#FalloutEquestriaAfterDark - Characters
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CharacterPlayerSpeciesGenderOrientationDescriptionBackgroundFlavourFetishesTime ZoneSEX?
Alexf1r3w4rr10rZebraMaleMostly Gayanthro, striped fur, two stripes on each cheek, three stripes on each ear, collar like stripe on the neck, medium length, silky and curly mane, blue eyes
Alex is a pretty femboi guy. He loves to wear rather girly clothes and to show them off. He is pretty subby and rather shy though. Like his sister Alexis, he is able to bend the flesh and bone of his own body (and others he touches) to a certain extent, making it possible for him to change his gender for example.submissive, cuddlyUTC +1 / GMT +1
Alexisf1r3w4rr10rZebraHermBianthro, striped fur, same pattern as hir brother, straight kempt mane falling over right eye, Alex' sister, purple eyes, occassionally gets milk mare teats when feralAlexis is more brash and controlling than hir brother Alex. Shi is switch, that means shi can be sub and dom. Shi mostly behaves like every other mare, just that she is packing something extra. Like hir brother Alex, shi is able to bend the flesh and bone of hir own body (and others shi touches) to a certain extent, making it possible for hir to change hir gender for example. Shi was born a mare, but prefers to live like shi is now.switch, likes it rougher than hir brotherUTC +1 / GMT +1Most likely no, try I guess?
AlticaShady_StepsChangelingHermBistanderd changeling with a little extra between her legs
AmbitionDarcyEarth PonyFemaleStraight (Bi-sexual urges on occasions)Ambition is a brilliant white luxriously curvey mare with a long braided cyan mane, her firey orange eyes are framed by a set of square glasses, she is often seen in a red dress or naked, Her cutiemark is a rope thread around a pullyStrawberry marshmallows with a hint of roseDespite her timid nature Ambition is incredibly horny, she enjoys being penetrated by multiple stallions at one time as well as serving a vast group, enjoys being submissive to a dominative partner(s) GMT +10
Arx Sanaref1r3w4rr10rAlicornMaleBipurple fur, purple and silver mane, small studs in left ear, talented magiciansubmissive, likes being genderbent, likes S/MUTC +1 / GMT +1
Aurora MaidWaakUnicornFemaleBiSporting a coat of white and a mane of light blue, with also a maid's uniform donned while at work. She's lacking in underwear department, though...Sub, tries to follow the wishes of her partner.UTC +2
BiscuitsbiscuitsUnicornMaleStraight? I guess?A roan, beige and chestnut brown (cookie themed) stallion with a brown mane and milky white, unseeing eyes. He's a bit on the small side for a stallion, but is by no means small framed. Usually covered in some robes, the stallion holds a few saddlebags worth of various herbs with him for mixing potions. He makes up for his lack of sight through having better perception elsewhere... but yeah he's pretty much useless. CookiesCheck my Flist, bout sums it upGMT + 12 (New Zealand Time)
BrimflameNitoKaDragonMaleBiA large green dragon, can change his size to suit pony sizes better but prefers to stay large. He has a long tongue and his spines are a shade of dark green. He enjoys talking down to poniesHot sauceDomination
Candlelight ProseCandlelightProsePegasusFemaleEhBeige coat with dark orange/auburn mane, green eyes. Lit candle and small scroll for cutie mark.Like tear-stains and could've beens.Eh
ChamberedShellChamberedShellCrystal PonyFemaleLesbian, Sometimes BiGunpowder grey coat, mane, and tail. Has red eyes. She is quite shy and mostly quiet. Once she opens up to others, she loves being silly and fun.UTC -8 / GMT -8
Cheeriloo!~DarcyEarth PonyFemale
