The War Against Scanner Encryption
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2 police radios have been in the clear for close to 90 years8/15/2017
3 police radio tapes are maliciously edited8/15/2017
4 saves drowning woman - Duluth MN8/15/2017
5 channels keep cops honest8/10/2017per Sheriff of Polk County FL
6 avoided shooter8/10/2017
7 Nebraska - editorial against encryption8/8/20178/10/2017
8 comments about encryption and transparency8/9/2017
9 Texas PD turned off encryption April 20174/23/2017Conroe TX PD turned on encryption Jan 2016
10 Collins Colorado Police Chief Resigns4/18/2017cop batters girl - police chief resignsencryption used since 2014cause and effect?
11 admits error re photographs4/13/2017related to the openness issueit is not illegal to take photos in public
12 OH blocks watch groups vs encryption4/6/20174/10/2017"(the police) are going to lose a lot of eyes"
13 OH PD turns on encryption to protect Social Security numbers4/2/20174/10/2017article has comments from misc journalistsif the PD turned off the repeater they would protect the SS #or they could set up a simple procedure - Car 1 to Station, I need a license check - Station to Car 1, turn on your encryption and go ahead
14 Canada - legit media can get police radios3/23/2017I need to reread this sometime and clarify the info
15*/ MA - scannerists lead cops to shooter3/17/20173/23/2017the scannerists used a scanner app
16 Ross FD in California has been recommending that everyone buy a scanner since at least Oct 20113/1/2017
17 catch armed perp - Suffolk County NY2/25/2017
Massachusetts ACLU tweeted (Dec 5 2016 ish) about Springfield MA PD turning on encryption (Nov 5 2016 ish)1/30/2017they tweeted a link to a TV22 story IIRCthe tweet was deleted quickly IIRC
19 Haute case will be / would have been a slam dunk for Broadcastify1/30/2017
20 City tracked down cops who were giving tips to the news media1/30/2017Hamilton Ontario Fire Chief used to give radios to news media
Iraq and 6 nations release copys of nuclear agreement12/24/2016openness of the mega world scale typeI think the documents were released to prevent Trump from calling for war against Iraq<<< US targeting scheme released
off duty cop kills Russian Ambassador in Ankara Turkey12/19/201612/21/2016terror attack by Muslim
23 PD stops TV show12/19/2016radios are fully encrypted
24,000 dead in Mexico's 10 year war on drugs12/11/2016when local police are corrupt - the murder rate soars
25 shoots down gag orders12/8/201612/8/2016people were getting sued for posting negative reviews onlineCongress reaffirms the right to post honest reviews of businesses and providerskeywords - honesty - accountability
26 TN turns off encryption12/1/2016 yes - maybe no
27 River MA - Facebook page by scannerists has 12,000 followers11/19/2016
28 FL FD turned off encryption January 20161/13/201610/16/2016
29 Police Departments Look to Tune Public Out11/20/20118/15/2017by Eric Tucker of Associated Press
30 news article about encryption of police radios10/11/201610/12/2016 url is no good - 8/15/2017
31 scanner feed from Washington County NY4/11/201610/8/2016has police and fire and ambulanceand the terrorists have not taken over the county yetarchive dates back to April 11 2016
32 GA will not turn on encryption per letter from mayor to scannerist10/5/2016
33 of official live scanner audio feeds12/2/2016
34 of heroic scannerists9/10/2016<<<< - this spreadsheet was removed from the "Scanners" entry at Wikipedia - by whom ? why ?EB
murders spike in Anchorage AK - scanners are dead silent9/5/2016police warn against walking alone at night
36 / tow truck driver busts drunk driver who hit Phiily sergeant8/25/20169/5/2016
37 County Georgia turns off encryption7/26/20167/29/2016Radio Shack selling digital scanners like hot cakespassionate people love scanners
38 filmed police shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge7/12/2016members of an anti violence group
39 vs videos - very dark info about deception7/11/2016openness - becoming more critical by the second
40 of passes away due to colon cancer7/11/2016
41 a corrupt wannabe Sheriff cause encryption in Orange County CA?6/28/2016they activated encryption in 2000
42 advocacy group gets ahold of Orange County CA Sheriff Comms HandbookDec 2014 ish6/28/2016<< the comm manual
43 of info about encryption in Florida6/28/2016encryption is unAmerican
44 IL is going encrypted6/28/2016the public could refuse to pay for encryption
45 discussion about encryption in Georgia6/14/2016
46 could cause lawsuits6/2/2016if someone is killed because encryption is used, liability could arisescanners have been sold in the USA for 60 yearsthe public could protect themselves if messages were in the clearencryption is being employed without any good reason
47 CA FD scanner feed6/2/2016will be linked to PulsePoint app
48 Antonio AirLife turns off encryption6/1/2016
49 CT had encryption for only a very short time?5/6/2016might be interesting story behind this"we want to be transparent" per police chief - >>
50 County Sheriff NC turned on encryption4/29/20165/5/2016"gas leaks and mass shootings" are mentioned as reasons why encryption is badnot everyone thinks encryption is a great idea
51 Rosa County FL Sheriff was scheduled to go encrypted in Jan 2016 per 2014 info1/1/20141/31/2016
52 Texas turned on encryption in May 20145/1/20141/31/2016police complained about social media use at hostage situation after encryption was turned on
53 used scanner app to respond to terror attack1/26/20161/29/2016San Bernardino CA
