Yuletide Requests 2016
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.hack//SIGNShoji An | Tsukasa, Misono Mariko | SubaruFlamebyrdhttp://flamebyrd.dreamwidth.org/173488.htmlI would love to see these two and their relationship post-series. What's it like adapting to the outside world? How does their romantic relationship develop?

If you're not much for future-fic, a moment between them in-game would be lovely instead!

Note: I'd prefer if the fic didn't focus heavily on Tsukasa/An's abuse background. There are gender issues to be considered, I don't have any preferences there so go with your heart.
1-800-Missing (TV)Jess Mastriani (1-800-Missing (TV)), Brooke Haslett (1-800-Missing (TV)), Sunny Estrada (1-800-Missing (TV))Doranwenhttp://doranwen.livejournal.com/248137.htmlPlease read my letter for the full details and prompts and everything; it is going to be a lot more helpful than this box.

That said, here's my list of general likes and DNWs:

General likes:
deep platonic friendship, romantic friendship, asexual romance, found families, apocalyptic fic, hurt/comfort, nonsexual physical touch (including cuddling), self-sacrifice, characters being vulnerable, character redemption, survival fic, positive treatment of religion, characters dealing with trauma, trust building, missing scenes, alternate universe (especially fix-it fic), any trope on this list: http://doranwen.livejournal.com/246063.html

DNWs: sex or sexual feelings, supernatural/fantasy beings (elves, vampires, werewolves, gnomes, zombies, etc.), certain AUs (medieval, fantasy, supernatural, fairytale, feudal, space, historical), deathfic or horror, calling an adult "baby" or "darling", mpreg, crackfic, gore (mild violence is OK, just not as graphic as a surgery documentary), uncensored profanity, first/second person fic

Note: I'm totally OK with a fic about any one or combo of the three women.
10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)Michelle (10 Cloverfield Lane), Emmett DeWitttockae (CloudedCreation)http://tockae.livejournal.com/701.htmlPrompts in author letter.
10 Things I Hate About You (1999)Kat Stratford, Patrick Veronaaurons_fanhttp://legendaryguardian.tumblr.com/post/151514023316/yuletide-2016-letter
10 Things I Hate About You (1999)Kat Stratford, Patrick Veronaedna_blackadderhttp://edna-blackadder.livejournal.com/Life after high school, such as it is, for these two kindred spirits. Your call whether they stay together romantically, but I'd like them to at least stay friends and continue to get one another even as their paths in life diverge. Go wild!
10 Things I Hate About You (1999)Kat Stratford, Patrick Veronapsitenhttp://psiten.dreamwidth.org/122047.htmlThis past year, I rediscovered my love for this movie. It's not just a wonderful high school film, or a wonderful Shakespeare modern AU, it's a wonderful depiction of human life. Unlike the original Taming of the Shrew, Kat and Patrick have a beautiful relationship, which takes this story to a very different, heartwarming end. (And Bianca's no slouch, either! I love her growth by the end of the movie!)

Given that this is itself an AU, I would prefer a story that uses the movie canon as a basis instead of spinning off into a different AU. Future fic showing how their relationship pans out would be amazing! Not necessarily something about "taking their relationship to another level", with something like sex or marriage as a milestone being the focus, but seeing something going on in their lives while they happen to be together in any capacity. Maybe Kat going on tour as the frontperson for a band, or Patrick finding a school or a job out east -- both because he's tired of keeping up a long distance relationship and because he's found something there he wants to do. Or, for example, if we caught up with these characters today, Kat and Patrick would be around 35 and starting to dominate whatever fields they're in. Please go nuts!

I do love the rapport that Kat and Bianca establish by the end of the film, and I'd like it if they remained in touch, but I definitely think I'd prefer if most of the movie's cast weren't around for most things. Kat and Patrick don't seem to me like the type to settle down in their hometown, with the hometown people. Cameos totally okay (maybe you-know-who in an Axe body spray ad in a magazine or something!) and OCs welcome!
10th KingdomVirginia Lewis (10th Kingdom), Wolf (10th Kingdom)CadhlaI am really not a fan of NC-17.
10th KingdomWolf (10th Kingdom), Virginia Lewis (10th Kingdom)lotessehttp://lotesse.dreamwidth.org/368078.htmlHi I'd like some weird Wolf/Virginia sex stuff plz! Porn would be awesome, but an exploration of the tropes and themes of their sexual relationship in more g-rated language would also be awesome if you'd rather.
10th KingdomWolf (10th Kingdom)RiverSongTamhttp://riversongtam.livejournal.com/537.htmlThis mini-series is fabulous, but Wolf is what makes it, imo. I really just want to see more of him, in any capacity--before, during, or after the series. He and Virgina are sweet together, so despite my earlier het-caveat, I am not at all opposed to seeing them together. I'd just prefer the focus to be more on the emotional elements of their relationship than the physical (so I'd rather not PWP, basically) or even necessarily the romantic.
12 Monkeys (TV)James Cole (12 Monkeys (TV)), Cassandra Railly (12 Monkeys (TV))kalisgirlhttp://kalisgirl.livejournal.com/17650.htmlI haven't even finished Season 2, but I'm on the edge of my seat wondering what's going to happen with my favourite lost soldier meets brilliant doctor pairing. Stories of their adventures - canon or otherwise, feel free to diverge if you like making your own timelines - would be wonderful.

I'd love to see them fight, together or each other. I'd also love to see them love, definitely each other, but that's entirely up to you.

Likes, dislikes, and further thoughts at the link.
12 Monkeys (TV)Cassandra Railly (12 Monkeys (TV)), James Cole (12 Monkeys (TV)), Jennifer Goines (12 Monkeys (TV)), José Ramse (12 Monkeys (TV))millepertuishttp://millepertuis.livejournal.com/2452.htmlromantic or platonic ot4! cassie/cole/ramse ot3! cassie/jennifer! cole/ramse! ramse/cassie having feelings about cole and about each other! timeline shenanigans! fate!
13 Assassins (2010)SugarGlassShardshttp://sugarglassworld.tumblr.com/post/151488003423/dear-yuletide-authorHonor! Redemption! Intrigue! Battles! And characters that I got just enough of to wet my appetite. So if you’re here for this fandom, that’s it, that’s basically the whole request: please give me more time with those characters! Movie timeline, backstory or fix-it; samurai ideals in the last decades of the Shogunate, PWP or sword!porn, there’s a lot of options and I’d love any of them!
(For prompts and LIKES/DNWs, please see my letter.)
13th Century CE Russian RPFOnfim (13th Century CE Russian RPF)DigitalMeowMixhttp://docs.google.com/document/d/17lBKIeysWq1aIEXhN233GISYfUE8RPUPVltDCAoonZc/edit?usp=sharing
14th and 15th Century CE Religious Women RPFMargery Kempe (14th and 15th Century CE Religious Women), Julian of Norwich (14th and 15th Century CE Religious Women)FanchonMoreauhttp://fanchonmoreau.tumblr.com/post/151495698574/yuletide-letter-holderSee letter!
14th and 15th Century CE Religious Women RPFJulian of Norwich (14th and 15th Century CE Religious Women), Margery Kempe (14th and 15th Century CE Religious Women)izzybethhttp://izzy.dreamwidth.org/1601092.htmlPlease see my letter for optional details!
14th and 15th Century CE Religious Women RPFJulian of Norwich (14th and 15th Century CE Religious Women), Margery Kempe (14th and 15th Century CE Religious Women)notearchiverhttp://notearchiver.livejournal.com/117216.html(see letter for more details, including likes and Crueltide specifics)

Julian of Norwich: Medieval anchoress who wrote about visions she received from God.
Margery Kempe: mother of 14 who became crazy religious and decided she was married to Jesus. Went to visit Julian of Norwich for advice.

I am fine with fic about only one or the other if you don't want to write a fic with both of them in it.

01) Julian and Margery do more than just talk during their time together.

02) How did Julian and Margery's conversation go?

03) Anchoritic texts instruct the anchoress to dig their own grave in the dirt floor with their bare hands and lie in it when they are dying. Does Julian do this?

04) Margery Kempe has 14 kids. Then she becomes uber-religious. What do her kids think of her visions, etc?

05) Anchoresses were allowed to take communion often. Give me communion porn (with deity or random monk?)

