Mosleytown Marketplace Investments 4th pd (Responses)
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What is your name?Investment Portfolio [inSANE Glow-in-the-dark Hammocks]Investment Portfolio [Cake & Crumb Bakery]Investment Portfolio [Pascal's Pregraduates Carpool and Delivery]Investment Portfolio [Capital Club]Investment Portfolio [Charles by Custom Technologies]Investment Portfolio [Fergelu Thermoses]TOTAL Individual InvestmentWhat were the most important factors you considered when making your investments?Feedback #1Feedback #2Feedback #3Feedback #4Grade x/5
Aubria Walk$5,000$5,000$0$5,000$0$0$15,000Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersThe Club-
Don't make a "curfew" for people under 18. Nobody goes home at 11 p.m.
Glow in the dark hammock-
interesting presentation but not really worth the money.
Fergelu thermosis-
I could understand what your product was in the video so I don't know what your idea was about.
Charles by custom technologies-
Video did not really make sense. I did not get your idea
4 - Make feedback more constructive by offering suggestions
Conner New$0$15,000$0$0$0$0$15,000Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniquesThe food they brought in was the main reason I pick their business to invest in. They could try and make the company more interesting.I only invested in one company. For the Insane Glow in the Dark Hammocks, you could try and add more feature to the hammock that would separate it from other hammocks, besides that its glow-in-the-dark. For Custom Techologies, you could try and explain more of what your product is in your advertisements.5
Adam Latta$0$5,000$10,000$0$0$0$15,000Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Potential risk or lossFor Cake and Crumb Bakery they had a very good presentation, thier samples were very good, they look to me like an up coming businees that could take offPascal`s idea is very good, its like having your own butler to drive you places and bring you things without you wasting any time, especially at school. Pascal`s has a very bright future ahead of them.I didnt invest in the custom charging station because the product seemed very large. Chargers these days are small and compact but the charles is larger, taking up more space. To fix their product I would suggest making it smaller and more compact.I did not invest in the hammock because in my personal experiences hammocks have not been very easy to work with. They can be hard to lay on without you falling off. I would suggest finding a way to make it where it is a more stable product, keeping you from falling off the hammock and giving multiple options for the color that will show when it grows.4.5 - Offer suggestions for #1-2
James Ticatic$0$0$10,000$0$5,000$0$15,000Potential for return on investment, Organization and professionalism, Marketability to consumersPascal's is a company I invested a lot in because they seem professional yet creative so they will probably gain the most profits. One thing I didn't like is that the idea a little bit hard to accomplish with the limited resources that they presented.Charles' proposal was the most entertaining and easiest to remember because of it. They do need to be more professional though and then they can easily make a profit with the idea they have.I didn't choose the cake and crumb bakery because I am not convinced that they will make a profit. When people chose to spend their money I do not think they would want to spend it on desserts, and I liked how other companies were more marketable.Feregelu thermoses proposal was hard to understand and was not very effective. They can be profitable though if they make a really effective advertisement.5
Aidan Sullivan$0$5,000$5,000$5,000$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Marketability to consumersI think that the night club idea was good, and I like how the idea is marketable to people of all ages. Will older adults want to go to a club where there are a bunch of younger kids?I really liked this idea because it seemed very marketable, but I would like to see if they could cut the starting out investment cost. They could see how their business is doing then uprgade to better equipment as the business grows.Fergelu Thermosis I did not invest in because I didnt understand what the project was. I think their promo video could have been shot in a better place so I could hear what the promoter was saying.I did not invest in inSANE hammocks because I dont think the product will sell all that well. They should add another twist to it to make it more marketable5
Ashley Moore$0$0$10,000$0$5,000$0$15,000Potential for return on investment, Potential risk or loss, Marketability to consumersCharles techonology- I invested in this because even though the advertisement was confusing, the overall idea of the product is good. Many people would rather have on item that charges all of their electronics rather than hundreds of cords. Therefore, it only makes sense to invest some amount of money into this business because odds are, it will make big profits.Pregraduates Carpool and delivery- I invested in this because not only was the advertisement intresting and detailed, the idea that was purposed is a really good one. Being a high school student who cant go off campus for lunch, it would be nice to be able to have a bus take students somewhere to eat. Also, it would help students who do not have cars be eldigable to go off campus. This is a very logical idea that many students would decide to take part in. inSANE- I did not invest in this product because I do not feel that it will have a large profit made. Yes, the video was extremely entertaining but as I thought about the actual product, there was no question in my mind that i was not going to invest in it. Not many people would want to but a glow in the dark hammock, not many people even own hammocks anymore. But the visual presentation was very good. The product idea just needed more thought to it.Cake & crumb- I did not invest in the cake and crumb business because there are so many ways other people can make goods. You can go to the grocery store and buy a package to make brownies for the same amount you can buy 2 of them at the bakery. The presentation needed work also. But the over all idea of the bakery was a good idea, I just will not invest in it because there is a high risk of no profits.5