Cheeriloo is an...interesting mare. She is as soft pink as a marshmallow and as curvey as a bow. She has long poofy and curly blonde mane. Her eyes are ruby red and she dons a pair of small square glasses. Her background is a mystery but she is as playful and curious as a 5 year old foal but as sultry and eager as an adult mare, she either is mute or chooses not to speak. her cutie mark is of party popper being shot. She works as a barmaid but prositutes most nights for extra caps. however as far as it can be told, she is sterile but she keeps this a secret, possibly out of shame.Sunshine and Lollypops!*Draws a picture of a smiling flower and a crude drawing of herself*GMT +10
Chip CrestChipCrestDiamond DogMaleBi-SexualshaWhite Chocolate Chip
ChlorofunTuneoutPegasusMareBiAll snow white coat, mane, tail, eyes, softer then cotton or linnen, very kind and snuggly, has a tail where chloroform naturally forms and she can knock out her victims/attackers. -Promission from Magister needed before you can do anything with her-SkittlesLikes playing hard to get and can be hard to get aswell~, also Shady_Steps; yes she is a fetish!UTC - 8
Chocolate DelightNitoKaUnicornFemaleStraightShe is a dark brown mare with a lighter brown mane, her cutiemark is a bitten off bar of chocolate. She may act shy at first but in reality she is very outgoing and fun in bed.ChocolateAny~
Cinnamon TwistCinnamon TwistBatponyTrans FemaleBiCream coloured mare with... added benefits? She's rather quiet, but she's very empathetic and likes to please. Her cutie mark is a pair of crossed candy canes in the shape of heart. Cream Cheese and CinnamonLikes light biting... >.>
CloudyCloudyPegasusMaleStraightAn all black stallion with very dark grey almost black eyes, he's mostly silent but nice when you talk to him. He always says he's straight and will argue it but secretly is also a colt cuddler, you just have to get to him. Alt. Note: He is a pegasus but due to a traumatic incident while flying he has never flown again.Black cherry, though his mouth tastes distinctly like zebra~Sure. Part of the expirence, right?
Coconut MilkDontAskForCookiesEarth PonymalegayCo-Co brown coat with smooth white mane, cutie mark is of half a coconut shell with bendy straw and mini umbrella.
DarcyDarcyPegasusMaleBiDarcy is a shaggy tan coated stallion with a black mane and a long brown trenchcoat, a white tee beneath. Green eyes, Monsterously large wings for a pegasus, His cutiemark is a large golden gear Rain on a hot summers day with a hint of a metallic tangSubmission and Domination, expermental, Anal, Exabitionism GMT +10Yes please.
DeltaDeltaUnknownUnknownAsexualThis specemin is unlike anything we have ever encountered before (Eww, reused lines. Even if it is true). This creature does not seem to possess a true form as it constantly changes. Including into inanimate objects! Though it does not have a true form, from what we have observed, it seemes to revert into a default form for interaction with other. This form appears to be a tiny (it can fit in your palm) white pegasus male with a messy blue mane and tail and red eyes (It should be noted that it seems fond for these colors and specifications as to where they appear). It also seems fond of the Greek Delta symbol as it appears as a cutie mark or some sort of mark on all its forms.One of our scientists reported that its saliva tasted destinctly of blue raspberry candy after a make out session.Whenever it is a male, it appears rather small. And rather large when a female. We can only guess as to why it does so.Alaska
Delta BluesSnowshoeZebraMaleStraightA zebra, what do you expect? Black and white, with a short, ragged black mane and tail.Alternate Universe, ish. Before he met some Tavern folk anyway.Like the blues.Rather vanilla, though he doesn't mind when mares take control. Bit excessive when it comes to, well, cum. Yay, zebras. Also has zebra stamina.GMT -5 (Eastern)
DewdropNitoKaEarth PonyFemalePanDewdrop is a shy earthpony with a light green mane and a teal coat, her cutiemark is their water drops.spring watersquirting, socks, scents, other s words (Joking), aspires at taking larger than she can take sizes. Of course!
