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ADDRESSZIPNBRHDCoop and Run# in FlockBreedsOther DetailsOther aspects of urban agriculture or “green” lifestyleEntrance to yard/coopHosts speak English +Please complete the following sentences.
OPEN BOTH DAYS, 9/17 & 9/18
1644 W 37th Place60609McKinley ParkWe built our coop using both new and recycled materials. The coop was styled after the homes in Antigua, Guatemala, which is based on Spanish colonial achitecture. My family is from Guatemala so we wanted to pay homage to that.7 chickens, 8 chicksAmeraucana, Buff Orps and one misc breed. We used to have a rooster and when we removed him, one of our chickens became broody so we let her sit on 10 eggs and two weeks ago 8 hatched. It's been fun to see chicks with their mama, versus having them come in the mail all alone.edible landscaping, square foot gardening, rain barrel, fruit trees, compostWheelchair accessible.SpanishWe keep chickens because we want to know that the chickens that gave us our eggs had the best life possible, to give us the best eggs possible. We look forward to hosting the Tour because we want to share our joy for urban farming. We love the Tour because it gives everyone a chance to see various different contexts for chicken-keeping.
2200 W Grand Ave60612West TownWe free range our 3 hens in our garden center yard. Our coop is small (3'X5' ), but we expand it to twice that size during the winter in case of confinement. What is unique is the sustainable and no-waste design: at 3"x5' with lumber available in 8' lengths, the A-frame design means that there is very little waste. We keep the coop on a pallet so the hens are protected from heavy rains and rats. 3Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, and ?One of our hens came by cab-- she was dropped off by a cab driver who found her on the street. Food forest sample, and bee-keeping supplies availableWheelchair accessible.French, ItalianWe want to show people how easy it can be and how funny and smart chickens are.
2723 W. Ainslie St60625RavenswoodWe share our flock with our neighbors, so we built the coop right on the fence line with doors from both properties. We built the coop ourselves from a clubhouse our children have outgrown. We used as much salvaged materials as we could, including old doors and fence boards. The coop is 4'x5' and sits above a 5'x8' run. We extended the run to approximately 5'x16', but we let the hens free range in our large back yard.11Silver Laced Wyandotte
Black Copper Maran
Easter Egger
Various Mixed Wyandottes.
Our flock have free range of our unusually large Chicago back yard.We have a couple rain barrels and a small raised bed as well as composts for chicken and yard waste. Our neighbor who shares the hens has an extensive set of raised beds and makes use of most of the chicken waste.Not wheelchair accessibleEnglish only
3717 N Kenneth60641Old Irving ParkI have a growing coop. The first part was built 3 years ago for 6 chicks. Entirely self-built with wood, a shingled roof for the run and henhouse, part of which is inside my garage. I added a 10'x5' addition to the run this summer. The exterior walls of the run are all covered in hardware cloth with hardware cloth buried under the soil floor. In winter I cover the exterior panels with clear plastic shower curtain liners to keep the wind and snow out. The coop is situated under a 45 year old Burr Oak tree, which provides shade and shelter in the summer. 11Buff Orpington
Barred Rock
Black Austrolorp
Golden Laced Wyandotte
Rhode Ismand Red
Easter Eggers
Light Brahma

