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2 - Made statement, specificaly mentions protecting disciplined students
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1Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCambridgeMA4474MIT
{"lat": 42.360095, "lon": -71.092115} if any admitted students or applicants are disciplined by their high school for practicing responsible citizenship by engaging in peaceful, meaningful protest related to this (or any other) issue, we will still require them to report it to us. However, because we do not view such conduct on its face as inappropriate or inconsistent with their prior conduct, or anything we wouldn't applaud amongst our own students, it will not negatively impact their admissions outcome. We hope that this explanation will clarify the principles and policies that guide our decisions, articulate the importance of responsible citizenship, and give students the freedom to follow their own compasses wherever they lead.166683
2Harvard UniversityCambridgeMA7333Harvard
{"lat": 42.374429, "lon": -71.118177} mission of Harvard College is to provide a deeply transformative liberal arts and sciences education that will prepare our students for a life of citizenship and leadership. Fundamental to our mission is our belief that students have the right to protest peacefully about issues of concern to them. Students who are disciplined for engaging responsibly in exercising their rights and freedoms would not have their chances of admission compromised or their admissions revoked.IVY166027
3Yale UniversityNew HavenCT5528Yale
{"lat": 41.311158, "lon": -72.926688} the students who have reached out to us with these concerns, we have made clear that they should feel free to participate in walk-out events to bring attention to this issue without fear of repercussion. Yale will NOT be rescinding anyone’s admission decision for participating in peaceful walkouts for this or other causes, regardless of any high school’s disciplinary policy. I, for one, will be cheering these students on from New Haven.IVY130794
5Columbia UniversityColumbiaSC541Columbia
{"lat": 34.081233, "lon": -81.069502} applying for undergraduate admission to Columbia College and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science who face disciplinary action for peaceful protest will not be at a disadvantage in the Columbia admissions process.IVY217925
6New York UniversityNew YorkNY25314NYU
{"lat": 40.729452, "lon": -73.997264} than acts of violence, NYU does not consider any form of school disciplinary action as part of our admissions process. Therefore we would not take account of school discipline in a circumstance of peaceful protest on a pressing matter of national debate.193900
7Cornell UniversityIthacaNY14226Cornell
{"lat": 42.447199, "lon": -76.483489} University values civic discourse as essential to the academic mission and promotes public engagement as critical to inspiring future leaders. Disciplinary action resulting from responsible engagement in non-violent protest will not jeopardize admission to Cornell.IVY190415
8University of California BerkeleyBerkeleyCA27496Berkeley,Cal,UCB,UC Berkeley
{"lat": 37.871969, "lon": -122.260423}
Dear prospective students: We fully support your right to peacefully protest, and would never refuse your admittance for doing so. Signed, the home of free speechUC110635
9University of California Los AngelesLos AngelesCA29581UCLA,UC Los Angeles
{"lat": 34.068892, "lon": -118.443901}
UCLA is a community that supports active citizenships and applauds students' expression of their beliefs. Participation in peaceful, meaningful protest and/or civil action in no way jeoparizes your admission or scholarship to UCLA.UC110662
10American UniversityWashingtonDC7300American
{"lat": 38.937802, "lon": -77.090106} University stands by prospective students engaged in peaceful and lawful protest. No student who is admitted or has a pending application will be affected by disciplinary actions arising from their right to protest.131159
11Bates CollegeLewistonME1792Bates
{"lat": 44.105299, "lon": -70.203333} is a community that encourages and cultivates informed civic action. We support students who speak the truth and advocate for what hey believe in. Bates Admission will not penalize you for participating in peaceful protest.160977
12Bennington CollegeBenningtonVT683Bennington
{"lat": 42.92004, "lon": -73.237498} College will in no way penalize applicants for exercising their first amendment rights. We seek students who are willing to engage with the most urgent problems of the day.230816
13Bowdoin CollegeBrunswickME1794Bowdoin
{"lat": 43.906902, "lon": -69.965241} celebrates student engagement with critical issues. We don't punish for it. If you receive school discipline for walking out in peaceful protest, admissions won't hold it against you. 161004
14Brandeis UniversityWalthamMA3610Brandeis
{"lat": 42.364947, "lon": -71.254716} supports students' right to stand up for their beliefs. Those who participate in peaceful protests will not jeopardize their admission to Brandeis. Speak up, speak out.165015
15Brown UniversityProvidenceRI6320Brown
