Scott Swaaley Teacher Evaluation Spring 2012
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TimestampOptional: Name?What block do you have Mrs. HoormannPlease rate Scott Swaaley on the following: [Scott is prepared for class each day.]Please rate Scott Swaaley on the following: [When Scott teaches, I understand the lesson.]Please rate Scott Swaaley on the following: [Scott provides me with timely and helpful feedback.]Please rate Scott Swaaley on the following: [Scott has a good relationship with his students. They feel comfortable asking him questions.]Please rate Scott Swaaley on the following: [Scott provides me with materials I need to study and succeed.]Please share any reasons for your choiciesWhat was your favorite academic experience in this class?What was your favorite project experience in this class?What was your least favorite academic experience in this class?What was your least favorite project experience in this class?Do you have any advice on what would make me a better teacher?Please reflect upon your general experience in this class. Is there anything I didn't ask about that you want to tell me?How do you feel about the class structure?Name:How do you feel about the length of this project?How do you feel about the balance of projects vs. academics in this class?While designing and building your automaton - what most surprised you about the process?How do you feel about your completed Automaton?When thinking about this project as a whole (your senior citizen, trips to the senior center, the book, the automaton, etc.) - how do you think you'll look back on your senior year of High School?If we were to repeat this project next year, what three things would you recommend we change?Please reflect on your performance as a student.If you had the choice and resources to build ANYTHING you wanted in a physics or engineering class - what would it be? Please describe it in detail and tell me why you chose it.If you could do it all again - would you act or perform differently?As a teacher - what would be a good way to combat senioritis in students?Do you feel like you had the resources to be successful in this project?Please describe the "culture" of our class.
4/26/2012 12:14:433 - Agree2 - Disagree3 - Agree3 - Agree3 - AgreeThis semester I really enjoyed building the mechanics and the automata. It was fun getting down and dirty and working with wood. I was aloud to work with friends ad actually have something to show for myself. Since we didn't have very many assignments I enjoyed the automotan project. This was my favorite because I got to work with wood and be hands.I didn't like doing the levels lab. This was changeling for me and I struggled doing this. Once I got the concept I kinda understood it which was nice. We only really had one project and I simply thought it was divine. So in this case we didn't do a project that I didn't like. Sit down with your student individually to check in. I felt like some groups slipped through the cracks and this was a problem. I feel like you did a great job but the class definitely lack in lessons. I personally didn't mind this but this class was more of a wood-shoppe class than a physics class.The structure of this class was alright. I believe that it applied to what we were doing but not as a normal class. I didn't like how the grades were used and how the class was laid out. adam MichaelisI believe that this project was just fine. I liked working on it everyday and being apart of something other than myself. I mean we could have done another project but this was just great!Honestly this class was more project than academic. Although I really enjoyed this project we could have had more physics lessons. This would have bettered my knowledge. That how well I could work with would and how I understood the concepts of simple machines. I was also surprised on how every pretty much finished on time. I really liked how it turned out. I love our concept and the mechanics worked really well. I may want to take it home but it would also be pretty awesome to burn it. ;)I liked this project and I feel that it was a great way to end my senior year. This has never been done before and it was cool to be apart of it. I also liked making friends and learned a lot about my self. 1. Maybe have the ideas for the machines be personally made rather than for seniors.
2. More field trips
3. more lessons on the different gears
I believe that I brought my best to this class everyday. I tried harder some days than others but overall I was a contributing factor to this class and I believe that I did my best. I would want to build a boat that was not only fast but would run on the wind and solar energy. If I could do this I would travel around the world and sea the planets wonders. With this boat I would be better then Captain Nemo. The only thing I would change was my mood some days throughout this semester. Some days I was a little moody than others which was alright. I tried to be productive everyday but some I was little clocked out. A good way to keep senior motivated is to keep them excited. Seniors may be old but we have the mindset of a kindergardener. We need something to do at all times and if you loose our focus we don't pay attention.I wish I would have had a better cutter to make our cogs. Another tool would be more files to shave down things to make them fit like butter. the culture of our class was fun and rambunctious . There was a lot of sass and talk back but we all loved each other and worked well together. Towards the end we were really united and became one.
4/26/2012 11:11:183 - Agree3 - Agree4 - Strongly Agree4 - Strongly Agree3 - AgreeMy favorite academic experience in class was when we were learning about physics. I enjoyed learning about physics and the physics lectures more than I enjoyed the automata project. I thought the physics was interesting, but I did not understand a lot about the automata.My favorite experience in the class was getting to see everyone's finished automatas. I was really surprised by the complexity of some of them and it was cool to see all of our work come to fruition.My least favorite academic experience was the physics quizzes we had. I did horribly on them and they dropped my grade a bit. I felt that they were harder than the homework we had done by quite a bit and was not prepared.My least favorite project experience was building the paper automata. My partner was a pain in the ass to work with and the ink on the paper was rubbing off a lot. I think it would be helpful if you spent a little less time with certain groups. At times it felt like you were doing their project for you and it could take a while to get help if we needed it.No, the other questions pretty much covered everything.I wish we had been able to use more of the tools. I understand the reasons why we were not allowed to but it could be hard when all of the tools were being used.Alex GomesI think the project took up too much of the semester. I got burnt out half way through. I would have liked to have had physics lessons interspersed with the project, if only to add some variety.I think the balance was off and shifted heavily in favor of projects. It would have been nice to get a little more background on the physics behind project before we started.What surprised me the most was how hard it was to get holes the perfect size for the dowels to fit it in. It took my group forever to sand the holes down enough so that the dowel fell on its own, but not so much that the dowel moved around.I am proud that it works, but aesthetically I do not like how it turned out. It is pretty ugly and strange looking. If I could I would light it on fire I look at it as one of my least favorite years. The whole year I was ready to not be at high school and yet at least in the second semester it was one of the hardest years of school I've had.Don't put people from different classes in the same group. Find a group of seniors that will actually come every time. Get more tools.I was on time every time. I did not put in my best effort every day I came to school. Some days I just really did not want to be there and it was hard to get motivated at the start of the project because of partner difficulties.I'm not sure, I struggles greatly with project and questions like this.I would like to say yes, that I would do most of it differently, that I learned from my mistakes, but honestly I don't know. It would not surprise me if I acted almost the same way, out of pure laziness more than anything.Add more activities that require participation from everyone. Make them as fun and engaging as possible. Sometimes it can be nice to have a class wide discussion as well.Yes, all of the supplies were available, if sometimes difficult to find.It varied from day to day. Some days people were helpful and other days it just seemed like absolute chaos. I think the project brought out the worst in some people.
4/26/2012 11:45:114 - Strongly Agree2 - Disagree3 - Agree4 - Strongly AgreeI have no ideaI actually enjoyed some of the worksheets we did in the beginning of the semester. It gave us plenty of time to practice new topics that would be on our quizzes. It was also a good chance to work as a group with our tables. I loved getting to design the final look of our automaton. Painting and creating a scene for our house was artsy and creative, such as making windows and grass, or shingles for the roof. It allowed me to contribute my own little something to our project. I think the levers lab was my least favorite academic experince because we were not given much direction on how to go about solving it. We were in a group of two and neither of us understood what to do, we did multiple trials but it took a long time for us to finally get it. It would have been nice if we worked in bigger groups because we had a lot of questions but we weren't allowed to ask them. We ran into a lot of problems with out automaton but my least favorite experience was when we glued gears on too soon and realized we needed to remove the shaft so we had to start over and redrill new holes and cut entirely new gears. We were able to fix it all in the end but it was a little bit of a set back. Sometimes we would ask for help and you would kind of just say "figure it out". I understand we should learn to solve certain problems on our own but we were often very confused and stuck and needed the help. And espeically for certain things, other students did not know how to help us either. No I think everything was pretty much covered. I think the project was the right amount of challenge for us. Although I struggle with the building and physics side of the automaton, I was able to apply my creative skills in order to help the overall look and design. I didn't like that we could not eat in class. I know there are those few kids that don't clean up but for the rest of us that snack on a few almonds and don't leave a mess should be allowed to eat in class and not sit outside. Towards the end it got better though and all was good in the nieghborhood. Alison ConoverIt was a little too long, but I know that if the amount of time was even shorter we would not have been able to finish on time. I really enjoyed having project time each day so I didn't mind that it was all we did. It seemed just right when you look at the whole picture of it being second semester senior year. We had some academics in the beginning of the semester that were a good balance of work in class, such as worksheets and mini assignments, and quizzes, but then were alloted plenty of time to get everything we needed done for the project. What surprised me most was how precise everything needs to be. If one tiny thing is a bit off, it will effect how the entire automaton works. In our case we built it the exact way we envisioned, but the sign could never be perfectly timed. I like that we can give it to Lillian, I know she truly appreciates the work we put into it and it will give her something to remember us by. I think if we kept it it would just get lost or forgotten. I think I will look back and know I learned a lot and had fun doing so. I really enjoyed going to the senior center each week and thought the project's incorperation of getting to know someone's life story with building a toy was very unique. I was really proud of our end product and exhibition. 1. have lessons on what the different types of gears can do.
2. maybe have more check ins to meet with the students and make sure they are staying on schedule.
3. designate a few students who are allowed to use the larger tools that typically on Scott will use. This way if Scott is busy, students can have other kids help so that they can continue working.
I was never late for class which is pretty good seeing we have lunch right before! Also, if I was ever going out of town I made sure to email all of my teachers and let them know that I would be needing to make up the work I missed. I tried hard in this class, even though at times it was a struggle becuase physics is not my best subject. But all in all I believe I preformed very well this semester. I think it would be really cool to build mini rollercoasters!! There would be a lot of physics lessons involved and would be a fun and unique way to build something new. Maybe using marbles or even build cars to go around the track. No not at all, I think I was respectful and got along with Scott swimmingly. Letting us go on feild trips was a great way to get out of the classroom and stay interested in school. Our senior center trips were fun and gave us a chance to get a break from school work while still learning and working on our project. We definitely had all of the resources needed to complete this project as far as supplies and tools. And if there was anything we needed that Scott or other teachers did not have, it was super easy to run down to ACE and get it. Our culture was helpful, fun, talkative, and everyone got along. Sometimes we would get a little noisy but for the most part people stayed on task and worked hard.
4/26/2012 13:16:324 - Strongly Agree3 - AgreeI have no idea3 - Agree3 - AgreeYou were overall a good teacher, but I sometimes disagreed with your methodsThe first project we did about displacement using google earth.
Thinking of the first wooden automata on my own and building it exatly as I planned it.I did not like the daily reports. I do, however, acknowledge that it is entierly my partner and my fault for not completing daily reports. I could hardly ever remember to complete it and I did not see the significance of them.By the end, the final automata project was stressful and obnoxious. I liked designing the project, but I lost some sleep over all of the fine details and adjustments.Be more lenient with tardies. Especially if you can actually see the student that you mark absent. Nothing in particularI liked the amount of work time we had. If you had insisted on giving a physics lecture or something instead of time to complete our project, we would have never finished the project. I still disagree with the daily check in's though.AndrewI think we were given a decent amount of time to work on it, but I was rendered incabible of working on my project for three weeks so it is different for me.I think it was a fairly good balance. I liked the fact that we got all of the academics out of the way early in the semester and dedicated the last part to time to work on our project.I would say the difficulty of building the landing mechanism for the plane, but I sort of anticipated it. It was pretty much just as hard as I imagined, but I had less time than I originally thought I would have so I was unable to complete it.I was picturing something more along the lines of office space. I do want to complete it, but then it's fair game.It has been an interesting experience and I'm glad I participated in it.Maybe make building boxes a class effort. It feels like if everyone had a standardized box, our exhibition might look more proffesional.
Put more effort into exhibition. More decorations might be nice.
Possibly some system of organization for the power tools to reduce traffic.

I put a lot of effort into planning and building the automata. I tried my best to be punctual. I have tried to show you the upmost respect during this semester.I would like to build some kind of furniture or something practical. Maybe something involving electronics.I would keep clear of bikes.Have a fifteen to twenty minute buffer zone at the beginning and end of every class were the students are free to walk around if they wantYes. It would have made life a lot easier if we had more power tools, but it did not cause any significant problemsWe were all pretty independent in our groups, but I wouldn't call it "disjointed". I would definitely call our class nice, or friendly.
4/26/2012 11:26:463 - Agree3 - Agree3 - Agree3 - Agree3 - AgreeThis is just how I feel.1. My favorite project experience was the levers lab with the weights. I did find it extremly stressful but also kind of fun. My favorite project experience in class would be making the automata. Although I did complain about it on a regular basis I did enjoy learning how to use different tools and stuff.My least favorite academic experiences were the quizzes. They were so hard and I didn’t like them one bit. My least favorite project experience would also be the automata. Mostly because that was the only project we did and at times I thought was just so frustrating.I think you are a great teacher and very enthusiastic, which makes the class a lot more enjoyable. The only thing I would say to change or work on it not giving the students to much credit for what they know. Especially with this project I went into it literally not knowing how to use anything or do anything and I would have loved to learn before hand how to do some things before starting. I liked it. I could go on and on complaining about the things I would change but I genuinely will miss this class in college. I thought the class structure was good. I really liked all of the project time and thought it helped with completing the automata. Chandler LaFeeI thought the project length was fine. With this project you never knew how many people would pick it up quickly and finish it so it had to be a longer one. I thought the balance was fine. I liked all of the project and work time. It made sense because we were second semester seniors and it would have been hard to just sit in class and listen to lectures all day.What surprised me the most was getting started. I literally had no idea where to begin so that was probably the hardest part. But once I got going it was good. I feel good. I am proud of what I did and glad it does exactly what I wanted it to do. I will look back positively on my senior year. This semester although slightly annoying wasw my last semester in high school and as a whole it was enjoyable. This project was kind of fun and the final product is something I am proud of. I think we should have been able to choose our partners in class. I think we should have learned more basic things before we began building and I think we should have been graded individually not just as a group. I thought I was a good student this semester. Senioritis did kick in early on in the semester but for the most part I tried to fight it and did everything that was asked of me. I would want to dissect an animal.....but I don't think that is physics.I would not have really changed anything about how I worked on my project. Honestly, I basically made the whole thing with little help from my partner so I would probably try to force her to work more. But other than that I thought I did a good hobHave days where the students can just get silly.Yes. I felt that in class we had everything we needed. Except I thought there needed to be some duct tape in class. That was the only thing missing.It is a great culture!