01) Julian and/or Margery is raped/tortured by the Devil and other demons from hell. How human are the demons? Is there xeno? Is religion heavily involved? Is someone forced to masturbate with a crucifix? Object insertion? Just give me anything to do with devils raping someone.

02) God "coerces" Margery/Julian into becoming his follower. How he does that is up to you.

03) Townspeople are angry over ______ and break into Julian's cell. They take their anger out on her.

DNWs: AUs concerning: mundane jobs, time periods, regency, etc; genderswap and/or always a different sex; time travel; magical realism
14th and 15th Century CE Religious Women RPFMargery Kempe (14th and 15th Century CE Religious Women), Julian of Norwich (14th and 15th Century CE Religious Women)the_alchemisthttp://the-alchemist.livejournal.com/681957.htmlThis is different from the kind of thing I normally request, and I am open to anything, so long as it isn't entirely negative about Christianity.

Some kind of crackfic AU would be delightful (some ideas – superhero, detective/noir, time travel – there are many others I would love), but so would a straightforward telling of that time they met one another.

I am interested in contrasts between their personalities and how they would relate to one another. I guess we don't really know all that much about Julian, but I figure she must have been at least a bit less ... extreme than Margery, and obviously she was older, and Margery seems to have looked up to her.

Feel free to bring in other characters – historical, fictional, or original. If you happen to know either fandom, a crossover with the Canterbury Tales or Shakespeare's history plays could be super interesting.

Gen is great for this fandom. Femslash is great, if you can make it at least vaguely in character for them. Het is also great. Or whatever you call it when there's a [semi-]sexualised relationship between a woman (or two) and an ambiguously gendered deity (or three). Slash is presumably irrelevant here, but if it isn't, then that's fine too!
14th Century CE RPFJogaila of Lithuania (14th Century CE RPF), Jadwiga of Poland (14th Century CE RPF), Vytautas of Lithuania (14th Century CE RPF), Konrad von Jungingen (14th Century CE RPF)Daegaerhttp://daegaer.livejournal.com/1355525.htmlI'd really like to see a story about the relationship of Konrad von Jungingen, Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights, and the rulers of Poland and Lithuania (Jogaila and Vytautas were first cousins, and not always on the best of terms). If you would like to write an AU, please do - perhaps Jogaila and Vytautas convert to Orthodoxy rather than Catholicism, politically turning east rather than west, or the Lithuanian elite find a way to maintain political power whilst staying pagan, or Jadwiga allies herself very firmly with the Teutonic Knights rather than marrying,for example.
14th Century CE RPFJadwiga of Poland (14th Century CE RPF), Vytautas of Lithuania (14th Century CE RPF), Jogaila of Lithuania (14th Century CE RPF)dizzy_firehttp://dizzy-fire.dreamwidth.org/2072.htmlThere's so many things I love about this period and characters that I can't even begin to mention them all, but the highlights are: the struggle between Paganism and Christianity; cousins who were sometimes best friends, sometimes worst enemies; betrayals, mysterious deaths, imprisonment and daring escapes (by way of crossdressing, in at least one case); and a teenage girl-king trying to get out of an unwanted marriage by hacking at the castle gates with an axe. Seriously, there's much to love, and any story you come up with will make me very happy indeed!
1632 Series - Various AuthorsJohn Chandler SimpsonTrobadorahttp://trobadora.livejournal.com/603490.htmlIn <a href="http://www.baenebooks.com/p-379-1632.aspx">1632</a> Simpson is simply a villain, but I love his development and added depth in the sequel, <a href="http://www.suramya.com/mirror/Downloads/baen/CD/13-TheBalticWarCD/1633/index.htm">1633</a>. He went all-out with a strict end-justifies-the-means strategy - which not only failed, but proved unnecessary, and now he's living with the consequences. (He's also an introverted control freak, which is a character type I have always loved.) I also love competence, and unexpected competence even more so, so Admiral Simpson can be a joy to watch. David Weber's short story <a href="http://hell.pl/szymon/Baen/The%20Baltic%20War/Ring%20of%20Fire/074347175X___1.htm">In the Navy</a> exemplifies most of what I love about him. I'd love anything that makes him shine, without diminishing his faults - maybe something with Eddie? With the Germans working for him? With his wife, who's cut from the same cloth as he? (Maybe plotting some bit of joint social/political manipulation? Mary helping him navigate society? The reconciliation with their son?) Anything about Simpson that lets him shine without diminishing his faults.
16th Century CE RPFCesare Borgia (16th Century RPF), Niccolò Machiavelli (16th Century RPF), Leonardo da Vinci (16th Century RPF)liriaenhttp://liriaen.livejournal.com/Dear mystery author, thank you for writing for me! A meeting of the three, at a crucial point in time - a point of your choice - oh, that would be lovely. Their complicated steps, dance-like, their hands seen and unseen, a carefully choreographed game of sprezzatura... I would love to read something along those lines. It doesn't have to be all three, mind - and please feel free to pursue your own fascination here. You're certainly not shackled to a strictly historical timeline either. Your choice of characters, too: feel free to add to or substract from the personnel. Please, have a look at my "Dear author" letter on my livejournal, too, where I hope to give you a little more detail.
16th Century CE RPFLeonardo da Vinci (16th Century RPF)rainfloristhttp://rainflorist.livejournal.com/861.html
1850s London Cholera Epidemic RPFJohn Snow (1850s London Cholera Epidemic), Reverend Henry Whitehead (1850s London Cholera Epidemic)seekingferrethttp://seekingferret.dreamwidth.org/203750.htmlI was given The Ghost Map for Yuletide bookswap last year and I fell in love with it and with the Snow/Whitehead relationship. Science!Detectives! BFFs! Adventurers! I love how much they had to risk, not just the not-inconsiderable physical danger of venturing into the cholera-stricken neighborhoods of London, but the reputational risk of taking a heterodox position on miasma theory, and they selflessly risked it all to save lives. And the quote Steven Johnson digs up from Whitehead, after Snow's death, about how the work he did with Snow was the best and most important thing he ever did in his life, and he'll never forget how Snow changed his life... That made me have shippy feelings.

Also, Henry Whitehead's beard is epic.

Something realistic focusing on their relationship while investigating would be great. Something steampunky and ridiculous would also be welcome.
18th Century CE Prussia RPFFriedrich II of Prussia | Frederick the Great (18th Century CE Prussia RPF)springsoldier (ladydaredevil)Go wild. Honestly I'm just amazed that this is a thing, I love Frederick the Great.
18th Century CE Prussia RPFHans Hermann Von Katte (18th Century CE Prussia RPF), Friedrich II of Prussia | Frederick the Great (18th Century CE Prussia RPF)V_V_lalahttp://v-v-lala.livejournal.com/4934.htmlI really loved the whole story of their attempted escape to England. It is so tragic and kind of romantic. I think I literally just want a fictionalized story of this friendship/love affair, the attempted escape, the angst that comes after they are caught. Either all of that together or any one part. I have read some about this, but I am certainly not an expert of any sort. I am not terribly picky about historical accuracy, especially since my own knowledge is limited. I love the potential dynamic here, the power imbalance, and the potential for loyalty themes.
18th Century CE Russia RPFKarl Peter Ulrich von Holstein-Gottorp | Pyotr III Fyodorovich (18th Century CE Russia RPF)Alley_Skywalkerhttp://alley-skywalker.livejournal.com/212142.html
18th Century Pirate RPFCalico Jack Rackham (18th Century Pirate RPF), Anne Bonney (18th Century Pirate RPF), Woodes Rogers (18th Century Pirate RPF)foxtwinWhat might have happened to Jack if he hadn't been so nice to Charles Vane? What if Anne Bonney had rejected his advances? What if his trial had gone another way? What if Rogers had considered Jack a gentleman sailor instead of a pirate? What if another governor had replaced Rogers, and Rogers joined Jack's pirate band? Perhaps another historical possibility come to your mind, dear author. Let your muse take over and write me a creative alternate history.

