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App InformationSample lesson/activity ideas Additional Info
App Name IconTagsDescriptionCost Grade Level Cloud Capability
productivity, timer, get things doneLet's you create a task list and assign time amount spent on each task. could be used for centers, independent activities, labs, rotations in P.E., etc.freeMS
5 Dice: Order of Operations Game
math, review/practice, content, order of operationsThis game encourages students to use higher order thinking to solve the "target" number by working backwards given the answer but not the equation. students use 5 Dice to practice order of operations as well as to reinforce their numerical understandingfreeMS
Animation Desk Lite
creation, animationCreate hand-drawn animations on the iPad.students create an animation to demonstrate their understanding of a concept, students create an animation that abstractly represents the theme or message of a readingfreeMSNo
Ask 3
collaboration, homework help, formative assessment, visible thinkingStudents can create videos w/audio and share directly with the class in-app. Then, classmates and the teacher can comment on videos.Teacher asks students to find an example of symmetry in the classroom and to discuss and upload it (students then comment on peer examples), Students asks questions about homework and get peer to peer support from homefreeALL
Audio Boo
Voice recording, published to webAudioboo is an application for recording and sharing your voice publicly on the web. It allows you to create audio up to 3 minutes in length. You can add titles, tags, geolocation info and a photo to the recording before you upload it and we'll save all that with the file. The audio can then be shared with others.

do audio book reviews, record poems and show illustrationfreeYes
photo editor, creationAviary allows you to edit photos from your camera roll or as you take them in-app. Utilizes all basic photo editing features (crop, focus, redeye, brightnetss, etc.). Also allows you to add frames, effects, text, stickers, and drawings to your photos. To save your photo to the camera roll, select "Done" and move "Share this photo" button to the right. Then, don't select any options and select "Done". This saves your image to your camera roll.Students create an image to represent a concept they are learning, students annotate an image to be placed in their Keynote presentation, students create visual definitions of academic terms freeALLNo
Book Creator
publishing, writingCreate an ebook and export to your iBooks shelf. Use text, images, video, and/or music, and record speech within the app to share your story.Students create their own informational textbook to explain a concept in any classpaidMSYes
Brain Pop (Jr. and Esp)
videos, interactiveBrainPOP, Jr. and Esp. for your ipad. Watch a movie, then test your new knowledge with an interactive quiz. More than 750 movies on Science, Math, Social Studies, English, Engineering & Tech, Arts & Music, and Health subjects. All movies are close captioned, so it’s easy for them to read along. Use as an example of informational "text", research, use as another representation of content for example if you are teaching about space, they can watch videos and answer questions to reinforce concepts free
study, self-trackingCreate your own multimedia flash cards or use expert content. free
art, creation, open ended, drawingBrushes is a painting and photo app with many amazing features. Brushes offers more artistic features (layering, adding dimensions, transparency etc.) than Doodle Buddy.

create digital art work, teach elements and principles of art (line, color, texture, etc.)freeNo
math, calculatorCalculator features two modes (do basic calculations in Standard Mode to do basic calculations or Scientific Mode). Other features include degrees and radians calculations.

use to solve math problemsfree
CAS Nspire- 7th Grade Only
calculator, math, graphing calculatorTexas Instruments graphing calculator app.import photos to place on grid and apply math in real-world context, graph formulasPaidMS
constitution, historical document, social studiesYour own copy of the US Constitution!Students use the constitution to learn and review for the Constitution testfreeMS
converter, measurements, metricConvert measurements with this app. Works offline.check math work, use to calculate conversions in sciencefreeALL
word studyEnglish Dictionary and Thesaurus - definitions, synonyms & antonyms. No internet connection needed for most content. Features include Word of the Day, audio pronunciation, example sentences, word origin & history, voice search, favorite words, search history, and spelling suggestions. Shake your iPad to receive a random, surprise word.Use to look up synonyms for vocabulary words, word of the dayfree
presentation, creation, speaking & listeningCombines screencasting, desktop control, and an interactive whiteboard in one app! Annotate a Keynote presentation, create a presentation in-app (insert drawings, images, and audio), or even control your desktop from your iPad as you circulate the room. Saves to camera roll or can be emailed.Create a timeline in social studies, demonstrate understanding of any concept in any content area (ex., diagram and explain the water cycle, use a staff to label and explain notes in music, give examples of items in food pyramid in P.E.)freeMSNo
Doodle Buddy
creation, open ended, white board, drawingDoodle Buddy is a virtual whiteboard. Finger paint with thousands of colors, mark up a photo or create your own drawing from scratch. You can then take send it to your camera roll to use throughout other apps on the iPad.

