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The purpose of the People Connectory Directory is to connect individuals looking for partners or tools for their ITEST proposals with those who can provide partnership or tools (e.g., a school district looking for a research methodologist, a community-based organization looking for an external evaluator). The information provided is publicly available and accessible via the STELAR website. You can get notified of additions to the Directory by clicking on 'Tools' and 'Notification Opportunities' above (you must sign in to a google account in order to access the Tools).

Note: STELAR and NSF do not endorse the credibility or expertise of any specific individuals on the compiled list.
TimestampFirst nameLast nameEmailOrganization / InstitutionCityStateWebsiteListing TypeType of ExpertiseExpertise Details
9/3/2014 13:11:53CarrieParkercparker@edc.orgEDCWalthamMAI can PROVIDE expertiseResearcherI can provide research expertise in two areas: (a) we have an NSF PRIME grant to develop a classroom observation tool that may be relevant for ITEST projects; and (b) we can help design rigorous studies focused on youth outcomes.
9/8/2014 10:33:46McGeeStevenmcgee@lponline.netThe Learning PartnershipWestern SpringsILI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher, Evaluation instrumentThe Learning Partnership brings expertise of both research and development to its evaluation projects. We have expertise in instrument development, logic modeling, evaluation design, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and report writing. We have served as the evaluator for a number NSF-funded STEM projects from ITEST, CE21, DRK12, Instructional Materials Development, GLOBE, CI-TEAM, IERI, and NSDL. Feel free to contact us via email to discuss your evaluation needs.
9/8/2014 10:47:33CarolynStaudtcarolyn@concord.orgThe Concord ConsortiumConcordMAconcord.orgI can PROVIDE expertiseResearcher, Principal InvestigatorPast projects have been both teacher-focused (within formal education) and scale-up in nature. Upcoming project is still classroom based yet provides an opportunity for after school involvement.
9/8/2014 11:15:36JackieDeLisijdelisi@edc.orgEducation Development CenterWalthamMAedc.orgI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher, Evaluation instrumentI was a lead developer of the ISIOP, an observation tool currently used across the country to document science teacher practice. I regularly contribute to the conceptual design of of other instruments, such as other observational tools or teacher or student surveys. I also lead or contribute to a variety of research and evaluation projects, with both formative and summative components.
9/8/2014 12:18:07DavidReiderdavid@educationdesign.bizEducation Design, INCNewtonMAwww.educationdesign.bizI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluatorActive as an evaluation team helping ITEST projects. We have been part of the ITEST community since Cohort 2.
9/8/2014 13:40:36RickLindricklind@ufl.eduUniversity of FloridaGainesvilleFLI can PROVIDE expertiseResearcher, Formal education siteI am professor of engineering (aerospace,mechanical,controls,design,robotics) and can discuss both university methodologies and industry practices
9/8/2014 13:52:35JennyLeejennylee@arizona.eduUniversity of ArizonaTucsonAZ can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher, Formal education site, Informal education site, Evaluation instrument, MentorResearch, evaluation, and assessment in educational outcomes, higher education organizations, student learning and development and related topics. Extensive background in service learning and internationalization.
9/8/2014 14:10:54AmyTonkonogyamy_tonkonogy@wgbh.orgWGBH EducationBostonMAwgbh.orgI can PROVIDE expertisemedia production and disseminationWGBH Education has led several highly successful ITEST projects over the years, producing video and interactive media as means to support STEM learning and teaching. By virtue of our PBS LearningMedia service we are also able to provide dissemination of media-based products to our registered user base of over 1.4 million educators, free-of-charge. We are eager to partner with other interested organizations pursuing ITEST awards, to complement and extend impact through these unique and highly trusted capacities.
9/8/2014 15:19:16NiritGlazernirit.glazer@gmail.comUniversity of MichiganAnn ArborMICHIGANwww.GulliverInnovativeLearning.comI am LOOKING FOR expertiseEvaluator, Researcher, Formal education site, Informal education site, MentorI am looking for an external elevator and/or for Co-PIs for a study on using wearable technology to engage students and enhance their STEM education.
9/8/2014 15:24:14NiritGlazernirit.glazer@gmail.comUniversity of MichiganAnn ArborMII can PROVIDE expertiseResearcherStudent learning, learning with technology, assessment, data analysis
9/8/2014 15:31:38JeffCharneyjeffcharney@comcast.netRutgers Waksman Student Scholar ProgramPiscataway NJ can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher, Formal education site, Informal education site, Evaluation instrumentInternal/ external evaluation of STEM grant programs using mixed and empirical methods. The grants I have worked with involve student learning in both informal and formal education sites. I have also worked with grants in the professional development of teachers, pre service and veteran.