Trey Keeney$0$15,000$0$0$0$0$15,000Organization and professionalism, Marketability to consumers, Support of facts/researchCake & Crumble Bakery - I suggest that they do a survey on the types/flavors of baked goods that consumers in this area enjoy most.I did not invest in a second business.The inSANE Glow in the dark hammocks could explain the company more in depth, explain who their target customers will be, and support their plan with factual evidence.Fergelu Thermoses needs to show a possible design of their product, market research done on their product, and a future plan of their company.5
Lee$5,000$0$0$0$0$10,000$15,000Organization and professionalism, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Potential risk or lossFor the INSANE-Glow-in-the-Dark hammocks:

Your presentation was unique. The most iteresting power point of all time probably, but you didn't need to scream like maniacs just to attract business. You're basically trying to pull off that old used-car salesman trick, by talking loudly with confidene to portray that you know what your talking about. Bottom line is that I would tone it down a notch. You can be funny, but theirs a limit.
For Fergelu Thermosses:

I enjoyed the presentation of the product. It was presented proffesionally, but I think you could've talked more about the product. You mentioned its specifications a couple of times, but you could've at least shown a drawing to help us get the general idea of what it is.
For Pascal's Pregraduates Carpool and Delivery:

I didn't invest in you company because I thought the basic idea was pointless. The first thing that popped in my mind was, why do we pay tax money for businesses to go off and give us bus service. The delivery part I though was silly because Every company that sells food that could be easily delivered already offers that service. Plus paying you extra charge for delivering my Chinese is not worth me sacrificing 5 minutes to drive over and get it my self.
For Capital Club:

I did not invest in your company because the idea of a minor club is silly to me. Clubs just need to stay for adults. Having a club with only soda and dance music is as good as having a parently monered party. Plus your target market is going to be punny.
5 - Good points, but choose less critical language like "pointless" and "silly"
Toney-Paite Phillips$10,000$5,000$0$0$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniquesI chose to invest in the inSANE hammocks because the price of production is low but people will pay for the great product. Because it glows in the dark and repels bugs it is perfect for camping. There are little expences that would cause the company to be in debt and people already pay good money for similar products. So the return on investments would most likley be quick and easy. The novelty of the product will increase sales. I chose to invest in the cake and crumb bakery because of the persuasive techniques that were used and the provided samples. By demonstrating the products to he investors there is full clarity on what is being invested in. I did not invest in Charles by Custom Technologies because I found the video to be confusing and I never fully understood the benefit of the large box to charge things. With the product being so expensive and consumors already being allowed free chargers with their electronics I feel that it would be difficult to sell the product.I did not invest in the Fergelu Thermoses because I did think that the product would do well on the market. If the company is trying to target tailgaters there might be some sales but many already have their own tailgating equiptment. If the video were a bit more discriptive then maybe I could see the benefit.5
Varya Kononov$0$10,000$0$0$5,000$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Organization and professionalism, Marketability to consumersCake And Cumb Bakery isnt a new idea but I am the type of person who loves sweets and would rather buy something fresh from a bakery than have to buy something that has been on the shevles at a grocery store for who knows how long. If i were you, Id make a few more contrasting items so that it looks more unique and people have different choices to choose from.Charles is a interesting idea but a little too convoluted. It was a confusing idea but it probably sounds better than showed. Maybe you should rethink the layout and how to explain the product better.I did not choose to invest in the Capital Club because it isnt a new idea and it wasnt very appealing to the investors and it just overall didnt seem to be well thoughtout and i dont want to invest in something that isnt taken seriously.I did not choose how to invest in Pascal's Pregraduates Carpool and Delivery because i didnt understand what the product was. I was just confused. 5
Julian Keeler$5,000$10,000$0$0$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersCake & Crumb Bakery: I invested in your company because i know you will succeed. You absolutely can't go wrong with baked goods. If I wee you I would try to seem more lively about your product. Your presentation was a bit boring.