4/26/2012 14:14:27I have no idea3 - Agree2 - Disagree3 - Agree3 - AgreeHonestly, this project didn't teach me much about physics. I learned about power tools, torque, vectors, and gear ratios. But I definitely feel that there is so much more to cover in physics. Building this project put the content I learned to work. I used basic math to create the gears. Next time, I highly recommend creating a project that makes students use physics concepts. For example, in 9th grade I built a roller coaster and had to make a marble go through the course safely. I learned a lot about gravity, velocity, friction, etc.I did like the Google maps activity we did, as it allowed me to visually learn and understand vectors. It helped me understand direction and magnitude. I found myself putting the Google Maps activity to use when I did class work and quiz corrections. I actually enjoyed cutting things out and drilling holes into wood. I didn't necessarily enjoy troubleshooting the project when it didn't work, but I enjoyed putting things together. It was really exciting to see the gears run smoothly, knowing that I had personally spent a lot of time cutting out the teeth and sanding them. I also really liked building the first automata, because they were simple and yet challenging enough that I learned about the different movements certain types of gears/cams created.I can’t really think of any least favorite academic experiences, besides failing a quiz. To be honest, there weren’t too many lectures or class work, so I can’t come up with a whole lot of academic experiences. Most of this semester has resolved around project experience.I did not enjoy meeting deadlines for the automata’s construction. Working with strings was extremely difficult, and it wasn’t a reliable method. We had originally proposed a treadmill-type plan, but it wasn’t approved. Instead, we were kind of pushed into using the string method. Unfortunately, neither of us had any idea how to work with strings, which is why we didn’t propose it in the first place. It was really hard to get started with the string method, because we were told to first build it with cardboard. It was just too hard to cut teeth out of cardboard, because the teeth would often end up mangled and wouldn’t work. I really like how you understood the whole idea of hands-on projects. However, there needs to be some project based learning going on in the class room. All the past projects I’ve done had a point- they were created so as to teach me a certain topic or concept. I think this project didn’t relate to physics that much. I didn’t see what kind of physics concepts existed in my project, besides torque. Even then, torque is a single topic, and there is so much more to physics than just torque. I’d also recommend covering more ground through lectures. We didn’t get that far and covered the basics. It would’ve been fun if we’d gotten into the interesting physics-related topics.I don’t have much more to say. The question above pretty much sums it up.I liked that we had enough time to work. We were given a lot of free days and didn’t have to worry about class work or lectures. If we had any class work to worry about, it definitely would’ve slowed our productivity. I thought it was really good that the safety rules and procedures were enforced (e.g. wearing safety glasses). Christina TorresI think we spent too much time this semester on automata. We definitely should’ve had variety and built things that dealt with other physics concepts. Working with wooden toys all semester isn’t necessarily what I wanted to do for m final senior project. Perhaps we should’ve shortened the time frame for the Seniors2 project and have done some mini projects. I really liked that we spent most of the time doing hands-on projects. I do learn better that way rather than lectures. However, I feel that the project itself could’ve dealt with concepts a little more. I also think we should’ve had a little more academics. I think we only covered very few physics concepts, and have learned about magnetism, or something interesting like that. Imagine the types of projects we could’ve done that related to magnets.I was surprised at how we were able to craft some complex pieces with just a few tools. I really didn’t think it was possible to cut out the teeth of the gears. I was also surprised about how much time we spent in the planning process. I think for half of the project, we were actually working on the design instead of actually building the parts. It was also a bit surprising at the amount of times we had to make changes to our box. There were a lot of little things we had to change or fix. For example, our strips of wood on the sides of the box were too short, so we had to completely remake them. Our strings were also experiencing a lot of friction when they rubbed against the holes on the surface of our box. We had to add mini spools to allow our strings to move smoothly. All these little additions started adding up. Although they weren’t part of the plan, they still had to be added to better our automata. It was just surprising that there were so many things that went wrong that we hadn’t considered while planning our box.I’m just glad it’s over and done. I think that its motion is very simple, and not too impressive. I do think, however, that the gears on the inside are pretty impressive. But if someone simply looks on the surface when turning the crank, they’d think our project isn’t very exciting. I wish we hadn’t worked with strings, as that would’ve freed up some time to add some cool features to our automata. Like the fact that one project played music made me envious. I also think our bowler is flat and dull. I do like the pins. They are actually adorable and they do what they’re supposed to do. I don't really care what becomes of it.I’m a little disappointed in my senior year. This is my last year of high school. I’m a Senior- I should be able to put all I’ve learned for the past 12 years to work. When I used to think about my senior year, I thought of making or building some crazy and amazing contraption or invention. For example, some seniors at HTHI built cell phones for Africa a while ago. High Tech High is an amazing and unique school. People come from around the world to see how our school works; our school as a role model for others. I wanted to be able to build something that was really impressive and would’ve made any outsider awe-stricken. I feel like this project isn’t the best I can do; I know I can create something more fascinating. This is my last project of high school- forever. I can’t help but feel a little sad that I’m ending my high school career with a wooden automaton. I would recommend shortening the timeline of the project. Rather than spending and entire semester on one project, I think it’d be best to make time for some mini projects. Secondly, I’d recommend making the projects more about physics concepts that we learn in our lectures. That way, we can take what we learned in class and apply it to the real world. Lastly, I would say to get rid of the daily report. Those were way too tedious, and I don’t see the point of doing them. Just because we didn’t file a daily report doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything that day. We may have been too busy to do a Daily Report. In fact, the Daily Report took away from our project time. Instead of sanding a gear, one of us had to log in to a computer and complete the report.I was always punctual and respectful to my instructor. I did try hard when it came to working. I may not have worked 100% of the time. I know I found myself sitting at the table and not knowing what to do next. I admit that Scott did catch us sitting around when we had to cut out a gear a couple of times. However, when I was on task, I put full effort into what I was doing. I wanted things to work so I would get the automaton done on time. I really did try hard, but sometimes you can put a lot of effort into something and it still won’t work. I don’t have a specific project in mind. I mean, I think the most impressive projects are those that contribute to society. Like I mentioned before, building ovens or phones for those in Africa would be cool. Or we invent a product and try to get it patented or something. I don’t really know- it just has to be something that’s extraordinary. Something that a normal public high school doesn’t have the resources to do. High Tech High is unique, as it has the resources for its students to do some amazing projects. I think you should really take advantage of that.I would probably have taken advantage of the fact that there were three of us in a group. Often times, it took three of us to drill holes into the wood. We couldn’t do simple tasks by ourselves. I think it was partially for comfort, as neither of us had worked with power tools by ourselves before. It would have been especially hard to take on the tools by individually. I also would’ve stayed focused and on task. Sometimes I left the classroom to talk to Chris White or get something from the printer, and I was easily distracted.Senioritis is incurable. It’s just a total lack of motivation. I think it’s pretty inevitable, as seniors tend to think second semester isn’t all that important. I mean, we already applied to colleges and were accepted to some of them. The reason behind motivation is college. When college is out of the equation, people don’t see a purpose for school. It was easy to disappear during class, as there were a lot of things going on during work time. I think you should have some sort of sign out sheet so student will disappear often. I definitely think we had sufficient resources. I never had a problem with not having enough wood or nails. At first, the lines for the tools were a little long, but as people started working on different parts of the projects, the lines died down. The only thing that usually had a long line was the band saw. That’s the one tool that everyone needed to use, and it was crucial to our success. The good thing was that it was never out of commission for an entire day. When a blade broke, a new one was immediately available to replace it. I think the availability of tools and supplies was exceptional. I really can’t complain, because we were very fortunate to have access to these resources.I think we were all working on our own thing. We really didn’t have time to mean or nice to each other because we were busy absorbing ourselves in our projects. Sometimes Scott made us help each other, and when that happened, everyone was pretty nice and helpful.
4/26/2012 11:37:283 - Agree2 - Disagree2 - Disagree3 - Agree4 - Strongly AgreeMy Favorite Academic experiance this semester was when I drew out the Blue print for our second automata project. I was proud of this because I drew out the plans for our project that we used to construct our final golfer. I was impressed that we didnt have to change much for it to completely work. My Favorite project experiance this semester would have to be the first Automata we constructed. I liked this Project because, I like to build things and it was fun and an simple project that I enjoyed doing. My least favorite project experiance in this class was the ruller balance lab we did in class. This was my least favorite because I felt least prepared during this lab and didnt feel like i got to participate in my fullest. 
My least favorite project was the Senior Squeared project we did. It was my least favorite because The whole time i had trouble figuring out who my senior was and what was going on with him, that it took a lot away from what I could have learned.
But if it was better planned and went smoothly i think that I could have enjoyed this project better.

I think that if you answered our questions better instead of just telling us to ask our peers and giving us weird answeres would definatly make you a better teacher.I had a great time in your class! Your a super nice guy with great teaching potential!I think that we should be able to drink beverages in classDaniel IslasThis last project was a bit too long. I think we should have shortened the senior vistits to like one week and then we would have had all the info or something like that. But going back every week was very repetative and wasn't the best plan.I think there was a great balance between the way you divide up class time.How difficult it was to build something from scratch, and how everthing has to be perfectly exact or it wont work. I like it, i wish that it was a little bit more sturdy and durable. I think when i look back in the future, i will think of how good of a year senior year was. Class was perfectly balanced and i could allways take something away from a day of learning.I think that you should let one class do it at a time so that theres not as many people in the lines for the saws and you can focus more on one class at a time. I think that my performance this semester was probably the poorest out of my highschool career, But it is second semester senior year and i did what was neccesary to complete my senior year.I would want to build a submarine or a boat. Because that would be so Awsome if i could make something that would float or submurse under water.Yeah i think i would have pushed my self harder to learn the subject matrial a little bit harder.UMMMmmmmmmm I liked building stuff it made it so we had to be present and it was definatly intresting. Yeah i definatly feel like there were all the neccesary things i needed to construct this project. You were allways very helpful and understanding of our situations. The culture is very relaxed and easy going. good vibes
4/26/2012 11:49:553 - Agree2 - Disagree2 - Disagree3 - Agree3 - AgreeThe only one I put strongly disagree on was your grading methods. I remember when you were grading Stazi & I on our blueprint for the project you gave us a 9/10 and you said you only did this because you don't give 10/10's (lol). I do think you should grade a little less harsh because people do try hard sometimes they just have bad luck.The work where we actually learned about things relevant to life (torque, velocity, distance, acceleration) were my favorite because they were actually relevant to life.the smaller automatons were my favorite because it wasn't so complicated and I would have rather built a few small ones for little kids rather than building a huge one for seniors.Quiz #2. The one that everyone failed because I did not learn any of thisSeniors^2. The reason I did not like this project is because we had to come up with the blueprint of our automata and were not allowed to change it. This made it difficult because certain aspects would stop working or not work at all and we had to waste a bunch of time fixing one small thing while leaving the rest of our project behind.more flexibility with grades and taking into consideration the personal stress of the student (how hard are their other classes and problems at home). While I don't think you should take those things into huge consideration I still think that you should take it into some small amount of consideration.I wish you would've taken into consideration how easy your 1-2 period had it. Amy didn't give them any work in math so they still had a 3rd period everyday to do work. While Jade was still making us to a do a ton of calculus that most of the math teachers at this school do not understand. Ultimately, Jade is a great teacher and I know she just wants the best for us, but I wish you would've seen that our class had more worries since Jade's class was actually hard and Amy just passed everyone.Didn't like anything, didn't dislike anything. had neutral feelings about the class structure. I thought drinks(besides water) should've always been allowed, I could understand the food rule because kids can be dumb about food. Deandre Matthews IIWAY TOO LONG!!!!!!!! Would have loved some variety I want more academics just because there is more room to keep your grades up than when you work on a project.How long everything took. It would take awhile waiting for machines, you could usually get more done while waiting but it still sucked. One small miscalculation on a gear and 100tries after your box has been glued together and it starts to get stuck, that was frustrating. The only thing that surprised me was how easy it is to cut or drill things and how you just cant be afraid to lose a finger. Light it on fire. It's so big and sort of useless to me, to queen it might mean a lot since our hardwork was put into it, but to me its just a ton of wasted hours and frustration. It would be more useful keeping us warmI liked almost every aspect except the automaton. Visiting the senior center was awesome and we got to actually build a relationship with our senior. I was shocked because I did not think I would get close to my senior at all. I will look back and say and say my 1st semester was really fun, while my 2nd semester was stressful. When I am put under a lot of stress I tend to not sleep, even if it's staying up till 3 am watching netflix movies for some reason I have to compensate for the stress by staying up late. Which sucks because I lose a lot of sleep. Make it less complicated, let there be more room for change as long as they talk to you, and make sure it is actually challenging for them. I would see the same group for 3-4 weeks doing absolutely nothing and then I looked at their project saw how simple it was and realized thats why they had been doing nothing.I tried hard. I worked hard every day and was always doing something to better the project. I felt I was respectful to you and appropriate during class. A watch. I am an avid fan of watches, own a few, and would love to work on watches! I am really fascinated on how watches work without needing much tuning up.I would've switch to Brandon/Blair's team like the 3-5 who switched to in the beginning (Sam, Massimo, Jacqui, etc.). It would've helped me in ALLLL of my classes. I would have done a lot better having Jade's 1st period because Lindsay Felice is really good at math and she is one of my closest friends Not combating it. You have to accept it and realize that students sort of need a not as strict semester before embarking into college. Seniors are already going through so much stress such as deciding which college to go to, it doesn't help them knowing that they need to focus on their projects so they wont get dropped from admissions. You also need to consider how hard their other classes are.I feel like had there been a way to cut gears easier we would've all done the project a lot faster. I had the resources to do this project but learning how everything worked and fully understanding things from the beginning wouldve made it a lot easier.We kind of all just stayed to ourselves, not really much bonding since we were all scattered working on our projects.
4/26/2012 13:31:393 - Agree4 - Strongly Agree3 - Agree3 - Agree4 - Strongly AgreeI really don't have any issues with Scott. Overall I thought he did a good job as a teacher, especially for his first year. My only criticism is that he could be a little more realistic in terms of how much time things take. It might be helpful to even out the physics and project aspects of the class or simply commit to one or the other. Personally I liked working on the project but, just be aware that one might have to take the place of the other.We didn't really do much in the way of lessons but I guess the most interesting one was when we learned about levers and fulcrums and all that. I enjoyed doing the test with the rulers where we had to balance out our lever on a fixed point. I thought it was cool to apply the concept we had just learned to a physical test right away.I really enjoyed the entire process of building the box. I plan on studying mechanical engineering in college so it was really cool to be able to draw up a design and have to think about how all those things could even work. I really like the product design aspect of engineering so getting to go through that process in this project was pretty interesting. I also really like building things and doing hands on work so overall this project was really interesting to me.I don't think we did enough of the academic stuff to really have an opinion. Since we only did a few lessons I would have to say there wasn't one of them that I could pick out as my least favorite. I enjoyed all of the lessons at least to some degree.I didn't really have one. Again we only did one real project and I really enjoyed that whole process. The only thing I can think of that might fall under projects would be the daily reports. They were just a small part of the project but they kind of bugged me. I think the idea behind them is decent but maybe a different structure would be better.I think that you might have to just let some things go. Like people cussing or saying some innapropriate things. In the end we are almost 18 or already 18 and some people are offended when they are still treated like kids at that age. Since we are basically adults we should have the liberty to generally speak how we want as long as we aren't offending anyone.I really liked it. I was pretty skeptical at first but in the end I enjoyed myself and the type of work that we were doing in class.It seemed to me that our class rules and policies were pretty fair. I can't really think of one that I disliked or liked which is probably a good thing. It means that that all the policies were pretty neutral or fair enough that I didn't have a real opinion one way or the other on them. They just kind of made sense and were pretty easy to follow.Dimitri GoulasI thought the length was pretty good, one thing that could have been taken out was the paper automata though because it meant that we were working on the same kind of thing all semester. It would be fine to just skip right to the practice wooden box and do something else in place of the paper. Like a project that applied a different physics concept, like buoyancy or something.I think that this semester the course contained a lot more project worj than academics. That is fine in most cases but I don't think that our original expectation was to be investing so much time in the project. I think that as long as the students have a reailistic idea of what kind of work they will be doing they will generally be ok with the course work.I think the most surprising aspect of our project was how well most of the stuff worked the first time. There was some trouble shooting that went on and some adjustments had to be made but most of the parts that we made and put in worked almost right away and they continued to work all the way to the end of the project.I think my Automaton is pretty awesome. I wouldn't want to take it home though because my sister would probably spin it for eight hours straight and then the music would bug me. But, I am proud of the work and I'm glad we can give something this cool to Art. I just like how everything works so smoothly, how it looks well made and that we were able to make our or original idea actually happen.I think that this was an interesting project to finish my highschool career. I have never done anything like this which I think made it more interesting. I have done so many video projects that I can't imagine if I had been in a class with a project like that. So doing something completely new was a good way to finish off the year otherwise I probably would have lost interest in all of my academic work.1. Restructure the daily reports, maybe in to a weekly or describe them more clearly at the beginning of the project.
2. Be clear as to the amount of time students will be commiting to the project and how much work it will actually require.
