Tech Conferences Now Free/Online Due to COVID-19
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Name of ConferenceDate(s)Conference WebsiteConference Description/TopicPricingTimezone & ScheduleScholarships & Notes
Year included for posterity.If the conference is a series, the "Date(s)" cell will be linked to the conference's events calendar.Hyperlink for conference website.About text copied from conference websites.Lists if registration is free, a flat fee, or tiered pricing and links to registration page.Lists event start and end times with time zones included. Will also link to schedule/agenda.Links to info on scholarships, grants, etc. Also notes from list maintainer.
Conferences Free/Online Available for Registration
Vueconf US 2021April 14, 2021 AM – 3:00 PM*Tickets available until April 1
React SummitApril 14–16, 2021 biggest React conference in the cloudTiered ticket levels with a free option10:00 AM EDT
React Summit Workshop: The Crash Course for Continuous Code Improvement with the Rollbar teamApril 19, 2021 business today is a software business. Software is made of code, and code is meant to be improved. Yet developers get stuck reactively monitoring, investigating, and debugging code to fix issues. They lose too much time manually searching through logs, APM, and observability tools. Instead, they could be using that time to innovate. In this workshop, the participants will be introduced to the continuous code improvement platform that can help them see errors in real-time and gives them the tools needed to automate how they respond. Participants will learn how to instrument Rollbar's lightweight SDKs into their applications to capture uncaught exception errors as they happen along with the surrounding context and details. Participants will walk away with complete visibility on every error in their application, coupled with all the important data needed to make resolution painless.Free11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT
React Summit Workshop: Crash Course into the Jamstack with Next.js & Storyblok with the Storyblok teamApril 19, 2021 may read already about the Jamstack. You probably already used Next.js, and recently you may hear a lot about the headless CMSs. In this quick course, we will put all the pieces together, and I will show you why the Storyblok in combination with Next.js is the best combo for your next project. Stop by and try it yourself!Free11:00 AM – 2:00 PM EDT
React Summit Workshop: Publishing, Automating and Monitoring your JS App on Azure with the Microsoft teamApril 20, 2021 this workshop you're going to deploy a JS app to the Azure Services.Free10:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT
React Summit Workshop: How to Build a High Performance eCommerce Site in Under an Hour with the Cloudinary teamApril 20, 2021 eCommerce all around the world has shifted to a predominantly online-first platform, the need to provide a high performance website to your users has significantly increased. And on top of that, Google has announced that as of May 2021 Core Web Vitals will have a direct impact on page rankings and SEO making web performance even more significant. Come learn the basics of web performance and how it relates to media. Using a simple React-based eCommerce app in conjunction with a media optimizing product, you can learn how to deliver the optimal format and fidelity, potentially improving your page rankings.Free12:00–4:00 PM EDT
React Summit Workshop: React at Scale with Nx with the Nrwl teamApril 21, 2021 larger a codebase grows, the more difficult it becomes to maintain. All the informal processes of a small team need to be systematized and supported with tooling as the team grows. Come learn how Nx allows developers to focus their attention more on application code and less on tooling. We’ll build up a monorepo from scratch, creating a client app and server app that share an API type library. We’ll learn how Nx uses executors and generators to make the developer experience more consistent across projects. We’ll then make our own executors and generators for processes that are unique to our organization. We’ll also explore the growing ecosystem of plugins that allow for the smooth integration of frameworks and libraries.Free11:00 AM – 2:00 PM EDT
React Summit Workshop: Shipping High Performance React Apps with Datadog and Real User Monitoring with the DataDog teamApril 21, 2021 way you observe your Web App’s performance over time can make or break the experience of your users. Fortunately, you can continually stay informed about the health of every delta in your UX using Real User Monitoring, and immediately identify any issues that are holding your current users back. With it, you can manage optimizing how long it takes for users to load your App on mobile, round trip times for asset fetching, the average latency between user actions and component updates, and more by adding a small block of code in the right place. In this workshop you’ll learn how to leverage Real User Monitoring in order to track and resolve the issues that prevent your App’s greater adoption, and retention. We’ll discuss how to think about performance from the user perspective, gauge which metrics are important to monitor continuously, and define a good strategy for alleviating the latencies and issues that affect your users most.Free12:00–2:00 PM EDT
Config 2021April 21–22, 2021 can expect a great lineup of speakers, opportunities to network with other attendees, space to ask your burning Figma questions, and to connect with people from around the world. Visit to get updates on the agenda, learn more about speakers, and check out the FAQs.Free12:00–5:00 PM EDT
React Summit Workshop: How to Build an Interactive “Wheel of Fortune” (aka spin to win) Animation with React NativeApril 22, 2021 AM – 12:00 PM EDT
Write the Docs Portland 2021April 25–27, 2021 Write the Docs conference covers any topic related to documentation in the software industry. Past talks have also covered such diverse topics as empathy, the history of math symbols, and using emoji to keep your users’ attention. Write the Docs brings everyone who writes the docs together in the same room: Writers, developers, support engineers, community managers, developer relations, and more. We all have things to learn, and there’s no better way than coming together in the same room and getting to know each other.Tiered ticket levels with a student/unemployed option for $25See schedule here. All times in PDT.
