Club NameClub EmailAdvisorClub DescriptionClub Meeting Time/Place
Academic Decathlonveronica.villacres@wwprsd.orgVeronica VillacresAcademic Decathlon is a series of interscholastic competitions for high school teams nationwide. The Decathlon tests knowledge and academic skills. The regional and state competitions are comprised of 10 categories: Speech, Interview, Essay, Math, Science, Fine Arts, Economics, Social Studies, Literature, and Super Quiz.Wednesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 111
ACapella, Noteworthy and Tickled Pinkdavid.westawski@wwprsd.orgDavid WestawskiA cappella consists of three groups: First Edition, Tickled Pink, and Noteworthy. First Edition (FED) is our premier mixed group composed of sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses. FED has an active performance schedule in the community in addition to the regularly scheduled choral concerts. Tickled Pink is the soprano/alto group and Noteworthy is our tenor/bass group. All three ensembles sing a variety of music genres including pop, rock, jazz, and musical theater. Group members must audition for spots in the a cappella groups each spring or fall, depending on the group. Inquiries regarding the a cappella groups should be made to Mr. Westawski, South's Choir Director, at
Affinity for Animals23sp0493wwprsd.orgSanika PandeStudent-Run: Thursday, 3-4PM, Rm. 700A
AI Machine Learning Club24mt0637@wwprsd.orgMahitha ThippireddyStudent-Run: Tuesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 700B
Application & Game Development Club23mb1168@wwprsd.orgMehal BhattacharyaStudent-Run: Thursday, 3-4PM, Rm. PIT
ASL Club23kc0101@wwprsd.orgKristin ChangStudent-Run: Thursday, 3-4PM, Rm. 701B
Black Student Union (BSU)) jennifer.jackson-escogido@wwprsd.orgTyler Barnes, Jennifer Jackson-EscogidoThe Black Student Union, at HSS is a student club formed to give a diverse group of students a voice to advocate for students of color and bring awareness to the controversial issues that center around racial disparities. This club aims to inspire, educate, and encourage while promoting cultural diversity and peaceful coexistence within our community.Every other Thurs., 3-4PM Rm. 81
Board Games Club24lb0082@wwprsd.orgLiam BrennanStudent-Run: Tuesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 700E
Book Club24td0145@wwprsd.orgTamanna DesaiStudent-Run: Tuesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 900A
Business Club23jm0434@wwprsd.orgJosh MidhaStudent-Run: Wednesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 701A
Chinese Culture jume.shen@wwprsd.orgVivian Yu
Jume Shen
In the Chinese Culture Club, students learn about Asian culture through playing games (such as go and Chinese chess), learning food, learning origami, and other cultural activities. In coordination with North's Chinese Club, we host the annual China Night event, a Chinese New Year's celebration. We also host events, such as a Go tournament and a Super Smash Ultimate tournament
Class Council -
Brandy Moncada
Kendall Popowski
2023 Class Council is an organization which trains students in the duties and responsibilities of good citizenship, using the school environment as the primary training ground. This is an elected position, It falls under the realm of Student Council, interacting closely with the student governing body as well as conduct their own order and raise funds for future events like prom and senior trip for the class of 2023.
Class Council -
Matthew Coburn
Nathan Leventhal
2024 Class Council is an organization which trains students in the duties and responsibilities of good citizenship, using the school environment as the primary training ground. This is an elected position, It falls under the realm of Student Council, interacting closely with the student governing body as well as conduct their own order and raise funds for future events like prom and senior trip for the class of 2024.
Class Council -
Samantha Silva
Michelle Walsh
2025 Class Council is an organization which trains students in the duties and responsibilities of good citizenship, using the school environment as the primary training ground. This is an elected position, It falls under the realm of Student Council, interacting closely with the student governing body as well as conduct their own order and raise funds for future events like prom and senior trip for the class of 2025.
