November 2014 Astranti T4 Issues Order - EL CARS
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Astranti T4 Issues Order - November 2014Any changes you make to this sheet are synced with the original version - Please do not delete or change anything accept what you have entered in your own row
EL CAR 2014 Issues - Enter the number you put these issues in the exam in your row beloeStrategic directionInvestment in production in eastOpportunity to invest in technology/fuel efficiencySupplier issue firm aDemolish villageGiftsOther Issue 7/EthicsDid you complete part B?Fully complete all 4 isssue?Fully complete ethics section?Stuck to plan timings?Number yesFinal resultCommentsWord of comfort
Steph2143EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4Hoping for the best calcs were a disaster but managed 3500 words, bargaining on the "magic 14%"
Ariesha2134EthicsEthics YesNoNoNo1Okay paper but still lost track of time with trying to detail all requirements
M savage1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes429Exam was tough enough completed everything messed up calc only saw two ethics to do did 5000 words excluding appendices
D Barfoot1234EthicsEthicsNoYesYesYes3
John Kinuthia1234EthicsEthicsNoYesYesNo2I started loosing time on detail analysis issue 1, abandoned calc 1, did Calc 2, rushed on final recommendation and Partialy did Part B
Matt Mitchell2134EthicsEthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4Messed up part B and did a rubbish calc for the fuel efficiency. Harder than it looked at first and too much to do in little time. Not sure whether done enough to pas, but did write 4500 words (inc. appendices) and managed to finish script. Patchy recommendations though :(At least if we fail we wont have to sit this paper again. Hopefully strategic case study wont be as time pressued or unclear over what we need to do to pass!
Amelia1324EthicsEthicsYesNoYesNo2i did not get the issue order right so concerned about that. And did ot do enough detail for issue 3 and 4
Tanvi1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesNo3It was quiet satisfactory paper. Thanks to astranti team
Vanessa1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesNo3Seemed ok but very time pressured, lots to analyse on the 1st issue meant that issue 3 and 4 had to be cut short, was running out of time on recommendations section and ended up having to cut those short too. Aimed for having a complete script with something written in each section.
Yomi1234EthicsEthicsYesNoYesYes3I couldn't complete analysis and recommendation for issue 4 and didnt manage to get the magic 3,000 wrod count. I manged 2,800 but did ethics & part b
Leonard Ndlovu1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4hoping for the best
Sabina1234EthicsYesYesNoYes3Have managed to complete the script, however, analysis of 4th issue was brief and action plan not completed. Top two issues were time consuming (long scenario), still well attempted. Done one ethics issue, part b attempted but, presumably, not fully to the point. Did SWOT, Mendelow, SAF ( not sure if was applied to the right issue, I did this for new engine), Ansoff , 3 industry examples.
Keabetswe1234EticsEticsSupplier selected unfairly not based on criteria.YesYesNO2Time pressured - brief in parts. Hope i've done enough.
Muneer1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesNo0but i found part (b) tricky made think a little.
mathewss sikanyika1234EthicalEthicalyes1
Sam1243EthicsEthicsYesNoYesNo2Did not do my Issue 4 at all. Did only half of part b, a bit sketchy on my second Ethics issue. 3395 words. Crossing fingers
Rachel1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4Put in my 5 industry issues, SWOT, Mendelow, Pest, Porter's Generic & Ansoff. Don't know how many words as it was handwritten. Made a reasonable attempt at calcs - didn't change them when I noticed a mistake late in the paper. Found it a reasonable test of the material. Thanks to Nick and the team at Astranti for preparing me well for this exam.
Hakiem2134EthicsEthicsYesYesYesNo3Managed to stick to the planned timings initially. But the ethics and part B were a rush job even though I managed to write down a decent answer. I consumed too much time when evealuating the third issue.
I 0
Huong Dong2143EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4Not enough time write SWOT. Recommendations are simple.
Matthew Clews2134Ethics EthicsYesNoYesYes3Completed first 2 issues, ethics and part b and then just partially completed the other 2 issues (kept to the structure but didnt get everythjng down that i wanted to).
Saikumar C K0
Carrie Kearney2134EthicsEthicsYesYesNoNo2I was really rushed at the end with the ethics and part 1b, and I only got in 2 diversity comments
How Ching1243Ethics EthicsYesYesYesYes4Calculation for investment in new production facility is tough and only managed to complete calculation for investment in fuel efficient engine
Rafal1234EthicsEthicsYesYesNoYes3Too much reading slowed me down at the begging.
