Learning to Teach Online MOOC Class Suggested Resources 2014
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Module 1: Importance of Online Teaching
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Digital Literacy Across the CurriculumFuturelabA handbook of digital literacy with a focus on primary and secondary education; aimed at educators and education leaders.Free or open accessAllAlma
The Brave New World of Online Learning: Amy Collier at TEDxStanfordTEDxStanfordThis TEDx talk outlines the inception of Open Online Learning and discusses the benefits of connected, online learning.Free or open accessAllAlison Hough and Minerva E. Tabar
The Teaching Professor BlogThe Teaching ProfessorThis blog provides great weekly ideas on various topics in teaching and learning. Technology is often included in these topics.Protected under copyrightAllDana Newton
More pedagogic change in 10 years than last 1000 years: Donald Clark at TEDxGlasgowTEDxGlasgowHigher education pedagogical models (based on lecturing) should catch up with the digital revolution.Free or open accessThose new to the topicNoora AL-Malki
The Rapid eLearning BlogTom KuhlmannThis is a blog that provides great tips for creating online learning material, as well as templates, images and links to OER's. Free or open access, Creative Commons license, Subscription basedAllNanette Bowen, Adam
Sugata Mitra: The child-driven educationTED Global 2010Giving kids self-supervised internet access shows they can teach themselves. Sugata Mitra's TED talk about how children can learn independently using online resources.Creative Commons licenseAllPaul MacAlindin and Paloma
Online learning: EducationThe GuardianArticles on online learning in the Guardian newspaperProtected under copyrightAllEmma
The digital degreeThe Economist Newspaper LimitedAn article on three challenges to universities: financial crisis, free online access to education, lifelong training of workersProtected under copyrightAllLavienal Sietes
Teaching Tools and TechnologiesUniversity College LondonThe university's learning portal which provides information on a variety of teaching tools and technologies.Subscription based, Protected under copyrightAllSuzanne Marshall
Is Online Teaching for You? Five Things to ConsiderStephanie B. CrosbyHubPages.com hub (blog) that outlines concepts to consider when contemplating whether to teach onlineFree or open accessThose new to the topicMatt Cogswell
Changing Education Paradigms: Ken RobinsonTEDAlthough this is not about elearning per se, it provides a critique of current educational systems. CCAllJohn McNamee and Paul Cahill, Adrien Stallings
5 Surprising Perspectives About Online Schools
Sara BernardProvides a look at what a real online school is like and disputes some of the typical stereotypes.Free or open accessThose new to the topicYvonne
Teaching NakedJose BowenWhy ICT, MOOC and other eConnected devices are crucial for Higher Education, outside of the classroom ...Protected under copyrightAllFlorence Lojacono
Goethe-Institut Fachmagazin SpracheGoethe-Institut: various authorsSeries of articles on the use of technology in language teaching. Authors academics and teachersProtected under copyrightThose who have some experienceManuela Beck
Faculty FocusMary BartHigher education teaching strategies, you can subscribe to an email newsletterProtected under copyrightThose who have some experiencePeter Symons
Teacher beliefs and technology integration practices: A critical relationshipPeggy A. Ertmer a,*, Anne T. Ottenbreit-Leftwich b, Olgun Sadik b, Emine Sendurur c, Polat SenduruAn interesting research study into how barriers to technology integration in schools have changed over time. Free or open accessAllAnna Dooley
TEDxHumberCollege - Andrea TavcharTEDxHumberCollegeThis is a really interesting video from Tedtalk about digital natives and digital immigrants. Andrea talks about her research about digital nativesFree or open accessAll
Blended LearningFrederic SkrzypekIt is a very short but easy-to-understand video on Blended Learning.Protected under copyrightThose new to the topicJohanna García
Elearning and its challengesMark GleesonThis You Tube video provides an entertaining graphical mindmap of what elearning entails as well as the challenges associated with it.Protected under copyrightThose new to the topic