9/8/2014 16:42:48AnitaKrishnamurthiakrishnamurthi@afterschoolalliance.orgAfterschool AllianceWashingtonDC can PROVIDE expertiseResearcher, Informal education sitePlease reach out if you’re looking for expertise on the afterschool and out-of-school time field, want to more effectively work with afterschool sites, or specifically, exploring youth outcomes for afterschool STEM.
9/9/2014 9:07:53BonnieSwanbonnie.swan@ucf.eduUniversity of Central Florida, PEEROrlandoFlorida can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, ResearcherProgram Evaluation and Educational Research Group (PEER), at the University of Central Florida, offers evaluation and research services for educational programs, grants, and community based organizations.
9/9/2014 9:19:45Cynthia Tananistananis@pitt.eduUniversity of PittsburghPittsburghPAhttp://www.ceac.pitt.eduI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher, Evaluation instrument, Mentor, Evaluation capacity building Cynthia A. Tananis, Ed.D., founded CEAC and serves as its director. She is an associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh's School of Education and teaches in the School Leadership Program. Cindy has 31 years of experience in evaluation. Her expertise focuses on using participatory evaluation designs with involved stakeholders, helping people make sense of and benefit from the evaluation process through collaboration, and linking evaluation studies and school reform policy. Cindy's research interests relate to theories, forms, and practices of evaluation, as well as school reform, professional development, and educational policy.
9/9/2014 12:09:42AmyGrack Nelsonagnelson@smm.orgScience Museum of MinnesotaSt PaulMNI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Evaluation instrument, Instrument validation workExpertise in the development and validation of instruments. I am co-PI on a NSF project to develop surveys to measure teamwork skills in STEM out-of-school time programs. I can provide access to the survey, consult on measuring these skills, and evaluate/research these skills.
9/9/2014 17:00:08TroySadlersadlert@missouri.eduUniversity of MissouriColumbiaMO can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluatorThe ReSTEM Institute: Reimagining & Researching STEM Education is a research and evaluation center specializing in K-12 STEM education. Our group has extensive experience and expertise in evaluation of educational programs and research as well as a track record with the ITEST program. Contact Troy Sadler ( if you would like to schedule a consultation for evaluation.
9/10/2014 18:56:16VanessaVegavanessa@rockman.comRockman et al.San FranciscoCAwww.rockman.comI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher, Formal education site, Informal education site, Evaluation instrument, MentorCan provide expertise on: evaluations of impact and implementation fidelity in K-12 education contexts, (especially: career & technical education programs, project-based learning, technology integration, professional development); social media analyses and strategic communication; research on media audiences, processes, and impacts.
9/16/2014 10:00:21KevinGlassglass@educationconnection.orgCenter for Research & EvaluationLitchfieldCTwww.educationconnection.orgI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluatorWe can provide both internal and external evaluation services. We have extensive experience working with grants funded by NSF, USDE, USDA, CDC and NMEF.
9/16/2014 13:14:04JuanConcepcionrubricsolution@gmail.comConcepción-Cardona, Inc/Rubric SolutionManatiPuerto Ricowww.rubricsolution.comI am LOOKING FOR expertiseEvaluator, Informal education site, APP DeveloperProven educational STEM practices that teachers can apply in formal or informal classroom experiences wiyh K-6 students.
9/17/2014 15:21:28KristinBasskristin@rockman.comRockman et alSan FranciscoCAwww.rockman.comI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Evaluation instrumentRockman et al is an independent research and evaluation group that has worked on numerous formal and informal educational efforts that use media or technology to change how people think about science. We have been particularly active in NSF’s ITEST program and also have a number of NSF MSP, AISL and ATE grants in our portfolio. My areas of expertise include assessment development and validation, program implementation fidelity, research design (including randomized control trials) and quantitative analysis. I'm especially interested in out-of-school science programs and youth media production. I'm also a good resource for instruments. I did an extensive search for soft skills measures for an ITEST proposal last year, so I've got a pretty good sense of the kinds of published, validated 21st century skills measures available for secondary school students. Please be in touch if you'd like to talk further.
