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TimestampName (optional) AgeGenderCountryCity Level of educationWhat do you (usually) read in printed version (e.g. news, books, magazines)?What do you usually read in digital versions (e.g. news, books, magazines)?What do you prefer the most? Why do you have this preference? What do you like about reading printed versions (e.g. being offline, concentration, the experience)? What do you like about reading digital versions (e.g. accessibility, being online, the experience)?Do you feel a difference in emotions and thoughts when reading printed version versus digital version (e.g. feeling more concentrated when reading printed versions, being more reflective, etc.)? How often do you read magazines on print? What is your favorite magazine(s)?How much time per day do you spend reading printed magazines (in average) What are your main purpose(s) when reading printed magazines?In what situations do you prefer reading printed magazines? How often do you read digital magazine versions? How much time per day do you spend reading digital magazine versions (in average) What are your main purpose(s) when reading digital magazine versions?In what situations do you prefer digital magazine versions?
7/4/2016 6:15:10Tarit45-55MaleCosta RicaSan JoseUniversity 5 years (e.g. Masters)booksnews, books, magazinesdigitalEasy access to the material, no garbage accumulation after reading, easy storageI enjoy printed books and magazines because there is no computer back light and for nostalgic reasonsmostly accessability and no paper accumulation norarelyOption 10entertainmentat homefrequently10 minutesentetainment and informationmost
7/4/2016 7:26:06Tanya 45-55FemaleDanmark -Sweden Stockholm University 5 years (e.g. Masters)My salary Bill All News Better Dont like collecting stuff Accessibility Digital gives my better options almost never sinse last 5-6 years 20 min No idea Trein, fly daily 1 hour easy moveable and digestive travaling, working take the brake
7/4/2016 7:32:1335-45FemaleEnglandTotnesUniversity 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)Newspapers, magazines, booksnone!Printed!I spend too much time at a screen already. I love the physical feeling of paper in my hand. Plus I can read in the bath ;)None!Yes, reading printed things makes me feel relaxed and content. On screen things make me feel like I am at work!once a month10 minsinspirationany wherenever0I dontI don't
7/4/2016 7:36:5425-35FemaleDenmarkCopenhagenUniversity 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)Longer textsNews, sports resultsPrintsI get a headache from reading at the screen Everything mentioned aboveThe speed and flexibilityYesOften10 minEntertainmentAllNeverNoneNAPNAP
7/4/2016 8:49:2725-35FemaleDenmark CopenhagenUniversity 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)Books, magazinesNews, magazines I prefer printed versions of books and digital versions of news and magazines News and magazines are something I read on-the-go. Books are a break away from the digital world.As mentioned, the break away from the digital world The accessibility and the fast screening NoAlmost neverNo timeSpending time without focusing too much ??Everyday1 hour I can screen the options When I'm online away
7/4/2016 9:15:3625-35FemaleDanmarkCopenhagen High SchoolBooks, magazines News DigitalSo much easier Concentration Being online Printed version i imagine everything i read and i feel more concentrated but digital it makes me more impatiente Not so much Option 1None I like the pictures If i'am bored Not so muchNone i don't read so much digital magazines Situation while is much easier for me to check
7/4/2016 10:17:5845-55FemaleDenmark FrederiksbergUniversity 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)Newspapers, books, magazines NewsPrinted versionsI like to touch and smell my newspaper and/or bookSee above Quick and easier accessibility Yes - I am more relaxed when reading printed booksNot very oftenOption 10 minFunAt the hairdresser, at friends' housesNever0 minNoneMaybe work related
7/4/2016 10:55:3935-45FemaleDanmark Copenhagen University 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)Nothing. A book once in a while.News, and most of my booksDigital for news. Books I like both digital and analog versions, although digital is a lot easier to bring everywhere See aboveThe smell feel and nostalgia of the well read bookConvenient and accessible on many devices Not really Never0I don't I don't I don't 0I don't I don't
7/4/2016 12:48:4445-55FemaleDenmark Copenhagen University 5 years (e.g. Masters)Magazine, booksNewsBoth i like to get my news digital but i also like offline mediaI like bothBeeing offline Quick news - layered news - you can quick get more info NoNot regular 6 times a yearOption 1Not muchRelaxingIn sofaNot oftenNonN/aN/a
7/4/2016 14:20:39Anilla35-45FemaleDenmarkEsbjergUniversity 5 years (e.g. Masters)BooksNewsBooksBooks are entertaining and of own choiceIt relaxes me. Short textsMore concentrated while reading printet material1/monthOption 15 secondsKilling timeNeed to kill time. 1/week2 minFind good offers. Almost all.