While I list all three characters, use of ONE of these characters in the narrative is my only true requirement. I enjoy humor and historical nuance in such stories, with attention to detail in a well written yarn. I'm looking for creative alternate histories that give me another glimpse into this character's thoughts and passions. Tastefully crafted fiction is preferred when it comes to any romantic liaisons, with a preference toward het relationships and male bonding; slash, if any, is to be merely suggestive. Anything explicit ought to be tastefully crafted; please avoid pornographic, overly grotesque, or senselessly violent scenes unless the plot is satisfactorily furthered by their inclusion.
18th Century Pirate RPFAnne Bonney (18th Century Pirate RPF), Mary Read (18th Century Pirate RPF)MadameHardyAnne Bonney and Mary Read were too big for any fiction to contain them. They were pirates. They may well have been lovers. They fought together, were captured together, and died separately. They were the only two people who fought fiercely when their ship was taken. Bonney commented to her lover, Calico Jack Rackham, "Had you fought like a man, you need not have been hang'd like a dog." Both women "pleaded their bellies" (claimed to be pregnant) to postpone being hanged. Mary Read died in prison of puerperal fever, and nobody knows what happened to Anne Bonney.

Knock yourself out.

I have the following squicks: bathroom stuff, prolonged embarrassment, emotional abuse, sex with kids under 15, explicitly described torture. Avoid those, and I'll be happy.
18th Century Pirate RPFWilliam Snelgrave (18th Century Pirate RPF), Howell Davis (18th Century Pirate RPF)Measured_Wordshttp://measured-words.dreamwidth.org/81974.htmlI wound up making a pimp post about this, so I am going to scam a lot from that. Howell Davis is my all-time favourite pirate, hands down.

In 1718, a slave trader named William Snelgrave was captured by pirates off the coast of Sierra Leon, near Princes Island. He suffered greatly at the hands of his initial captor, Thomas Cocklyn, who was a total jerk, pretty much all the bad things you hear about pirates.

However, Cocklyn wound up hanging out with another, Totally Cool Super Awesome pirate named Howell Davis. You might not have heard of him, but you might have heard of Bartholomew Roberts - he learned everything from Davis, basically. Davis was a true gentleman-pirate. He was super charismatic, and was well liked and respected by his crew. He basically saved Snelgrave's life, and Snelgrave considered him his friend, and in his memoir took to saying things like how he was one of the greatest, most generous gentleman he'd ever known... Basically he had a *huge* crush on the guy. Davis apparently claimed he knew Snelgrave from "Somewhere" though he never elaborated and Snelgrave claimed not to know. He seemed to go out of his way a lot of the time to help Snelgrave out - it's pretty slashy if I do say so myself (And I do. So slashy.) But you don't have to take my word for it!

In 1734, Snelgrave wrote a memoir about his experiences in the slave trade (which included an early account of the rise of Dahomey, though that's not really relevant to my pitch here). At the end, he tacked on an account of his time with the pirates, sort of as an aside. If this sounds like something you might want to read (and it does, I'm sure, because pirates are awesome, and especially Howell Davis) - you can!

I happen to have a pdf available, which you can check out <a href="https://www.dropbox.com/s/08jznzab7qbam1m/Snelgrave%20-%20A%20New%20Account%20of%20Guinea%20and%20the%20Slave%20Trade%20-%20Pirate%20Excerpt.pdf?dl=0">here!</a> This is just the account of his capture by pirates, and warnings for 18th century printing conventions ;p

In terms of what I'd like to see - some more details of their time together while Snelgrave was captive would be cool - maybe some other situation where Davis saved his ass, or some kind of more intimate encounter, perhaps (challenging with so little privacy!). Or maybe you could tell me more about how they *did* meet before, why Snelgrave might not know, or why it might be something he's not willing to admit in print? Or some other encounter they may have had (I know Davis dies not too long after this, sadly, but we can pretend!)? Feel free to engage with as much historical realism as you are comfortable - I acknowledge they were both pretty problematic people in their own ways, but their encounter and relationship are pretty interesting to me!
1931: Scheherazade at the Library of PergamumScheherazade "Sadie" Keating, Anna WardenclyffeLise (thissugarcane)http://thissugarcane.dreamwidth.org/190847.htmlMore specifics in the letter; they are so adorable bff together, whoever Sadie's dating! I just love Anna's reactions to her antics.
1931: Scheherazade at the Library of PergamumScheherazade "Sadie" Keating, Ahmose-ankh (1931), Evelyn Fraser-Hyde, Anna WardenclyffeLittleRavenhttp://tigerlily.dreamwidth.org/34691.html
19th Century CE Danish Literature RPFHans Christian Andersen (19th Century CE Danish Literature RPF)Deepdarkwatershttp://deep-dark-waters.dreamwidth.org/4975.htmlMY AWKWARD LOVE, Andersen. He's a desperate wretched mess. I love him. I'll flail for nine straight hours about my feelings for him if anyone's willing to listen, but I'll spare you most of it here. Short version: I wish he'd lived in a kinder time that allowed him to be happier, but I'm glad he had at least a few little chances at happiness even though they didn't last. Please write me anything you've got in you to write for him, I will love it. Anything about the autobiographical nature of a lot of his stories. Anything about his dirty diary full of black crosses and his difficult feelings regarding sex. Anything you want.

ODAO extra characters I wanted to nominate but couldn't figure out how to corral into a single sensible fandom name, if any of these relationships appeal:

Harald Scharff: handsome principal ballet dancer with the Royal Danish Theatre. From his Wikipedia page:

"In his diary entry for 2 January 1862, Andersen noted that Scharff "bounded up to me; threw himself round my neck and kissed me!" In other entries for January 1862, he described Scharff as "deeply devoted… very intimate… ardent and loving". In February, the poet observed that Scharff was "intimate and communicative" and in March he noted "a visit from Scharff... exchanged with him all the little secrets of the heart; I long for him daily." Later in March he wrote, "Scharff very loving... I gave him my picture." Scharff gave a silver toothbrush engraved with his name and the date to Andersen on his 57th birthday. In the winter of 1861–62, the two men entered a full-blown love affair that brought Andersen "joy, some kind of sexual fulfillment and a temporary end to loneliness." He was not discreet in his conduct with Scharff, and displayed his feelings much too openly. Onlookers regarded the relationship as improper and ridiculous. In his diary for March 1862, Andersen referred to this time in his life as his "erotic period"."

Big age difference, affectionate lovers, and a handsome ballet dancer. It is everything I love. Andersen's story The Snowman is supposedly about his pining for Scharff.

Jenny Lind: opera singer Andersen became infatuated with and proposed to. From Wikipedia:

"One of his stories, "The Nightingale", was written as an expression of his passion for Jenny Lind and became the inspiration for her nickname, the "Swedish Nightingale". Andersen was often shy around women and had extreme difficulty in proposing to Lind. When Lind was boarding a train to go to an opera concert, Andersen gave Lind a letter of proposal. Her feelings towards him were not the same; she saw him as a brother, writing to him in 1844: "farewell ... God bless and protect my brother is the sincere wish of his affectionate sister, Jenny"."

Charles Dickens: Andersen was a big fan of Dickens (after their first meeting he wrote in his diary "I was so happy to see and speak to England's now living writer, whom I love the most") and they became friends, but then OOPS disaster a decade later when Dickens invited Andersen to stay at his home for a short while and Andersen just kind of missed/ignored all the hints that he should leave for five endless weeks. When he finally went home, Dickens totally ghosted him and poor old Andersen couldn't understand why his letters weren't being answered any more. There's a link to my favourite account of that outstayed welcome in my letter, but it would be great to see something slightly less flippant. Bonus points for showing Dickens getting really aggravated by it all, because I don't like Dickens :P

DNW: Andersen-bashing of any kind. I know he was often peculiar and annoying and didn't really have a brilliant understanding of when people were done with him getting in their way, but that's really not what I'd like to read about unless it's done with a bit of compassion. (Subjective, I knooow - anon commenting is allowed on my DW if you've got any questions.)
19th Century Palaeontologist RPFOthniel Charles Marsh (Palaeontologist RPF), Edward Drinker Cope (Palaeontologist RPF)Clocketpatchhttp://clocketpatch.livejournal.com/181957.htmlFoe-yay crack. Epistolary fic. AUs. Spies and shenanigans.

DNW: Anything about Alzheimer's, dementia, or schizophrenia. For this canon I would prefer no explicit content.

See letter for more detailed prompts.
19th Century Palaeontologist RPFMary Anning (Palaeontologist RPF)ide_cyanhttp://ide-cyan.dreamwidth.org/137180.htmlI don't know much about paleontology history, but I remember being fascinated by a brief Dr Who magazine comic strip I read when I was younger. "Cuckoo", which ran in 1994, was about a Mary Anning expy discovering alien fossils on the beach. (See: http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Cuckoo_(comic_story) , but I am not asking for a Doctor Who crossover.) I was reminded of that when I went through this year's tagset.

