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Decker ShadoSharks of the Corn Movie Review - Seriously.
Steven Kang's Sharks of the Corn is... just about as bad as you think it is. Actually, I take that back. It is oh so much worse, but ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 128: NO BREAKS
So I just took a little time to try and get myself back in working order, quite literally. Also, Shannon will be moderating from a ...
Decker ShadoCocaine Bear Movie Review - Bearly True Story
Yeah, this is one of those "based on a true story" stories that has almost none of the details right, but let's be frank here. The true ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 127: Hire me
So.. Tarantino's looking for someone he hasn't worked with before to star in his new movie, huh? Male... around 35 years old... to ...
Decker ShadoThis week could have gone better...
So things have taken a lot longer than they should, and there are reasons! Good news and bad news, as it were. The good news ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 126: THE RETURN
Things that seems done and dusted... just keep on coming back, and back, and back. On that note... Check out ThiccBlackDaddy ...
Decker Shado
Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey Movie Review - Psycho Old Bear
Ahh, public domain. A perfect opportunity for folks to dig up well known properties and get a lot of eyes on their spinoffs that ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 125: The 100 Acre Graveyard
Blood & Honey worked out, how's about a TV show horror Winnie the Pooh? Likely by different people, because public domain is ...
Decker ShadoEvil Bong 666 Movie Review - The Devil's Lettuce
Hey! It's time for that special around that date that if I put the numerical code for in this description, it could tank this video's visibility ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 124: A Billion, Please
Well, it looks like the Super Mario Movie is on course to make at least 1 billion dollars, pretty soon. That's on par with how much ...
Decker ShadoKilljoy 2 Movie Review - Lowering the Bar
Every time I see one of these movies, I am left wondering just how they managed to get so many sequels, because if you thought ...
Decker ShadoLife's ups and downs.
Sadly, in order to make sure Lu was as happy as she could be, I had to send her to live with Char's cousin. There, she'll have a ...
Decker ShadoTerrifier 2 Movie Review - Gorehounds, Rejoice!
The first theatrically released Art the Clown movie, Terrifier 2 caused quite a splash when it hit last year, in 2022. Seriously, reports ...
Decker ShadoA short update on how things have been
The latest review is held up by the copyright system, of course, and things have been far slower than they should be. Still, there is ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 123: Wait a minute...
April Fools! Or is it? I mean it is, but this isn't. Or is? Oh, who cares..?
Decker ShadoJurassic World Dominion, but let's keep it #short.
I'm working on my next review, but I really don't want to go another long span of time without any uploads whatsoever. So, with ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 122: In Hindsight...
I'm working on my next review, but I really don't want to go another long span of time without any uploads whatsoever. So, with ...
Decker ShadoSkinamarink Movie Review - Experience Dread
An extremely experimental horror experience, Skinamarink is divisive, to say the least. Officially released in 2023, this looks at ...
Decker Shado
Jurassic World Dominion Movie Review - Beautiful contrivances.
The 3rd movie of the Jurassic World trilogy, and 6th of the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World: Dominion followed up the ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 121: The Jury Decides
It seems a lot of people are making a lot of declarative statements about a lot of things lately.. but even when it's not required, ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 120: Dead & Tired
Let's call this another one of those "chill streams." Life's been at it again, but the show must go on!
Decker ShadoHatchet 3 Movie Review - Chunky Cajun Carnage
It's bittersweet when I come across a movie like Hatchet 3, where the creators went all out with the practical effects but I have to do ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 119: Somehow Okay?
While things have been... yep... somehow there is always a silver lining. HBO Max is showing us both ends of that spectrum, with ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 118: Adapt everything!
Gran Turismo the movie? Sure, why not!
Decker ShadoJurassic Domination Movie Review - Asylum's Dominion
Well, Jurassic World: Dominion came out just last year so it should come as no surprise that The Asylum whipped up a ...
Decker ShadoCaveman Movie Review - Ringo Starr 1981 Comedy
Dinocember 2022 begins proper with a look at the 1981 comedy classic, Caveman, starring Ringo Starr. A request that I couldn't ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 117: Batgirl Beyond?
