Competitive Analysis - Journaling App
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Journey - Views: List, calendar, atlas
- Can sync across multiple devices
- Can be printed as a PDF
- Can select font for PDF
- Images can be uploaded
- Supports markdown
- mobile app and web based app - can easily access from computer
- journal can only be exported to PDF with no option for formatting
- Pictures are low quality on PDF
- Responsive web app - can use computer or phone for entries
- Preformatted pages (edited as you go)
- Easily change design o entries
- Preview entries in calendar view (include pictures added)
- Ability to set reminders
- Open to daily entry
- Easily change date
- Prompts available to get started if stuck
Day One- Views: List, calendar, location
- Entries can be published to a webpage and shared
- Can add one image (non-premium) and unliminted if premium
- Can set reminders
- Supports markdown
- Adds location, activity status, miles walked & weather to entries automatically
- Pictures can be added from the iOS photos app with the Day One extension
- Clean and beautiful
- Can order book to be printed
- Can edit in ordering process
- Calendar view doesn't preview entries when clicking on a date
- Book printing preview shows pages in a grid view rather than as side by side pages - difficult to know what content will appear side-by-side
- Printed books have strange spacing
- No web app - have to download app to computer
Grid Diary- grid format - clean
- User can select from a list of prompts
- Provides a starting place for people who are having difficult coming up with what to journal
- User can edit prompts to make them their own
- Can set reminders
- can add up to 5 pictures to an entry
- syncs with cloud for backup
- prompts can be limiting - difficult to just write how I feel and what I did
- Daily entries can be very long if multiple fonts are chosen
- Journal stays on the phone - no way to print entries.
My W Days
- Today is... starter prompts user but can also be deleted
- can easily add mood
- can star favorite entries
- Calendar view clearly shows if there is an entry on that day
- Calendar view previews text entries below calendar
- Prompt library is available if user is having trouble getting started
- pro can export to evernote and dropbox
- User can set reminders
- Interface is messy - there is a lot going on
- In editing view, it is not clear if pictures have been added - can be seen in review though
- In calendar view, photos added to entries are not visible
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