Medical Association (AMA)Parth Shah
Jessica Li
Molly Crowe
John VasudevanTo represent and advance medical student concerns on a state and national stage.
American Physician Scientist Association (APSA)Aimee Juan
Kevin Zhang
The American Physician Scientist Association (APSA) is a national student-focused group founded in 2003, that actively supports medical student participation in research pursuits.
Anesthesia Interest GroupCole Rinehart
Raymond Liu
Kevin Martin
Claire Kim
Gaurav MalhotraThe goal of the Anesthesia Interest Group is to foster opportunities for professional development and mentoring for first year through fourth year medical students.
Arts & MedicineGrace Ng
Kimberley Yu
Sam Kisare
Shannon Shipley
David Weiner
Sanjna Surya
Anjan ChatterjeeThe Arts & Medicine student group aims to integrate art within the medical school community through art-making sessions, arts & crafts volunteering, and learning about research in creativity.
Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)Sonia Wang
Lilian Chien
Brian Huang
Yi Zhou
Catherine Yang
Yu-Heng GuoCommunity service and guest speaker events to promote the health of Asians and Pacific Islanders and voicing the interests of APA medical students.
Association of Women in Science and Medicine (AWSM)Claudia Lovell
Connie Jiang
Bridget Gosis
Natalie Gong
Maria Diaz Ortiz
Aimee PayneWith approximately 60 female MD/PhD students at different stages in the program, we feel there is a need to foster a sense of community among them. The goal of our organization is to provide avenues for networking and support for females at different levels of training in the MD/PhD program.
Association of Women Surgeons (AWS)Hillary Mulvey
Kristin Goodsell
Carrie Sims
Emily Carter Paulson
The chapter of the Association of Women Surgeons at Perelman aims to build a community of support for women interested in surgery to encourage and enable them to realize their personal and professional goals.
Bridging the GapsTiffany Huang
Anitra Persaud
Elizabeth Messineo
Danielle Boateng
Ellen Martinak
Lucy Tuton
Anthony Rostain
To improve awareness of community health in Philadelphia through summer internships, lecture series, and clinic rotations. Many community health organizations are partnered with Bridging the Gaps to enrich students' knowledge.
Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group (CSIG)Matthew Duda
Jacob Goldenring
Alexandra Sperry
Michael AckerThe Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group serves to foster career exploration and development for medical students of all years interested in pursuing Cardiothoracic Surgery.
CaritasRafael Fernandez
John Nawn
Kristen Rock
A network of students who are interested in how Catholic thought interacts with medicine.
Clyde F. Barker Vascular Surgery Interest GroupEmmanuel Pardo
Drew Goldberg
Blake Meza
Paul FoleyThe Clyde F. Barker Vascular Surgery Interest Group (VSIG) links vascular surgery residents, fellows, and faculty with medical students. VSIG aims to promote interest in vascular surgery and support career development for medical students who are considering post-graduate training in the field.
Cornfield Pediatrics Society
Mandy Salmon
Sarah Kim
Jenna Harowitz
Dawn YoungCommunity Service and Career Development: Provides insight into careers in pediatrics and coordinates CHOP Emergency Department Observation.
Correctional Health Initiative (CHI)Joseph DelFerro
Manasa Kadiyala
Susannah Colt
N/AWe aim to advocate for the particular health needs of the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated by educating health professionals and serving in the community.
Covenant HouseAndrew Parambath
Alana Ferreira
Brooke Bernardin
Chielozor Okafor
Joseph DelFerro
Mary Higgins
Kenneth GinsburgWe plan Wednesday night Activity Nights (games, activities, and snacks) for the residents of Covenant House, a crisis center and residence for homeless teens/young adults in Philadelphia that provides immediate crisis care and services that help residents prevent against future homelessness.
Culinary Medicine Khaled AbdounMaria MascarenhasCulinary Medicine uses a combination of medical science and the culinary arts to better the health of patients. Our mission involves providing culinary instruction to residents of Philadelphia in order to empower the community with healthy eating habits, as well as preparing student members for nutritional counseling in a healthcare career.
Cut HypertensionSamantha Kisare
Adjoa Mante
Canada Mongomery
Neil Menon
Ed Gomes
Lisa Lewis
Howard Julien
Cut Hypertension is a community outreach program run through the Student National Medical Association (SNMA). Our group aims to address health disparities by providing blood pressure screenings and information about the risks of hypertension every Saturday at Philly Cuts, a barber shop in West Philadelphia.