DocTicTacPegasusFemaleBi (Heavy Female pref)Doc is a black pegasus who is well, a doctor. She has a grey mane, and wears a doctor's robe, a fedora, and a pair of glasses.Will do anything at least once, loves dem boobies.GMT-6
DoubleDoubleEarth PonyMaleBiDouble is Double. And therefore very helpful in discribing himself. Infact, He's an lightly tanned stallion with a masculine build. he sports an darkblone mane and tail along with brown eyes. A black stripe runs over the width of his nose.Has it.Likes girly boys, likes panty fetishes. Oral sex. Anthro/furryUTC +1 / GMT +1
Drink MixDrinkMixUnicornFemaleBiA light blue unicorn, with pink eyes adn a hot pink mane. She is curvy all over and her rump is nice and squishy~ :P She doesn't wear anything unless she's trying to be especially sexy. Her tail and mane are both long and smooth. a subtle sweet flavor with just a hint of tang~ Dom/Sub(Master/Slave. she is sub), Oral(giving), deep penetration, cum inflation, gang bang, expiremental.EST
Dusk FangDusk_FangUnicornMaleStraightA large unicorn with a gray coat, and a black mane. His eyes are red, and his voice is moderatly deep. His cutie mark is a flame.Salty.Sexy Mares.UTC/GMT -8 hours
Eagle EyeEagle_EyePegasusMaleGayA pink coated purple maned pegasus. His mane is long and usually tied back in a ponytail, his tail a bit more controlled at a medium length. He is small and wirey, built more for speed than heavy lifting. He is always seen with a bomb collar around his neck, though it has been deactivated for some time. He usually wears something to cover his cutie mark and such, not wanting to reviel his Dashite brand. Being a bit on the feminine side he can easily be mistaken for a mare at first glance. Ex-slave dashite looking to make the wastes better in his own way. Hopes to settle down in his own place one day, with a stallion he can trust and care for, but it's not his top priority.Sub/dom, pet play, wing play, crossdressing. Will not do master/slave though, bad memories Otherwise is up to try anything at least once, provided there's a safety involved.GMT-5
EdenMerciful_DevotionUnicornhermBiReddish-orange coat, short, blue-gray mane. Slightly shorter than average.sex-fluidsBirth, milking, impregnating, stuffingGMT-6
EridaniEridaniUnicornFemaleBi (F-pref)Chocolate brown coat, with black and silver mane. Cutiemark: silver 8-point star, with 'north' and 'east' larger than the others.Chocolatey.Shy and affectionate, loves group activity
EsEsEarth PonyFemaleDecidingA slightly off white vanilla coat, ending in black hooves. She has a few freckles on her cheeks, and wears multiple ear piercings. Her mane is mixed with pink and black, kept a little short but quite wild in style. http://tinyurl.com/lnjlk9t
Feather HeartFeather HeartPegasusMalePanA smaller pegasus with a scarlet mane and a white coat. He is kind of curvy for a male and is always mistaken for a female, not that he minds! Having come out of a vault he has a cutie mark of three hearts surrounding a feather, package, and a scroll; identifieing him as both a scribe and a delivery pony. Rather timid he's still getting used to the wasteland. He identifies as a female as always refers to himself with feminine pronouns. His, or at this point rather her, voice is even femine. Usaully she can be seen in a stable armoured dress as a mixure of zebra griffon and pony technoligy, bearing the mark of 006. Unlike others she will try and help everyone; but unlike most out here she's not as proficient with most weapons. The only one she uses effectively is her saddle, crafted with Two LMGs.
Feather Grew up in the walls of Stable 006 a normal pony who got her cutie mark at the age of ten or so. When it appeared she got the tadk of writing the stable's history and delivering things around for the other creatures there. Unfortunately she was thrust out when many factions started to try and invade the place. With three other ponies she escaped, the doors closing only to open if they could somehow get in touch. Now the little femcolt frequents bars in the major cities, hiding her wings due to resentment but using them to get around.A warming SweetnessOral sex (giving), Dressing as a filly, Any species really so long as they aren't a goul. Orgasm Denial, Anal (Receiving), Being treated like a girl. Ageplay (Contact for information) BDSM, chastity, and being a submissive.GMT−5Well, that depends - I mean, um, I suppose... Maybe we could, i don't know
FetchSnowshoeChangelingIdentifies as MaleStraight (when male), bi (when female)A changeling. You expected anything?Alternate Universe Fetch, wherein he isn't in a relationship with Cloudy.Bug.Being whoever his partner wants him to be. From famous people to old crushes, the kinkier the better for him.GMT -5 (Eastern)ok
FireflyViewing_GlassPegasusFemaleBiFlexible brown mare with fiery mane. Cutie mark is a cloud on fire.Will not do Slave/Master or anything similar.
