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AnalyticsCoding is for Losers sheet helps you to get a handle on your funnel conversion performance.It pulls in Google Analytrics data and automatically calculates metrics like visit-to-purchase conversion rate, average order size, and more.
AnalyticsCoding is for Losers GA conversion indexation analysis recipe uses the Agency Data Pipeline stack (Stitch, BigQuery, DBT) to pick channels / landing pages on your site that are over or underperforming. Nice.
AnalyticsLink To Sheets UTM parameters can be annoying and time-consuming... Until now! This simple tool helps to build UTM parameters easily in order to track your marketing campaigns in Google Analytics
AnalyticsLink To Sheets Analytics event tracking is a useful feature for tracking visitor interactions with your website that would not be normally tracked. Use this sheet to generate your event tracking codes (and keep track of event tracking in GA).
AnalyticsSEER to heatmap specific metrics in order to identify growing or hot trends over time? This sheet pulls in your Google Analytics data and then displays traffic heatmaps so you can easily see peaks and troughs.
AuditsBuffer a regular social media audit can be time consuming. Thankfully this sheet makes it easy to track all your social profiles in one place and pull out things like posting frequency, followers growth and engagement.
AuditsCoding is for Losers template allows you to run a quick SEO content audit without ever leaving Google Sheets. It pulls raw data from 6 sources (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, and Moz) using the super-handy Supermetrics.
AuditsDistilled technical audit checklist makes SEO work faster, more effective, and more impactful by considering the underlying problems to tackle/prevent. It then presents them in an easy to use format with handy colour coded grading.
AuditsRankTank simple free site audit tool uses sheets formulas to analyze a website from a sitemap URL or list of URLs. It checks for things like Schema usage, titles, meta descriptions, heading issues, and for any duplication issues.
AuditsWebris review every page on a site can take ages. This content audit automates over 90% of the process for you, by crosswalking large amounts of data from GA, Ahrefs and Sitemaps. Quickly analyze page level quality – links, bounce rate, organic traffic and more.
CalculatorBarrett Wilson simple-to-use Google Sheet packed with industry data to help give you insight (quickly) into how many clicks you may get when ranking for certain keywords.
CalculatorEdit one likes (not provided). Thankfully this handy calculator works out your true CTR using Search Console data, so you can understand your most valuable keywords and how much traffic they’re driving.
CalculatorJeremy Rivera a rough estimate of potential organic traffic you can expect from an Ahrefs keyword export.
CalculatorWebris PPC calculator works out the ROI of a paid search campaigns for you (Revenue - Costs / Costs).
CalculatorSiege Media SEO calculator works out the ROI of a SEO campaigns for you.
CalculatorPear Analytics SEO calculator for working out the ROI of a SEO campaigns.
Competitor ResearchMoz this free Google Sheets template to conduct competitor analysis as part of your SEO strategy. Find out what keywords and backlinks your competition has, but you do not. Then take advantage of this analysis for your campaign.
Competitor ResearchInflow competitor keyword research sheet allows you to explore your competitor's keywords using SEMRush. Then, identify content gaps in your client’s keyword footprint vs the keywords that their competitors rank for (but your client does not).
Competitor ResearchSEMRush post walk you through how to do a competitor content gap analysis using SEMRush. Then using the nifty sheet, you can use Google Search Console to determine if title tags & meta descriptions can be improved.
Competitor ResearchMajestic Hunter is a backlink analysis tool that helps you find out which backlinks your competitors have in common (by analyzing up to 10 of your competitors backlink profiles). The sheet templates helps you do this at scale by analysing your data more efficiently so you can build out your backlink strategy.
ContentBuffer sheet shows you which blog posts are getting the most traffic, allowing you to make sure you know which content is working, what isn't and your best performing topics.
ContentBuiltvisible for quick insights into popular content topics across the web? This sheet template has got you covered. It finds topic inspiration for your content marketing efforts in no time, using a large number of new social sites, content aggregators and news sources.
ContentGreenlane target topics instead of keywords with the Topic Opportunity Finder. It aggregates your competitors’ ranking keywords into general topics so you can identify the overall topics that your competitors rank for.