3. Incorporate more of the physics concepts in to the actual Automata whether through lessons or extra requirements.
I think that I put a lot of effort in to this semester. I was almost always at school on time and when I was in class I was generally getting things done. I think that my final project reflects how efficiently I worked throughout the semester. I also think that I was respectful of my teachers and the fact that they still expected me to turn in quality work.If I could build anything I would probably want to do something with engines or moving parts in some kind of vehicle. It would be cool to build Go-Karts or something like that.I think I would do everything the same except that I would put myself in charge of the daily reports. That is reallly the only thing that fell by the way side for me this semester and it wasn't even my responsibility within our group. Other than that I think that I would do everything the same because my final products turned out really well and the quality of the work I completed was always high.I think that giving students a loose guideline and allowing them to be as creative as they wanted would keep the students interested in the work they are doing. Also leaving the classroom periodically is a good way for us to get out and change our environment when we start to get bored. I definitely think we had the almost all of the things that we needed in order to finish the project. We had to make a few runs to ACE but I think that's pretty normal for any project that requires building because everybody's needs are different. If we had an extra scroll saw it might speed up the process but that would be a luxury. Or if we had one of those really cool lathe type things that the guy from kentucky who makes Automata uses that would be awesome as well because we could do some really nice wood working.I thought that it swayed from disjointed to united at points, but I do think that we were always supportive of eachother. Everybody was very willing to help eachother with the projects, giving helpful criticism, teaching people how to use tools, making suggestions, etc.
4/26/2012 14:11:113 - Agree2 - Disagree3 - Agree3 - Agree2 - DisagreeThis class felt more like a woodshop class then a physics class. I would have preferred to have had this class structured more like a college course, with lectures and quizzes. I specifically chose to be on this team second semester to take this physics class and prepare for college, in which I will have a STEM major. Besides learning how to use a drill press and various saws, I feel like I did not learn much in this class. The physics that we did go over in the very beginning were concepts that we had already seen freshman year. I can’t think of any academic experience that I had in this class besides getting several lectures. Lectures are not usually known as “fun” experiences, but I was okay with taking notes and listening. We had two tests, and I did not enjoy those, because obviously tests are not fun either.I liked building the paper automatas. They were new to me at that point and interesting, and cutting out paper and gluing it together was fun. Our octopus took a while to make, but seeing it work the first time was very satisfying. My least favorite academic experience was probably the tests, because since I was not motivated to study for them I usually was unprepared to take them. Then I usually failed them and had to spend my lunch times making them up. I disliked the fact that even though our design for our automaton should have worked in theory, it still did not work in reality. We spent so long trying to make everyting perfect, just to discover that no matter how much effort we put into it it was never going to properly work.

I think you should just spend more time on content, less time on free work time. Teach us what the course requires, and give us the chance to ask questions. I’m not going to lie – this was not my favorite class. I think the reasons for this include several factors. It’s my last semester of senior year, and I didn’t really feel like doing work since for the last four years that’s all I have been doing (not an excuse, but true nonetheless). Physics is also not my favorite thing to do, so that added to my lack of motivation. That combined with the way the class was taught (barely any instruction, more like woodshop class, project time all the time), resulted in the way I acted in this class. I did not like the lack of structure in this class. I am  a very visual learner, and I need to see things done before I can feel confident in my abilities to do the same. This class seemed like project work time all semester (with the exception of the very beginning). I know teachers were worried that if they made the class only academic, then a large majority of students would fail and that would make them look bad. But maybe that would have motivated students to work. As you know, colleges will kick you out if you fail a course the last semester of high school. I’m sure most of the kids in our class would have realized this once they started failing, and worked to get their grades back up. And if not, then that would be their loss. As a teacher, you should worry about making sure your students are learning and being prepared for their future, not how student’s grades will transfer to your professional job. And I realize that teaching our class must have been extremely challenging. Total lack of motivation is hard to deal with, but senior teachers should be prepared for that eventuality. Emma JacksonThis project was too long. We spend basically all semester on it. But to be fair, if it had been shorter then probably no one would have finished it. Maybe spend a little more time in teaching the class how to use the power tools, how to design the automata so that it will work, and the physics behind the motions. As I’ve stated before, this class was basically us building things the entire time. We hardly did any academics, which I am slightly disappointed by. I may be biased, since building things and working with wood is not my favorite thing to do, but I feel that I would have gotten more out of this class had we spent more time going over the actual physics behind the machines. What most surprised me was the fact that in theory something could work perfectly, and then in reality it would not work at all. I guess I already knew this, because theories are not reality. But it was extremely annoying that after spending so much time designing this project and calculating the timing so that it worked out perfectly, in reality none of it worked the way we had planned it to. It also surprised me that we could just break away from our original plan so much… I think we did a pretty good job of problem solving (with your help of course).My feelings towards “the bowler” are too complicated to put down on paper at this point. I guess the answer would be a combination of the two. It caused me a lot of stress and worry, and burning the whole thing would probably be really entertaining and satisfying. But we did spend a lot of time on it, and it did end up working a little bit in the end, so I don’t think I could just do away with it completely. I don’t think I want to take it home or anything… it would just be broken within hours by my little brother anyways. I am pretty disappointed in my senior year. I feel like no one really knows what to do with seniors, especially second semester. First semester you can go over the college essays, work on college apps, and do other things like that. But second semester I feel like teachers are at a loss of how to make our last moments in high school meaningful. I wish I had learned more this semester, because transitioning to college next year is most likely going to be challenging. I just always felt like senior year would be some great experience and since I looked forward to it I guess I had high expectations. Make the project more compact (as in not 3 months long), integrate more physics concepts, and make sure to include instruction time with project time. I think I was over all a pretty bad student this semester. It was really uncharacteristic of me, and I think it’s because I was frustrated that I was not learning or getting anything out of this class. I freely admit that I could have put more effort into this class, and I also know that since I was late almost every day that frustrated you. Often times I was late and I feel like at times I was disrespectful to you. I apologize for that, and I know if I were a teacher I would also be annoyed if a student never showed up on time. If I had the choice, I think it would be interesting to build furniture (like seniors did a couple years ago). Those came out very cool, and were actually functional. Otherwise, I don't really know. Building isn't really my thing, so I think I would just not want to build anything. I would rather write a paper. I think in the end it worked out fine. If I could do it over I would have studied for the tests and remembered to do the daily check ins. Also, I would have made more of an effort to get to school on time. I think more structure is necessary, but also just get them involved. Have them do more community service, more reflection on high school as a whole, more class outings. Our class is lucky to have access to all the power tools that we have and other various supplies that can be found if one goes digging though the cupboards. So my short answer is that yes I think we were provided with the resources to be successful in this project. I think this was a really annoying class in general. I like a lot of the people individually, but as a whole we were just sort of disjointed, immature, and rude. It was pretty embarrassing to watch actually.
4/27/2012 13:40:263 - Agree2 - Disagree2 - Disagree2 - Disagree4 - Strongly AgreeDidn't really have one, due the fact that my will to come to school was waning bit by bit every day, and since we spent most of the semester working on the seniors squared project instead of being lectured.Again, didn't really have one not due to the fact that my will to come to school was extremely low, not because the projects weren't engaging.Not learning about the concepts that were on the syllabus (magnetism, electricity, etc).The rigorous amount of checking in that was required with the project. At times the check ins felt less of a way for Scott to keep an eye on us and more of just busy work that we had to get done just because.Give the students more respect.Not really, the biggest concern I had with the class was just the lack of actual lessons we had.I didn't enjoy the lack of structured cleanliness that class structure promoted. It was more of "okay, let's clean up or just do whatever..." instead of "okay your job is to sweep the floors, you need to make sure the drill presses are clean and the drill bits are in order, you need to put all the tools away in the cabinets..." I wasn't comfortable coming into a project room that dirty every day.Gabe ArmijoI feel like this project could have been completed in a month had there been more preparation and help given to students while doing it. There was no introductory period for everything we were going to be using in the project (like, "this is a cam, this is what it does. This is a gear, this is what it does and how gear ratios work. This is a camshaft, and you can change the way the mechanisms work like this). Because there was no introduction, students basically had to figure it out on their own, and that lent to a lot of problems that would have never happened had the students actually learned about these concepts.To be completely honest, I feel like I did not learn very much in this class compared to past physics classes I've taken. The majority of our time was spent working on the seniors squared project, which I felt took way too long. If the project had been shortened, we may have actually been able to get to the concepts the syllabus said we were going to get to.How faulty the mechanism was the first time around. I thought that with our schematic, it would work pretty well the first or second time we made it.It made Richard happy, and that was the ultimate goal, so I'm fine with the way my automata turned out.Just another project I had to do to get through school, nothing spectacular, nothing ridiculously bad. Just another project.Lesson about automata mechanisms, shorten down the project length, create a more structured timeline so people aren't at completely different stages on their project at the same point in time.Senioritis got the best of me, so I wouldn't exactly say my performance or behavior this semester was as strong as it could have been.Kinetic sculpture, because they are rich in math and engineering concepts. The stuff that Ruben Margolin does (google him). The sculptures he makes employ a ridiculous amount of math and engineering to create.I don't believe so, this semester isn't here to help us, it can only hurt us. So why exert maximum effort doing something where I will not reap any benefits from? I believe I'd still be in this same mindset if I did it all over again.There is no way, it's an inevitable thing. Students are just done with school at this point, and want to start their own lives without being confined to a place that they are placed against their will.As I stated earlier, I think the biggest thing that students were missing on this project was an actual adequate, working knowledge of basic engineering principles and that's why some of the automata turned out so haphazardly.Very laid back, unstructured, work time.
4/26/2012 11:36:243 - Agree2 - Disagree3 - Agree4 - Strongly Agree4 - Strongly AgreeI liked the lever lab because I really was able to understand the concept through the hands on lab. It made sense and was a great way to teach it.My favorite project experience was when we finally had the girl poping out of the window because I was not sure how we were going to do it or if it was going to work. It was a proud moment. My least favorite academic experience would have to be learning about vectors because I did not understand it at all and I thought Scott taught it way too fast. My least favorite project experience was when we had to redo the whole painting man because it did not work. It was hard to think of how to make him work in a different way.I just think teaching us more phyics would make you a better teacher.My general experience in this class was fun but hard. I enjoyed this class but I still do not think we learned phyics. I thought the structure was good because we did not have that much structure but I think it is supposed to be like that. We are seniors and we should have less structure and still get done what we need to and if we do not, its our own fault.Gala NoelThe lenght of this project was good for the amount of stuff we needed to do on our house and to get it all working but I think it seemed like more of woodshop class than phyics. As I said before., I think it seemed like I was in woodshop class instead of phyics because that is basically all we did all day. I would have liked to have learned more phyics because I do not feel like I did.I think what suprised me most about our automaton was that we were able to do exactly what we said we would do in our design. I was so surprised that we were able to get the girl to pop out and the guy to paint in the time we said they would.I feel really good about our automaton and I do almost wish I could take it home to show my mom because she did not get to see it. When I look back on senoir year later on, I think I will be proud of what I made and how well it came out. I actually liked meeting Fred and have a new veiw of senoir citizens. I would reccomend that you change what we learn in the beginning of this project. I would teach more about automatons and how to make certain cams and what they do. Maybe also how to make something move because I had never had woodshop before and I had no idea.I am a student who can not help but try my best on everything I do. I thought I did try hard and even though I was absent some days I still did everything I needed to do and would look at Scotts dp for what we did.I think I would built a giant worm or dragon because I loved building our dragon in the very beginning of the class. I really like the way we can get it to move just like a dragon/worm. I think if it was bigger we could make it even cooler and make the movement even smoother. I do not think I would do anything differently because I did feel like I did my best on what I could. I did not use the power tools that much but that is because of my twich and I do not think that would be a good idea. I think if you just give us field trips and check ins then we will have things to do. I do not think it should be too much because we are supposed to be independent and if we do not do what we are supposed to do then it is our fault. We are senoirs, we know what we need to do to finsh and if we choose not too, oh well.I feel like I did and did not have the resources to be successful in this project because we did have the tools and wood stuff to make it but I feel like Scott could have taught us more about making an automaton. I felt that he did not really teach us anything about them before we designed them.I think the culture of our class was good. We got everything done but still enjoyed our senoir year and our senoir teachers.
4/26/2012 12:57:163 - Agree3 - Agree3 - Agree3 - Agree4 - Strongly AgreeExperimenting with leverage by balancing a ruler using different types of weights that are offset by a fulcrum point which is not directly in the middle. This was a fun academic experience because we were able to understand the subject through visual, hands on work.Making the automata for the final project was my favorite project experience in this class. This was a fun experience because it was hands on, and we had a lot of freedom in this project. It was the responsibility of the students to design and formulate the automata, Scott simply pushed us in the right direction, and made sure everything was working according to plan.The daily reports were my least favorite academic experience in this class. Due to the repetitive nature of it, and the fact that it was not helpful and unneccessary, I often found myself forgetting to complete this assignment in class. Often times I was dealing with much more important assignment and found myself forgetting about such pointless work.I honestly did not have a least favorite project experience in this class. I enjoyed working on all the automata projects, and rarely found myself truely struggling, or stressing about completing these projects. Also, the way you set up the projects, made it understandable and easy to follow.Focus less on micromanaging the class with assignments like the daily report, and make sure the quizzes you make are not too difficult or unreasonable.There is nothing I can think of that I want to tell you.The rules and policies you had in place were, for the most part, fair and reasonable. You gave us a fair amount of time to finish our assignments, and you seemed more focused on us learning about the subjects, then the grade we got on the assignments. One policy I thought was unneccesary was the time you had a pop quiz which was basically freee points for anybody that was in class. Unfortunately, I was not in class, and I recieved a 0 on this quiz.Gavin McPhillipsThis was without a doubt a very long assignment, although this was not at all a bad thing. Having such a long period of time to work on this assignment allowed me to focus solely on this one project, therefore I was able to learn a lot more about all the subject matter surrounding this project.
There was a good balance of project and academics in this class. This balance allowed me to learn a good amount about many of the important physics concepts, while still not feeling overwhelmed. The projects gave me time to do more hands on work, which was more interesting and relevant to me.I was surprised at how well the automaton worked after it was initially built. There are so many little things that could have went wrong with the golfer I built, but surprisingly after initially building the golfer, everything seemed to work relatively well, which helped us focus on the other essential parts of the project, and finish on time.To reflect on the automaton project, I am proud of the finishing product, considering how complicated the design is, I'm happy it works so well. I definately feel as though I learned alot about wood working and different mechanisms through this project.My senior year of high school was definately a good one. The work load was not too bad, and I was able to manage my time well, without being overwhelmed by school. Talking to the seniors was not neccesarily the best experience but it worked out fine, and overall I am happy with my final semester of high school.1. Have sign up sheets for the various tools in the class room.
2. Dismiss the daily reports, which were unneccessary, and distracted us from our projects which were much more important.
3. Help us further with the initial ideas, considering that, if the initial sketches for an automata are not correct people could do a lot of work that is unneccessary
To be honest, this semester I found myself trying to skate through. I enjoyed learning about many of the different phyiscs concepts, although I had a bad case of "senioritis" and really wanted to simply finish the year without failing. I was aware that this semester was not as important, considering that colleges had already made their decisions. This affected my punctuality and work ethic.If I could build anything I wanted in your class with all your resources, I would definately enjoy to build something that is more relevant to my life, or it would be fun to build something that I could actually use, it would be really interesting for me to shape a surfboard that I could use, this way I could use the knowledge from what I learned to persue one of my passions. To shape a sufboard, you could use either a lightweight wood or polyurethane covered with fiberglass.If I could do it again I would realize that it would have only taken a little bit more work to excel and get satisfactory grades. I would have put in the work to get better grades, and do what was neccesary to learn the different concepts.Design a project that the students actually want to do. For example allow the students to create their own projects with not that many guidelines, this way students are more expired to do their work, because it is more relevant to them.At times it was hard to find the exact materials I was looking for, also as we reached the deadline I noticed that it became harder and harder to use the neccesary tools as people rushed to finish their projects. In the future it might have been easier if we had sign up sheets for the different tools, and more organized wood. The culture of our class was definately united. We were not too loud or obnoxious, and we all managed to excel and learn a lot in class.