9/17/2014 10:39:14KarenYanowitzkyanowitz@astate.eduArkansas State UniversityJonesboroARI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, ResearcherI have two ITEST grants and am very familiar with the program. I am a psychologist by training, and am interested in science learning/attitudes. I also work as an evaluator and have been part of the grant writing team for evaluation for two funded NSF grants, as well as numerous state-level Department of Education MSPs.
9/18/2014 16:41:00JaredOzgajozga@wcs.orgWildlife Conservation Society/Bronx ZooNew YorkNYwcs.orgI am LOOKING FOR expertiseInformal education site, Evaluation instrument, MentorLooking to forge partnerships with organizations that specialize in student activism, film, theater arts, and/or environmental education. Looking to strengthen our grant proposals with solid partnerships.
9/22/2014 15:26:32RobinsonRobinsonronrobinson@lewislatimersociety.orgLewis H. Latimer SocietyChelseaMassachusettswww.lewislatimersociety.orgI can PROVIDE expertiseInformal education siteI can provide information on how to design and operate STEM out of school time programs directed at inner-city middle and high school students, and their programs. I have 15 years experience working with this population.
10/22/2014 16:12:12TeresaReagantreagan@ncat.eduNC A&T State UniversityGreensboroNCI am LOOKING FOR expertiseEvaluatorWe are searching for an external evaluator for our grant proposal
11/12/2014 21:47:15AaronParkerAaron.Ti.Parker@gmail.comUniversity of Guam Sea GrantASANGuamI am LOOKING FOR expertiseEvaluator, Formal education site, Evaluation instrument, MentorLooking for help putting together an ITEST grant submission. Also willing to support another grant by implementation of programs in Guam.
2/17/2015 12:30:42JanaCraig-Harejanach@ku.eduUniversity of Kansas Center for Research on LearningLawrenceKSwww.altec.orgI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher, Evaluation instrument
2/17/2015 16:23:36JaclynOcumpaughjo2424@tc.columbia.eduTeachers College, Columbia UniversityNew YorkNew YorkI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher, Evaluation instrument
2/26/2015 15:15:23TaniaJarosewichTania@CenseoGroup.comCenseo GroupHinckleyOHwww.censeogroup.comI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, ResearcherCenseo Group helps faculty, school districts, state departments of education, and nonprofit organizations to conduct evaluation to measure program implementation and outcomes. We are currently evaluating NSF ATE, USDOE, and NIH-funded programs across the US. We are glad to help with evaluation planning for proposal presentation and to work with projects that are already funded.
2/27/2015 15:24:18KirkKnestiskirk@hezel.comHezel AssociatesSyracuseNYwww.hezel.comI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, ResearcherI can provide expertise on program evaluation, mixed methods designs, instrument design, K12 education, student assessment, performance assessment, project-based learning, robotics, informal science, and engineering.
2/27/2015 15:26:13SarahStewartsarah@hezel.comHezel AssociatesSyracuseNYwww.hezel.comI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, ResearcherI can provide expertise on program evaluation, mixed methods designs, and instrument design.
2/27/2015 15:27:34AndrewHaymanandrew@hezel.comHezel AssociatesSyracuseNYwww.hezel.comI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, ResearcherI can provide expertise on program evaluation, mixed methods designs, and instrument design.
3/23/2015 7:50:36ManoramaTalaivermanotalaiver@gmail.comLongwood University ITTIPChesterfieldVAhttp://www.ittip.orgI can PROVIDE expertiseResearcher, Formal education site, Informal education site, Mentor1. Computing education; 2. K-12 STEM learning; 3. Emerging technologies in K12; 4. Open education resources
5/27/2015 16:45:16SophiaMansorismansori@edc.orgEducation Development Center (EDC)WalthamMAwww.edc.orgI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, ResearcherI am a program evaluator with experience and expertise evaluating and researching a range of educational programs and initiatives. Past project work has addressed formal and informal settings, educator professional development, technology integration, media-making, youth development, student engagement, and student-centered learning.
7/14/2015 15:21:01KarenPetermankarenpetermanphd@gmail.comKaren Peterman Consulting, Co.DurhamNorth Carolinawww.consultkp.comI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, ResearcherI have part of the ITEST community since Cohort Two and have conducted evaluation of many ITEST projects over the years. More recently I have begun to conduct research on evaluation within the context of STEM projects as well. I am eager to continue to contribute to the community through either my evaluation or research expertise.