2 are roosters
They free range all day and 2 are roosters. My yard is also a work in progress. I have been cultivating native plants for 30 years and grassy lawn space keeps decreasing. Gardening with chickens (and squirrels!) presents some challenges, which I have not fully mastered. We're working on a prairie garden and 4 bee hives.All ground level, wheelchair accessible.English only-We keep backyard chickens because they are fun... Eggs are a nice bonus.
I look forward to hosting to share my experience and meet other like-minded folks.
I love seeing so many different approaches to keeping chickens.
-I look forward to hosting to share my experience and meet other like minded folks.
2421 N Francisco Ave60647-2609Logan SquareWe recently built a new and improved coop, part of a backyard renovation process. Our old coop was a little small and not as rodent-proof as we'd prefer, so we've just built a new bigger and better coop. It started with a set of plans but was finished with what worked best in our circumstances and what wood was available.3Buff Orpington, Delaware, Black AustrolorpWe love chickens and the learning experience they provide for our kids.Composting, rain barrels, intensive gardening, native plantsNot wheelchair accessible.English only
3252 South Bell Avenue60608McKinley ParkWe built our coop last summer with help from a handy friend. It features a human-friendly, walk-in design for easy cleaning. 5Barred Plymouth Rock
Black Australorp
Gold Laced Wyandotte
Buff Orpington
We adopted our flock last summer as friends were moving out of the neighborhood. They typically free range in our backyard during the day and LOVE treats like watermelon and corn!Sadly, not at this time!Not wheelchair accessible.English onlyI love seeing so many different approaches to keeping chickens.
4433 W. Montana St60639Kelvyn ParkSecond coop I have built, a large walk-in modern-ish styled coop with an attached run.
4Delaware, Buff Orpington and AustralorpHand raised so very friendly, will follow you around and sit on your lap.
Three hens are 2 years old and one is 7. Get on well with our two dogs.
Rainwater distribution/disconnected downspouts/compostingSomewhat wheelchair accessible, small bumps on path.English only1) We love the eggs and the chickens make us laugh.
2 and 3) We have learned from the tour how to design our coops, time to pass it on.
1264 W Ardmore Ave60660EdgewaterI built the coop from salvaged materials.
I didn't use one plan but combined different features that I liked from several other coops.
5Barred Plymouth Rock, this is my first time raising chickens so I kept it simple and only selected one breed.
The flock is allowed to free range the yard in the off season. In summer, they are allowed on the grass in a portable run that is moved around the yard. Rain barrels. Vegetable and flower gardens. Composting.Wheelchair accessible.English only1. my son is allergic to dogs/cats so the chickens are pets with benefits. As we also love their eggs.
2. we would love to give back some of the knowledge we learned while attending the tour in the past.
3. we get to meet other chicken keepers and their methods and reasons for keeping chickens.
3334 N Troy60618AvondaleHomemade coop using many recycled materials.
Coop is designed for easy maintenance, is cleaned daily and provides excellent shelter, protection and comfort for our flock.
We don't have a run, our flock free ranges in our fenced back yard from dawn to dusk.
11Easter Egger
New Hampshire Red
Rhode Island Red
Barred Rock
Silver Laced Wyandotte
Black Star
Red Star
Amber Star
We've kept chickens for 6.5 years and our hens range in age from 0.5 years to 6.5 years. While some periodically replace their entire flock to avoid the trouble of integrating new flock members we have been letting our hens raise chicks so the newcomers are automatically integrated into the flock, once by getting fertile eggs, but lately by getting a couple day old chicks each year to place under a broody hen (when the timing works out).

We make extensive use of free supplies such as wood chips, coffee chaff, brew grain and dumpstered food. We don't use layer feed or spend anything on bedding. Our flock is productive, even our oldest hens.

We have hatched some of our hens and they have not had vaccinations as do those that come from hatcheries. Therefore we are concerned about the risk of disease transmission from/to other flocks on the tour. We will have a washing station set up in our front yard and we request all visitors wash the soles of their shoes.
Yes, we garden year round using a hoop house, low tunnels and other season extension tricks. We have a double lot and most of our square footage is devoted to food production, we even have 3 fruit trees and several fruit bearing shrubs in our parkway.
We have a dozen rainbarrels, do composting and produce our food largely without purchased inputs: no fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc. and make use of saved seed and perennials.
Wheelchair accessible. I'm disabled and have done all my chicken chores from my home made mobility scootersEnglish onlyWe keep chickens because we our disturbed by the practices of industrialized food production and we desire to be as independent of it as possible. Our chickens are an important element of our gardening providing weed and pest control, fertilizer and tillage to maximize the productivity of our soil without other inputs.

We look forward to introducing the public to our healthy, happy hens and sharing our approach to environmentally friendly food production.