7/5/2016 1:34:59PoulLene in casu: Poul :-)55+MaleDenmarkFrederiksbergUniversity 5 years (e.g. Masters)Boks and magasiner and work papersThe sameDepending on the situationThere are different situationsIt can be easier to get the overviewEasier to searchI'm always emoted :-) yes and no depending on the situation Weekly Option 1< 30 minutesWorkWorkDayli< 60 minutesWorkDepending on the situation
7/5/2016 1:42:4035-45FemaleDkCphUniversity 5 years (e.g. Masters)Books, newspapers,NewsPaperOld habit, don't like to sit in front of the computerBeing offline - more cosyAccessibilityNoSome times0Killing timeHairdresserNever00Nevee
7/5/2016 2:10:38Lars55+MaleDanmarkKnebelHigh SchoolBooksNews, Books , magazinesDigitalMore practical, you can read any where and any timeMore romantic, more sensualAllways reading light right at han, easy to bring enough books to last a holidayNo Av. 2 times per monthOption 110 minutesGetting informationWhen my battery is low2 times per month10 minutesGetting informationI don't care if it is digital or printed
7/5/2016 2:25:4125-35FemaleDenmarkCopenhagenUniversity 5 years (e.g. Masters)news, books, magazinesculture, fashion, decor, food, recipesprintetit's a feeling of personal treatment, a luxuryrelaxation, feeling go luxury, feeling of holiday/weekend, the texture in the hand, you can lye in the bed with the paperI don't use it at allyes - I feel mor relaxed with the printer version. Feel more on holiday/weekend. It's a feeling of personal luxury and treatment1-2 per monthOption 10to get inspiration (food, fashion, decor ect.) and to relax, enjoy a quit timeweekend, off-time1-3 per month0-1 hourshopping stuffshopping
7/5/2016 8:13:3345-55FemaleDenmarkTrørød - VedbækUniversity 5 years (e.g. Masters)BooksNews, næsten altDigitalLettere og mere tilgængeligtHyggeligere. AfvekslingTilgængelighedMere koncentration ved print. Mere seriøstMeget sjældent0Fordrive tiden. Til frisørHvis jeg ikke har andet at laveMeget sjældent0Hvis jeg MEGA keder migAldrig
7/5/2016 15:28:5435-45MaleDenmarkVærløseUniversity 5 years (e.g. Masters)MagazinesNews, booksPrintThe texture of itStofligheden er på en måde en del af værkets sjælMiljøgevinstenMere intensiv, mindre flygtig læsning hvis print 3-5 gange pr ugeOption 110 minHurtigt, dybsindigt, fokuseretRejser1 gang pr måned?Miljøgevinst, vægtIngen. Håber, jeg vil ændre synspunkt ved tilvænning
7/8/2016 1:49:3035-45FemaleNorwayOsloUniversity 5 years (e.g. Masters)Books and magazinesNews and magazinesPrintedYou actually read everything and you concentrate on what you are doing.It is more of a zen-monent as you actually take your time to sit down and enjoy your moment reading. With digital media, you scan the headlines and read only the dramatic parts. When reading printed stuff, you are not bothered with pop-ups from other things.Same answer as aboveIt is easier when you are on the go, you get to be kept up to date the minute things happenWhen you read printed stuff, you are in the moment, concentrate on that and perhaps think about what you read. Digital media - you just scan through it. Every dayOption 120 minLearning things and relaxingWhen I want to sit down and relax or learn somethingAlmost every day10 minHaving fun - gossipWhen on the go
7/8/2016 4:44:16Tone Brunes45-55MaleSverigePiteåUniversity 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)nyheter, tidningar, böckernyheter, ibland tidningartryckta versionergillar inte riktitg skärmen, vill bläddra själv, gillar inte reklam som kommer upp.att bläddra, känna på papperskvalitét, att ha liggande framme.att snabbt få fram sista nyheternajag är mera koncentrerad på tryckta medierflera ggr pr veckaOption 130 minnyheter, inspirationmorgonkaffet el lunchkanske 4 gg pr månad5 minhitta nyheter, få koll på lägetnyheter
7/8/2016 4:56:2925-35FemaleDkKbh kUniversity 2 yearsBooksBooks mostly, otherwise I love newspapers tooPrinted! Absolute bestBooks are usually carefully chosen, by its quality, apart from visual look. I like holding books or newspaper, folding them! And my eye enjoys at the letters that are printed. Experience!