inSANE Glow-in-the-dark Hammocks: Your company appealed to me because of your marketing ability. Your presentation really caught my eye. The items you're selling aren't that spectacular, but i'm sure with your ability to sell this product will do well.
Capital Club: I didn't invest in your business because i'm not quite sure how adults and teenagers would share a club. I don't see that working out too well. Even if the teens have to leave by 11 I still don't see this being a success.Pascal's Pregraduates Carpool and Delivery: This was a geat idea and I had trouble not investing in this one. But the more I thought about it, i realized that this business would increase teenage obesity. I could see maybe doing this business twice a week but everyday seems a bit much and fattening.5
Mike Dehaney$5,000$0$5,000$5,000$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Organization and professionalism, Creativity and persuasive techniques I think that the inSANE Glow-in-the-dark Hammocks proposal was a very good idea, but lacked some information. I Also think that if there was a little less yelling, and more financial statements about the idea, it would be a little more convincing to the audience to want to invest fully in it.The Captial Club had a good overall proposal, and targeted teens very well. Some of the information was a little unclear though, like it stated that if you were under 18 you had to leave at 11pm, but at 11pm the club would serve alcohol.. What about the 19-20 year olds. That is just an example of the unclarity of the information.The Charles Club maybe could have gotten me to invest in their product if they made it more clear as to what their product actually was. The video didn't clearly explain the product.Fergelu Thermoses was not a bad idea. They could've incrreased my confidence if the environment the video was taken in was not so noisy. 5
Caroline Peebles$0$5,000$5,000$0$5,000$0$15,000Potential for return on investment, Potential risk or loss, Marketability to consumersCharles by Custom Technologies had a great idea in my opinion. A portable carrying/charging station for electronis could be very useful. On the other hand, the advertisement video was weak and confusing and could have been organized better.Pascal's Pregraduates Carpool and Delivery too had a very creative idea. Most students do want the chance to go off campus for lunch but do not always have the opportunity. The carpool and delivery service is a great way to help these students out and I can see a great investment benefit. A little more work could have been put into the advertisement to make it more interesting.inSANE Glow-in-the-dark Hammocks had a creative idea, but I did not see the need for this product. The consumers for this product would most likely only buy the hammock on a whim, or for fun, but there could have been reasons in your advertisement for why the glow in the dark portion of the hammock is helpful.Cake and Crumb Bakery was a cute business plan, but there are already so many bakeries out there. Investing in your business would have been easier if there was something truly unique about it other than baked goods.5
John Burgess$0$5,000$5,000$0$5,000$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersCake & Crumb Bakery, The food was good and made me want to have more and you had stats in your proposal. Although if you had narration you mave have of gotten more investment money from more people. Pascal's Pregraduates Carpool and Delivery, A very good idea and the proposal used pictures and stats. One thing that would of made it better was if you had narroration insted of an ausome song. Fergelu Thermoses, the use of a viedo was nice but i could not understand what was said and what your product was and what it did at all. You could do a slide show showing stats and speak in a quiet enviroment so people could understand what was said you would get more invertorsinSANE Glow-in-the-dark Hammocks, I do not see a potential marcket of many of these items. To carry around a hammock like the one displayed would require a lot of work. If you tweeked it so it filled up a bag like an Eno hammock would it would more portable and you could sell the stand seperatly to maximize profits5