Dance for HealthJennifer Jolivert
Adjoa Mante
Grace Ng
Brian Chu
Zachary Nimmo
Cindy ChristianTo promote dance-related physical activity, provide education about health and wellness, and eventually set up the basis for a student-run clinic.
Dermatology Interest Group
Sonia Wang
Rama Godse
Patrick Sockler
Katherine SteeleTo increase interest in the field of dermatology and to create a community for medical students interested in dermatology to interact.
DogtoringJay Garcia
Victoria Moffit
Educational Pipeline ProgramMark Pyfer
Hannah Schultz
Sharon Lewis
Erika Dawson
The Educational Pipeline Program is a collaboration between the Perelman School of Medicine, the School of Veterinary Medicine, and the Netter Center for Community Partnerships. Our mission is to provide mentorship and education at all levels while encouraging high school students from backgrounds underrepresented in medicine to aspire to medical careers.
Elizabeth Blackwell SocietyIsabelle Mullen
Claire Fishman
Jasmine Sun
Manasa Kadiyala
Helen Davies
Rachel Kelz
To inspire, empower and connect women physicians and medical students through monthly informal gatherings, a mentorship program, and community outreach.
Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)Megan Chenworth
John Li
Bryan Lee
Kevin Scott
Fosters interest in Emergency Medicine and supports applicants.
ENT Interest GroupAlyssa Civantos
Solymar Torres
Jim NaplesThe Ears, Nose, & Throat (ENT) Interest group is dedicated to generating and fostering medical students' interest in ENT by exposing students to the field through interactions with attendings and residents in the OR, clinic, or in discussion groups.
Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)Dan ChaitTo educate students and support professional development in Family Med.
Global OncologyAlice Conant
Anitra Persaud
Rahael Borchers
Tristan Lim
Lawrence ShulmanTo provide an opportunity for students to explore global health opportunities in oncology, and to support the non-profit Global Oncology, which seeks to improve cancer care for underserved populations around the world.
Gold Humanism Honor SocietyEmily Rider-Longmaid
Alex Miller
Julie UspalThe Gold Humanism Honor Society at the Perelman School of Medicine is composed of students dedicated to the self-reflection, empathy, and community-organization required to comprehensively heal. As an organization stressing the importance of empathy in patient care, we have a variety of programs aimed to improve patient and provider well-being. We also take great pride in our community coalition programs, through which we strive to learn from and partner with the local population, both within and outside of a medical context.
GrANDMASEthan Samet,
Christine Willinger
Alyson MichenerTo inform medical students about new developments in Geriatric Medicine, connect students across disciplines that emphasize geriatric care, and mentor students with a particular interest in the field of Geriatrics.
Harm Reduction Interest GroupNathan Markiewitz
Seiji Suda
EB Messineo
Marcus Vicari
Bonnie MilasThe Harm Reduction Interest Group is a coalition of students committed to the research, education, and implementation of harm reduction throughout healthcare and public policy. Some actions of its members include the Community Clinic Narcan Distribution Program, Harm Reduction Week, and participating in advocacy and direct action that supports the voices of past and current users.
Health Science Exploration (HSE)Adora Moneme
Kara Johnson
Kiara Taquechel
Atul KalanuriaTeach science and health-related topics to elementary-school (4th and 5th graders) children at Benjamin B Comegys Elementary School in West Philadelphia
Healthcare Sustainability GroupGenny Silva
Catherine Yang
Michael Wang
Sara Briker
Yi Zhou
Jeromy Gotschall
Taylor Streaty
Joanne SpigonardoThe purpose of our organization is to promote improved environmental stewardship in medicine.
Heart Health Bridge to Care (HHBC)James Ding
Emily Shea
Beth Thompson
Merritt Edlind
Sarah Smith-Benjamin
We provide free, quality, short-term primary care focused on managing and preventing heart disease.
Homeless Health Initiative (HHI)Sarah Landau
Steven Tsai
Sara Hobday
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Homeless Health Initiative provides approximately weekly health care visits to the women and children homeless shelters in West Philadelphia.
Homeless Outreach ProjectIan McCurry
Elizabeth Messineo
Morgan Berman
Katherine Margo

The Homeless Outreach Project is a partnership between the Perelman School of Medicine and Philly Restart that promotes active engagement with the city's homeless population on the streets.