8/11/2015 12:15:53LoisJoyljoy@jff.orgJobs for the FutureBostonMAJff.orgI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher, Connections to Formal Education sties including Early College High Schools and Community CollegesJobs for the Future works to ensure that all underprepared young people and workers have the skills and credentials needed to succeed in our economy by creating solutions that catalyze change in our education and workforce delivery systems. Working with our partners, JFF designs and drives the adoption of innovative and scalable education and career training models and systems that lead from college readiness to career advancement. We also develop and advocate for the federal and state policies needed to support these solutions. Can provide leadership on evaluation and research design and implementation and facilitate collaborations between K-12 and community college educational institutions and employers for program implementations.
8/18/2015 10:22:32RachelBecker-Kleinrachel@consulttworoads.comTwo Roads ConsultingDEwww.peerassociates.netI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Evaluation instrumentI am an experienced evaluator of STEM programs, including ITEST and AISL grants.
8/31/2015 13:24:46JimManningjames.manning@noaa.govNOAA Northeast Fisheries Science CenterFalmouthMAstudentdrifters.orgI can PROVIDE expertiseResearcherI work on multiple citizen science projects where students and fishermen are involved with building and deploying oceanographic instrumentation. Data is collected for the purposes of validating numerical models. Basic Python code is used to process the data and introduce students to elementary programming.
9/10/2015 21:33:38DarrellDavisd.davis@stemversity.orgSTEMversityCedar HillTXwww.stemversity.orgI am LOOKING FOR expertiseforensics programI am a retired drug forensic chemist and operate a forensic training laboratory for K-12 students and teachers!
9/15/2015 15:13:22BabetteMoellerbmoeller@edc.orgEDCNew YorkNYcct.edc.orgI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, ResearcherI bring 30 years of experience conducting formative and summative evaluation of projects that focus on technology in education, in particular those that serve students from traditionally underrepresented groups.
9/15/2015 20:39:42MortSternheimmort@umassk12.netSTEM Ed Institute/UMassAmherstMAI am LOOKING FOR expertiseResearcherI am interested in submitting an ITEST proposal on solar photovoltaic energy. I need a researcher for the project.
9/17/2015 12:12:28O'DanielRolandrodaniel@ctlonline.orgCollaborative for Teaching and LearningLouisvilleKYctlonline.orgI can PROVIDE expertiseFormal education site
9/28/2015 14:36:50CharlesHutchisonchutchison@edc.orgEDCWalthamMAnpass2.edc.orgI can PROVIDE expertisePD for Informal ScienceMy 20+ years experience leading informal STEM education programs from EDC includes: large-scale project management; national infrastructure building for afterschool science (NPASS -- curriculum development (Design It! and Explore It); observation and self-assessment tool development; PD for trainers and front line staff; rubrics to enhance teaching and evaluation of (NGSS) science practices. I'd be glad to provide support for proposal development, PD or evaluation of informal STEM programs anywhere in the US
9/28/2015 14:34:14CharlesHutchisonhutchison@activesciencelearning.orgActive Science LearningLexingtonMAwww.activesciencelearning.orgI can PROVIDE expertiseMentor, PD for Informal ScienceActive Science Learning promotes all aspects of the development, delivery and assessment of hands-on, project-based (NGSS "practice-based") STEM learning in formal and informal settings. This initiative builds off a 15 year career at EDC developing curriculum (Explore It and Design It) and leading a nationwide PD initiative for informal science (NPASS --
10/8/2015 14:43:24SharonGanderperformancepi.gander@gmail.comThe Institute for Performance ImprovementDowners GroveILwww.tifpi.orgI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Informal education site, certification development, learning solution architectureWorking in partnership with The Institute for Performance Improvement, we can provide consultative services to guide your planning for evaluation. We also provide virtual or onsite workshops in Performance-based Assessments, Practical Analytics and Psychometrics. These classes can help you plan and build your own evaluations to show performance outcomes that are measurable. In addition, The Institute provides consultative services for organizations seeking to build their own certification programs or microcredential badging programs. We have the processes and tools to ensure that your program get results and your certifications and badges are valued. We also provide certifications for instructional designers and developers (IDs) in both industry and education and certifications for credentialers and microcredentialers.
