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OrderField NameLongform NameDescriptionGeocodedRequiredData TypeExpected/Allowed ValuesLast Modified DateNo Longer In UseNotes
1CountyFIPSCounty Federal Information Processing StandardsThe FIPS county code is the five-digit Federal Information Processing Standard code (2-digit state prefix + 3 digit county code) which uniquely identifies counties and county equivalents in the United States. The three-digit number used in this dataset is unique to each individual county within the state, but to be unique within the entire United States, it must be prefixed by the state code.Plain Text005-Bronx County, 047-Kings County (Brooklyn), 061-New York County (Manhattan), 081-Queens County, 085-Richmond County (Staten Island)01/31/2013
2the_geomGeometryIn a Geographic Information System (GIS), geometry (shape) is used to represent a real-world object on a map. Three types of geometry are Points = cities, Lines = rivers, Polygons (areas) = countries.PolygonA sequence of x,y coordinate pairs01/31/2013
3BoroNameBorough NameNew York City’s boroughs are five county-level administrative divisions. Each of the boroughs is coextensive with a respective county [Bronx County, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York County (Manhattan), Queens County, Richmond County (Staten Island)], the primary administrative subdivision within New York State.Plain TextBronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island01/31/2013
4BoroCodeBorough CodeBoroCode is the first of a three-number identifier of New York City properties called the Borough, Block, and Lot (BBL). BBLs are used by many city agencies to identify real estate for taxes, zoning, construction, and other purposes.
Number1 (Manhattan), 2 (Bronx), 3 (Brooklyn), 4 (Queens), 5 (Staten Island)01/31/2013
5NTACodeNeighborhood Tabulation Area CodeNeighborhood Tabulation Areas are small area boundaries that were initially created by the Department of City Planning for small area population projections. However, NTAs are now being used to present data from the Decennial Census and American Community Survey. See User Guide for more information.Plain Text2 digits preceded by 2 letter Borough (BK, BX, MN, QN, SI). For example: QN2601/31/2013
6NTANameNeighborhood Tabulation Area NameNeighborhood Tabulation Area Name is the name associated to that NTA.Plain TextNeighborhood name associated with code01/31/2013
7Shape_LengShape LengthCalculated perimeter of the polygon in feetNumber01/31/2013Double (a numeric type that can hold decimals)
8Shape_AreaShape AreaCalculated area of the polygon (square feet)Number01/31/2013Double (a numeric type that can hold decimals)