A story about Mary Anning hunting for fossils on the beach would be cool. Dinosaur bones, which we now take for granted, must have made the world seem so much stranger at the time. What *were* these buried monsters, slowly uncovered after aeons sleeping in stone, as the waters eroded the landscape? Reality is often stranger than fiction, but you could make fiction stranger than reality with a touch of cosmic horror here, too.

If you'd like to include other characters, people she knew who were involved in her discoveries, to make the story work please feel free to do so; I just don't know enough about them to give prompts.
19th Century Palaeontologist RPFEdward Drinker Cope (Palaeontologist RPF), Othniel Charles Marsh (Palaeontologist RPF)melannenhttp://melannen.dreamwidth.org/tag/yuletideI still just want some ol' cope/marsh Bone Wars foeyay. AU? Historically rigorous? Porn? Not actually slashy? Whatever. I just want them to hate each other dearly and love dinosaurs. Have fun. If there are actual dinosaurs, please either make them authentically Victorian lizard creatures or modern birdy feathery creatures.
19th Century Palaeontologist RPFWilliam Buckland, Charles Lyell, Mary Morland Bucklandsilveronthetreehttp://silveronthetree.dreamwidth.org/110635.htmlI may be the only person who wants stories about these three but I'm completely fascinated by them. I'd enjoy any story that features them, whether it is serious or silly (and there is a lot of opportunity for silly given Buckland's reported eccentricities). They made many important palaeontological discoveries and had many theories that with hindsight were downright wrong. Tell me about them - how about Buckland and Mary's meet cute over a book on palaeontology, Lyell's first experience as a student of one of Buckland's chaotic and inspiring lectures, anything about Mary or Lyell dealing with Buckland's dashing past the good outcrops on field trips, eating his way through the animal kingdom or fights involving licking fossils. I could imagine Lyell being the straight man in this case but he got up to all the required number of schoolboy shenanigans that probably didn't disappear totally when he went up to Oxford. Mary was an accomplished palaeontologist in her own right and an excellent writer so how did she deal with just being thought of as Mrs Buckland?
20th Century CE Musician RPFLou Reed (20th Century CE Musician RPF), David Bowie (20th Century CE Musician RPF)Joanne_chttp://joanne-c.livejournal.comI'm going to admit it, Lou and David are an OTP of mine. If you want to ship them, it's great, if you'd rather not, I'd prefer there was no other ship (canon partners excepted of course) mentioned in the story unless you do discuss David's possible past with Mick Jagger - I ship that too but I really would love something focused more on Lou which is why I didn't request Mick. I wouldn't mind seeing Mick in the story as long as he wasn't focused on over Lou and David.

My only DNW is deathfic, though if you want to mention that these two men are no longer with us, that is fine, just please do not dwell on it. I would also prefer no AUs for this fandom. Prompts in my letter.
20th Century CE Musician RPFLou Reed (20th Century CE Musician RPF), David Bowie (20th Century CE Musician RPF)karaokegalhttp://karaokegal.livejournal.com/1762410.htmlJust looking at at names makes me sad at the recent losses, but also grateful that they both survived their worst times of excess and self-destructiveness to find happiness in both their personal and professional lives, while maintaining artistic integrity. Feel free to set a fic during the "good old bad old days" of the 70's with the complete drug-fueled hedonism, the 80's when there's a certain amount of selling out on both ends for the MTV generation or the settling down period toward the end. I'm good with slash or friendship here, reactions to some of the major events of the various eras, and interactions with any other "characters" you'd like to incorporate, including spouses and other musicians, artists and public figures.
20th Century CE Musician RPFDavid Bowie (20th Century CE Musician RPF), Iggy Pop (20th Century CE Musician RPF), Lou Reed (20th Century CE Musician RPF)liriaenhttp://liriaen.livejournal.com/Dear mystery author, thank you for writing for me! These bright shining stars... the words and sounds they shaped... I am happy they thrill you so much that you've offered to write about them. Bowie's death early this year was such a sore loss - like a death in the family. His artistic sensibilities, his vision, his sheer range of interests once gave me an idea of what it would mean to be an accomplished human being. Lou went before him... Iggy still seems to be going strong, although he must feel his years... Well. If you could pull off something with an early 70s feel, that would be splendid, but you're certainly not shackled to their real discography or timeline. Your choice of characters, too: feel free to add to or substract from the personnel. Something with congeniality, envy, headbutting, and glamourous (and not-so-glamourous?) rock and roll, perhaps? Please, have a look at my "Dear author" letter on my livejournal, too, where I hope to give you a little more detail.
20th Century Literary RPFH. P. Lovecraft (20th Century Literary RPF)EnglandConfideshttp://draugluin.dreamwidth.org/462.htmlI'd love to read a story about Howard encountering something otherworldly - maybe he runs into something untoward in Providence one day and that's how he becomes inspired to write (and document) about cosmic horrors beyond the stars, or maybe he's already an established author when he suddenly recognizes that things are going horribly wrong around him. Maybe he teams up with one of his correspondents (e.g. Robert Bloch or someone else) to fight the horror, or maybe he goes it alone.

See my author letter for more information.
20世紀少年 | 20th Century Boys (Manga)Endou Kanna, Koizumi Kyoukoryfkahhttp://skygiants.dreamwidth.org/450609.htmlI crave Twentieth Century Teen Girl Squad fic! What about that time that they utilized Kanna's +10 charisma and Kyoko's obsessive knowledge of Japanese post-apocalyptic bandom to organize a music concert together to save the world? What about future world-saving adventures? What about future adventures that have nothing to do with saving the world? IT'S ALL GOOD.
20世紀少年 | 20th Century Boys (Manga)Endou Kanna, Koizumi Kyoukosuitablyskippyhttp://suitablyskippy.tumblr.com/post/151345466734/dear-yuletide-writermore-hello-im-reallyDislikes: smut, character death, non-canon AUs, crossovers.

I’d seriously love to read femslash for this fandom, but I’d also be very happy with gen, so please feel free to take any of my prompts in either direction! What’s it like behind-the-scenes, while they’re both organising the biggest music festival in the history of the world? What kind of relationship does Kyoko have with Ice Queen Kanna, during the Third Era? Kanna has the weight of the world on her shoulders, while Kyoko’s blithely unconcerned at all times – do their differing priorities ever cause tension between them? Or are they different enough that it defuses any tension instead? Or maybe post-canon: Kanna’s gone to meet her mother, and Kyoko’s been coerced into tenpin bowling fame – how and where do they meet again? How would their dynamic change, now that Kanna’s finally ready to let herself relax and be light-hearted every now and then?

Please see letter for more details!
20世紀少年 | 20th Century Boys (Manga)Endou Kanna, Koizumi Kyoukotransverselyhttp://transversely.tumblr.com/private/151585024739/tumblr_oet0w9qpLP1sa5lpa
21 Jump Street (TV)Harry Ioki (21 Jump Street)idleflowerhttp://idle-flower.tumblr.com/post/151441450799/dear-yuletide-authorI always felt like Harry was shortchanged on the show in terms of how much screentime and attention he got. Maybe just because I thought he was gorgeous and wanted so much more. Because they showed less of him, I have fewer strong hooks to build off of for requests. I don't really know what I want, other than an Ioki adventure during the first four seasons of the show. Some mystery, some drama, a chance for him to look cool, an excuse to dress him up nice? (Can you find an excuse to make him solve a mystery while wearing a snazzy dinner jacket, or some sort of lovingly-detailed punk getup?)

Romance-wise, I don't want him in a full relationship with any of the main cast but I wouldn't mind him flirting with ANY of them. (Okay, maybe not Booker.) I'm cool with writing an OFC for him to romance during the story, but I would prefer a reset button on that for the ending. Maybe she dies, maybe she's the bad guy and he has to arrest her, maybe she doesn't like it when she finds out who he really is, maybe it was just a fling, whatever. Romance isn't necessary either, but it's nice to have someone to admire the boy. Even if it's just Tom and Doug complaining that he looks better in that outfit than they would.

(If you're only vaguely familiar with the show, Ioki isn't his birth name and he's not Japanese, he's Vietnamese.)