10/9/2015 11:55:35Teresa (Terri)Boyerterri.boyer@rutgers.eduRutgers University Center for Women and WorkPiscatawayNJcww.rutgers.eduI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, ResearcherAs an educational practitioner and researcher with over 15 years experience in the field, I can provide research and evaluation expertise. My specific areas of expertise include educational equity, access and success of historically marginalized populations, institutional and classroom practices, and institutional change models--with particular focus on high-skill, high-demand programs, such as STEM.
10/15/2015 9:45:20MichaelDuffinmichael@PEERassociates.netPEER AssociatesSwanzeyNHpeerassociates.netI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, ResearcherPEER specializes in evaluating and researching existing programs, leading organization development and strategic planning initiatives, and collaborating on the design and building of new programs. We see these three circles of service as fundamentally interrelated — reinforcing and informing each other. Our guiding focus, whatever the task, is to ask potent and provocative questions that help clients discover the
most useful information for staff, decision makers, key stakeholders, and funders.
10/15/2015 11:56:51JoyKubarekjoy@peerassociates.netPEER AssociatesWiltonNHwww.peerassociates.netI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher, Formal education site, Informal education site, Evaluation instrument, MentorI have over 14 years of experience in informal science education including serving as Vice President of Learning at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and establishing their Learning Planning & Evaluation department. I have a PhD in Science Education and have researched both formal and informal science education constructs with a primary focus on learning in informal settings, teacher professional development, and inquiry-based science. I have taught internationally, including teaching STEM to gifted/talented high school students in Poland through a project with the EU. I have presented nationally and internationally on topics of assessment and evaluation in informal science education, particularly around evaluation capacity building. I have published in the Journal of Museum Education on this topic and conducted many keynote presentations and webinars on it as well. I have conducted both qualitative and quantitative studies and am particularly interested in new methods of data collection that integrate seamlessly into the informal learning setting. While I work with informal science education broadly, because of my recent professional experience, I have been focusing more on zoos and aquariums and their increased need to demonstrate impact, more so under the lens of conservation learning outcomes. I believe in collaborations and serve as a coordinator for the strand on learning science in informal settings for the National Association for Research in Science Teaching as well as on the committee for informal science for the National Science Teachers Association. My current position is Senior Research Associate with PEER Associates. We work with education organizations around program evaluation, education research, and organizational development. We focus on entities that have an environmental or sustainability focus. We have worked with clients ranging from school districts to nature centers to federal agencies. My focus within PEER hones in on zoos, aquariums, and museums though across our company we have staff with expertise and focus in additional areas.
1/22/2016 14:57:56MichaelLachmlach@uchicago.eduUniversity of ChicagoChicagoILI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher, Formal education site, MentorI have considerable experience leading STEM education efforts at the K-12 level at scale--school, district, and national levels.
3/17/2016 17:38:32ArdiceHartryhartry@berkeley.eduUniversity of California, BerkeleyBerkeleyCAwww.lawrencehallofscience.orgI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher, Informal education site, Evaluation instrumentThe Research Group at the Lawrence Hall of Science offers a full spectrum of services to provide evidence and insights that foster the development of high-quality science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiences. Our services include: Full service evaluation, tailored evaluation services, customized toolkits, and expert peer review; Comprehensive applied research, rapid response research, and front-end research to inform program design; Design, development, scoring, and validation of specialized and curriculum-aligned assessment; Studies of policy implementation, policy and research briefs, and presentations to policy makers and other high-level stakeholders; Strategic planning, logic modeling, and thought-partnering to create evidence-based, iterative, and responsive program designs. We have served as independent evaluators and research partners on dozens of federal- and foundation-funded projects. Our nimble team has worked with a wide range of partners including schools and districts, in- and out-of-school extended learning programs, national educational organizations, museums, and many more. As an embedded team in a large science museum, we work at the nexus of practice and research and are eager to involve our partners in a way that builds their own capacity for evaluation and research work.
4/28/2016 23:35:49LaurenBirneylbirney@pace.eduPace UniversityNew York NY can PROVIDE expertiseResearcher, Formal education site, Informal education site, MentorFormal and Informal STEM Partnerships and Collaborations - Restoration Science and STEM with Citizen Science
6/2/2016 17:49:11Kathryn (Katie)Stoferstofer@ufl.eduUniversity of can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, ResearcherAgricultural extension and extension as a context for science/STEM; Research and evaluation particularly on free-choice or informal learners and settings
6/6/2016 10:29:39VictorConcepcionrubricsolution@gmail.comConcepcion-Cardona IncBarcelonetaPRwww.rubricsolution.comI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluation instrumentOur web based technologies assist teachers in the development of assessment rubrics to analyze students mastery of 21st Century Skills, related to STEM education and US Common State Standards. Teachers and school administrators will use an account to analyze performances y curriculum development considering Standards and expectations of students learning.
