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where are the '18 match results? +1asdfsdaf
People who applied/interviewed at UCSF, can you clarify their Step 2 deadline policy? They say the application is incomplete until Step1 and 2 transcripts are in but that the deadline for both step 2 CS and CK is in February. My plan was to take step 2 CK around october so I was wondering if this was going to be an issue. The wording on the website was a little vague<I interviewed at UCSF, never sent my Step 2 score. Did not seem to be a problem.
how far away from the hospital should I live?Depends if you want to stay at the hospital when you're on call or not.<some places have in house call so you're required to. I think distance depends on city, highway vs city roads, and your comfort. For me, I hate driving in traffic, so I am going to try to live close at least my first year
anyone knows what the reasons of open PGY2 positions are? Personal or being dismissed?Where are there open PGY2 positions?
wouldn't it be helpful to know if away rotators were interviewed at the places they did rotations at? I get not sharing if you matched to the away or not because that depends on so many factors, but I've heard that some aways don't necessarily interview everyone who does an away there< check out the "Rotation Impressions" tab where people wrote whether they received interviews after their aways and whether they interviewed during the rotation itself
Congrats on the match! Rising M4 here. Could you please fill out whether you did an away rotation or not at your matched program? Trying to figure out programs favoring rotators. Thanks!< because residency classes are so small, this changes drastically from year to year. It’s generally a good rule to think that doing an away, if you are likeable, will better your chances of getting an interview. As long as you put in the work, a program will favor an away rotator. Show up early and be ready for rounds, show off your clinical skills and ability to document notes appropriately, head to the OR after you're done with the day and get extra facetime with the faculty/residents, don't leave until you're told to leave and make sure you're willing to do anything to get the residents home earlier, do call on the weekends when you can and be useful when you do (you won't get this good of one-on-one with the residents during the week), set up meetings with all of the important faculty members (PD, chair, etc), get a good LoR from someone who will write a good one (if you have to write out an LoR that they can edit themselves to save them time). A good away rotation can supersede any shortcomings in your application if you do it right. < Also remember to do all this to an extent -- if someone is telling you for the second or third time to go home, go home. Don't hover/be annoying. Don't ask questions that you could look up answers to on your own; if you look up the answer and still have further questions, it'll show that you've been doing your reading and that you're engaging/teachable and ea<Thank you for all your input! It's exactly what us rising applicants look for! +2 <great post!
Anyone with advice on how to find roommates for residency? The other new residents have ties to the area and already have a place to stay? I would think that there are many residents in other speicialties moving there, that are in the same boat, but I don't know how to find them!<reach out to HOA office maybe?
Can anybody shed light on these research residency positions or these residencies w 6-year tracks for extra research time? As an applicant, do you need to have multiple first author papers, do they emphasize bench over clinical research, does it benefit you to be coming from an academic powerhouse program, or can you still apply coming from a smaller med school without its own ENT department?You should have some evidence of dedication for research. A few pubs maybe one BIG one. Def be able to explain your research and how additional research year(s) fits into your goals and career aspirationsI thikn you definitely need some evidence of interest in reserach on your app with people who can vouch for you. It is possible to do so from your situation if you have multiple projects you've been working on, etc. Re: Bench vs clinical < everyone knows bench research takes way longer (6+ mo dedicated) and needs lots of department support. 95% of pubs I see on applications are clinical unless they are from undergrad, a PhD or someone who took an extra research year. First author Bench is something that will make you stand out to the PhD in the department, but probably not the MDs
Why are programs I DID NOT match at asking for um no. One even sent me starbucks gift card...I don't need your pity lol < was really upset by this, they were my #1 too who sent a starbucks? I got multiple requests for feedback, but no card :(
The spread sheets will be locked on Friday and archived over the weekend. Look for a link to the 2018-2019 spreadsheets and chit chat sometime next week.
Can someone help fix the different sheets so they're not all out of order with the headers at the bottom of the page? Either they just look weird on my computer or the sheets are getting accidentally altered lol
2019 potential applicant here. congrats on the match you guys!! which org did you use to get a background check if your away rotation is asking for one?My medical school makes us do a background check every year, so I just used that one. <wtf? really? < yeahh... they make us pay for it too, which sucks. but I guess it came in handy at least once so there's that. I think we use a company called Certiphi or something. < Somebody certifind me another loan!Yeah my school makes us do annual background checks as well
Anyone feeling major imposter syndrome? Now that the thrill of matching is wearing off I'm suddenly terrified about the sudden jump in responsibility I'm about to have in a few short weeks. I feel like I'm gonna let everyone down..<dude omg agree so much. Just looking at my co-interns I'm like shit how did I end up here, I don't belong and I am gonna be the disappointment of the class. I don't know shit, I haven't been in an OR in months, and I barely remember what a diuretic is... pls send help <i recently took my ACLS course. I nearly forgot what epinephrine was. < it's reassuring to know I'm not alone in this feeling, at leastyes < When do most residency programs begin/ask you to move? <my orientation is in middle of june < July 1 is the typical contract date with one to two weeks of orientation before depending on how much trouble the hospital has been in for billing and duty hours violations...longer orientation = more violations < idk if thats a fixed rule< yea disagree with that whole duty hour thing. My first week is all bls/acls stuff so has nothing to do with duty hours> So most programs begin mid-June?Yeah I don't remember any ENT and have been taking it easy since sub-I seasonI've been working towards a dual degree in Netflix and barely remember what medicine is at this point < binge all the doctor shows you can find, those are educational right?
Was the unmatched spot at UPMC the one in Erie PA or in Pittsburgh?Pittsburgh.
Does anyone know which unmatched programs are still accepting applications (aka didn’t match during SOAP either)? Are there still unmatched programs? Which ones?ENT?I think you can contact them directly now
when do most away rotations open up? not sure when i should schedule my surgery rotation for 3rd year (adding a few details in response to the comments): school doesnt really allow us to do ENT rotations until 4th yr, so i'd be using surg letters to apply to awaysSurgery rotation has nothing to do with aways. I would finish step 1 and do your third year to figure out whatcha want to do before thinking about aways. Schedule surgery in the fall so you have it finished before your first ENT rotation. Aim to have your first ENT rotation done by ~February so you have time to apply to aways. I've heard of people doing aways really early if they're on the 18 month pre-clinical curriculum, but for traditional 2 year pre-clinical peeps, most people start their home sub-I in may or June and then aways sort of June-September. Some schedule aways as late as October, but then it's too late for a letter, but it can help you if you want to match at that program.either way, make sure to do your medicine rotation before your surgery rotation <+1 the surg shelf is all medicine so take medicine first
It seems the top row of headings is missing on the rotation impressions spreadsheet, could someone please magic it back? < It ended up at the bottom of the page, but personally I'm not sure how to fix this lol.
