NBC7 Investigates Safety Drill Reports
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School DistrictNBC7 Investigates Reviewed Safety Drill ReportsDistrict States Compliance With Ed CodeWhere are the safety drill reports kept? District Reviews Safety Drill Reports at District LevelDistrict Requires a Safety Drill Report be Filed Out by PolicyNumber of schools in districtNumber of schools that documented doing every single drillSuperintendentDistrict Response When was district first contacted for this study?
Alpine Union School District NoYesAt the school sites No No, but it is just common practice that schools document the drill5NBC7 has no way of countingTom Pellegrino"The District appreciates the renewed focus on safety issues by the community. It is reassuring for the public to know that our long-established efforts are in full compliance with the law. As a Superintendent of a small school district, I can appreciate the fact that our school safety plans do not face the same challenges for monitoring compliance that may be experienced by larger systems. I am able to meet with, and dialogue with, site administration and staff throughout the year; whereas, I am sure that a superintendent in a larger setting would not be able to do so. In our District, the 5 site administrators are members of the management team. Their contribution to all aspects of the education of students, including curriculum, discipline, staffing, and safety is comprehensive and engaged on a District-wide basis, not just at their own site. In Alpine, we believe that merely running the emergency drills on a monthly basis isn't enough. We hold ourselves accountable to improve our systems. We invite local law enforcement and emergency officials to view our drills in action and provide feedback. Fire and law enforcement feedback continues to help us refine our practices," Superintendent Tom Pellegrino Friday, March 8
Bonsall Union School District NoYesNo safety drill reports are keptNo No. Right now, the safety plan includes a phone call to the district after a safety drill, but no formal documentation is kept. The district covers 88 rural square miles with several different fire and emergency response agencies involved. The district is working on implementing a more formal documentation process. 4NBC7 has no way of countingDr. Justin CunninghamThanks for checking on the information because the information as presented is not quite correct. Our Administrative Regulations require that all the fire and emergency drills are performed at each site in accordance with Ed Code 32288, and 32001. The local fire departments coordinate with each site. Being a small school district, there are only four sites in the District, and the District is very aware when the drills take place. Our weekly Management Team Meetings often have safety plan agenda items for discussion. District wide, Bonsall schools have also participated in the "The Great Shakeout" for the last five years. Again, thanks for checking," Dr. Justin Cunningham (Superintendent) At latest, March 29 with a phone call.
Borrego Springs Unified School DistrictNoYesAt the school sites No Yes4NBC7 has no way of countingMartha DeichlerFriday, March 8
Cajon Valley Union School District YesYes At the district levelYes Yes2720Dr. Janice Cook"We require our schools to send their drill reports to the District office twice each year for monitoring--once in February and then again in June. You will see that on their reports,' Superintendent Janice CookFriday, March 8
Cardiff School District YesYesAt the school sites No District does require school sites to document. District doesn't typically get the school safety reports from its sites and review it, but they did obtain it from the school sites to respond to our request. 20Jill Vinson"We are a small, two school district and our leadership team meets every week. Our district office is located on one of the two school campuses, so we in fact take part in that campus's monthly drills. In addition, the principals and I discuss our drills and safety procedures at the beginning of the school year and then as each month unfolds, so it is inaccurate to say in two of the categories that the district does not review the records. Is there a way to reflect that in the documentation? If so, I would greatly appreciate it," Superintendent Jill Vinson Friday, March 8
Carlsbad Unified School District NoYesNo safety drill reports are keptNo Carlsbad only keeps one report per year from each school site documenting the annual Great American Shakeout14NBC7 has no way of countingDr. Lovely "I am checking with our Instruction Department on the safety drill reports to confirm what you have listed for Carlsbad," Dr. LovelyFriday, March 8
Chula Vista Elementary DistrictYes Yes At the district levelYes Yes4537Dr. Francisco EscobedoTuesday, March 12
Coronado Unified NoYesNo safety drill reports are kept. No No5NBC7 has no way of countingDr. Jeffrey FelixDistrict keeps a schedule only. But, the district hired a specialty safety consultant to review and help with district's safety plan. He's highlighted in the broadcast piece, and speaks about how it is more important to have a comprehensive plan and really well-thought out drills than to have a drill just for the sake of checking off a box. Friday, March 8
Dehesa School DistrictNoYesAt the school sites No No, but after our report, Dehesa is now implementing a form for district to use.1NBC7 has no way of countingJanet Wilson"I have developed an accountability sheet for drills and will now report the drills to the Governing Board as an information item annually in June," Superintendent Janet WilsonFriday, March 8
Del Mar Union School District No YesAt the school sites No No, but after our report, Del Mar Union is now going to have a district practice that includes collection of documentation regarding school site drills on an annual basis8NBC7 has no way of countingHolly McClurg"Throughout this year DMUSD has reviewed its safety measures and continues to provide ongoing safety training for staff.  The district practice will include the collection ofdocumentation regarding school site drills on an annual basis. The regular drills are one part of what we do to help keep our children as safe as possible. Student safety is the priority." Friday, March 8
Encinitas Union School DistrictYesYesAt the school sites Yes Yes90Dr. Timothy BairdDistrict administrative assistant is checking with school sites to provide a calendar of when they did the drill Friday, March 29
Escondido Union School District NoYesAt the school sites No Yes23NBC7 has no way of counting Dr. Jennifer Walters"Unfortunately, the district office does not house the monthly safety drill records for each of our twenty-three schools. The individual school sites have these records filed in their school offices. Thank you. I hope to be of more informational help to you in the future." Friday, March 8
Escondido Union High School District No YesNo safety drill reports are keptNo NoNBC7 has no way of counting Edward J. NelsonFriday, March 8
Fallbrook Union Elementary DistrictNoYesNo safety drill reports are keptNo No8NBC7 has no way of counting Candace SinghFriday, March 8
Fallbrook Union High School DistrictNoYesAt the school sites No Yes3NBC7 has no way of counting Dr. Dale Mitchell"The Fallbrook Union High School District fulfills school safety drill requirements," Superintendent Dr. Dale Mitchell.

