SIGN UP! 2014 La Trobe University academic writing month (#LTUacwrimo)
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NAME (and Twitter handle if you have one)SCHOOL and FACULTY (Home campus)GOALPLANACHIEVEMENT01/11/201402/11/201403/11/201404/11/201405/11/201406/11/201407/11/201408/11/201409/11/201410/11/201411/11/201412/11/201413/11/201414/11/201415/11/201416/11/201417/11/201418/11/201419/11/201420/11/201421/11/201422/11/201423/11/201424/11/201425/11/201426/11/201427/11/201428/11/201429/11/201430/11/2014
Tseen KHOO (@tseenster)RED Unit, Research Services (Bundoora)Paper on academia + activism; managing #LTUacwrimo social media campaign (inc blogging duties!)Attend Bundoora Shut up and write sessions, have paper structure planned and do requisite reading by end of Oct. In keeping with trying to have work/life balance, I won't be #LTUacwrimo-ing on weekends!Finished presentation + wrote 5 blogposts for the RED Unit blog! W/EW/EW/EW/E (broke resolve and worked on collaborative article in the evening - approx. 500-650 words)Edited article contribution (I know this isn't technically writing but I'll take what I can get...)1.5 hours writing in evening.Finally attended SUAW session - wrote quite a bit that served clarification purposes but didn't end up being particularly useful. 2 hours writing in the evening - much better quality wordage!Finished 3K word extended abstract for symposium - SENT! (now I can enjoy the weekend!!)W/EW/E (bloggity-blog-blog...usual Sunday night)Attended special SUAW session in bookshop (2.5 hours) >> #LTUacwrimo blog work, editing/writingAttended part of SUAW in the Library. More blogging/editing work for #LTUacwrimo - I didn't realise I should've made this work a core part of my goals!W/EW/EAttended Priscilla Robinson's 'what do journal editors want?' session at Franklin St. Great to see so many familiar faces there! And new peeps. :D550 words and counting! Have to travel today but hope to finalise remaining blogposts (last entry's mine). Plus some bonus editing (cos you can never do enough...).W/EW/E
Linda Kirkman @lindathestarLa Trobe Rural Health School (Bendigo)Finish PhD thesis - gahWrite every morning for 1.5 hours while traveling and have revisions finished and intro and conclusion chapters finished plus revise discussion. I might not be good at posting on this sheet.Didn't write every morning while travelling. Contributed to my PhD background information/understanding by meeting people when in USA and UK. October was v productive and I was torn about going away; got on plane and wished I was at my desk instead. I did use the travel time productively with meetings and a conference presentation/networking, plus, New York!! Wow. Getting re-immersed in writing now. Afternoon tea and empathy party; great session for exploring feelings with GROK cards. Met and spoke with cool sex educators.travellingmeeting with VERY cool sex educator Cory Silverberg. Was serenaded on subway in NYC by original Drifters member.1000 words about NYC meetingstravellingtravellingPresenting at Aging and Society conference in ManchesterConference in ManchesterRead an actual non-academic bookThesis revisions and editing; 15,000 words revisedBlog post 1000 words. Day trip to Lakes District and re-live Swallows and Amazonsin transit Manchester- San Francisco.Museums and restaurants in SFOMeeting with Joan Price and talking about writing/sexual health promotionMeeting with Joani Blank and talking about writing/sex/sexual health promotion. Reading the books she gave me.Travelling homeNo Wednesday for me this week.Home. Bleary.Melbourne Zoo for daughter's birthday. Awesome.Writing up supervision notes and conference abstract for QM2015. Preparing to speak at the Wheeler Centre on Wednesday.Reading the new Sex in Australia study for Wheeler Centre gig. Handy for future lit review edits.Attended seminar at ARCSHS. Presented at Wheeler CentreAttended another panel at Wheeler Centre. Attended same-sex wedding at the British Consulate in Melbourne; not a dry eye in the house.Re-reading and editing thesis trying to get back in it properly. Updated lit review with latest Sex in Australia research.W/EW/E
Merryn Sherwood (@mes_sherwood)Centre for Sport and Social Impact - FBEL (Bundoora)Finish full draft of PhD thesis (the goal is to push yourself right?!)My problem isn't volume of words, it's finishing drafts. My aim is to implement more structure. So four writing pomodoros every morning, the first one planning what I wish to write. Followed by two that afternoon to edit. WeekendWeekend4 Pomodoros complete, one section of PhD results chapter written (badly).4 Pomodoros completed. All writing.