Class Council - 20262026 Class Council is an organization which trains students in the duties and responsibilities of good citizenship, using the school environment as the primary training ground. This is an elected position, It falls under the realm of Student Council, interacting closely with the student governing body as well as conduct their own order and raise funds for future events like prom and senior trip for the class of 2026.
Color Guardmelanie.bugher@wwprsd.orgMelanie BugherColor guard is a section within the marching band that adds to the visual element of the marching band performance through coordinated dance and flag work. Color Guard always performs with the marching band and attends competitions as well as football games. Students do not need to be in the music program. Dance experience is helpful but not required.
Computer Science Clubsunila.sharma@wwprsd.orgSunila SharmaThe Computer Science Club teaches students more about computer science outside the scope of regular classes offered at South. The SouthCS Club also participates at several national high school computer science competitions and hosts one itself.Monday, 3-4PM/
Computer Science Innovators25sg0235@wwprsd.orgSayam GoyalStudent-Run: Tuesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 900C
Creations for a Cause23ay0772@wwprsd.orgAlyssa YangStudent-Run: Wednesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 700D
Debate Clubriley.shea@wwprsd.orgRiley SheaDebate League consists of three main seasons, during which members have the chance to participate in interscholastic debate competitions. Competitions range from policy debates to values debates to constitutional law. Preparation for the competition dominates most of the meetings and entails improving oratorical skills and analytical stills, discussing research and holding practice debates. The goal of the club is to help every member improve, regardless of the level of debating experience.Tuesday, 3-4PM/Rm. 504
Disability Rights Student Association Club24nk0292@wwprsd.orgNikhil KishoreThe Disabled Student Union creates a safe space for disabled and non disabled students to discuss issues like disability identity, accessibility advocacy, and ableism in-school and beyond. Sessions will have open-ended discussions where members can choose topics, as well as fun team-building activities and planning for school-wide advocacy events.Thursday, 3-4, Rm. 700E
Echoes nathan.leventhal@wwprsd.orgDanielle Bugge
Nathan Leventhal
Thursday, 3-4PM/Rm. 302
Engineering Club23mc0115@wwprsd.orgMehaerkaur ChhabdaStudent-Run:Thursday, 3-4PM, Rm. 900C
Environmental club23js0652@wwprsd.orgJahnavi SrikanthThe Environmental Club educates the community on the importance of cleaning up the environment through various public awareness initiatives at South. Members can also compete in Envirothon, which enhances students environmental knowledge by teaching them more about the environment and our natural resources.Wednesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 700A
Esportsdavid.colon@wwprsd.orgDavid ColonEsports is a club for students interested in competitive online multiplayer, team-based or individual playing. Students will use critical thinking, situaltional awareness, communication, problem-solving, anaylsis, and reflection skills.
Fall Dramamarilyn.stoddard@wwprsd.orgMarilyn StoddardPresented in mid-November, the Fall Drama is the South Campus' first school-wide theatrical production of each year. The quick production schedule leads to close working relationships and a strong sense of individual accomplishment. Auditions take place over several days in early September, after which the cast (or sometimes multiple casts!) rehearses daily after school until 5:00 pm. Some rehearsals are scheduled for weekends or evenings , to accommodate the needs of both the cast and the show. In addition to actors, the Fall Drama needs behind-the scenes helpers in stage management, costuming, makeup, and business.Schedule always to be determined/ Rm. The Playhouse