Any advice on how to prepare for intern year so I'm not a total disaster? Like my last ent rotation is gonna be over a year removed from starting +4 <i also have not done a SICU rotation lol, ded < same < if you want to learn something that will help in your career take an OMFS, allergy or GI won’t get much exposure to those again and you will gain skills to use in ENTVSAS just opened up like a mo ago, not too late for one final away ^_^ < hahahaha +1 lolol< Resident here. Dont do anything. Everyone is awful at the start. Part of the huge learning curve is figuring out the EMR system and learning to do orders and all that junk. Dont waste your time memorizing anything because you will likely forget it and it likely wont help you. Just relax. <but rly tho < memorize cummingsTake advantage of me, the new M4, who will do anything to make your life easier :) < this. < OMG I'm so excited to have a med student to boss around...I mean teach < will hand out free honorsWoah, that was provocative <NSFW<it gets the people going
So now what do I compulsively check? +1<trump twitter+1
When is considered too late to be doing away rotations? I've heard that it's generally considered not ideal to aways in July given that there will be new residents, is that the consensus? <did mine in July, thought it was kinda nice actually because I got a lot of teaching along with the interns (didactics, in the OR, in clinic)september is too late for a LOR, but you could get you an interiew. october is very late, but i know someone who ultimately matched at their october away. later than that is of little utility > I got a letter from my September away, I don’t think that’s too late at all. (+2) October probably is for an LOR, but still has utility if it’s a program that you might want to match at. That’s really the point of an away, I feel +1<i know peple who got letters from aways in September, no one reads ENT apps till october 15th anyway, so if you work with someone in the first few weeks and click, it is possible for it to be done in time. However, it is rare and it may not be as good as one from earlier aways in which the letter writer can draw on comments from multiple faculty and residents
should we include a tab for matched below away rotations? I thought it was helpful in previous years because it helped for someone to understand the utility of aways> Can you elaborate? <yea, so in years past there was a tab for did you match below your aways on your rank list. I thought it was helpful because I think there could be some relevant information for knowing how much utility there is in doing an away with the goal of matching there. < +1 OP I get where you're coming from. with the stigma about aways oftentimes hurting more than they help, this data point can be helpful in assessing that < I feel like an away rotation can only hurt you if you don't give it 100%. Bust your bust, do all the extra stuff no other med student would, make the connections you need, and get a letter from someone important... Aways should be your way to make up for any deficiencies you have in your application.
A huge congratulations to all who matched. I am so privileged to have met many of you guys on the interview trail and can't believe we will be ENT docs. Celebration!!! March Madness! Happy early Saint Patrick's Day!Fill out the Match results tab! +4
CONGRATULATIONS!or utterly destroyed forever... < dark<12 days to light at the end of the tunel<*tunnelI heard that in the DSM-6 they are coming out with a new diagnosis of NRMP PTSD (Pre-traumatic stress disorder) Criteria: Frequent dreams/nightmares about match, intrusive thoughts, obsessive checking of email/blogs, mood disturbances <+2 <They announced that there is a cure coming out on Monday, but some people will have adverse reactions <+2<i heard they are already working on a vaccination in the form of getting rid of otomatch <vaccinations don't work for have to stop cold turkey
So I was the one who had last minute regrets for not ranking my #4 as #1 because it was objectively the best program for me. I was having nightmares about how I was going to make #1 work....and apparently the match works because I got #4! Fit really does matter.I was having a heck of time between 1 and 2. Got 2 and now realize that it's much better for me at my stage of life. I feel ya! +1I had the same feeling. I did an away at my #1 and felt like I invested so much time and effort into going there. But I was having serious regrets after submitting my rank list. Matched at my #2 and I'm beyond thrilled. The universe was watching out for me!Got my 5th choice and couldn't be happier. My first several were for practical considerations like geography but this was the one I really liked and was hoping for.
Best Wishes for everyone in the Match!
How do you go about finding housing? I'm gonna be in New York and I have to have a roommate or 2. Get in touch with the other new residents? Do you ask the program for their contact info if they don't fill it out on oto? I don't know where to begin!
Match day bitchesssssssssss<Game time! Best of Luck to Everyone
Did OSU really match 12/12??? < yes <dayum < Where do I buy my "Da Ohio State Dirty Dozen" shirt??? -Just a Casual Fan < would also buy this. that was one of the funniest comments. honestly we should have a post-match awards for the meme-worthy jokes this chat has accumulated.Someone fk up everything from here 113 rows down, I repasted from previous version history (from 3/15 7:19PM), feel free to double check if I mismatched any rows - MS3 < looks good
Rising M4 here - just wanted to wish all of you good luck for tomorrow! It's been fun lurking around here the last few months and I'm excited to meet many of you next year on the trail and beyond. Good luck!!!You mean M3 < Kids these days... lol < get off my lawn all you rising MD's
Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! ^ 0days!!!!!! < we're now counting in hours people<anyone trying to get leaked information from faculty today?< as a resident... I am. But mostly for personal knowledge of whats going down tomorrow rather than an attempt to leak info<i thought programs dont find out until just earlier than us tomorrow? < nope 2pm today <oh sht!! now im nervous.... for 2pm when I wont even know until tomorrow< It is a violation with the NRMP if programs leak information to anyone, not including PC/PD < this is definitely the case, it is also the case that NRMP violations occur all the time and people don't careDoesnt seem like theres much of a punishment if your program has a violation < depends on the violation...PDs demanding a letter saying you rank them #1 gets smacked down...calling your future resident to say welcome to the team 12 hours early...who’s gonna complain?Do programs usually call people early? :o <no call for me so farNo. Programs will definitely not do that. <I'd actually probably be a little upset if they ruined the surprise of Match day for me < I agree... I don’t need to know a few hours early. Would rather have the true Match day experience at this point
Someone deleted the top of the ranked number 1 sheet. Can a mod restore it?< fixed it... careful with that ctrl+v boys and girls.
From the Sinai fam: best of luck to everyone tomorrow, we are super pumped to know who the new recruits are!
The final match tab is messed up. Someone else’s info and mine got merged.<there was a filter in place. i took it off. did that resolve the issue? < looks like its better now?
Deans find out today right?< don’t the programs find out today as well?My chairman told me that the programs find out a little earlier than we do, but he didn’t say whenMedical School's get the goods at 8 am EST, Programs at 2 pm EST Dean I never talked to, it’s me your friend anonymous giraffe <+1Wait hold up... is SOAP over today? Then why isn't today match day? < bureaucracy < gotta print out those papers that everyone gets tomorrow < if only we had invented, y'know, automatic printing machines or something < we need an automatic envelope stuffing machine.