TravellingWeekendWeekend#sraconf2014#sraconf2014Day lost to marking.Attended Bundoora #suaw, completed four pomodoros. Got back into second results chapter, actually realise think I'm near the finish line of it.A whole day to PhD! Did 4 pomodoros of writing, 3 more of editing. Almost finished draft of second results chapter. Hopefully can get there on Monday. weekendweekendDid four pomodoros in the morning and sent draft of second results chapter to supervisor! Started pulling together data needed for third results chapter.Attended #suaw in the co-op and worked on final results chapter. Completed four pomodoros of writing, up to 4500 words in final results chapter. Hoping to get an almost full first draft of this chapter done by Friday... Then edit and submit for feedback next Monday.
Caitlin Nunn (I still don't get the point of twitter, but nonetheless @nearlynguyen)Sociology and Anthropology (Bundoora)Submit journal article #1 (from PhD), complete draft of journal article #2 (for work)#1: commit to at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week; #1&2: set small goals and stick to them. Make writing an everyday practice rather than an adrenalin fuelled binge...
Peter Sivey (@petesivey)School of Economics, FBELComplete full draft of hospital waiting times paperWrite for one hour each weekday in November! Use the library or the cafe to reduce distractions
Hannah Macdougall (@HanMacdougall06)Centre for Sport and Social Impact - FBEL (Bundoora)Complete and present at SMAANZ conference, submit ethics report, complete full draft of article #2 (for PhD) #1: learn how to use Prezi for presentations; #2 have weekly SUAW sessions; #3 chunk down article into manaegable sectionsweekendweekendCycling Training CampCycling Training CampVIS WorkDraft 2 of Article - methodDraft 2 of article - methodWeekendweekend#sracon2014Draft of article 2 - discussionVIS WorkWorkshop: writing for public audience; draft 2 of article introDraft 2 of article: cullingDraft 2 of article: cullingDraft 2 done! Ethics report done! SMAANZ presentationSMAANZ presentationVIS WorkSMAANZ presentationWorkshops: publishing from your PhD and reverse editingDraft 2 updateDraft 2 update done and sent to supervisors!SMAANZ presentation
Ethics report submitted!
SMAANZ student workshop - publishingVIS WorkSMAANZ conference - presentingSMAANZ conferenceweekendweekend
Narelle Lemon (@rellypops)Education (Bundoora)Finish book chapter, write intro to edited book#1 writing block of at least 1 hour each day #2 weekly SUAW with #circleofniceness #3write new words each day (am) and edit (pm)weekendweekendleaveleaveleaveleaveleaveweekendweekendediting PMConference extended abstract edited and submittedVicHealth EoI grant writing and Editing NGV Melb Now reportEdits for co-authored book completed and submitted VicHealth Grant EoI completd and submitted (AM) and Edits for book chapter (Routledge) completed and submitted (PM)weekendweekendBook chapternew words (AM) and Ethics application - done and submitted (PM) and OLT EoI editing (PM)weekendweekendweekendweekend
Catherine Lang (@Clang13)Education (Bundoora)Finish 3 journal papers currently in suspense. Outline the next book idea1. Focus on 3 half completed articles, one a week. Plan out pomodoro sessions daily. Wk 1: Jnrl#1 completed.weekendweekend4 pomodoros writing and reviewingCup day - only 2 pomodoros completed. I was on leave :)no writing today :( wholly consumed with a grant applicationa day of meetings - no writing. Reviewed work on article to date2 pomodoros - close to finishing. Not a great week. CAN do BETTER3 pomodoros - getting closer to finishing this first paper2 pomodoros. DONE!!4 to 6 pomos2 pomos4-6 pomos4 pomos4-6 pomos
Sarah-Jane Lord (@MTeachSarah)Education (AW,Shep,Bun)Complete Literature Review for Assessment1. Read at least one journal article/ chapter each night. 2. Write for at least 7 hours each week.writing and readingwriting and readingDad- Cardiac Arrests x 4 No brain space...
No brain space...
No brain space...
No brain space...