White boards for formative assessment, create arrays using dotted backgroundfreeNo
Dragon Dictation Free
speech-to-text, word processing, dictationSpeak into the microphone and Dragon types it, using voice recognition. Copy the text onto the clipboard and paste into your word processing app.Studens use Dragon to quickly capture ideas as they are completing a lab and paste it into their science journal later, student with accessibility needs utilizes Dragon to compose essaysfreeALL
Earth Viewer
social studies, science, contentView Earth's history over the last 4.5 billion years. Layer your view of shifting continents with data such as atmospheric composition, temperature, biodiversity, day length, and solar luminosity.
students use Earth Viewer to track the change of Earth over time, graphs in-app can be used for data analysis in Mathfree
creation, screen recording, open ended, Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking. Explain a math formula... Create an animated lesson... Add commentary to your photos... Diagram a sports play..."think aloud" through a math problem, describe a science experiment using pictures of observations, take a picture of an art work and describe the thinking/planning processfreeYes
educational videos, independent learningEduView is a collection of the best educational YouTube channels for middle school+. Once in the app, click on the down arrow on the right side of the screen to select different channels. Students can watch videos at home for guidance completing homework, can watch video in class to further understanding of a concept, or view video at home as a part of the flipped classroomfreeMS
productivity, get things done, researchEvernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders--and makes these notes completely searchable. when researching for a project the student can organize information into one notebook to keep track of sources, student generates to-do list for the writing process (or any other assignment) so that they are sure to follow the correct stepsfreeALLYes
studyCreate flashcards to study or the teacher can create a flashcard set in Quizlet and share with the students.Students use Flashcardlet to study concepts they are learning and use the number of answers correct to track their understanding.free
Follett Digital Reader
eBooks, eReaderFollett Digital Reader app gives you access to Follett eBooks on the go.

listen to electronic books, read independently, read for pleasure, use during balanced literacyfree
Frame Artist
creation, collage, templates, photoCreate photo art by combinging and decorating photos. Allows for unlimitied layouts, but also comes with 9-12 redy to use templates. Ue stickers, speech balloons, text, filters, etc. in your creation. Save to your camera roll or email.create a postcard from a character in your story or of a historical figure that you are studying, compose a newsletter, take images that represent an idea and combine them to give provide an abstract representation, take photos from the week and combine them to demonstrate learning, create a comic stripfreeMSNo
Garage Band
music, creation, open ended, GarageBand turns your iPad into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio. Use the built-in microphone or a guitar to record or capture any performance. Share in email.Creating ensembles, creating music to match a mood or tone paid
math, manipulativesThe Geoboard is a tool for exploring mathematical topics. Learners stretch bands around pegs to form line segments and polygons and make discoveries about perimeter, area, angles, congruence, fractions, and more.

line segments and polygons and make discoveries about perimeter, area, angles, congruence, fractions, and more.free
Google Drive
storageStore documents, pictures, or other files using Google Drive and easily share them with anyone. Edit and create Google documents and spreadsheets. Always have the latest version of your documents at home or office. Offline viewing.