{"lat": 41.827605, "lon": -71.404467} to Brown: Expect a socially conscious, intellectually independent campus where freedom of expression is fundamentally important. You can be assured that peaceful, responsible protests against gun violence will not negatively impact decisions on admission to Brown.IVY217156
16Boston UniversityBostonMA16456Boston,BU
{"lat": 42.349581, "lon": -71.09984}“Boston University believes that every student should expect a safe school environment in which to learn and study. We stand in support of every high school student who chooses to participate in peaceful protests, such as the March For Our Lives and the National School Walkout Day, or who thoughtfully and respectfully exercise their freedom of expression. We want to reassure students who have already been admitted to BU or whose applications are currently under review, that your admission to Boston University will not be jeopardized should your school levy a penalty for participating in such protests,” Kelly A. Walter, Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions.164988
17Bucknell UniversityLewisburgPA3522Bucknell,BU
{"lat": 40.954489, "lon": -76.886275} you’ve applied or been admitted to Bucknell University and receive disciplinary action due to participation in peaceful protests, please be assured that it will not impact our admission decision. Questions? Contact us at
18California Institute of TechnologyPasadenaCA1001Caltech
{"lat": 34.139275, "lon": -118.12574}’m in too! Everyone, especially our youth, has the right to free speech and the ability to peacefully protest for what they believe in. And admissions should never hold that against them!110404
19Catholic University of AmericaWashingtonDC3462Catholic,CU
{"lat": 38.935796, "lon": -76.998961} our current applicants and prospective future applicants - Catholic University supports students who choose to stand up for their beliefs. #ParklandStudentsSpeak #EMchat131283
20University of ChicagoChicagoIL5869UChicago,Chicago,UCHicago
{"lat": 41.78917, "lon": -87.601196} many high school students express their heartfelt opposition to violence, we reaffirm the University of Chicago’s longstanding principles of free expression, and support students making their voices heard on this and other issues of national importance.144050
21Clark UniversityWorcesterMA2331Clark
{"lat": 42.251064, "lon": -71.823537} to bring about meaningful change on issues of consequence is central to who we are as a community, as expressed by our motto, "Challenge Convention. Change Our World." If you’re considering Clark, we doubt that you’re waiting for our permission to stand up for your beliefs, but just to be clear: Admissions offers will not be affected by suspensions or other disciplinary actions at your high school that may result from your positive and constructive participation in walkouts, demonstrations, or other peaceful protests.165334
22Colby CollegeWatervilleME1857Colby
{"lat": 44.564211, "lon": -69.66337} seek applicants who will thrive intellectually in this environment and develop the habits of mind and skills to make a difference in their chosen fields. Therefore, applicants to Colby will not be adversely affected in the admissions process if they have engaged in peaceful, respectful protests, such as those occurring now on the issue of gun violence, even if they have received school discipline for these actions.”161086
23College of WoosterWoosterOH2026Wooster
{"lat": 40.81046, "lon": -81.934674}'ve received a couple of questions about where Wooster stand with regard to high school students who may be disciplined by their schools for participating in class walkouts or other demonstrations about gun violence. Will those disciplinary actions impact their applications to Wooster? The short answer is no. Here's a statement from Schott Friedhoff, our vice president for enrollment and college relations: "At Wooster, we look for students who will not only thrive in our rigorous academic environment but also make this campus a better place. So, far from penalizing them for standing up for what they believe in, we respect and admire them for doing so and hope their efforts to make their country a better place will continue when they begin their college careers."206589
24Connecticut CollegeNew LondonCT1854Connecticut
{"lat": 41.379833, "lon": -72.107321} College fully supports the rights of free speech and peaceful protest. If you choose to exercise either of these rights in the coming days and weeks in light of the shooting and are disciplined by your school for such an action, we will not penalize you.128902
25University of Colorado BoulderBoulderCO26496CU Boulder,Boulder
{"lat": 40.004415, "lon": -105.267061} Boulder students are active, engaged citizens. Applicants who choose to peacefully exercise their right to free speech do not need to be worried about consequences in the #Admissions process. #CUBoulder #BeBoulder126614
26University of Colorado DenverCU Denver a student who is applying to our institution is suspended by their high school for practicing responsible citizenship by engaging in peaceful, meaningful protest on an issue of importance to them, it will not negatively impact their admission decision to @CUDenver.