Alex Walker$10,000$0$5,000$0$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersThe marketing method the inSANE glow in the dark hammock grabbed the viewer's attenntion and made them laugh. It also showed the benifits of buying the hammock. In other words, the marketing was great, the product itself may leave a little to be desired, so maybe you could add a way for the customer to "order now!" to persuade the impulse buyers to do just that.In my opinion, your idea was great and connected with your audience (the students watching the video) however, I suggest you find a better way to present the product than using a prezi, compared to the other groups, it seemed bland and a bit lacking in creativity. Also, a concern of mine is how you would get the people who are already going off campus for lunch to partake in your program instead of going with a group of their own freinds? I think that this will be a big road block in your plans and a plan should be devised to get around this or at least take this idea into consideration.For the CHARLES technology thing, i think the effort you put into the video was great, but there were a few things that brought your attention off the product more than it should have (whipping of the cow person?) Also, A large misconception in our class was how this product was to be used, we beleived it was meant to be portable and it made no sense to us, so if you better clarified how this item would be used, i think it would greatly increase the investors' and the buyers' confidence in you and your product.For the FERGELU thermoses, I think that in your video, you should make it in a place that is easier to hear and possibly not make the advertisment in the "lecture" form. In other words, maybe you could make a video or multiple videos with just an audio recording to narrorate, like the other classes. Standing still with unclear talking will make the consumers try to "tone you out" and/or bore them5
Jared De Joya$0$5,000$5,000$0$0$5,000$15,000Novelty of business idea, Organization and professionalism, Marketability to consumersI invested into pascal only for their presentation and their unique idea. The return seems low and overall, the idea seems uneccesary. The fact is that they assumed way to many things such as, we will make minimum, only need 4, etc. If believe it will work though due to its appealing luxury and their profesionalism. I know that they will know how to handle my money and thiat is very important. I don't exactly think they will get as much as they ex[ect due to their prices and expenses, but I know they will get some return.Cake & Crumbs was a solid and straightfoward proposal. No funny things or facts, just that's what we need to do and how. I think that they will get return due to the pure incompetence of teenagers and their love for sweets. They know their expenses and what it takes to cover them. Overall, I expect and average return with little risk.So Charles was a toss up, but I decided against it. The presentation was the definition of unprofessional and seemed like a commercial, demeaning me to the idea that I am the customer. Overall that, should have more figures and numbers and less people and blunders. The idea however is what kept me intrigued. However, i soon realized that no one would want it since they already have chargers. People need to look at products like this "Why pay when i don't have to" and their luxury is useless. to me. Personally they should innovate their idea to the point to where it is almost a want.Capital club was overall just jumbled up. I their data was just indirect and I wasn't given any reason to invest into them. The club idea requires advertising, regulation, and intrest with the very high potential of no profit. Their presentation needed to intrest me more along with a more innovative idea. Overall, the club needed to be more professional and differet, not just going with and overdone good idea. 5
Kellie Burgess$5,000$5,000$0$5,000$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Marketability to consumersinSANE Glow-in-the-dark Hammocks:
I was really impressed with the presentation, but I was slightly confused as to how much you need. I thought the idea of selling them for $80, but it only costing $20 to produce was smart because it guarantees a profit.
Capital Club:
Although the initial amount needed is high, I do believe that this club could be very popular among teenagers. I would like to know how you will make sure that no underage person is still in the club after 11.
Pascal's Pregraduates Carpool and Delivery:
I did not invest in this company because I could see gas money being a huge issue. For the low cost of transportation, and the high gas prices, I was unable to see a significant profit.
Charles by Custom Technologies:
I did not invest in this company because I was very confused as to what the actual product is. Also, how much would this product cost? Specifying the profit would have been ideal.
Garrett Reid$0$0$0$5,000$10,000$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Potential risk or loss, Marketability to consumersCharles
When making ads for consumers, show more about how useful it is for managing your space and time. The cords bit was hilarious but spending more time showing off the product will get more buyers.
Capital club
Be MUCH more creative with your ads and pitches, I liked the idea but the powerpoint just wasnt exciting enough to grab my attention.
