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Strategic IssueStrategiesResponsible CommitteeGoals (Milestones for Implementing the Strategies)
Grow student enrollment and retention1. Marketing - Improve visibility in the community
a. Revamp WHS website and maintain/update
b. Produce WHS video for posting on website, social media, etc.
c. Contact local media/put out press releases re: WHS events and accomplishments
d. Improve and maintain social media presence
2. Improve academic offerings
a. Music - March 2017: Keep
b. Art - March 2017: Keep
c. Second Languages - March 2017: Keep
d. Technology - March 2017: Successful
e. Vocational/Work Experience - March 2017: In progress
Academic1. Improve visibility in the community:
A. Use Cub Foods fundraising. Goal = Making sure fliers, etc. are there, t-shirts and topic for the fundraiser. May 22nd - 25th, two adults everyday, kids should help
B. Work with Headway: Fliers and presentation to staff (same with Fraser later) Goal = Call ED and set up meeting with staff to present or at least put fliers out there
C. Look at arts organizations in the community, for example the Puppet community or Bryant Lake Bowl up Upstream Arts, for a theater production (also will need grant). Goal = Explore who can come in and do a theater production and and how it can be funded

2. Revamp website:
A. Format/design: Goal = Format okay but refreshing design (revamp)
B. Managing updates: Goal = Work with training and supporting Admin Assistant on making updates as part of her job
C. Goal = Add "Donate" button and info around that, make storefront with bus passes, tshirts, etc.

3. Media Relations / Press Release of Watershed events:
A. Goal = Make a 16-month calendar of events for marketing, fundraising, and community exposure with two to three major marketing opportunities per year
B. Goal = Make a 16-month calendar for updates of the website and the Facebook page (for example, a Back-To-School template, Medieval Feast template , J-Term template, Cub Foods fundraiser template, Summer recruitment template, etc.

4. Improve and maintain social media presence:
A. Goal = See above goals, it is already incorporated
3. Improve technology abilities
a. Add more 1:1 devices
Academic1. Running 1-2 additional Donors Choose campaigns
2. Apply for 2-3 grants that provide technology
4. Improve School Spirit/Belonging/Sense of Community
a. Student fund raising
b. School activities and clubs
c. Sports offerings
Academic1. Annual "Spirit Week"
2. Insititute weekly "walking class"
3. Establish/join intramural league
4. Work with Richfield Parks and Rec to host activities (need church approval)
5. Establish school store (snacks, sweatshirts)
5. Recruit a parent volunteer coordinatorExecutive
Stabilize and grow finances1. Fundraising
a. Create online campaigns such as Donors Choose
b. Ask for donations from existing school vendors
c. Conduct an annual school fundraiser
d. Secure grant funding
e. Secure a corporate sponsorship
f. Conduct a student fundraising campaign
2. Establish local business relationshipsMarketing1. Goal = Make a list of local businesses where the school & students are consumers
2. Goal = Like each local business on Facebook as Watershed High School
3. Goal = Board member visit to each business
4. Control food and school lunch programExecutive1. Monitor program use on a daily basis.
2. Monitor CLICS report on a monthly basis
3. Make adjustments with food vendor if needed.
4. Create alternate food plans, if needed (bringing in food from restaurants)
5. Consider cutting program to cut costs.
5. Maintain transparency in school/board operationsExecutive1. Post minutes to website
2. Maintain open board meetings
3. Post agendas on main school bulletin board
4. Publishing school policies
5. Regular commmunication with parents
Stabilize Board membership and define responsibilities1. Expand Board Membership
a. Create corporate partner seats
b. Recruit community members for board committees
c. Create a student board member position
Executive1. Create job description for eah type of postion listed
2. Reach out to Non-profit resources to advertise and consult on available positions (Corporate partner seats and board committee seats)
3. Reach out to students who might be a good match.
2. Expand Board Member Expectations
a. Enforce board attendance at monthly meetings
b. Require board members to spend a set number of hours per year on projects/at events
c. Require each board member to take on one fundraising project per year
d. Board holds yearly planning retreat - required attendance
e. Support the Executive Director
Board Chair with Board Support
Create and maintain a core, dedicated staff1. Evaluate Pay and Staffing
a. Revisit salary goals
b. Hire an additional special education teacher
c. Hire an art teacher
d. Increase salaries
e. Provide additional support/FTEs
Executive Director with Board Consult
2. Improve "soft" support for school staff
a. Build relationships with LEAs to recruit teachers, student teachers, mentors, etc.
b. Provide rewards and recognition for staff
c. Meet staff-determined needs to improve life at school
d. Share and highlight teacher "wins"
Academic1. Reach out to 2-3 colleges to establish teaching relationships
2. Board-sponsored staff appreciation dinner
3. Add "recognition" section to weekly staff meetings
4. Board attemts to grant teacher "wishes"
3. Provide technology for teaching staffAcademic1. Work with fundraising committee to meet these goals
2. Connect with corporations for "used" computers
3. Explore feasibility of Chromebooks for teacher use.
4. Explore incentive for BYOD
4. Increase professional development offeringsCompliance