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AuthorBook TitleYear of PubPublisherAvailableCategoryCopiesSectionCross Reference / NotesDonated
ed. Nickodemus, Lauren & Desmond, Ellen
The Bi-ble2017
Monstrous Regiment
ed. Nickodemus, Lauren & Desmond, Ellen
The Bi-ble: New Testimonies - Vol.22019
Monstrous Regiment
YAnthology1BCollection of essays on bisexuality
Halperin, DavidHow to Be Gay2012Harvard University PressYStudy1GAn examination of gayness as a way of being, that gay men learn from one another to become who they are.
Martin, Dawn LundyLife in a Box is a Pretty LifeNPoetryL
Lorde, AudreThe Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master's House2018Penguin ModernYEssays1L
A collection of essays and speeches from the seminal Black Lesbian poet Audre Lorde
Abbot, SteveView Askew1989Androgyne BooksYEssays1LGBArt criticism focused on the San Francisco in the 80's.
Rowe, Michael (ed)Queer Fear II2002Arsenal Pulp PressY
Horror anthology
1LGBcollection of gay horror stories, focusing mostly on the city, and some on small towns
White, EdmundThe Burning LibraryNEssaysLGB
Killian, KevinStage Fright: Selected PlaysNPlayLGB
Lawson, WendySex, Sexuality and the Autism Spectrum2005Jessica KingsleyYTheory1LGBStudy on autism and sex. Quite outdated but written by someone with autism.
Ackroyd, Peter
Dressing Up: Transvestism and Drag
Thames and Hudson
YStudy1LGBTHistory of 'transvestism' written by an editor of The Spectator, intrestingly enough. I haven't read it yet but it looks quite thorough and definitely has a lot of great pictures. +
Jay, KarlaOut of the ClosetsNAnthologyLGBTwill interest students of gay liberation
Gimpelevich, CalvinInvasions2018Instar BooksYShort Stories 1LGBTCollection of wild and often surreal short stories. Wicked sci-fi story ('Rent, Don't Sell') in Meanwhile, Elsewhere also features here +
Chen, Mel Y.Animacies: Biopolitics, Racial Mattering, and Queer Affect2012Duke University PressYStudy1LGBTMel Y. Chen draws on recent debates about sexuality, race, and affect to examine how matter that is considered insensate, immobile, or deathly animates cultural lives. Toward that end, Chen investigates the blurry division between the living and the dead, or that which is beyond the human or animal.
Ryan, HughWhen Brooklyn Was Queer 2019St Martin's GriffinYHistory1LGBTThe story of Brooklyn's forgotten LGBT history since the 1850s.
Dodge, HarryMy Meteorite or, Without The Random There Can Be No New Thing2020Harvill SeckerYAutobiography1LGBTAutobiographical exploration of questions of love, bonding, and how we are all shaped by forces we cannot know through the purchase of a metorite on ebay.
Woolf, VirginiaOrlando1928VintageYFiction1LGBTBook about a nobleman who lives for 4 centuries and magically turns into a woman part way though. Not generally considered a trans text but certainly able to be read in such a way. Explores the experience of men and women living in society
Smith, AliHow To Be Both2014Hamish HamiltonYFiction1LGBTA novel about arts versatility. It features 2 narratives that can be read in either order, one from the perspective of a disembodied work of art, the other a teenage girl in cambridge.
Melton, Abigail & Cooper, LilithGears for Queers2020SandstoneYTravelogue1LGBTTravelogue of a cycle tour written by a queer couple.
Danforth, M. EmilyThe Miseducation of Cameron Post2012PenguinYFiction1LGBT
Alabanza, Travis & Frankland, Emma & Scottee & Thompson, SelinaThe Outsiders Handbook2018LADAYAdvice10LGBT
Plummer, Rachel
Wain: LGBT Reimaginings of Scottish Folklore
2019Emma PressYPoetry1LGBTPoetic reimaginings of Scottish folklore, aimed at LGBT teens. Also has gourgeous illustrations by Helene Boppert
El-Mohtar, Amal &Max Gladstone
This Is How You Lose the Time War2019Jo Fletcher BooksYNovel1LGBTKind of science fiction romance novel told through letters. Focuses on two rival agents from different warring factions
Yang, NeonThe Black Tides of Heaven2017Tom Doherty AssociatesYFantasy1LGBTFantasy novel about 2 twins sold into a monestary, before growing apart as a rebellion grow in the empire they live in.
Whitehead, JoshuaJonny Appleseed2018Arsenal PulpYNovel1LGBTNovel about an indegnous two spirit person whos left his reservation but must retrun home in a week for his stepfathers funeral.
