denceHave you improved as an ultraspeaker in the last 5 weeks? If so, how?What advice would you give yourself (or a new ultraspeaker) 5 weeks ago?
---- Cohort 6 -------- Cohort 6 ----
I was able to listen to the others and to really connect.Go full in!What past students are saying:
I am a new speaker, inside and out! so much more confident, trusting in my own ability to connect, and experiencing the value of my personal stories!
You are in for a TREAT!!!Cohort 6:
Yes. I'm more comfortable in speaking about whatever, I'm having more fun, I feel more confident with people, the possibilities of making a job out of speaking seem a lot more possible and exciting now.
You need to CHALLENGE yourself!!! My biggest breakthroughs came from pressure and challenge. My budding confidence was realizing itself the more I put myself in challenging situations, testing it. Oh, and ask for help. Where would I be had I not raised my hand for the live coaching? Because I legitimately thought I was underperforming compared to the rest of the cohort. So if you think you are weak... that's an opportunity to excel if you seize it! So keep at it, because the course is pretty challenging enough already, and you'll be forced to get out of your comfort zone. So that's already enough to give yourself credit!Cohort 7:
I've become more confident in taking things on the fly, trusting that I can work things out as the plane is in flight. I've improved my access to feeling. learning to take pauses has been key
not sure? just keep on showing up and you'll get better!Cohort 8:
More certain&confident and the way I enjoy speaking has gone through the roof.Abandon.Wall of Love:
I have understood myself when it comes to speaking.

I have effectively pin pointed my strengths, weaknesses and abilities.

I have become comfortable and understood the power of employing more silence, vulnerability and personalization for the next level of improvement. I have understood how conductor can create new musical elements for your tone and how to tap into those subtleties
Attend everything (which i Did) show up when you're not in the mood
Use silence more than you think you need to
Go with an open mind and employ the feedback into practice everyday.
A lot as I am more confidentYou lack in mindset and not in skillset.
I feel more confident and can inject energy into my speakingTrust yourself and the process. Enjoy the games and everything will fall into place.
I'm much more confident at it with a better speaking mindset, a new way of speaking, but still being Remco
Just be yourself and enjoy the process, it's going to be great!
I have introduced musicality in my speech. I am using more stories. I am scaling my voice and energy. I am loving the pauses and silence i take. I am loving the sound of my voice and the space i am taking.
Go all in. Practice the games frequently ideally daily. Trust the process. Trust yourself. Take the leap. Try doing the things you are not comfortable doing. The things which scare you. Take notes. Practice in real life as often as possible. Be your boldest
I am able to feel ready at will.Open yourself up.
Absolutely. I'm not sure if you have noticed that, but I FEEL so much more at ease and comfortable, with a reasonable amount of butterflies and sweaty palms.
Have fun with this. It's all about expression and just like you tell so many of your athletes to slow down, don't try so hard and let the "set" come to you, so it will happen here if you let it.
From being entirely unable, to ENJOYING it!GO FOR IT! Throw yourself into it all, wholeheartedly; fully immerse yourself in it and if you find yourself going blank when you have to speak about a given random subject, just start talking ANYWHERE and see where it takes you. Don't get stuck in being too literal with the speech titles. Oh, and speak before you think.
Well, being able to take a random topic on a screen and not let it scare me, is a huge confidence win. But in my speaking itself I found a way to pause while I speak, which believe it or not is not something I really ever did before. I also think my storytelling has improved immensely in being able to start with a moment and find the way others may connect to it in there own was something I have never explored before and even to accomplish that in a speech or two is really exciting.
Take time to reflect on lessons from class, lot of powerful words comes from coaches and Michael esp. Writing them down or revisiting them really help engrain them in you.
I've become extremely conscious of pausing and vocal variety.Go to as many additional trainings as possible. Try to be conscious of what you learned and apply it even in every day conversations. Basically do whatever is in your power to cement the fresh info into your memory.
I have become more comfortable with my own voice.Take more notes!