Drive home from Melbourne - trying to get brain space back into writing space...No luck!Reading articles, taking notesDean visit; student visits; article visits @ homePlanning Day- chat to supervisors ...thank god for them:-)Zero! Getting desperate! Reading and writing...< 500wsame...some great articles...sitting on my desk...and travelling back and forward between work and home! still not read...but great covers...flipping through they look exciting!500words... yippee! First funeral for the week...300words... Brain on leave... Second funeral for the week...:-(600 words Last child's graduation from secondary school...yippee!About 150 words...can't concentrate... made some really nice lemon shortbread though:-)Bonza day...1800 words! Shortbread for fuel:-)Trying really hard to sort out how it all fits together and what I need to write more on. 1000+Gathering focused articles for last push.  Starting the editing process...what fun:-)
Winifred Beevers (@WBaccordion)Physio - Health SciencesMethods section1 Map out the section. 2 Define terms & process. 3 First draft ready for review.
Sarah Mayor Cox (@bespokeshespoke)Education (Bendigo - currently on LSL preparing to begin a PhD)Catalogue draft for Bruce Whatley exhibition (as part of Bendigo Writers Festival 2015)1.Develop questions for Bruce Whatley (using literature on art catalogues & exhibitions) 2. Interview Bruce via email/phone (done outside my one hour of writing each day) 3.Write up responses to begin draft of catalogue. Overall aim is to write for one hour each day of the working week. weekend - moped around all day having just read an email which said I didn't get a Ph.D scholarship I had applied for - BUGGER!!!weekend - still feeling sorry for myselfWorked on questions for Bruce Whatley catalogue. Thought I'd write creatively too - as this often helps my academic work. Started work on a non-fiction picture book I've been planning in my head for a couple of years.Read and stalked possible theoretical frameworks and academics for PhD supervision. Worked on a conference abstract for a 2015 conf. on Alice in Wonderland - worked on writing questions to interview illustrators about their versions of 'Alice' building on work previously done with illustrators.Better late than never to B'go Shut Up & Write session. Wrote for 90 mins (with 5 mins break every 30 mins). Nearly finished an abstract for a conference paper next year (My mother left me for the Sea: Selkie adaptations and what they say about "Liberty or Death"). Not relevant to my Bruce Whatley work, but I was still offday offSaturdayFollowing trail of another PhD scholarship. Reading up about 'Radical' children's literature, and some of the key theorists in this field. Interesting work & concepts.
Meg Rosse (@megalegstar)Student Learning (FSTE) Melbournewrite conference abstract, clarify methodology for data analysis and start writing the intro for conference talk1) Write 1-2 hrs every morning 2) + update reading on methodolgy 3) cycle of two mornings on drafting INTRO followed by two mornings on drafting METHOD section. abstract for conference was successful :)nada - pensamiento solamentenadawrote 150 words to start the Intro (prob.NOT a good idea). Wrote + submitted abstract 28/10. No reading done Revised previous day's 150 (160). Wrote 200 new. No reading yet.probably not much todaygood to join the live twitter. Now have 4 much needed days off - might write/might notday offday offday offday offdid nothing :(being realistic probably nothing today either, unless I carve out some time this arvo - I will try1st time I attended SUAW- great. Part 2) of plan: did some reworking and extending of Intro from n=325 to n=435 words!14 - 20th Nov - thinking, reading, and writing all deraileddittodittodittodittodittodittostarted work on ethics application to extend project - 1st step clarifying what's involved, and starting the applicationweekendweekendreading guidelines for ethics application
Rebecca Miles (@rebeccahmiles)Education (AW,Shep,Bun)2 journal articles submitted, Grant EOI submitted#1 Write for min. 2 hours every (work) day #2 Read article/chapter every (work) dayRevising paper. Became frustrated/ Asked colleague to readPositive and encouraging feedback from colleague. Small detail drafting and getting into right format. Urgh... reference list to goSubmitted paper to journal (IIER)Worked on and sent to collborators the EOI for OLT. Feeling good.Wrote second blog post. Beginning to look like phd - expecting exponential yearly productivity increase. Next year: two posts.Didn't read (again...). Wrote third blog post - outdoing expectations.Posted second blog post. Started editing 3rd post in order to build up bank of scheduled post. Questioned relevance and spent rest of day spring cleaning and reorganising piles of readings. Optimistically label space next to the "to-read" piles as "read".