4/26/2012 11:53:343 - Agree1 - Strongly Disagree3 - Agree3 - Agree3 - AgreeI feel that Scott didn't grade a lot of us very fair for some of our project. I mean like in our check in he gave us lower than the average, but me and my partner worked more than average but we still got a low grade. I didn't think it was fair of him to compare us to everyone else. When we worked with weights on the ruler because I felt like I learned a lot from that lesson. I really liked how everyone had a different answer for it. My favorite experience in his Scott's class was when our project didn't work and Scott and I just laughed because we worked so hard and in the end his ideas didn't work either. This was my favorite because I actually got along with Scott for that day. My least academic experience in this class was filling out really long work sheets because I felt like I learn more when its hands on. Work sheets are boring and it made me loose interest in the project. My least favorite project experience in this class was trying to cut out our gears because it took a really long time. The line to cut something was really long and there were so many things that needed to be done but couldn't be because we needed a gear cut out. Scott should stop saying "maybe" for a lot of the project. You should know if certain ideas will work or not. You should also do the project before school starts on your own and if you can finish it then maybe we can do it.
It was okay. This wasn't the best class I've had. And it wasn't the worst either. I feel the class structure was very simple and easy to follow. I liked how we get character points for helping clean up. I think it really helped out getting people to work together and faster. Imelda MenaI think this project was too short. I think it could have been longer because a lot of groups still needed more time to finish and make their piece look good. Maybe one more week would have helped a lot. I think there was more project and less academics. But I liked it because we learned a lot of stuff from doing our project that we aren't able to learn through a lesson. Building our automaton took a really long time and that was something that really surprised me. It was also very hard to put everything together and it also surprised me how with our ideas we were just winging it because we didn't know if everything would work the way we pictured it. I want to light up my automaton on fire because it really made me mad and this project stressed me out the most. I have never done a project this hard at High Tech High and it was just something that I am proud of but I realized that I hate working with wood. I think I will look back at it like fun and very tough. I think this year was a lot of fun taking field trips to the senior center but it was also very challenging to finish our project for our senior. You need to stop letting people off the hook. Its not fair to the rest of us when someone leaves a tool outside and we all get penalized for it. I think I was a good student this semester. I did a lot of work on my project and I didn't miss any visits to the center to meet with Jerry. I showed up to class on time almost every single day and I was very respectful to Scott when he was respectful to me. I would build the same thing but instead in metal. This way it wouldn't break and we wouldn't have to keep fixing it. No. I think my actions and the way I was is fine. I mean I did all I could to help my partner with the project. I stayed in during lunch almost every single day. Tell everyone to get to school on time and tell them that colleges still look at your grades in senior year so you should still try hard. I feel like it would have been easier to have more resources like another scroll saw because then we would have had more time to work instead of just waiting. But I think that we made the most of it of all the resources we have available. We are pretty supportive but also mean at the same time. I think that's just how our class gets along with everyone.
4/26/2012 11:40:484 - Strongly Agree4 - Strongly Agree3 - Agree4 - Strongly Agree4 - Strongly AgreeI really liked it when we had to balance the weights during the levers lab. It really helped me to understand what the lesson was about while enjoying a hands on activity. It was fun being able to use all the tools in your class for the project. Working with wood in general was the best part of the project. It was nice to see it slowly come together and then to see the final product in the end.I hate having to do worksheets. I didn't think they were challenging enough. Usually our table was one of the first one done and I never really learned anything more from them. Doing hands on labs would have been much more beneficial.Sometimes it was extremely frustrating when we had to wait around for a tool to be free, especially when everyone was making gears because they take a long time. Also, you couldn't do anything else because some had to wait in line so you wouldn't lose your spot. GIVE US CANDY!!!!!!!! But being able to eat in class would be nice.The class as a whole was really good. It was nice being able to do our own thing. I liked how easy going everything because we are second semester seniors. You weren't too constricting and basically allowed us to do what we wanted as long as we were getting our project done. It would have really sucked if you were on our asses everyday.Jordan HamweyThis project was way too long. I know that soe groups were pushing it to the last second but if it was shorter they would have worked harder and it would have gotten done no matter what. Since it was so long we knew we could take breaks and not worry about it.Working on our projects everyday at the end got boring so mixing more lessons would have been better. I feel like we wouldn't have been sitting around as much. Also maybe some of the topics we could have learned would have helped our projects.It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. When looking at ones online they seemed really difficult but we didn't have that much trouble with it. Until the end when all of the little things weren't coming together.I thought our end project was really good. Everything works the way we expected it to with no problems. However, I want to light it on fire because we spent way too much time on it and I don't want to see it again. Working with the seniors every Thursday was something I'll remember. As a whole this semester was good. I don't have any complaints about the things we did.It's probably impossible but having more tools wouldn't hurt. I would make the length shorter because it started to get boring at the end. Making toys was fun but if we made something functional it would have been cooler.Sometimes I wasn't working but we still got it done so I don't see the problem with taking a break. But when I was working I tried hard and was on time to class usually. It would have been nice to make functional items instead of just something to look at (, tools, weapons ,ect). No, because we got finished everything on time and it is really good.Food is always fun!Yes we had everything we needed.I don't really know the culture fo our class but I liked it. I wouldn't have changed the way our class worked.
4/26/2012 13:37:223 - Agree2 - Disagree3 - Agree3 - Agree2 - DisagreeChoices is spelled wrong first of all...

But if Jeff had to come in and tell us that we can't go in there and ask him for stuff BECAUSE YOU SAID NO what is that supposed to mean?

I hate reflections
I don't get what the difference is between academic and project experience. Because aren't projects academic? Maybe the balance thing was my favorite academic experience. Making the first automata thing. Ours was super cute. I really enjoyed making it. it was probably one of the best :D I don't think I really had a least favorite academic experience. Or at least right now I can't think of one. Working with Nina sometimes kind of made me want to pull my hair out. She watches like a hawk and is so on your ass. It's like DUDE leave me alone. goodness gracious. I think the more experience you have, the better you'll get. People are going to always do their thing, especially seniors. I think you just kind of got to let people be themselves. Try not to force lame stuff onto people. There isn't really anything. I doubt you're going to read this reflection anyway. My general experience in class was fine. Nothing special but not bad either. I don't really feel like there was much structure. Which is a good thing. Maybe allow people to eat and drink in class. BOO YAH. Jordin Yasmine Barnhart aka D4 QU33NzI don't think this was a very good project. In terms of physics, I think there could have been a project that was a lot more engaging and interesting. This one just felt sort of forced. Unfortunately. I sort of felt like the academic stuff we learned wasn't really applied to our projects. Like it was kind of like does this connect? I don't know. I think there could have definitely been more of a bridge between the two. Nothing really surprised me. People, while working in groups, can always be super annoying. I think it would've been better if we had a pair group instead of a group of three. Its easy to get weaseled out especially if you have people like Nina in your group. Ours definitely came out pretty good. Personally, I wouldn't want to keep it. But I hope whoever has it in the end will enjoy it because it came out pretty sick! Honestly, I'm just really stoked to get out of here. I'll definitely remember Constance for a long while. But I'm reading to say PEACE OUT to everything and everyone. People are so lame at this age. I'm ready to just be done and out and away. That's just the honest truth. Constance is a wonderful woman though. She is very admirable. more structure in terms of partners - not so last minute
maybe not so last minute with the seniors too - there was like like 10 there for 40 of us! WHAAAAAAAAT?
a different project all together!
I definitely could've worked more on our project. But as I've said before, at times it was a little hard. And I wouldn't want to do something if someone was just gonna end up redoing it because it wasn't up to their standards. I was always respectful and nice to everyone in the class, that's just who I am. But damn do people get annoying. When I did have to get something done on my own, it was always done on time. Something you can use or can really teach you something. Something that is visually appealing. I really liked that water teeter totter in Brandon's class. STUFF LIKE THAT! I would have worked more on my project. Maybe would've had different partners if I could. I guess I could've been more proactive but as I said before... who wants to do something if they know someone is just going to end up redoing it? That isn't cool. Dude. What am I supposed to say to that? Yes. All the tools and everything were in the class pretty much. Good job Scott. Our class was fine. In all meanings of the world. I just feel neutral about the whole thing really. Everyone was nice, no one was really mean. People just kind of did their thing honestly, and that's okay.
4/26/2012 11:17:234 - Strongly Agree2 - Disagree3 - Agree3 - AgreeI have no ideaI was answering the questions asked on the last project and I do think that it was a good one, the idea of making a book did come late though and that was kind of a shock that I had to make one. If I knew earlier I would have saved more creativity through what to put on the physics pages.My favorite part was actually the activity with the weights and how they didn't exactly match up. I felt like there is always something that didn't make sense, even though I still don't know why. Scott should just tell me...My favorite project was making the Le Treadmill because it was so cool to make something work while building it, plus I had time management on my hands and it worked in the end a little late but on time.Taking physics tests, that was just so weird to study for...The one we are working on now for Seniors, my project is so late and it makes me not want to finish. Although it is my fault and the groups.Final course content on a project (aka automaton senior project) fully explained and I want to know what you want for the final course.Not really :)It was good overall but anything I didn't like would be the not being able to eat in class because I feel my class would have done a good job in keeping the room clean.Karen TinocoThe Senior project's overall idea was good but the fact that we added the book in really through me and my group off guard. I didn't think of anything creative for that...Overall balance was perfect, good combination of projects and two quizzes/testsThe fact that the original idea was altered because we though it would sort of just work all together... we where wrong, we needed to do this very carefully.I want to paint my automaton to look really nice but we ran out of time. Mine is really not even done and i'm not as happy about that... I don't think I would have done to many things working together...If I was a teacher an planned a project then I would include all the information on future plan in it (aka the book). We where seriously caught of guard. Everyone in a group understands what is going on. We all understand the whole course and what the final product of the automaton will be as well as finally adding more time in the end for final pieces to move and making decorations to the final automaton.I think as a student/notetaker of all classes I did well, having extra homework wasn't that bad and I have to admit I did like the way I would have to scan notes at first and add more information on what was going on in class all the time. Overall as a student in Scotts class I think I should have been wiser in the last senior assignment, maybe I should have done my own but honestly I don't have a clue of what I would have done. A blueprint for my very own house and/or build my own house.I would, I would not want to work on a y final automaton with the group I had because we where all non- communicative and that really through us all of. Maybe nest time I will be a little more informative of what the idea was because it's no ones fault Stazi was out. I just should have maybe understood her idea more on how it was going to work, I really just thought that it was all going to work out and left it up to her to explain it to me, terrible mistake.Check-ins on a week basis. Maybe two if you see them lazy working or more, but you pick the group of students out.I do have the resources to be successful in this project but the time management was really off.We are separated groups within classes but we can join together for a good purpose.
4/26/2012 11:38:014 - Strongly Agree3 - Agree3 - Agree4 - Strongly Agree4 - Strongly AgreeScott overall is a good teacher I felt a connection with him and trust him. The one weight lab that we did dealing with a ruler and weights and finding a way to balance them. We really had to think about how to do this lab considering that we only had two tries to get it right or we would fail the lab. The first paper automata was a really fun project. We were introduced to differents gears and cams and we learned which cam would work best for which motion. It was a good experience for the first automata leading into our big senior project. My favorite academic experience was watching all the mini videos and learning about all the different mechanisms that went into the more complex automatas. It made me that much more interested in doing my own project and getting it to work. My least favorite project was probably our final project, and this is only because of how much problems we had with ours. In the end I was proud of what we finished, the the weeks making this project were terrible and made me want to throw it across the room. Nope you're perfectI had a really good time this year, don't change!I liked all the rules in the class, minus us in the begginning us not being able to eat or drink anything besides water. Katie ChatfieldI felt like we had just enough time to finish this project, a little more time would not of helped but overall I felt like the time given was plently. I felt like since our final project was such a big one that we split academics and projects just right with timing. I had no idea that by changing the geneva wheel to a three sided one instead of the initial four sided would cause us so many problems. It either would break or would not spin just right and finally we realized that we had to actually use math in order to make ours just perfect. I feel amazing about ours minus the looks ours it works really well and everyone that we showed it too was really impressed. Because it took us so much time and effort to complete we couldnt help but be proud of it. I'll look back on all the good memories, this was honestly a silly project but a good one and I'll think nothing but happy thoughts of my senior year. I would change working with seniors, have us make an automata but base it on something more relevant to us and something that we would be a little more excited about. Also, give us more of an introduction on all the gears so we are a little more prepared going into the project. Last, make apperance count. I think that I worked well this whole year, in order to finish our project you really had to work really well with one another and stay on task.Overall throughout the year I was proud of my performance. I think the fact of building something off of a person or object!I would try to be on time more even though I was able to catch myself up on anything that I missed, being on time is always better than being late.More fieldtrips!Yes, whenever we had a problem or a question our teacher was always there to answer them. It might have taken a little while to ask him but that was only because everyone seemed to need him help at one time. The culture of the class is perfect, it was a good enviorment and I felt safe.
4/26/2012 11:51:18I have no idea3 - Agree2 - Disagree3 - Agree4 - Strongly AgreeiLearning about leverage actually really interested me, there were other lessons that I found interesting but that's the first one that comes to mind. I'm not sure why I enjoyed that lecture specifically, but I do remember thinking the lab was fun.Building the automatan, I really enjoy working with my hands and building. I spend a lot of time making surf related things with wood, it was a lot of fun to build something a lot different.Daily Report, I hated them. I always forgot to do them and it impacted my grade pretty severely. I felt that the daily reports were extremely redundant and in a way, insulting. I felt I was being micro-managed which is the last thing I would want after spending 7 years at a project based school.Probably the automata again, it was my favorite and least favorite project. It was my least favorite because of how it turned out. For the entire span of the project, until the very end (like literally the very end, like minutes before exhibition) I was really ready to see our project working. Everything had worked perfectly until we started adding minor details at the end and it just ruined it and broke my heart. Hopefully, Andrew and I can get it working properly during endersession.No more Daily Reports and let people eat in class. No, I thought this class was fine and I liked all the projects in this class.I think it worked out fine, except Daily reports. Daily Reports are dumb. Kevin Zavala - ZimmererI want to say it was too long and too short, I feel I worked on my project for way too long but at the same time, theres no way anyone would have finished if it was any shorter. So overall, the length was fine.I liked that we had more academics in the beginning and then a big project at the end, it worked out nicely.How hard it was, I didn't think I was going to have to go through such a headache just to get my project conceptualized. I want to run it over with a semi at the moment but that's mostly because of my bruised ego, I think if I fix the small problems over endersession I will learn to love my project yet again.Well, I didn't really like the project at all but that's because my senior ditched me. However, that doesnt mean I'll look back on this semester with regret.No daily reports
Visit the senior center more often
Organize the student to senior ratio better.
I tried to be as good as a student as possible but I'm sure there were times when I was rude or lazy. My apologies Scott.Half pipe, with the amount of people that skate in our class that would have been amazing. Plus, theres plenty of math/physics that comes along with a half pipe, first few terms that come to mind are friction, parabolas, and gravity.If I could do it all again I would never let Andrew get on a bike, ever. His broken elbow put significantly behind. Still, I like the way this project worked out. It offered new challenges that I've never experienced in any other project which overall, is a pretty good learning experience. Its uncurable, I swear, theres not much you can do to combat it, theres not much anyone can do about it. It's sort of just happens, but I think the best thing you could do is keep everyone interested with simple, fun things.Definitely, one more scroll saw would make a huge difference though. United and peaceful.