Question for this year's MS-4's...did anyone find the google calendar useful? Should we go spreadsheet only for next year?I used the calendar daily when interviews were going out, it was a better visual representation of the schedule for me. <the only downside was that it wasn't 100% complete or accurate. but overall i thought the calendar was really usefuI only used the spreadsheet dates +2would have used the calendar more if I was confident that it was being updated as regularly/quickly as the spreadsheet +1 <+1 you'll have to go with the flow and see what gets updated more frequently. Use that<calendar is useful to get a general idea of when programs are interviewing before they send invites so you can schedule other programs around them in anticipation
Will there be an NRMP charting the outcomes for our year? Seems like it’s q2y <? It's every year <last one was 2016. <2yrs ago tends to be most updated charting outcomes. data for our year will probably be available for 2020 match applicants< I recall the 2016 coming out last year - so I imagine it will be available for the 2019 class
Bored and love data - preliminary crunching looks like med school rank and pubs correlates with ratio of invites/applied, while Step 1 doesn't (save the outliers over 260 or below 230). Obviously there's skew in what programs people decide to apply to but interesting nonetheless < figures? tables? please...*folded hands* < Forget data... It's all about name recognition (med school you trained at, faculty at your med school, faculty writing LoRs). Step 1 gets you into the pile of applications put on faculty desks to review for interview offers. After that it's in the hands of the faculty member that gets your application put on their desk or the faculty member who spoke to someone advocating on your behalf. < so your analysis says that step 1 doesn't matter between 230 and 260, but does matter if it's above or below that range? <probably no applicants below 230 < the sample is small outside that range so hard to tellMultivariable model? Also, did you consider interaction term of med school rank*publication count? Another unknown is the tier of programs that the top candidates may be applying to. If an applicant applies to only the top 20/30 programs; their interview yield may be lower than someone who applies to a lot more programs. In order to increase your sample size you might want to consider including last years data. I doubt much changed since last year. < n= ~70 is too small for reliable multivariable regression< Not surprised that step score doesn't correlate, I think the importance of step score is way overblown as long as you are above 240 or so (or maybe even 230 per this data?). I think it's a little more complicated than a simple cutoff, but not by much. i.e. a great step might help if you aren't coming from a strong home program. I'd be curious about an interaction with school tier.< what are we using to tier med schools? NIH Research dollars, US News Rank, ??? <it's self-reported (1-3) < I think US news rank is generally what is used < I think it had been labeled as US News quartiles, but US News doesn't rank every school, so it's really confusing what quartile your school is actually in, so I wouldn't rely on the self reported tiers unless we define that better < I would consider the strength of your home ENT program above overall med school reputation. that's what the program faculty will be considering, and reflects in your LORsdid home residency program yes or no correlate with number of interviews? Im sure there is some confounding with school rank since smaller andnewer schools wont have a residency program.
So I know this chat is gonna get archived for the '19 chat soon...just wondering if there's agood way for us to all keep in touch? Like I would love a place to anonymously comiserate with my fellow interns when we all know nothing come July < hey Sam! can we wait a little longer (maybe 2-3 weeks?) to archive this to give people time to fill in their match results and contact info?< how about listing contact info on '18 Match Results sheet? Alternatively, could just join FB group (listed below) < haha no longer anonymous then <make an anonymous FB account? or maybe its time for an otomatch twitter < contact info will be on the '18 Match Result Sheet when it is filled out!I know IM is using discord, we could do that? <what's that? <its a chat program targeted at gamers...i used it for my gulty pleasure (clash of clans)If you all want I coculd just put up an otomatched spreadsheet for otomatch alunmi and put a link up on the main web wouldnt allow any control on who could post but we havent had much problem with spam or need for moderation. ----sam< living up to our rep as ENTs... we mild-mannered af < lol
SOAPers, how are you doing??I got what I wanted!!!! <Hell yea!! congrats!!! super pumped for o\you +5< CONGRATULATIONS! cheers! +1000 <time to celebrate!< great SOAP programs this year! happy for you guys<Congrats! Jealous that you get the find out before the rest of us. D: < congrats, but yeah, even though it makes sense with the SOAP procedure, it's still kinda a little weird that match day comes early when you SOAP<I def think they deserve it when they have to go through the hellish process that is soap. You deserve some sort of reward haha +1
I highly encourage everyone to check the rotation impressions and interview day impressions pages and just fill out some info for your home program. MS3s are considering and applying for away rotations now, and I'm sure they'll also find the info helpful about what to expect from their aways/interviews as this hot mess of a process gets ready to start all over again lol. < MS3 in disguise or truly genuine MS4?? <match week is like St Patty’s everyone is Irish this week.<M4 here: please fill out the forms so that we can continue to improve how informed our successors will be! +2Someone deleted the UCLA rotation impression <restored from Jan 29 versions...feel free tolook through other version but that was the last one I saw was still there.
Is the UTSW row on the rank spreadsheet for real? yeah I figured it would be popular, but holy crap. I guess top tier clinical + minimal research requirement is a popular combination. their interview day was also awesome with the nicest facultyAlso had tons of rotators and interview everyone <+1 < didn't interview me. turds. (not a rotator) #notbitter < meaning interview every one if their rotators < lol, I know.
Anyone else a little freaked about some of their rank choices? I for one am nervous about some choices I made and idk how to handle it < be drunk from now - Friday < challenge acceptedkkyes I ranked prestige over lifestyle but now wish I hadn't <+1, but i put a lot of thought into it. To me, professional development was worth ranking based on training/prestige over "happiness" or a "cushier" program. While I did this, I did rank based on programs as a whole as well, but it changed every other day haha.
How did all yalls schools do in the match overall? How many people have you heard of not matching in your class?I think it's all very hush-hush. Haven't even heard a rumor of anyone not matching. Even the one we all think shouldn't be a doctor managed to match into a rural IM or FM program. I'm sure there are at least a few that didn't. <I know one ortho applicant who didn't matchEveryone at my school going for ENT matched! Then again, I'm the only one..... < I'm scared to ask if all of us ENTs matched because I don't want to be cruel if they didn't. Just gonnna find out on Friday.I didn't, but will find out about 20 minutes!!< good luck!!!!!!! <good luck, let us know!!We all matched woo!!!!
How representative do you feel that 120 responses kn the “number one” tab are for all of the applicants preferences this year? < This list is clearly enriched for elite applicants: 14 who interviewed at MEEI, 12 at Penn, 11 Michigan, etc. 64 applicants in total ranked Tier 1 institutions #1. That's half of your sample right there. So if you interviewed at those institutions, this list may be more representative for you because it captures more of that interview pool. If you didn't, I would consider this list completely unreliable.representative of a third of applicants, self-selecting for the type to patrol otomatch<yea, impossible to say how accurate or inaccurate it is becaues it is biased based on the people who tend to frequent forums < im guessing not that representative given there were more people updating the final match 18 tally with less interviews after they found out they matchedOn average, if you multiplied every number by 3 you might get a decent look at applicant preferences. Especially because the match tally is actually incredibly close to Step 1 and AOA average stats for ENT. That being said, some schools won’t have love on here but will have love IRL. << Another thing to remember is that programs at the top of list are skewed to big programs (4-6 spots), which would be expected to have a greater volume of #1 ranks. < Hell yeah Sinai... rocking those 6 spots
Now that we had so many unfilled a lot of my friends are saying that they could’ve easily matched into ENT. Maybe competitiveness really is going down a lot<I think the caliber of applicnats is still very high, i.e. there are still very high step scores, AOA etc. However, I do think that there are still way too many students who were interesetd but were told not to apply due to numbers, and that is reflected in the decreasing number of last year and this year compared to before. I will say that people who soap this year have the chance to land at some truly outstanding programs, so it is something that is great for them, but it is something that programs have to find a way to rectify <matched here, but some of these programs i would have loved to go to, but didn't have the chance to interview atIts self selective. I wouldnt be surprised if the average step score, AOA%, and number of pubs is continuously going up. Eventually enough people are going to look at the numbers and think its easy to get in and more will apply. And then the match rate will go down again and the cycle will start over. +1< yeah I agree with all of that. We're definitely at a relative low point in the number of applicant, but the strenght of those applicants in terms of USMLE, grades, research, is still as high as ever. I think that the unfilled programs reflects a combination of randomness in the match process and programs not being conservative enough in "interviewing broadly" to have enough people to fill their spots. There are still a lot of unmatched applicants. Even derm had 9 unfilled spots, so I think that's just something that happens when programs don't have a good pitch for why people should go to their program, and so the people they interview decide to go elsewhere.There are still more applicants than spots, and those applicants are as competitive as ever, so if a program doesn’t fill there is only their own recruitment effort and interview strategy to blame < yeah fo sho
So did U of Rochester follow in Columbia CT Surg footsteps and forget to submit a rank list?< I am super curious about this
They actually matched 2/3 and then SOAPed for the last spot. Not sure where it came from that they went unmatched completely.