Nerida Hyett @neridahyettLa Trobe Rural Health School (Bendigo)1. Finish revisions on Aust case study paper; 2. Complete 1st draft of Lit Review Chapt1. Attend Shut Up and Write on campus every wednesday; 2. provide spreadsheet progress updates every Monday in November; 3. participate in twitter chat for moral support and tips; 4. Rotate morning writing sessions (9-12) with preparation tasks in the afternoon 5. avoid taking on new/un-related work tasks this month (be assertive!); 6. complete database searches by Nov 5 to prepare for writing timeW/EW/ECompleted long abstract for RMIT social innovation symposium including biography (unexpected task with short deadline)2nd Draft/Revisions on Community Bank paper - writing all day, working on intro/backgroundCompleted abstract for OT conference with team research project. Unexpected tasks and a workshop to attend, unfortunately no writing done todayTwitter chat! Finalised and submitted 4 abstracts for National OT conference2nd Draft/Revisions on Community Bank paper - working on methods/findings W/EW/E2nd Draft/Revisions on Community Bank paper - worked on discussion and conclusion (unexpected tasks - research blog management)2nd draft/revisions on Community bank paper - worked on discussion and conclusionattended workshops in bendigo on thesis examination and writing a literature review. completed publication plan for an article for a group writing task, and finished a peer review for a qual journalwrote abstract for 2nd draft on Community Bank paper (hooray), this is now finished and has been submitted to supervisors. Goal 1 completed! now to move on to Goal 2...A/LW/EW/Eunrelated work and follow up tasks e.g. read revisions from supervisorsreading Tonnies and writing about Community and Society approx 1500 words - random tangent as suggested by supervisors, it will all make sense in the end (I am reassured) very enjoyable but hard workPhD supervision changed the direction of the case study paper, for the better, which means a deadline blow out... more reading and writing to do...reading and writing on place attachment theoriesreading and writing on place attachment theories - completed 6000 words in 2 days, most of it unuseable! But needs to be done...W/EW/EBack to reading and writing on place attachment theories
Kim Baston (I do not tweet) and Drama (HUSS) BundooraWrite first draft of journal article on music in the early modern circus, 6000 wordsWrite for minimum of one hour in the morning before checking emails. 500 words a day.Use 1 hour in the afternoon to reference, fact check and plan draft2,788 dirty words written (started last week)Golden hour not achieved till 5 pm, due to admin and diversion down research gap rabbit hole. 547 words, dirty, very dirty, but done400 words in golden 45 mins.Achieved no writing, lunch , dinner or understanding of reflexive verbs in elementary Spanish class. A write-off450 slow, slow words. Need more data analysisUp to 4600 words. Will get to 5000 and then do 1st reverse outline and editCan't write on Tuesdays as still teachingDragged kicking and screaming over 5000 word line. Now will excavate all my three desks from piles of paper- the academic equivalent of tidying the sock drawer, ready for 1st reverse outline tomorrowReverse outline doneLet outline marinate, construct bibliography and try and find that blasted reference I read two years ago and now need and can't findW/endW/endDay off. re-reading Joseph Williams great book on writing: Style: Toward Clarity and Grace. Teaching day, no writingWibbled and dibbled, and procrastinated - so much for clarity and grace1700 quite clean words today. Unfortunately on topic that was only meant to be a short paragraph. Continued paragraph which has now expanded to 2500 words, leading me to suspect this is another paper entirely. But can't stop myself.Continued with paragraphTeaching - final day for year, no writingMarking, no writingFinished marking, continued paragraph which is now up to 4700 words, but is finished for time being. Sent paragraph to potential Canadian research project. Summary: Have achieved first draft of intended article, 5700 words, and now beginning the long process of shaping and redrafting which will take me probably till end January. Unintentional paragraph which I think will become basis for another paper in future, 4700 words. I am actually surprised at how much I've achieved in a month. The public declaration of intent, and keeping a diary, has been an excellent spur - if only because of making me very aware of what I am actually doing during a day. Good process. To reward myself I'm taking the afternoon off to go and actually play some music instead of writing about it.