1). Learning how to speak with confidence separate from the content
2). Learning how to inject more personal stories into speeches
3). Learning how to inject personality into speeches
... They are all related :)
Devote time to going through the games, they will allow you to practice what you're learning in class
Yes I see some improvement, I am more comfortable in taking pauses and reduce my speech delivery
It's ok to speak very slowly and take as many pauses as you need to during a speech
My confidence improved and that's the best outcome I could have hoped for. Don't stress too much about failing at the games, they're just a tool to test different ways of speaking. Practice a lot and you'll inevitably learn something valuable.
I feel much more comfortable when speaking. When I notice I struggle, I keep going because I have been in that situation before. What was most surprising is that speaking before thinking can be so creative and about self-discovery.
Trust yourself, put in the work, and let it unfold.
see the above commentsUtilize practice sessions outside of the classes.
Yes, I did. My self-talks decreased tremendouslyI know it might look scary to you. But you'll be amazed about what you'll be able to do at the end of the course and how your mindset will shift. There is no need to seek outside and outwards when you speak and to find what to speak about or to say. Everything is inside you, so turn inwards; that is where you'll find your own way to relate to anything, so lean in it whatever it is. It is more than enough already. That is all you can control; your ability to be you the rest is none of your business (at least for now).
I am a lot more confident, less afraid of making mistakes, I can take pauses, I'm comfortable with silence, I can vary my energy levels (sometimes) and I'm just more aware of when I'm speaking so I can get into flow
I don't think anything I would say would convince me more than taking the course. But I would tell myself that I am able to speak well, but I would still suggest doing it.
Yes.See the frustrations: be clear about the two modes of practice, for connection and for mechanical capability using the instrument of body and voice. (sort of like: creating a moving performance vs. scales)
I can actually stay present when public speaking now. I used to over prepare and then kind of black out when public speaking. Literally I would finish talking and I wouldn't be able to remember anything that had just happened. I haven't had that experience since going through ultraspeaking.
Trust the process and show up for yourself. Do the one-on-one coaching!
- I'm better at speaking without thinking
- My heart doesn't explode in anticipation of speaking
- I'm more comfortable with silences
- I speak more freely
- I allow myself to take the time I need to say whatever it is
Trust the process of Ultraspeaking & lean in!
I think my biggest improvement is in realizing how powerful stories areDon't hold back
Having the experience of an intensive "sprint" of learning to speak was the keySet aside more time to practice
I've received compliments from my husbands, Coach, Boss & PodmateJump in fully
More confident, more relaxed, and I'm able to be more expressive.Show up and lean into the experience, even if it's a small nudge in the direction you want to go.
I have a lot my more confidence and comfort in my ability to speak to others.Keep at it!
I'm not able to tell stories from the first person's perspective, essentially relive the moment. Add a Q I can change my energy to inject some musicality and what I'm trying to do and wake people up. I can slow down my conversations and talks to bring things in a more introspective and thoughtful manner. I understand when I am rambling and trying to rush through conversation because I am scared of messing up. I also am aware that my inner critic will always be there with me so I need to embrace him more importantly understand him. Lastly, I've learned what it was like to be in a state of flow.
I told myself to set up a weekly real-world project and connect with someone to keep myself accountable in driving it home every single week. I think they would've given me a better understanding and some of the key takeaways that need to be practising real-world versus the ultra speaking framework.

Lastly, I would give myself a reminder to be ultra-present every single day because each one if you give it your all and forever change your life.
Absolutely! There's just so much more to improve ahead of me. But looking back, I'm a significantly better speaker and have a lot more fun speaking.
Take the course! Do the daily trainings!
I began to use pausing and breathing. I became more comfrtable in silence and more willing to go in without a script/notes.
Stop using notes or scripts now. Go speak in environments you consider to not be safe as often as possible. Trust that it will be okay. Don't leave what you learn here inside of the Ultraspeaking world (go use it!).
Enjoying the art of speaking; being comfortable with silence.Trust the process.
I embrace no preparation. I am more connected to myself and connected to who I'm speaking to.
Connect with other students right away to practice, record podcasts, etc.
Yes definitelyJust do it
… even if 1700 dollars was a BIG stretch
Due to COVID fallout of clients
Yes, I definitely have. To just let loose and have fun.