Please do not reference anything having to do with the movies, not even as a joke.
28 Weeks Later (2007)Doyle (28 Weeks Later)hiddencaithttp://hiddencait.livejournal.com/119443.htmlFandom specific details &amp; Like List is in the Letter. No thanks list is below:

No thanks: Slave worlds, demon-possession, mind control, prostitution, noncon, dubcon, character death, infidelity, love triangles/jealousy focus (I am far more fond of OT3ing it up), characters de-aged during the story (if you make one of the characters a child, make them “canon” children for that story if that makes sense), A/B/O, gangster/mob, noir settings, amnesia fics, loss of limb/amputations, mpreg, underage, gender swap, teacher/student stories, or focus on drug abuse or alcoholism. Regarding incest – I have exactly two sibling pairings that work there for me and I haven’t requested either fandom for this exchange, so please avoid that. Also, no parent/child pairings. Please no 2nd person or 1st person POVs (enjoyed them in the past - just not in the mood this year).

For M-rated fics, for triggering reasons I have to shy away from knife play/blood play/gun play (only in a sexual context – canon level plot/action violence is fine), scat, watersports, rape-as-fantasy-scenes, anal for M/F pairings, and any kind of direct blow in a sexual connotation even including spanking/flogging.
3:10 to Yuma (2007)Ben Wade (3:10 to Yuma)Rubynyehttp://rubynye.livejournal.com/728968.htmlBen Wade is a seductive bastard, isn't he? I was really struck by that on my second watching. He seduces everyone. I bet he seduced Charlie to his side. I'd love to see a story, or set of ficlets, about Ben Wade's seductiveness. This doesn't need to be explicit, or even sexual (though I certainly don't mind either/both!) just something on the theme of Ben's devilish seductiveness.
3:10 to Yuma (2007)sprl1199
3:10 to Yuma (2007)Ben Wade (3:10 to Yuma), Charlie Prince (3:10 to Yuma)th_esaurushttp://drawsaurus.tumblr.com/post/151195261696
30 RockLiz Lemon, Jack Donaghy, Liddy Donaghythenewradicalhttp://thenewradical.livejournal.com/13790.htmlDay in the life of Liddy Donaghy! It's the fic I never knew I wanted until I saw her in the tagset. Give me an older Liddy wandering around 30 Rock, running into folks from the show, planning to take over the world (or being a super-dork who confuses Jack and delights Liz).

More info in my letter!
3月のライオン | March Comes in Like A Lion (Manga)Touji Souyamakiyakinabehttp://makiyakinabe.dreamwidth.org/6726.htmlFor pairings, I ship Souya with Dobashi Kenji thanks to the scene where Kenji told his parents about realizing that there was still so much to explore about shogi and that he'll be going over to Souya's place to explore with him together, but you don't have to include this pairing if you're not comfortable with it!

Please refer to my letter for my likes, dislikes and prompts.
4th Man Out (2015)Adam (4th Man Out), Chris (4th Man Out)la_dissonancehttp://la-dissonance.dreamwidth.org/127024.htmlI would love to see that briefly-teased fake dating premise taken to its logical conclusion! Maybe Chris keeps jumping to fake dating as the solution to every awkward interaction, to the point where almost everyone they know thinks they're genuinely dating. Or anything that resolves the ridiculous let-down of this movie's setup, I am not picky. (*cough* WHY WOULD YOU HAVE MULTIPLE CHARACTERS SAYING THAT ADAM IS IN LOVE WITH CHRIS &amp; HAVE CHRIS ACT LIKE HE'S IN LOVE WITH ADAM &amp; THEN SET THEM UP WITH OTHER PEOPLE, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. Ahem. Ok. I don't think I'll ever get that out of my system.)
4th Man Out (2015)Adam (4th Man Out), Chris (4th Man Out)Seascribehttp://seascribe.dreamwidth.org/855919.htmlPlease see letter.
4th Man Out (2015)Adam (4th Man Out), Chris (4th Man Out)tannneOh my. 4th Man Out was awesome! I absolutely loved how those four guys were just four normal guys and not so cliched like many movies are. However, if it would have been about a boy falling in love with a girl who was his best friend, in 9 out of 10 movies the girl would have, in the end, realized she's in love with the guy too. Which is a cliché and totally contradictory with why I loved this movie, I know, but I'm just strange like that, sorry.
So, dear Secret Santa, that's what I kind of would like in a fic, if you would like to write about '4th Man Out'. A fic in which Chris realizes he's in love with Adam, too and that they both realize they don't love each other like brothers. Maybe deviate from the movie plot when Adam and Chris kiss? Or during the 4th of July BBQ? Whatever you have to do, please let Adam and Chris have their happy ending they deserve.
Fluff or explicite fic, all is fine. But if you go for the explicte stuff, please let Chris be the bottom and no cheating or threesomes.
7 SeedsAyu (7 Seeds), Nijiko (7 Seeds)aegistheiaGen (or mostly gen), Respect, Character Exploration/Development, World Building, Coming of Age, Ensemble Fic extremely welcome!

Dear Yuletide Author Letter: https://aegistheia.dreamwidth.org/21937.html or http://aegistheia.livejournal.com/22883.html
7 SeedsMayu (7 Seeds)pyrophanehttp://delineative.tumblr.com/private/151269052940/tumblr_oeg9tlMHw31t1saqwplease see dear author letter!
7 SeedsAyu (7 Seeds), Mayu (7 Seeds), Nijiko (7 Seeds)transverselyhttp://transversely.tumblr.com/private/151585024739/tumblr_oet0w9qpLP1sa5lpa
7 Wonders (Board Game)kapinahttp://kapina.tumblr.com/post/131939121537/dear-yuletide-authorMy "fun" request. Don't have much to suggest here except that I really enjoy the theme of this game, the way it makes me think of Age of Civilization, and the mythological quality of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the world. If this inspires you in any way, have at it!
7 Wonders (Board Game)logorrheahttp://pastebin.com/0CRhXaWB
7 Wonders (Board Game)sevenofspadehttp://dhampyresa.dreamwidth.org/152691.htmlFeel free to write either from the PoV of the 'god' of one of the cities or from the PoV of one of the people living there. I would love anything pertaining to the SCIENCE cards and/or the fact that there's always somebody hoarding all the glass cards. I'm really curious how the 'take a card from the discarded pile' event translates to an event in that world. If you're familiar with the Leaders extension, my favourites -- either for reasons of history or mechanics -- are Sappho, Hannibal and Hypatia. I'm also really curious about the story behind the art on the Shadow Guild card (in the Cities expansion).

I have five Do Not Wants: incest, rape, child abuse, character death and dysphoria. When these are canon, please don't focus on them. I would also prefer not to have to deal with people losing things important to them and toxic living arrangements, be that family or roomates. Thank you.
747 (Strangers In The Night) (Song)The Narrator (747)Enigelhttp://enigel.dreamwidth.org/589341.html
80 Days (Video Game 2014)livrelibrehttp://livfic.dreamwidth.org/42048.htmlDNWs: uninterrogated prejudice &amp; fetishization, abuse apologia, kink shaming