Oonagh Bodin (@XOonaghBodin)Life Sciences (Science, Technology and Engineering) Microbiology, BUNDOORAWrite a first draft literature review on the health and disease state of the GIT microbiome, 5000 words minimumWrite for minimum of one hour over the day, aiming for ~1000 words per week. Attend Shut up and Write! thursday mornings when possible or escape the offices and hide in the post grad room in the library for quiet study
Emma Hughes @melbtheatregrrlTheatre and Drama (HUSS) BundooraFinish research draft of current chapter. Grow chapter from 10,000 to 15,000 words. Commence new chapter. Write HUSS HDR conference paper.Dedicate at least twenty hours per week to research and writing. Write proposed conceptual framing for new chapter.- Sunday -Research."What an Examiner Looks for in a Thesis" session.Writing."Shut up and write" session.Writing. Proofreading for WfB. Writing. Watch play (for new chapter). Third viewing of play. Proofreading for WfB. Writing. "Indigenous Screen Performance" symposium. Research.Writing. Research. "Shut up and write" session (submit abstract for International conference).  Watch play (for new chapter and conference paper)-fourth viewing of play (opening night). Writing. Research. - Saturday -Abstract accepted for International conference. Writing. Research."Shut up and write" session. Writing. Research. Writing. Research. "Shut up and write" session. Writing. Research. "Effective editing" session. Writing. Research. Writing. Research.- Sunday -Writing. Research.Writing. Research."A re-imagined future: Indigenous Nations Within the Nation State" public lecture. Writing. Research."Shut up and write" session. Writing. Research.Writing. Research.Writing. - Sunday -
Emma Sherry @emmaesherryLa Trobe Business School FBEL BundooraWrite a book chapter for my textbook (Ch 11). Finish and submit two journal articles. Start Auskick article.Block out equivalent of 2 hours per day in my diary for writing and associated editing/reading. Two journal articles submitted and too much data collection!On recreation leave in Port Douglas (late start for me!)On recreation leave in Port Douglas (late start for me!)Final edits to a journal article and pressed submit. Cleared administrivia to-do list after holiday return for a productive week ahead.Research meeting with NRL (1 hour), plus review PhD student journal article (1.5 hours). Working from home with 3.5 year old does NOT help productivity!Completed research chapter revisions and submitted to editors. Finished final edits to a journal article and sent through to editorial service to fix up referencing. Started data inclusion/exclusion process for PhD student's systematic review ... Phew!Finished inclusion/exclusion process for PhD student systematic review.Prepared new research project research question frame for trip to PNG. W/EW/EFull day conference in Bendigo - no writing, only tweets!Final touches to a manuscript returned from editorial service and submitted! (2 in and one more to go!) Meetings (x2) with industry research partners and a phone meeting with textbook co-editorTravel to PNG for my NRL research project. Spent about 2 hours reading and prepping my AICD assignment.PNG data collectionPNG data collectionPNG data collectionPNG data collectionPNG data collectionPNG data collectionPNG data collectionPNG data collectionPNG data collectionW/EW/E10000 hours of administrivia! :(SMAANZ conferenceSMAANZ conferenceSMAANZ conferenceSMAANZ conferenceW/EW/E
Dell Horey @dell_horeyPublic Health BundooraFinalise and submit 3 papers (already well-advanced). Develop good drafts for 2 papers.Allocate at least 2 hours per day to writingWorked on revisions for paper 1. Sent draft to co-author.Not many words written but lots of sorting and updating
Lisa Amir @Lisa_H_AmirJudith Lumley Centre, Franklin St1. Submit paper almost ready. 2. Draft new paper from old conference abstract. 3. Work on clinical article.Write at SUAW on Thursday mornings and "snack writing" on other days,Finishing abstracts for 2015 conferences and getting ready for conference in Sydney 6-8 Nov.
Rachel Davenport @rachyroo1972Allied Heatlh, Health Sciences, BundooraTranscribe 3 interviews verbatum
Introduction to Critical review paper
Attend Bundoora SUAW sessions where possible
On PhD allocated days, transcribe for 1.5hrs in am and write intro to paper PM for 1.5hrs
More than introduction to paper completed! W/E in Waratah BayW/E in Waratah BayPhD Supervision today
Data collection- interview this afternoon
Work day. Read through NEAF for work project, not PhD related! Also won $24 on sweep stake for Melb Cup!Carried out 2 interviews in between kid drop offs and pick ups, swimming lessons and domestic duties! Field notes written. Sadly no other writing or transcription :-(One interview carried out.
Ethics supporting docs for work project reviewed.
No more writing done sadly.