Salman Khan talk at TED 2011TED Talk Salman KahnTED Talk with founder of Kahn Academy.Protected under copyrightAllkyleebrock
10 Principles of Effective Online TeachingLawrence RaganCompilation of a series of blog posts (articles) by Dr. Ragan. Summary of 10 principles on the webpage with a link to download the full (26 page) pdf.Protected under copyrightThose new to the topicJohn Bristow
Daphne Koller: What we're learning from online educationTEDThis video provides an overview of Coursera and its significance for both students and educators.Free or open accessAllKirsten Lodge
Effective e-learning for health professionals and students—barriers and their solutions. A systematic review of the literature—findings from the HeXL projectSue Childs, Elizabeth Blenkinsopp, Amanda Hall andGraham WaltonE-Learning in medical and public health education. Research done 10 years ago, but still useful findings.Protected under copyrightAllBarbora Neubauerova
8 Lessons Learned from Teaching OnlineEducaseThis video list of insights comes from experts in the field of online teaching. Here is a collection of 8 lessons that might improve online coursesStandard You Tube LicenceThose new to the topicAntonella Elia
A vision of students todayMichael WeschVideo that shows what students expect of education nowadaysCreative Commons licenseAllJohannetta
Changing Course: Ten Years of Tracking Online Education in the United StatesI. Elaine Allen and Jeff SeamanResearch results on the changing attitudes toward and practices of online education in the United States.Protected under copyrightThose new to the topicPatti Cancellier
MOOC's: The Asian PerspectiveChristine ApikulThis article elaborates on the significance and reach of MOOC's in an Asian context.Protected under copyrightThose who have some experienceE
Blog from SkilledUp.comVariousA great blog thats updated every few days with Online Learning/MOOC industry news, resources, analysis, source data and trends. Protected under copyrightThose who have some experience
Digital Literacy FundamentalsMediaSmarts: Canada's Centre for Digital and Media LiteracyThis article looks at the various aspects and principles relating to digital literacy;site includes resources for teachers;Protected under copyrightThose new to the topicPenni Adams
Blending technology and classroom learning: Jessie Woolley-Wilson at TEDxRainierTED x TalksVideo about how to blend technology and learning in the classroom.Protected under copyrightThose new to the topicSilvana Thees
E-Learning in Higher EducationDiana LaurillardThe author, famous for her 'Conversational Framework' believes that quality student learning is not always high amongst drivers for online learning. Free or open accessThose who have some experienceBettie Higgs
Benefits and LimitationsMichigan State UniversityThis is one of the lessons in the online course being offered free by Michigan State University.Protected under copyrightThose new to the topicMarcelo P. Salazar
Cornell University Digital University ResourceCornell Information TechnologiesCornell University Digital University Resource. Protected under copyrightThose who have some experienceMaría del Mar Camino
More Clicks, Fewer Bricks: The Lecture Hall is Obsolete
THINK TWICE - IntelligenceSquared Debates
Recent interesting controversial debate about online education versus traditional classroom education.Free or open accessAllFerry
he Voice of the Active Learner - Education From a Digital Native's Perspective
Blackboard Inc.A short video that describes the university student of tomorrow. This video will give teachers insights on how digital natives learn from their own perspective.Protected under copyrightAllMark Timbrook, Rogelio Dela Cruz Jr
Technology AffordancesWilliam GaverFProtected under copyrightThose new to the topicElspeth Anderson
Mitch Resnick: Let's Teach Kids to CodeTEDxBeaconStreet 2012Transcript of a presentation describing benefits of using and engaging students with technology on more than just a superficial level. Free or open accessThose new to the topicRylan
e-Learning, online learning, and distance learning environments: Are they the same?Joi L. Moore, Camille Dickson-Deane, Krista GalyenAn article which points to some major differences among e-learning and online learning. A good intro to the topic.Protected under copyrightThose new to the topicKarolina