It's also really nice lending someone books, or finding old books. They have an amazing smell of experience
I don't like it. But I have too read news, mails, articles that are not printed on the internet When sitting with a book, I feel much more present, and I have a feeling that it is more worthy when sitting with a printed versionAbou 10 magazines a yearOption 110minEnjoying the information and knowledge I would prefer all articles- especially considering my school, unfortunately there are only digital ones that are best4-5 a week10min a dayWhen I see an article through Facebook or, psykotherpy magazines from abroad When I am surfing on the Internet or need specific information
7/8/2016 11:07:2945-55FemaleDanmarkBrønshøjUniversity 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)Bøger, magasiner, faglitterære emnerNyheder, nonsens og infosider af faglitterær art, opslag af enhver art på specialiserede sitesBegge medier har sine fordele og charmer. Men trykte medier kan bedre studeres efter min mening. under læsning af trykte medier forstyrres man ikke af lys og andre fristelser på nettet. Læs ovenforJeg kan præcisere min søgning, men ikke være sikker på samme grad af troværdighed, som i en bogudgivelse eksvis. Absolut højere gennemsnitlig koncentration ved trykte medier. Et par gange om måneden. Option 11 minutAdspredelse og ny info om emner der interesserer mig. Når jeg venter. Flere gange om ugen. 5 min. Afslapning og ny info. Når jeg venter el. slapper af.
7/9/2016 3:05:0345-55FemaleDenmarkAarhus University 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)Books magasines newspapersNewsPrinted HabitMore relaxed and good to be off-line Quick fixMore relaxing to read print onde a week 15 minutesrelaxation after work never zero none none
7/12/2016 0:02:22Diem Gbogou15-25FemaleDenmark Copenhagen University 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)BooksNewsDigitalEasier and cheaperFocus and being offlineUsability and overviewMore focus with printed material Once a monthOption 110 minTo be inspiredAfter a short day5 times a month15 minTo be inspiredIn stressful periods
7/17/2016 4:02:47Stevie35-45MaleAustraliaBrisbaneUniversity 5 years (e.g. Masters)magazinesbooks, newsbooksI like having more than a couple of books to read.being offline and discussion of common interest pointsaccessibility, being able to be in my own space in public settingsfeeling more involved when reading digital version versus printed versionsometimesOption 110 minutesseeking how to informationin libraries and at homerarely1 minuteno particular purposequick information gathering
7/17/2016 11:54:53Kathrine Broendum Andersen25-35FemaleDenmarkCopenhagenUniversity 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)books, magazinesnewsPrinted versionI think it is less distracting and more comfortable for the eyesconcentrationAccessibilityI feel more absorbed in the textfive times a weekhalf an hourI read local news, fun facts, animals, diet and workout, clothes, scienceWhen I want to relax at home or when I'm travelling Five times a weekhalf an hourInformationWhen I'm sitting with my computer anyway, or intentionally are looking for news updates on my phone
7/22/2016 5:10:1615-25FemaleDanmarkVanløseUniversity 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)BooksNewsDigitalEasier and more accessable newsI relaxation with it on holidayAccessabilityNo1 every 6 monthsOption 10I don'tI dont1 time every 3 months0I dontEasy access
7/22/2016 5:14:4615-25FemaleDenmarkValbyUniversity 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)Books, magazines News, magazinesPrintedI just like to have what I read in my handsWhat the options sayWhat the options sayMore reflexiveI read parts of magazines quite oftenOption 1NOT Much. I want to save moneyHaving a good timeWhen i want to be outside and relaxQuite often10 minutesSpending time When i want to be inside
7/22/2016 6:13:4815-25FemaleDenmarkBagsværdUniversity 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)Only study books and novelsNews, novels sometimes, additional study materialDepends, sometimes it's good to get away from staring at your screen if you've been doing so for a long time but it's so much easier and more accessible just to have it on your tablet See aboveLike previously mentioned, if I've had a really long day on my computer, it's nice to cuddle up with a novel at the end of the day and take a step away from your electronics It's very easy. I love being able to search for a specific concept or word digitally, which saves so much time. Not sure. Depends on my mood. If I'm tired, I like printed a bit more or if I'm purposely trying to get away from my computer that I averagely spend 10+ hours on. NeverI don'tI don't read themDon't read magazines online or printedVery rarely, maybe if something is linked to me?No clue, but it can't be muchIf I come across something interesting and it's free, I might check it out if I have the timeI always prefer them to printed, which mostly costs money