Ethics editing. W/EW/E Travelled to Bris ready for 2 days of Simulation training. Edited ethics on plane.Simulation training for work.Simulation training for work. Ethics editing.Transcription & ethics. 200 words written of intro to lit paper.W/E. A small window for writing this morning whilst kids out. Editing from yesterday plus 1000 new words in lit paper. W/ERead article. Wrote further notes for lit paper. Edited interview transcript.Attended SUAW session. Another 800 words of article. More than intro now completed!Nothing- home day with Ms 5 as Nanna on holidays!Progress report for PhD drafted.Attended reverse outlines workshop- really useful- but no writing today. W/EW/ESupervision- really useful, revised timeline for completion. Good to have an indepth chat with one of my supervisors. Transcribed part of an interview.Nothing- work day. Ethics approved for stage 2 of PhD! Yay! Transcription! No other writing. No work done today- kinder help for my daughter. Transcription and work on ethics submission to other Unis.
Priscilla Ennals @EnnalsPOccupational Therapy, Allied Health, Health Sciences, Bundoora2 abstracts submitted, 1st full draft of a findings paper, revisions on 2 papers, methods chapter planned and started2 "golden" hours of writing every weekday in Nov, attend SU&W weeklyend of week 1 - writing 4/5 days at least 2 hours and a couple of big days. Attended great grant workshop by Tseen on non-writing day. Completed 2 abstracts and 1 journal revision nearly complete - small tasks ticked off the listworked on HERD paper for resubmission.concept mapping and memoing  thesis findingsContinued concept mapping thesis findings - good progress. Worked on discussion of LiDs scoping reviewsent Lids paper to co-authors.Shared findings ideas at supervision. Not much writing todayworked on findings memo - writing as thinking and continued analysis. Consolidated co-author feedback for HERD paper and final editing.submitted major review to HERD - very satisfying. Another goal ticked offworking on findings memo. Created findings concept map to share with my FINAL participant interview this afternoon. Data collection complete - another milestone4 hours writing. Got feedback from a submitted paper - another job for the listSu&W - more progress on findings memoattended Reverse Outline workshop - another good writing strategy for the tool box but no writing todayatttended 3 meetings about different writing projects - good progress but no actual writing.Planned 2 day away writing retreat for next Mon/Tues - will need this to make up for lost days.
Nastaran Doroud (Not on Twitter) Therapy, Allied Health, Health Sciences, Bundoora1) Finishing Scoping review paper (5000 word limit); 2) a conference paper (250 words); 3) a meta-synthesis draft (2500 words maximum) 1) Early morning writing hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays; 2) SU&W on thursdays; 3) readings, editing, referencing on afternoons/evenings; 4) attending writing sessions (writing for publications, writing for public)1) conference paper submitted!; 2) drafting scoping review (introduction and detailed method section around 6000 words; results and discussion section aroudn 4000 words! to be summarized and redfrafted for publication by the end of Dec.); 3) a meta-synthesis paper completed (as a part of a course assignment, to be polished next year for publication purpose); writing down achievement made me realize the work I have done! Good productive month! Thanks!drafting and redrafting scoping review resultszero draft on conference paper (writing down the main ideas)listing themes from the articlesdrafting conference abstract; sharing with supervisor; applying revisionsoutlining scoping review results; drafting 2 section, revisions for conference abstractselecting studies for scoping review collaboratively in details; submitting conference abstract- writing meta-synthesis paper method part- writing meta-synthsis draft- meta-synthesis drafting (the finding synthesis part)- meta-synthesis draft: findings, discussion and implication parts) ; attending writing for publication workshop
metasynthesis completed edited and shared
outlining and analysing scoping reveiw results. writing a critical paragraph on gaps. Sharing briefly with supervisor (informal supervision!)not much writing. organizing and charting articles, categirizing into 6 narrower categoriessaturday's saturday!writing short paragraph on summarizing the results of the reviewed articles. Illustrating them on a "zero" draft (diagram).writing critically on gapswriting a gap analysis paraghraph at special SU&Wreading. not much writing-sharing scoing review result draftings/organizations with supervisor - CANCELED by me!taking a break!