create a story starter for students to add onto, work together on a presentationfree
Google Earth
mappingGoogle Earth for your iPad. Search for cities, places, and businesses. Browse layers including roads, borders, places, photos and more. Visit the Earth Gallery to find exciting maps such as real-time earthquakes, planes in flight, hiking trails, city tours, and more.

maps, find locations mentioned in books, show how cities are inside states inside countries, etc., look at different landforms, free
HMH French
global language, french, vocabulary, practiceWork through the quizzes to practice your language skills.students complete quizzes for practice when studying specific unitsfreeMS
HMH Spanish
global language, spanish, vocabulary, practiceWork through the quizzes to practice your language skills.students complete quizzes for practice when studying specific unitsfreeMS
animation, game building, creation, programmingSimilar to MIT's Scratch programming, create a script by dragging and dropping blocks, press play to see your code in action. Email completed project.use Hopscotch to learn about grid coordinates in math, study independent and dependent variables in science by using motion descriptorsfree4th-8th
PDF Reader, eBooks, eReaderiBooks allows you to browse a bookshelf of PDFs. Teachers can share PDFs to create a library. Free books could also be added to the bookshelf and you can take notes or highlight parts of the document.

class ebooks, poetry collections (recorded)free
iCard Sort
open ended, word study, vocab, sort, word walliCardSort is an excellent digital tool that allows you to group, order, and explore your ideas/words. Then, when you are ready, share it with everyone involved.word study sorts, create a portable word wall, "magnetic poetry", sentence building, vocabulary building, sequencing events, making a schema deckpaidALL
iMotion HD
stop-motion, creationCreate stop-motion films. Can turn on or off "onion skin" to see last image to make sure that your shot is lined up. Save movie to camera roll. demonstrate ecological succession, create an abstract representation of a theme from a reading, demonstrate understanding of sequence of events, upload to Google Drive once done and attach a QR code to make your word walls more interactive, demonstrate a physical representation of a mathematical conceptfreeMSNo
movie maker, creation, open endedMake HD movies anywhere with iMovie, the fast and fun moviemaking app that puts everything you need to tell your story at your fingertips. Share your finished projects right from iMovie.book trailers, show what you know about any topic, retelling, sequencingpaid
presentation, creation

Create presentations (Apple's version of Ppt). Allows embedding of video, photos, charts, etc.
create research-based presentations, demonstrate CCSS standard of how multi-media can influence a message, create graphs for science or math class, create a timeline for social studiesPaidMSYes
educational videos, modeling, independent learningAccess videos from a massive number of topics, including K-12 math, science topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics, and even the humanities with playlists on finance and history. Without account: teacher can have students watch a video to give an overview or example of a concept. Or, students can self-select videos of interest for independent exploration. With account: Teachers assign playlists to students to reflect differentiated instruction based off of students needs for studying a certain concept, students generate their own playlists for independent exploration, student and teacher can track progressfreeMS
blog, writing, sharingKidblog is a student-friendly, secure blogging platform that requires a teacher to set up student accounts.students reply to a teacher's prompt by creating a blog post, then students view their classmates posts and replyfreeMS
ebook, reading, ereader

With permission from your parents, sign into your Kindle account to access all of your ebooks.student reads book of interestfreeMS
Mad Math
math, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, math facts, skill practice, contentMad Math is perfect for kids to practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and Division Facts. Students can even draw right on the flashcard!

practice math fact skills freeALL
My Grammar Lab Intermediate
grammar, RLA, practice, contentChoose the grammar you want to study, decide how many questions you want to answer, then create your own test. students complete quizzes to clarify/reinforce understanding of grammar usage and receive automatic feedback to guide their understandingfreeMS
My Map Editor
mapping, social studiesThis application allows you to create a map just like drawing. You can create different kinds of maps, from a simple meeting spot map to the route of a world trip. If you have Google Account, you can edit Google My Maps and Google Fusion Tables with this app.