Future Problem Solvers (FPS)amanda.heulbig@wwprsd.orgAmanda HeulbigFuture Problem Solving is a creative writing competition where members dissect a futuristic story for potential problems and then create relevant solutions to those problems. Members can participate in both teams and as individuals and will be taught the 6-step problem solving process. Teams will represent HSS at both state and international competitions.Wednesday, 3-4PM/Rm. 250A
HOSAsunila.sharma@wwprsd.orgSunila SharmaThursday, 3-4PM, Rm. 900
International Justice Awareness23za1202@wwprsd.orgZaynab AhmedStudent-Run:Thursday, 3-4PM, Rm. 700
Japanese Language and Culture Club23jy0786@wwprsd.orgJeffrey YuanStudent-Run:Tuesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 701B
Jazz Band/Stage Bandjesse.argenziano@wwprsd.orgJesse Argenziano
Journalisam Club23rp1147@wwprsd.orgRenee PujaraStudent-Run:Thursday, 3-4PM, Rm. 900A
Junior Statesmen of America (JSA)
Samantha Silva
Alexa Swartz
The mission of JSA is to strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society. JSA allows students to experience first-hand the drama and power of politics as well as the challenges and responsibilities of leadership. JSA chapters serve as the center of political awareness at their schools and JSA conventions bring thousands of students together to share their opinions and learn from each other. At these conventions, students participate in debates, thought talks, and special activities about current politics, and are educated by guest keynote speakers who aid them in becoming more politically aware and active. Thursday, 3-4PM, Rm. 600D
Key Club24rj1072@wwprsd.orgRishika JainStudent-Run:Wednesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 700C
Korean Student Union23md0179@wwprsd.orgMia DonatielloStudent-Run:Wedneaday, 3-4PM, Rm. 701B
Manga24ag0751@wwprsd.orgAnika GopiStudent-Run:Tuesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 700F
Marching Bandjoseph.williams-lewis@wwprsd.orgJoseph Williams-LewisMarching Band is a club for students in the music program who wish to use the skills they have developed during the school day in a competitive, drum corps style marching band. The band rehearses music and marching after school several times a week and performs at all football games. They also compete against other marching bands in the region and participate in local parades.
Mastery of Language 23dc1129@wwprsd.orgDahria CharandnichenkaStudent-Run:Tuesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 901
Math Leaguetina.thomas@wwprsd.orgTina ThomasThe main objective of this organization is to provide students interested in mathematics and problem solving with an opportunity to solve unique problems and compete with others from schools in New Jersey and across the United States. Math League consists of in-school and traveling competitions.Tuesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 600C
Model Congressjennifer.kelley@wwprsd.orgJennifer KelleyModel Congress is a simulation of the U.S. government. Students tackle the most pressing issues facing the nation as they assume the roles of the three branches of American government. The program is hosted by major universities across the country. The members train each other and compete for positions at 3-4 conferences each year.
Model United Nations (MUN)rosemary.leonard@wwprsd.orgRose LeonardMUN is a forum for honing speaking skills, developing skills of compromise and negotiation, and understanding a myriad of global issues and dilemmas that exist today. A comprehensive training program is provided in September for new members. Three conferences are attended during the year at the nation's leading universities.
Music Technology 25kg0473@wwprsd.orgKaeya GudipatiStudent-Run:Wednesday, 3-4PM, Rm. Pit
Muslim Student Association24sr0491@wwprsd.orgSamar RahmaniStudent-Run: MSA or the Muslim Students Association is a faith-based organization that aims to provide a welcoming environment for all students & the greater community.Thursday, 3-4PM, Rm. 700D
National History Day (NHD)mike.garzio@wwprsd.orgMichael GarzioStudents will participate in the New Jersey National History Day (NJNHD) and National History Day (NHD) competitions. By doing so, students will develop critical analysis skills through historical research, gaining an appreciation for the past and a new perspective for the future.
