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9/8/2013SDo not try it! Will make your kid(s) cry!Don't try it! If you make the teeniest mistake on IXL BOOM! You lose a LOT of points. It will make your kid(s) cry. I'm surprised you are giving it good reviews Common Sense Media. I'm in 6th grade and it made me cry.118118399111179999
01/01/2014SIxl is NOT worth it!I think ixl is not worth it! First of all, when you make it to the 70's or 80's, you earn 1 point and lose like 10 points. It helped me get good grades but it also wasted my time. I think Khan Academy is better than ixl. I would've rated ixl 2 stars if it wasn't so boring. My whole class are complaining about ixl. Also, 79 dollars or something for a year? I could use that money and add it to my savings for a new bike! Since i couldn't rate it 0 stars, i had to rate it one. Trust me, it is NOT FUN like it says on the advertisement. No offense, but ixl was the WORST learning website for me. I'm not trying to advertise Khan Academy here but if you want to learn, trust ME, ixl should be your last choice.10079320110499negative reinforcementC
12/12/2013SDon't use it.Don't make your kids suffer through this online "Learning" website. It makes teens cry. It does NOT deserve positive reviews. I am assigned IXL homework in algebra and you barely get any points if you get the answer right and deducts a lot of points when you get just one wrong. I also know that when you get an answer wrong, the website gives you the right answer and explains how you messed up but it never applies to what you are actually learning to do. This website should not be used as an advanced learning tool, it is more like a mini torture device. It might be ok for small children but for the rest of us we all understand how badly your self-esteem can be crushed by something as simple as a website.86732971146@NeonNinja99negative reinforcement, irrelevant information being taught99
02/02/14SPeople Actually Pay For This Junk?!As a student who uses IXL every day, this review is the honest truth. I find it a waste of my time. This website is making teachers not teach. Where did real teaching go? Also, it makes me feel dumb. If I make a mistake my score goes down by 10 points. Everyone makes mistakes, so why is it fair to punish a mistake? Don't buy this, waste of your money, buy your kid a new toy instead of this junk.394321011318@ckaykaynegative reinforcementVS, L, DDS
04/27/14STHIS IS WHY I AM DEPRESSED IN LIFE!In School, we use it. We all are ranked lowly because EVERYTIME YOU GET A QUESTION RIGHT, YOU GO UP ONE POINT! EVERYTIME YOU GET A QUESTION WRONG, YOU GO DOWN TEN POINTS! If you were to think about buying it for home, think again, because you are wrong!35341971121899negative reinforcement, mental healthVS, L, C
if you enjoy your kids happiness then please stop your kids will commit suicide, go insane, destroy your house, etc. so if you hate your kids then please make them use this. i had to do this summer break and when i came to school everyone was out of it. it is very punishing and stressing. my eyes are red for more than 2 reasons293217411418@sithijagsuicide/mental healthVS, PS, L, C
05/12/14SIXL is EVILOur school does IXL and it has made people in my class swear out loud. Stuff I don't even want to write down! JUST DON'T DO IT!!!! Please, have your kids be happy and not dread IXL. Some people just skip it in my class.242017911413@frustrated student99
02/24/14STHE WORST, MOST EMOTIONAL SITE I'VE EVER ENCOUNTEREDWhat parents need to know: This site will flat-out make your kid CRY. If you get 1 question wrong, you go down by about 12 points. If you get one right, you only go up a couple of points. It takes a YEAR to finish one grade section, and I DON'T RECOMMEND IT TO ANY STUDENTS 9TH GRADE OR BELOW.22301611121799VS, C, PS