Infectious Disease Interest GroupRyan Henrici
Sara Hobday
Katie Krupp
Ian Cohn
Clayton Otter
Jason Kaufman
Robert DomsTo bring together students interested in pursuing infectious disease as a career.
Inter-Professional Women’s Council
Catherine YangSharon LewisThe inter-professional women’s council is an organization that brings together students from multiple schools at Penn with the goal of channelling multidisciplinary collaborative efforts aimed to promote awareness of, and activism to tackle, the issues plaguing the advancement and empowerment of women across these various fields.
Interventional Radiology Interest GroupReed McGraw
Ezra Brooks
Jonathan Wakim
Aaron Brandis
Gregory Nadolski
Jonas Redmond
The Interventional Radiology Interest Group serves to expose the field of IR to medical students and facilitate mentorship and research opportunities for interested students.
Journal Club
Langfitt Neurosurgical SocietyPrateek Agarwal
Steve Cho
Han-Chiao Isaac ChenIntroduce students to fellow students interested in neurosurgery, to Penn's neurosurgery faculty and to discuss relevant topics in neurosurgery on a student level.
Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)Sabrina Gonzalez
Tessa Muss
Julia Chini
Sofia Kennedy
Genny Silva
Alana Ferreira
Ivan Jaimez
Michael Perez
Ignacio TapiasThe Latino Medical Student Association represents Latino and non-Latino medical students at the Perelman School of Medicine who are interested in health-related issues that affect the greater Latino community.
Leadership in MedicineMax ShinLee FleischerTo develop and promote leadership in medicine and to prepare medical students to be future physician leaders who can provide effective team-based patient care and shape the future health care in today's rapidly changing landscape.
Leo Leung Orthopaedic Surgery SocietyAlejandro Cazzulino
Blake Meza
Scott Lavalva
Kate Hutchinson
Josh Bram
Kevin Pirruccio
Anchi Numfor
Mitch Johnson
Alex Beschloss
Olicia Cohen
Steven Tsai
Ariana Meltzer-Bruhn
Jaimo Ahn
Samir Mehta
Saba Pasha
LLOS is a student group at the Perelman School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania dedicated to sparking interest in orthopaedic surgery and related research. The group organizes regular events providing students with a view into the life of orthopaedic surgeons and leading researchers, information about ongoing research projects at the University, as well as a free meal.
LIFT US UPShannon Shipley
Anitra Persaud
Neha VapiwalaTo support first generation college / low income (FGLI) students in the Perelman School of Medicine
Maimonides SocietyZoe Ruhl
Ezra Brooks
N/AProvides a framework for Jewish life at Penn and provides a home away from home for medical students to celebrate Jewish holidays.
Medical Education ClubChristine Willinger
Eric Ward
Jennifer Kogan
The Medical Education Club organizes student-to-student teaching projects and professional development activities for students interested in medical education to improve the medical school curriculum and promote the development of future medical educators.
Medical MandarinJasmine Sun
Cecilia Zhou
Vincent Huang
Josh AtkinsMedical Mandarin aims to teach proficient Mandarin speakers medically relevant Chinese terms, phrases, and jargon that may be helpful when seeing patients who only speak mandarin Chinese. This course will also incorporate relevant empathetic phrases, disease terms, and anatomical parts within each class to mirror the sequence that's taught in Microbiology, Anatomy, and Doctoring.
Medical SpanishDavid Weiner
Jane Dobkin
Iris Reyes
Medical Spanish is already a well established program at Penn Med, offering Beginner & Intermediate Spanish each semester, and an Advanced course in the Fall.
Medical Students for Choice Jessica Wu
Susannah Colt
Theresa Christensen
Ian Bennett
Provide information concerning abortion issues, encourage future pro-choice physicians, and incorporate these issues into Penn education.
Medical Student Government (MSG)Alexandra Doms
Anjali Agarwalla
Christina Murphy
Austin Borja
Dan Saris
N/AMSG is responsible for several essential functions at the Perelman School of Medicine: meeting with school administration on a monthly basis to discuss student body needs and new initiatives, allocating the annual student activities budget to PSOM's 70+ student organizations, planning class-based and school-wide social events such as the annual Welcome Week and Winter Formal, aiding in the selection of student representatives for key faculty committees such as Admissions and Curriculum, and liaising with the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA), which is the governing body for Penn’s 12 graduate schools.
