2018-19 Enrollment COMP
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Purpose and Work Streams 2018-19
Enrollment Office
The Enrollment Office registers and enrolls students, monitors residency and guardianship functions, coordinates internal transfer and open enrollment processes, runs lotteries for programs like DLI and specific schools, and supports the district's student information system.Department Manager
Fatima Bendada
Data Point Person
Fatima Bendada
Major Work Streams
Internal TransfersRAD determines the building capacity the end of April, programmer modifies internal transfer application removing schools over capacity, Office receives application, office reviews application and capacities, office approves or denies, office notifies family and school. Deb Owan
Open Enrollment Office receives application, office reviews application and capacities, Ed Services reviews requests for students with IEPs, office approves or denies, resident and non-resident districts notify family and school, legal Services reviews appeals from DPI.Deb Owan
Registration and Enrollment ProcessesNew and returning families use the online enrollment application to enroll every year in their school. New students create an account to register into district. New students print verification page and take to school along with any other documents needed as indicated on the verification page. School confirms address is in attendance area and imports online registration into Infinite Campus, which creates enrollment and enters family/student info into IC system. Returning students use their Infinite Campus parent portal username and password to log into online enrollment to update information. Both new and returning students review the electronic list of disclosures and permissions they entered in online application. Their submission of the application confirms their agreement with the list of disclosures and permissions. Returning families with continuing students at elemenatry and middle schools can opt to pay fees online and fill out any other additional forms as needed. They do not need to go to school to complete online enrollment if they have no changes to key information. Review and test the option to pay fees online with VENCO before orpning the online app. for families.Fatima Bendada
LotteriesEnrollement in the DLI programs and the three middle schools (Wright, BRMS, and SHMS) is lottery based when the number of applicants exceeds the number of available seats. Enrollment Office ensures the accuracy of the lottery results, monitors the waitlist format and content for DLI and MS applicants, and ensures it is seen by schools in real time. Enrollment Office works with Pathways dept. to build better criteria for approval to the pathways program and monitor the Pathways lottery program. Leticia
4K Enrollment ImprovementReview and evaluate how to handle 4K that do not turn in paperwork. Allocation results earlier in the year. Consider parameters around 4K enrollment periods.
Market 4K enrollment in culturally inclusive ways. Communicate to families the ramifications of late enrollment related to seat availability and transportation. Consider moving 4K enrollment closer to August enrollment.
Summer School EnrollmentTech Services creates course request to select students. EO works closely with EEL to create schools, calendars, courses, and schedules students in IC. Tech Services staff assigns user rights.Deb Owan
Set up school year in IC Staff rolls students and calendars; determines calendar/schedule configuration for 4K-12 for every school/site; and rolls reports, courses, teachers, rooms, schedules, grading tasks, attendance reasons etc. If a new school or schedule is needed staff creates it. C&A staff supports teacher and gradebook with support from Enrollment Office. Deb Owan
Student Information System Clean-upTechnical Services creates IC clean-up reports and provides them to the Enrollment Office support assistant; support assistant uses reports to look for data that is not correct on student records, then updates, investigates and sets time lines for specific clean up duties; support assistant works with programmers to find new ways to locate data in IC that has been entered incorrectly; support assistant works with schools to verify which changes need to be made. Emphasis on the residency tab and determine if the it's done quarterly.TBA
Membership CountCreate training material for secretatries on how to report accurate membership count to the enrollment office. Follow up on the No Show Procedure and ensure schools are recording No Show students correctly and entering the No Show students in the Not Verified for Membership (NVM) report. Ensure schools are using the audit procedure included in the Membership Count General Guidelines to make sure students’ count is correct and the PI-1563 reflect the actual student count. Follow up on Dashboard error report to ensure all errors are corrected before membership count is submitted to DPI. Ensure students count is accurate.Fatima
Student Cumulative File ManagementCreate a process for scanning, storing and destroying paper cumulative student files. Store cumulative file in Infinite Campus and communicate the changes to our stakeholders.Fatima