place pins on the map for flat stanley projects or postcard exchanges, label important places in Glenview (or a city, state, country of study)free
Teacher Management, formative and summative assesmentAllows teachers to share presentations. It also lets you be a fully engaged participant and interact with the presentation through polls, quizzes, videos, drawing interactivity, website-sharing, self-guided quizzes and more. Teachers can create their own interactive content.Teacher uses Nearpod to deliver a concept through text and multimedia mediums. The students are assessed periodically through the use of polls and quizzes in-app.freeMS
ebook, reading, ereaderWith permission from your parents, sign into your Nook account to access all of your ebooks.student reads book of interestfreeMS
word processing, journaling, note-taking, annotate pdfsTake notes by handwriting or typing, annotate PDFs, type an essay, insert images and audio recordings, and organize your notes into notebooks. Teacher shares graphic organizer with students through Google Drive and students open it in Notability to fill out, students share writing with peers and annotate corrections for peer editing, use graph paper to create charts/graphs for science and mathPaidMSYes
educational videos, independent learningExplore a rich and varied selection of hundreds of videos from both new programs and from the PBS archives.Students watch "News Quiz" every Friday for student-friendly current events and participate in a discussion, students watch a video from Nova Science Now to further their understanding of a conceptfreeMS
science, glossary, visual, physical science, content, word studyInteractive Physical Science Glossary. Video, content, flash cards.students use to clarify/reinforce understanding of scientific termsfreeMS
mind map, brainstorming, graphic organizer, planning, creation, open endedPopplet is a graphic organizer. With Popplet you can capture your ideas, sort them visually, and collaborate with others in realtime. Quickly and easily!graphic organizer for writing, creating mindmaps and brainstorms paidYes
self-tracking, grades, utlityStudents can acces PowerSchool grades, assignments & scores, attendance, progress, school announcements, grade point average, and more.students check in weekly on assignments and scores as a part of self-monitoring/reflectionfreeMS
barcode readerNow scans both QR codes and barcodes. Fast and effective. App opens instantly in real-time scanning mode. - Auto-detect scanning. Simply hold and point. - Share using email, MMS, Facebook or Twitter. - Create your own QR codes. create a quick "link" to a website, create codes to where student work is publishedfree
Quick Voice PRO
Voice recording, send in emailQuickVoice Pro is a voice recorder that allows students to make recordings of any length. Record ideas, voice memos, voice email, dictation, lists, meetings, classes, or entire lectures! Allows you to multi-task so you can use other apps while still recording in the background. Recordings can then be shared via email.

helpful for addressing speaking and listening standardspaid
lms, content, connect, share, workflow, assessment, discussionThis app connects students to the learning management system which we are using this year in the pilot. Schoology allows teachers to easily share files with students, create folders for sharing, assess students, create discussions, and allows students to turn digital assignments in through this app.
Students complete an assigment by working through a folder of resources, then post a discussion and reply to peer comments regarding the concept they are learning about in class.freeMSYes
Science 360
science, educational videos, informational textThe National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Science360 for iPad provides easy access to engaging science and engineering images and video from around the globe and a news feed featuring breaking news from NSF-funded institutions. You can search for specific content in the "tags" section, under the "more" option.Students read the news feed which is linked to informational text in the field of science, students view images and descriptions or videos relevant to what they are studying in classfreeMS
Science Glossary
science, glossary, visual, content, word studyScience glossary with all main terms+ more. Students can click on parts of a definition to automatically open the browser to examples of the term.students use to clarify/reinforce understanding of scientific termsfreeMS
formative assessment,Sign + allows students to quickly answer a question and display it on their iPad for the teacher to utilize during instruction. Sign + also allows students to easily change the background color of the page, to reflect level of understanding. Thus, replacing the yellow, blue, and green cups on the desk. While, allowing students to post the topic or question they have at the same time!A teacher has posed a math problem and students are working on a solution indepedently. Students signal green as good to go, yellow if they are kind of working through it, red if they need assistance. The student with a red screen also has the statement, "I'm stuck after substraction" so that teacher knows right where to start when assisting.freeALL
creation, open ended, mark up photos or mapsSkitch lets you mark up images and documents with arrows, stamps, shapes, text, and more. Snap your screen, annotate a photo, or draw something new. Then, share your thoughts and ideas with others.