Kirti1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesNo3Had to rush with the Recommendations, Ethics & Part b. Was unable to detail things properly. But was able to present a proper scripted answer.
Mathini1234EthicsEthicsYesNoYesYes3dint do the recommendation for the fourth issue
Michael1234EthicsEthicsYesNoYesYes3I have to rush through the recommendations. Could not complete issue 4.
Marc V1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4I completed the script, forth issue a bit light, I did three caculations, New plant, Fuel efficient enginees and the strategic directions. There was not that much to be update on the SWOT and Mendelow matriy. I did as three appendix Ansoff's matrix due to the specifc requirement in the "Strategice direction" and the risky move towards the bus/van/trucks/driverless cars. SAF on the fuel efficient enginee
Carla S1234EthicsEthicsYesNoYesNo2Messed up on calculations, didn't get to issue 3 or 4. Too much time on issue 1 and 2, so much reading in the beginning. Definitely didn't type fast enough, so much I wanted to say, so little time! A miracle if I pass!
Sushmitha1234EthicsEthicsNoNoYesNo1Wasted a lot of time on the first issue and ethics. Had to cut short the other issues as I ran short of time. Hardly wrote anything for the fourth. Did not even get time to attempt part B. Managed to do only SWOT analysis and calculations in appendix. I dont have any hopes of passing. Very disappointed :(
Mariann 1243EthicsEthicsYesYesYesNo327I completed the script but I rushed the 4th analysis and its recommendation as well as the part b) and the 2 ethical issues. I feel I waffled a lot because I had too many options in my head but the sub-requirements gave directions what to write about. Unseen was too long to read and my calculations were not strong either. I hope my 'waffle' won't ruin the quality of my report. My word-count 4764.Despite I feel my content was not strong, I followed the Astranti structure and what I have learnt during the course as well as I paid special attention to the examiner's special requirement - and job's done! :) My hard work has been paid out well!
Craig M1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes426Completed script although recs to issue 3 & 4 are short and sketchy as kept these till last and overran a little on appendices and issue 1, so cut back on 3 & 4
Done 3 appendices, 2 calcs, 4 industry examples and referenced ansoff and porters pre learnt paragraphs, also done SAF for fuel efficient engines.. And specified requirements for strategies options adv & disadv
Unfortunately just remembered I didn't properly address the skill shortages in the fuel engine issue (I don't think)

For calc on new plant i calculated the PV of the savings on building in the west compared to East to save time
Adrienn1234EthicsEthicsYesYes YesYes2
Ray F1243EthicsEthicsYesYesNoNo430Only managed 6 points for part B but more detailed as could not generate ideas so used last 2 mins to add ind example, missed introduction from 1 ethics issues. Mixed exam with some v tough parts but other areas quite fair. Over ran on 1st issue but managed time well to give myself allocated time for part b and recommendations. Used SWOT, Pest, mendelow, ansoff pre learned paragraph (thank you Nick), SAF and 4 industry examples. New production NPV was confusing because there was no sales aspect that I could find!If you tried your best then there is nothing else you can do. Time to switch off from T4 mode!
Tsikayi1234EthicsYes Supplier not getting orders YesNoNoYes2Didn't do calculations,applied assumptions. Completed 1-3 issues , did 2 ethical issues & partly section b
Owen Muluzi1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesNo3Got bogged down with calculations, issue 1 had complex irrelevant background info, confused between east and west, almost run out of time, had to skip to do part b. Not very convinced with my recommendations, on balance my weakest area in this exam
Shaun Stefanovic1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4Very time pressurised and the calculations were not what I expected however I finished exam and only got 6 very weak points in part 1b.
Kate2134EthicsEthicsYesNoYesNo2Losing time on detailed analysis, some issue hasn't got time to finish off
Ryan1243EthicsEthicsNoYesYesNo2Tough NPV calculation, went wrong at this point and just made the numbers up in the end.
Mudassir1234EthicsEthicsYesNoYesNo2Calc was easy, would not be able discuss the issues comprehensively, did PESTLE/SAF/Ansof, did 4 ind examples
E Gwata1234EthicsEthicsNoNoNoNo0Fell short of time, Thanks to Nick for all the resources and help. Am hoping for the best.