I actually heard about this game from a Yuletide letter a few years ago and it sounded intriguing but I'm not used to thinking of games as my thing. But I downloaded a couple of games this summer and 80 Days was one of them; I've been hooked ever since. I love the feeling of traveling into a rich, immersive world, where every encounter can lead in a new direction or uncover a different story depending on how I choose to act. As you can see from my other request for Everfair, I also like the steampunk reimagining of the world from a specifically anti-colonialist perspective, including people who usually in the margins of these kinds of stories. That's one of the things that drew me to make this request; I want to know more. Feel free to choose another location not mentioned in the game, change history and technology even more, or set it in the far future or an alternate universe. And I could have picked any number of characters so don't feel constrained by the ones I selected here; feel free to write about any and all characters that show up in the game as your fancy takes you. I chose Passepartout because even though the game is in his perspective, there are things he elides like his encounter with Octave in New Orleans (who I love and would like to know more about) or his feelings about Fogg (feel free to be as allusive or explicit as you like and I am good with kink, esp. for Passepartout/Fogg - Passepartout teaching Fogg a lesson and getting him to expand his narrow worldview wouldn't go amiss whether through role reversal or topping-from-the-bottom service kink) or his background (how do events read differently depending on what we know about him, especially what we learn in Bloemfontein?). I like every single lady in this piece so I could have picked anyone (I nearly chose Madame Shu since that storyline keeps bugging me or Goland or Al-Talib or Savarkar) but I added the First of Atlantis because, like Octave, I want to know more about her and how she broke herself out of slavery, liberated and changed not just herself but others, and created Atlantis. And Ceteshwayo intrigues me because I want to know more about him and his kingdom, his plan to fight back against the colonial powers and his relationship with Queen Ranavalona II. I'm also very interested in the automatons (especially the self-aware ones) and what the Artificers are up to. But like I said, anything you write me about this world and these characters (heck or objects - tell me the story through the "eyes" of Fogg's evening jacket or something) is sure to make me happy so let your imagination run wild. Just a note: I've never read Around the World in 80 Days so if you add references to that I'm not likely to get them
80 Days (Video Game 2014)Phileas Fogg (80 Days)xiuxihttp://xiuxi.dreamwidth.org/1393.html#cutid1• Travel, travel, travel. Take Phileas to another part of the world that we haven’t seen yet. I would love to see more of Mexico. I would love to see more of China. I would love to see more of Japan. Or Indonesia. Or Finland. Or Benin …
• How would Phileas fare with another valet? Would he get anything accomplished? Fail the mission? Beat his own circumnavigation record?
• In the game is we get see everything through the eyes of Passepartout. Phileas Fogg remains some kind of stoic enigma. I would love to see something from Phileas POV that shows how he reacts to things that happens and what he really thinks about the state of the world.

Please see my letter for more details!
9 (2009)6 (9), 5 (9), 7 (9), 9 (9)spokehttp://spoke.dreamwidth.org/391116.htmlMaybe everyone survives AU? I love my tiny stitchpunk friends, I was <i>upset</i> okay.
91 Days (Anime)Nero Vanetti, Angelo Lagusa | Avilio Brunoapricotshttp://terbuccis.tumblr.com/yule
91 Days (Anime)Nero Vanetti, Angelo Lagusa | Avilio BrunoBonesOfBirdWingshttp://flightofmorning.tumblr.com/yuletide
91 Days (Anime)Corteo (91 Days), Angelo Lagusa | Avilio Brunocomixologisthttp://comixologist.livejournal.com/347727.htmlI love these two and their relationship! I'm interested in any part of their backstory together, or missing scenes or expansions on events during the canon. I'd especially be thrilled to read more about their time together in Chicago and how they spend it. I ship them but also love their desperate found-family dynamic if you prefer a brotherly take. I enjoy emotional and psychological stories, stories that are light but bittersweet, hurt/comfort and thrilling, dangerous action. I also love exploration of characters' relationships and power dynamics. I'm interested in stories of all ratings.
91 Days (Anime)Angelo Lagusa | Avilio BrunoFortune_Maidenhttp://silverwill.dreamwidth.org/663.html?style=siteThe Count of Monte Cristo meets the Godfather. This series was a wild ride that left me very attached to all of the characters and both satisfied and unsatisfied with things that happened. But the most interesting thing about 91 Days was Avilio. He is different from a typical protagonist (or even a revenge-protagonist) in that he's not a prideful charismatic chessmaster playing all sides like a fiddle, and we never really know what he's thinking except in rare moments like Episode 10. I would love to read a story that reveals what he's thinking. Maybe some of the background details of his revenge plots, how he sets things up, how he deals with unexpected factors, how he feels about innocents (for a given value of innocent anyway) getting dragged into the plots (like all the people who died during the feud between Frate and Nero). Anything! Watching the show, I was curious if he knew all along that Corteo was the traitor who tried to have Nero killed or if he only suspected it. I feel like so many events in 91 Days are open to exploration and interpretation, so I would love to read any of yours.

(more details in letter)
91 Days (Anime)Angelo Lagusa | Avilio Bruno, Nero VanettiMizuiro_no_YumeWould love: something bittersweet. Gen or shippy.

DNW: fluff.

Some prompts: running away together while working on their reasons to live because just living is not enough sometimes, Angelo trying to find the will to kill Nero, ambivalent feelings.
91 Days (Anime)Nero Vanetti, Angelo Lagusa | Avilio BrunoneverminetoholdLikes: gen and/or slash, H/C, angst, fluff, romance, bromance, snark/banter, happy/hopeful endings, character study, canon-typical violence, Avilio being a magnificent bastard, Avilio NOT regretting the path he has chosen (unlike Episode 11)

DNWs: pwp, explicit slash, kinks, non-con, genderbending, mpreg, alpha/beta/omega dynamics, crack, non-canon AU's, POV 1 + 2 Person

Dear Writer,

while I didn't chose to request them, I would have nothing against Corteo or Fango also playing an important role in your fanfiction or if it only focused on one of my two nominated characters.

What I love about 91 Days is the setting during the Prohibition in the USA, the fact that the series relies more on show than tell, and the theme of revenge, which affects all of the characters like a spider's web, and not only because of Avilio was being put on the path to it by the letter.

Personally, the one thing I disliked - and maybe I'm weird for feeling that way - (and I'm saying that having not yet had the opportunity to watch episode 12, which might well destroy me ^.^") was that, in Episode 11, Avilio hallucinates Corteo and regrets killing him. I mean, of course he would, but he went into his feud with the Vanetti's ready to die from the start so I feel he should also have been ready to sacrifice anything for it and not regret his decision, and that he should have been aware that it will never bring his family back or even make him feel better... If that made any sense ^_^"

In any case, despite the above, I would love a fix it/happy (for now) ending. After all, Nero said since Avilio is an empty shell, he would give him something to live for... ^^

Thank you for writing for me! :)

EDIT: I have now seen the last episode, and it has given me weird feels (even though I do believe Nero let Avilio go, judging by the last seen set of footprints in the sand)... So have two prompts:

1. Tragedy - Nero misses on purpose and drives away, but the Galassias kill him and Avilio too, to get rid of any loose ends

2. Happy End - Nero misses on purpose and they end up driving away together to start a new life in Florida (perhaps with an added chase with the Galassias)
91 Days (Anime)Corteo (91 Days), Angelo Lagusa | Avilio Brunoried (riiiied)http://miried.dreamwidth.org/897.htmlTroubled best friends who nonetheless care for each other in their own ways is my jam, and I love these two both as friends and as a ship. I'd love some missing scenes fic or canon divergent AUs, for starters. Porn and/or darkfic totally welcome.
91 Days (Anime)Angelo Lagusa | Avilio Bruno, Nero VanettiSilentJoI'd like to read a story on how you think 91 Days should have ended. It can just be Nero and Angelo, or any other characters from the anime. Thanks!
91 Days (Anime)wiseorfoolhttp://wiseorfool.dreamwidth.org/10716.htmlI'd prefer to see fic with Nero, Avilio, or Corteo, rather than Fango

Please no: deathfic, excessive angst, pregnancy/kidfic, or tropes like: College/Coffee shop/businessmen/cop AUs, issuefic, "crack," gender/sex swaps (or bodyswaps), beach episodes, soulbonds or "reborn" AUs.
91 Days (Anime)Angelo Lagusa | Avilio Bruno, Corteo (91 Days), Nero Vanettiysse_writesI just want to read more about these characters, especially (but not necessarily) in a slashy context. If it helps, I ship Angelo(Avilio)/Nero and Angelo(Avilio)/Corteo, and would be open to an OT3 scenario.) Anything goes as long as it's not too grimdark but I would really love an Everybody Lives AU. (And porn.)

Some general DNWs: rape/noncon, Incest, child sexual abuse, children in sexual situations, cannibalism, necrophilia
A Bit of Fry and Lauriebookwyrmhttp://rabid-bookwyrm.dreamwidth.org/340631.htmlTimothy Forrest and his father are from the Berwhale the Avenger/A Word, Timothy sketch.
Script: http://abitoffryandlaurie.co.uk/sketches/a_word_timothy
Weirdly cropped video (it's the first sketch): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha_YeEfa20E

Author, if you are not familiar with this fandom, it's an actual 5-minute one. Go have a look.

What happens to Timothy after he moves to Saffron Walden, to live among the people? Does his father continue the charade? Does the charade continue... without his father (which is to say, is there actually a great battle between Good and Evil and Timothy is the rather inept Chosen One? Please feel free to make this as epic or as ridiculous as you like)? I also sort of want Timothy to stumble into, like, a Coffee Shop AU or something just left of reality.