Muslims in MedicineHanna Elmongy
Meliha Skaljic
Nahla KhalekMuslims in Medicine aims to build a network of Muslims and friends in all stages of their careers and training who together can navigate the challenges and joys of practicing medicine while Muslim.
NourishVictoria Lord
Nicolas Selemon
Amanda Gottschalk
N/ANourish's mission is to equip Penn Med students with the empathy and capacity to serve patients struggling with obesity and obesity-related diseases.
Nowell Pathology GroupNathan Coffey
Jason Kaufman
Roseann Wu
We are an interest group for pathology with the goal of educating fellow medical students about the field of pathology, in addition to providing mentorship and support for residency applicants.
Nu Sigma NuAlexandra Berman
Alexia Chaet
N/AIncepted in 1921, Nu Sigma Nu is the co-ed medical fraternity at Penn Med, whose purpose it is to promote camaraderie amongst medical students and to serve as a social resource for the medical school at large.
Ob/Gyn Interest GroupEzinnem Ugoji
Cheyenne Williams
Kristin Wolfgang
Jessica Wu
Zoe Ruhl
Faith Arimoro
Divya ShahThe OB/Gyn interest group seeks to introduce students to the vast, multidisciplinary field of obstetrics and gynecology, increase awareness of sexual and reproductive health issues, and to provide clinical, community outreach, research, and advocacy exposure in the field to PSOM students.
Oncology Interest GroupSteven Shan
Claire Fishman
Thilan Tudor
Rohan Palanki
Prateek Sharma
Kevin FoxTo provide medical students with the opportunity to explore the field of oncology, both the clinical and research aspects of it.
Penn Advocates for Life (PAL)Jeanne Farnan
Emily Scire
Joshua Uy
Penn Advocates for Life is a non-sectarian student-run organization that exists to promote a culture of life at Penn Medicine and in the wider community.
Penn BioethicsJacyln Mauch
E. Berryhill McCarty
Lance WalhertWe would like to start a group for medical students interested in engaging with Bioethics. This group would serve as a forum for the education and discussion of important medical ethical issues in culture, research, politics, and law. While Penn offers medical students the option to pursue a Masters in Bioethics, there is little avenue for students to pursue targeted bioethical interests outside of this degree. This student group would serve as a bridge for students who are interested in Bioethics but who are not ready to commit to the Masters Program. It is our hope that this group will provide exposure to the bioethical issues and quandaries of our time. Our group would operate with the following goals: (1) we would organize bimonthly lunch talks given by leaders in the field of bioethics, both from Penn and nationally. These talks would engage students in current medical ethics issues, the evolution of medical ethics in law, and an exploration of illness in culture, social media, and film. For our second goal (2), we would aim to provide a structured avenue for students to participate in bioethics research, beginning first year. We would do this by creating a list of faculty members currently involved in bioethical research and working to connect interested students with those faculty. While the Masters in Bioethics offers formal mentorship between advisor and student, our group would offer informal mentorship between upperclassmen masters students and junior students, to help guide masters completion and research involvement. Alongside this (3), we would also like to create a website that collates all bioethic-related activities, such as Bioethics essay contests and Fellowship opportunities like FASPE. Right now, these opportunities are sent out by many different organizations. We would aggregate these opportunities to make it simpler and easier for our members to apply for them. Our fourth goal (4), would be to create and host an annual Bioethics Symposium each spring, inviting a keynote speaker and having a mini-poster session for all students interested in presenting their bioethical research. For our final goal (4), given the unprecedented nature of the pandemic, we aim to provide a forum for discussion of the ongoing ethics issues developing in relation to quarantines, access to healthcare, development of vaccines, and hastened FDA approval of medication.
Penn Global Surgery GroupKate Davin
Papa Morgan-Aseidu
David Spiegel
The Penn Global Surgery Group (PGSG) provides a central platform that facilitates the exchange of knowledge, ideas, opportunities, and strategies within an interdisciplinary community of students, faculty, and professionals in the fields of global surgery.
Penn HealthXAndrew Becker
Shawn Ma
Matias Porras-Paniagua
Tiffany Yeh
Rohan Basu
Robin H Wang
Louis Xavier-Barrette
Elena Butler
Karan Naik
Clare Teng
Robin Wang
Monique Arnold
Monique Sager
Brian Chu
Casey St. Luce
David AschThe group provides a forum for students interested in H-MET topics and would help them to explore the possibility of pursuing either the H-MET certificate program or the MD/MBA.
