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Season 1
1Carolyn JonesPhotography, Photojournalism, Interviewing, Capturing Stories, The Humanity/DNA of Nursing, Defining Hope, End of life care, Hospice, ICU, The American Nurse, In Case of Emergency, ED Nursing, Opioid Crisis, Gun Violence
2Antonette MontalvoPediatric Nursing, Community Health Consultant Startup, Community Outreach, Healthcare worker burnout, top-down and bottom-up approaches, Coaching Nurses to Find Their Niche, Visionary Nurse, Exploring New Boundaries, Resources to Grow as a Nursing Leader, Somos Hermanos, Pre-health program, Guatemala, El Salvador, Primeras Pasos: clinic serving community based on their needs“, Human-Centered Care
3Karen Flaherty-OxlerUS Navy Nursing, First Female CEO (VA Medical Center in Philadelphia), Growing Through Challenges, Opportunity for growth, Caring for Healthcare Teams, Joy in Work
4Robin CoganSchool Nursing, Human-Centered Care, Caring for the Whole Patient, The Relentless School Nurse Blog
5Lydel WrightNursing Entrepreneurship, Johnson and Johnson Nurse Innovation Fellowshipp, Sub-acute Nursing, Improving Efficiency and Patient Outcomes, Empact, Supporting other aspiring nurse entrepreneurs
6Cathy CroweNursing Advocacy, Street Nurse, Homeless Population, Advocating for, Marginalized Populations, Filmmaking: A Knapsack Full of Dreams
7Chinelo OfomaPediatric Nurse Practitioner, Respect for Nursing as a Profession, Versatility of a Nursing Degree, Nurses in the Media, Nursing Stereotypes
8Holly ShawNurse Advocate, Nursing Leadership, Patients Who Experienced Bereavement, Grief, and Trauma, Nursing Education, United Nations
9Bonnie ClipperAuthor, American Nurses Association (Vice President of Innovation), Wambi (Chief Clinical Officer), “Innovation Evangelist”, Nurses as Natural Innovators
10Megan MariottiPediatric Nurse Practitioner, Nursing Innovation, Nurse-Led Changes in, Healthcare, Verily, Clinical Innovation Delivery Lead
11Roxana ChicasNursing Research, Immigrants in Nursing, Nursing Mentorship, Nursing of, Vulnerable Populations, Health in Migrant Farm Workers
12Sarah GrayPediatric Nursing, Travel Nursing, Healthcare Startups, Shifting Nursing Roles, Redefining Nursing, Transitioning from Bedside Care to Non-Traditional, Workforces, Changing Nursing EducationEarlier Education on the Wide Variety of, Nursing Roles, Influencing New Developments in Healthcare, Trusted Health, Nursing Career Coaching, Personalized Support and Transparency
13Ann BurgessNursing Research, Violent Crime, Sexual Assault, Advocating for Rape Victims, Assessing and Treating Trauma, Impact of Trauma on Young Victims, Growth and, Development, Families and Communities, Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes, Internet Sex Crimes, Cooperation with the FBI, Studying Links Between Child Abuse,, Juvenile Delinquency, and Perpetration, Psychological Profiling for Serial Killers, Hospital-Based Crisis Counseling
Season 2
1Travis NelsonPolitics, policy, advocacy (nurses’ role), Nursing degree programs (Bachelor’s vs. Associates), Race / diversity in nursing, Engagement, Political elections
2Senator Maria CollettSenate / senator, law school, Advocacy, Women and children, Community nursing, COVID, Quality of care, Politics, How to start, Voting
3Denetra HamptonNavy, Nurse Corps, Filmmaking, Storytelling, Black community in nursing, Nursing science, Black Angels, Nurse historian
4Joshua LittlejohnStartup, Technology, homecare, Penn Center for Innovation - I-Corps, MIT, Hacking Medicine, Hackathon, MIT Grand Hack, envoyatHome
5Congresswoman Donna Shalala & Dr. Alison Hernandez Health secretary, Health policy, Accessibility and finances, Hispanic community, Legislative assistant - healthcare portfolio, Nursing representation in legislature committees, COVID vaccines, Medicare, universal coverage, Fellowship, Congress, congresswoman
6Dr. Scharmaine LawsonHurricane Katrina, New Orleans, Starting a practice, Training course, Home health administrators, physicians assistants, COVID and primary care, Nola the Nurse, Advanced practice nursing, Culturally sensitive, Marginalized communities, Representation, Publishing, children's books
7Patrick McMurrayAssociate’s degree, Access to education, Diversity, Ethnic, orientation, socioeconomic, geographical, Spectrum of care, Social media, blog, Paradox of art and science, Validate patients, Dichotomy, Defining nursing, Nursing and other sciences, Collaboration, Astrophysics, marine biology, environmental science, NASA
8Beth TonerCOVID, ICU, Stereotypes, misperceptions, Storytelling, Media portrayal, Barriers / struggles in nursing, Medical hierarchy, Precepting, orientation, Mental health and nursing, Communicating emotions, Burnout, Imposter syndrome
Season 3
1Theresa BrockieNurse Scientist, Public Health Nurse, MSN, PhD Nursing Program, Research,, Philosophy, Health Disparities, Social Determinants of Health, Indigenous People Health, Poverty, Alcoholism, Suicide, COVID, Risk Factors, Protective Factors, Effect of Geography on Health Outcomes, Evidence-based Interventions, Research Projects, Funding