Flaxen DuskDarman AryaUnicornMalestraightWhats this? Hand drawn sfw pics?!: Basic ref: http://fav.me/d5j0w4x In his hideout asleep: http://fav.me/d6xx1b5A sniper pony with the group "Dead Heads." Taken in after his family's farm was raided and his mother dragged off in front of him. He himself had to endure his flanks being scarred up to the point he never found out what his cutiemarks were. Afterward his father blamed him for the loss of his mother. Flaxen, a mental and emotional wreck, snatched his father's gun and shot his father in all four legs and through the horn crippleing him before running off. After this, many adventures and a lot of intense training happened.so. so many. Dear god he can be one kinky dominate bucker. Still, if you are a Griff, dragon, or Alicorn he will definatly be interested.EST
FrostbiteFrostbiteDaPegasusPegasusMalePanFrosted green pegasus colt with a brown mane. Average build for a pegasus colt, dashite brand on his rump. Still wears his Officer's cap from the Enclave, and black or grey armor, eith enclave power armor or combat armor.Frostbite was an Enclave engineer before being dashited for desertion. Likes sex, a lot, like, so much. Bigger partners, sub.
GaigeShady_StepsEarth PonyFemaleBiMetal and battery acidAll Of ThemGMT 0
Grim WhiptailSon0fgrimGryphonMaleStraight (Bi if you can get him really drunk)Specaled Gold plumage with sleek dark borwn fur. Cybernetic left arm and eye. http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/287/0/8/grim_whiptail_commission_by_inkwell_pony-d5htlmq.pngOf course, its what I'm here for, silly.
Gringo GrimfireProject_86GriffonMaleStraight (get him drunk....it won't matter)He is a rather large griffon, larger then most,, with singed freathers here and there. His head feathers were gray and his body was brown. normaly seen with a gallon of some kind of booze on him~Strangely a bit like alchoholHeh mostly anything is good with me~ go wild as you can,UTC -6May refuse sex but mostly for baiting something's interest. All of it please.
GryphonCpt_GryphonGriffonMaleStraightA normal size griffon with a light gray head and jet black body. Has silverish claws and a muscular form. He doesn't like to give info about his "special parts", unless in private with a partner.Sort of a chicken taste, with a bit of an apple taste.Depending on what sort of thing you're doing. If it's a weird +18 thing, where mares have tits, he's got a breast fetish. If not, then he doesn't have one.Pacific time
GyroGyroEarth PonyFemaleBiShe is a small, dark purple earth pony with turquoise eyes and a rust colored mane and tail. Her mane has a pink hairband in it and her tail has a bow of the same color at its base. Her cutie mark is a gyroscope. [http://i.imgur.com/WJY5ex2.png]Physical Restraint (ropes, stocks, held down, etc), Cum Inflation, Submission, Public Sexual Humiliation, Anonymous PartnersUTC +8
HarmonyAquEarth PonyFemaleBiUnusually tall, peach coated mare with a long pink mane and tail.
HeartshineHeartshinePegasusFemalebiSmall framed, light green filly-sized with a red mane with a blue streak in it, and a hunter green bow in her hair.Tart strawberriesLikes redheads?
HeatseekerEridaniPegasusMaleStraightGrey coat, black mane, red eyes. CM: Sidewinder AAMAll of it.
HildeVieralGriffonFemaleLesbianLarge sized bouncer griffoness, her fur is siberian tiger and her feathers are golden eaglelight experimentingUTC -7 / GMT -7
HotwireIgnisEarth PonyFemaleBiVanilla-coated earth pony mare, has a slightly messy copper mane and a short tail, has two crossed wires with sparks on every end as a cutie markCuddly, enjoys little games, is rather playful.The specimen seems to be mostly uninterested in sex. But if asked, is not likely to refuse.
IcepickSunnydon'tlookEarth PonyFemaleMostly StraightIcepick is a Grey Coated, Blue eyed unicorn with a short blond mane. She's larger than most other ponies but not by a massive amount, her muscles are toned and she isn't averse to throwing down. She wears Ranger power armour that has been charred over most of its surface with a half way gone coat of orange hightlights. She works for pay, A hedge knight in the wastes. Masquerading as a waster with a set of powered armour to avoid scrutiny. She is a Rogue Steel Ranger wandering the contintent following little but her own conscience. A knight errant that'll pursue her goal at all cost, pessimistic about the world but not opposed to finding comfort and pleasure in the Wastes. Dour eyes and face mask a person who wants a better world, but cannot help but feel it an impossible goal.Regular Bodily excretions-Like an omnivorous intelligent quadraped, that enjoys meat.Dress up is fun, Hardcore is fun, cream pies, (Has an IUD, so she cannot get pregnant). Likes a good drink and a fucking now and then. Hit me up for anything else, I'm pretty open minded. GMT-6May be a bit scared at first due to being a virgin, but can be coaxed into it so long as someone takes and interest in her and doesn't mind her 'secret'.