National Honor Society (NHS)nadra.galazin@wwprsd.orgNadra GalazinNHS is a merit-based organization comprised of some of the school's leaders in academic and extracurriculars. Students in the eleventh and twelfth grades with a unweighted GPA of 3.5 or higher are invited to apply for selection into NHS. A faculty council reviews the applicants' leadership, community service, and overall character to make the final selections. Once admitted, members of NHS serve the community by tutoring fellow students, raising money for charity, and performing other community service projects.Every other Month/Zoom
Newspaper:The Pirate's Eyesima.kumar@wwprsd.orgSima KumarThe PIrate's Eye is an extracurricular activity which complements the Journalism electives offered to students through the Language Arts Department. Students interested in becoming a writer or editor for the paper are required to enroll in Journalism courses. Opportunities for students not enrolled in Journalism courses include: guest columnists and reviewers, cartoonists, photographers, and web managers.Thursday, 3-4PM, Rm. 95
One Acts23hp0494@wwprsd.orgHope PandolphoWednesday, 3-4PM, Rm. Pit
Physics Club23ks0640@wwprsd.orgKevin SongStudent-Run:Wednesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 700
Pirate Playersmarilyn.stoddard@wwprsd.orgMarilyn StoddardPirate Players is HSS's traveling performance troupe. There are several casts, each of which perform a different play. "Bang Bang You're Dead" is a play highlighting the dangers of gun violence and the importance of friendship and tolerance. Auditions are held in September and May. Other plays are performed for health classes at Grover Middle School. These plays audition in September. Topics of these plays include eating disorders, bullying, tolerance, and peer pressure. All plays are followed by interactive discussion of the topic with audience members.
Practical Philosophy Club24rc0957@wwprsd.orgRanveer ChavanStudent-Run:Tuesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 701A
Public Speaking Club23jz0798@wwprsd.orgJoyce ZhuStudent-Run:Wednesda, 3-4PM, Rm. 901
Quantum Computing Club24sj0926@wwprsd.orgSumedha JayaramanStudent-Run:Wednesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 900A
Radio Clubglenn.allison@wwprsd.orgGlenn Allison107.9—FM is a non-commercial radio station run by the students of both South and North Campuses. The station broadcasts live to West Windsor and Plainsboro on most school days from 7:00 am until 5:00pm. Additionally, there are live night and weekend broadcasts for sports and special events. Broadcasts can be heard on the radio and on the internet, and listeners can also hear a show “on demand” by downloading podcasts at iTunes or at the radio station website: Any student may participate in the club on or off the air. Positions include news, sports, publicity, production, promotions, etc. Additionally, students who take the Broadcast Writing course earn a license that allows them to host their own shows. Students may choose to participate in one or more seasons (fall, winter, spring).
Red Cross/March of Dimesnadra.galazin@wwprsd.orgNadra GalazinThe Red Cross Club provides students with a variety of meaningful service opportunities throughout the year. Club members have access to many Red Cross programs and have received extensive training in areas such as disaster response and First Aid/CPR. Members do everything from teaching children courses in water safety and disaster preparedness, visiting nursing homes on a monthly basis, to organizing food and blood drives. Each member must participate in a minimum of 5 hours of service with the club annually to be recognized as a contributing member.Every third Thursday, 3-4PM,
Rm. T-2
Robotics (The MidKnight Inventors 1923)russell.wray@wwprsd.orgRussell WrayFIRST Robotics Competition Team 1923, The MidKnight Inventors designs, builds & programs a 150-lb competition robot each year. We also support two FIRST Tech Challenge teams, The MidKnight Magic & The MidKnight Nova, for 7th and 8th graders, in addition to FIRST LEGO League mentoring programs for elementary schoolers. Our team helps promote STEM to the local area by competing throughout the year, hosting demos, summer camps, and community events. In addition to building and programming, our team maintains a media subteam, business committee, and community outreach committee - no matter what you're interested in, there is a space for you to pursue it on our team!
SAASArosemary.leonard@wwprsd.orgRose Leonard
SAASA is a club that celebrates and embraces South Asian culture. Members of SAASA come together after almost 8 months of hard work to put together a show that is packed with a variety of dances, singing, drama and humor to present the three-dimensional view on the South Asian lifestyle. With over 250 members, the club caters to everyone's interests by giving opportunities to students not interested in the arts through stage crew, lighting, and photography. SAASA also furthers it impact by celebrating and fundraising for South Asian festivals to connect students with their roots. Students feel a sense of community here that create connections with students across grades. We also encourage teachers to recognize our culture with us by participating int he dances and we show our appreciation.