Contentjsvxc sheet helps you to find content gaps on your site. If you were wondering, content gaps are keywords ranking past page 3. They can be related topics not being targeted or maybe in need of better on-page optimisation.
KeywordsCoding is for Losers Google Sheets template for finding underperforming keywords you can then work on moving up to the first page of Google.
KeywordsEdit you work in the adult niche, Google doesn't give keyword search volumes for certain queries. Even if you aren't in that industry your SEO and PPC tracking and reporting could be effected... Unless you use this sheet to claw back your data.
KeywordsMoz template matches up Search Console and Google Analytics data into a sheet so you can see your top keywords and engagement metrics side by side. Great for seeing which keywords are driving organic traffic.
KeywordsRankTank check search volumes in bulk right in a Google Sheets via SEMRush.
KeywordsRankTank is a free keyword research tool for finding SEO opportunities via Google auto complete suggestions. Plug in the SEMRush API and get extra feautres like opportunity highlighting.
Keywordsjsvxc cannibalisation can be annoying. It can be even more annoying to find. Use this sheet to find instances where you are competing with yourself super quick.
KeywordsRankTank sheet pulls in data via the Supermetrics add on to show you keyword cannibalisation.
KeywordsRankTank sheet finds keyword suggestions and determines which ones would be easier to rank for based on competition using the SEMrush API.
KeywordsRankTank does what it says on the tin. This free keyword rank checker tool checks your site's keyword positions.
KeywordsRankTank autocomplete keywords directly in Google Sheets. Find out what people are searching for using the Google Autocomplete API. A massive time saver for keyword research for content writing.
Keywordsrelgrowth really much to say on this one. It's rank checker and it lives in Sheets that lets you track keyword rankings, schedule runs and see over-time statistics.
Link BuildingRankTank template automates checking Google search results for pages that mention your brand, but don't link to your domain. In other words: find unlinked brand mentions on autopilot.
Link BuildingRankTank sheet helps marketers to setup an email list verification in order to avoid the triggering of emailing filters.
Link BuildingRankTank this sheet, you'll be able to find link reclamation and unlinked mention opportunities easily. You can then filter by time to find recent opportunities and use the integrated DA metrics to decide on which to go after.
Link Buildingrelgrowth checker allows you to monitor your backlinks, either with quick checks or scheduled bulk queries with thousands of links.
Link BuildingWorkshop Digital track of all outreach (and digital PR too) efforts with this tracking template. This sheet allows you to track outreach progress, social & industry influencers, competitors and emails.
On-Page OptimisationGreenlane the SERPs to see discrepancies between when Google is showing the true title tag + meta description vs. a Google-generated one.
On-Page Optimisationjsvxc a simple HTML table of contents to add to WordPress posts to help improve the UX of guides, FAQ pages or any long form content.
On-Page OptimisationRankTank this sheets tool to quickly see how rich snippets and meta data are being indexed in Google for any site.
On-Page OptimisationRankTank this Google Sheets tool, you can paste in URLs and automatically pull the title tags and meta descriptions for them.
On-Page OptimisationRobbie Richards Google Sheets template automates most of the boring on-page SEO checks so you can optimize what is important and automate the rest.
On-Page OptimisationSEMRush sheet shows queries and landing page combinations that receive a high number of impressions but have a low CTR. It also pulls in title tag, meta description and character counts, so you can quickly see which search snippets can be improved to increase CTR.
Paid SearchOpteo AdWords dashboard in Google Sheets to help with aggregation and visualization of performance data so you can understand what's going on with your campaigns.
Project ManagementCoding is for Losers Google Sheets project management template helps keep tabs on your SEO efforts, including: project management, content creation, outreach campaigns and client reporting.
Project ManagementMoz worksheet to help with your SEO work: setting goals, identifying important pages, uncovering technical opportunities, time management, benchmarking and reporting.
ReportingDistilled sheets dashboard to monitor SEO with integrated rank tracking as well as interesting interpretations of the data.
ReportingRankTank Google Sheets tool to monitor (and get email alerts) when there are important SEO changes to a website, including changes to page title, H1, meta sescription, canonical and robots.txt.