IgnisIgnisDragonMaleMostly StraightA medium dragon (average pony-size), warm grey scales, coal black sharpened spines, dark brown eyes (left one has specks of gold)Soot and HeartwarmthSnugglefucking, love bites, kissing, dressup/off, caressing and otherwise using his claws to please his partner, likes petite females.
InkSplashInkSplashUnicornMaleBiWhite coat, brown mane and tail, and green eyes. Ink splotch cutie mark. Sugar, hint of metallic inkSub, light bondage, teasing, self-control games, will try most anythingUTC -8 / GMT -8
Iron MangoSolisEarth PonyMaleGayEccentric maroon stallion with a purple mane, has a dancing pony for a cutie mark.Domming, Sex on the beach, when ponies grovel to him.
Jelly BeanRadiioHoovesUnicornFemaleBi, favoring straightA young, yellow-orange coated unicorn mare with a light red mane. Pretty teal eyes with a slender, curvy body. Cutie mark of a single red jelly bean.Musky and sweet, hint of cherryUsually submissive, giving and getting oral sex. Has a fondness for creampies. Will not do anal.
Jessyf1r3w4rr10rGriffinFemaleLesbianwhite feathers, snow leopard fur, can be pretty brashlikes extreme sex, for example having sex on a cloud and then taking their partner in a helldive on orgasmUTC +1 / GMT +1
KaileTicTacZebraFemaleBiTeenaged zebra mare with a curly mane. (Partner of Eridani)StrawberriesStuffing, cum-inflationGMT-6
KarmaSon0fgrimChangelingFemaleBiTeal mane, jet black carapace with multiple scuffs and cracks in it, missing right fang, Emerald Green eyes. useally disguised as unicorn mare (orange coat, red mane, blue eyes)/Everything/
KathreptisMerciful_DevotionChangelingFemaleBiChangeling-colored, small-framedOviposition and experimenting
KichakaSolisZebraFemaleBiSmall Frame filly zebra with a stylized hoof overlaid on a shield for a glyphDressup.
KimmyKim-solenlovesLazer'sFirm yet SquishyButtOrgasm Skittles DelightIs a bit of a tease and romancer. Picky with who he plays with. Sub/Dom depending. Loves his mare VinylScratch
LazerLazerPegasusMaleBiLarge, just under Big Mac sized pegasus. Blue coat with red mane, CM is a wrench and screwdriver in an X shapeExperimental, likes to dominateYes please, if I am not melting from the heat.
Litany of frostSharaElkMaleStraightHe is a Elk from the overseas nation of Cervidas. His stature stands slightly taller than Celestia or Luna. His coat is light blue and is tipped off with white giving his coat an icy blue sheen to it. He has a rather large rack of horns atop his head that give him a slightly intimidateing look. His eye's are a deep piercing blue, like the cold rivers of his homeland. Other than some light white spots, he has no discernable marks or glyhs of anykind.Winter freshAbso-fucking-lutely! IF I'm in the mood.
Loving HeartLoving_HeartChanglinggender is random at timeswill take any to bedHe is a normal changeling but he has sky blue eyes and a black mane with a white tail. when he wants to hide he becomes a unicorn with blue fur, red eyes and a black mane and tail.Rules his own hive but rarely shows that he is a rular due to wanting to fit in.anything really but not scat.usa Pasfic time zoneYES, if I'm in the mood.
Lucky StarsLucky_StarsBatponyFemalePansexualAn emerald green batpony with a two-tone green and white mane/tail. Wears thick glasses. Four yellow stars as a cutie mark. Blue eyes.SpearmintBondage, enjoys multiple ponies. Mostly only into other equines (no changelings).EST. Weird hours
MagisterNitoKaUnicornMaleBisexualMagister, depending on what timeframe he is in, is either going to be very kind and admirable, treating others with compassion. Or if you meet him in an older timeframe, he is very strong in a verbal and personality way, his voice makes you want to listen to him, even though you can tell the kind words he says are as cold as Ice.MintAll
Mayhemf1r3w4rr10rMinotaurFemaleBisteel blue / grey fur, white belly, black mane with pink tips, pretty buff, nose ring, ear tags, ring on right horn, various tattoos and runes carved in her horns, gets stuck in doorframes often (with her horns), scoltish accentexperimental, can be snugglyUTC +1 / GMT +1
MirMirPegasusFemaleBiAn extremely small mare. Dark purple, eggplant really. Thick shiny heavy black mane. Tied into a ponytail and two little hair bobbels on either side of her head, secured with gold hair wrappings, the ponytail with a heavy gold ring. Striking gold eyes to match. Wings are slightly too large for her, out of proportion to her tiny body. She's not much taller than an adolescent, but is full grown adult. Scarred and texture Dashite mark. 23 aproximately. And wildly out of character in FoEAD as to her normal character.[NSFW] Mir's Derpi Tag [NSFW]Black Cherry with a very mild Black Licorice aftertasteIf you wanna try something just ask. Okay with a lot of stuff including darker things.EST
Moondancef1r3w4rr10rAlicornFemaleBiArx' genderbent formUTC +1 / GMT +1I-I dont want it from you...Baka..