Some Wednesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 92
Science BowlScience Bowl is a quiz like competition testing the students’ knowledge of various subjects in science. Meetings will teach students more about science outside of their classes and broaden their knowledge. Students will compete representing HSN in Science Bowl and the Merck Science Competition.
Science Clubkarel.villanueva@wwprsd.orgKarel VillanuevaScience Club is for students to explore and expand upon STEM concepts.Friday, 3-4PM, Rm. 205
Science Olympiadmeenakshi.bhattacharya@wwprsd.orgMeenakshi BhattacharyaScience Olympiad is a National Competition that includes regional, state, and national competitions in 25 different events in engineering, chemistry, biology, earth science, and problem solving. Many events require the construction and testing of a vehicle, bridge, robot, or other device. Team members who are selected at the beginning of the year work as a team to compete in tournaments at the state and national level.Thursday, 3-4PM, Rm. 201
South Coaches23cf0202@wwprsd.orgChristian FiuczysnkiWednesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 700E
South Multicultural Club24ak1142@wwprsd.orgAditi KamalWednesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 700A
SPECTRUMchelsea.allen@wwprsd.orgChelsea AllenOur club works towards creating a positive, safe and inclusive school environment for LGBTQ+ students. We have bi-weekly club meetings, collaborate with teachers at different grade levels on curriculum, and run awareness initiatives and school-wide programming. Our club is open to anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+, or is an ALLY to the community.Every other Tuesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 505
Spring Musicalmarilyn.stoddard@wwprsd.orgMariilyn StoddardThe spring musical is open to all students who are interested in the on and off stage aspects of musical theatre. To perform on stage students must audition. Auditions consist of three components: singing, dancing and acting. A workshop is held each year before auditions so students can familiarize themselves with that year’s musical. Rehearsals take place after school, during the evenings, as well as on Saturdays. If being on stage is not for you, there are many opportunities to get involved backstage in opportunities such as building and painting sets, lighting and sound.
Stagecraft Club (Stage Crew)marilyn.stoddard@wwprsd.orgMariilyn StoddardStage Crew works to construct the sets for the HSS fall drama and musical, as well as working during the actual performances.
String Quartet/Chamber Musicrobert.peterson@wwprsd.orgRobert Peterson
Student Council (Eboard and Class Councils)matthew.coburn@wwprsd.orgMatthew CorburnStudent Council is an organization which trains students in the duties and responsibilities of good citizenship, using the school environment as the primary training ground. These are elected positions. Class Council for each grade falls under the realm of Student Council, interacting closely with this student governing body; however, many activities are conducted on their own in order to raise funds for their individual classes to go toward future events such as proms or senior class trip.Monday, 6-7:30PM, Rm. Mezz.
Ted Ed Club23ar0821@wwprsd.orgAnish ReddyStudent-Run:Thursday, 3-4PM, Rm. 701A
Village Mentors23aj1013@wwprsd.orgAnusha JadonStudent-Run:Tuesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 700A
Waksman Clubmeenakshi.bhattacharya@wwprsd.orgMeenakshi BhattacharyaStudent-Run:Tuesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 201
Women's Empowerment23sb0041@wwprsd.orgSwara BandiStudent-Run:Wednesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 800C
Yearbookkaren.sobolewski@wwprsd.orgKaren SobolewskiThe yearbook is created for students to look back on their year of high school. It is created and designed by the students for the students with guidance from faculty advisors. An integral part of the yearbook experience is dealing with weekly plans and deadlines to complete an entire high school yearbook by June.Monday thru Thursday, 3-4PM
Rm. 95
Young Global Music Composers Club24ar0498@wwprsd.orgArjun RamakrishnanStudent-Run:Wednesday, 3-4PM, Rm. 900A