27Dartmouth CollegeHanoverNH4214Dartmouth
{"lat": 43.70408, "lon": -72.289951} supports active citizenship and applauds students' expression of their beliefs. Participation in peaceful protest in no way jeopardizes your admission to Dartmouth, even if you are disciplined or suspended. Speak your truth. IVY182670
28DePaul UniversityChicagoIL15683DePaul
{"lat": 41.923332, "lon": -87.654116} Students: If you participate in protests against gun violence and incur school discipline for walking out, you can rest assured you can report it to DePaul and we won't hold it against you. 144740
29Emerson CollegeBostonMA3783Emerson
{"lat": 42.35532, "lon": -71.074037} College believes in the transformative power of dissent as a catalyst for social change. The College supports the right of all students to participate in peaceful protests without fear of reprisal. (1/2)165662
30University of FloridaGainesvilleFL32376UF
{"lat": 29.649428, "lon": -82.339958} supports the First Amendment right to freedom of expression, including by peaceful and lawful protest. We would not consider participating in such a protest a negative in our admission process. We will review conduct that leads to discipline on a case-by-case basis.134130
31The George Washingon UniversityGWU one of the most politically active colleges in the US, we support your Constitutional right to advocate for what is just. In our view, participation in peaceful protests is a legitimate way to exercise this right. If you are disciplined or suspended by your school district as a consequence of peacefully and lawfully exercising this right, such measures will have no effect upon your admissions decision here at GW
32George Mason UniversityFairfaxVA22308GMU
{"lat": 38.83088, "lon": -77.30794} Mason, our goal is to attract students who can become engaged citizens that are prepared to act. So when we see high school students who are already exercising their right to peacefully protest serious issues like gun violence in schools, we are encouraged. We believe these students should be supported. If you face disciplinary action for participation in a school walk-out or a protest, it will have no bearing on your admission to George Mason University. We support your right to exercise free speech and stand with you.232186
33Gonzaga UniversitySpokaneWA4965Gonzaga,GU
{"lat": 47.668144, "lon": -117.403062} you for asking! Gonzaga supports social justice movements. If a student advises us the reason for suspension is a peaceful protest, and it is verified by the school, it will not impact admission. Gonzaga University has a long tradition of supporting and
celebrating activism on the part of its students, faculty and staff. As
such, we commend all individuals who choose to express their concerns
regarding issues of social justice and matters of conscience in the
context of peaceful, lawful activism. Gonzaga University will not
penalize applicants nor admitted students whose peaceful and lawful
activism are the direct cause of disciplinary action by their high
34Hamilton CollegeClintonNY1861Hamilton
{"lat": 43.047809, "lon": -75.408853} message from Monica Inzer, Hamilton's vice president for enrollment management: The Hamilton College admission team supports students’ rights to respectfully express their opinions, and would never penalize applicants whose high schools discipline them for peaceful and responsible protests. #hamilton2022191515
35Harvey Mudd CollegeClaremontCA812Harvey Mudd
{"lat": 34.106137, "lon": -117.710594} assure you that any disciplinary action taken by a school in response to students’ walking out of class or protesting in response to gun violence will not be held against you in our admission process. As is our normal practice, we would expect that students will let us know if they face disciplinary action, but on its own, this action will not adversely affect an admission decision.115409
36Haverford CollegeHaverfordPA1229Haverford
{"lat": 40.013368, "lon": -75.302562} want to assure any students who choose to participate in peaceful protests against gun violence and who receive school discipline for walking out that you can report this to Haverford and we will not hold this against you in the admission process. 212911
37College of the Holy CrossWorcesterMA2698Holy Cross
{"lat": 42.238942, "lon": -71.808627}“Holy Cross seeks to build a community marked by freedom, mutual respect, and civility”. We support students who stand up for their beliefs, and applicants who participate in peaceful protests will not be jeopardized by disciplinary action166124
38Indiana University BloomingtonBloomingtonIN32694IU
{"lat": 39.166383, "lon": -86.526904} all our future Hoosiers: At IU, we encourage students to engage in meaningful, informed, and civil discourse regarding difficult and important issues. Disciplinary action associated with participation in peaceful protest will not affect your admission decision in any way.151351