Adobe Summit — The Digital Experience ConferenceApril 27–28, 2021 you’re creating, optimizing, or monetizing customer experiences, you belong at this global event. Join us to expand your skills, engage with other Experience Makers, and be inspired to create exceptional experiences that drive business growth and customer loyalty.FreeSee agenda here
vueday 2021 Digital EditionApril 29, 2021 is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. Vue is designed from the ground up to be incrementally adoptable. The core library is focused on the view layer only, and is easy to pick up and integrate with other libraries or existing projects.€38.5410:00 AM CESTScholarships available for under-represented groups in tech:
devopsdays Seattle 2021May 4, 2021
Oracle Developer Live — App Dev with Oracle Database (Americas)May 4, 2021TBATBAFree8:00 AM PDT
Oracle Developer Live — App Dev with Oracle Database (Europe, Middle East, & Africa)May 6, 2021TBATBAFree10:00 AM CEST
Oracle Developer Live — App Dev with Oracle Database (Asia Pacific)May 11, 2021TBATBAFree8:30 AM IST
DeveloperWeek Global: ManagementMay 11–12, 2021 Global: Management is the premiere virtual conference & expo for engineering managers, dev team leads, and dev executives. Join 2,000+ virtual attendees for a fully immersive education and innovation experience, where you can learn about team management and developer technology decisions.Tiered ticket levelsScheduleStudents get a 30% discount; *Early-bird pricing ends April 15th!
Google I/O 2021May 18–20, 2021 with developers from around the world at this year’s virtual Google I/O for thoughtful discussions, hands-on learning with Google experts, and a first look at our latest developer products.Free
JSworld USA Conference OnlineMay 21, 2021 talks, panel discussions, in-depth interviews and updates from creators of libraries and authors.Free1:00 PM EDT
HalfStack Online 3May 2021 authentic, high value experience for attendees and sponsors focused on UI-centric JavaScript and web development.TBATBA
phpday 2021June 8–9, 2021TBATBATBA
JSNationJune 9–10, 2021 to the main JavaScript conference talks delivered by well-known pros, be prepared for an awesome MC and a number of virtual networking rooms focusing on tech topics, interactive entertainment, and engaging challenges for all participants.Tiered ticket levels with a free optionTBA*Diversity scholarships available: Application deadline is April 15th!
JSworld Conference AfricaJune 11, 2021 topics discussing the most important of 2021's JavaScript. React.js, Vue, TypeScript, WebAssembly, Headless CMS, DevTools, Next.js, Jest, Svelte and more! Joining from 20 nationalities and with the relocation stories of Gift Egwuenu from Nigeria and Pooya Parsa from Iran.Free1:00 PM WAT
jsday 2021July 6–7, 2021TBATBATBA
devopsdays Medellín 2021July 30–31, 2021 (Para hispanohablantes)TBATBA
Pittsburgh TechfestAugust 5–6, 2021, event site TBATopics will include coding, tools, agile, project management, etc. All development disciplines (devs, testers, PMs, DBAs, BAs etc.) and all development stacks (Ruby, Java, .Net, JavaScript, Python, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) are welcome!TBA9:30 AM – 12:00 PM EDT daily
devopsdays CiaroSeptember 9, 2021
DeveloperWeek Global: CloudSeptember 14–15, 2021 Global: Cloud Conference is the premiere international cloud computing conference, where 3,500+ cloud engineers & developers, IT managers, entrepreneurs, and innovators will converge to discover this year’s newest cloud computing innovations! DeveloperWeek Global Virtual Conferences already attract 2,000 – 4,000 attendees per event, and DeveloperWeek Global: Cloud is part of the world’s largest virtual software developer event series!Tiered ticket levelsSchedule*Early-bird pricing ends June 3rd!