4/26/2012 11:46:134 - Strongly Agree3 - Agree2 - Disagree3 - Agree3 - AgreeYou gave me a zero out of 10 for being sick a while back. Building the automata was my favorite because project time was mostly laid back. My favorite experience was watching automatons in class on youtube. I really didn't like the second quiz. I didn't feel prepared for it and it was terrible. My least favorite project experience was the frustration that came from making the same piece that keeps breaking for the automaton. Offer opportunities for extra credit everyday.NopeI think we should be able to eat in class. Every other senior teacher I had let us do it. I think at the end of each class you should check for a mess and not let the person who caused it leave until its cleaned up. That will keep the class clean.Langston It was too long. I feel like we should have done more projects. It was just right. I like working on projects more than physics worksheets. What surprised me was how hard it was to make the gears mesh together perfectly. I never got them to work the first time. Im happy with our final product. Probably because we got it to do what we said we would make it do. Also im happy it works. I think its pretty weird that we hung out with old people every Thursday.I recommend that we do more than one fat project. I believe I started out not doing much in class, but towards the end, I started to be more focused and on task. Rubber band gun turretsI might go into the class shooting for an A to help my GPA.There is no good way to combat senioritis. It seems like we always were short on sand paper and specific drill bit sizes.United we stand....
4/26/2012 12:20:144 - Strongly Agree2 - Disagree3 - Agree3 - Agree4 - Strongly AgreeI think that there should have been a more in depth lesson in the beginning. We went through such a complicated subject so quickly in the beginning of the semester so I feel like I never really understood it and that really affected my grades.I don't feel like I had a very good experience academically this semester at all, but I guess if I had to choose I would say that the work we did in the beginning with distance, velocity, acceleration, etc. was my favorite because it was something I actually understood.I liked the simple automaton project that we did before we started the Seniors Squared project. I think that was the best because it was simple to understand and I really liked the end product. Also, there wasn't the pressure of it being given to someone. With the Seniors Squared project we are giving the final product to our Senior so on top of it working perfectly it has to look good and has to relate to them in an obvious way. The pressure of that was really stressful because I really didn't want to disappoint Yolanda.QUIZ #2!!! I honestly didn't understand anything on that quiz and was shocked that I even got a 3/13 because I expected to get a 0/13. We didn't spend enough time on the material the test was on. I know that we could have come in during lunch to learn it and then do quiz corrections, but I feel like we should have been taught it in the first place instead of failing in the beginning and then having to learn it on our own time.My least favorite project was definitely the Seniors Squared project. While I did love meeting Yolanda and getting to know her the actual project part was hell. At least in my case there were so many issues with the project. It was an extremely hard thing to do, and like I said before, the pressure of it having to be perfect so we could give it to our senior was really stressful.EXPLAIN THE ACADEMIC PART MORE! You know the subject (physics) really well so sometimes you seem to forget that we don't know as much as you do and you skip all the basic things and go straight into the hard stuff. Spending more time in the beginning going over all the basics and taking it all much more slowly would be so much better.Not really. I think you covered everything.I liked that we had the opportunity to do quiz corrections and get a better grade on the quizzes. Granted, I didn't do that even though I should have, but that is because I felt like I should have learned the subject before the quiz and I shouldn't have had to learn it all on my own time.Lily RhoadsThis project took FOREVER! but at the same time I feel like we were really rushed. maybe that was just because we over estimated our abilities and didn't manage our time well. But it felt like this project was never going to end. There was definitely not enough academics this semester. The majority of the class was projects and I honestly feel like I didn't learn any physics at all. We should have spent a lot more time on academics and gotten more in depth and taken it a lot slower. I felt like everything was thrown at us all at once and none of it really made sense.I think I was most surprised at how difficult it was. Some things seemed like they would be so simple but then when it came time to actually make it it was so much harder than I expected it to be.I do kind of wish I could take it home, but at the same time I want to light it on fire and never have to think about it ever again. I mean, I think the final product turned out pretty well but I don't think it turned out as well as it could have.Overall my senior year was pretty great, but I think I might block out the end of this project due to PTSD. By the last few weeks of this project it really just seemed like torture and I couldn't wait for it end.Although getting to know the seniors was great, I think there was too much stress in giving it to them because we knew it had to be absolutely perfect. So maybe next time don't make them for someone. Instead you could have future students make it about themselves, or if they are working in groups, they could do it about something they have in common. Or maybe they could have like a real subject or a book or something that they're studying in Skye's class and then make the automaton relate to the subject, book, etc.
Also I would highly suggest getting rid of the change order. I feel like we should have been able to change it however we needed to. Maybe just have them meet with you and get your approval instead of making them jump through hoops.
I was almost always on time to this class, although I think that Scott was sometimes too strict about being late. Sometime we would be barely a minute late to class and would have to go get a late slip. I feel like we should be given like 2 minutes in the beginning of class before attendance is taken so we don't end up with half the class going to get late slips because they were a minute late.
But yes, although it was really difficult sometimes I did try really hard in class. I don't think I was ever disrespectful, but when it came down to my grades I was never afraid to argue.
I would want to build a roller coaster. I don't really have a reason, but I think it would be really cool. I think it would look so cool at exhibition to have a bunch of roller coaster-type things all over. Plus, then we could use that as excuse to go to Six Flags or Disneyland or something to do "research" (:No, probably not. Other than choosing my partners more carefully and having more of a say in the actual automaton I don't think I would do much differently.You can't- it's going to happen. Maybe just have like every other Friday off and go to the park and hang out or something. I do think that we were given all the resources that we needed for this project, and the few things that we weren't supplied with were easy enough to get ourselves.I think in general our class gets along really well. The majority of the people in class are willing to help other people and are very supportive.
4/26/2012 16:12:183 - Agree2 - Disagree3 - Agree3 - Agree3 - AgreeI liked the weight ruler assignment. I liked it because it was challenging and I had to think a lot. But I didn't particularly like the assignment. My favorite project was creating the mini automata before we made our big one. I really liked it because we could create anything we wanted to and I felt like I really understood how I made mine work, and my horse jumping over the fence still works today. Honestly I didn't particularly like the assignments in our class. I just never felt like I fully understood the assignments and when it came time for the quiz or homework I never felt fully prepared. Building the automata. I am not a person that is into building things in the first place and the automata was REALLY challenging for me. Toward the end I started to get really frustrated but I am proud of myself for pushing through and finishing.I think just to have more explanatory lessons next year, especially with the freshman because they are going to have more trouble understanding things. Good luck with the freshman next year.My experience in class was really good overall. I mean there was some days i just didn't want to be there but it never was horrible.The class structure was fine, there was nothing bad or nothing great. The one thing I though was a little dumb was the eating rule- I feel like everyone broke it at the end of the semester.Maddy GerberI feel like it should have been longer due to the hardness of the project but how long it was already felt like it was too long. So i feel like if the project was shorter and a little easier it would have been perfect. There was definitely more project than academics but I liked it that way. I think it was completely fine especially at high tech high that we work more on projects than academics. How challenging it actually was, also the amount of time you need sometimes just to get the tiny things done. Also the thought process you go through when trying to figure out how to make something work really surprised me and was interesting. I was very proud of completing my automaton. Even though I only go to see it fully work once, all my hard work was worth seeing it only work that once. But now sense it is broken I wouldn't mind throwing it off the top of a building or in a fire. I think that the whole concept was cool. Looking back I am going to think that it was a cool experience.1. Making it shorter and the expectations for the box a little easier.
2. More organized in terms of who your group is.

I think i out my full effort in everything i did. I don't think i gave up easily when something in front of my was very challenging. I think i was very respectful to my peers and teachers all around. Something that would help the environment. Like a generator that would light a light bulb and produce energy. I would choose it because it would be something that could make an impact on our community. I think i would try to stay focused more. I had a hard couple of weeks in the middle of the semester due to life advents and towards the end i just constantly felt tired. I think people would be more interested and not think things were stupid if we did a project or class work that related to our future and college. Like looking into what we were going to be studying in college and finding more information on what are college experience and education is going to be like. Like a example of what we might be studying in our personal major. Kinda, I feel like more instruction on how to build some things would have been more helpful. I feel like if we had more lessons on building certain different gears and shafts people would have been more successful. It was nice always having tools and supplies you need for the project though. I think everyone is nice and supportive. I mean we have all known each other for four years now and we all just get along and push through together.
4/26/2012 13:47:533 - Agree2 - Disagree3 - Agree3 - Agree3 - AgreeMy favorite academic experience in this class was going to visit the senior center. It was nice getting out of school for an hour to talk with someone older than us who we connected with, and being able to produce a project a book out of their life adventures.My favorite project experience was building our first automata. I thought it was a good project to introduce us on working with wood and power tools, which will help us with construction work in the future.My least favorite academic experience this year was doing those worksheets during class that we due at the end. I felt rushed at times because I didn't want to get a low grade on it.My least favorite project experience in this class was waiting in line to cut our gears. Since a lot of us were in the phase of cutting our gears out, there was usually a long time next to the screwsaw. And since we couldn't move on until we finished our gears, we spent a lot of time waiting for our turn.I think one thing that Scott could work on is being less strict with his deadlines. I feel that it isn't always a group's fault if they don't finish in time. Maybe what they were doing took a lot of time and effort to complete. Another thing that Scott could work on next year is spending more time with the lectures that we had, because at times I didn't fully understand Overall I had a good experience in this class, and learning about different physics concepts and working with power tools was fun and interesting. Even though at times specific parts in our project were stressful, having Scott's assistance and advice was really helpful.A rule/policy that I liked during the project were the daily check-ins. I thought this was a good way to let Scott know how we were doing, and what we needed help on.Marco CardenasEven though it felt like this project took a lot of time, I think Imelda and I would have had an even harder job finishing in time. Even though we had a lot of weeks for this project, Imelda and I still had to stay after school a few times to finish. So I feel that the time we had for this project was just right.I feel that we had more project time than learning about actual content of physics. Even though I like having project time, my knowledge on physics would have grown more if we had more lectures and note taking.The part that I struggled with and surprised me the most from our automaton is how hard it was to get our gears to mesh as best as possible. We took almost 2 days of class time to file our gears, when Scott said that it was only going to take us a few minutes. But once we built our new, extra gears it took less time to file them down than the first time, which was good.I think our automaton came out good for exhibition, since everything that we planned on having inside our box was there. Even though our trains weren’t moving as well as I wanted them to, I was proud of all the work that we put into it.When I get older I'll still look back to my senior year in high school and feel proud of all the work that was put into our project. I'll remember our trips to the senior center, and the fun time that my group and I had with our seniors. I'll also be proud of the automaton that we built, since it was my first time that I built a timed mechanism.1) More time to brainstorm in the beginning, since at first Imelda and I struggled in thinking of a good design for our senior's automaton.
2) More time to do our sketch/narrative, since it was one of the hardest things to write in this project, and it took Imelda and I a lot of time.
3) It would be helpful if Scott made a model of an automaton, so we could have used that as an example to come up with an idea for our senior faster.
I think this semester for Scott's class I worked hard in completing all of my assignments and projects in the best of my ability. Since it's my last year here, I want to leave with good grades to be proud of. I want to be proud of the hard work that I put into everything I completed, and so far that's how I feel.I think building something in class that would be useful in our houses would be fun. One example would be a chair. Building a chair and taking it home would make me proud of having the resources I needed in class, and then being able to build it on my own.In the beginning I remember struggling in completing deadlines in time, so if I could do this project again, I would try to stay focused and meet my deadlines so then I could plan my next steps.Maybe reminding us about how important the projects are to our grades would help prevent senioritis.For this project I feel that Imelda and I had all the tools we needed to finish with building our automaton. We weren’t missing anything, and the tasks that we needed to complete only required the tools in Scott’s room.It was fun working in class with my peers, and Scott was always supportive with us the more that we progressed in our project.
4/26/2012 11:49:393 - Agree3 - Agree2 - Disagree1 - Strongly Disagree2 - DisagreeThere is no neutral selection, so when I selected "I have no idea", I actually meant that I was neutral for the questions. I can not think of any favorite academic experience. I like when we made the mini automatas because it gave us an idea of what to do and how to do it. It was fun, and open to creativity. I can not think of any least favorite academic experience. It was all okay. I think that the days before exhibition, when the project would fail us, were the least favorite project experiences. They were stressful, and the motivation to make the project work was hard to come by. In general, I think it should be kept in mind that we have other classes and college issues going on. It kind of bothered me that we had expectations to stay after class and work diligently on physics during math class. Although we were seen coming off track, we went in during lunch to compensate for the time wasted. No. I was fine with the rules and policies. Maria NguyenThe project was too long and too short at the same time. I think that we had a lot of time to work on the automata at first, but that was the moment when we did not have direction with our automata. Then at the moments when we knew what to do, we had too little time and those were the moments when we would have to stay for lunch. I think it would have been more balanced if the deadlines were different. There should have been more academics for this poject. I learned some things while making the automata, but not as much as I expected to learn. I was surprised about how much trial and error we went through. A centimeter off when making the spools smaller, would change the whole movement and it would work differently. Things like that were surprising. We were reminded that little changes would translate to a whole different reaction, but I did not see it happening until the last month of our project. I do not like my automata. I do not think it is impressive as it should have been. The movement within the gears and strings is intricate, but what it does after all of that is not impressive. It does not look appealing, as well. I would not take it home. The project within Physics class was stressful, and it was not exactly fun. I think projects for the last semester of high school should be more self-focused. Therefor, if I were older and I tried to remember my last semester of senior year, I will remember it as stressful. 1. Change the requirements of the mini automata.
2. Do not reccomend strings in the use of projects.
3. Involve more academics through the making of the automata for more direction in our building.
I think I was on the fence, as a student. I cleaned during the end of the class, but I also goofed off sometimes during class. I think I was a decent student for this class. I was punctual, and I made an effort when needed to. I'm not quite sure if I was respectful to my classmates, though.We should have built something more useful to ourselves or our school, like chairs or something of that nature. During the project, there would be moments when we gave up and ended up chatting for a few minutes. I think that I should have been more active to gather the group together. I should have been more active when thinking of design of the automata, because only a few of my ideas were incorporated and the ones that were incorporated worked well, like the bowling pins. I also think that I should have been less concentrated on sculpting stuff, like the figure that we did not use in the end. Senioritis is a disease that cannot be combatted and cured. It is inevitable for many students. I think we had the right amount of resources, except the only thing that we were not able to find was stronger string. I am not sure how to answer this question. Everyone in our class is different, and we were separated between the different groups that we have established beforehand.