21243EthicsEthicsYesYesYesNo3felt really time pressured, opted for the written exam this time and felt it easier to get into - tough npv
Ruskin Barar2134EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4This was a nice paper. Had planned well, Calc were easy and I could do 5 models in Appendix + 2 workings + Part b in 50 min. Lost a bit of the quality in recmmendations for the 3rd and 4th issue. a little shorter it was. ALL IS WELL
Anil Jha1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4
David Airey1234EthicsEthicsYesNoYesNo2Mistimed the whole exam. Didn't make strong enough recommendations. Had a mind blank midway through and thought we had until 1pm! Complete idiot... On the plus side, I'm unlikely to encounter Mr B Tan or his family in my current job.There's always next time!
Ann1234EthicsEthicsRefusal to pay compensation to villagersYesYesYesYes428It all felt very rushed because of the volume of information in the paper. I sat the written paper so even though I noticed things while I was writing, I couldn't go back and amend anything. I'm kicking myself about how late in the exam I realised that the strategic direction issue was about Ansoff's growth strategies and I only managed to apply it to the diversification option... It wasn't a difficult paper but somehow the report format we've been studying doesn't seem to fit right with this style of requirements.
James Stickels1243EthicsEthicsyesyesyesno3Hard to leave a question when you know you have more points to makeAs long as you think you could of passed you did well
Thomas1234EthicsEthicsYesNoYesNo2Difficult Exam - very time pressured.  Spent too long trying to understand Production Facility and spent too little time on Recommendations.  Seemed to be a lot of specific questions that FD needed answered like Working Papers etc.
Naushaad Khan1234EthicsEthicsYesNoYesNo2The unseen was very long and confusing. The calc from new plant took alot of time to figure out what was required. Tried my best to stick to time but wasnt very successful. The paper wasnt very tough, just needed more time to write everything that i wanted to.
Parul Sharda1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4Unseen was lengthy, but the calculations were nice and simple, where I saved some time and used it in first issue. Managed to write 3900 words and happy to finish the script first time ever. Thanks to Nick for his constant advice on Time Management, otherwise I would have never finished the script.
Sharon2134EthicsEthicsYesYesYesNo3I chose yes for volumns i to K but they weren't fully complete - attempted at best to show a complete report. Tried to keep to time. 4100 words +appendices. I did better on areas I failed last sitting but I think it might be at the expense at some of things I did well before! Vicous circle! The unseen was very wordy and I think my calculation was a little bit simplistic. Here's hoping!
Anna1234EthicsEthicsYesNoYesNo3More than 3500 words, realised now that my calculation was wrong and did wrong recommendation on issue 2. Didn't have time to do the business/legal consequences for ethics, didn't quite finished recommendation on issue 4
Nicola M2143EthicsEthicsNoNoNoYes1
Samantha1234EthicsEthicsYesNoYesNo2Vert time pressured and very long unseen, managed 3500 words. Finished 3 issues, ethics and part b but missed out the last issue completely. Took me ages to read the unseen then to pull out all of the info for the NPV's for issue 1. calcs were average although I did forget to do the easy method of dicounting 20 yrs on the npv and went for the long way. oops. Expected value calcs were easy. I got in some models but missed out the Ansoffs PENMEN in the startegic issues, kicking myself on that one! praying to scrape through, really dont want to go through another re-sit!!
Mark G2134EthicsEthicsYesNoNoYes2
Claire N1234EthicsEthicsYesNoYesYes3wasnt sure whether strategic direction was higher than new production plant. i chose to go aheda with advertisng and promotions and driverless car investment. for strategic directon. for the new production plant i said go with west. for the fuel efficiency i said low tech and the supply chain i just talked about revising system in light of more weight to quality and single source consistent with JIT and quality. only did 3 ethics cacls and left out business consequences in second one. analysis went over by ten mins so reccomendations suffered. 3 industry examples. SAF used for new production plant? ansoff mentioned in strategic diretion, porter mentioned for supply chain. hope this was enough. NPV i think i did wrong for new production plant so could have reccomended wrong thing going ahead with west.
Abrox1324ethicsEthicsnoyesyesno226Board determined to go ahead with fuel efficiency !, thought that made it pretty urgent hence 2nd issue. hey ho! see what examiner thinks about that. messed up plant calc on discount factor out of sheer loss of concentration.