So, there WAS plans in place to get us a Batman Beyond live action movie, with the idea of Michael Keaton to star. I'm gonna go ...
Decker ShadoThe Mean One Trailer Reaction - The (not) Grinch Horror
Coming in but a few days, a horror parody of the classic Grinch tale, called the copyright-safe "The Mean One" will be upon us.
Decker ShadoKong: Skull Island Movie Review
Before the next Monsterverse movies arrive, I'd better review the only one I haven't yet! Kong: Skull Island, which is yet another ...
Decker Shado
Bloopers & Outtakes - Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Movie Review
The Return of the Joker review was a fun one, being kind of outside my usual wheelhouse. However, that does mean that I tripped ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 116: The Horrors of Space
In Space, no one can witness you poop yourself.
Decker ShadoBlood Rage Movie Review - Thanksgiving Slasher!
Holidays at their heart are about family, and when your family consists of a twin brother who has been in an insane asylum for a ...
Decker ShadoBatman Beyond: Return of the Joker Movie Review
I assure you, the body count rises. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is one of those straight to video movies from 2000 based ...
Decker ShadoScream 4 Movie Review
Okay, let me level with you here. I intended to review this particular movie months ago, but the studio is notorious for claims and ...
Decker ShadoScream 3 Movie Review
A horror movie touted as "the final chapter" in everything but name, Scream 3 was to be the last entry in the Scream TRILOGY that would no doubt be spoken of in hushed whispers for decades to come... problem is... well, they got some new writers, couldn't get Neve Campbell for the whole thing, and just kinda threw together what they had and hoped for the best. But at the end of the day, it's still a Scream movie, right?
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 115: Prepare to be Adapted
Gears of War is finally getting a movie! ...on Netflix? ThiccBlackDaddy on Twitch: ...
Decker ShadoTucker & Dale vs Evil Movie Review
Deep in the forests of West Virginia, Canada, live the reclusive hillbillies Tucker & Dale. However, terror rises up when college ...
Decker ShadoHalloween Ends Reaction/Review
The final Halloween movie, for reals this time, Halloween Ends has been... divisive, to say the least. Having finally seen it, I can ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 114: Encore!
Released to theaters weeks ago, Terrifier 2 has made quite a nice box office sum for it's relatively modest budget. Also ...
Decker ShadoHalloween Night Movie Review
May as well review a Halloween movie for the end of October! Oh, no no no, Halloween Ends isn't available on Blu-Ray just yet, ...
Decker ShadoHellraiser 2022 Reaction/Review
Out now on Hulu, it's the latest Hellraiser movie! Boy, this series has been through the wringer, hasn't it? From Inferno, to Deader, ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 113: One of those weeks
Ahh, the merging of movies and video games. Two of my passions, and they always manage to do some things that leave us ...
Decker ShadoNature Unleashed: Volcano Movie Review
A "blast" from the past, the Nature Unleashed series of movies from Nu Image were a special breed. Theoretically based on ...
Decker ShadoTerrifier 2 Reaction/Review
The newest horror movie from the mind of Damien Leone, Terrifier 2 sees the return of Art the Clown for a whopping 2 and a half ...
Decker ShadoThe Mummy Movie Review
Back in 1999, Brendan Fraser starred in a "modern" re-imagining of the classic Mummy subgenre of movies. Horror, adventure ...
Decker ShadoOctober will be awesome
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 112: Such Sights to Show
With a new Hellraiser around the corner, and yet again a new Pinhead, we get the first portrayal of the popular character as ...
Decker ShadoCould be better.
Things have been a bit less than optimal lately, but I don't want to be a no show for another Wednesday. So how's everyone doing ...
Decker ShadoGTA 6 leaks everywhere - my thoughts
Yeah, I usually save entertainment news for Live & Wired, but there's no way I'm gonna sit on this one for 13 days. Know that ol' ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 111: Terrifying Klowns
Terrifier 2 is just around the corner, and you've probably already heard by now but so is a Killer Klowns from Outer Space video ...