Unmatched someone on the other end I’d be interested in hearing why people who interviewed at tthe unmatched programs didn’t rank them honest but don’t be brutalKentucky < didn't like location. enjoyed the faculty/residents (may still have matched here though) < It was a fine program, I just didn't feel like I really hit it off with the residents and faculty like I did at other programs < had a very bad interaction with my first interviewer who aggressively asked me exactly where I had interviewed instead of in vague terms like many other programs. He then followed it up with what can I say right now to make you not rank any other programs and rank us 1 in a very aggressive manner as well, and then scoffed at my answer that I didn't thikn there was anything as I care about fit, etc, and wanted to meet the residents more. I liked the residents and they seem like a solid program where you would get good training, For me, a combination of that and the location made it drop on my list, but I may still end upthere so who knows <I am totally surprised to hear any of these programs go unmatched but I can see how location plays a big part. Kentucky is a diamond in the rough: A solid program, great group of people and fun resident culture -- but I think many were just looking to head to larger cities/coasts or near "home"Miami <didn't want to live in Miami, some of the faculty were standoffish <program faculty/resident diversity, though this can't be helped... <research year def wasn’t worth it. <this was my favorite program i interviewed at actually, but prestige made it number 3 for me < didn't interview here, but heard from a home student and an away rotator that this program isn't the kindest to students and works them harder than necessary/not for an educational purpose (so same goes for the residents maybe?) < loved the program, hated the city < Prestige was a major factor for me. Otherwise great program w/ great residents and amazing training. +1 <i'm sry is this research track or? < prestige was the main factor for me as well. I ranked Miami the highest in its tier and even higher than some programs considered more reputable. I actually ranked the research track position righ after the 5 year one, so for me that wasn’t the issue, but I imagine most other people didn’t feel that way. Loved the city, loved the program, faculty, but in the end I couldn’t justify ranking it higher than top 5 programs. Side note about research track positions... I’m sure programs know this to some extent, but it’s a hard sell. You have to be a reaaaaaly attractive program to know for sure that you will consistently match the spot. Some of the places that offer research tracks are doing themselves a disservice. How enthusiastic about research would a candidate that got in through the soap. <research spots often go to FMGs who are willing to put in the extra time, flexible on location, and often more inteerested in academis the USGs...but the program has to be willing to interview FMGsNew Mexico < I LOVED this program and would have ranked it first; my partner could not stand the thought of living in Albuquerque. < Came down to location for me as well. <I personally really liked ABQ, it was my partner who didn't like it. If you're into the outdoors and a humble town where you get tons of exposure to the underserved (people from Mexico, native americans, low SES) then it's the place for you. < Same as the top post, I really loved this program and seriously considered ranking it first but my spouse was pretty hesitant about living there. < Also I thought every single one of the attendings was a total badass (down to earth, chill, but clearly passionate about what they do) and the residents are bosses in the OR and clinically early on. I think SOAPers should seriously consider this program.Pittsburgh < I thought this was a great program. For me I just really liked some of the other programs Interviewed at more than this one and It ended up somewhere in the middle of the pack for me. < I had similar feelings. Other issues for me were: 1) the question of head & neck volume, which I don't feel they were very upfront about 2) the fact that plastics handles all reconstructions; and 3) I had a weird interaction with one of the neurotologists which was a bit of a turnoff (but not a deal breaker), especially because I want to go into neurotology. Still ranked it pretty well because I think it has a great reputation and high quality residents and faculty < also that they recently had 2/3 of their laryngologists leave and I didn't know about it until later wish they were more upfront and discuss more about new hire plans, but I still ranked it pretty high overall i thought it was a solid programTufts <only two residents per year, didn't want to commute frequently from boston to providence.. < thought Boston was too expensive, didn't want that Boston - > providence commute for a bunch of months. < wanted a bigger program than 2 per year < Interview day experience could be better: Consolidate groups into AM and PM sessions, instead of having everyone sit around all day with 20 minute gaps in between each interview, with another hour break randomly inserted. Also, what was the point of the skills session? <eh i actually didn't mind the interview day because the residents were a fun group. have had AM/PM sessions that have been much more painful <agree with interview day being weird, it should have been condensed into a shorter time-frame. And get rid of that stupid skills session, or at least alter it. UNC had a skills session that was much more fun and laidback. Also the faculty were kinda strange, not very friendly.UF < liked the program but didn't want to live in Gainesville. they only have a really tiny airport so you have to drive 2 hours to get to a resonable flight out of town +1U Rochester<cold weather, really awkward PD <it seemed like the interview day was completely thrown together and no one gave a shit. Had MANY awkward conversations. The interview/tour was excruciatingly long
< weird vibes from faculty, no friends or family in Upstate NY, kinda uninspiring city that's more cold & snowy than many other options < honestly the PD kind of turned me off < Interview day felt rather impersonal < Chair couldnt care less about my application or my questions < the social before with residents was a bit weird it was the first social where we had to pay for our own drinks and food, one of the worst lunches too, made me wonder how much they cared. Social after at faculty house was fantastic though.
U Washington > look at away rotation impressions. Word of mouth spreads fast, if you want to recruit people be nice to your away rotators because they will talk candidly about their experience to others. +7 < Not only were they not nice to rotators, the culture there is unsupportive of residents and people are scared of some of the faculty members. Honestly, though UW had many great qualities, the culture is just too destructive < I heard negative impressions from away rotators and was turned off by the fact that only research residents made it to interview day, several faculty and residents told me duty hours had been an issue for the program<I think the big thing that hurt them is the culture of malignancy that seemed to be prevalant through word of mouth. Culture is a big part of a decision for most applicants, and I think that it is something that hopefully they will attempt to address < for current / future resident's sake I hope they can learn from their mistakes and improve the morale. <culture doesn't change overnight. would likely require some change in key staff (PD...?) which doesn't seem likely to happen over a single SOAP spotTexas Tech < only 1 resident and location < Besides that, great faculty
Dear future programs: interview more people. Based on the fact that some great programs didn't fill, i would say it's not about ranking "out of reach" applicants, and more about not interviewing enough. +1Programs are already interviewing 20 applicants per spot..There is a limit to how many people can have an informative interview per day.< some programs are doing this, but a lot aren’t. For example, uw only interviewed 36, and they didn’t fill. So for them they definitely could’ve interviewed more peopleI think they're all interviewing the same type of applicant. Each program thinks they are more elite and attractive than they really are. Plus, status isn't everything. Example A: Pitt has a great program, but I wouldn't want to live in Pittsburgh. Elite applicant may interview there but ultimately rank them low because of other factors such as this.< believe this is true, kept seeing same people at all of my interviews. not a good sign when there are 300 of us
Now that things just got real, anyone feel pretty unqualified to be doing this? +340 < HAHAHAHA @ +340Dude where’s the nose < what IS a nose? < wait... This specialty involved noses? < Just play it by ear. < ba dum TSH3 more months until orientation... D:Just wait until they call for the "Plastics" guy when you are on trauma and you feel yourself getting better at suturing over the course ofthe night. < I'm so excited.<how do i hold the needle again? <with your hand, ungloved.In the ED the other day, an attending asked me what I saw in the ear, and my first thought was, "Fuck if I know!"