Penn Med Christian FellowshipAudrey Luo
Alexa Larsen
Joshua UyPMCF is a student-run organization that invites all people to encounter the Gospel and explore the meaningful role that Jesus' message of restorative justice, radical selflessness, and reconciling love can play in our lives, our relationships, and our society. We meet on a weekly basis to foster a community that supports one another to grow in and holistically apply our faith in Christ.
Penn Med Music on CallCody Goldsmith
Brian Chu
Tiffany Huang
N/AThe purpose of the organization is to bring happiness and therapeutic healing of live music to patients in the UPHS and their families.
Penn Med PrideElizabeth Sell
Jackson Bowers
Zach McClainWe are an LGBT health advocacy and professional networking society, with the aim of creating collaborations between Penn Med, Nursing, and Dental students, improving medical education at Penn, and networking with LGBT physicians/staff in the University of Pennsylvania Health System.
Penn Med SoccerNeil Luu
Nicolas Selemon
Robert MauckTo allow Penn Med students to play soccer against other graduate schools in the Philadelphia area.
Penn Med Symphony OrchestraDaniel Zhang
Gina Chang
Martin Heyworth
Penn Med Symphony Orchestra is an orchestra for medical students and faculty of all degrees of experience. Our main goal is to provide a flexible and convenient way to keep music in our lives amidst busy schedules and to meet other musicians.
Penn Med Ultimate FrisbeeZack Nimmo
Garrett Santini
Austin Cao
N/AOur mission is to achieve greatness in the Penn Graduate Ultimate Frisbee intramural league.
Penn Med VotesPatrick Gould
Jane Dobkin
Judd FleschWe help provide hospitalized patients with emergency absentee ballots on election day.
Penn Med Yoga & MeditationMia Fatuzzo
Kate Davin
Natalie Neale
DaCarla AlbrightOur goal is to promote the benefits of yoga in the Penn Med and greater Penn community through free or low-cost yoga classes on campus for students, faculty, and staff.
PennMed Forum on Healthcare ReformJohn Connolly
Christian Wood
Faith Arimoro
Nolan Kavanagh
Madhavi Muralidharan
Dan Harwood
David GrandeThis group creates a space for student-run discussion and engagement on healthcare reform in the U.S. PFHR is also recognized by the School of Medicine as a seminar series, for which students can get the "U.S. Health Policy" certificate.
Philadelphia Human Rights ClinicGrace Ng
Molly Crowe
Anitra Persaud
Alisa GutmanThe Penn Human Rights Clinic aims to provide medical evaluations for those individuals seeking asylum in the United States due to persecution and torture in their home countries.
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Interest GroupKatie McMenaminStephen Hampton
Jasmine Zheng
The PM&R Interest Group aims to expose students to the career of physiatry, educate students about disability and how we as future physicians can advocate for and treat patients with disabilities, and connect students interested in learning more about PM&R with opportunities both within and outside of Penn, such as research internships, shadowing, and mentoring.
Plastic Surgery Interest GroupLouis-Xavier Barrette
Cody Fowler
Jorge Hernandez
Viren Patel
Estifanos Tilahun
Carrie Zimmerman
John FischerThe mission of the Plastic Surgery Interest Group (PSIG) is to serve as a resource for students at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania who are interested in learning more about and applying for residency in plastic surgery.
Practical Introduction to Social Services for Medical Students (PrISSMS) and Physician Advocacy in Social Medicine (PASM)Victoria Lord
Rudmila Rashid
Krista Moore
Carter Griest
Heather KlusaritzThis seminar seeks to approach medicine in a way that goes beyond caring for individual patients to addressing the underlying social, political, and economic factors that influence health.
Puentes de SaludHannah ConnorSteven LarsonPuentes de Salud is a community based organization in South Philly that works with Mexican/Latino community members to improve the health, education, and opportunities of this new Philadelphia cmmunity.
Quality Improvement Interest GroupChristine Willinger
Justine Hamilton
Sammy Tadros
Alomi Parikh
Jennifer MyersThe QI Interest Group aims to raise awareness about clinical quality improvement among medical students and contribute to QI project development and implementation across Penn healthcare systems
Radiation Oncology Interest GroupJane Wei
Michelle Rose
John LukensTo promote interest in the field of radiation oncology.