1) recharting papers; extracting in more details; 2) snack writing (25min max)1) morning writing; 2) afernoon extraction and charting articles1) redrafting scoping review background and method sections; 2) structuring the results and discussion section (zero drafting) mind mapping and rechartig and rereading articles1) structuring scoping review results section; 2) mindmapping and extracting articles based on that ; 3) writing two methodological idaeasmind mapping and drafting scoping review result and discussion sections; 2) rewriting the two methodological idaeas
Katie Buckley (@voiceofthegame)School of Public Health, Health Sciences (Bundoora)Abstract and article, chapter for @thesiswhisperer's book!Daily writingAbstract is in!Started today! - Submitted a proposed book chapterAbstract for April conference inAbstract at final drafting. Some codingNote taking for an article I'm writing on conferenceNote taking for an article I'm writing on conferenceNote taking for an article I'm writing on conferenceFinal draft of abstract doneSups looked at final editProof back from professional editor, so now to make edits.Abstract is in! Also started collaborative conference abstract. Now to get other writing done...Slam out the last 3 days!
Joyce Seitzinger (@catspyjamasnz)LTLT / Academic TribeJournal article on learning design / Book chapter on open badgesScheduling dedicated writing times on Thur, Fri & weekend.
Anne Williams (@annewilliamsOT)Occupational Therapy, Allied Health, Health Sciences, Bundoora1) PhD research protocol 2) Revisions to 2 manuscripts completed 3) First draft manuscript of FG data completedAttend SU&W when able, full week writing end of month, 2 golden hours every day not teachingTwo golden hours spent on 3) first draft of FG dataBooked reverse editing session for Nov 21Submitted a conference abstract and helped with editing of a second conference abstract.Worked on 2) edits to manuscript - finding section.  Slow, but got to point of sending to co-authors.Discussed updated draft of 3) with my supervisorsWorked on edits for re-submission of a group paper. Had 2 golden hours in middle of day and more later in evening. Need sleep.
Fiona Salisbury (@fiSalisbury)Library, BundooraComplete and submit two nearly finished articles1. Attend at least one shut up and write session.            2. Allocate 30 mins per morning and/or evening to writing/editing.
Kelly Gardiner
HUSS, English (Bundoora)Plan three articles, draft twoWriting/research every Monday (part-time only)Not quite.Planned pitches, organised resources and brain (after a few months on other projects)This would all be so much easier if it wasn't for the rest of life.Conference paper accepted for ANZAMEMS in July 2015 - helps focus the mind on the topic, and re-order priorities. I have the start of a paper. Words - not so many. Yet.Worked on edits for re-submission of a group paper.  Had 2 golden hours in middle of day and more later in evening. Need sleep. (This wasn't my entry, but I'll take it.)A productive day. Two X two Golden hours and then some, plus a mentoring session to help out a NaNoWriMo participant. I'm going to act like all those chunks copied and pasted from my thesis count. I defy you to sort the new from the old. Words so far: 9500.Worried a bit. Achieved little.Good progress. Two X two Golden Hours. One article for Opera Quarterly at final draft stage, minus faffing about trying to make EndNote do what I want it to do. Leaving it to stew in its own juice, and going on to the next. Switching topics and disciplines. Upgraded Endnote. All my references fell out of the article I'd just finished.OK. Upshot: Finished one article, plotted out another, faffed about a lot with EndNote, had a good time. Thanks. Just going to pretend it's still November for the next couple of weeks.
Elizabeth PearsonLRHS, Bendigo Complete (1) methodology for appraisal (2) clinician survey manuscriptDaily writing - 2 golden hours 4 days / week. Editing / referencing in the afternoons
Malika Perera  (@perera_malika)LTI, BundooraCRM paperSTEP1: Read Baran, RJ and Galka, RJ in November. The Foundation of Contemporary Marketing Strategy. 2hours e/dayStarted.Read more tmr night.  Half hour tonight.Happy with my notes.  Hope I had achieved more though. Going on four weeks hols in two weeks so work commitments have been getting in the way. May have to continue reading during hols... ahm...
Leesa Hooker @leesahooLRHS, Bendigo and Judith Lumley Centre Franklin stComplete and submit EMQ and Maternal Health papers 2 hours of writing in the am and at SUAW sessionssign up and commit unexpected interstate family funeral mid month has blown my plans. May acheive one paper submit but not 2
Aaron MilburnLanguage and Communication; Humanities and Social Sciences (Bundoora)Develope chapter plan into first draft, for submission to supervisor by end of November.Work minimum of four hours per week day: 2 hours reading, sumarising, editing; two hours writing.Have produced an accomplished draft of one chapter, and therefore ready to commence next chapter.Sign up - discovered program, registered, decision to commit and begin working according to plan and towards achievement.
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