6/15/2016 17:06:47MelissaBonninmmbonnin@hawaii.eduUniversity of Hawaii Maui CollegeKahuluiHII am LOOKING FOR expertiseResearcherWe are looking for a Researcher with familiarity with STEM education for high school students to join our project for the NSF ITEST competition for August 10, 2016. More specifically, the ideal match would have extensive knowledge in assessing Problem Based Learning and/or other nontraditional learning methods including motivation for learning, STEM interest, and intent to pursue STEM careers.
6/16/2016 12:40:58KavitaMittapallikmittapalli@gmail.comMN Associates, Inc.FairfaxVAwww.mnassociatesinc.comI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher, Evaluation instrumentMNA has over 15 years of experience in providing high quality and rigorous program evaluation services for grants that are supported by federal, state and local agencies; not-for-profit organizations, and foundations. Our team of mixed methodologists bring together over 50 years of work experience in evaluating STEM, after school programs, education technology initiatives, workforce development grants, arts integration projects, and teacher quality and improvement initiatives. Our work is primarily funded by the NSF, USDE, USDA, NASA, DOL, DoD, and various state and local school districts across the country. Please visit us at to learn more!
6/16/2016 15:49:18DeborahHechtdhecht@gc.cuny.eduCenter for Advanced Study in Education/CUNYNew can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, ResearcherThe Center for Advanced Study in Education (CASE) has been providing thoughtful, collaborative, and responsive research and formative and summative evaluations for STEM initiatives for over 40 years. We have extensive experience in using all forms of rigorous quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method designs in Prek-HE settings. We work with partners on all aspects of grant development, implementation, and dissemination.
6/21/2016 9:20:21NateHixsonnate.hixson@icfi.comICFCharlestonWVI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, ResearcherI can provide expertise in public K12 data, mixed method research design and data collection, data analysis, program evaluation, logic models, student assessment, and dissemination and reporting
7/12/2016 16:25:32MarkBarnettmarkbarnett@gmail.comIDRA.orgSan AntonioTXwww.idra.orgI am LOOKING FOR expertiseEvaluator, ResearcherLOOKING for external evaluation partners on ITEST grants
7/12/2016 16:26:08MarkBarnettmarkbarnett@gmail.comIDRA.orgSan AntonioTXwww.idra.orgI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher, MentorCAN PROVIDE research and evaluation specifically for underserved populations. Expertise in Makerspace, Maker Education, Parental Involvement and Bilingual ESL programs
Science Museum of Minnesota
St. PaulMNI can PROVIDE expertise
Evaluator, Researcher, Formal education site, Informal education site
Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research
I am LOOKING FOR expertise
Evaluator, Formal education site, Informal education site, Evaluation instrument
I am a new outreach educator for PSBR. I'm looking for partnerships within PA, DE, WV, MD, and NJ. As I develop myself in this role, I am also interested in establishing relationships with other organizations or individuals to learn more about STEM-related projects and curricular ideas.
11/7/2016 11:39:30PhillipEaglin, PhDpeaglin@austin.rr.comChanging ExpectationsAustinTX
I am LOOKING FOR expertise
I am looking for an external evaluator on an NSF Maker (DCL) program proposal. See the Maker Dear Colleague Letter:
11/7/2016 13:54:36PhillipEaglin, PhDpeaglin@austin.rr.comChanging ExpectationsAustinTX
I can PROVIDE expertise
Formal education site, Informal education site
Changing Expectations can provide computer science educator professional development sites, computer science afterschool program sites, and Makerspace out-of-school sites, particularly those targeting underrepresented minority students in computer science.
12/28/2016 9:57:31MollyHenschelmolly@magnoliaconsulting.orgMagnolia Consulting, LLC.RichmondVA
I can PROVIDE expertise
Evaluator, Researcher, Evaluation instrument
1/3/2017 17:10:07CarolHadencarol@magnoliaconsulting.orgMagnolia ConsultingCharlottesvilleVA
I can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator
As a Principal Evaluator with Magnolia Consulting, LLC I have designed and conducted more than 30 evaluations of STEM projects and programs funded by NSF, NASA and the Arizona Department of Education among others. Expertise includes evaluation design, proposal development, quantitative and qualitative methods and report writing.