Buckley, Toby (ed)Bombinate Vol 42018Self-publishedNZine1T
Dale, Laura KateUncomfortable Labels - My Life as a Gay Autistic Trans Woman2019Jessica Kingsley YMemoir1TMemoir from a gay, trans, austistic woman
Daniels, AprilSovereign (Nemesis, Book Two)2017Diversion PublishingYYoung Adult1TSecond book in April Daniels' YA series about a trans girl superhero.
Long Chu, AndreaFemales2019VersoYTheory1TAutotheoretical exploration of the idea that 'everyone is female and everyone hates it'. Chu's use of the word 'female' means the way the self is hollowed out to make way for the desires of another. Takes basically a neo-lacanian approach by way of Valerie Solanas and ends up exploring porn, incels, art, her own masterbation habits and force femme fantasies in great detail. Some have found the book quite objectionable, revealing Chu's internalised transphobia and mysogyny. Others see it as a wild, satirical flirt with attitudes and ideas that we in the trans community have been reluctant to approach.
Sullivan, LouWe Both Laughed in Pleasure: The Selected Diaries of Lou Sullivan2019Nightboat BooksNMemoir1Tselected from Lou's journals that he kept all his life and intended to publish before his death, this book is hilarious and heartbreaking and reads like good, boy thirsty tweets. it deals well with all the uncertainty of transness, and the long periods of doubt, and the experience of being recloseted by those who supposedly love you.
Waidner, IsabelWe Are Made of Diamond Stuff2019Dostoyevsky WannabeYNovel2TI haven’t read this yet, but Waidner is non binary and writes about working class queerness, utilizing surrealism to discuss current political landscapes, romance and labour. It’s published by a radical socialist press I really like called Dostoyevsky Wannabe, who don’t make a return on their sales and choose predominantly voices from the margins.
donated by Isabel Waidner (thank u!)
Spott, VerityPrayers, Manifestos, Bravery2018Pilot PressYAnthology1TCollection of Spott Verity's work, including the attempted trans manifestos.
Spott, VerityTrans* Manifestos2016Shit ValleyYZine1TCollection of attempted trans manifestos.
Smith, DanezDon't Call Us Dead2017Chatto & WindusYPoetry1TSmith is genderqueer and their poetry deals with themes of racism, gender, queerness and HIV. I think this book is really essential and beautiful and was nominated for the National Book Award, and I’m fairly sure they are the only genderqueer person and one of few POC to be nominated for it. There are some amazing videos of them reading their work on youtube that we could share maybe in future. Link to their poem, “alternate names for black boys” -
Snorton, C. RileyBlack on Both Sides - A Racial History of Trans IdentityNTheoryT
Spade, DeanNormal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics, and the Limits of LawNTheoryT
Heinemann, CasparNovelty Theory2019The 87 PressYPoetry1TCaspar Heinemann is a trans man and has a poem I love called “if you think pigeons are too common to be beautiful don’t call yourself a communist.” I haven’t read all of this collection but have read several poems and really like the way they combine anarchism, love, and Grotesque Things.
Dodd, JayThe Black Condition Ft. NarcissusNPoetryT
edwards, kariSuccubus in My PocketNPoetryT
Feinberg, LeslieTransgender Warriors1996Beacon PressYStudy1TA part memoir, part history of trans people through the ages. told very frankly and with a lot of heart, loads of photos and illustrations. not the most accurate historical text in the world but very important !
Allen, MarietteTransformationsNStudyT
Baez-Bendorf, OliverThe Spectral Wilderness2015Kent State University PressYPoetry2TBaez-Bendorf’s poetry discusses his transition with incredible tenderness and often humour. The book has almost a spoken word feel at points while using images of plant life, ancientness and transformation in the natural world in a very sensitive way. I found it extremely comforting. Quote: "Here’s a brachiopod, here’s me twirling in a gauzy blue dress in the afternoon sun. Trace these fossils with your tongue and place them in my hands, which will never be any larger. Lay your ear against an iceberg while there’s time and sing to me its trickle.”
Baez-Bendorf, Oliver
The Advantages of Being Evergreen
Binaohan, B. Decolonizing Trans/Gender 1012012Biyuti PublishingYEssays1TCritique of mainstream white centric gender theory. Short and aimed at people of colour/ indegenous people to help understand how gender has been impacted by whiteness/colonialism. Written in a non-academic style which can often end up being quite difficult to understand as it bypasses conventional grammer norms. Some of the points made can seem quite controversial and outdated.
Clare, EliExile and Pride: Disability, Queerness and liberation2015Duke University PressYTheory1TEssays about disability politics from a queer, intersectional perspective.