MoonlightMoonlightAlicornFemale/HermPansexualA raincloud grey slightly taller than average mare with dull fire blue hair with oversized wings and a cutiemark of a book and evergreen eyes. Likes to get to know those around her first before speaking up, enjoys to let others take the lead until they have a feeling of how things work, then is fine with leader or follower.http://i.imgur.com/xeMWEdL.png SFW | NSFW HERM http://i.imgur.com/faU3I7B.pngFrench Toast/Breakfast FoodsA lot, ask and you will find out, very happy to answer questions with even demonstrations! Seriously though I am up for pretty much anything. Alternatively, check the f-list https://www.f-list.net/c/moonlight%20grimoire/
UTC -8 / GMT -8
NevaroseKim-solenChangelingFemaleStraightA queen class Changeling with long flowing hair, and bright blue eyes. Her eyes however, are covered by the a fog, evidence of her developing cataracts. Because of her blindness, Nevarose can be easily scared or frightened by those who surprise her or those she does not know personally. She is pridefull in her lineage and does not accept ponies easily. Pina ColadaNone of your business pony!Always
NexusNexus_of_ConcordiaUnicornFemaleBiA unicorn with red coat, white and purple mane 'n tail. She has heterochromia, her right eye is a brilliant purple while the left one is a light sapphire.https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3dxriK8TgrCUl9DRVVlZWVfNW42cHZzRS1Nd0xkcEc4Wmln/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3dxriK8TgrCSTZ1SmprclN1aUVhQVJka3k5ZFFnYlVqTjZv/view?usp=sharingCherry colaLots! Please enquire~ But mainly BDSM, vore, clothing, "clean" musk... https://www.f-list.net/c/nexus%20of%20concordiaUTC+1/GMT+1Heh, sure.
NitokaNitoKaUnicornMaleStraightLight green mane, Aqua blue coat, lily pad cutiemarkBland, tastelessyes
NomadnomadPegasus BatponyMaleBi (Males)A small purple pegasus with a grey/white mane, most of the time his body is covered in bandages as well as his wings.plumHe likes it.. rough....GMT -5
ObaskyrTachyGryphonMaleVaries - likes to sleep facing eastward.A dark earth coloured grypon with brown-tinged primary feathers - amnesiac - barely remembers his name and little else, let alone sexual preferences or previous partners, likes to think of himsef as being given a blank slate - the only thing marring this is the deactivated PipBuck he wears. Pragmatic and resourceful to a fault - tends to take things a little out of context. Has little experience in the wasteland save a few run-ins with slavers and certainly no... experience... *ahem* in bed.Well - I kinda woke up in this dilapidated hut surrounded by corpses; I don't recall any further back - I just know what I think is my name from where it's scratched into my PipBuck.Has no idea.Has an urge to try wingplay.GMT/UTC
Peach TeaSnowshoeUnicornFemaleLesbianLight orange coat, creme mane and tail. Her mane is often tied back in a quick ponytail. Wears a PipBuck on her left foreleg. Has a cutie mark of a crossed bullet and spring.Not actually Alternate Universe at all. Open relationships, ho!Peach-infused iced tea.Maybe?GMT -5 (Eastern)
PermittivitySunnydon'tlookUnicornMaleBiPermittivity is a stallion from a foreign land, he speaks with an odd accent and has brought with him many strange ideas. His Coat is a burned amber colour and his mane is slightly curled and brown, his eyes are blue. He'll sleep with a lot of people.He's an ex-soldier from a far away land, imbued with knowledge of a more mechanistic world and a vehemant believer in the inexorable progress of civilisation. He feels that legislating morality and acting in way that others would prefer morally is atavisitic and regressive. Therefore, he indulges in his inpulses and the granduer of the equine form, even in a hell blasted wasteland. He has little more than his principals and a body receptive to stimulation, both intellectual and sexual. He wears a set of Strenghted combat armour and carries a recoil compensated Kalash type assault rifle along with a scoped bolt action rifle. In reserve he has a semi automatic service pistol on his hips.