Decker ShadoMonster Island Movie Review
The Asylum's 2019 mockbuster coincidentally released around the same time as Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Monster Island is ...
Decker ShadoCGI VS Practical Effects - Why is CGI seen as lesser?
A few weeks back, behind-the-scenes footage from the production of Prey sparked up debate online on CGI vs Practical Effects.
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 110: A Marathon of Horror
Spooky season! Spooky contests? ThiccBlackDaddy on Twitch: UnderTheVeil on YouTube: ...
Decker ShadoSkinned Deep Movie Review
A homage to classic grindhouse horror cinema from 2004, Skinned Deep doesn't shy away from it's inspiration at all in it's ...
Decker ShadoWork Life Balance
So I missed the review this week, and that ain't good. However, I'm taking the chance to reflect on what led here, and figure out ...
Decker ShadoTop 10 Leprechaun Kills
When you've got a long running horror comedy franchise, you tend to rack up a nice, big body count. Leprechaun is no exception, ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 109: Practically Perfect
After Prey released, and the internet decided which of them absolutely loved it and which of them absolutely hated it, some behind ...
Decker ShadoLeprechaun Returns Movie Review
The 8th, and so far final film of the Leprechaun franchise returns Leprechaun to being a leprechaun, for Leprechaun Returns.
Decker ShadoPredator Movie Tier List
Okay, I finally made one of these videos. The stars aligned on this one. Yesterday, I was on EFAP for episode 198, dissecting and ...
Decker ShadoLeprechaun Origins Movie Review
The seventh movie in the franchise was handed off to the WWE of all things, bringing us Leprechaun Origins. Dylan Postl, aka ...
Decker ShadoPrey Reaction/Review
Out now on Hulu, Prey is the latest movie in the Predator franchise. Despite the change up in naming conventions, Prey seems to ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 108: Batgirl Does a Batman
I really hope no one was looking forward to Batgirl, because this is a heck of a time to can that. Beyond that, we've got news on the ...
Decker ShadoLeprechaun Back 2 tha Hood Movie Review
After Leprechaun in the Hood did... not so great, the new owners of the franchise decided the best thing to do with the series was ...
Decker ShadoJuly in review
This has been a crazy month, to say the least. Came into it on a low, leaving it on a high.. or, wait... is that Susan on the hill over ...
Decker ShadoLeprechaun in the Hood Movie Review
As the Leprechaun movie series continued on, and we got movies in Las Vegas, in Los Angeles and in freakin' outer space... it ...
Decker ShadoLeprechaun Pitches - Unmade Movies
Candyman VS Leprechaun? Leprechaun in the old west? Leprechaun families? All this and more were actually pitched at one ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 107: May as well.
So this year, we've been learning that "adaptation" means making whatever you feel like, and calling it something that has a ...
Decker ShadoLeprechaun 4: In Space Movie Review
He's been to Los Angeles, he's rocked Las Vegas, and now it's time for the leprechaun to shoot for the stars, literally! Okay, I feel ...
Decker ShadoBride and Trial of the Leprechaun - The Lost Leprechauns
While looking up interesting trivia about the Leprechaun series, I tripped across a pot of gold myself with a little writeup detailing ...
Decker ShadoLeprechaun 3 Movie Review
We're already seeing the direction of the series become "But what if we did it at this location?" come into being in Leprechaun 3.
Decker ShadoHalloween Kills Movie Review
In 2021, Michael Meyers returned to Haddonfield in 2018, in Halloween Kills. A continuation of the 2018 soft reboot sequel...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 106: Why, Internet?
After a short break, Live & Wired returns! And what a week of news this one is... So many things going on in the world of ...
Decker ShadoLeprechaun 2 Movie Review
Continuing the summer of Leprechaun, we have Leprechaun 2 of course! Easy thing to be unsure about though, as there's a ...
Decker ShadoNoodling and Rambling - Still a beginner at 38
As this week's side-video, I decided to pick up my bass and see if I still got it. Though perhaps it would be more appropriate to ask ...