YesPut in more time along with the course
At work I have been much more comfortable being an active participant in meetings (both meetings I lead and meetings I attend) by trusting myself to speak spontaneously and not feeling I need to over prepare. This has also help me engage more in productive conversation.
"Jump in fully" from day 1. Be OK with making mistakes or looking foolish and trust the system. You'll get the hang of it and start enjoying it quickly - even faster than you think.
I can laugh more at my shortcomings / the belief system that's caused me to have these issues. The social anxiety and feeling of not wanting to present or be "spotlighted" is still there. But I'm (slowly) learning how to not get stuck in my head
Use the daily trainings more and put more pressure. It got too easy / comfortable after the first two weeks and I was too heads down with work to take full advantage. Try to create more space for immersion and know when to ask for more
I am truly transferring the Ultraspeaking principles, learnings and insights into my 'real life'
Feeling stuck is part of the process. Sometimes it's okay to stop trying to figure it out - that itself might create the obstacle ;)
---- Cohort 7 -------- Cohort 7 ----
I'm more confident in my ability to express myself and don't feel the need to go into situations with as much preparation.'
Just dive in and give it you're all it'll be worth it.'
as stated above'Just go for it'
I beginning to feel more comfortable when talking and speaking is not much of an effort for me anymore. I can finally rest and know that I don't have to find the perfect word in my jumbled mind, I can just say whatever word comes to me. And if the word doesn't come: pause.'
The first week can be scary being in a new environment and you may feel that others can speak way better than you. Just know that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and that by the end of this course (if you give it your all and put in the reps) you'll see a change in your speaking ability.'
I'm able to connect to my breath and trust that I will have something to say.'Just do it. Don't be afraid of messing up because this is the space to do it.'
Immensely. I really can't explain in words. I will probably answer this again after couple of months.'
Own your speech, own your pauses and RELIVE.'
Yes!'A lot of what we need to do is unlearning or letting go. '
I feel it is more me than performance speaking, And i truly enjoy holding space for others, if before i felt more intimidated and doubting myself, now i love the uncertainty and what can emerge from it! '
Have a good time!'
- tapped into the brain's auto complete function\n- explored emotions in speaking\n- re-lived memories during speaking\n- ability to communicate effectively'
- build confidence by doing more reps. start asap.'
More confident on impromptu speaking'N/A'
Unlocked content, became more vulnerable 'Practice and feel'
Feel more at ease when speaking and preparing for interviews. 'Trust the process - it's ok if not comfortable with the rapid fire game. I felt a little discouraged after week 1 (as I was too slow to do the game in 2 sec). I was comfortable with other games. '
I feel more comfortable when speaking to people'enjoy the ride'
Yes'Give it your all. Don't be afraid of being judged. Everyone is there for their own reasons'
More comfortable and confident'Trust the process'
I went from a 6 to a 9'Be open and don’t be afraid. It is all a safe place '
I have improved my confidence, and my ability to dive into stories and pull the audience in along with me. It has been transformational. '
GO ALL IN. Dive into practicing and trying all the new skills you learn as soon as you learn. Don't wait. The more you practice, the better you'll get. You can also apply the games to real world(work, life, etc) topics, which is a huge help to translating your skills from the zoom sessions to real life. '
Yes!'If you had a sense of excitement for the possibilities of this course and doubt creeps in, I understand and because you have been disappointed in the past. But it is very unlikely that this course will not do that and rather uplift you.'
I'm confident with my speaking.'Enjoy the journey and don't be afraid.'
Yes, a lot. 'Believe in myself, whatever happens, it is gonna be fine.\nWhatever I say, lives with it. That's the best way to connect with myself and my audience.\nEnd strong or leave a cliffhanger.\n'
Gained confidence'Don't be afraid to speak up and do the things that scare you'
Major improvement. Just so calm when I speak. Enjoy the process of sharing my vulnerability without it needing to be rehearsed.'
Do it. If you want to feel free and comfortable being yourself, learning how to trust yourself in moments of pressure, learning how to take up space, be comfortable speaking and not shying away from your quirks, this is for you.'