Could not drop more hints that my preceptor should let me out of this elective clinic early, but no dice. I swear I'm giving all MS4s Monday, Thurs, and Fri of Match Week off next year <i woudl just walk out < I just don't have the balls to do that. And she was so nice, she just wouldn't take the hint.My husband is an attending and I told him to let his med student leave all week. They aren't even matching into his specialty. <MVPSome schools give their students the whole week off from clinical duties! < and my school has mandatory lectures all this week... FML < won't everyone notice if someone is gone to SOAP? That seems cruel to me < Yup. I have no idea what the school is thinking. We had class today until 11am too.<my school has given me off clinical duties since October <same <But you still pay a full year of tuition right?<i have a fucking midterm #what < rude <same! <SOO rude
good luck to anyone soaping right now!! +100000I'm a soaping guys. I saw the post about the negatives of some of these spots but if someone could give me some positives, that would be super helpful! < If you're passionate about ENT and you love what you're doing, then trust yourself and know that you'll make the most out of wherever you end up-- and just keep in mind that a lot of the comments are based on personal preferences/opinions of a select group of people that post on here and doesn't reflect everyone who may have interviewed at that location but they don't get on otomatch. You made it this far, you can do it!! <+1 couldn't be better said<<<I interview at Miami and UF...really liked both programs, but ranked them lower simply based on location and distance from both my wife’s and my family. I think either one would be a great place to matchJust keep in mind the comments were in response to the question of why people didn't rank them higher. I personally ranked one of those programs #5 and would be more than happy to match there on Friday. There were other people saying they ranked one of them as their first choice. There are some truly excellent programs on the list. Good luck to you!<Thank you!Agreed, have talked to many people who ranked some of these programs pretty high. If ENT is your desired specialty, really don't think you can go wrong with any of these programs. If you get multiple offers, I'm sure we would all pitch in some positive opinions as well! <Thank you! Praying for multiple offers! Had several phone interviews yesterday and have more set up today. Wednesday can't get here fast enough! <Good luck to you! We believe in you!!! < +1 Yes best of luck!! That's awesome you've had some phone interviews already! We're rooting for you :) < +1 Hell yea that's awesome best of luck!!<This might out me, but I can speak to UW, which I ranked first, over a number of other top 10 programs that appparently are very popular. I went into the process knowing I would choose prestige and training over lifestyle. I knew UW had a reputation for being very difficult/lots of work, but when I was there I liked the residents more - sure during the day their weren't a ton around (I like to think that the rest were operating), and they seemed sort of tired - but at the social event, from my perspective, it seemed liked the residents really came out and had a good time, and weren't just sitting around being miserable, and moreso compared to some other programs with similar bad reps for lifestyle. Program-wise, their emphasis on research training, bar-none, was the best I saw on the trail, and their surgical volume is enormous, and are very strong in all subspecialties. Just look at where graduates are in academia and leadership, and its pretty telling. The interviews themselves were welcoming. Otherwise, not much to say, it isnt the flashiest of interview days or programs for sure, but it certainly felt like a top program that will make you a great surgeon and scientist, and without all the pretense you might get somewhere else. Just my two cents. < thanks for sharing your experience< I 100% second this sentiment, though I didn't match here, it was near the top of my list, left the social feeling like these residents were awesome and that I wouldn't mind being overworked if I could train with them!
Is it only the PD that knows their matched residents by now? Or does word get around to department <Programs are not informed until Thursday 2pm Eastern
Would love to hear from the UW resident that commented on here before.
I want the dirt! Where are those unmatched spots? +14 < alright, the unoffical list so far based on comments is: UW- 6 year program, Pittsburgh, Miami (research spot), New Mexico, UF, Tufts, Kentucky , U Rochester (one spot unmatched), Texas Tech < 11/12 (unofficially) accounted for < when do we find out official? Before Friday?Been looking. Don't think it's been released publicly < but it has been released to thousands of SOAPersCorrect me if I'm wrong, but if you interviewed at a program that went unmatched, you will match at that program or higher on your list (assuming every program ranked you). All of a sudden I'm more a lot interested in the unmatched programs haha. < think this sounds about right. < yea, otherwise that program would have filled with you > unless all their spots went unmatched, as would happen in a clerical error or late submission <or if they didn't rank you...lots of programs are thinking twice about those guys/gals they thought were unrankableMy number 1 had an umatched spot, so im going there right? dont know how to feel. < you are almost certainly going there unless they didn't rank you. Congratulations!! <nice! <mind sharing where?for UW is it the 7 year spot? Confirmation would help me greatlyUW, Pittsburgh, Miami, New Mexico, UF, Tufts, and some other I forget. As per a soaping friend. <Do you know whether they are research spots or regular? < The Miami soap spot is a research one, but not the UW one. <UW is the 6 year and not the 7 year? < The 6 year, but they could have theoretically converted it to a 6 year in the soap. <Could they? Its a different NRMP code <yea, apparently its called a reversion <I hope that’s true<Wowwww that's a lot of solid programs +1 Would love to hear the full list. < interesting considering these are not the same places that needed SOAP last year. +2 < those programs prob learned their lesson and interviewed more candidates, but clearly not everyone got the message.Texas Tech. U of Rochester < anyone have insight on the last few? that leaves 1 spot in the south and 3 in the NE that aren't known yet. < could be 2 spots at the same program? < true. < UR went completely unranked. Not true. U of R had one unmatched spot.I really hope this list is accurate, because if it is and assuming that they ranked me, it means I matched into one of my top 5. BRB gotta find a corner of this clinic to cry in. < congrats that's so exciting!!!! +1< Man, I feel so bad for some of these programs! I interviewed a couple and totally loved them. It sucks more for us if we don't match, but it probably really sucks for programs too. +2 <true since they have to re-interview programs and such...<yea man, very likely my future program is one of these and I already feel for them. Hope it all works out! < yeah, I'm super surprised by this list. Didn't interview enough people I guess? < yeah, curious about U Rochester, especially since I interviewed there and though it was good +1 < same, they had 3 spots this year too thats so unfortunate <that bus tour of rochester was a buzzkill though < lmao 2 hours long for real though... <i dont know what they did to you guys but we had a tour of the dairy factory and got ice creams
I want the dirt! Where are those unmatched spots? +14 < alright, the unoffical list so far based on comments is: UW- 6 year program, Pittsburgh, Miami (research spot), New Mexico, UF, Tufts, Kentucky , U Rochester (completely unmatched), Texas Tech < 11/12 (unofficially) accounted for < when do we find out official? Before Friday? < & SUNY Downstate is what i heard-<yep < Texas tech the new one with one resident? Dang, and they had super early interviews too. < I really liked that program. Genuinely nice attendings. I think it was just new / untested and shitty location. < Best dry social ive been to.DO It! < dew itLET US BE THE MOST DATA TRANSPARENT SPECIALTY +1 < the transparency here has been amazing, i love this group of people for being open/honest. it's really helpful for future applicants. <+1 friends applying to other specialties (even neurosurg) were blown away by this document lol < my path friend is so jealousWe're still missing 65% of the respondents :/
"Otolaryngology Residency Applicants 2017-2018" Facebook Group: is the first time I've kinda wanted to have a FB again, to reconnect with all of you wonderful people. <3 +3 < same no Facebook :( <reactivate!