7/22/2016 6:35:3515-25FemaleDenmarkCopenhagenUniversity 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)Boks, magazines, mangaNews, mangasPrintedEasier on the eyes Easier on the eyes, feels more intimate AccessibilityMore concentrated when reading printOnce a month Option 10Catch upIn the train Almost every day 1-2 hours Getting informed If I'm seeking specific answers to a question
7/22/2016 6:49:4725-35FemaleDenmarkCopenhagenUniversity 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)BooksNews, academic articlesFor news I prefer online because of accesibility. Book etc. printed(Books) More comfortable for the eyes, easier to take notes, easier to concentrateSee aboveSee aboveI enjoy reading printed versions moreI don't read magazinesOption 1not relevantnot relevantnot relevantnot relevantnot relevantnot relevantnot relevant
7/22/2016 7:32:1815-25FemaleDenmarkCopenhagenUniversity 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)Books, magazines and news papersBooksBothBoth have their advantages. Regular books can be nicer to hold, and I just like owning physical books.E-books can be cheap, and you can easily bring many books at a time.No it is the same.Once in a while.Option 130minJust relaxing.On holiday or other something like it. NeverNeverNeverNever
7/23/2016 2:11:04Kiri25-35FemaleDenmarkCopenhagenUniversity 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)Books, magazines News information, blogs, Print it is less straining on the eyes reading printThe concentration and the easiness of reading itAccesibility and quick updates on newsOnline versions are usually something i read on the go where printed version usually demands more focusrarely (few times a year)Option 1Rarely ( few times a year) keeping entertained and informedWhen they are available Rarely (few times a year) Few times a year Keeping entertainedWhen printed versions are not available
7/24/2016 1:06:08Clara15-25FemaleDenmarkCopenhagen University 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)BooksNewspapersIts depends on where im Reading it and what it isBoth things work for me it just depends on the situationBeing offlineWide variety of optionsNoOnce every other monthOption 1Almost koneGetting inspiration When i Need to relaxNeverNoneNoneI Never read digital
7/26/2016 23:51:5235-45FemaleNorwayKristiansandUniversity 5 years (e.g. Masters)Books papers magasines newspaperMagasines newsPrinted matterFeels more realConcentrationQuickYesWeekly5 minsEnjoymentAlwaysWeekly5 minsThey are cheaperNever
7/27/2016 3:53:3435-45FemaleDenmarkCopenhagenUniversity 5 years (e.g. Masters)magazines and booksnewsprintI like the tangible experienceoffline and concentrationaccessibilityyes, whenn readingnprint, I concentrate more and am absorbedtwice a weekOption 13 hours per weekentertainment and updateat home, at evening to relaxnevernonenonenone
7/27/2016 3:57:3535-45FemaleDenmarkCopenhagenUniversity 5 years (e.g. Masters)magazines and booksnoneprintabsorpsion and concentrationconcentration and mindfulnessI dont like ityes, higher level of concentration2-3 hours per week2-3 hours per weekupdate on fields that have interestat home or waiting for a coffee at a cafenevernonenonenone
7/27/2016 12:11:4435-45FemaleSuisse Crans University 3 years (e.g. Bachelor)Novels, astrology, philosophy books, women's magazines, communicationArticles, news, special interest, business, self development Both equally but for the different media there are different preferences. You can get an introduction to a book through an online article fx. I don't like reading a novel on kindle I prefer the book. I prefer quick info online. The book / magazine is more to enjoy on the beach, in bed, on the train/flight. Please see aboveBooks are great for getting into the experience, creating the inner connection with the story I think digital has opened a whole new world for me of easy access information which is truly a revolutionary experience. You can type in any question on google and there is an answer. The way you can research personal and professionally on digital media are fantastic. And because of the coding via search words you can in no time be transported into amazing new relevant directions with very little effort. It absolutely depends on the written words. It is equally emotional, thought provoking in digital as well as print. A few times a months Few hours per month Relaxation. On the train, on the plane and bed time reading Never I don't See above Never a preference
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