4/26/2012 11:41:033 - Agree3 - Agree4 - Strongly Agree4 - Strongly Agree3 - AgreeI love Scott as a teacher and his enthusiasm for Physics and Engineering is truly remarkable. While I feel like he was dedicated and supportive during our SeniorSquared Project, I feel like much of the course lacked sufficient content. In addition, I feel like the execution of the class was pretty far off from the initial syllabus presented at the beginning of the semester. My favorite academic experience in class was the “levers lab”. This lab exemplified the type of science that I truly enjoy: an activity that is challenging and requires problem solving skills. At first, Chandler and I really struggled with this lab, but with careful calculations and patience, we figured it out! My favorite project experience in this class was the actual construction of the automata. I entered this course completely terrified of power tools and Scott’s class in general. Throughout our project, I gained confidence in my own abilities handling the tools and with the appropriate safety protocol. While I don’t know how often I’ll be using a drill press during my undergraduate career, I conquered my fears in order to accomplish the end goal. My least favorite academic experience in this class were the quizzes. While I personally received relatively high grades on them, many of my peers were completely overwhelmed by the content. I found the quizzes to be somewhat disconnected from what we were learning in class at the time. My least favorite project experience was the Senior Squared Project itself. We didn’t really learn enough content in class to fully understand the mechanics of our own automata and therefore had to figure it out on our own. I think that the reason this project was also my least favorite was because it was virtually our only project of the semester. The construction was so time consuming and frustrating that I think we didn’t get as much out of it as we potentially could have. I honestly think that Scott is a great teacher. He is supportive of his students, and truly cares about his subject. I really hope that you don’t take any of my comments personally, because I can only imagine how difficult this year must have been for you. Jumping into HTH is not an easy task, and it takes experience to really understand how to make project based learning effective. But especially for underclassmen, there needs to be a stronger foundation on the academic side, before the project can take over. I think you asked it all!I liked Scott’s attitude and the initial structure presented in the syllabus. But I felt like there was a drastic disparity between what we were told at the beginning of the semester versus the reality of this semester. I feel like the bi-monthly quizzes would have been helpful to stay on track in terms of content, and make the class slightly less project oriented. Molly BersinWhile I actually learned a lot about myself, my peers, and other useful skills, I feel as though this project dragged on far too long. I would have preferred some variety within the course and we would have likely been far more productive if there was. I think that there was a lack of balance between academics and projects. At HTH, it’s sometimes difficult to make time for the academics when a teacher and the students are so wrapped up in a single project. And although I think a little more academics would have been a positive addition, I also recognize that Scott was dealing with second semester seniors and maybe expected us to not participate in the academics anyway. It really surprised me how much sweat, blood, and tears went into this project. I completely underestimated the difficulty of the construction itself and the constant trial and error that followed. I am actually really proud of our final automata. We had our fair share of ups and downs throughout this project, to say the least. It took a lot of time, and a decent amount of dedication. We also took on a relatively challenging mechanism that none of us were entirely comfortable with. We could have chosen a much easier automata, but opted to challenge ourselves. It is obviously not the most visually appealing project in the world, but it works and that is frankly all that I care about. I’ll look back on my second semester of Senior Year with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I feel like a lot of my time was wasted on unnecessary assignments and project time. I would have liked to see something that was a little more relevant to our upcoming four years of school. At the same time, I know that the visits to the Senior center were exciting and a positive experience for the senior citizens. I also am happy that I didn’t end my high school career in a chaotic manner with unnecessary stress. I would first of all change the length of the project itself. Secondly, I would maybe teach the physics content prior to starting our sketches and designs. And finally, I would have Scott select the groups or partnerships. It doesn’t make a lot of sense that there were groups with all experienced students and others with complete amateurs. I hope so! I really tried during the course of the automata, especially when my partners were absent or off task. I hope that I was a positive addition to the class, and although my attendance record isn’t perfect, I was hardly ever tardy. I really enjoyed a lot of my middle school physics projects like building a hovercraft and a simple machine. I think that you could easily take basic examples like these and expand upon them to make the content more age appropriate. If I could change my performance as a student, I would skip over my group’s initial stages of complaints and frustration. We got so caught up in our automata not working, that we let it dictate the course of our project. We were really struggling up until the end, and maybe if we had started with a more positive attitude, we would have had a more productive few months. I'm not entirely sure that there is an effective way to combat senioritis in all students. I would just suggest relatively light homework and assignments, but give enough academic work so that we aren't just sitting around. I got a heavier case of senioritis when I wasn't being productive and felt like I was wasting my time. There has to be an appropriate balance. I think that in general, you made a really superb effort to ensure we made it to the end. We did it! Yes, we definitely had the appropriate resources to accomplish the project. We didn’t have to spend any of our own money on parts or go on various runs to ACE or Home Depot. I really liked the culture of our class. I think that we had minimal drama or issues throughout the entirety of the semester. Scott truly advocated for an accepting environment and his enthusiasm for teaching made that happen.
4/26/2012 12:08:113 - Agree2 - Disagree2 - Disagree3 - Agree3 - AgreeMy favorite academic experience in this class was when we first started making the wooden toys i thought it was going to be so much fun because you can basically can make what ever you wanted. But i was way over it as soon as we started the real automata toy.My least favorite experience was doing the senior squared project, it was cool at first but then we realized how hard it was really going to be. I lost interest in it within the first couple of weeks of building it. Only because it had to go exactly from what the proposal said. My least favorite experiences in this class was taking the quizes because I would always fail even though I understood most of it. I did quiz corrections for the first quiz but for the second one I just really didn't understand how to do it.My least favorite project in this class was the final automata because it was just a pain in the butt and we had to change a lot of things in order to make it work. We had to get order changes at least twice and that wasn't even enough. We had to work with what we had and go out and buy some of the things we needed specifically for our project like small springs, etc. You were a really good teacher overall! I had alot of fun in your class it was very interesting!I feel like this class was well structured we learned a lot at the beginning of the semester, but that was all. I feel like there was a lot of learning in at the beginning that we only needed for the quizes and then we were done with it. Nallely LopezI think the length of the project was too long which is why people didn't progress as much in the beginning as they did towards the end. We had a few months to finish but i think with like a month it would of been good enough. I feel like there wasn't enough balance between the project and the academic part. It was all pretty separated to the point where i don't even remember how to do a problem. :( When designing the automata we had a plan to make a super elaborate project with multiple things going on at once. But when it actually came down to start building we figured we should change it because while there was still time. I am just glas this project is over, we had so much stress to finish it. If I could I light it on fire because I can honestly care less to what happens to this project. It was ridiculous how much drama was going between my partners. I think it was a great project overall it was just difficult to finish! 1. timing
2.assign partners more daily journal
As a student I was pretty puntual, always in class trying to work. I was very respectful even when people were on my last nerves- including with TAD who I honestly can not stand. I wouldn't know what to build. Maybe a little music box just because its simple but take alot of planning!If I could do this again I would chose different partners, I would not want to have any of my friends as my partners because then you can't say much to them! i feel like if i worked with people i dont hang out with it would of been betterNOT DOING ANYTHING!I felt that I had enough resources around the class to make it not as difficult. Our class is pretty united there are people that we can't stand because they are so disprespectful like quinn simone and all of them. But other that it was good
4/26/2012 12:03:124 - Strongly Agree3 - Agree4 - Strongly Agree4 - Strongly Agree4 - Strongly AgreeMy favorite academic experience in the class is the Levers Lab. Though it was only one, the lab presented a huge challenge that involved critical thinking and applied physics concepts involving torque. At times it did get aggravating, but it was a relief when the lab was completed.
My favorite project experience in the class was staying at school until night time working on the project. I consider this my favorite experience because it showed dedication and persistence for the project.Least favorite was... I hate these questions sometimes because I can't think of anything. I cannot think of anything. I honestly had no least favorite part of the class or an experience that was too problematic in some way.The least favorite project experience was having to redo some mechanics on our automaton. A few times, a few drilled holes would be made and they would turn out to be not in the right spot. My partner and I would then have to spend so much time getting the percise measurements for the lining of dowels in order for it to work. The feeling of having to start over was my least favorite part.
I think Scott is an excellent teacher. One thing I recommend doing next time for a project like this is having an example automaton (a large automaton) to show certain mechanics and how they work. Other than that, I do believe Scott makes an excellent teacher.
Overall, I thought this class was okay. What I would have liked to have more of is academics, and labs that follow along with what we were learning. The project was fun as a whole, however I wish I could have learned more physics concepts.I thought the rules and policies were legitimate ones. I cannot point one out that was really good, but they were all acceptable. There were not any that I consider to be 'dumb' by any means. The rules and policies were fair.Nathan PetersonThe length of this project was a lot longer than I anticipated. This was due to complications for many of the projects. Because the project was so long, the class seemed to be more directed towards 'wood shop' than physics. Physics concepts were applied to the project, and right fully so, however I feel having more lectures and physics concepts taught to us would have been more beneficial.Because this project took so long, I am disappointed that were was not as much academics in the curriculum. Though I enjoyed completing the project and overcoming so many challenges, I feel as though I lack knowledge from an academic standpoint. Because of this, I would have liked to see more academics in the class, and less project time.What most surprised me was having it working in the end. I anticipated complications arising from the project (a simple gear or cam not working in the way it should), which was eventually overcame however that was not surprising. Other than having the project working in the end, I was most surprised to find myself staying afterschool working at this project.I am proud of my automaton. I am proud of the work I put into it with the time spend on it. As an end product of a long project, I would enjoy having my automaton in my house to serve as a sign of dedication and commitment. It would be a shame to set it on fire after so much work was put into it. I would honestly cherish it and show it off to all those who cared.When I look back on my senior year in high school, I will say that it was certainly a challenging and lengthy one. There was so much work put into the Seniors Squared Project, and I am glad to have such a positive end product that will not only benefit me for the grade, but for those in our community.I would recommend starting building the project earlier in the semester. Starting the project earlier would lead to less time panicking towards the end of the semester, trying to get it done in frantic matter. Because I feel quite strongly about this change, I cannot think of any other changes to make. It would have been much easier on students if the building commenced at an earlier date.My performance as a student was exceptional. In order to complete the project, I knew I would have to devote extra time to it, and by staying afterschool until night fall for a week, it made it easier to visualize the end product and see significant process. I was very respectful of other people's times and followed all protocol in the class properly.
I remember the year I was in sixth grade, and we saw this creative project done by the eighth graders where a marble would drop and all of these other mechanics would happen. This is known as Simple Machines. It was so fun watching all of the movements happening, one thing would trigger something else to move, and when I was in eighth grade we didn't do those projects. I was very disappointed, and I wished I could have done that project. What the simple machine would do, I'm not sure. The ultimate goal could be to feed a fish. That is a project I would have loved to do.If possible, I would have spent more time afterschool during the early stages of the project in order to create more of a balance in work being put into it. Though staying late was exciting, I believe staying after in the beginning of the project would have been easier in terms of running into complications ahead of time and solving them earlier.Senioritis is a term that applies seniors don't do anything because they have already been accepted into college(s) and they don't want to work. This did not apply to all seniors, and it certainly did not apply to me. The Seniors Squared Project demanded so much of my attention I could not afford to have senioritis. No matter what year I am in, no matter what the situation, I will always do my best and complete the tasks assigned. For others, however, that is a different story. Grades seem to  be an effective way to control students-- perhaps if teachers used that to get seniors to stay in school and work, it could work. There are students, however, are not grade oriented. Perhaps a conference for those who have a correlation between attendance and grades would be a great idea.The appropriate resources were obtained to complete the project. Everything we needed was readily available. What made resources difficult to access was having other people using them. Had there been more of the same tools, waiting around to use that tool would have been less of an issue.

For the majority of the time, I would say the class was united. Students helped one another when it came to using certain tools or looking for tools to use. No one sabotaged another person's project which is good. Being seniors and a little more mature than we were in our freshmen years, we were able to maintain a professional learning environment by supporting one another.
4/26/2012 11:42:004 - Strongly Agree3 - Agree3 - Agree4 - Strongly Agree4 - Strongly AgreeI love ScottI liked learning about the different mechanisms and seeing what can be done with automatas. Watching the videos (almost) every day was interesting like the one where the guy has the giant walking automaton on the beach. That was crazy.My favorite project was the first wooden automaton we made where Katie and I did Jersey Shore. I liked this because it was our first time actually making something with all of the power tools. We were pretty independent with it and didn't have much direction but I think this actually helped us more and made it more challenging. I also liked that it could be pretty much anything. I think it turned out pretty cool and it was really fun making.My least favorite was probably just the worksheets because I like more hands on learning. We didn't even have that many though so it wasn't too bad.My least favorite project was probably the paper automatas we made. Not because it was boring but it was just really difficult. The instructions weren't very thorough so it was really hard to make it correctly. Also, the ink was rubbing off of the paper so you would sometimes rub off the next step in building your automaton and then end up with hands covered in black ink. I think you're an awesome teacher. If anything, give more instruction but I don't think you did anything to make you a bad teacher.I had a great experience in this class. This isn't a class I would normally be too thrilled to go to but I actually had a lot fun and looked forward to coming to class. You made it fun.I think the class structure was nice. I like how independent it is. It almost forces you to ask for help which is important because sometimes people are too shy to do that. You're able to ask help from the teacher as well as your peers. Scott also had a great relationship with the students so we felt comfortable talking to him and asking for help.Nikki I think it was a good length. I think we had enough time to finish our projects and fix the last minute errors. I liked the balance. The more academic note-taking stuff was a little less exciting. The project stuff was fun and educational. I liked all the hands on stuff.It surprised me how hard building the automaton actually was. Our first ideas for everything seemed so simple and even working on it at first seemed easy. It's when it got to the end that it started getting really hard because all these things started breaking or we found little errors that were necessary to fix for the entire thing to work.I think it turned out great. It works almost perfectly and it is beautiful thanks to Chandler. Chandler is very artistic and amazing and made our project look great.This senior year has been amazing. This project was a fun experience and I'll never forget it. My teachers were also amazing and I love them. I'm so glad I had them my senior year.I would first of all, change being with the seniors. They weren't very reliable so maybe interviewing and working with a family member would be better. I also think it would be good to have more instruction on the different gears to work with.I'll admit, I wasn't always on task but I don't think this stopped me from getting my work done on time. At the beginning of the semester I made it to school on time every day. As the senioritis kicked in, I began coming to class late but I don't think I was disrespectful and I worked pretty hard on my work.It would be really cool to make one of those walking automatas!I would probably try to be more productive. I got distracted easily and had a hard time getting started working.I think you were good at it because you brought your great personality and helped us through our lack of motivation and found a way to get us excited.Yes, we had all the supplies we needed to complete our project. If there was something that wasn't in the classroom, Scott was always eager to help us out.I think we all worked well together and never had a problem asking each other for help. People were very helpful and I'm proud of our unity.
4/26/2012 11:21:003 - Agree4 - Strongly Agree4 - Strongly Agree4 - Strongly Agree4 - Strongly AgreeMy favorite academic experience was the mechanical aspect of my automata. I sincerely enjoyed working with gears and struggling to make everyting work. I would have liked to expanded upon more physics concepts however. My favorite project experience was our final automata. It reflected the high quality and energy that I apply to my work. I enjoyed working with wood, tinking of an idea, and executing it. Overall I was satisfied with the course. I do not have very many complaints. Knowing that it was second semester senior year I understand the minimal amount of analytical work involved. I'm probably the only one who would have appreciated more opportunities to learn physics concepts. Like I said, I was satisfied with the course. I do not have any complaints. Try not to make the students angry. Build more relationships with some of them. Nope. The class structure was perfect for second semester senior year. Nina WrenThe length of the project was perfect for my group. However, I was here at lunch and afterschool most days, unlike many other groups. I did not feel stressed about completing the project for this reason, while by the end many other groups did. I would have prefered more academics in a normal class setting. For freshman especially, this would not have been a good balence. Next year should contain more academics. As much as it vexed me how many small problems we came across, it did surprise me that logic could be applied to all of them. There was always an answer because - mirically - we chose a project that could be executed. I feel proud of my automaton - it was an incredible learning experience and I almost wish I could take it home. But it would be of better use at the school. A sucessful year. For all of my projects I apply the most amount of energy and effort to make them sucessful. I did not feel overly stressed in Physics class, which was a plus. A stronger knowledge base of physics concepts.
A little bit more lectures.
I am always a puctual student who applies my best effort at all times. I am respectful of my peers and my teachers, because I appreciate all of them. I take pride in my work and help other students. Something that would benefit a society / population. I don't know what that would be. Maybe I will make it in college.I would have liked to be more proficent at using the tools. That might have prevented having to create the same gear four times. Sorry. No hope. I applude your attempt however. :)I take initiative and actively seek out help during a project. So I felt that I had te resources to be sucessful in this specific project. A more thorough knowledge base would have been helpful / useful for many of the physics concepts that other groups came across. Oh, just one big "happy" family. And with it all of the traits of a big family.