54 TX will never go fully encrypted1/28/20161/28/2016per radio system manager
55 CT FD will turn off encryption12/15/20151/27/2016also Bridgeport CT FD will only encrypt 1 channel
56 FL FD turned off encryption1/13/20161/14/2016they also have a new scanner feed at broadcastify
57 MI - crime down 13% - Police Chief praises scannerists1/7/20161/11/2016
58 police want to inspect all documents before publication on the Internet5/13/20155/13/2015
59 Obama blasted over secrecy by Senator Boxer5/13/20155/13/2015
60 scanners dont react well to encryption5/12/2015can be difficult to scan channels that are just partially encrypted
St Louis area -
.@KMOV exposes local cop caught using the n-word on police camera video during traffic stop. "N----- Running North!" Story on News 4 at 6. 53 retweets 17 favorites
5/7/20155/7/2015 & 5/12/2015words were not spoken on a police radio - they were on a dash cam
62 Maine PD apparently turned off their encryption per this scanner feed5/2/2015encryption was on 9/26/2014 per this same URL
63 newspaper calls on police to de-encrypt4/25/20154/26/2015Arnold PA area
64 Spokane and New Orleans have turned off encryption due to public pressure4/24/2015this discussion focuses on the corrupt Miami Gardens FL PD
65 about lazy scannerists in Gwinett County Georgia4/13/2015few scannerists are raising their voices against encryption of fire radio traffic
66 to "scan4good" list - early 20003/2/2015
67 NJ PD turned off encryption - briefly2/21/2015
68 CT PD turns on encryption2/19/2015very nice article presents the pro and cons of encryption for local policeCT activists speak out against encryption
69 in Tewksbury MA leads police to attempted murderer2/18/2015if the police radio had been encrypted, the scannerist would never have heard about the incidentthe scannerist was 1 of 3 people who led police to the perp (per the DA report)
70 AZ PD might turn off encryption - because they have a new Police Chief2/15/2015
71 DC FD will turn off encryption2/11/20152/12/2015DCFD Union statement re removal of encryption >>>
Los Angeles Police Chief writes letter to Google complaining about Waze being used to track cops. Other cops say it is fine. Alex Thompson of Venice CA runs @Venice311 on Twitter - he tweets police calls from scanner - got blessing from LAPD Captain
good article outlines the history and operation of scanBaltimore with its live scanner audio feed - the local crime reporter was having trouble with using scanners1/12/20152/8/2015
74 Mass - PD turned off encryption - today is the first day that I have heard the Mansfield PD via this live scanner audio feed12/27/201412/27/2014 - 7/2007 - they went digital on 472.25 - 3/2009 - they are encrypted
- seems that MPD originally turned on encryption in Feb 2007 - 2010 - encryption will end when Chief retires
75 about Boston Police radio broadcast regarding Santa Claus12/25/201412/26/2014IMHO the news media could include police radio clips with every crime story
76 member is using public document laws to request agency radio handbooks12/25/201412/25/2014next some encryption keys can be requested from the FBIif it prevents a coup - it would be a good idea to release the keys - right?
77 County South Carolina Sheriff puts scanner feed online12/24/2014
78 County Georgia Fire Department was encrypted in 200812/24/2014but they saw the error of their ways
79 fire service journalist speaks out against encryption of Washington DC Fire Dept radios12/19/2014
80 River Township FD in Ohio11/29/201411/29/2014official scanner feed is explicitly provided so the public can listen
81 to encrypt DCFD radios put on hold11/27/2014area fire chiefs spoke out against the plan because it compromised interops
82 blows the lid off Ferguson MO11/24/2014my guess is that this radio traffic came from a scanneristthe major media orgs have completely ignored this story - 12/19/2014
83 County Oklahoma - new scanner feed of Sheriff Dept from the 911 center11/21/201411/21/2014
84 - Police Call started publication10/31/2014
85 - LAPD recognized that the public was listening in to police radio broadcasts194610/31/2014
86 buster now available in Europe - to avoid speeding tickets10/29/2014encrypted TETRA is used in Europe - cannot be decoded by any scanner
87 Rock will post some CAD info - with 30 minute delay9/28/2014
88 NJ PD turned off encryption9/7/2014maybe yes - maybe no - see 2/21/2015 post
89 filed against encryption - Little Rock Arkansas8/19/20148/19/2014<< updated 2/11/2016
90 gear up to fight encryption via political action in Central Virginia8/16/20148/16/2014
91 One of our officers stated it best.. “Good people being informed can be one of our greatest allies”.7/28/2014
92 discussion about forcing agencys to turn off encryption6/18/20146/18/2014
93 County Ohio Sheriff turned on encryption4/25/20145/8/2014the newsroom is not happy - nice big articlearticle claims that Motorola encryption has been hackedonline petion to turn the encryption offencryption breeds corruption
94 Beach CA police chief might be open to turning off encryption3/20/20143/20/2014
95 NC police are adding encryption - the local newspaper is not happy3/7/20143/11/2014
96 discussion about encryption3/1/2014
97 comment decrys encryption1/30/20142/27/2014
98 fine 'Letter to the Editor' against encryption - Columbia TN1/29/20141/30/2014
99 dispatcher fights to keep Little Rock PD comms open1/5/2014
100 CT PD and Southbury CT PD ordered to turn off encryption by local politicians12/23/201312/23/2013