03/01/15SDo I even have to explain why?"Smartscore" HA, That's pretty funny. I slaved all day to get 7 lessons done. Each one took an hour each. This is how it goes: Get up to 79 points (our teacher only makes us go to 80) accidently forget a negative, back to 66. More like a dumbscore to me282112011313@PoobNot proper way to learn from mistakesVS, C, SS, DDS, L, PS
07/07/14Sthis website owes me a new keyboardOk let me start off with this the IXL sins.it turned me into a demon.what ever teacher chooses this site is not very bright.242510811714@mathlover10123456789mental health/frustrationDDS
07/19/14SIf you hate your kids...OK, here's a rundown for the parents, if you tell your kid/s to do one hour of IXL, and the have high B's or low As, that means at least 4 different lessons, take it from me, I am moderately proficient in math, so my personal record max of completing 6 algebra 1 lessons in the span of 1 hour. When you reach a score of at least 85 or above, the system takes 10+ points for getting ONE wrong, and adds 1-3 points for every question answered correctly. DON'T GET THIS PROGRAM- YOU ARE GOING TO WASTE $80 A YEAR OR $10 A MONTH FOR THIS AND YOUR KIDS WILL HATE IT.211910211515@death_the_peterwaste of money and time99
09/17/14SDON'T EVENHello, My name is Mindy I hate IXL take it from a kid who loves Language Arts more than anything, its my favorite subject I love grammar I love it all but IXL is ruining my grade, I will try so hard, to improve what I want to do but no matter what I do I fail, I thought it was bad, for kids to be on the computer too much. IF you want to improve IXL, try only making it twenty questions or just saying wrong don't give the answer and make them try it again! I don't think this is a safe plus its so expensive just to make your kid feel bad about themselves its not a learning tool its to decrease their self esteem2019801132@NOIXLgive answer immedietely after wrong, doesnt allow students to learn, Mental healthC
05/02/14STHIS WEBSITE IS BAD and is a waste of moneyhas problems with the points.2223741101899EP, VS, C, DDS, L, PS
04/15/14SNot the bestIXL could be a great site but it needs major improvements in the systems. The scoring, when you get to a high score, is completely devastating and time wasting. One question wrong? BOOM now you are 8-10 points lower. As a teen who has to get 300 points per section I can say sometimes this is extremely frustrating and it has brought me to tears more then once. Next the "rewards"... I simply hate that they are called this. Nothing is more rewarding then a digital picture right??? This along with the horrid scoring system makes this site pointless. But wait theirs more!! Their are tons of glitches that kill your score and frustrate everyone. Also the "explanations" are often wrong or offer no learning at all. Several that i have seen just had the problem and a quick and pointless explanation of the processes and when I followed the steps on the next question it was wrong. Over all i be-leave this site has some potential but it needs lots of fixes and revision to it.1516831139@Am a typical kidnegative reinforcement
04/15/14SBadIt's bad don't do it.109831162@Nup Tup
03/01/15SRAGETheir program makes me want to smash the computer. It is so horrible. When you get a question right you go up x amount of points until you get to 100. But, if you miss a question or answer it wrong by a number or letter it will drop you a lot of points. It takes forever. Use abc mouse or something better.