4/26/2012 11:52:004 - Strongly Agree3 - Agree3 - Agree4 - Strongly Agree3 - AgreeAlthough pretty difficult, the levers lab was really fun. I liked the challenge of having to prove that something work, and then having it actually work. It was also exciting to work with the actual lever and the different weights.I loved seeing the outcome of the Seniors Squared project. It was cool to have envisioned something at the beginning of the semester, and then have it completely made and working by the end. I actually enjoyed making the automaton and figuring out how to get the certain components to work.Out of everything we did, my least favorite activties were the physics work sheets. I think this was just because they were more traditional and kind of boring, at least compared to labs or the projects. They weren't that bad though, just my least favorite of everything we've done. The couple times that our automaton didn't work was definitely my least favorite part of the project. It sucked having to completely take things apart to fix one little thing. I guess it was just apart of the process though...I think you were a really good teacher, I learned a lot and had fun, so I don't really have any suggestions. I had fun most of the time. The lessons weren't my favorite, because they were more traditional and boring, but I think they were neccessary to learn the physics concent. Everything was good!I really liked the structure of the class. I felt like we had a lot of freedom, but not too much that everyone went wild. You clearly had expectations for our behavior, and most people followed them. NoraIt was pretty long, but I think it had to be. Any shorter length of time wouldn't have been enough, since we had to build a whole toy from scratch. It didn't feel like it drug on too long or anything. I think there was a good balance. We spent the first part of the semester doing lessons and labs and worksheets to gain a better understanding of physics concepts, then later swithced gears to doing hands on work. Honestly, I was surprised that everything ended up working. I was proud that everything came together at the end. I think it was the planning at the beginning that made our project work so well. Our group tried to think things through at beginning so we wouldnt have to make such drastic changes later on. I really like it and I'm really proud of it. Everything turned out the way we planned, and we didn't go through too many roug patches along the way. Overall, I'm very pleased with the project.I think I'll consider it pretty successful. I learned a lot, and created a product that I'm really proud of. Overall, I think this was one of the better projects I've done at High Tech High. Maybe make people do better planning at the beginning. Our group didn't have a huge problem with that, but I noticed that other groups planned components of their pieces that they couldn't actually make. Planning better might have eliminated a lot of stress. I think I did well as student. I always stayed on task and worked well with my partners. If I didn't fully understand something, I always took initiative and asked for assistance.I don't really know what I would build, but the automatons were fun so maybe I would build another one of those! Having the inspiration of the senior citizens made it easier to come up with an idea for one, so I would need some inspiration to come up with an idea for one.I don't think I would. I was proud of the outcome and feel like we stayed on track the whole way. I don't think there's anything I could have done differently to make everything turn out better. I think giving students freedom (like you did) is a good way to keep kids at school. I think had things been more structured, class would have been less fun and more kids would leave early or not come at all. When class is fun, there isn't really a reason to leave, at least in my opinion. Yep, we had the right wood and tools and stuff. I think things would have gone a little faster if we were allowed to use band saw, or if there were more scroll saws, but it wasn't that bad. I think everyone got a long pretty well, so I'd say the culture was united. There weren't very many discrepencies or anything.
4/26/2012 11:49:513 - Agree3 - Agree4 - Strongly Agree3 - Agree2 - DisagreeThe only one I can think of (other than the automata project) was the levers lab. To be completely honest, I was not too fond of it, although eventually my partner and I completed it. It was a good challenge I suppose, I just wasn't too interested in it.The planning for the automata. It was fun to see examples of the automata on youtube to get ideas of different movements and concepts to build, although it ended up being harder for me than I thought. I also liked watching hugo, it was a good film, that Martin Scorcese is at it again, whatta champ. See question one. My focus issues with Adam and I's automaon. Although this lack of focus was clinically motivated, I found it hard to get myself to focus. This caused Adam to become stressed, my grade to lower, and us being behind on our project. I do think, however in the past two weeks I have made a comeback, thanks to modern medicine. See if kids have attention problems at the beginning of the year so that you can anticipate what to expect from their behavior/focus. I never really liked physics. I had a bad experience in muy 9th grade physics class. I think I've said pretty much all there is to say in the previous questions, although what I can say for sure is this was a good transition from my bad physics experience. I like that we did not have too many lectures. Woodworking is not my personal favorite, but I think it was the right way to go. This way we immersed ourselves more in our work.Paloma FernandezI thought it was too long, I would have prefered more small projects to add more variety.I liked the balance, mainly because I'm not too fond of academic lecture type things although so much project time made it easier to get off task, maybe it's just me, though. How tedious it was. Making our first automaton took not too long, and the planning for our large scale one seemed relatively simple. It wasn't until we had to put all of our different movement ideas into action that we encountered such difficulty. We spent weeks tweaking the machinery until it finally worked, which wasn't until the last day of worktime. Half and half. I'm just so so glad it is finished, it has brought so much strain on my mind, even though I had trouble getting there. I think I'll look back on it and remember all of the fun times I 1. make automaton that are bigger
2. make automaton that fulfill a task, so that they are useful.
3. watch more movies like hugo, to get everyone intersted.
I was not very punctual. At times I tried hard to improve, but my impulsivity and lack of focus really did me wrong this time around. Once I came to the realization of how much f a problem it was, I was able to take steps to improve on this, with help of modern medicine. I feel as though these past few weeks I have tried hard to put my full effort into my performance and behavior in the classroom. A knife. Specifically a switchblade. I find knives to be an art, their craft can be admired, I feel. Also I have always wanted to know how switchblades work, and I think a good physics lesson about springs or something of the sort could be incorporated. Yes of course! I wouldn't be late, take long breaks, or never be in class. I couldn't help it to an extent, but I'm sure I could if I tried REEEEEEEEEALLLLYY HARD More field trips- keeps the children interested in what they are doing project-wise. yes, simply put. I think we are very united and profane. We all get along and have sailors mouths. We are helpful and resourceful and silly.
4/26/2012 17:17:064 - Strongly Agree3 - Agree4 - Strongly Agree3 - Agree3 - AgreeHe is just an overall good teacher, he helped when he need to and let us learn on our own pace.I think getting more comfortable with powertools and learning how to use them well and effectively. Everyday I had to do something I wasn't really knowledgable about, but by the end power tools didn't scare me so much.I think it would probably the finish of it, because it was finally done after all that hard work. It also worked well so it was a really good thing. Sometimes I wouldn't get things , but I mean that's pretty noraml. It wasn;t really bad, it just happens.
It was the checkin and how stressful they were. It was need though, but stil lwasn;t my favorite thing to do. Go slower. When there is lessons I wish it took longer and there was more time to let it sink in. Not really. I didn't hate the experience, it was pretty okay. There wasn't anything outragously horrible about it. I liked it. It was free yet structured. There wasn't really anything bad about the way the class was run. It was more on you have to advocate youself to do it. Pauline VelasI feel like the project went on for a really long time. It did become kind of boring, but I mean we needed all that time to finish what we had going on. There was a lot of making sure we were on track all semester. I liked it. We learned about things that would help us on our project. We then got to put it to use in our projects. I liked how it worked out. That it was so difficult. there could be 1 million things that can go wrong and it could take forever to fix it. We had to make a bunch of gears so many times because of different problems. the sheer extent of how much trial and error there was really surprised me. I liked it. I loved how well it worked. It runs smooth and we built it as close to our proposal as we could. I think it worked out well. I think it would be something like a challenge. It was all a challenge. Fighting to finish, senioritis, and just making sure that our work was good.I think i would look back and see that it was okay and nothing outstandingly bad or difficult. - time, allow more time for learning subjects and working on more then one big project.
-groups, I feel like if all peopel were in the same calss it would have worked a lot smoother.
There isn't really a third thing that I owuld change. I feel like besides those 2 things it would have been even better.
I feel like there are things that could have gone smoother, but as of right now I feel like I wa sa really good student. I got most of my work done, and stayed on task. I feel like I worked towards y potential, I would want to build a sigh that lights up. I think it would be really cool to be able to build something that uses batteries or electicity. Honestly, I would have worked harder. I mean this semester was pretty hard, but I mean there are times wher I just wanted to give up. So I guess I would just work with things better and not get so stressed out. Do things that would interest them. Find ways to include students interest in project, because the more fun and individual things can be the more students can get into it. Yes I felt resources were great. We had a lot of the tools we needed. I mean sometimes we had to wait and others we had to look for things, but we always got the tools we needed.Honestly, it was pretty split. There were different groups that worked better together then if you mixed them with others.
4/26/2012 11:18:383 - Agree2 - Disagree4 - Strongly Agree4 - Strongly Agree4 - Strongly Agree1. The whole semester I felt comfortable in your class and I feel like we have kept a good relationship. I feel like we didn’t do many lessons on physics which may have helped us with our projects.2. My favorite academic experience was making the automata, even though it was stressful I am proud of the final product. 3. My favorite project was the automata, I liked making the practice one too because it was a lot easier and I knew how to make it instead of just trial and error like on the final one. 4. My least favorite was the tests because they were really hard and I didn’t feel prepared from the class. 5. Even though I liked the final product of my automata, it was super stressful and most of the time I hated the project. I think it would be better if the groups were made based on peoples skill sets because there were groups that had three boys who all knew how to use power tools and then groups like mine who were three girls who didn’t know how to use any power tools or make anything. If it was like this then we could learn more about the physics of it and spend less time stressing about the actual building. 17. I would spend more time explaining things to the whole class and less project time. 18. Over all it was a good semester and I think we got a lot accomplished in the short amount of time we had in this class. 6. I like the class structure because you gave us a lot of time to work on our projects. Quinn Butterfield7. I think we could have done it quicker if we knew how to use the tools and build easier. Also I think that before we made our plans and started building we should have done more research as a class on how all the simple machines work, and then how we could incorporate those into the project. 8. I think we should have done a little more physics, and learned more how physics relates to building automatas. 9. It surprised me how hard it was, I was really stressed out for a lot of the project. 10. I am actually really proud of our final automata, I didn’t think it would turn out as well as it did. I am happy to give it to Fred I think he will be really proud of it too. 12. I actually am most proud of my final automata than I have been of any other project in a while. I think that is because it was a struggle for me to make so seeing it done and working is really cool. It was a lot of work for our second semester of senior year, but I am proud of the work I accomplished. 15. I would recommend teaching more about how to make an automata and what devises create what movements. I would also suggest creating groups based on skill set. 13. I tried really hard this semester, harder than I thought I would be. I was always on task and working and tried to be on time every day. 19. I really don’t know what I would build maybe something I could use to decorate my house like furniture or something. 14. If I could do it all again I would make a better more thought out plan for my automata. 20. There is no way. 11. I think it would have been easier if I was more comfortable with the power tools or if I had a group member who was. 16. I think there was a good culture in the class and I like that you were able to joke around with the students.
4/26/2012 12:39:274 - Strongly Agree3 - Agree3 - Agree3 - Agree3 - Agreescott is a good teacher and I like him.I liked building the automotons i thought it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. I also liked doing that one thing where we had to balance the weights around the fulcrum i thought that was cool.I liked making the automotons. The whole project was fun and interesting and I enjoyed it.Some of the packets that we did were kind of hard to understand but it was necessary and I didn't mind.We only did one project and I enjoyed it so I have nothing to say...Don't answer questions with questionsNo you're a good teacher.I think the rules were fair, and even though I knew how to use all the tools I think that other kids could have used a little more help on how to use them.sheaIt was just long enough because it gave me time to make a seriously bad ass project.It was a good balance. More project and less academics = more fun!I was honestly surprised that I fnished it without smashing it with a hammer.I like it and wish I could take it home because it turned out good.I will think about how much I hate english and how much I like building things.Watch Hugo at least one more time.
More trips to vons to get donuts
3 periods of physics and 1 period of english
I worked hard in physics and I think that it paid off with a really cool project.A gas motor.I would make a project that is even more complicated and challenging.Don't do time consuming projects second semester.Yes I had all the tools and supplies that I needed, and if I didn't have something that I needed Ace is right down the street.we were all nice to each other and we are all really funny so it was fun
4/26/2012 11:41:103 - Agree1 - Strongly Disagree3 - Agree1 - Strongly Disagree1 - Strongly DisagreeI love scottMy favorite academic experience was when we did the lab to learn about torque and balance. It was actually fun and enjoyable to try to balance the ruler with the given weights even if it got challenging and frustrating at times.
My favorite project in this class was the mini automata project. I liked it because we were making something simple but we still learned how to make different motions and how to use the power tools. It was good way to build a foundation before attempting to make a more difficult automata. My least favorite academic experience was in the beginning of the semester when we learned different physics concepts by being first taught the material then given a worksheet. That being said, I know that sometimes it is necessary to teach that way. Not everything can be turned into a project. I can't really say that I had a least favorite project. I had a lot of roadblocks making the final automata for the Seniors Squared project so I had a harder time with that project than the first automata. But in the end I was able to work through my frustrations and make the project work so it was all worth it. I think you are a great teacher, but one thing I would change was our final project. I liked it a lot but we should make it about our own lives not about a senior partner. I loved this class :)I liked the way the class was structured. Scott had a really good relationship with all the students and was still able to be a good teacher at the same time. I think all the rules/policies were important to make sure everyone was doing their work, learning the material, and being safe. Sianni I think that we worked on our automates for a little bit too long. The project felt like it was never going to end. It may have felt that way because we ran into so many problems. Although I think the project dragged on a little bit too long, it would be hard to do the project in any less time, so I think its okay. I liked that we had more project time than academics but I think it would be helpful to have more academics. Although it may have been a little bit boring, I know it would've been helpful if we learned more physics concepts before starting our projects. The most surprising part of this project was how hard it was to make everything fit perfectly. For one thing, making the geneva mechanism was extremely difficult and took over five tries. It was also hard to space out the holes for the dowels and the holes on the top of the box perfectly. Those took a couple of tries as well. I wish my automaton looked better from the outside. Because we were so focused on making everything work, when we finally finished that, we didn't put in much effort in the appearance of our project. I am really happy about the motion that we accomplished. To be perfectly honest, I didn't love this project, but I really loved my classmates and my teachers and I'm really proud of the work I accomplished. I'm sad to leave High Tech High. :(If you were to do this project again, I would have the entire class be taught how to make a variety of different mechanisms so everyone can learn a lot of different types instead of just learning about the one thing they have to make. Also I would have the project groups all me groups of three. Lastly, I would have the project be graded individually, to make it more fair. Although I came to late a little bit more often than I would have liked, I was always very respectful in class. I always finished work on time, and I always put in a good effort in class. I would like to build a music box like one of the groups made. I think theirs turned out really well and I would love to make one of my own. If I could do it all again, I would make the appearance of my project better. I would make it look a lot nicer for Ruben. I think you did a good job of that. Although I got unmotivated towards the end of the semester you joked around with us and brought energy to the classroom, making me more motivated to finish the project. Although we struggled a lot during this project, Scott was always there to help. And it seemed as though Scott felt the same frustrations we felt when things weren't coming together properly. He also spent time after school and at home doing research and helping us to make our project work. At time we had to wait in line for a tool but that was to be expected. Scott was always available to help and thats what really mattered. I loved the culture of our class. I think it was very supportive and united. Everyone helped other groups if they needed it, and Scott helped everyone. I loved this class.