Friday, March 8
Grossmont Union High School District YesYesAt the school sites and at the district levelYes Yes. Every drill and every incident or time the alarm sounds. 1010Ralf Swenson"Every school did do a minimum of two drills in the 2011-2012 school year. Some did more than was required. We believe that conducting drills and practicing with students and staff what has been learned from those drills is essential in maintaining school safety," District spokeswomen. "We take safety seriously and I am happy to see our schools recognized for their commitment," Superintendent Ralf Swenson. Tuesday, March 12
Jamul-Dulzura Union School District NoNoAt the school sitesNo Yes3NBC7 has no way of countingNadine Bennett"The Jamul Dulzura School District schedules earthquake and fire drills at least quarterly. At the elementary level, we try to schedule them for every two months. We place the drills on our staff bulletins. We have three lock down drills scheduled for this year. To answer the second part of your question, in the past schools were reimbursed for “mandated costs” such as earthquake drills. Any audit items and “reimbursable” actions become part of the  annual district records collection.  JDUSD has not received reimbursements for mandated costs from the state in many years. I hope this information helps," Superintendent Nadine Bennett. Wednesday, March 13
Julian Union School District NoYesNo safety drill reports are keptNo No2NBC7 has no way of countingC. Kevin Ogden"As a small district with two schools side by side I actually can observe every drill. The list will get pulled off my master calendar. We also have local sheriff and highway patrol resident officers as well as a local CDF station and fire so it's really easy to work together," Superintendent C. Kevin Ogden Tuesday, March 12
Julian Union High School District NoYesNo safety drill reports are kept, but the district does keep a calendar and checks off the date on the calendar when a drill has occurred. No No2NBC7 has no way of countingDavid Schlottman"The superintendent is present for every single drill This a small district and a safety drill report doesn't need to be documented for the district to know that a safety drill is taking place. The district keeps a calendar and notates when a drill has occurred on the calendar. Our district office is right on site of the two schools. We can see them from our offices so we know when a drill is occurring." Sherry LaChusa, executive assistant to the superintendent.

Tuesday, March 12
La Mesa-Spring Valley School District NoYesNo official safety drill reports are kept, but the school sites send an email when a drill is done. Yes No. They require an email be sent-in when a drill has occurred. 21NBC7 has no way of countingBrian E. MarshallWe do keep records that a drill is held. Each school has held a drill each month they are in session. Each school usually has a Health and Safety instructor and that person usually leads the drill. It's usually that person who shoots us an email when they've held a drill. It's not a form, but just an email. Friday, March 8
Lakeside Union School District YesYesAt the district levelYes Yes83Dr. David LordenWednesday, March 13
Lemon Grove School District YesYesAt the district levelYes Yes73Ernest "Ernie" Anastos, SuperintendentFriday, March 8
Mountain Empire Unified School District NoNo responseNo responseNo responseNo response 7NBC7 has no way of countingSteve Van ZantThis district never responded to multiple requests for information made on 3/29 with an email and phone call; and a message with the assistant superintendent on 4/19. Friday, March 29
National School District YesYesAt the district levelYes Yes108Dr. Chris Oram

"The fact that we have the basics covered allows us to take a look at refining our safety plan, and tweaking it a little bit," said Dr. Oram, superintendent.