02/25/2015SUh....Personally, I think IXL is not the best place to learn. They don't give really positive messages to kids. For example, if your score is 85 and you get this one itsy bitsy question wrong, it will take away about 5 or more points. the messages they use are cheesy and stupid, plus if you get a question wrong, it won't explain it like a human. And it's really expensive. Parents, don't let your kids use IXL for improvement on Math or Language Arts. It will literally traumatize your kids as young as 4. PS: After spending a looooong time on IXL, all your children get as a prize is a computer-animated object. DON'T BUY! And to me, stupid and cheesy messages are like swear words.81668191799negative reinforcement, expensive, doesn't teachL, C, PS
10/22/14SMOST STRESSFUL WEBSITE EVER!This website is the worst thing ever! I tried the math problems, and when I get one right, I get like more points depending on how many I did. You need to get to 100 points and the questions are infinite! Thats the worst part, if you get one wrong when you are at a 70-99 point range, you lose a lot of points! And since there are infinite questions, it takes FOREVER to finish, its even more stressful if its homework, like mine. So don't even try IXL parents!77771121899negative reinforcement, too many questions/too longC
03/26/13SGreat!!!Very fun and is a great learning tool! The best for all ages2528335132@K bugvague99
02/22/14SChallengingIt is a very frustrating program for most kids because it subtracts more than it gives. It takes a very long time. I have spend all day working on some of these modules. It makes me cry and often throw things across the room.117601134@Lucie B Wnegative reinforcement, frustrationPS
01/20/15SThe system is just unfairThe reason I put "too much violence" is because I had a violent outburst moments ago. My teacher assigns my class IXL homework every now and then, and when she does, it's not very pretty. Since the teachers do not always teach similarly, there are things that some students have not learnt or understand at all. The point system is very unfair as the second you hit around 85, it gives you only 1 point per correct answer, and deducts like 7-8 points with every incorrect answer. Today, my teacher assigned 3 tasks and I've been on the computer for about 4-5 hours, focusing solely on IXL and I still haven't finished. My schedule usually goes like School ends at 3 Extracurricular activities go through 3-6 depending on the day of the week, and I try to sleep at 11, but today it seems that I'll be sleeping way later than I usually do, considering that this atrocious thing has been keeping me from doing my other homework as well. Unless you want your child to be frustrated and stressed on the floor, I would keep away from this website.7104221415@MelMelonMartaViolent frustration, course doesn't line up with what they are taught, negative reinforcement, a lot of workVS
02/18/15SIXL is TrashIXL frustrates me very much. I dont like it because it doesn't reward you for ANYTHING! All you get is stupid online prizes and you dont know what they are so you dont feel good. DONT USE AT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!564511317@cmat22frustration, pointless prizesPM, PS
IXL has some GOOD points and BAD points. The bad thing is that every time you get a tiny thing wrong it reduces your score which is SOOO frustrating. You could be doing one section for at least 2 HOURS! The good thing is that it pushes you to try your best and keep on going so you can get the heck outta there.
49412111299frustration, negative reinforcement, pushingC
12/15/15SIXL is a waste of money and timeI spend all my free time on this because school assigns it. I don't have a choice. Don't recommend it because miss 1 question get 5-20 points off, get one right get 1-3 points added. IXL leaning that feels like what!? Definitely not play! If you like torture, get this for your children, if you like waste of money and time get this, otherwise don't bother. However, I marked it good for learning because it did help me learn, but it is not fun and it is a waste of time. Bad enough my school gave an award for a contest for a free pass for IXL57401152@zackerypnegative reinforcement, torture, waste of money, help learn but take away motivation
10/11/16SPlease Read This1112271142@Anonymous199misleading scoring system99