Cake and crumb bakery
What makes your bakery different from the others? There is one in each period and I feel that the idea just isn't original enough. If you can come up with an original catch then i would gladly support your product.
your ad was just screaming which was funny but didnt seem nearly official enough. I wouldnt trust you with my money to be honest. If you can pull off a more serious tone and better explain why someone would want a glow in the dark hammock. But throughout that, I did find the ad hilarious
Jake Banasiewicz$10,000$0$5,000$0$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersinSANE Glow-in-the-dark Hammocks: Overall, I thought the idea was really interesting and different from anything I have ever seen before. I would like to suggest some changes to the design of the hammock. You could possibly have the hammock come in multip colors or shapes. Also, you could add other features to the hammock like cup holders or possibly a stereo system for music.Pascal's Pregraduates Carpool and Delivery: The idea of a delivery system was very interesting and something that everyone has wanted at least once. The only thing I would suggest is changing the name. It's long and very confusing. Not everyone is going to remember the name and you want something that stands out. I was also wondering how far the transportation would go and cost.Charles by Custom Technologies: I did not invest in this video, because I did not fully understand what this product even was. The proposal was very confusing and also didn't seem very serious. To make me want your product, you need to be more specific about what you would be providing. Capital Club: I did not invest in this idea, because I was confused on what the club would provide to the community of Moselytown. Yes, it would give the kids a place to hang out, but what else? Also, clubs can usually have a negative impact on the kids going to it. I would like to know what you would be providing to keep the negative side effects out of the club.5
Mirabel Ijeomah $0$0$15,000$0$0$0$15,000Potential risk or loss, Marketability to consumers, Support of facts/researchPascal's Pre-Graduates
I really liked the format of how you proposed your idea. You thought of different scenerios like if you dont have a ride off campus or if you just dont feel like going off campus which is great. I also liked the fact that you had how much it would cost a day. but with that many buses and how expensive 1 bus is, will you really be making a profit? think about that. What risks are there?? you didnt mention that. it is a good idea to let your investors know that!
Only invested in 1 buisness Charles
I didnt invest in your company because your organization and professionalism was bad. Yes itwas funny but half the time i couldnt understand what you were saying. Maybe try to focus more on the product and improving all the facts about the product more than making a funny video next time.
I didnt invest in your business because first of all it wasnt clear what your product or service was, and if a consumer or/and an investor cant tell then youre most likely not going to gain or make money! If you had stated that clearly or improved your organization and the presentation of your product i might have invested in yours!
Blair Bowling$0$5,000$5,000$5,000$0$0$15,000Potential for return on investment, Organization and professionalism, Potential risk or lossI invested in the Cake and Crumb Bakery because I enjoyed their presentation, they had delicious samples (their business will be successful), and they have a wide/general market. The samples were a great technique because they captured many investor's attention. I invested in the Capital Club because I think they have a great potential for return and this idea is marketable to anyone. I liked the powerpoint because it was professional, straightforward, and reassuring. I did not invest in inSANE Glow-in-the-Dark-Hammocks because while I liked their idea, I did not feel it was a secure investment and it would be too much of a risk. I did not invest in Charles by Custom Technologies because while the presentation was funny, it did not seem very professional and I did not completely understand the concept being presented. 5
Meredith Gordon$0$10,000$0$0$5,000$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Marketability to consumersCake & Crumb Bakery
Good planning for equpiment cost, but realistically a bakery will need multiple sinks as well as multiple ovens and proper storage for baking needs and already baked items. Starting small is good, but over time there will be a demand for more eqipment and suplies. Also, there was no explanation of the cost of actual ingredients that will be used, just equipment for the baking.
Charles: Custom Charging Station
Overally good idea, but in the presentation there was no discussion of costs, possible risks, or where money to produce the product will come from.
Fergelu Thermoses
To increase my confidence in this product, it could have been better explained why this product is different or better than other thermos products. I could get an NC State thermos container anywhere, why buy this one?
Pascal's Pre-Graduates Carpool and Delivery
Giving more information on how the process of carpool and delivery would actually take place could increase my confidence in this idea. The presentataion of the idea of the company was really well put-together, but lacked infomation about how the company will function to meet the needs of consumers.
Andrew May$0$10,000$5,000$0$0$0$15,000Potential for return on investment, Organization and professionalism, Marketability to consumers-Cake and Crumb Bakery-

I invested in your business because I believe that if you expand on your idea, and market it well to your consumers, then there is a lot of potential for return on my investment. Your business proposal was well-organized and professional, and I felt like I was being sold an idea rather than a product, how a business proposal should be. It was also a relatively low-risk investment, considering your competition. My suggestion is to make sure you advertise well in first period, I'm sure if you keep the consumer in mind, you'll do well.