Decker ShadoLeprechaun Movie Review
Back in 1993, Warwick Davis took on a role that was a bit out of the norm for the actor, playing the leprechaun in Leprechaun.
Decker ShadoI have Covid? - not clickbait
Well that's a fine how do you do. Of note: I'm feeling quite a bit worse since recording. Might be the 4 hours of sleep I got last night, ...
Decker ShadoZombie Hunter Movie Review
Been a while since I've tackled a good old fashioned zombie movie, hasn't it? This brings us to Zombie Hunter, a... zombie movie!
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 105: Chill Stream
It's been another one of them weeks, I tells ya! Also, we seem to be on the cusp of lots of news in entertainment, not so much in the ...
Decker ShadoTriassic World Movie Review
With Jurassic World: Dominion but days away, let's crack open The Asylum for a vintage 2018 mockbuster, Triassic World. You'll ...
Decker ShadoVideos doing better! What I've done.
From last Live & Wired getting over 140 concurrent viewers to the Puppet Master review getting now 30k views in 4 days, the ...
Decker ShadoPuppet Master Movie Review
Full Moon didn't always churn out movies where the low budget was quite so obvious. Back in the day, they sought to stretch their ...
Decker ShadoPrey Trailer Reaction - Predator Prequel
The newest movie in the Predator franchise got teased, and I forgot to make a video about it! So a couple weeks late to the party, ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 104: Oh, bother.
It feels like mere minutes since Winnie the Pooh has become public domain... and we're met with news that HEY! The loveable ...
Decker ShadoSpiral Movie Review
From the Book of Saw, and the mind of Chris Rock it's Spiral, the latest movie in the Saw franchise having come out late in 2021.
Decker ShadoWhy I quit my job to become a YouTuber.
The Patreon goal that has been sitting there for years and years, thanks to the recent support has finally been reached!
Decker ShadoHere's where to find me outside YouTube
First of all, the Halloween Kills review is up on Odysee! - Unfortunately, ...
Decker ShadoNo Respect for Games, I tell Ya - Impromptu Rant
With the more and more confusing direction of the Halo TV series, falling back on the "Silver Timeline" to explain it away... that got ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 103: How is this legal?
OKAY THEN, in entertainment news we've got Master Chief going where no Halo has gone before, brought to you by the minds at ...
Decker ShadoHatchet II Movie Review
Released 4 years after the original Hatchet, Hatchet II answers the question "What if we tried that again, had a good idea what we ...
Decker ShadoLakeside Chat
A little life update for you, as this week has been more than a little trying all things considered. Big problems, big expenses, and ...
Decker ShadoBattle Star Wars Movie Review
A special review for May the 4th, we'll be looking at Battle Star Wars! What's that got to do with Star Wars? Well.. just look at the ...
Decker ShadoMistakes were made.
So I've been making reviews for over 10 years, and believe it or not I don't have a spotless record. When it comes to making sure ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 102: Make the Best of it
A new horror movie is coming soon! Oh, it's found footage.... aaand by the guys behind Paranormal Activity.. and it's subject matter ...
Decker ShadoGodzilla VS Kong Movie Review
A monster matchup the like of which has never been seen! At least not since 1962, Godzilla VS Kong is the 2021 take on that ...
Decker ShadoBaking Chocolate Chip Cookies
Back in 2015, I set a reward on Patreon to make a video where I bake cookies. It has been seven years, and I'm finally gonna do it!
Decker ShadoEvil Bong High-5 Movie Review
The ol' four of the twenty special is upon us! With the most eeeeevilist of bongs returning for another outing in Evil Bong High-5.
Decker ShadoClown Motel Review
Buy Clown Motel on Amazon via my referral link: Also known as Clown Motel: Spirits Arise, Clown Motel is ...
Decker Shado
I Need You Dead! - Director Interview with Rocko Zevenbergen
The movie you HAVE to see to believe, I Need You Dead! is available now on streaming services and physical media, and it's ...
Decker ShadoLive & Wired Ep 101: Five Nights at Fuddruckers
Spirit Halloween seems to be getting it's own movie! But the plot might sound a bit familiar, if I'm being honest. Although as one ...