04/22/15SQuite Possibly the worst thing since HitlerI get the concept behind this. Really, I do, and I don't think IXL has bad intentions. But it has some major turn-offs when it comes to higher leveled skills. First off, the amount of time spent doing these is absolutely ridiculous (I currently have an entire hour in a subject that would take ten minutes on a worksheet) when I should be doing other homework or socializing with friends. The reason why I have an hour in this is not because I am stupid, (far from it) but because simple mistakes like not seeing a decimal point can cost you upwards of ten points and a variety of very negative emotions. I've had entire nights ruined because an unnecessarily difficult problem or just a stupid mistake. I mean really, just look at this screenshot I took JUST now. I was at 95% before I took it. http://imgur.com/ixi65tT More than likely if it was a worksheet and a teacher was grading it, they would realize what you meant, maybe correcting it, and still giving you credit for it. A computer algorithm does not see what you meant. On the emotion side of it: I absolutely LOATHE it. And the feeling isn't just me personally. I know for a fact that every single person in my grade would rather have pencil and paper homework than this. Some of my peers have even broken things reacting to being *so* close to 100% and missing one. These are kids that in times pre-IXL were very docile and not prone to get angry. These same kids that in times pre-IXL aced every single paper test, but are now struggling to maintain a B average overall. Do your kids a favor and do NOT buy this awful, horrid thing.853221417@Translucent_Itime-consuming, not only person in class to hate, too difficult, too computerizedVS, SS, L, DDS
03/19/13SPut your thinking hat on!Its very good , it helps you alot with maths and using your brain.15121639499vague, positive but not 4 or 5PM, PS
01/26/15SDO NOT MAKE YOUR KIDS USE THISFirst, lets look at the positive side. It teaches you math and English/LA. That's it for that. Other than that, it is the WORST thing my school has ever forced us to do. Once you get in the 80's for your score, you get about 1 point per right answer, and you lose about 8 for a wrong question. I have been working on one skill, ONE, for about an hour, and I am only in the 80's. I hate this so much, it has made me cry, lose all my free time, and more. Also, I made my account JUST TO LEAVE A BAD REVIEW FOR THIS! That is how bad it is!56311121899time consuming, negative reinforcement, mental healthVS, SS, L, DDS
11/06/14SColossal Waste of TimeI am a teenager forced to use this program for school. It is not fun at all! You hardly get any points for answering questions correctly, but it takes away like 10 points for every wrong question. Unless you want to make your kids hate you for making them use IXL, don't get it! You'll thank me for it later.253411418@Cupcakes1702no fun, negative reinforcement99
02/21/15SIT SUCKSThis is coming from a twelve year old kid it absolutely sucks!! Its frustrating and horrible. when you answer right it give you 1-5 points when you anwser wrong its 1-12 points off. Its torture dont make your kids do this just dont. I MADE MY ACCOUNT JUST TO GIVE THIS A BAD REVIEW THATS HOW MUCH IT SUCKS31331121799negative reinforcement99
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I have a feeling that most people wrote their reviews while in a fit of rage over IXL. That means, though, that while the reviews were written while the reviewers were angry, IXL put over one hundred people who knew about Common Sense Media into a fit of rage, and that is not the bulk of people who use this website. And, it made them angry enough to claim that this website has too much drugs/drinking/smoking, and violence, which obviously, is a lie; it is simply an infuriating math website. I know from personal experience that the website is useless in teaching children. The site's philosophy seems to have confused children's obsession with internet gaming, social media, etc., with an obsession with computers in general. They thought that kids, therefore, would enjoy math if it were on a computer. They attempted to give children incentive; there are certain achievements which lead to awards, and you get ribbons when your smart score gets high enough. I'm not sure who views their virtual image prizes as valuable awards. I certainly don't. In order to ensure that children have fully mastered the skill, questions get more challenging, and slowly give you less and less points for correct answers. So your work increases, and your "pay" decreases. I believe it takes 28 correct questions to get to 100 with none wrong; if you get your last question wrong, that adds (I'm not exaggerating here) 9-10 more questions. I guess that once you've mastered the skill, though, you are proficient in the subject. However, IXL does not assist you in mastering the skill. IXL starts you out with really easy questions if you have learned the skill at all in school. These questions give you a lot of points in your smart score (you master the skill when you get to 100). In total, it takes 13 questions to get to a smart score of 80. At this point, the anger begins during which most people took breaks and complained here. The questions become "more challenging", which usually just means bigger numbers, and more steps. This means that, in areas such as Algebra and Geometry, you will often have to multiply a triple-digit number by another triple-digit number... fifteen times.... And that is just one step of the equation. I personally use a calculator, and my teachers allow me to, as I