ReportingCoding is for Losers report template pulls in Google Analytics data into a Google Sheet, to see how usability and page load speed impacts conversion rates. It analyzes where the conversion leaks are hiding in your funnel, across browsers, devices and screen sizes.
ReportingCoding is for Losers report uses Google Analytics to dig into the overall acquisition efficiency of your site. It analyzes the overall effectiveness of your site at converting visitors into customers, by page and by channel.
ReportingCoding is for Losers Google Sheets report analyses your sites SEO efficiency. Find out which pages and links are delivering the bulk of your SEO results, and which are a waste of time and space.
ReportingLink To Sheets Google Sheet uses basic statistical methods and historic traffic data to forecast SEO, revealing the direction a website is heading.
ReportingPortent Google Sheets report that automatically grabs everything from Linkscape data to Google Analytics numbers to Twitter follower counts.
ReportingWorkshop Digital custom SEO dashboard let's you easily analyze what’s causing organic traffic to drop. In fact, you can see organic visibility in specific cities, landing paages, impact on conversion metrics, devices types and more. Seriosuly, it does all the hard work for you.
ScrapingLink To Sheets simple web scraper built in Google Sheets to scrape web pages directly in sheets (instead of using web scraping tools). Useful for a smaller set of URLs.
ScrapingLabnol scrape Google search results pages and save the keyword ranking data inside this sheet using the ImportXML formula. Useful for monitoring organic rankings, keeping tabs on competing websites or exporting for further analysis.
ScrapingLink To Sheets Google Sheets template acts as a simple data mining tool that extracts data from Wikipedia and Wikidata.
SocialBuffer social media report sheet is designed to give you a snapshot view of your last 7 days of social media stats, using Buffer data exports. It can also be modified to work with exported data from Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
SocialBuffer this Google Sheet to know which social media posts are on track and which are taking off. Just enter your social media data and the formulas do the rest, highlighting any update that goes above and beyond your average.
SocialBuffer sheets dashboard tracks the performance of social media marketing so you visualize, and share social growth. Get an overview of performance with week-over-week growth and month-over-month growth.
Socialrelgrowth tool lets you schedule and auto-post your tweets directly from Google Sheets. It even includes repeat functionality and logging. And it's 100% free with no need to create any accounts.
Technical SEOGreenlane what it says on the tin: check which pages in a sitemap have been indexed by Google. It's very easy to use, but incredibly helpful.
Technical SEOGreenlane a high-level snapshot of a page’s performance without logging into,and navigating through an analytics platform. Lazy efficiency at it's finest.
Technical SEOLink To Sheets this sheet to generate and manage simple redirect rules. Simply choose a destination, add in the URLs to redirect, specify a new page path and add the redirects to your .htaccess file.
Technical SEORankTank Google Sheets template allows you to paste in up to 6000 URLs and get the HTTP status codes for all of them in bulk.
Technical SEORankTank organization schema microdata and sitelink microdata with this sheets template. Place the code within your homepage’s HTML organization Schema to help enhace SERP features.
Technical SEOrelgrowth generator creates error-free hreflang tags for your website. It also keeps a list of all accepted language and region codes, so you don't accidentally use the wrong language or region code and mess up your rankings.
Technical SEOrelgrowth AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) validation in bulk right in Google Sheets. You can even schedule daily, weekly or monthly updates with email notifications.
Technical SEOrelgrowth this tool to monitor your website's hourly uptime/availability and keep tabs on up to 25 URLs.
Technical SEOThe Tech SEO Google Sheets tool helps you to keep track of legacy and current redirects. It monitors when 301 redirects are put live or if they are removed.
Technical SEOThe Tech SEO Google Spreadsheet that uses the Wayback Machine API to discover lost URLs and then regain some of that lost SEO value.
OtherCoding is for Losers you reach the limit in Google Sheets, set up your BigQuery analytics right inside sheets and create tables, views, and uploads.
OtherRankTank sheet allows you to paste in a list of domains, and quickly find the business addresses and phone numbers.
OtherRankTank the Search Console API to pull in search performance data (impressions, clicks and CTRs by landing page and query), this Google Sheet analyzes each page and query combination’s performance over a chosen period.
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