-Pascal's Pregraduates Carpool and Delivery-

I invested in your business because I think that if you can portray the correct idea with your advertisement, then you make a lot of money with your business. The proposal was also well-organised and you could tell that there was a fair amount of work put into it. My suggestion for improvement is to try and describe your ideas more clearly, so the consumers know exactly what they're buying.
-Charles by Custom Technologies-

Explain your ideas more thoroughly. This was supposed to be a business proposal, not an advertisment. I felt like I was being sold the product rather than being convinced my money would be safe and even profitable. It was... entertaining, but not an appropriate persuasion for a business decision to be based off of.
-Capital Club-

As a service, I think this will be a hard idea to market with the kids that will act as consumers; They won't be able to access almost half of your service, with none of them old enough to stay after eleven or consume alcohol, much of your service isn't even marketable to you consumer pool. My suggestion is to take out the after 11 rule and not serve any alcohol, cater to the consumer more.
Karen Hernandez$0$5,000$10,000$0$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniquesCake & Crumb Bakery
I like your idea because food is something that everyone will always want so you will never run out of customers. However, there are many shops like this so you should put in a little twist to the business to make it stand out from the rest a little more.
Pascal's Pregraduates Carpool and Delivery
Love the idea! So many students want other food than the one that they offer in the cafeteria but some dont have the transportation to do so and this is what makes your company so great! However, you should state the prices for the consumers because not all of them work and if the prices are high, they won't have the money to consume your food.
Capital Club
The idea should be aimed for a higher age range. The idea sounds like it will make a profit. State your security measures into more depth.
Charles by Custom Technologies

It was a little hard to understand what the main idea was and how it was different from what is already in the market so this could be clarified more. .
Nicholas Ducret$0$0$5,000$0$5,000$5,000$15,000Potential for return on investment, Organization and professionalism, Marketability to consumersFergelu thermoses, earning that cantract with the sports associations is a great idea, as long as they sell them in there respective stadiums. Another thing, since NHL stadiums are generally cold, wouldn't getting a liscence agreement with them benefit the consumer more by offfering them something to keep a hot drink in while enjoying the game?Pascal's, your idea is very good in the sense that it provides tastier food to people at leesville who can't drive or won't leave campus because gas is getting very expensive. As far as improvement goes, the song you used was nice, but it didn't fit your theme at all.Capital club, you want us to enjoy the experience, but you don't sound like you care about the safety of the customers you are providing for. you also dont't mention anywhere the finnancial risk if you let people with fake I.D.'s in.inSANE Glow-in-the-dark Hammocks, you don't have to scream about how INSANE your product is. All that did was lose the effect you wanted to create.5
Alex Stephens$10,000$0$5,000$0$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersOne of the businesses that I invested in was the inSANE hammocks. I liked the idea behind the product and it was the only presentation out of all of them that had a new product that hasn't been done before. Hammocks are also a really big market right now, especially with the introduction of Enos -- this product introduces something new to a growing market. One constructive criticism I have is that the group should discuss how and where they will try to market their product. Otherwise, I think it is a great idea and it was presented well.I also invested in Pascal's Pregraduates. I liked their idea because it seemed like something that consumers would be interested in. I feel like something similar has been done before, however, I like that they had all the visuals and really explained how their business would actually work. They also used great persuasive techniques. One criticism I have about the business is that they focused on what would happen in the long run, without talking about what it would take to get there. I really liked their idea and I think it has great potential return.I did not invest in Charles by Custom Technologies, but it would have been my third choice. It was cool that they did a commercial type thing, but that would do more to convince consumers than investors. They have a solid idea, but it would have helped if they would have explained their product further. They would have increased my confidence if they would have explained their product in more detail and if they had tried to aim toward a more specific market.I did not invest in Capital Club. I think that if they were to open the business that it would do pretty well. However, I didn't invest in them because it is something that has been done many times before. To increase my confidence, they could make it a lot more original. It seemed like a good idea, I just think that it was an idea that has been tried too many times already.5