label images, create maps and keys with geometric shapes, make flash cards free
educational videos, independent learningSmithsonian Channel explores the history of our planet, life and culture, with 100% original, family-friendly programming. Students can create their own channel to take an inside look at concepts of history and science (and more!) that they are interested in.Virtual field trips to the space station, Grand Canyon, and more! Students watch documentaries or episodes explaining genetics while studying related concepts. freeMS
formative assessment, classroom response systemCreate and deliver quick formative assessments. Utilize short answer questions, multiple choice, quick quizzes, exit tickets, and space race (classroom game) to check student learning and receive immediate feedback.Studens fill out exit slip to guage their understanding, teacher pushes questions to students while they are reading to help them self-assess comprehension or ideasfreeALL
collaboration, readingIn Subtext, teachers can embed instruction and scaffolding right in the pages of almost any digital book or ePub. You can layer in web links, videos, assignments and quizzes—opening up limitless opportunities to engage students, foster analysis and writing skills, and assess student progress. Subtext supports the Common Core Standards across reading, language, writing and 21st century digital skills.teacher differentiates readings with annotations/question prompts and shares with certain group of students, students view informational text on the web in-app and post discussions about the articlefreeMS
educational videos, innovation, independent learningTED presents talks (quick discussions) from some of the world's most fascinating people: education, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus and music legends. Find more than 1,400 TEDTalk videos (with more added each week) that get you thinking. Videos can be downloaded for view offline or bookmarked.Sudents use a video as a writing prompt in LA, students watch a video while discussing innovation and inventions in science, students watch talks to observe/reinforce good presentation tactics, students watch a video on music and movement in Fine ArtsfreeMS
creation, avatar, speaking & listening, animationTellagami allows you to create an avatar, record your voice or use text to speech, and customize with your own photo background. Saves to camera roll or can be emailed.Students create a Tellagami in that resembles a historical figure and gives narration of events from their perspective, students create a Tellagami as an exit ticket or during class to explain their level of understanding of a concept, teachers use Tellagami to explain a concept and share with students (or, as a virtual "you" when you have a sub in the room)freeMSNo
physical education, slow motion, video"Ubersense helps athletes and coaches get better at sports:
* Record HD video and playback frame-by-frame.
* Instant slow motion analysis and zoom.
* Compare videos side-by-side or overlay.
* Create and share video reviews with audio commentary, annotations and side-by-side analysis.
* FREE online locker to save your videos and share across your devices.
* Share with friends,athletes or coaches via email and Dropbox
* Import and analyze existing videos from external camera or import via email, Dropbox, box and more.
Ubersense has been used to analyze more than 10 million videos."
FreeMiddle School
VideoFX Live
creation, video, visible thinkingCreate videos in-app and apply different filters to your video as you record. Hundreds of effects for before, during, or after recording. Can pause and resume recording in-app, requiring no editing. Save to camera roll or send in email.Let students demonstrate their learning, discuss symmetry with kaleidoscope effects, create "concept captures" where they share their understanding and growth from the lesson or week & post to classroom website to share with families.freeALLNo
Virtual Manipulatives
math, fractions, percents, decimalsVirtual Manipulatives is virtual set of fraction bars which includes three versions (fraction, percent and decimal).

practice creating equivelant fractionsfree
Weather Channel
weather, scienceThe Weather Channel for iPad. With over 200 meteorologists and our ultra-local TruPoint(sm) forecasting technology, The Weather Channel helps you plan the best day possible for every season.

check the daily weather, compare different locations, keep a weather journal in sciencefreeALL
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