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MARTom Foley's WINTER 2012 TRIP (times are Bp time zone: C'ville +6 hrs)please pray forANSWERS to prayernotes / lodging
pix & stories at www.kingdomtravelin.comscroll down to view first two weeks!
8Thhospital to see Ron?, Kyle, Andy and Samm, 1630 bus to Suboticavaluable time with ministry friendsgood conversations with friends and God got the right peopel asking the right questions... there was no bus, took a train half way and discovered that the train stopped... walk a km and then waited for an hour and a half for a local bus... I love going to Subotica!Gabor's
9Flu w/ Goran, speak at American Corner Libraryability to speak to people's hearts during talkGREAT conversations today about making disciples through investing time in and reading the Bible with and discussing it with people, American Corner was well attended and a regular gathering of folks to read and ask questions about the Bible may result!!!Sam's
10Sa11.00 train to Budapestsmooth travel to Bp and last supper w/ Lupersa quiet trip back to Bp, successful packing and a low key time with some folks finished off the trip...Luper's
11Sugoing home: 1250 BA869, BA293 2115learned that USA has changed time and Europe has not, my flight lands an hour later than thought which means I get out of customs near 10. Pray for the return to USA.a bittersweet morning at Lubloi utca 4 of reflecting on ministry in Budapest... then Joanna and I rode a bus, a train and a bus to the airport for the last time together (since my next planned trip is after she & Will return to USA to live). Then I had great flights, both landed early, had some good pub food at Heathrow before flying to Dulles where I was met by our younger daughter running up and hugging me and screaming "I'm engaged!" We then had a very late celebration dinner with the Penos (in-laws-to-be)... quite the day... Anna and I stayed in Dulles (the town, not the airport) and drove home on Monday. Thankful for this trip... PRAY for processing and planning and communicating based on the experiences and findings of this trip.HOME
FEBDAYs past
3&4F-STo Bp: BA264, BA866 landing 1725/Dinner with LupersAnna during my absence, smooth travelgreat night sleep on the plane and once in Bp, Sweet Anna looked great on Skype!Luper's
5Suteach at C.C. S. Budapest, CEO N. HU team dinner 5pm at Don LeLepreaching and for connection with teama great day, teaching was great and fun dinner with teamLuper's
6MVacfruitful conversations with Vaci leadersfruitful conversations were had, people are thinking and praying Luper's
7T09:00 Skype Ruslan; Hang out with Nemeths / PM visit human trafficking rescue ministry a meaningful day with the Nemeths, safety visiting new ministryhad good meetings today, God guided our conversations, learned what the ministry on the streets was all aboutLuper's
8WKorosi/Krudy prayer walking/riding/writing/praying/16:00 Skype w/Kathryn /Dinner with Lupersschool connections, refreshment & renewalreceived clarification for two teacher spots for 12-13, blessed day around town see pix on Luper's
9Thpack for southern journey/Lunch w/ Joanna / 1453toSzeged / 21:00 Skyp w/ MVDpreparations for the trip through the Balkansthankful for a quiet day, a smooth tripGabor's
10FSzeged: hanging out, //13:30 Skype w/ Laura// 19:00 ICFmeaningful conversations & speaking ICFthe day began with a visit to a friend in serious condition in hospital, God encouraged. Gabor's
11SaSzeged: quiet, time with Kyle and Odi, visiting Ron in hospitalgood conversations in Szeged, words of God's comfort to folks struggling with sick families and the freezing weatherto God I am thankful, my friend Ron looked much better, I had a time of encouragement and exhortations with some folks, may God make use of my words, Gabor's
12Suteach at CC - Szeged, 2ish to Subotica: teach at gathering of fellowships, back to Szegedpreaching, fellowship and travel challenges due to weatherI believe the preaching went well, I got to talk to numerous folks after each service for encouragement and counsel... the snow did not hamper my footsteps as I walked from border station to border station... check my blog www.kingdomtravelin.comGabor's
13Mbus and train to Osijek, ETF with Walkersmeans of travel to & meaningful time w/ Walkersthankful for Gabor who got me to the 0630 bus on which I slept almost all way to Pecs, had a great time processing the weekend with God in prayer in a fairly quiet pub at the railway station, then the last rail leg to Osijek and some excellent conversation with Kevin and Alyssa.ETF