PI-E4GyroRobutMaleStraight"Ponylike Inseminator - Experimeltal Model 3" Changes racial appearance and color sceme at will.???UTC +8
PommelPommelBatponyMaleBiNavy blue pegasus with Grayish blue mane with strong ice blue eyes. Quite silent on times but very talkative when in a conversation. Barely experiments with himself and a bit experienced. He has a broadsword hilt for a cutie mark.Not opposed, expect him to be shy.
PrettyWreckSourCherryEarth PonyMaleBiAn orange coated greaser stallion with a dark blue pompadour, a sleek leather jacket, a pack of smokes and an almost insatiable libido. Considers himself a bona-fide badboy and a casanova, though opinions might vary depending who's asked. His cutie mark is a flaming piston.
Princess DashieprincessdashiePegasusFemaleBiDashie is a bi pegasus with a lightning streak in her mane and a coat colored light yellow. She's a bit shy at first.Candy
PrismLucky_StarsBatponyFemale PansexualA small light grey batpony with a black mane and tail. Has rather vivid orange eyes.OrangeadeNone really. Only into other ponies (no changelings either). Rather submissiveEST
ProverbTicTacPegasusFemaleBiTiny mare, just slightly bigger than a filly (though she's 22). Black coat, white mane, wears an eyepatch over her right eye. She has a Dashite brand.FeatherySub/dom, wingplay, lots of wingplay, stuffing, deep penetrationGMT -6
Ravage FlurryRavageFlurryZony (EP/Zebra)MaleStraight (Unless really drunk)A zony with grey fur with dark/dull stripes on his underbelly, part of his neck, and the upper areas of his legs.He has a zebra mane and tail, with the mane being shorter then most (His mane and tail are the same color as his stripes). He is slightly thinner then most, and is covered in scars, including more nasty scars around his crotch and underbelly. He is shy when recieving affection due to his past, but he is openly playful and can easily be seen as unintentionally rude or bothersome.
Red BarretteBlue_BarretteUnicornFemaleMostly lesbian, pickyCurly mane, red in color. Light blue pelt, red eyes matching her mane. Cutie mark is a simple red bow barrette, and usually she wears some in her mane and tail as wellShame and indignationDom, experimental in all areas related to control, juice boxes, hates gross stuff
Rhubarb BlazeEridaniEarth PonyFemale???Green with firey-orange/red mane. CM: Rhubarb on fire.Rhubarb, naturallyDominant and aggressive. Lives to punch things and light them on fire.
RiposteRiposteGryphonFemaleuuuhA mixture of light grey and white, her style is accented with green feathers that would signify her "mane". Dark beak and arms, emerald eyes.Entertainment and trainwrecks
RossetaSunnydon'tlookUnicornMaleBiRosseta is a pink coated stallion about twenty years old. His Red mane and blue eyes cover for the fact that he is not a built stallion, or a stallion who is very experienced. Expect him to be attracted to both genders and open to many things. He's a lanky buck who knows a good deal about medicine, not stable born but shelted nonetheless. Consequently he abhors violence and small spaces. Likes being dominated, being pegged or dicked. He can play a pretty convincing doctor. Open minded. GMT-6
Rough WatersLazerUnicornFemaleBiA small red unicorn with a blue mane, she has a drop of water as a CM, is a hydromancerSubmission, experimenting
Ruby GemNitoKaDiamond DogFemaleStraight Light brown coat, small spots on her back, otherwise small for a diamond dog.MetalAnal
ShadowShadowAlicornMaleWut's datBlack coat, fiery orange mane/tail. Hazel eyes. No butt mark.Why else would we be here?