What Are the Disadvantages of Online Schooling for Higher Education?Education PortalLists possible disadvantages of online learning. Point of view of the student and teacher/institution. Free or open accessThose new to the topic
Digital Literacy in Practice Sarah Payton and Cassie HagueA document that provides a set of digital literacy case studies. Protected under copyrightAllCarlos Mora
Should Teachers be Replaced by Online ClassesDebate.orgAn online debate as to whether or not teachers should be replaced with online classes, the result being 25% positive and 75% negative. Free or open accessThose new to the topicYvonne Newman
Evaluating digital services: a visitors and residents approachDavid WhiteUK JISC Blog introduction to an number of resources related to the notion of Visitors and Residents which may provide a useful basis for reflection.Free or open access, Creative Commons licenseThose new to the topicChris Jobling
PLE’s versus LMS: Are PLEs ready for Prime time?Terry Andersona blog to discuss teaching and learning in a net-centric worldFree or open accessThose who have some experienceBill Farquharson
Teaching Adolescents How to Evaluate the Quality of Online InformationJulie CoiroResource on how to evaluate content, initially aimed at adolescents but with strategies useful to all.Protected under copyrightThose new to the topicJoaquina
edSurgeVariousBlog entries, opinions, and links to other resources, events and companies connected to online teaching and learning.Protected under copyrightAllMurray
Why I teach online coursesGeorge P. SchellA brief, but informative article about online teaching from the instructor's point of view.Protected under copyrightAllPeter Jeschofnig
Teaching English online: opportunities and pitfallsSylvia GuinanBlog post about advantages and some possible disadvantages of teaching English online.Protected under copyrightAllGabriele Sousa
Integrating Social Networking Tools into ESL Writing Classroom: Strengths and WeaknessesMelor Md Yunus1, Hadi Salehi2 & Chen Chenzi1 This paper aims to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of integrating social networking tools into ESL writing classroomCreative Commons licenseAll
Creativity and constraint: Understanding teacher beliefs and the use of LMS technologiesSteel & LevyA Study into the uptake of LMS by educators, identifying the contrast between their pedagogical beliefs and their beliefs in the technology.Free or open accessThose new to the topicSteve McDonald
How People LearnDonnovan, Bransford, PellegrinoA great book published in 2000 that reviews the scientific basis of contemporary theories on learning and links these to classroom practice.Protected under copyrightAll
Can Technology Change Education? Yes!Ted eXThis video is about how we should apply tech for education and for solving some possible problems.Free or open accessAllAurelio
The 2014 NMC Technology Outlook for Australian Tertiary EducationNMCInforming Australian education leaders about significant developments in technologies supporting teachingCreative Commons licenseAllVinay
Multilingual MOOCs expand reach of U.S. idea U.S. phenomenon becomes internationalPatricia Alex - Tech Page OneArticle describing the power of mulitlingual MOOCsFree or open accessAllJAD
10 Things I've Learned About Teaching OnlineMichelle EversonA reflective piece about the top ten lessons learnt about online teaching by an experienced educatorFree or open accessAll
Why School?Will RichardsonA TED talk by Will Richardson on how education must change when learning and information is everywhere.Free or open accessAllErin Peters
Considerations in online course design. Creasman, P. A. (2012). An ideas paper from ACU that outlines simple steps for developing the first online course.Protected under copyrightThose new to the topicJean Jacoby
Disruptive Genius ; Harvard Magazine; July-August 2014Craig LambertInterview with Harvard business professor Dr. Clayton Christensen, credited with coining the term “disruptive innovation”.Protected under copyrightThose new to the topicLinda Kent
Advantages of online courses infograpicskilledup.comThis infographic created by online course provider Skilledup.com Illustrates 10 key advantages of online learning.Protected under copyrightThose new to the topicMichael Larbalestier