Radiology Interest Group (RIG)Govind Mattay
Preya Shah
Steve Baldassano
Nikki Curnes
Harrison Lee
Rajiv Deshpande
Ace Isidro
Austin Borja
Robin Wang
Arun NachiappanWe offer mentoring and networking opportunities for medical students interested in radiology. activities: Career panel, residency application panel, etc
Refugee Health Interest GroupMichelle Guo, Chiara Pandolfi, Victoria Lord, Theresa Christensen
Rheumatology Interest GroupDani Zamalin
Anthony Cordisco
Ian Cohn
Dan Chat
Jon DunhamWe function to organize lunch talks from faculty about interesting clinical and research topics in the field of autoimmunity and rheumatology, and facilitate shadowing and research opportunities.
Robotic Surgery Interest GroupBrandon WhiteIan Soriano
Scrubs Addressing the Firearm Epidemic (SAFE)Sophia Faude
Nicole Wayne
Carrie SimsSAFE is an organization of U.S. physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals dedicated to eliminating the American firearm violence epidemic through research, education, and evidence-based policy.
Sexual Health Outreach Program (SHOP)Emeric Quade
Morgan Keegan
Ezinnem Ugoji
Sight Savers, Ophthalmology IGSabrina Bulas
Ryan Gallagher
Lilian Chien
Yi Zhou
Constance Okeke
Prithvi Sankar
Provide resources for students to learn more about Ophthalmology as a career.
SONO (Ultrasound Interest Groups)Doreen Lam
Mandy Salmon
David Hsu
Wilma ChanSONO complements Penn’s robust Ultrasound curriculum with opportunities to practice sonography and receive instruction from leaders in the field.
South Asian Medical Student Association (SAMoSA)Rama Godse
Ali Farooqi
Saiesh Kalva
Pranay Nadella
Rohan Palanki
Ankit Kayastha
Venkata Chaluvadi
Manasa Kadiyala
Rishi Goel
Sarthak Mohanty
Siddharth ShahIncrease awarenss of South Asia Health issues. Strengthen the South Asia community amongst medical students, undergraduates, residents, and physicians at Penn.
SpoofLauren Reed-Guy
Eric Ward
N/AWe write jokes and sometimes songs to turn your pain into laughter for two blissful hours this spring.
Sports Medicine Interest GroupScott Lavalva
Austin Borja
John Brock
Megan Chenworth
John Li
Kelly Bach
Claire Kim
Nico Pascul-Leone
Bryan Holtzman
Alexander Beschloss
Shawn Hines
Christopher Herrera
Arsenal DhanotaStudents learn about the clinical issues involved in providing care to individuals and teams from leaders in the field of Sports Medicine.
Strecker Psychiatry Interest GroupKarina Guerra
Jennifer Siegel
Henry BleierTo promote knowledge of psychiatry and explore mutual influences of psychiatry and popular culture
Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)Dayne Martinez
Nathan Katz
Sharon LewisTo foster medical student interest in neurology and related specialties.
Student National Medical Association (SNMA)Zonia Moore
Tosin Owoyemi
Kara Johnson
David Camacho
Hilary Bediako
Taylor Streaty
Papa Kwadwo Morgan-Aseidu
Sope Eweje
Chielozor Okafor
Adora Moneme
Sharon LewisSNMA is dedicated both to ensuring culturally sensitive medical education and services, as well as increasing the number of students of color entering medical school.
Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) Daniel Chait
Erin Hollander
Benjamin Johnson
Jeremy Jones
Ian Sigal
Gene BishopSNaHP is the student arm of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), which advocates for universal, single-payer, Medicare for all.
Students Opposed to Racism in Medicine (StORM)Doreen Lam
Susannah Colt
Pranay Nadella
Dan Harwood
Rudmila Rashid
Alexa Larsen
Audrey Luo
Roy HamiltonOur mission is to eliminate racial bias in the practice of medicine by increasing awareness of racism as a threat to the health and well-being of people of color and providing tools for students and professionals.
Tachy TuesdaysKristen WolfgangN/AThe mission of Tachy Tuesdays is to provide Perelman medical students with a rigorous, at your own pace, functionally-based circuit workout at 6:00 AM every Tuesday morning.