Clare, EliBrilliant Imperfection: Grappling With Cure2017Duke University PressYStudy1TEssays about disability, focusing on the concept of the cure.
Beauchamp, TobyGoing Stealth: Transgender Politics and US Surveillance Practices2019Duke University PressYStudy1TA book exploring the central position of surveillance in trans lives. Through exploring a range of issues, it shows how disciplinary power is used to create conformist citizens.
Pearce, RuthUnderstanding Trans Health: Discourse, Power and Possibility2018Policy PressYStudy1TDetailed study of the the key challenges and debates in UK trans healthcare using patient voices, autobiography & social theory. Incredibly well written and inightful.
Prosser, JaySecond Skins: The Body Narratives of Transsexuality1998
Columbia University Press
YStudy1TAn exploration of gender's materiality in the body through careful critique of Queer Theory and examination of trans autobiography and canonical trans texts, The Well of Lonliness and Stone Butch Blues.
Preciado, Paul B.Testo Junkie : Sex, Drugs and Biopolitics in the Pharmacopornographic Era2013Feminist PressYTheory1TAuto-theoretical account taking testosterone. Takes off from Foucoult & Butler and explores the intersections of gender, pharmaceuticals, pornography and late capitalism.
Stryker, SusanTransgender History: The Roots of Today's Revolution (Revised Edition)2017Seal PressYHistory1TAccesible guide to american Trans history, in terms of activism, challenges, culture, society. Includes a lot of stuff that is relevant for people in the UK and Ireland due to american culutral hegemony.
Roche, JunoGender Explorers2020Jessica KingsleyYInterviews1TCollection of interviews with young trans people and often their parents. Really interesting to see the perspectives of these young people who've grown up in a world far less resistent to them being themselves than we have, as well as their parents who are mostly supportive.
Roche, JunoTrans Power2020Jessica KingsleyYInterviews1TCollection of interviews with people like Travis Alabanza, Kate Bornstein, Josephine Jones, Glamrou, and many more, as well as writing from Juno Roche. Shows the diversity of trans experiences, particularly focusing on those outside the typically presented binary model. I read this at a time when I was really struggling with feeling like I wasn't doing transness in the right way, like I wasn't and couldn't conform in a way that was acceptable, and this book basically turned that mindset around completely, I can't recommend it enough.
Roche, JunoQueer Sex2018Jessica KingsleyYInterviews2TCollection of interviews exploring sex, intimacy, desire and dating from a trans/non-binary perspective.
Serano, JuliaWhipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity2007Seal PressYTheory1TFoundational trans femininst work, often referenced frequently by other trans feminist writers. Focus on cultural hatred of feminity and how that’s directed at trans women. Popularised the terms cissexism and trans-misogyny
Thom, Kai ChengI Hope We Choose Love: A Trans Girl's Notes From The End of The World2019Arsenal PulpYEssays1TEssays about how social justive movements might approach questions of violence, complicity, family, vengeance and forgiveness. Seekes to find nuance in times of polarisation.
Thom, Kai ChengFierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: A Dangerous Trans Girl's Confabulous Memoir2016Metonymy PressYYoung Adult1TA coming of age novel about a young asian trans woman who runs away from home and eventually forms a kind of vigilante gang to help fight transphobes and violent johns
Arndt, JessLarge Animals2017Cipher PressYShort Stories1TCollection of 12 short stories based around the idea of what it means to have a body through reality bending narratives
Jacques, JulietTrans: A Memoir2016VersoYAutobiography1TAutobiography that self consciously deconstructs the genre of trans autobiography while exploring the mundane reality of the trans experience
Plett, CaseyLittle Fish2018Arsenal PulpYFiction1TA novel about a Canadian trans woman who discovers her mennonite grandfather might have been trans.
Hall, RadclyffeThe Well of Lonliness 1928PenguinYFiction1TNovel that for years was the best known British lesbian novel, despite the fact that the protagonist explicitly identifies as a man. Written at a time when queer people were categorised as "inverts", without a solid distinction between gays & lesbians and those we would now call trans people. Despite being way ahead in terms of gender and sexual politics it is very much a novel of its time written by a member of the aristocracy with all the paternalistic class and racial assumptions you would expect. If you can get past that (and how depressing it is) then I definitely recommend it.
Cuboniks, LaboriaThe Xenofeminist Manifesto2018VerseYManifesto1TAn attempt to begin articulating a new kind of feminism, embracing alienation and technology for their emancipatory potentials.