39Johns Hopkins UniversityBaltimoreMD5862Johns Hopkins,John Hopkins
{"lat": 39.32838, "lon": -76.620799} values students who engage in peaceful + productive civic engagement. Our undergrad admissions office supports students who take respectful action, and your admission will not be negatively impacted if you are disciplined for expressing yourself in a peaceful way.162928
40Kenyon CollegeGambierOH1698Kenyon
{"lat": 40.374408, "lon": -82.397977} encourages rigorous and civil discourse. Discipline resulting from responsible civil action will not have a negative influence on applications to Kenyon. #StudentsStandUp #Kenyon2022203535
41Lafayette CollegeEastonPA2505Lafayette
{"lat": 40.700512, "lon": -75.209058} has joined other colleges and universities in promising not to penalize applicants who may be suspended by their high schools for participating in walkouts to protest gun violence213385
42Lawrence UniversityAppletonWI1527Lawrence
{"lat": 44.261323, "lon": -88.397822} students who have been suspended or who face the threat of suspension, fear not: we at Lawrence University will not change your admission or scholarship decision in light of a suspension related to this kind of peaceful civil action.239017
43Lebanon Valley CollegeAnnvillePA1651Lebanon Valley,LVU
{"lat": 40.331733, "lon": -76.513753} mission at Lebanon Valley College wants students to think critically and solve complex problems. Your activism would not hurt you in the #admissions process. 213507
44Lehigh UniversityBethlehemPA5054Lehigh
{"lat": 40.607158, "lon": -75.378887} you're concerned about being penalized by Lehigh as a result of being suspended for your peaceful protest of gun violence, have no fear! We won't hold it against you.213543
45Lindenwood UniversitySaint CharlesMO7787Lindenwood
{"lat": 38.788203, "lon": -90.502825}’m in too. I would never punish students in the #Admissions process for standing up for what they believe in.177968
46Macalester CollegeSaint PaulMN2149Macalester
{"lat": 44.936709, "lon": -93.169855} Macalester Class of 2022: Admissions decisions will not be impacted by disciplinary actions associated with peaceful participation in protests around issues of gun violence. 173902
47Miami UniversityMiamiFL202MiamiOH
{"lat": 25.795162, "lon": -80.355002} stands with high school students across the nation who are peacefully protesting against gun violence. Rest assured, if you incur school discipline for walking out, you can report it to us and know we have your back.132842
48Mount Holyoke CollegeSouth HadleyMA2099Mount Holyoke
{"lat": 42.257588, "lon": -72.573625} & HS students: #MountHolyoke students are social activists. We support you fully as you lead peaceful demonstrations against gun violence. They will not negatively affect your #admission decision. #ParklandStudentsSpeak166939
49Muhlenberg CollegeAllentownPA2330Muhlenberg
{"lat": 40.597362, "lon": -75.508954} support @Muhlenberg students of today and tomorrow for standing up and peacefully speaking out against violence. You’re welcome here and continue to be. 214175
50Northeastern UniversityBostonMA13620Northeastern
{"lat": 42.339992, "lon": -71.088782} want to reassure students who have applied or have been admitted to Northeastern University that disciplinary actions associated with participation in peaceful protests will not jeopardize your admission.167358
51Northwestern UniversityEvanstonIL8576Northwestern
{"lat": 42.058377, "lon": -87.673653} we’ll continue to review all applicant and admitted-student disciplinary actions on a case-by-case basis, rest assured that a school-issued penalty for peaceful participation in such protests will not jeopardize your admission to Northwestern.147767
52Oberlin CollegeOberlinOH2912Oberlin
{"lat": 41.29474, "lon": -82.221786} College has a long and celebrated commitment to social justice, and honors the right of all people to demonstrate responsibly. Discipline resulting from respectful engagement will not have a negative influence on a current applicant's admissions status or on any future application.204501
53Pace UniversityNew YorkNY8371Pace,PU
{"lat": 40.711014, "lon": -74.004719}“Pace is a place for doers and strivers who stand up for what they believe. In admissions, we look at the whole person and no applicant to #PaceU will be penalized for engaging in peaceful protests. We never have and never would do that."194310
54University of PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPA10666UPenn
{"lat": 39.951002, "lon": -75.193618} applauds any student who peacefully asserts their right to protest, whether for tighter gun regulations or for other causes that they believe in. Participation in these activities will not negatively affect any student’s application to the University of Pennsylvania.IVY215062
55Plymouth State UniversityPlymouthNH4000Plymouth
{"lat": 43.757386, "lon": -71.691164} a protest or being suspended for attending a protest will NOT in any way affect our admissions decision.183080