4/26/2012 11:43:093 - Agree2 - Disagree3 - Agree3 - Agree3 - AgreeI think my favorite academic experience was one of the first worksheets we did...I can't really remember the topic but the first ones were nice and easy. My favorite project experience was decorating our house. It was such a relief to be done with the house and make it look nice. It made everything worth it - it was cool and great that the house worked but I think making it look nice took it even further. My least favorite academic experience was the lever lab. I really didn't understand the math behind it. My group tried their best to explain it to me but I still couldn't grasp the concept. If I had been working alone, I don't think I would have been able to figure a solution out at all. My least favorite project experience was when our automata didn't work according to plan. I think when we first made our plan, we didn't even really know how things worked and we just sort of guessed. When the first mechanism didn't work, it was really a let down. The second one also didn't work at first, and it was all very frustrating. Sometimes, we felt that we didn't receive the help we needed. At points when we were really frustrated and couldn't figure out how to make it work, sometimes we had no idea where to go from there and didn't really feel like we got thorough advice. This didn't happen all the time, but it would be great if we could have gotten more consistent help. I did struggle a lot in this class. The project was so difficult! Our group wasn't experienced in this type of thing at all so we faced a lot of challenges. But it turned out well so it was very rewarding in the end. In the project, I didn't like how we were required to stick to our timeline. When we made the timeline, I think most people did the timeline just because we had to do it...we didn't really put any thought into the actual timeline. The project was definitely challenging enough for everyone that I don't think sticking to the timeline was necessary - I think the fact that it did the movements it was supposed to do should have been enough. SimoneI think it was the right amount of time, or a tiny bit short if anything. If it had been any shorter, we definitely would have a very difficult time finishing on time. I think it was about right. I liked that we had more academics in the beginning and then transitioned into project work all the time so we could just focus on that. It surprised me that things didn't work at all on the first try. I expected it to be easier than it was. When we had the initial meetings, I was under the impression that our plan was pretty solid. It was very disappointing when we had to change our plan over and over again. I am very proud of our automaton! It turned out really well - it works and looks aesthetically pleasing. I think the physics portion of this project was very difficult. It might actually be the most difficult project I've done in high school, which isn't really what I expected from my last semester of senior year. However, the humanities part of it was simple so it was a good balance. 1. lessons that are more related to how automata work
2. not being required to stick to the timeline (just as long as the project worked well)
3. I don't know, the structure was pretty good!!
I definitely tried hard. There was a lot of motivation to make it work since we were told we would fail if it didn't. I always tried my best to figure out ways to make it work. I honestly have no idea what I would build. I can't even think of anything else besides automata! So I guess it would be another one of those - just a cooler subject. Not really. I wish we could have planned better from the beginning, but we couldn't really control that since we had never made automaton and didn't really know anything about how they worked. senioritis is inevitable! I think we had most of the resourced to complete the project. We did spend money on some things we didn't end up using like extra springs, but it wasn't too bad and I felt good about it for the most part. I think we were all very supportive of each other because everyone was struggling a lot with the project. We all helped each other out with things we couldn't do (like using certain tools)
4/26/2012 17:12:534 - Strongly Agree2 - Disagree4 - Strongly Agree3 - Agree3 - AgreeI think he is a good teacher, there was a lot of personal learning time where we spent figuring things out on our own (a.k.a power tools and such). He was there to help when needed but helped pushed us to problem solve on our own which some students clearly need.The automata box was a lot of fun but I wish we did not have to follow our proposal so strictly. I loved that we got to meet seniors and become very close with them. Queen will always be apart of my life and I am so happy to have met such an amazing, inspirational woman. I like doing the mini automata because that allowed me to dip my toe into the project and get a feel for what we were going to be doing. I have mixed feelings about the automata project. I liked it, but I was really against the fact that we HAD to abide by our proposal. I wish it could have been a trial and error project. Halfway through the project I thought of another great idea to add to the piece but since we had already done the project, I could not add it. I did not like the lesssons. They were really confusing and no one understood them, plus they seemed a bit random. Easier lessons so students can understand it a bit better. Maybe something where you do a review of the math that will be used, pass out a sheet, etc.It was pretty positive. We should be allowed to eat in class, and drink soda. Stazi OvanessoffI liked having one project we put all our time in. That way things were not as stressfull and we could all put a lot of time and effort into rather than a bunch of small bullshit projects. Excuse my language. It was just right, I am glad there werent too many academics since it was second semester of senior year, plus our other classes (math) was very strssfull on the majority of the class. How hard it was. I thought our project design was so easy, so we could get it done quick then spend time on making it look really nice, but it turned out to be one of the harder projects. I wish we had had some more time to work on the mini automata and figure out what works and what does not. I like it, it needs a couple more things to it, but otherwise I am pleased with the outcome. It was a lot of work, stress, BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS AND SALIVA. I would like to take it home, but I also would like to give it to Queen. I am going to photograph it for my art portfolio. I liked it a lot. I am going to remember the stress of the project, but most importantly meeting Queen, who had a lot of helpful adivce about life and growing. One piece of advice being "do not allow stress in your body." That was a bit difficult this project though.I would allow more change to the proposal. I would include an artistic component. I would spend a little more time with trial and error before the big piece.I worked hard, and if I had not been out sick for a week I think we could have gotten it done sooner. I was also keeping up with communication with Scott, even though I complained a lot.I would want to build a box, that had drawers, secret compartments and a cabinet like feature to it. I would want it to be a couple feet tall. I think it would be interesting to make a secret compartment like the movies have, that actually works. That would include the gears and other aspects of physics needed to learn. I would give myself my own due date, probably a couple weeks prior to the classes, and put all my stress into getting it done then, so I could have more free time to fix little things, decorate and take it easy for the final week of schoolSomething fun. This project for example, was hands on and fun. If you had us do something a lot more difficult, such as labs and other things I doubt you would get any positive feedback from the class.Yes, we pretty much had everything- wood, glue, nails, hammers, drills, a knowledgable teacher, etc. It wasn't diffuclt getting materials.Some students would not shut up. (a.k.a. Quinn, Allison, Nora, etc.) They continually giggled during class and it was very annoying. They also are not very nice. My group of friends, although they are my friends also got really f*cking annoying at one point.
4/26/2012 11:47:233 - Agree3 - Agree2 - Disagree3 - Agree2 - DisagreeJust going by my gut feeling. I mean obviously Scott and I didn't have the best relationship but I still did my half. There were times where I just didn't feel like I was being met halfway. With that said, I got all of my work done and was invested in the class grade wise, rather than with any sort of personal interest in the class. My final project looks great, works great, and it something that I don’t feel ashamed to put my name on, but I don’t feel like I learned very much at all about physics with that application.I really liked the Levers and Weights activity we did. I think that in the small amount of time we worked on it the class benefitted the most from the material. You had a platform to start from and I personally felt like with trial and error I really had a firm grasp on the concept. Put it in a competitive environment and all of us were trying to understand as quickly as possible.The Automata Project basically overloaded my head this semester, but I have to credit it as my favorite because I think it’s the only project we spent enough time on to call a project. I like doing the actual crafting of stuff like that, and knew I was going to be beyond lost when it came to the actual gears, so I think we chose something that balanced those two really well.I don’t think we had enough of an academic experience to judge. Other than the first week or two, I didn’t learn anything that anyone outside of High Tech High would consider physics.I think I’m going to have to say the Senior Squared Project again for my least favorite just because although I learned a lot about the tools in the classroom, I don’t think anyone benefited academically from that project. I learned more from the one-day Levers and Weights activity.People are going to be who they are going to be. Good luck with freshman next year.Second semester senior year. It is what it is.Class was very wishy-washy, didn’t have a firm format, and was really hard to just be in. I never knew what to expect, even though the pretense of the class was that there was going to be a clear calendar. Had I known that the class wasn’t going to be at all what Scott said it was going to be, I would have just gone with it. I don’t like false pretenses though.Talen MumfordWe had enough time to finish our project, but then again we had someone who was willing to stay after school every day. Not that I don’t think we couldn’t have finished had she not done that, but it definitely didn’t hurt.I barely had any academic experience in this class, and then we went into the final project. I would definitely not count this class as anything notable if someone were to ask if I had taken physics. None of the project material taught me anything helpful when it came to building our project.I don’t think anything surprised me. I’m pretty vocal about things that confuse me or I’m concerned about so when anything is intimidating to me I usually just confront it right away. There’s no use going into something knowing 100% it’s going to work out the way you want, so you have to mentally prepare for that. I do that for every project.It’s pretty, it works, and as I said above I wouldn’t be ashamed to put my name on it. However, I think lighting it on fire would make me feel a lot better about a lot of things.I think the majority of us have been counting down the days until we graduate since day one. With that in mind, everything this last semester seemed unnecessary and a drag, but that’s life. I would recommend learning more physics concepts. The final project had the least material.For the amount of time I was out of school, late to school, or just not trying, I think it’s interesting to see that the kids who were giving it their all this year have the same complaints that I have; not enough academic substance and definitely not enough work to keep busy. The days that we sat down and just had a lecture were the times I actually paid attention in class. I also have never been afraid to have discussions with teachers, but when I feel like I’m not being heard, or being talked down to I stop respecting the teacher. I earned the grade I have in your class.Some arty thing. Super big. perform as a student the way I will always perform as a student. If you reset the clock, even knowing what I know now, I would be the same person that started that first day.There’s no way to combat senioritis. We’re almost out and as long as we’re okay in school we’re out of here at the end of the year. If there was a way to combat it, someone would have spread the wealth of knowledge around.I think the fact that Jeff had to come into class and tell us to stop asking for things for Scott’s class is a perfect example of how we didn’t have everything we needed. Jeff wasn’t the “other parent we were asking after the first said no,” because he isn’t in our teaching team. We needed things we didn’t have and that definitely put some unneeded stress towards the end.Most of us have been together since middle school; as a class we’re united when we disagree with something or someone. As for a teacher/class relationship, I think we are just to a point where we’re just tolerating each other.
4/26/2012 12:33:583 - Agree3 - Agree2 - Disagree3 - Agree1 - Strongly DisagreeProbably finishing and putting the automata together was the best experience because you finished your accomplishment, And then you didnt have to do much afterwards, it was done, it was working, you were proud of it.Well... we only did one project. so the automata was my favorite experience. However, senior. level. physics. is not woodshopThat I didn't learn other things on the course outline. such as the magnets course.We only did one project. My worse experience, is working with my partners, they barely did anything, and when i brought it up, i was just pushed off and told that they are your partners you deal with it. Students are not going to listen to each other.I think just the experience for this year was the best thing for you because you were a TA that was thrown into a class. For what happened, you handled it very well.Do you guys want to do this project, and what interests you would have helped this year a lot.Eh, normal high tech high policies nothing different. No eating or drinks in a hard floor room was a little ridiculous.Thaddeus Lewisway too long for out final outcome for simple machinesI wish we had a more difficult class, I was not challenged at all for senior physicsthat at the end I came up with a much easier way to do the project then i had done. instead of a rotaitonal piston, i use a straight in and out piston against the rack. sooo much better of an idea then what i had....I'm indifferent about the automaton it didnt interest me or anything, it was something fun to do, but not worth my time, i'd rather have learned something then doing simple machinesTo be honest. waste of time for physicswe dont do simple machines, we do actual physic concepts. for example what we had on the course outline in the beginning of the semester. magnets, etc...yes, yes and yes. I tried to be on time every day, i worked everyday got something done each day, and i didnt talk back or anything and always did what the teacher asked.I would like to do something with eletrical engineering, maybe making a board of high tech high that was a led light map that would show were brett peterson was, chris white was, ben dailey. etc.I would try to switch out of the class because i felt like it would benifit me more later in college and life.Theres no way to combat it, its how the students set of mind of not wanting to be here, that it's useless to be here.Yes i had the required materials to do this project sucessfully. nice, supportive, and disjointed
4/26/2012 20:49:153 - Agree3 - Agree3 - Agree4 - Strongly Agree3 - AgreeI chose these choices because he is over a great teacher but i wish my grade was higherI like doing all the building. I liked it because i gained more experence with power tools and gave me the oportunity to do something that was quite interestingmy favorite project is this class would probally be the senior squared project because we got to build something. I mean the writing i hated but what i really loved about the project was working with toolsTests i did not like the test. I did understand the materals and all that stuff. Physics is one my my favorite subjects. but i just dont like test in generalMy least favorite project would probally be nothing. We really did not do many projects but i think there will all great subjects. Be leaniant but have a strict order that people respect. I mean quin and adam always talked in your class all the time i mean they were disrespectful to you all the time but hey it your class you should know what to do
No i like this class !!!! It was great have fun with the freshman next year your a great senior classsI think the class was structure great i mean i loved the rules except no food because i was always hungry i think they was one dumb rule that i could not go outside the class room because i can not work with other access noise
William SampsonThe lenght of the project was a good ammount of time . I think it was perfectly planned because i was able to finidh the whole project but we did have some days that i got to relaxThere were allot of projects and not really much on academics but it was so much better because i rahter not stress out about having a test every week but rather learn the same material in a project due in 3 weeks. Perfect
When i was building my automaton i did not find anything that surprizing it worked exactly how i imagined it in my head. I thought of a idea and all its flaws and then produced itIt was great. I do wish i could take it home but if it was up to me i would rahter like to rebuild it and put it to all the speciations and make it much more beast so it would work like a charm and never break
The fun class that i had to write a boring essay for skys class abut also the great time that i got to build a great machine from nothing. The time i did the whole project with some help from from my partner but i did the whole other projectNo writing part
More complext projects
More time for the complex items
I think i was so interested in this class that i spent all my time in this class and i let me other classes drop so i tried super hard. But i wish i could spend less time because i'm not sure it was that good to let my grades fallI would totally would want to pick a building in san diego and go visit them and and build 5 times smaller scale models of the project i Mean thaat would be so amazing it would be an epic project i mean it would be super duper hard but it was be super crazy
No this was a great semester i mean i did have some ruff patches but i think i got over it. I mean i was able to find happiness for a while but i think it was a great class.Give them something sper fun to pass the time. WHen i was in your class i felt like i was there for 30 minutes because it was so fun but skys class was like 10 hours i was going to die if i had any more time in there so make it fun or kids will not listen to youYah i had every oportunity to get this project done i mean at first the first deadline was close but after i completed that deadline i was on track and i was working like a maniac so i could get it doneI really dont know i mean i think it was a little talkitive and i dont get allong with people that talk allot so i tried to avoid the class but yah talkitive.......
5/25/2012 13:09:103 - Agree3 - Agree3 - Agree3 - Agree3 - AgreeThe disagrees I put was with the"learned a lot from the teacher about this subject" and the discipline subjects only because in class we mostly learned about automata and simple machines, but I would have liked to continue learning about vectors etc. And with the discipline one I just thought it was hard to understand what your "A" expectation was because the check ins seemed nit-picky.I enjoyed the exercise were we had to balance the weights on the ruler. I thought it was really fun, but challenging at the same time. Although, the grading system for that put a lot of stress on me. I really enjoyed watching the youtube videos of the automata everyday, that more than anything else helped me design my automata and showed us what different applications of the mechanisms are. Plus, it was entertaining. My only least favorite experience would be not learning enough about friction and rotational inertia. I would like to go in more depth on subjects because we didn't have a lot of academic experiences. Everyday was a project work day. While it was helpful to get the project done, we couldn't always use the time we were given. I think we need to have half the class doing a lesson and the other half doing the project because there wasn't enough room or tools for everyone to build at the same time and we ended up waiting on a line of people to get one thing done. Post on the board where you are because it always seemed like you disappeared sometimes. None. I liked the "don't be dumb" rule. Did we even have any other class policies?Kristin OlsonThe project went on for a really long time, but I think that the way to combat that in the future would be not to make everyday a project work day, and mix up lessons and work days more. I wish there had been more academics, I feel like we covered a lot with the automatons, but I don't feel prepared for a college physics class. That is was so hard to just get things to work when they worked in my so mind perfectly. I'm happy that we had to give it away to our senior because if we got to keep it I would be messing with it until the day that I died. I liked to project at first, but when things started to not work, I got really stressed and started hating it. I think this project meant a lot to those seniors and I'm glad we did it, but that doesn't mean that I really liked the senior that I worked with. It was kind of a hassle, but it was nice to see the seniors so happy. 1. Don't have a work day everyday.
2. Split the class so there is less people working on the tools at the same time.
3. Don't be nit-picky at the check-ins.
I always tried to be punctual, but I was late a couple of times. I tried hard a student and I think my automaton turned out well, but at the same time I wasn't extremely motivated to the point were I was productive. I think I was a good student, but not necessarily a great student, I just got hit by the senoritis pretty early on. It would be really fun to build a mini-house with windows, a roof, electrical, plumbing and give people different jobs for the house. Like make someone the electrician, someone the plumber, etc. It would be a cool way to give people experience building things in their own home, especially because less and less people know how to work around their home. I would have tried being more productive during the times when I couldn't work with the tools. Avoid a lot of the same. Mix things up every once in a while. What would have been really useful would have been some sort of way to have something besides a scroll saw to cut out the gears with. Overall, I think we did have the resources, we just had to wait in a long line for them. I feel like as a class we were pretty supportive. I felt like I could get help from any of my classmates and I wanted to help my classmates out as well.
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