When we started keeping chickens we made an effort to visit as many participants of the tour as possible to get ideas for keeping our flock. We look forward to contributing to the tour and believe we can provide inspiration and insights for those looking for information to keep their own flocks. We love that the tour provided us opportunities to both learn and share.
2143 N Long60639Belmont/CraganWe use 3 coops to raise our flock. The original coop or how we like to call it "The Guest Coop" (6'x3') holds up to 5 grown birds. We use it primarily as a safe place for sick or injured hens and our pullets. Our Main Coop (6' X12') has an inclosed nesting and roost area with a screened in run. It can hold at least 18 birds. Our Garage is our 3rd space used for chickens. It has a walled off area (9'x12') that includes nest boxes and roosts. Part of the space is used to store all the supplies necessary for raising chickens. Our coops are all built in part with recycled materials. We have 2 chicken runs with a gate between, around 430 sqft.30 ish Araucana, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Black sex link, Cuckoo Marans, Cinnamon Queens, Buff Orpington, Australorp, Speckled Sussex, Polish, Plymouth Rock, Silkie, sillkie/araucana, silkie/amberlinkWe have been raising backyard chickens for 9 years. We started out with 3 birds and a small coop. Our multigenerational flock has grown to 12 breeds, we like a colorful flock. Last year we began raising our own chicks, some in an incubator and some by the hens. We have created a small urban farm yard. Our space includes fruit trees, berry bushes, vegetables, herb and pollinator gardens. Composting, vermiculture, rain barrel, barn cat and 3 Bee Hives . Wheelchair accessible.English onlyWe keep backyard chickens for many reasons, number one is Fresh Eggs! Not to mention chickens are amazing composters, rototiller, entertainers, alarm clocks and soup.
1927 W. Farwell60626Rogers Park The three hens at this site enjoy a 1/2 in. Hardware cloth predator-proof run located within a fenced-in free-range area. Access to the plywood coop inside the garage is through a pop-hole in the wall. Legbar, Rhode Island Red, and Barred Rock. 3 right now. Might be 4 by Sept. Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, Legbar NoBackyard incorporates some permiculture techniques and features a large vegetable garden. Composting. wheelchair accessible, but with a narrow backward sidewalk. English onlyWe keep backyard chickens because it is an enjoyable, guilt-free way to enjoy fresh eggs. I look forward to sharing my coop with tour visitors because of the joy people take in seeing chickens behaving like... Chickens. That is scratching in the dirt, peck at seeds, taking a dust bath. The tour is a great way to meet others who love the joy of truly local food.
2250 N. Clifton Avenue60614Lincoln ParkOur custom built coop features reclaimed barn wood, solar power and a rain barrel. Our coop is located in front of our CPS elementary school in the heart of Lincoln Park. Parent and student volunteers take care of the hens every day of the year including in the freezing winter months. We have developed many pieces of curriculum to tie our chickens with common core learning and we use our outdoor classroom to supplement math and science classes. Our coop is also a very special place for our students with extra needs to take some time during their day to reconnect and reboot.6 hens1 - Ameraucana
2 - Plymouth Rock
1 - Buff Orpington
2 - Delaware
N/ARain barrel
Irrigation system
Wheelchair accessible, all aspects of our coop viewable from the sidewalk.English only1. We keep backyard chickens because we want to raise a new generation of learners who appreciate where their food comes from and how to become stewards of our planet.