Crewe, JamieGlaire2017Ma BiblithèqueYPlay1TGlaire is a text from Jamie Crewe’s performance Potash Lesson (2016), and a new drawing, originally presented in a work aligning Victorian treatments of hysterical women with contemporary expressions of transgender femininity. Glaire contains two theatrical scenes from Une leçon à la Salpêtrière (1908), written by André de Lorde for the Grand Guignol theatre, Paris. A printed edition of the play, which describes a gory scenario of disease, abuse, and revenge in the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, has been digitally scanned through OCR (optical character recognition), then translated using Google Translate. Words are fractured through the automatic peculiarities of OCR, and distorted through automatic translation from French to English. Phrasing, form, and gender are warped. Claire, the injured and vengeful young woman of de Lorde’s play, becomes a textual force with a constantly shifting name, misgendered, belittled, and pitied by doctors (and stage directions) who make no more sense than she.
Alabanza, TravisBurgerz2018OberonYPlay1T
Lamb, TeddySince U Been Gone2020OberonYPlay1T
Rubin, HenrySelf-Made Men2013Vanderbilt University PressYTheory1TRubin uses the life experience of trans men alongside historical documents and theory to understand what it is to be a trans man. The analysis and experiences he draws out point away from post-modern understandings of gender generally found in queer studies, these men are unapolagetic essentialists.
Jorgenson, ChristineA Personal Autobiography1967Paul S. EricksonYMemoir1TChristine Jorgensen was the first ever trans celebrity, internationally known as th GI who turned into a blonde bombshell. While she was reported as being the first person to have a 'sex change operation' this wasn't true, nonetheless, her story set the tone for how trans people would be talked about for years and for many people she was the first trans person they had ever heard of. This book is a bit sanitised but interesting nonetheless. It also features an introduction from Dr Harry Benjamin who also wrote The Transsexual Phenomenon and is considered the father of modern HRT.
ed. Avery, Madison Tara & Thornton, Jeanne
We're Still Here: An All Trans Comics Anthology2018Stacked Deck PressYComics1TCollection of comics on the trans experience. Features lots and lots of writers, believed to be the first collection of its kind.
Raha, NatOf Sirens, Body & Faultlines2018Boiler HouseYPoetry1T
Charles, Josfeeld2018Milkweed EditionsYPoetry1TTrans poetry using a kind of neo-medieval type of english.
ed. Tolbert, TC & Peterson, TraceTroubling The Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics2013Nightboat BooksYPoetry1TA collection of work from 55 poets. This book is massive and perfect if you want to be introduced to a diverse range of writers.
VariousThe Gender Garden2016
LGBT Health and Wellbeing
YAnthology1TA collection of writing from Scottish trans, non-binary & intersex voices. Features both poetry and prose.
Hidden Ink ChildGay Trans Boy Things vol. 12017ZineYZine1T
Hidden Ink ChildGay Trans Boy Things vol. 2: People Being Silly About Gender2018ZineYZine1T
Hidden Ink ChildGay Trans Boy Things vol. 3: Gendered Illness Issue2019ZineYZine1T
Uziell, LaurelInstant Cop Death2017Shit ValleyYPoetry1T
VariousZarf #142020ZineYPoetry2TPoetry anthology zine
Korneliussen, NiviaqCrimson2014ViragoYNovel1TA novel about 5 friends in Greenland
Ortberg, Daniel MallorySomething That May Shock and Discredit You2020AtriaYEssays1T
Set of genre bending essays about culture, gender, religion, relationships and more
ed. Andrea Abi-Karam & Kay GabrielWe Want It All: An Anthology of Radical Poetics2020Nightboat BooksYPoetry1TCollection of radical trans poetry, very thick book with lots and lots of writers including Harry Josephine Giles who is Scottish and based in Edinburgh.
Peters, TorreyDetransition, Baby2021Serpents TailNNovel2TA novel about a detransitioning, love, sex, divorce, pain, and womanhood. Incredibly good. Every trans woman I know whos read it has felt totally seen with this, but not in a shallow way thats simple representation and nothing more. It goes very deep into the psyche of these characters, doesn't shrink at showing the dark bits.
Glück, Robert Margery Kempe1994
New York Review of Books
Schulman, SarahConflict Is Not Abuse2019Arsenal PulpYTheory1
Okorafor, NnediAkata Witch2011SpeakYFantasy1
Burns, EleanorWolves of Dacia2018Double DragonYFantasy1
Burns, EleanorGloriana's Masque2020Self-PublishedYFantasy1
Pollack, RachelUnquenchable Fire1988GollanczYFantasy1
Smith, Molly & Mac, JunoRevolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers Rights2018VersoYStudy1Examination of the specific ways the criminalisation of sex work makes people unsafe. Incredibly well written and argued, and tells you basically everything you need to know. Vital book to read right now specifically as the Scottish Government is undertaking a consultation on sex work law with the intention of introducing the nordic model.