have demonstrated that I am able to multiply. However, for those that cannot use a calculator, I pity you. Often, I'll make a typo or something. Typos are inevitable, and do not mean you can't do math! Often, with more complicated questions, the correct process to solve them is time-consuming. When you're at 99, therefore, you get very excited, and the anger incited when you get the question wrong because of a typo and are given ten more questions was enough to make me cry during class in front of everyone... twice. This was obviously quite embarrassing. My teacher once had to give me a worksheet as he saw that I could not handle the IXL. This was after I had spent two hours on it, attempted over 100 questions, but had not yet mastered it. Yet, I was able to complete the worksheet (which was probably about 28 questions, similar to IXL's subjects before you get anything wrong) much quicker than I could possibly do 28 IXL questions, get an 100 on the worksheet, and get an 100 on the unit test. But, my "smart"score remained in the seventies, and IXL said I needed improvement on the subject. I'm pretty sure I'm not the one who needs improvement, IXL! I ended up with an A+ in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, got well above the 90th percentile on the EOC, and got above the 99th percentile on my school's other standardized test. Yet I failed at the IXL practices for Algebra I, the class which I was taking. I have experienced the same thing every other year. So isn't it ironic that, when I clearly understand the subject, I can't do the IXL? Many people simply do not understand, though, that IXL is more of the problem than they are when they can't do the subject. When IXL tells them their score is a 50, and they struggle and fail to raise it and maintain a score above 50, they think they've failed. From what I have seen here, the majority of people can agree with me that the explanations they give when you get a question wrong do not make any sense. In the rare cases that their explanations make sense, can be applied, and work, they are often a very general method to do the problem, that is often not the most efficient. Therefore, if you were not prepared at the start, you will not be prepared at the end. The thing is, though, you are prepared if you can get to the end. That's why some people come to IXL and master skills to prepare for tests; they notice that whenever they master a skill, they do well on the the test. However, at least based on my observations of people like that, they were always ready for the test. IXL's explanations are rarely a help. All that for the cheap price of $79 per year per student. If you pay from Pre-K - Calculus for your student (the skills start at Pre-K level and end at Calculus in 12th grade), you have spent $1109 on this resource for your student. There are many resources which are probably cheaper than this that can actually teach. Or there's free Khan Academy. Anyway, for those of you who didn't feel like reading my long review, I would not recommend this. Those who think it helped prepare them for their test were likely already prepared. Those who were not will not master their skill, and may lose confidence because IXL tells them they are bad at math. Even in some cases in which the person is prepared for their test, they can't do the IXL. So, save your money.662311718@SvenGuiGuiwaste of money, mental health, frustration, pointless incentives, time consuming, problematic algorithmC
03/05/16Snotice all the kids say it is horrid while adults say its goodFirst of all, it is very stressful. Of course the adults would think it was amazing, I would too if I have never had it as an assignment. All of the kids or teens have probably experienced it, it is HORRID!!! It's easy at first but then they make it assignments. taking grades on it. I now have 2 F's because I refuse to do my teachers "amazing idea". I used to be a straight A student, but this stress is too much for me to bear. I have spent nights crying because if you miss a question it feels like you have to start over again. It honestly is the worst website ever.662311318@Abby_okparents don't understand frustration, crying99
10/10/16SThis is terrible.Do you hate your kids? Do you want them to suffer emotionally and physically? IXL is the program for you! Guess what? I have legitimately spent three hours, THREE HOURS, trying to help my friend out on this stupid website. It's currently 1:55 AM, and we're still trying to AT LEAST get to 90. We are both christian, but we have resorted to fowl language because of this program. We have had more than three questions with undoubted proof that our answer is right, but IXL has a different answer, that we've even proved wrong with calculators. It's like playing Russian Roulette, you don't know what the answer is gonna be, and when you KNOW you have it right, there was actually a bullet in the chamber. Yup, you got it wrong. How? I've proved my answer right and this answer incorrect. Because IXL is literally Satan. And when you get the answer wrong, you lose 6+ points. Oh, but what if you get it right? 1 or 2. Really? Really? IXL needs to be burned, the ashes fed to a dog, and then that dog's fecal matter burned again, and thrown into toxic acid. That's how terrible this is. Wait wait wait, people PAY for this? You pay for garbage? You PAY for your child's suffering and pain? Nice. This is child abuse. This is serious.552211418@DoctorWhoAndPiemental health, time consuming, VS, L, C, DDS, PS