Just.... AHHH < that sigh of relief when you know you've matched < You know OP never clarified whether it was a sigh of relief or a scream of anxiety <it was actually the latter
Couples matched ENT/PM&R !!!!! < Yayy! CONGRATSSSSS. ENT/Rad Onc. Relieved!<I see you < ENT/IM we did it folks < ENT/IM here as well - heart goes out to my fellow couples match survivors! <Thank you! ENT/IR so far so good. Hopefully on Friday we don't find out we're 1000 miles apart < same, ent/anes so far so good<yay congrats!! +1any comments on this process?
12 Unfilled Spots: Any idea where they are? < Damn...they really need to rethink this for next year I think < gotta wait to see what programs it is, but probably the same problem as last year with programs not interviewing enough applicants and people applying too many places < I wonder if people will start applying to less programs as perceived competitiveness decreases (Like I applied to 75 with 265+ this year) < I guess if derm had 300 unmatched applicants and still had 9 unfilled spots, the problem may be similar in ENT with programs wanting more competitive applicants than they deserve...i.e. just interviewing the 40 best applicants that the school has no business getting<yeah with a few exceptions on the match tally it looks like even very competitive applicants still applied a lot of places < any reason the link on left doesnt work? < log in to *R3 website first and then copy/paste that link into your browser.It's broken down by region. 2 West. 0 Central. (+1 Midwest going strong!) 4 South. 6 Northeast. <Probably at least 2 at MEEI <why do you say this? < lol < hahah <i dont follow!!!! < look at the ranked #1 sheet. The comment was a joke. <man, i'm slow.bro < LOLJesus 9 1st and 2nd year spots in Derm this year - were there less applicants overall? < no from the numbers I saw ( Derm had 472 spots and >700 US applicantswould LOVE to know exactly where. > anyone heard any rumors? <knowing where could also help people narrow down where they matched, if there's an unfilled spot somewhere on your rank list you assume you matched higher? But probably a violation to release before Friday <technically there’s the off chance that a program didn’t rank you, but yes < couldn’t you have just matched into one of that programs filled spots?People SOAP into the unfilled spots so anyone who hasn't matched should have access to the list of open spots, correct? word should get out soon I imagine. < it always does, probably will later today <Yes anyone who is SOAPing shoud be able to see every unfilled position regardless of speciality.I heard UW anyone know for sure? < yes <7 year or 6?how shitty is it as a resident if the program you matched into has an unfilled spot? <it doesnt necessarily mean its a bad program, just not good strategy in recruitment this cycle +1 < there can be a weird combination that causes a good program to get unlucky, just like a good applicant can be<agreed, but were talking about some GREAT programs with open spots. mind blowing. < which programs?< I heard UW, pitt, Miami, among others. all hearsay at this point. < if this is true then the "ranked #1" sheet is scarily predictive... <UWashington isn't even on the 'ranked #1' sheet <it is lol. 1 person ranked it #1 < right my b lol <was super hopeful to interview at pitt since I spent a handful of years there, but they didn't invite me.. see what happens?!< How are you hearing about these unfilled spots? < every person who SOAPs get a list of all of the unfilled spots in every specialty in the country. < someone just has to leak the info < No I get that, I was just wondering if it was someone's friends or if there is some other way people are finding out. Maybe it's a dumb ? haha +1 < if you're dumb, me too! curiousWell UW... Maybe you should have interviewed me after all amiright? +2 < My thoughts exactly! < maybe they shouldve treated their away rotators better < +10000000 < lol what did they do to you guys? < looked at a few of the comments on the away rotator sheet because i was curious. sounds like they're accurate. < Just read it, damn they really missed the work hard, "play hard" part.< Work will set you free! < maybe not the most appropriate thing to say <why the large font<would have been helpful to post that before rank lists were due. <u ranked UW high ?
Hypothetically speaking of course...what field would you guys scramble into if you couldn't reapply?<rads, then anestheisia, if not, then....FM lol.If there are some ortho or derm spots open I would give that a shot. Then rads or PMR.why rads then anasthesia? what do these fields offer you that you feel would derive you similar happiness as ENT? <no reason to sulk and suffer in other surgical specialties, might as well approach medicine as a job, able to enjoy leisure activities for would-be happiness attained through ENT < this was my thought too, I would have picked (home program or less competitive) anesthesia or IM, as a way to still get to do procedures but have an enjoyable lifestyle.< Not OP. My plan is prelim surgery year, then apply advanced gen surg and anesthesia. Anesthesia sounds so depressing. To be forever stuck on the other side of the curtain.... But at least their lives are good and I still get to play with the airway. One more hour before I can stop thinking about this forever.<GL everyone <godspeed!