Courtney Robson$0$0$10,000$0$5,000$0$15,000Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Potential risk or lossThe Carpool and Delivery could have had some different music. It was upbeat and fun but distracted from the presentation.Charles by Custom Technologies could have had a more informative video of the design instead of having a more comedy appeal to it.Fergelu Thermoses could have used more visuals of the product and how that will work instead of someone just talking about it.inSANE Glow-in-the-dark Hammocks are a cool idea but not very practical. 5
Ben Beckett$0$0$10,000$0$5,000$0$15,000Potential for return on investment, Creativity and persuasive techniques, Marketability to consumersPascal's really needs to focus on getting the word out there and also try to use fuel effeceint vechicles to save gas money.Charles should focus on using low cost materials and emphasizing to their costumers just how custom the product isInsane needs to tell why people want the product instead of just it glows in the dark.cake and crumb seems less unique than the others try to get creative make new food items that are more out there.4 - late
Molly Sparks$0$0$5,000$10,000$0$0$15,000Novelty of business idea, Organization and professionalism, Creativity and persuasive techniquesThe Pascal's Pregraduates Carpool and Delivery investment was made because their proposal was very bright, visual, persuasive, and informative. The idea was very unique and something that I think all high schoolers would want and benefit from. One thing that they could have elaborated on was the carpooling aspect of the business but other than that it was a nice presentation!The other business I invested in was the Capital Club because it is an idea that is fun and exciting to all young people. To have a place to all be together to enjoy good music, food, and snacks is much welcome for minors. The only thing that could be improved could have been the visual presentation of the proposal because it wasn't very colorful, but other than that I can't wait to visit the Capital Club in Mosley Town.I did not invest in the inSANE Glow-in-the-dark hammocks because i thought that although the idea was cleaver it was unpractical and not something the company could really profit in. Hammocks are made to be enjoyed under the stars or watching a sunset so i don't really understand the point of making them glow in the dark. Although, I did like the fact that they kept the bugs away! To increase my confidence maybe you could have added more to this product to make it a little more unique. Another company i didn't invest in was the cake and crumb bakery. I love cakes and cookies as much as any person, but the cost for utilities seemed to be high and a great need to make this bakery possible. It seems as though a bakery would be nice to have in Mosley Town, but a few things should be looked into. To increase my confidence maybe the bakery could also have a catering service to help aid the bakery against the risks! This would insure that my investment money was going to good use.5
Hannah Bridges$0$5,000$5,000$0$5,000$0$15,000Organization and professionalism, Marketability to consumersFor Cake & Crumb Bakery-
I like the idea for your business and that the products would be affordable. To attract more attention I'd suggest adding pictures of your products
For Charles by Custom Technologies-
I feel like this is a great idea. Many people use electronics every day and have multiple electronics to charge and a custom charging station would be great to stay organized. I would suggest adding more written information in the slide
I feel like the hammocks are a good idea for people who enjoy spending time oudoors, especially at night. Your idea is presented well. for the capital club, I do think this is a great ide for people who enjoy what you are offering. I think this could do well with the way you presented it and with the services you're offering, especially for teenagers.4 - Didn't offer suggestions in your feedback for #3-4
Reynolds Jenrette$5,000$5,000$5,000$0$0$0$15,000Potential for return on investment, Organization and professionalism, Support of facts/researchFor cake Pascal's, what i liked most is that you had all of your expenses down and knew how mch you needed and more importantly informed us the investors about it, you could probaby charge for gas as well however and make even more so us investors get more out of believeing in you guys/girls.for inSANE glow in the dark hammocks i love your idea, but i feel you could've given me more information, your powerpoint seemed quite rushed, consider putting more down even if some of it is just fluff designed to grab people's attention. If you had told me more i probably would've invested more but your more of a risk to me without information that will tell me otherwise.Fergulu, you have a good idea however you didnt give the key information that I needed, How much, how many, if you have an idea which store you'd sell in and so on. you need to find the balance between telling us how much we need to trust your product and being consise.Charles, Props on your video it gave me a laugh but it didn't have any informaation about what you need the money for and the potential return on the investment.5