56Pomona CollegeClaremontCA1640Pomona
{"lat": 34.098298, "lon": -117.711944} all applicants and admitted students: Pomona College wants to assure you that participating in peaceful protests in response to gun violence, even if this leads to suspension or other school disciplinary action, will have absolutely no impact on your admission to Pomona.121345
57Providence CollegeProvidenceRI3948Providence
{"lat": 41.844064, "lon": -71.43792} protesting wars decades ago to more recently fighting to make PC a more inclusive environment, Providence College students have always used their voice to make better College, community, and world. In this spirit, there will be no consequences in the admission process for any high school students who receive disciplinary action for participating in peaceful and constructive protests in support of the causes they hold dear to them. 217402
58Reed CollegePortlandOR1396Reen
{"lat": 45.480376, "lon": -122.63064} high school students concerned about supporting your right to be safe in school, and how it will affect your application at Reed -- it's all good; we've got your backs. 209922
59Rochester Institute of TechnologyRochesterNY12873RIT
{"lat": 43.090325, "lon": -77.67521}“For applicants concerned about how school disciplinary action resulting from participating in peaceful protests against gun violence may affect their application status at RIT, rest assured that RIT Admissions will not penalize you for participating in a respectful manner.”195003
60Saint Mary's CollegeNotre DameIN1559SMC,Saint Marys
{"lat": 41.707274, "lon": -86.256947} Mary's students walk in the footsteps of strong women who used, and continue to use, their voice to make a difference in the world. We want to assure any student who chooses to participate in peaceful protest, and who receives disciplinary action from her high school for this, that she can report her participation to Saint Mary's and we will not hold this against her in the admission process.152390
61Seattle UniversitySeattleWA4587Seattle
{"lat": 47.610138, "lon": -122.3197} the SU Class of 2022 & all future Redhawks: if you’re worried about a disciplinary action as a result of a peaceful protest, know that your admission to Seattle U won’t be impacted if you report it to us. 236595
62Smith CollegeNorthamptonMA2471Smith
{"lat": 42.317933, "lon": -72.638094} students worried about disciplinary action for getting suspended for standing up for your beliefs: we've got you on this side.167835
63Stevens Institute of TechnologyHobokenNJ2956Stevens
{"lat": 40.744776, "lon": -74.025334} from Dean Jackie Williams: At Stevens we value the expression of thought and the desire to make the world a better place. Your participation in peaceful protest, and any resulting disciplinary actions, will not negatively impact your application for admission.186867
64Suffolk UniversityBostonMA5352Suffolk
{"lat": 42.359134, "lon": -71.06192} University supports civic engagement and thoughtful freedom of expression that brings light to important issues. Engaging in peaceful protest, such as #MarchForOurLives or #NationalSchoolWalkout, will not negatively affect a student's candidacy for admission.168005
65Swarthmore CollegeSwarthmorePA1566Swarthmore
{"lat": 39.904081, "lon": -75.356066} students, Swarthmore College has supported the right to peaceful assembly for more than 150 years. Your participation in nonviolent demonstrations has no negative impact on your application or admission to #Swarthmore @SwatAdmissions216287
66Trinity CollegeHartfordCT2251Trinity
{"lat": 41.746746, "lon": -72.688684}’m in too. I would never punish students in the #Admissions process for standing up for what they believe in.130590
67Tufts UniversityMedfordMA5236Tufts
{"lat": 42.406994, "lon": -71.121689} of the strategic themes that came out of a recent planning process at Tufts is societal impact: we want our students to learn, but also to learn to do good. Through our Tisch College on Civic Life, students get involved in local, national and international projects to better society. So, when you act on your values, in a principled way, on issues about which you feel passionately, it will not be held against you in the application process. In fact, we may even take notice.168148
68Tulane UniversityNew OrleansLA7841Tulane
{"lat": 29.939696, "lon": -90.120409} at Tulane, we understand that diversity of thought, and the ability to express it, is one of the most powerful tools a young mind can have. We believe that students should never lose their voice or passion. We will not penalize students for standing up for what they believe or for making opinions known through peaceful protests. We will continue to support the voice and speech of young adults as this is, ultimately, why we are here.160755
69University of Massachusetts AmherstAmherstMA22405UMass Amherst