05/17/16STHIS IS THE DUMBEST THING TO HAPPEN TO TEACHINGI was goofing around on kindergarten and i had a question that asked me what 5+2 was i said 7 and it said it was 827231144@ixl sucksPM, VS, SS, L, C, PS, DDS
04/24/16SIf IXL was a person, it would kill puppies that had cancerIXL sucks, it is like the devil made a website. Hitler could have used this in the Holocaust. Why do people think that Kids like this? It does not even help. Thanks for nothing IXL122911518@ixl is badit's really bad99
04/13/15SYou'll regret it.My grades have improved. I know things that all of my class doesn't. My parents force me to do IXL by not letting me use the computer for anything else and setting up internet restrictions with my school iPad. I disagree that we should do IXL and think it's a waste of money. Your kids will want to throw tantrums and fits. They'll cry. IXL is a waste of money. Parents think it's good only because of how they're children improve in education. If they don't, parents make them do more and more IXL. IXL sucks. Don't make your kids do it. I hate it. You get one question right, it gives you 3 points. You get it wrong and you lose 13 points. What is the problem with you? Nothing. IXL has a problem. When it asks you to write down a problem, for example, 8 + 9 = 17, it doesn't let you not put spaces, like this, 8+9=17. IT'S THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!! Don't do IXL. You'll regret it. I'ts a waste of money.2030191799doing math online, strict formatting, waste of moneyC
This "program" gave me crippling anxiety
To anyone reading this, please NEVER use this website. as a student i would much rather do a worksheet that takes 30 minutes, than do a 2-5 HOUR ixl that makes you very stressed even when you most definitely know the subject matter. it is a ridiculous website and i would never recommend it. i was at a 97 on a ixl (z3 algebra 1) and i got one wrong because i didnt add an X into the equation, and it booted me down to a 88. it literally made me break down in tears because i also have 2 more to do to 100 due tomorrow and also being 10:30 at night. i literally will be doing these until 12. *if you are stuck on these ixl's i recomend an app called "socratic" it is a very great a that allows you to solve problem by taking pictures of them. Thanks to anyone looking at this, Brandon Brown (you are ruining my time to be resting IXL)2281--8@jerry p.Time consuming, emotionally painfulVS, L, C
04/13/2017SWhy, just... why? also THE MOTTO IS A LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDon't bother with it. Our teacher forces us to do ixl probelems, and it's a nightmare. You get an answer right, 1 or 2 points. get one wrong, 5-7 points deducted. Notice the pattern with these reviews? It causes stress, and make you wanna rage quit. That's why I put violence and swearing as recurring themes. Also, their motto is "practice that feels like play". LIEEESSSS, LIEEEEESSSS, LIEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! it is just glorified math problems. And your "prizes", are useless pictures of objects. If your kid is in elementary school, use reflex math. Otherwise, use Khan Academy. In fact, if your teacher forces you to do ixl, just say no, demand reform, and have a long talk with the principal of your school. If I ever meet the madman who made this, it's gonna be a dark day... Thanks, and bye! P.S. For teachers: This service has a monthly fee. $79 per year. And given the cons I mentioned above, do you want to use that money for this junk, when you could use it for other things, like extra supplies? Think about it.332811318@Enderdude87Point system, does not teachVS, L, C
10/15/14PNot would it could beThe point system within the program the kids use in IXL is horrible. If they get a question right, then their points go up, but if they get a question wrong (and they are more than 90% correct on all answers, then it takes AWAY MANY points in one fell swoop (they get bumped all the way down to 82%). This is extremely frustrating to the learning child (whether they "get it" or they don't). My child has spent WAY too many HOURS on this software because she "gets it" and missed ONE when she's almost at 100%. This kind of take-away point system is very NEGATIVE and way too TIME CONSUMING!!!!!! If a child "gets" a concept with more than 90% accuracy, they shouldn't be punished for it. This point system needs to be changed ASAP!!!6380250216@watchingthisnegative reinforcement, time consuming, POINT SYSTEM99