---- Cohort 8 -------- Cohort 8 ----
I feel less frigid to talk to new people, and trust myself more to just talk and let what happens happens
Practice practice, and sign up for sessions on the off week
Realising that this idea that I couldn't tell stories was just a story I was telling myself. Letting go of the need to prepare everything I'm about to say and trusting in my intuitive self.
Lean into the discomfort. Whenever opportunity arises to speak, seize it!
I feel confident in general and I don't fall back to express my ideas and more importantly to defend myself
Don't feel scared, you are on for a treat
become more confidentbe comfortable with the unkown.
The long and short pauses. Introducing emotion and liveliness in my stories. Feeling much more confident in my abilities. And many more!
Spend more time reading and reflecting the notes. Spend more time practicing the skills consciously in real life everyday.
I would like to believe so, but only others can say so.Go full in
I don't need to worry about content. If I manage my state, there is too much to be expressed.
Commit to stepping outside your comfort zone and do so whenever there is an opportunity, e.g. volunteering in the main room. Don't take yourself too seriously and explore speaking as a game.
Better at speaking off-the-cuff, leaning into pauses and silence, staying on track.
Don't be afraid to speak before you think.
More spontaneous, ability to draw on a wider range of skills and states.Make time for every session. Lock them in. Attend at least 3 daily trainings per week if you can.
Feel a lot more flow and ease. I get way less jumbled than I used to and have a lot more confidence in my ability to execute.
Just jump into it, try new things, put yourself in challenging circumstances and attend daily trainings and do daily practice.
I feel more comfortable with unknown situations when speaking. My inner critic has taken a chill pill. I take my time and feel more comfortable treating myself to a breath when speaking.
Daily trainings are great. Play games on your own time too.
Less fear of the unknown. More comfortable pausing. Less fear in being personal.
This course is about identifying what is holding you back. You can already speak, you do it with your friends all the time. So what's different about when you speak in front of others? Once you identify that, let's prove that all of those things that are different don't actually hold you back.
I have become more open, expanded my range of speaking, learnt how to control my thoughts using the breath, become more confident holding the room, and most importantly, become more comfortable making mistakes.
Make as many mistakes as you can.
I feel that I'll have something to say for any topic, and I speak with more energy and speak before I think.
Trust in the process and embrace it, and be comfortable with exploring the limits of your comfort zone.
less speech anxietyspeak before you think
More trust that I have a deep reservoir to draw from. Comfort with a slower pace and with silence. Realizing how compressed my range was and that I'm free to go beyond. Telling stories in a more personal and impactful way. Treating public speaking like speaking to friends.
Really lean into it. Go to as many Daily Trainings as possible.
I speak much more confident.Really, really trust this process and let your current beliefs about speaking go if they don't serve you.
I can now speak comfortably on any topic without preparation and without being nervous even in front of 20+ people (on zoom, in real life let's see!).
Just do it! Speak up even when you're nervous you might be amazed at the results.
i think my confidence and speaking ability has both improved massivelydont over think, trust the process and play full out - its fun
I'm so much freer in my speaking. I can bring more energy to it. I can trust in myself that I'll be able to speak. I've largely killed the sense of dread that comes when I know I'm going to have to speak. I can bring more personality and personal detail to my speaking in order to make it more interesting.
Trust the process and have fun
I have so many hidden potentials in speaking that I did not tap into before coming to Ultraspeaking.
Have fun, be yourself, it's OK to be nervous, trust yourself, JUST SPEAK!
I have become increasingly more confident in my ability to speak publicly.Trust the process, and give each class your absolute all! Even if it's uncomfortable, you'll grow even faster through this course.
The big increase in confidence. I don't stress very much about speaking on random topics. I can talk about meaningful things, bring my own opinions and stories in, and do it confidently.
Speak up more especially in the main room Just let go and trust it will go well Care about what you say
I mean, I've improved by leaps and bounds in terms of trusting myself, and learning to stay in character. Those are the two biggest things.
Man, just let go and have fun and enjoy the ride. You'll be surprised by what emerges when you're not in your head.