Then again, what happens when Timothy accidentally wanders into a second-hand bookstore and discovers the trash novel that his father was cribbing from?

Alternatively, any excessively polite and slightly stilted spy hijinx from Tony and Control will be delightfully received. I sort of ship them but also sort of don't? More like UST than actual sexytimes. Playing it true to canon is also great.

DNW: PWP (sex to further the plot is fine, though), A/B/O dynamics, queer- or trans-phobia. Canon-typical violence is fine.
A Bit of Fry and LaurieControl (Fry & Laurie), Tony Murchisonedna_blackadderhttp://edna-blackadder.livejournal.com/Fluff! Or angst leading up to fluff. I just want our two favorite awkwardly cheerful spies to get their perfectly stilted happy ending. And perhaps a coffee, too.
A Bit of Fry and LaurieControl (Fry & Laurie), Tony MurchisonTibbyhttp://bakerloo.dreamwidth.org/8468.htmlI would like Tony and Control as a pairing or Tony and Control just as they are in the series. Either option is equally wonderful. Just so long as they are as silly and sweet as always.
A Charm of Magpies Series - K. J. CharlesNed Hall (Charm of Magpies), Crispin Tredarloe (Charm of Magpies)Jainhttp://jain.dreamwidth.org/132413.htmlI'm open to pretty much anything in this fandom: curtain fic, case fic (as mundane or magical as you like), Ned and Crispin developing their respective talents, backstory for either or both of them, how their romantic relationship progressed between "A Queer Trade" and <i>Rag and Bone</i>. If you're writing future fic, I'm especially fond of Mrs. Gold, should you want to include her; I actually think she and Ned might make good friends.
A Charm of Magpies Series - K. J. CharlesNed Hall (Charm of Magpies), Crispin Tredarloe (Charm of Magpies)labocathttp://tailcoat.dreamwidth.org/6280.htmlMore details, as well as general likes/dnws in my letter!

Historical fantasy is such a weakness of mine and I just absolutely fell in love with this spin-off. I love the concept of graphomancy, and I love characters who have a type of magic that falls outside of the standard rules and methods and so have to create their own path, so I was doomed from the start. Nicknames! Each thinking the other is wildly successful and amazing (despite not thinking they themselves are all that)! Ned being grumpy about suddenly being magical! Graphomancy! Being recruited precisely because they’re oddities (which fits so nicely into my love of what a character thinks of as a weakness others see as their strength)! I think it’s really charming that Ned’s talent was one for hearing to begin with when Crispin absolutely lacks it - they complement each other so well and I loved seeing them play off of that to solve problems. I think Ned would still take a lot of time to get used to have more than a flit’s talent, so maybe Crispin helping him deal with it or finding a way to use his hearing in a way that is actually nice and pleasing rather than stressful from all the noise of London. Their first run (or few runs as they fumble through!) as justiciary would be so neat to see as well!

DNW: kidfic/pregnancy, non-canonical pronouns
A Charm of Magpies Series - K. J. CharlesStephen Day, Lucien VaudreyMotherHuldahttp://motherhulda.dreamwidth.org/810.htmlI devoured this series whole over about a week, and it just left me wanting more of this world, and especially of this pairing. One thing I'd really love is future-fic about these two. After the events of Flight of Magpies (and Jackdaw!), Lucien finally gets to take Stephen to see the rest of the world. I'd love them to go somewhere exotic-to-Stephen: the fairly mundane France or Spain, further afield to Turkey or Greece, or maybe even all the way back to China? Especially if they fall into some kind of magical misadventure along the way which they must get out of using magic, dirty fighting, and ruthlessness. Or just the two of them making a home together and all the mundane difficulties that presents, in which case any other characters would be most welcome: my favorites are Merrick, Ben(/Jonah!), and the Golds. Maybe Stephen has to take an embarrassing sex-related injury to Dan Gold to be treated and have an awkward conversation about his sex life, while Lucien is shamelessly amused and unrepentant for putting him in that situation. That... would be amazing.

If you want to go for porn (a choice I'm very much in favor of, with or without plot attached!), my favorite thing in life is the size/power difference between Lucien and Stephen, especially since they're both aware Stephen could easily turn the tables with the use of his magic, which makes for such a fun and interesting dynamic between them. I would also love to see Lucien topping from the bottom to shake things up a little: maybe the first time he talks Stephen into trying it that way? Hurt/comfort and cuddling after rough sex is also a big turn-on for me, and this pairing seems extremely ripe for that.

I can't think of any complete AU I'd enjoy for this fandom, since I love the world and the magic of the setting so much, but I'd always be up for a more urban-fantasy feel with brushes with fairyland, however that might fit into the magic system here, or using various magical folklore from Britain or from wherever they might go on their travels. More magic! All the magic! Also: a Temeraire fusion could be really awesome, because dragons are always amazing and I feel like Lucien could totally have used a Chinese dragon friend in his smuggling days. Just a thought.
A Charm of Magpies Series - K. J. CharlesStephen Day, Lucien VaudreyQueenThayetDNW - Noncon, Underage, Major Character Death, Relationship angst between Stephen/Crane (other angst is okay as long as they deal with it together).

Any rating welcome!
A Charm of Magpies Series - K. J. CharlesStephen Day, Lucien VaudreyRogahttp://roga.dreamwidth.org/494425.html
A Charm of Magpies Series - K. J. CharlesStephen Day, Lucien Vaudreysifrhttp://takhys.dreamwidth.org/3922.html
A Charm of Magpies Series - K. J. CharlesJonah Pastern, Ben Spensertorakowalskihttp://torakowalski.livejournal.com/364611.htmlI love these two and their quiet domestic bliss so much. I'd love to see either some more of their first life together, before everything fell apart, or of their future together in Cornwall.
A Countess Below Stairs - Eva IbbotsonSusie Rabinovitch, Tom Byrnemeretriculahttp://meretricula.livejournal.com/240375.htmlI loved Susie and Tom's relationship in A Countess Below Stairs and I was really bummed that aside from the one scene at the dress ball, we didn't really get to see them interacting. Anything with Tom and Susie will make me happy, so go wherever the spirit leads you! What does Susie think about all the craziness going on with Rupert's wedding? What is their married life like? Or their early courtship? Or the seventeen other times Tom proposed to Susie? Or their wedding? If you feel up to it, I would really love details about the role Jewish tradition plays in their life together -- maybe their first major holiday together? (But only if you want to and feel comfortable with that!) I also adore their families and friends, so feel free to include as large an ensemble cast as you like. This is another canon where I really love the feel of the original (Eva Ibbotson's prose, Eva Ibbotson's character descriptions, Eva Ibbotson's dialogue, ughhh, why is she SO GOOD AT EVERYTHING) and would be super happy to get something in the same vein as canon, whether it's pre-canon, missing scene or alternate POV during the events of the book, or post-canon. That said, if you really want to make them space pirates or college students or whatever and you can think of a way to make that work, go for it! The sky's the limit. Or the final frontier, if you're writing Star Trek AUs. (Annnnnd now I've made myself want a Star Trek AU. Dammit, self.)

General likes: happy endings, characters who love each other (romantically or otherwise) and demonstrate it (conventionally or otherwise), every single overly cliched trope in the fandom hivemind's arsenal (used unironically or otherwise).

General dislikes: humiliation; intense angst; graphic violence and gore; noncon and dubcon; first and second person POV; major character death, with the caveat that I'm totally fine with ghosts, vampires, and any other form of character "death" that allows said character to continue participating in the story.
A Court of Thorns and Roses Series - Sarah J. MaasFeyre Archeron, Amren (ACoTaR), Rhysand (ACoTaR)dallisons (pr1nc3ssp34ch)Squicks to Avoid:
- Emotional/Physical Abuse within Relationships/Friendships
- Bad relationship behavior being justified by overall plot/characters/etc.
- Rape and sexual violence (non-graphic to further plot is ok but preferably not?)

other than that have fun honestly! the coolest and raddest aus for me are spy aus, modern aus, urban fantasy aus, aus with dragons, and canon divergence or plays on future canon since the last book isn't quite out yet.
but i'm honestly not picky i love my kids. i would be alright with a story that didn't necessarily include all of them, particularly if it was amren focused (also i know mor isn't on the sign-ups but amren/mor focused would be cool too) but having them as supporting is neat-o.
A Court of Thorns and Roses Series - Sarah J. MaasFeyre Archeron, Rhysand (ACoTaR)incandescent (lmeden)http://incandescent.livejournal.com/257732.htmlI'd love slow romance, old legends and fairytales, and amazing female characters. And plot! See my Yuletide letter for more details.
A Court of Thorns and Roses Series - Sarah J. MaasFeyre Archeron, Rhysand (ACoTaR), Amren (ACoTaR)nighimpossiblehttp://saader.tumblr.com/private/151198732919/tumblr_oedqwuVrbl1qm8jfm
A Court of Thorns and Roses Series - Sarah J. MaasFeyre Archeronrattlingboneshttp://rattling-bones.dreamwidth.org/1886.html"I was not a pet, not a doll, not an animal. I was a survivor, and I was strong. I would not be weak, or helpless again. I would not, could not be broken."