2. We look forward to hosting the tour because we are super proud of our coop and our beautiful hens.
5632 W Gunnison Street60630Jefferson ParkAfter a ton of research and attending the tour twice, we designed and built our own coop, using a lot of reclaimed materials. It has a green roof with sedums!51 Bantam Plymouth Rock, 1 Standard Plymouth Rock, 2 Specked Sussex, 1 Australorp.This is a mixed flock with the bantam being from our first brood.This is a home of a landscape designer and engineer/carpenter, so yeah... we have 11 rainbarrels on a manifold and pump system we use to water organic vegetable beds and ornamentals. We also compost kitchen scraps and chicken poop, which is then used in the garden.Not wheelchair accessible.a bit of spanishWe keep backyard chickens because you cannot beat the taste of a fresh eggs. I know where my chickens have been and feel safer eating from home. We look forward to hosting the tour because we found it so incredibly useful to talk with people who were actually raising chickens in an urban environment instead of just reading about it. We love the tour because I get to share my love of chickens and pay it forward!
615 East 60th Street60637West WoodlawnMy coop and run were hand constructed by a very talented neighbor who lives down the street from my home. Both my coop and run are predator proof, with wire netting beneath the ground to prevent access by a digging predator. Coop elements have been added over the months based on the way we have observed the hens using the structure. These added elements were done to make the coop more intresting for the birds, as well as making the structure easier to access and to clean. It is made from the same material, pressure treated Pine, as my decks. It appears to remain cool inside in the summer and because the back of the coop abuts a basement window, warm in the winter. Experts hold however that chickens neither need nor should have heat in the winter.I have six hensThe breeds are Welsummer, Easter Egger, French Black Copper Marans and Barred Plymouth RockI maintain compost, using the composted chicken waste plus hay and soil as well as composted plants from my vegetable garden. I maintain a raised bed and container garden. I recycle as much as possible and as much as I know how to recycle.Can reach the coop via public transportation or by vehicle. I am located between Chaplain and St. Lawrence streets and across the street from Washington Park in the 600 block of East 60th Street - the only two-flat on the block!French
4835 N. Bell60625Lincoln SquareOur Coop was built by my husband and dad. Coop plans were purchased online. It is made of wood. Coop is 4x5, raised 2 ft. and enclosed so chickens have space under coop. They really like to hang out under the coop in the hot weather Fully enclosed run is 6x12. Coop can accommodate 4-6 chickens. When I am in the garden, which is often, chickens have access to entire garden. We live on 1.5 lots with no garage so garden is quite large.3Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, Easter EggerNothing other than how unique each of our 4 chickens is. Each of them has a different personality.
The usual amazing chicken stuff!
Rain Barrels
Veggie Gardening in Containers
Bee Hives
The coop is very wheelchair accessible and in an area of the yard separate from bee hives. Bee hives are located 100ft. from coop area. We would be happy to show bee hives as well. We have shared this experience with many of our neighbors and their children. We are quite comfortable being ambassadors for our chickens as well as bee keeping. Having bees made this a necessity.English only.
2915 West Fargo Ave60645Rogers ParkCustom built coop. Built 4 years ago to fit space between my house and next door neighbors. Large completely enclosed run so they can be outside as much as they want. Water tap in run so don't have to schlep water in season. Coop is insulated, which helps when it's 20 degrees below zero. Coop run roof partially covered to help girls stay cooler in summer heat.9Mixed flock.Garden is completely enclosed where they can roam, under supervision, because of neighborhood predators.Veggie garden, bees, composting, rain barrelsWheelchair accessibleEnglish only
5124 West Belden60639Belmont-CraginOur coop is 8'x7' and has a 12' run. My family built it on our own and it took 4 months to complete earlier this year. This is our first full year with chickens.8* Araucana
* Rhode Island Reds
* Red Cross
* Buff Orpingtons
* Barred Rocks
* Black Australorps
* Light Brahma
* Silver Lace Wyandottes
The chickens are free to roam around the fenced-in yard, are very friendly, and recently started laying eggs. Sometimes my dad falls asleep on one of the chairs in the backyard and wakes up with a chicken sleeping on his leg. We have a vegetable garden and use rain barrels. Not wheelchair accessible.English, SpanishWe keep backyard chickens because they are great to have around and are part of our "family".

We look forward to hosting the Tour because we want other residents to learn about the benefits of backyard chickens.

We love the Tour because it gives us the opportunity to see what other backyard chicken keepers are doing with their flock so that we can improve ours.
2123 W Thomas Street60622Ukrainian Villagewe went twice on the windy city coop tour as guests to get ideas for our coop. We then made a sketch and built it mostly out of reclaimed wood and painted it matching to our garage. We call it the "Egg Drop Inn". It is big enough to house up to 10 chickens with an outside run, giving them shelter and protection from sun and rain.5Wyandotte, Rhode Island Red, Easter Eggerwe picked the chickens for the variety of colored eggs. The chickens go along very well with our Beagle Lucy, who loves to sniff their behinds.we have a beehive, a thermo composter, a raised bed, gooseberry, elderberry and red currant bushes.Wheelchair accessible. Entrance is through the gangway, let us know your coming and we are happy to help you through the gate.german1. its fun and we love the eggs...
2. we like to meet people and share our experience and inspire others.
3 we get new ideas
6213 N Canfield Ave60631-1831Edison ParkI built original coop when started 5 years ago for our 4 baby chicks. Just built another coop when added 6 more chicks this year. Hens are in a enclosed run, after hawk took a baby chick last year. Run extends from coop door along 2 sides of our yard all the way to under our large deck where they are protected by fencing and fine mesh netting. Fencing and netting are in large pine tree adjacent to deck to limit their roosting height-- about 6 feet off ground.84 Rhode Island Reds
2 Isa Browns
2 Silver Laced Wyandottes
Over the years predators, (raccoons,possums, skunks, and hawks) have diminished our flock. Losses have all but disappeared after protected run installed.Have 5 bee colonies, numerous bee friendly plants, several vegetables. Rainbarrel for water for bees. Compost bin.Wheelchair accessible.English onlyWe keep chickens for the eggs and entertainment.