Friday, March 8
Oceanside Unified School DistrictNoYesAt the district levelYes Yes23NBC7 was unable to count Larry PerondiNBC7 was told by Oceanside spokesman the drill reports were being sent in March, but NBC7 has not yet received them. "I oversee this area of our school operations and I know we do a pretty job with this," said Tim Ware, the school intervention manager. "We believe that safety is the number one relevent element in education." Friday, March 8
Poway Unified School District NoYesSchool staff enters the data into an online tracking system housed by an outside service provider They review reports from the contractor who monitors.Yes37NBC7 was unable to count John CollinsNBC7 was told the data would be exported by the service provider, but it wasn't. Each record was printed out too close to our deadline. Friday, March 8
Ramona Unified NoYesAt the school sites No No10NBC7 has no way of countingDr. Robert W. GraeffRamona Unified was unable to get records to NBC7. "It's on my list. We have a lot going on with our teacher's union right now," district administrative assistant. Friday, March 8
Rancho Santa Fe School District No NoNo safety drill reports are keptNo No2NBC7 has no way of countingLindy DelaneyFriday, March 29
San Diego Unified School District NoYesNo safety drill reports are keptNo No203NBC7 has no way of countingBill Kowba"We are not keeping track but what we are doing is monitoring from a far and what we want to do is a better job of that in the future," said San Diego Unified School Police Chief Rueben Littlejohn. Friday, March 8
San Dieguito Union High School DistrictNoYesNo safety drill reports are keptNo No9NBC7 has no way of countingKen Noah"All nine campuses are in compliance with the State's Fire & Earthquake drill requirements. For their own reference & means to improve, the school sites probably keep some kind of debrief of their fire, earthquake, & lockdown drills even though it's not required, so I'm not sure it's accurate to say that the district does not keep records" Friday, March 29
San Marcos Unified School District NoYesAt the school siteNo No18NBC7 has no way of countingDr. Kevin Holt"The school sites keep their individual evaluations so they can debrief with their staffs after each drill. The District Emergency Team meets 2 to 3 times a year to review the drills at each school, so we can troubleshoot areas of concern to make sure each school is using the most effective protocols and to standardize procedures where we can."

Friday, March 8
San Pasqual Union School District NoYesAt the school site No Yes1NBC7 has no way of countingShannon HargraveFriday, March 8
San Ysidro NoYesAt the school siteNo No8NBC7 has no way of countingActing Superintendent Gloria MaderaNBC7 requested the documents from San Ysidro school district about 8 times. The district states they are still in the process of gathering the documents, and maintains they are kept at the school sites. Wednesday, March 13
SanteeYesYesAt the district levelYes Yes109Dr. Cathy Pierce"Santee School District takes the safety and security of our students very seriously. We are diligent in our preparation for a tragedy we hope never occurs," Santee Superintendent Dr. Cathy Pierce. Friday, March 8
Solana BeachNoYesNo safety drill reports are kept No No6NBC7 has no way of countingNancy Lynch"We did not provide information as to when we do drills at each site for safety reasons. We do not want the public to have the date schedule for when we do drills. If a person had the intent to do harm to children, they would have a schedule of when all students would be evacuated," Dr. Lynch Friday, March 8
South Bay UnionYesYes At the school siteNot in 2011 but say they are going to start more reviewYes132Dr. Carol ParishAs I mentioned during our conversation the other day, the Safety of our campus is very important to our Board of Trustees and our Community. As a part of our campus safety, we want to make sure that our students and our staff are very familiar to the emergency procedures. We do document our drills and we are trying to do a better job maintaining good records. As I mentioned, when your request came we summarized the reports and found out some schools did not report a complete picture of their drills. Even now, after your report was generated and after sharing with our site administrators, we discovered more information that we are happy to report.Friday, March 8
Spencer Valley School District NoYesNo safety drill reports are kept NoNo1NBC7 has no way of countingJulie WeaverThis district has only 1 school with two rooms (and 32 students). They don't keep any records, but the district office is aware of when a drill is taking place because they are also on site. Friday, March 29
Sweetwater Union High School DistrictYesYesAt the district levelYes Yes2222Dr. Ed Brand"Ensuring the safety of all students is critical to the Sweetwater Union High School District. One way that we do this is by conducting regular safety drills and then properly documenting them. We realize that safety is a dynamic issue and Sweetwater wants to ensure that our students and staff are well-prepared in case of an emergency. We are proud of the processes we have established not only in this area, but throughout the district," said District Spokesman Manuel Rubio. Friday, March 8
Vallecitos School DistrictNoYesAt the district levelYes Yes1NBC7 was unable to countDavid JonesThis school district tried faxing the documents, but they never came through. District was unable to scan and send, per request. This is another one school district. Superintendent is aware of when a safety drill occurs because he is on-site, but they also have a tracking system. Friday, March 8
Valley Center-Pauma UnifiedNoYesNo official safety drill reports are kept, but a schedule is kept at school sitesNoNo7NBC7 has no way of countingDr. Lou Obermeyer"The District reviews all site safety concerns and response quickly to address issues. The District Safety Committee meets quarterly to review safety concerns and to insure all items are addressed immediately," Dr. Lou Obermeyer said. Friday, March 29
Vista Unified School District NoYesAt the school site NoYes33NBC7 has no way of countingDr. Devin VodickaFriday, March 29
Warner Unified School District NoYesAt the district levelYes Yes3NBC7 was unable to countDr. Ron KoenigNBC7 did not contact this district as early as other districts. There was a communication error due to an email server exchange problem on our end. They were able to send their reports on May 6, the day the piece aired. Friday, April 26
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