{"lat": 42.386162, "lon": -72.52617} If you participate in peaceful protests against gun violence and receive school discipline for walking out, staging your protest, etc., please rest assured that you can report it to UMass Amherst, and we won't hold it against you.166629
70University of New EnglandBiddefordME2271UNE
{"lat": 43.458172, "lon": -70.385882} Students: If you participate in a protest against gun violence and are disciplined by your school for walking out, let us know. It will not affect your @UNEadmissions decision.161457
71University of PittsburghTitusvillePA342Pitt
{"lat": 41.628536, "lon": -79.666945} Admissions will not penalize students for exhibiting leadership or activism conducted in a respectful manner as part of peaceful protests. 215309
72University of Puget SoundTacomaWA2476Puget Sound
{"lat": 47.263651, "lon": -122.479714} school students planning to walk out for gun control on April 20: We've got your back. Puget Sound Vice President for Enrollment Laura Matin-Fedich assurs prospective students and families that participation in the nationwide protest or other peaceful actions will not affect admission decisions. "As a campus community we support freedom of expression," she said. "Students who engage in activism develop important leadership and communications skills that we value at University of Puget Sound."236328
73University of Southern CaliforniaLos AngelesCA18519USC
{"lat": 34.021058, "lon": -118.283858} Admission will not penalize prospective students who engage in peaceful, political action.123961
74University of VirginiaMorgantownWV45UVA
{"lat": 39.650535, "lon": -79.964727} afternoon, Dean Roberts asked me to share a statement on social media for him. He wrote this for anyone worried that colleges will penalize students for peacefully taking part in protests organized in response to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.234076
75University of WashingtonWashingtonDC183UW
{"lat": 38.897855, "lon": -77.009974} UW does not ask for disciplinary history on our applications, and we do not consider disciplinary history in our admissions reviews. So, being disciplined for protesting would not hurt a UW applicant’s prospects.450483
76Wake Forest UniversityWinston-SalemNC4866WFU
{"lat": 36.135301, "lon": -80.279004} Forest University joins dozens of colleges and universities in assuring all those applicants who choose to participate in peaceful protest in response to the tragic events that transpired in Parkland, Florida. Your actions will have no adverse effect on your application to our University. Further, we applaud your courage and dedication in trying to seek a civil dialogue aimed at bringing a reasonable solution to one of our nation’s most divisive issues.199847
77Wellesley CollegeWellesleyMA2344Wellesley
{"lat": 42.293765, "lon": -71.307966} College supports the rich tradition of women who are civically engaged and work to make a difference in the world. With respect to this tradition, the Board of Admission carefully considers the circumstances of any school suspension or discipline reported by an applicant or school. Students who report disciplinary actions for participation in peaceful protests related to issues of public concern will not be disadvantaged in the application process.168218
78Wesleyan UniversityMiddletownCT2819Wesleyan
{"lat": 41.55678, "lon": -72.656755} students have a proud tradition of civic engagement, and the university supports students’ rights to peaceful protest. The admission committee reviews the details of any suspension reported by an applicant, and a suspension for peaceful protest on issues of public concern would not impact an admission decision in any way.130697
79Whitman CollegeWalla WallaWA1443Whitman
{"lat": 46.07135, "lon": -118.33016} College supports the rights of students to speak out for what they believe in. For that reason, we would like to reassure any students who have been admitted or who have applied for enrollment that their participation in peaceful demonstrations will not negatively impact their application or enrollment status at Whitman College.237057
80Williams CollegeWilliamstownMA2070Williams
{"lat": 42.711669, "lon": -73.205888} this time of deep divisions in America and worldwide, Williams sees thoughtful political engagement as every person’s right and obligation. We assure you that no Williams applicant will be disadvantaged in our application process for taking part in constructive political activity of any kind, including peaceful protest.168342
81Worcester Polytechnic InstituteWorcesterMA4177WPI
{"lat": 42.275067, "lon": -71.808792} to askAgreed. I can’t believe I even have to clarify this: students applying to WPI will not be penalized for exercising their 1st Amendment rights to speak out against gun violence. 168421
82Washington University in St. LouisWUSTL encourage civic engagement. Your acceptance will not be rescinded if you are disciplined for engaging in peaceful protest. March on.