"Technological pedagogical content knowledge: A framework for teacher knowledge." Mishra and KoehlerThe Teachers College Record 108, no. 6 (2006): 1017-1054. Protected under copyrightThose new to the topic
The Three P’s of Pedagogy for the Networked Society: Personalization,Catherine McLoughlin and Mark J. W. LeeIntroduction to learning paradigm:Pedagogy 2.0 and user created content. Table of social software and potential pedagogical applicationsProtected under copyrightAllMarilyn Pratt
Thinking ClassroomMike FleethamTeaching ideas and classroom resources.Protected under copyrightAll
Analysis and Mapping of Innovative Teaching and Learning for All Through New Technologies and Open Educational Resources in Europe (Working Doc. Brussels, 25.9.2013) EUROPEAN COMMISSIONImproved Education through new technologies, opening learning environments, content, underlying infrastructures; focusing on learning, not technology.Free or open accessAllGregg Suhm
Students' experiences and expectations of the digital environmentHelen Beetham and David White for JISCJust released. A report on student ICT use and attitudes towards technology, in UK universities, and a literature review.Free or open accessAllPenny Wheeler
Ineffective Uses of Technology: Using Tech “Just Because”Kyle PearceA blog post that shows why we should bear in mind our goals for implementing technology in education before the tools and strategies. Those who have some experienceAnabel Fernández
New Tools for Learning: Working with Disruptive ChangeKalantzis & CopeA publication that covers innovative approaches to learning and teaching, with a focus on the use of e-learning and social web technologies.Free or open accessThose who have some experienceMaha
Digital Natives, Digital ImmigrantsMarc PrenskyThis article gave a name to those born in the digital age and detailed how they require a different type of education. For part 2: marcprensky.comProtected under copyrightThose new to the topicDan Rindt
Why online learning is important - infographichttp://www.onlinedegreeprograms.com/Nice infographic with brief overview of possible benefits and opportunities for online learning and teaching.Creative Commons licenseThose new to the topicJurgen
Starting to Teach OnlineTony BatesThis is Tony Bates nine steps to quality online online learning.Free or open accessThose new to the topicIkechukwu Nwanze
TEDxWarwick - Doug Belshaw - The Essential Elements of Digital LiteraciesDr. Doug BelshawDr. Doug Belshaw is a Researcher/Analyst at JISC Advance where he researches and advises on issues around open education and innovation. Free or open accessThose new to the topicPeter Nangle
Five Technological Considerations When Choosing an E-Learning SolutionKarl M. KappA good general introduction to e-learning and considerations to take into account.Not sureThose new to the topicAnn Russell
Anytime, Anywhere; Online Learning Shapes the FutureEdutopiaA short video about the benefits of online learning in the school context.Free or open accessThose new to the topicDenise Neal
What are the Benefits of Teaching Online?World wide LearnThis is a nice short article as it clearly states some of the benefits of online teaching.
Protected under copyrightThose who have some experienceStephanie Anandappa
SOLE: How to Bring Self-Organized Learning Environments to Your CommunitySugata MitraSelf-Organized Learning Environments toolkit based on Sugata Mitra's TED talk.Creative Commons licenseThose who have some experienceFelix Gonzalez
Human Design for Engagement and Critical ThinkingChris JenningsA reflection on how MOOCs are changing the teaching landscape, and how we can use this medium to engage in higher order thinking.Free or open access, Protected under copyrightAllIan Glencross
George Siemens - What digital literacy means for academicsUSC Blended LearningGeorge Siemens outlines three key characteristics of online teaching and learning - play, networked knowledge, and technological obstaclesThose who have some experience
Shelly Terrell's pageShelly Sanchez TerrellShelly 's blog presents all kinds of digital tools that can be used by educators.Free or open accessThose who have some experienceVicky Papageorgiou
MOOC coursewikipediaGave me a vast idea to learn courses from experts beyond boundaries with 24/7 flexibility.Free or open accessThose new to the topicMeenakshi Goel