So i saw this article re: mt sinai rent. Rent is going up? Also didn't know their housing maintenance was so problematic. a current resident - 1. we were not told about any rent increases. 2. I think they are talking about a specific building that is near mount sinai west, which is NOT near the main mount sinai campus where our current housing is 3. The main housing which you will be a part of if you match here does not have any maintanence issues that should concern you, I am very happy with it 4. Stop raising your blood pressure<ok thanks+1
68 <--- database of SOAP spots over the last 5 years < cool way to visualize the data, and crazy that there had been an average of 1.25 unfilled spots per year for 4 years, then it jumped to 14 unfilled spots last year
Welp if the number 1 list is true looks like NW won’t have any unmatched spots this year < I'm guessing some programs learned from last year's match and there will only be like 2-3 open spots for SOAP this yearThink it depends if the # of applicants exceeds the # of spots too<we already know that the #applicants and spots are virtually similar to last year. So it would for the most part depend on the interview/rankings of the institutionsI still find it hard to believe an institution went 3/3 unfilled. They had to have the smallest rank list..<UIC? I heard there was an administrative issue last year which led to that happening, but i could be wrong <i heard they didnt submit their list in time < what about SUNY Upstate? < My PD is friends with theirs. Apparently they had massive blizzards on both interview days, and only a minority of invited applicants were able to interview. (and I'm sure the ones who made it were deterred by the apocalyptic conditions). Really blows for that to happen, but hopefully it wont be a problem this year
Ugh, praying for my number 2, what have I done? +2<I am actually there with you right now. Lol...< Me too!! Ugh
This time next week we will all be waking up with massive hangovers! < Match Day + St Patty's Day... my body is going to hate me :o<i've been training my liver. for. this. day. lets go
I am working on some financial planning/loan repayment strategies and was wondering a good resource for ENT compensation. I realize it will very widely depending fellowship, location, etc. I am planning on doing academic H&N at this point FWIW. <are looking for estimates of H&N fellow and attending salaraies? You might be able to find that info using sunshine laws that list all state employee salaries. In NY, Roswell Park is state owned...Lots of state Universities that own a hospital also have a cancer center. The other big entity with lots of H&N patients and published salaries is the VAMC. < federal employee salaries are public. you can search for it. Also many of the state universities make salaries public as well. For instance, all the california ones do.Not fellow salaries, just attending. < good data here x < rhinology suddenly seems much more intriguing < You don't need a rhinology fellowship to practice rhinology, you just ahve to develop a practice with a lot of rhinology patients...btw most other private practice ENT is looking to do the same. <and what is the difference between otolaryngologic allergy and allergy and immunology, other than $1.5 million over your carrer <<Derm starting at 200k? Really?<if you are looking to make $$$ as a H&N surgeon, you should do anterior skullbase and not shy away from helping Neurosurgeons do anterior approaches<<I am not posting because I am trying to make a ton of money, I am posting because I am trying to have realistic financial plans for the future. I think its totally reasonable to ask about salaries without the implication that my true intention is trying to make the most money possible. It is so strange to me that conversations about earning potential are so 'hush hush' and under the table in medicine.< I was totally wondering today about how the hell I'm going to negotiate my first contract. All the data is so hidden. Like how do you know what's a reasonable salary to request when only 1% of participants are in otolaryngology and it doesn't take into account where you live and what your sub-specialty is? I'm really hoping they cover this during residency. Good thing I have 5-7 years to figure it out. < Get an accountant specializing in ENT (find one through word-of-mouth). There are accountants for every specialty (at least in major cities). They know what the area docs are making and can set you up appropriately.<a lot of advice also comes from your Chair/PD, etc. your faculty around you is your network to begin with and understand what kind of salaries are reasonable. This is even more valuable when some faculty have been in private practice for some time and decided they wanted to do academics.Also its worth paying $250 to get a lawyer to read thru your contract
Did someone delete a row on the Ranked #1 sheet? I thought there were 108 total programs, not 107.Prob university of Moscow +2...the russians are meddling with the spreadsheetNah, that's been gone for a while. FREIDA indicates 108 programs as wellPuerto rico<PR is #94Looks like Albert Einstein is gone< Miami 6 year and penn state 6 year are also missing actually< Programs added, problem is that I think I remember at least one person ranking Einstein before it was deleted. Unfortunately I don't remember how many or whether rank 1,2,3...<I looked back through the version history (File -> Version History -> See version history)...looks like Einstein was deleted on March 7 around between 1 and 4 PM <Last nmbers restored to before Einstein deleted.<Awesome. Thank you!
Any coffee addicts like me trying to either moderate intake now, quit, or what? Wondering what is the best approach for residency... Currently still drinking 1+ cups a day.Coffee is life, I'll probably not change my intakeIntake has gone up to keep me awake on this rotationSwitch to addy <unperscribed addy while practicing will loose your license < Insert thatsthejoke.jpgDropping coffee? Get outa here with nonsense. Most docs who were anti coffee during Med school say they had to pick it up during residency
How come there’s not that much love for UCSF? +2 <less home applicants this year? Everyone I met on the interview trail loved UCSFDidn't get interview :(< seems like the thrill is gone<the University buys housing for faculty, do residents get the same love? <residents get a housing stipend of $12k/yrApparently bay area is submerging.
They need to patent this sh
Do most people get either their first, second, or third choice?...asking for a friendI dont know any ENT specific stats but I think its like 50% get their first choice across the whole match<this question has been asked before, and i dont think they publish this < would be nice if they did...wouldn't hurt anyone<here is the data from last year, the sample size was 59, so take it with a grain of salt. Most people matched at their #1 which is hopeful :) you think home program confounds this? < Probably. And I'm guessing there's a huge selection bias in this data toward people who are happy about their match. <honestly, i'm just happy to match at this pointEven the spread sheet this year has a lot of bias towards stronger applicantsLol yea so many people with 30+ invites, definitely not representative of the average person applying. Hopefully people don’t get scared off looking at kt<if you look at the stats summary on the side its actually pretty consistent with overall data from NRMP in terms of average step, %AOA, etc. It may be slightly skewed, but I think it is missing some of the strongest and weakest applicant outliersWell, if anything I say it has some of the strongest br not many of weakest
Is this forum ded? < Valar Morghulis!<Match Day is Coming<it's definitely slowed down, hoping it picks up right after the Match when we all see where we're going!What is dead may never die.
Transition plan to 2018-2019 chit chat....The chitchat link on otomatch will change to a new spreadsheet the week after the match. This spreasheet will stay open until April when it will be archived for future applicants. Good luck to everyone in the match! ---jam <jam the man<i hate this keyboard...that should have been ---sam<sam the jam<jam the sam<sam I jam
ENT Resident Inservice is tomorrow....if you see a resident in the morning buy him/her a cup of coffee.... if you see 'em tomorrow night but 'em a beer.< The inservice is like a practice board exam that you take every year during residency...some programs have strict cutoffs putting residents on "academic probation" for poor scores...I have even heard rumors of residents getting fired if they consistently do poorly.
2 weeks yoho!This has been the slowest week of my life. And there are still 2 to go
Let's see if we can get the Match '18 tally to 50 people by the end of the weekend! Gotta beat ortho < dude, chill..< like your enthusiasm man, but i don’t think we’ll get much more data until match day and people post where they ended up. And Ranked number 1 over 100!<very very close!!!!!<we made it!!! 1/3rd of everyone applying (assuming its accurate, which its probably not)
I keep coming here but I dont know why....Me too +4> waitibg to see who ranked what/where. But thw numbers are stagnated :( +2<eh, Idk how accurate that is; people don't have an incentive to lie but not much incentive to tell the truth either. I'm not letting it affect my feelings regarding where I'll fall on my rank list. Pretty sure it'll be at the end or not at all, but c'est la vieYeah, I guess I’m just curious to see what everyone ranked not necessarily in comparison to me although that is part of it.< people ranked top 10 programs high, it’s not much of a surpriseLol yea; almost every if not every program high on the #1 list were programs in the top 30

<but then you see Baylor, MUSC, Cleveland Clinic, and UPMC not even close. Why? < location? <rochester MN, columbus, dallas.. Idk if theyre any more attractive than the above.
< some surprises... UTSW seems to be punching above its weight (probably since it's one of the few top programs that doesn't emphasize research and a lot of people don't actually want to do research lol). On the flipside Michigan is a tippy top program with surprisingly little love from this sample< have suspicion of several classmates and people I met on trail that ranked Michigan and other top program 1, but they state to not use this website < Yeah, unfortunately it seems to be a really biased sample. <Yeah I also know everyone and their cousin who is ranking Jeff/Sinai #1Yea across the board I’ve heard so many people say they will rank Michigan 1; i definitely don’t think it’s accurate for them. < geography bias for everyone. I'm an east coaster and I've heard no one say they're ranking Michigan high <i'm an east coaster as well, but not many that I know interviewed at UMichYea that’s definitely fairAlso V surprised at the lack of love for U-Dub<eh, i'm not. I think the location is awesome, and the program has a great reputation, but compared to other top programs I heard they work very hard, so maybe the people who interviewed there wanted something more chill/1 less year since everyone there is 6<i guess thats true, i think the 6th year is big, i know penn and mich also work a ton. was just surpried it was soo unpopular. but then again, i didnt put it top so there you go.Also, i don’t think the numbers are necessarily representative.i did meet a fair amount of people who loved Seattle enough they said they were ranking it very high, but they may not use the spreadsheetsif the ranked #1 list gets to 100, wouldn't that theoretically account for 1/3rd of all ENT applicants?