Feyre darling♥ I love Feyre for her bravery, her strength, how fiercely she loves. My request is a story that focuses on these aspects of Feyre, however you wish to show it.

Please see my letter for more detail (and prompts, if you would like to use them)! :)

My only major DNW is mayhem/nonconsensual body modification.
A Fish Called Wanda (1988)Archie Leach (Fish Called Wanda), Wanda Gershwitz, Otto West, Ken Pileedna_blackadderhttp://edna-blackadder.livejournal.com/Bring the funny. That's really all I'm after. You don't have to get them all into the story or show them all interacting if you do -- snapshots of their respective lives post-movie would be great. But if you want to be ambitious and get them all together again, shortly after the events of the movie, maybe Wendy is furiously tracking down Archie and Wanda for divorce proceedings, or George hires people to find them and get his sentence cut, or maybe they're working together for revenge? Otto and/or Ken is/are then blackmailed into helping, and use your imagination from there...
A Fish Called Wanda (1988)Wanda Gershwitz, Archie Leach (Fish Called Wanda)twistedchickhttp://twistedchick.dreamwidth.org/4119655.htmlWe last see Archie and Wanda heading for South America. But you know and I know their life will not be calm and quiet. What happens?
A Knight's Tale (2001)llassahhttp://llassah.tumblr.com/post/151472691690/dear-author-placeholderAny kind of ensemble fic would be much appreciated! Include Adhemar if you can (he's my favourite, oddly enough!)
A Knight's Tale (2001)Wat (A Knight's Tale), Geoffrey Chaucer (A Knight's Tale)valderysI recently rewatched A Knight's Tale and am totally jonesing for some Chaucer/Wat. It's an old love of mine - I think I've even totally asked for it in Yuletide before but that doesn't matter I hope! There is so much pigtail-pulling between the two of them, it seems so obvious a pairing to me - Roland even calls their fighting 'romantic' :) But what I'd really like is some expanded universe stuff, what happens when Chaucer ends up serving John of Gaunt again, or is off spying, or has got appointed as a civil servant, what does Wat do? Go with him? Open his pub? What if they get caught up in some real world events? Or what happens when Chaucer meets the real Wife of Bath or other people he writes about later? (Chaucer's wife Philippa optional) While I am a slash fan I don't much like PWP, but a slice of life fic, or a first time, or a character study would all be fantastic!
À la recherche du temps perdu | Remembrance of Things Past - Marcel ProustMarcel | Narrator (À la recherche du temps perdu), Robert de Saint-Loup, Gilberte Swannbreathedouthttp://breathedout.dreamwidth.org/2113.html
A Ladies' Guide to Collecting Mermaid Love Songs - Aimee PicchiMiss Holst (Collecting Mermaid Love Songs), Miss Mori (Collecting Mermaid Love Songs)ArgylePirateWDhttp://argylepiratewd.dreamwidth.org/160577.htmlFeel free to include any of the other characters if wanted/needed. I like all ratings. I like gen, het, slash, femslash, and polyamory.

Ships I Like: Miss Holst/Miss Mori

Prompt One: Does Miss Holst follow Miss Mori into the water someday? If she does, does Miss Mori welcome her with kisses and open arms, or is Miss Mori involved with a mermaid now? What is life with the mermaids like?

Prompt Two: Does Miss Holst spend the rest of her days pining for what she could've had if she'd just followed Miss Mori into the water?

Prompt Three: Exception to the "No non-canon AUs" thing: This story in SPAAAACE. Catching space mermaid songs, anyone?

Prompt Four: I'd like to know more about the art of collecting mermaid songs, and how Miss Holst and Miss Mori both got into it originally.

Prompt Five: Or mermaid!Miss Holst/mermaid!Miss Mori porn, with interesting inhuman erogenous zones and/or appendages?

Likes: If it's not one of my DNWs, I probably like it. I like a LOT of things. A few favorite things: Hurt/comfort, plot, PWP, vanilla porn, kinky porn, fluff, most AUs, horror, pregnancy fic (including mpreg), supernatural goings-on in seemingly mundane settings, physical affection, belly rubs and belly kink and other belly things, immortality and its ramifications, ghosts and curses and other creepy things, winter fic with snow and whatnot, and most of the tropiest tropes to ever trope (e.g. fake dating, accidental marriage, "oh no there's only one bed whatever shall we do," bed sharing, huddling for warmth...)

DNW: Permanent non-canon major character death, animal abuse/death, child abuse/death, self-harm, torture involving eyes, teeth, or fingernails/toenails, ageplay, bestiality, daddy or mommy kink, emetophilia (H/C vomiting's fine), incest, infidelity, lactation kink, necrophilia, human/human non-con (can be background of casefic or something though), scat, slavery, underage (under 18) sex, weight gain kink, AUs where canon protagonists are villains, character/ship bashing, soul-crushing endings (happy, or at least slightly hopeful, endings please)

Canon-specific DNWs: Non-canon-setting AUs (exception: Space AU)
A Ladies' Guide to Collecting Mermaid Love Songs - Aimee PicchiMiss Mori (Collecting Mermaid Love Songs), Miss Holst (Collecting Mermaid Love Songs)dizzy_firehttp://dizzy-fire.dreamwidth.org/2072.htmlThis story is a delight, but it left me wanting more. Does Miss Holst ever meet Miss Mori again, and do they reconcile? Miss Holst seems to regret not following Miss Mori when she had the opportunity - is she looking for a second chance now? How is Miss Mori adjusting to life among the mermaids? Is she missing Miss Holst?
A Ladies' Guide to Collecting Mermaid Love Songs - Aimee PicchiEidahttp://ghostwings.dreamwidth.org/1940.html(DNWs: Gore, anything sexually explicit.)

I was struck by the contrast between the scientifically-minded Miss Holst and the more "romantic" Miss Mori. The two clearly care a great deal for each other, and share a love of beauty that draws them to mermaid songs, but only Miss Mori succumbs to the mermaids' call at the end.

What happens to Miss Mori at the end of the story? What is her life like, with the other mermaids? Does she still hope to convince Miss Holst to join her?

And what of Miss Holst? Does she come to any new insights as she continues to collect and categorize mermaid songs? Will she ever meet Miss Mori again, and if she does, what will happen?

And what of the mermaids? Why do they seek to get human women to join them?
A Ladies' Guide to Collecting Mermaid Love Songs - Aimee PicchiThe Mermaids (A Ladies Guide to Collecting Mermaid Love Songs), Miss Mori (Collecting Mermaid Love Songs), Miss Holst (Collecting Mermaid Love Songs)littledusthttp://littledust.dreamwidth.org/558433.htmlMermaids are my favorite mythological creature, so I gobbled up this delightful little short story. I'd enjoy just about anything that expands on canon: backstory for Miss Holst and/or Miss Mori, backstory for mermaid song collection in general, Miss Holst/Miss Mori fix-it fic, another article written by Miss Holst... really, this story was such a delightful glimpse into another world and I'd love to read more!
A Land Fit for Heroes - Richard MorganRingil Eskiath, Egar Dragonbanegentlezombiehttp://gentlezombie.livejournal.com/17988.htmlSee my Yuletide letter
A Land Fit for Heroes - Richard MorganRingil Eskiathsasha_bAll Gil, all the time. *hearts*

Same as above, not a fan of mPreg or noncon or incest stuff. Other than that, I'm fine with character appropriate violence and angst.
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