social media' and academicsDeborah LuptonThis a blog about a survey she conducted of academics and how they use social media. Free or open accessThose new to the topicLouisa Smith
flipped classroomVoki BlogBlog that explains the meaning of 'flipped classroom'.Free or open accessThose new to the topicMarieke de Peuter
What is Online Learning?wiseGEEKPage section related with Online LearningProtected under copyrightThose new to the topicJL
Understanding Blended Learning Kelvin ThompsonProvides an overview of blended learningCreative Commons LicenseThose who have some experience
MerlotCalifornia State UniversityUseful materials beginning from learning and teaching theories and online teaching related research materialsCreative Commons LicenseAllNarantuya Norovsambuu
Tech & Learning magazineNewBay MediaIt is oriented toward Elementary and Secondary school. But, the ideas could apply to universities. It is even free to teachers, administrators, etc. Protected under copyrightThose who have some experienceDouglas Heath
Aaron Sams: Emerging trends in Educational TechnologyBiola UniversityThis lecture starts with an interactive discussion of gamification concepts and then proceeds with a good description of educational tools.Free or open accessThose who have some experienceKsenia Ionova
Learning Design and Personal Learning Networks
Joyce SeitzingerThis is an excellent summary of personal and professional educational networks online. Joyce presents a wide variety of options to support both.Creative Commons licenseAllPip Ferguson
10 Steps to Conquering Teaching Technophobia
Lorna Keene10 steps to help teacher new to technology get over their fear of trying to use new digital technologiesFree or open accessThose new to the topicLynda Sasson
Online learning and the future of educationHelen WatersTED interview with Salman Khan (Khan Academy) and Sebastian Thrun (Udacity) on the world of MOOCs and technology-inspired education. Free or open accessThose who have some experience
1rst Moodle Conference ProceedingsSymeon Retalis/Martin DougiamasPapers about Moodle with many examples of good on line learning practices easily adaptable to other LMS.Creative Commons licenseThose very experienced with the topicMaria Tentzeraki
Enhancing PE With TechnologyParticipactionBecoming a 21st century PE teacher - App's that will enhance practical learning experiences and connect practical learning back to the classroom Protected under copyrightAllSteve Paterson
Twitter in EducationMark Glynn / Enda DonlonA brief introduction to how Twitter can be used by EducatorsCreative Commons licenseThose new to the topicMark Glynn
Leading learnersDr Jill WillisThis blog leads learners in transformational learning experiences.Free or open accessThose new to the topicHyacinth Steele
Teaching and Learning Online: Communication, Community, and Assessment (A Handbook for UMass Faculty)Robert Feldman, et alThis guide was developed by a group of UMass faculty and staff who participated in a
year-long Online Fellows program.
Free or open accessThose new to the topicM. Fouad Ahmad
Going Virtual! Unique Needs and Challenges of K-12 Online TeachersKerry Rice, Lisa Dawley, Crystal Gasell & Chris FlorezA 2008 national (United States) study surveying credentialed teachers (K-12) regarding the status of traditional, blended and online teaching.Free or open accessThose new to the topicRobin Van Auken
TPACK GameLisa HerveyQ4 Activity 2 referred to the need for considering the relevance of the technology. The TPACK Game is a great tool for this!Free or open accessThose new to the topicPhil Hogg
Distance Education: A System's View
Michael Moore/Greg Kearsley
Fundamentals of distance learning, basic ideas about distance education and the components of a distance education system.Free or open accessThose new to the topiceugenia katsigri
Navigating The Digital Shift: Implementation Strategies For Blended And Online Learning [free Kindle Edition]John Bailey, Carri Schneider, Tom Vander Ark Changing attitudes & policies re. digital & online teaching in K-12 educational settings, blend competency-based learning, student data, funding.Free or open access, Protected under copyrightAllGregg Suhm
The 100,000-student classroomTEDx - Peter NorvigVideo of the TED talk of Peter Norvig on how he and a colleague set up an online course, with eventually 100,000 students. Free or open accessThose new to the topicSuzanne