PSA: On March 9th, EVERYONE will get an email confirming SOAP enrollment/eligibility. Do not panic. This does not mean that you're going to have to SOAP. You will find out whether or not you matched on Monday, March 12
This wait is pure torture <yea, im just bored. Most friends are doing busy rotations so can't chill haha <I'm thinking about going soul-searching. road trip by myself< The nightmares have gotten bad. Last night I dreamt I didn't match, repeatedly all night. I'm guessing I won't get a good night's sleep for at least 12 days. <this is OD. sorry.
If i were to produce AOA hats and ties, would i need to get permission from AOA society?Im more of an AOA bro tank kinda guy <how about AOA fanny packs or AOA visors? thoughts plz.. AOA socks. AOA gloves. AOA stethoscopesIf you're not wearing an AOA fedora, dont even talk to me <so close -->Dude of course AOA would flip a shit without their permission, which is why you should do it without their permission <good logic
Curious how accurate the final match will be for number 1-2 with our current data. At least for top programs it seems like it has a decent grasp of who may theoretically match, since applicants at those places likely also got invited to other top spots - and there’s been > 40 or so people (interview pool) that filled it<yea, but it’s the internet and people lie < It's probably more likely that the tally captures a non-representative sample, given that the people who continue to log into this sheet are a self-selective group < it seems like it captures a good portion of the top applicants<everybody lies. In all honesty, I don't see the benefit of lying on an anonymous forum meant to help our future co-residents, but I guess some poeple may haha? < some people just want to see the world burn < i just hope none of them will enter our specialty, and from my experience I don't believe I met any such people< the spread sheet has not needed the troll and spam policing that the discussion board used to so I think most posts now are from people legitimately interested in ENT. but i would still be warry of any tally info put up before ROL got certified...there is incentive to hype a program you are ranking low and downplay a program you are ranking high. < The tally didn't start until after ROL, I don't think that would be an issue.
anyone doing anything to prepare for SOAP? I know it's an anxiety-laden question, but just curiousI have decided what I would do if the situation arises (soap into a prelim year and then probably go for an advanced anesthesia position next year). That's as much as I am doing at this time, but I'm not high risk. If you're really worried about the soap, come up with a plan and prep any personal statments and LOR for applying to alternative specialties.Thanks for your response. What would you classify as "high risk"? < Maybe less than 5-8 ranked programs? Hard to say. Partly depends on your own comfort hard is it to get a research spot? < depends on your school/connections and whether you would need funding. If it's a real concern, may want to start reaching out now to any trusted ENT mentors <i would say fairly easy if not looking for funding/stipend. < but make sure you're somewhere you'll be productive. Nothing worse than an empty research year.> could you name some? <check the otomatch forums. there are postings for positionsAlso would probably soap into an open spot and apply either anesthesia or rads for that sweet sweet sleep. < Like, if I'm not going to get what I want, might as well live the good life. < +1 I did everything right, had a well-rounded app, went on the right number of interviews at good programs. If I don’t match ENT now then it’s not meant to be and I’ll find something else < Exactly<for those saying they would SOAP into other fields, did you guys rank all the programs you interviewed at?All but 1
< I ranked all of them, even the ones I hated. +1
Currently working on a Facebook page for my residency program as we do not currently have one. I am looking at making a "Meet the Residents" Section. If you were looking at the facebook page, what would you want to know about each resident? (What would you ask them) Also, what would you want to know about the location/ city?As an applicant, I'm most interested in career goals, where they're from, maybe where they went to undergrad. The normal stuff for a bio.. For the city/location, I'd like to know where residents typically live (quick guide to relevant neighborhoods), how many buy vs rent, and then what kinds of things people do in their free time. I'm not sure a facepook page will deliver more than a good website, but I'm not on facebook so I don't really know. < yeah fb is kind of dying < agree. I appreciated school websites that had some sort of page with an organized list of their residents with a little blurb about them next to their picture. Good to know where they're originally from, undergrad, and med school. but don't know if I'd check out a fb page. I have it but rarely get on it anymore.<a good website is a lot better < our website is really hard to edit and limited to what we can have on there. I will work on updating it to the best with what we are allowed and given. < for the PC/PD email We have an upcoming project that may address this issue.
when is a good time to reach out for research year? before or after SOAP < might want to check on funding/positions with faculty who you would do research withWell, I’d wait to see if you get a SOAP spot first. I’d personally take SOAP > researchI would start reaching out before the SOAP. That way you can make decisions of SOAP vs Research when you know what opportunities you have on the table.
Does anyone else find themselves just snapping at everyone? I have been so cranky ever since my ROL. I think the pressure is getting to me. BRB need more wine.<cranky, no. wine, yes.< I have single handedly rescued at least two scotch distilleries from bankruptcy over the past week....Definitely been cranky. The pressure/anxiety is real. Meditate my friend...
Im seeing some people on the stats page with more programs ranked than interviews attended. Is that just an error?Research tracksAhhh gotcha
Sunday plea for anyone stumbling on the spreadsheet to fill out the Final Match '18 Tally - hoping we can get a bunch pre-match so it's a representative cohort < Also the rank tab! We have a good number now, but the more the better. < i don't mind posting stuff on here, but on more than one occasion i feel like stuff gets deleted. I thought I saw more than 40 posts on that tally page a while ago?<plea boost. can't lose to ortho they have 130+ +1 < smart guy/gal. you clearly know your audience. we CAN'T LOSE TO ORTHO hahahah<also have like 4x moire applicants though <lol, i want that boost!!<every applicant that lists data get a chance at an end of match week raffle for an AOA tie and an AOA hat. a nice incentive, there. < hahah<yesss plzzzz < I wish this was realWhy does it matter if its filled out or not? Honest question. < Not op. I personally lost interest in that data, but I could def see 3rd year me wishing it was filled out as much as possible. < exactly. Honestly the match process is so opaque, and a lot of us used the data from previous years to decide how many places to apply, guage competitiveness, etc. Paying the data forward!<yea I think they are trying to help next years applicants
“Quit with the vague ‘profound’ comments already.” -an unknown scholar est 2018"'Quit with the vague "profound" comments already.' -an unknown scholar est 2018'" - Michael ScottLol
#democracydiesindarkness<democracy doing a good job of dying right out in the openQuit with the vague "profound" comments already.
"There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke."Huh?all along the watchtower
Someone really delete the post interview communication tab?Whoa. Looks like it gone.When I see empty cells: copied the info from the google sheet version history and pasted into a new tab to replace the old one. Fight me? Or let's just leave it alone < Nice tab color choice<let’s fight < Someone wants to fight. It gone again. PC somewhere doesn't like it being there maybe?Yea i feel like more than an applicant it could be a PC/administrator who doesn’t think it’s appropriate. Oh wellWe want transparency. +1<yea, i agree; just was saying what i thought was the reason. <Oh i was just making a statement
It appears my 2 and 3 are SUPER popular but no love for my number 1, so lets hope i match there.<we only have 50/350 applicants posting. wondering how many we can get.
So for the WL count, does it exclude or include programs that initially WL'ed you then invited later?i believe it includes it <okies