14Tw/ Walkers and ETF, // 21hrs w/ MVDgood conversations around ETFI had some really helpful conversations today about CEO's partnership with ETF and am thankful to God for the clarity I have on the possibilities that exit for Kingdom building with these folks!ETF
15Wmorning in Osijek, then to Orahovica // 20hrs KP?a day of good conversations and visioninghad some fun today with the Walkers and then some rest in Orahovica and study for SundayBohall's
16ThSabbath/holding Emily, Legos with Enoh/hiking/praying/writing// 20hrs Skype w/ Z&K // 21hrs Skype w/JDWtwo days of reflection, prayer and preparationhad fun in Orahovica, restful and good reading doneBohall's
17FSabbath/Puzzles with Ian/hiking/writing/praying // 13.30 Skype w/Lauratwo days of reflection, prayer and preparationfun b'day for Jeremy before the ladies left for retreat, legos continued, studied some more for Sunday (I thought I already preached this sermon three times, what's all the studying about anyway?Bohall's
18SaHR men's weekend at the Bohall'sfun and encouragementmore good and lively conversations and preparation for SundayBohall's
19SuPreach in Orahovica am, Slatina pmGod's word to touch heartspreaching was "well received" I am told, God has moved in the hearts of people... Bohall's
20Mto Osijek // 1330 Skype w LN // 1530 Train to Sarajevosmooth travel to Sarajevoa day of traveling car, train and surprise! a bus was commandeered (or at least a ticket purchased) when a train de-railment was going to delay me 3+ hours getting to SarajevoD&M
21THang w/ D&Mfun and meaningful conversationsgreat food and conversations about life and strategy were had ALL DAYD&M
22WHang w/ D&Mfun and meaningful conversationsmore good conversations and some down time for the last leg of the southern loopD&M
23Thto Srebrenica, meet w/ sister Naomi and leaders, prayer walkto hear from and understand God's plan for CEOafter an early and long bus ride and a longish car ride, GOd gave an opportunity to testify to His love and faithfulness in a meeting with leaders of an ag co-op. Then an evening of solitude to get some work done before the trip to Belgrade tomorrow... surprised and thankful to have Internet!a pension
24Fto Budapest via Valjevo and Belgrade, Serbiabus to Belgradeit was a uneventful day in which I got to be quiet almost all day and my eyes were feasted on beauty in landscape and in architecture and visual art! www.kingdomtravelin.comBelgrade? Lupers?
25Sato Bptravel to Bp from Belgradea quiet and restful day... and a two hour conversation with a man on the train who was very open to hearing about the finished work of Jesus and God's love for himLuper's
26Suopen/Luperstime w/ Lupersvisited a histofolksric church, had lunch at another, then some helpful conversations with some Luper's
27MVacfruitful conversations with Vaci leadersa fun and challenging day talking about mission and some fresh (though not new) ideas for making disciplesLuper's
28Thang out with joanna ;) Lots of Luper TIME! //21hrs MVDme NOT to fill the time needlessly had a productive but restful day... Luper's?
29Wopenme NOT to fill the time needlessly it was a restful timeLuper's?
1--3Th-SaCEO MEN's RENEWAL in Mátrakeresztesthe men's gathering in the mountainsit was great for men to gather, hear from God and fellowshipMátrakeresztes
4SuCC S.Bp, to Balatonalmádi with C.C. S.Bp. guys to teach at church plantmy teaching on HOW to be a disciple maker in both placestwo different messages were well received: I am thankful to God for the way He worked both at Del Pest and Balaton. I am very excited to have been at the church possibility fellowship gathering out at Balaton.Luper's
5Mopen/Luper Dinnerme NOT to fill the time needlesslyan awesome day of quiet and solitude was capped off by finding a great prayer point from which I could pray for Budapest and beyond.Luper's
6Tgiving Tom's one day tour, packing for the last loop of the trip, Skype meeting me NOT to fill the time needlesslya good day all around, did a tour for some young folks and research for Friday's talk in SerbiaLuper's
7Whang out with Mark, to Szeged 1453, dinner with Gabor, teach on 7 Qs at CC-Szegedmeaningful time with old friendsgood last minute tasks accomplished in Bp, a good train ride to Szeged and teaching went well at the eve service at the church here, God blessed the day. Gabor's
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