1/21/2017 13:42:36Suzanne
suzanne@alpertfamily.netfreelance NorfolkMAI can PROVIDE expertise
Researcher, writing, editing
Former ITEST LRC staff member with research experience and an M.A. in Sociology. I am now a freelance writer and editor.
4/6/2017 10:46:31PerfectMichellemperfect@email.arizona.eduUniversity of ArizonaTucsonAZI can PROVIDE expertiseResearcher, Mentor
Management of data collection via REDCAP, which is typically used in bioomedical research; elementary school curriculum; project-based activities in the classroom; social-behavioral science or health-related content
4/26/2017 19:59:48JacqueEwing-Taylorjacque@unr.eduUniversity of NevadaRenoNV
I can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator
As director of Grants & Evaluations in the Raggio Research Center for STEM Education, I have extensive experience as both a PI and an evaluator of NSF, NIH and DoEd grant projects. My evaluation work has been with states, universities, and school districts, helping them write competitive grant proposals and then achieve better project and program results in their funded grant projects.
5/3/2017 23:56:51ToddReevestreeves@niu.eduNorthern Illinois UniversityDeKalbILI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher
I am currently an Assistant Professor of Educational Research and Evaluation at Northern Illinois University, and received my Ph.D in Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation from Boston College. I have directed evaluations and served on evaluation teams for grant- and contract-based projects funded by the National Science Foundation [Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (TUES) program], the U.S. Department of Education (Ready-to-Teach program), and Jubail Colleges and Institutes Sector of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I have also proposed evaluations for National Science Foundation (NSF) Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) and Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE) projects, and U.S. Department of Education National Professional Development (NPD) program projects.
Outlier Research & Evaluation, University of Chicago
I can PROVIDE expertise
Evaluator, Researcher, Evaluation instrument
We want to work with innovative project leaders interested in learning about and improving their interventions.
Science and Mathematics Program Improvement (SAMPI)/ Western Michigan University
KalamazooMII can PROVIDE expertise
Evaluator, Researcher, Evaluation instrument
Science and Mathematics Program Improvement (SAMPI) provides the following services/expertise:

•Conduct evaluations of STEM education programs in K-12, college-level, and informal settings
•Conduct educational research
•Provide technical assistance to funding agencies, STEM-related organizations, schools
•Develop educational assessment materials and evaluation instruments
•Conduct field tests of educational materials
•Collect and manage educational program-related data
•Conduct professional development in STEM-related evaluation and research
•Provide consultation services to educational agencies, organizations, and schools
•Co-develop grant proposals with educational agencies, organizations, and schools
Center for BioMolecular Modeling, Milwaukee School of Engineering
I am LOOKING FOR expertise
Informal education site
7/28/2017 15:53:41MelissaHigginsmelissa_higgins@wgbh.orgWGBHBostonMAwgbh.orgI can PROVIDE expertisePD, Media
WGBH has expertise in creating both student and teacher-facing media-based resources, particularly to support best-practice program implementation.
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
I am LOOKING FOR expertise
Evaluator, Evaluation instrument
I am submitting an NSF ITEST proposal and am seeking an external evaluator. I would also like to be connected to others who have submitted and facilitated successful ITEST projects. Thank you very much -- Lily Gossage
10/5/2017 1:55:02NevadaWinrow
Black Girls Dive Foundation, Inc.
Owings MillsMD
I am LOOKING FOR expertise
Evaluator, Researcher
Educational Researchers with a background in learning science and/or program evaluation (e.g., DoS, Dimensions of Success) to serve as a Collaborative Investigator for a NSF grant.
10/14/2017 15:36:14MelissaPaciullimelissapaciulli@gmail.comUMass AmherstAmherstMAI can PROVIDE expertise
Researcher, Informal education site, Building Community Connections in STEM
North Carolina A & T State University
I am LOOKING FOR expertise
Evaluator, Researcher, Informal education site, Mentor
Mentor to support my career plans to contribute to attracting and retaining talented minority middle-school girls in STEM disciplines through out-of-school or informal learning approaches.