83West Virginia UniversityMorgantownWV21580WVU
{"lat": 39.63468, "lon": -79.953926} in peaceful protests will not have any affect on your application or admission status at WVU. We value respectful, civil discussion and debate. 238032
84Case Western Reserve UniversityClevelandOH5039CWRU
{"lat": 41.500812, "lon": -81.605769} note from CWRU admission: Case Western Reserve will not penalize applicants for admission--or admitted students--for engaging in a peaceful protest regarding an issue of importance to them.201645
85Colgate UniversityHamiltonNY2834Colgate
{"lat": 42.8188, "lon": -75.535} Colgate, and as now articulated by many of our peers, Colgate will not penalize applicants or admitted students involved in lawful, peaceful protest during their high school years.190099
86Amherst CollegeAmherstMA1795Amherst
{"lat": 42.372459, "lon": -72.518493} amendment rights are among the most prized of Amherst’s values; the college encourages all students to engage in civil and meaningful discourse on issues of critical importance. Amherst applicants with concerns about admission can read more here: 164465
87Occidental CollegeLos AngelesCA1997Occidental
{"lat": 34.126224, "lon": -118.210783} with Occidental’s mission-driven commitment to the public good, the College fully supports all Oxy applicants to exercise their right to peaceful protest. Any disciplinary action that results from such protests will have no impact on admission to Oxy.120254
88Trinity UniversitySan AntonioTX2213Trinity
{"lat": 29.46286, "lon": -98.482577} University is committed to developing the whole student. We welcome students who take positive action with the courage of their convictions, whatever those may be. 229267
89The College of William and Mary's W&M 325 years, William & Mary has encouraged its students to think critically and ask difficult questions. Today, we live in a time that needs thoughtful dialogue and determined action. Our faith in this generation of students to lead us forward could not be stronger.
90Illinois State UniversityNormalIL18343ISU
{"lat": 40.509724, "lon": -88.99234} State University would like to assure high school students that disciplinary action associated with their participation in peaceful protests will not impact their admission to the University in any way.145813
98Juniata CollegeHuntingdonPA1470Juniata
{"lat": 40.499511, "lon": -78.015204} Juniata has a heritage of peacemaking and access, we tend to attract students committed to the greater good. We understand that for many students that commitment includes the ability to express their views sometimes in the form of protest. We consider our students holistically when we make admission decisions, as we always have, and as such their decision to participate in peaceful expression will be respected. 213251
99Virginia Tech UniversityVT,Virginia Tech,VTU in peaceful protest by those who have applied to or have been admitted to Virginia Tech will not jeopardize one’s admission. Virginia Tech will support any current or prospective student’s first amendment rights.
100Emory UniversityAtlantaGA6770Emory,EU
{"lat": 33.798836, "lon": -84.325782}
EmoryAdmission will not rescind the offer of admission to students because they engage in peaceful protest, nor will such protest action negatively affect future admission decision making for students involved.139658
101Stanford UniversityStanfordCA6994Stanford,"Stanford"
{"lat": 37.426967, "lon": -122.168826} have been a number of inquiries from high school students nationwide, both current applicants to Stanford and those who might be interested in applying in the future, regarding their desire to engage in peaceful protests following the horrendous and tragic shootings at Stoneman-Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. 243744
103Vassar CollegePoughkeepsieNY2414Vassar
{"lat": 41.685105, "lon": -73.894345} to join other colleges to recognize the value of peaceful protest against gun violence.197133
107Wheaton CollegeWheatonIL2447Wheaton
{"lat": 41.870943, "lon": -88.09681} should your school discipline you for exercising your right to free speech, it will not be held against you 149781
108University of VermontBurlingtonVT10081UVM
{"lat": 44.479262, "lon": -73.198128} assures all students that engaging in peaceful protests will not jeopardize your admission decision. We support every student's right to stand up for what they believe in.231174
109University of Wisconsin-MadisonMadisonWI29579UW-Madison,UWMadison,UW Madison
{"lat": 43.073858, "lon": -89.405356} University of Wisconsin-Madison supports the rights of students to lawful protest. Doing so will not impact one’s prospects for admission.240444
110University of ConnecticutStorrsCT18451UConn
{"lat": 41.806261, "lon": -72.247969} would like to assure students who have applied or been admitted to the University that disciplinary action associated with participation in peaceful protests will not affect your admission decision in any way.129020