Joy Roberts-Williams1234EthicsEthicsNoYesYesNo2Listen too much was required to comment on. I started part B and got in about three to four points in, needed about 5mins more. Was on track with until was too much asked.
Rob H1243EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4
Sharath2143EthicsEthicsNoYesYesYes3Could not complete part B and wrote only 3 sentences. If i had 5 more mins would have definitely completed the paper. God Save me!!
Udeshika2134EthicsRefusal to pay compensation to villagersYesYesYesYes4Very time pressurised paper. Couldn't get10 points for part B. Recommendation was to small.
Karin W1234EthicsEthicsNoYesYesNo2
Lawrence R1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesNo3Wow!! My hand still hurts from all the writing! TIme pressured, spent too much time on the plan, calcs, appendix and prioritisation. Only by 15mins. Managed to cut a few corners to complete all parts of the paper, albeit with a limited 4th issue and 2nd ethical issue.So much more i wanted to get down on paper. Recommendations were a little rushed. Part B - did it say 10 lines or 10 points... I think it said 10 lines from the blurred memory of the last 15mins!! Thanks to Nick and his team for their awesome tutoring, I'm sure i would have been lost without them.
Moses Nyakoyo1432EthicsNoYesYesYes3This is the first time since i started writing CIMA that time has been a challenge for me. I could have done better had i not failed to plan my time proparly. Still hoping for the best though because i gave it my best despite the time constraint
Yashoda ANV1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4Completed 2 ethics, little analysis of 4th issue, could not get ten points for part B though. Keeping my fingers crossed
Stephen1234EthicsEthicsYesYesNoYes330Completed 4 issues, 1 ethics issue fully and wrote something (rushed) for the second ethics issue. I think I got the calculations wrong. Fingers crossed.
Thys van Zyl1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4Best attempt yet. Hoping for a pass. Managed to get some industry examples in. If they can only make out my handwriting.........
Matthew Gilmore2134EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4Think i messed the numbers up, I overcomplicated it when it was really easy to do. Very hopefull as the issues seemed ok and i managed to finish it all.
Botshelo Plaatjie1234EthicsEthicsYesNoYesYes3
Andrew Crawford4132EthicsEthicsYesYesYesNo3I felt that since strategic direction is a long-term decision, and the CEO wants to make a rash decision based on assumptions, it should be dialled back to low priority while the precise causes for loss of market share are determined.
Nicola Dobson1234EthicsEthicsYesNoYesNo2Too much to read in unseen, got east & west confused a few times. OK exam, but very time pressured & far too many instructions required aswell
Dennis Koerts1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4Didn't manage the time correctly. wasted too much time on the appendix and calc. But this is necessary for writing the report. spend more time on detailed analysis than recommendation. but managed to write everything down. Part b in 15 min. 10 sentences, not required 10 bullet points!!
Rakesh Sharma1234EthicsEthicsNoYesNoNo1
irfan1243EthicsEthicsYesNoYesNo2Very time consuming, although I did better than ive done in previous sittings. Nearly stuck to my timings and managed to get something for each section (although not always in great detail!) calcs went well (I think) and I did a relevant costing NPV and expected values. Hope I did enough but not convinced. fingers crossed! Thank you Nick for showing me the exam in a different way.
Ian Piercy2134EthicsEthicsYesNoYesNo2hayleymj
Janki 1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes3Exceed the set time limit in providing alternative solutions for the strategic direction issue. But managed time limit later in the exam.
Josphat Chofamba1234EthicsethicsYesNoYesNo2Exceded Time limits had to rush on part b
Adam Wilson1234EthicsEthicsNoYesYesNo2Was doing well for timings until I hit the Analysis for the first issue - too much to write - four options! Calcs fairly straightforward and decision clear from these (unless I messed them up...). I also spent too long on my theory appendices, struggled to populate these with enough points. Was REALLY rushing towards the end, just about managed the format and four bullet points for part b. Hopefully the fact I got something down for every section helps me. I felt some of the requirements were unnecessarily complicated and were just there to waste your time. Good luck to everyone and thanks to all who have helped me!
Tannah Matus1234EthicsEthicsYesYesYesYes4Felt there was alot of content to read through. Stuck to timings. Left out the a possible 3rd ethics issue. Was happy with my attempt.