WaTE, Wood and Technology Education
"Craft Stick Crafts" YouTube
I am LOOKING FOR expertise
WaTE is Wood and Technology Education, is the ability to bend, mold and shape small scale craft woods, lathe strips, hobby woods into hundreds of structural components and combine them with electronics to make wooden robotics. Making robotic structures from everyday parts (Craft woods) and combining them with wheels, servos, tanks tracks and more moving parts can allow more schools to enter the STEM race. I can teach the structure I need help with the electronics and coding. Would need to test this idea on several STEM programs if possible.
4/20/2018 16:12:20SeanSmithssmith62@horizon-research.comHorizon Research, Inc.Chapel HillNC
I can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher
Horizon Research, Inc. (HRI) is a private research firm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina specializing in research, evaluation, and technical assistance related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.
5/25/2018 16:34:14EricBanilowererb@horizon-research.comHorizon Research, Inc.Chapel HillNC
I can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher
Horizon Research, Inc. (HRI) is a private research firm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina specializing in research, evaluation, and technical assistance related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.
6/26/2018 13:23:04MonaeVerbeke
Institute for Learning Innovation
GeneseoILI can PROVIDE expertise
Evaluator, Researcher, Informal education site, Evaluation instrument
Kansas State University/Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation
I can PROVIDE expertise
Evaluator, Researcher, Evaluation instrument
Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Networ
63 Flushing Ave, Suite 211, Bldg 292
I can PROVIDE expertise
Formal education site, digital transmedia projects
The Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network (HITN) has a project focusing on, and called, “Amplifying the Voices of Urban Youth for Real World Action.” Our current project, in partnership with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Bureau of Youth and Diversion Initiatives, teaches principles of digital storytelling in combination with background information to promote conversations about cyberbullying, our first themed focus for the project. We can provide expertise in transmedia approaches to educational programs as well as assistance with the development of digital media literacy.

Our current projects help youth give voice to the issues and interests that impact the lives of young people within communities. We are also seeing that caregivers, youth leaders, teachers, program administrators, need tools to share stories as well. The “ Amplifying Voices” project is designed so that it can also be used to amplify the stories related to causes and concerns such as cyber security and “cyber literacy awareness” from within the cyber security industry and with various consumer stakeholders. The DIYdoc app and the creation of wrap-around facilitation guides can become part of “cyber security education” initiative. I would be interested in discussing potential partnership opportunities. Use the link below to view the current application of DIYdoc; then be in touch if you have ideas around which some collaborations might be pursued.

Check out

It would would be great to collaborate and/or provide technical assistance or contracted services in the areas of child development, learning, and children's digital media environments.

The creator of the DIYdoc digital storytelling developer and partner, John Carlin, would be extremely interested in collaborations and corporate sponsorships (See
UC Berkeley, Lawrence Hall of Science
I can PROVIDE expertise
Evaluator, Researcher, Informal education site, Evaluation instrument
Mac leads and provides research design and statistical analysis expertise to projects that study science learning across contexts. His work aims to improve the internal validity and evidence gathered to support inferences drawn from research and evaluation projects. His work includes investigating pathways and barriers to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers, analyzing the effectiveness of particular learning experiences aimed at computational thinking, and co-leading the work of the Activation Lab. Prior to coming to the Lawrence Hall of Science, Mac evaluated several formal and informal educational initiatives, including elementary engineering programs, pre-algebra curriculum and professional development of history teachers. He taught physics to high school students for several years after earning a bachelor's degree in engineering physics from Santa Clara University. Mac received his doctorate in educational research, measurement, and evaluation from Boston College.
7/28/2018 19:10:33JustinParkjustin@intergalacticeducation.comIntergalactic EducationWashingtonDC
I can PROVIDE expertise
Evaluator, Researcher, Evaluation instrument, Mentor
We provide a framework for integrating gamification into the educational curriculum and as an after-school supplement
7/28/2018 19:21:50JustinParkjustin@intergalacticeducation.comIntergalactic EducationWashingtonDC
I am LOOKING FOR expertise
I am looking for an independent evaluator to partner with on the ITEST program
8/1/2018 13:25:39JoyLoisljoy@jff.orgJffBostonMAI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher
8/16/2018 14:34:06TIANLUOtluo@odu.eduOld Dominion UniversityNorfolkVA
I am LOOKING FOR expertise
Researcher, Formal education site, Evaluation instrument, Mentor
8/16/2018 14:34:28TIANLUOtluo@odu.eduOld Dominion UniversityNorfolkVAI can PROVIDE expertiseEvaluator, Researcher
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