All Things Open 2021October 17–19, 2021 5,000+ open source friends from all over the worldTBATBAHybrid virtual + Raleigh, NC
angularday 2021November 12, 2021TBATBATBA
DeveloperWeek AustinNovember 16–18, 2021
DeveloperWeek Global: EnterpriseDecember 7–8, 2021 Global: Enterprise Conference invites over 3,000 enterprise dev professionals to converge for a 2-day virtual conference & expo, featuring technology innovations and trends that corporations need to know about. Topics will include: DevSecOps, Organizing Dev Teams, DevTech Trends, Microservices, Containers, Kubernetes, and more.Tiered ticket levels with a free optionTBA
DeveloperWeek VirtualFebruary 2–4, 2022 it comes to technology, there’s incremental change, and then there’s fundamental innovation. Developer technology, from blockchain and artificial intelligence to big data and quantum computing represents fundamental innovation that people can build on for years. We are in the DevTech Age, where developer technologies and tools are now the most disruptive and fundamental technology innovation in the marketplace. When you build tools for developers, you are not just implementing a small incremental use case, you are building platforms, frameworks, and APIs that will enable entirely new web, mobile, and IoT innovation.TBASchedule
ProductWorldFebruary 2–4, 2022 1,500 tech product manager and product developers at the world’s largest product management & development conference/tradeshow! Come hear the product success stories from tech product professionals at Silicon Valley’s top tech companies! Past speakers at our events include executives from Google, Facebook, IBM, Square, Uber, Linkedin, Slack, Microsoft, Atlassian, and 500+ more.TBATBA
CloudWorldFebruary 2–4, 2022 2022 (co-located with DeveloperWeek 2022) is the virtual conference at the convergence of cloud computing innovation and software development. We invite 3,000+ cloud architects and managers, as well as dev professionals to come discover the newest innovations in cloud computing. Engage with talks, demos, and exhibitors covering digital transformation, containers, kubernetes, microservices, security, big data, and more.TBATBA
DeveloperWeek New YorkJune 2022
Conferences Still TBD (Either location or date)
Oracle Code One ReimaginedVarious above — more sessions TBAFree
devopsdaysVarious above — more sessions TBA
Atlassian Team 2021April 28–30, 2021 known as Atlassian Summit, our flagship event has evolved alongside the new state of teamwork as we know it. Join developers, creators, and innovators across every industry to learn about the tools and practices that power more connected teams and help unleash the potential of all teams.Tiered ticket levels with a free optionSchedule, broadcasts over multiple time zones*Early bird pricing ends April 18th!
devopsdays Washington, D.C.TBA
devopsdays New York CityTBA
Conferences Stil Happening Physically / Postponed
THAT WI 2021July 26–29, 2021 four days, folks of diverse technology backgrounds and expertise levels gather to take advantage of multiple learning mediums to maximize one’s community and career advancements.VariousKalahari Resorts & Conventions
All Things Open 2021October 17–19, 2021 5,000+ open source friends from all over the worldTBATBAHybrid virtual + Raleigh, NC
Strange Loop 2021October 21–22, 2021 Loop is a multi-disciplinary conference that brings together the developers and thinkers building tomorrow's technology in fields such as emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, security, and the web.Tiered ticket levelsSt. Louis, MOOpportunity grants available! More info will be posted here:
API WorldOctober 26–28 technologies empower developers & engineers to build upon the backbone of the multi-trillion-dollar market for API-driven products and services. Today’s cloud-based software and hardware increasingly runs on an open ecosystem of API-centric architecture, leading to the explosion of growth in the API Economy.TBASan Jose Convention Center
Microservices WorldOctober 26–28 are a rapidly expanding architecture for breaking down single, monolithic APIs into many smaller API services. This can be seen as the next major leap of the API economy. Instead of products and companies publishing a single API, single technology stack, and single database which require overhauling for updates, security, or scalability – each microservice has its own technology stack – enabling dev teams to decouple services and adapt / deploy faster.TBASan Jose Convention Center
HalfStack LondonNovember 19, 2021 authentic, high value experience for attendees and sponsors focused on UI-centric JavaScript and web development.£20010:00 AM GMT – Late
HalfStack PhoenixJanuary 14, 2022 authentic, high value experience for attendees and sponsors focused on UI-centric JavaScript and web development.$27510:00 AM MST – Late
HalfStack NewquayJuly 1, 2022 authentic, high value experience for attendees and sponsors focused on UI-centric JavaScript and web development.£12010:00 AM GMT – Late
HalfStack New YorkAugust 2022 authentic, high value experience for attendees and sponsors focused on UI-centric JavaScript and web development.$18010:00 AM EDT – Late
HalfStack ViennaSeptember 16, 2022 authentic, high value experience for attendees and sponsors focused on UI-centric JavaScript and web development.€20010:00 AM CEST – Late