We are very proud of our urban farm! And we have plenty of experience to answer any questions..

We have attended the last 5 Tours. Love seeing the different setups., from coops to gardens, etc.
1913 W. Cornelia Ave.60657Roscoe VillageMy girls have 2 homes. The large one in the yard is for spring, summer, and fall when my chickens free-range. In the summer when I don't want them ravaging my garden, they're confined to the fenced-in run. In the coldest part of winter I have a smaller coop that's better insulated, and is on our back porch for easier, less snowy maintenance. 3Buff Orpington, ISA Red Star, and Golden-laced WyandotteWe are organic vegetable, raspberry, strawberry, herb, and flower gardeners, as well as pond-keepers (3 goldfish, one bullfrog). We keep a compost pile as well. Wheelchair accessibleEnglish only
6139 S. University Ave.60637WoodlawnWe built the coop from reclaimed or scavenged materials, with an large run, window, corrugated steel roof, removable roosts, sliding interior door and nesting box with exterior access.6We aren't 100% sure, but we think we've got a Chocolate Maran (Henrietta the Matriarch), and Ameraucana (Magicks), a Barred Rock (Kitty), possibly 2 Buff Orpingtons (Ned and Go-Cart), and one suspected Leghorn (Apricot). All guesses welcome!We started off with just one hen, Henrietta. She was the product of an elementary class project and adopted by one of the families along with three of her sisters. They couldn't care for her well enough, so they gave the flock to my friend Joe. Joe had them for a few months, and then tragically, a fox or dog got three of the girls while they were out free ranging leaving Henrietta alone, traumatized, skittish and fearful. Since Joe works a lot, he decided my yard with kids and other animals would be a great place for her, and brought her and her coop to stay with us. Well, this thing I've hear about called "chicken math" kicked in and we decided to incubate a dozen eggs to get some friends for Henrietta. 7 hatched, and 5 survived the first few hours, and now we have a happy flock of 6.Open compost bin, herbal and decorative garden.Wheelchair access from street level through back gate, if the wheelchair can handle uneven brick sidewalk.French.I keep backyard chickens because we love the birds personalities, the attention they get form neighbors and the eggs! 2.) I am looking forward to hosting the Tour because the coop I thought I'd never finish actually turned out quite nice and I'm proud of it, so I want to show it off! 3.) I love the Tour because I'm hoping to meet more people with knowledge and experience with urban chickens, and perpetuate the hobby!
9304 S. Claremont Ave.60643BeverlyOur coop is home made. It measures 4' by 6' with a 6'x6' run underneath. The interior contains 3 natural branch for roosting, room for 3 nesting boxes. The interior is also painted with an waterproof epoxy which allows us to hose it down for easy cleaning. We used car siding to give is a cabin feel. 51 Rhode Island Red
1 New Hampshire
2 Easter Eggers
1 Maran
Our Easter Eggers and Marans are about 5 months old and not yet laying. They are very friendly chickens that we try to handle daily. They also get plenty of free range time in the yard.We have a small garden area as well as a compost bin for the droppings.Wheelchair access, on grass.English only.As a Certified Financial Planner, I thought that chickens would be a great pet. Not only would my son have "little sisters" but he could also learn responsibility and entrepreneurship. Lemonade stands are great but often only a once or twice a summer effort.

My 7 year old son learns responsibility and how to run a business. We attended a Urban Farming day at the Agricultural High School on 111th last spring. As we left the school my son said, "Dad, Dad, I bet we could sell the eggs ~ For money!"

He drew some chickens with crayons so we could create a business card. He became a door-to-door salesman, knocking on neighbors doors to do his sales pitch. Every time he sold eggs he writes the information on an Income Statement. His income statement also includes line items for the cost of building the coop, the chickens and the feed...as well as a "small business grant" line item to cover his start up costs. This helps him understand the concept of both income and expenses. Over the summer he made $53, but more importantly he had fun learning math, science and entrepreneurship.
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