Shadow StepViewing_GlassUnicornMaleStraight?Black pony with purple spots and same mane, cutie mark frying pan with a machete over it. Has odd items...Sub, Try Anything OnceThe proud mating habits. Yes
Shadow StepsShady_StepsUnicornMaleBiSmall frame with stable tec barding, gray coat and messy blue mane Cute mark of a crescent moon with stars Dom/Sub, Experimental, Everything
Shady StepsShady_StepsUnicornFemaleBiSmall frame with stable tec barding, gray coat and messy blue mane Cute mark of a crescent moon with stars Sub, Experimental, Everything *blushes*
ShadysGuardSexyShadyStepsUnicornMare/FemaleLesbian(ONLY exception Shadow_Steps)She is a sexy dark grey Unicorn with black mane and tail and dark blue eyes, she wears a black suit and fedora, she doesn't talk much and likes to smile or wink, she is strictly raised to defend Shady with her life and do whatever she wants, she is equipped with a .45 Cal 'Tommy Gun' and 'Blacktail' and is most certainly considered armed and dangerous to all a threat to her or especially Shady_Steps~A faint taste of Shady_StepsSlave and Master play~There is no time when the world revolves around Shady
SharaSharaUnicornMaleStraightA gunmetalgrey unicorn with a short matteblack mane with crimson eyes. He has a jagged scar running across his muzzle. He has a slightly taller than average build, when he smiles his teeth seem to have a slightly unatural sharpnes to them. His mark is two 1911's on either side of a Machinegun that form the shape of a cross.
ShataraEridaniGryphonMaleStraight (mostly)A somewhat awkward stable-gryphon with a Sand-tan coat, black feathers, and blue eyes. http://pantzar.deviantart.com/art/Shatara-Character-Sheet-468489010Usually affectionate, can be predatory if the mood strikes.
SignetVieralOther [ooze]Female [subjective]BiShe's a mare-sized slime-creature made of ink. despite her black body, she has a soft pink core that she occasionally inserts into others, is shy with newer ponies.black dyeLimb insertion, body-snatching, head insertion, thin-coating, form-cloning, sex-addicting, slime-play [duh]UTC -7 /GMT -7Of course =3
SnowshoeSnowshoeUnicornFemaleBiGrey coat, dark blue mane and tail that are both unkempt. Blue eyed. Has a number of scars, most prominent a charred chunk taken out of the outer edge of her left ear, and one that reaches from her right cutie mark to just about her mare bits. Cutie mark is a crossed wrench and screwdriver.Alternate Universe Snowshoe, wherein she isn't married, twice. You tell her.Light bondage. Multiple partners.GMT -5 (Eastern)
Softwingf1r3w4rr10rPegasusCuntcoltMostly Straight (Guys)light brown fur, yellow mane, tail and eyes, mane and tail always well groomed, smooth and long, mane hides half of his faceslightly shy, not as slutty as my other chars, really conscious about not getting pregnantUTC +1 / GMT +1
Solis-IgnisSolisUnicornFemalePanCharcoal Gray with two tone orange curls, has a lit candle cutie markDressup, Dom/Sub, sucking dick.Sexy
SourCherrySourCherryEarth PonyFemaleBiHas an light green coat and a chocolate-brown mane with one orange curl. Slightly more rounder than the average mare, she has much to offer. Her hugs are soft and cuddly. Confectioner by profession. Her cutie mark is a piece of cherry sponge cake. https://38.media.tumblr.com/894e5a8bb411ba9ae37e873cf9f00000/tumblr_nc2i1mEzjl1tmqlq3o1_500.jpg
Strange BrewViewing_GlassEarth PonyFemalePanBlue Earth Pony with black stripes and mane to match, her cutie mark is a cauldron being stirredExperimental, SwitchWhy would she not pursue if available.
Swift WingSwiftWingUnknown. Commonly a PegasusUnknown, Commonly a MaleBiA pale light yellow pegasus with a light cerulean mane and amethyst eyes. He has a wing with white sharp feathers for a cutie mark. Usually open to many different types and peculiarly, does not wear any form of protection or carries anything. Capable of seemingly impossible feats such as making duplicates or making objects suddenly appear.A pegasus that seemingly has the ability to do random feats. He doesn't know of where he had came from other than being a simple viewer. He carries no clothing or items unless he makes it appear. Swift doesn't seem to be from the wasteland but he knows much of it. All that is commonly viewed as true is that he's a pegasus. At least, that's what he and the others view himself as.Switches often from fruits to candies to common drinks.WatGMT -6 (Central)