2Hiyam NadelWomen’s Health Nursing, Labor and Delivery, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Women’s Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Director of Innovation and Care, Delivery , Human-Centered Design, Ether Dome Challenge, Innovation Rounds, COVID, Nurse-led Innovation, Nurse Hackathons, MBA, Innovation Communities, Johnson and Johnson Innovation Fellow, SONSIEL, Startups , Urogynecology, Innovation Timeline, Ideating, Prototyping, Market Research, Pitching, Funding
3Ernesto HolguinArmy Nursing, EMT, Licensed Practinal Nurse Program, ICU, Nursing Innovation , Creative Critical Thinking, MIT Maker Nurse, Patent Process, Patent attorneys, Feedback, 3D designers, engineers network, US patent databases, NDA, Reimbursement, Perseverance, Diabetic Remote Monitoring System, Diabetic, Patients, Foot Ulcers, Oten Medical, iLines (IV and Ventilator Tube Holder), CPAP hose holder, 3D Printing
4Tarik KhanPSNA (Pennsylvania State Nurses Association) President, Nursing Collaboration, The Power of Nurses, Volunteer Efforts, Enabling Minds (volunteering in Haiti for educating children with disabilities), Nurses in Politics, Patient Safety Act, Nurse Practitioners
5Rhonda MannsMSNs and MBAs in Nursing, Non-Traditional Nursing Roles, Nursing Leadership, Nursing Diversity, Design Thinking for Health
6Donte FlanaganNurse Anesthesia, Pursuing Higher Education in Nursing, Diversity in Nursing, Bigger Dreams, Better Tomorrows, Nurse Anesthesia Mentorship, Nursing School, Financial Support, Career Path Guidance, Building a Community of Nursing Support
7Aliya Bhatia & David ScherVot-ER, Social Determinants of Health, Voter Registration, Healthcare Policy, ER Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Intersection of Healthcare and Politics, Patient Advocacy, Nurses as the Most Trusted Profession
8Mari-Carmen FarmerNurse-Midwifery, Community Nursing, Patients from Marginalized Populations, Social Justice, Racial Inequity, Impact on Health Outcomes, Health Inequity, Implicit Bias in Healthcare, Patient Empathy, Empowering Pregnant Women
9Dr. Terry RichmondNursing Research, Critical Care Trauma Nurse, Physical and Psychological Recovery, Predictive Screener, Likelihood of developing PTSD or depression 2-12 weeks later, Human Connection of Nursing, Increased Violence in Philadelphia, Gun Violence as a Societal Problem, Increased Funding for the NIH and CDC, Interpersonal Violence (Structural Racism, Gross Inequities, Socioeconomic, Status), The Importance of Nursing Innovation, Solving Problems, Scaling up Solutions, Sustaining Solutions Over Time
Season 4
1Dean Antonia VillaruelExcellence, Penn Nursing, School community, Innovation as nursing program, Research, policy, practice, Leadership, Student voices, President’s engagement prize, Collaboration across professions, Engineering, business, Mentorship, Feedback, Opportunities, First-generation
2Mary Rose Saint-CyrFirst-generation, Higher education, Recruit children, Academic challenges, Equity in education, Diversity, representation in healthcare, Johnson and johnson nurse hackathon, Oculus launchpad, Startups, incubators, Virtual reality, Diversity in healthcare, Gender, Nursing as second degree, Perseverance, rejection
3Rob Paquin & Allan LaiPatient-centered, Research, Podcast, Resus Tonight, Virtual reality, Education, training, Emergency department, Undifferentiated acute illness, Failure, COVID practice course, Nurse-led design
4Ravenne AponteNurses you should know, Blog, Instagram, Vimeo, Black history in nursing, White-washing, Disparities, Segregation, integration, PhD
5Matt DoumaFailure, Men in nursing, Research, Nurse educator, Student burnout, UNICEF, Psychology, Community health, Interviewing, Collaboration accross professions, Sudden cardiac arrest, PhD student
6Dr. Hafeza AnchrumPhD, Civil rights movement, Historian, Nurse educator, Historical dissertation, Mercy Douglas, Systemic racism, Racial aggression, Dissertation, Social history, Leadership, Interviews, Emotional / psychological trauma, White-washing, Elitism
Season 5
1Dr. Patricia D’AntonioHistorian, Historical analysis, Racism in Nursing, Structural Racism, Social Variables, Segregation, Precision of Language, National Commission on Racism, Florence Nightingale, Flexner Report, Scientific Model
2Anthony Scarpone-LambertLumify Care, design thinking model, career change, acting, nursing as second degree, humanity of nursing, versitality of nursing, pitching, entrepreneurship, support for entrepreneurs, nursing education, Hillman Scholars, Johnson and Johnson Nurse Hackathon, low-fidelity prototyping, feedback, VIP X
3Julie FairmanStructural racism, history, policy, Civil Rights Movement, author, context, politics, salary cap
4Dr. Dawn BentCRNA, nursing leadership, teaching, mentorship, athletics, leading vs following, regulating emotions, adjusting to grad school, Bent on Education, feedback, becoming a teacher, lack of facutly diversity
5Dr. Neil Bardhan & Christina Eskridgestorytelling, theater, Elevate Theatre Company (, First Person Arts (, humanity of nursing, interprofessional team, story slam
6Jon Zhunursing student, humanity of nursing, pre-professionalism, nursing innovation, design thinking process, human-centered design, hackathon, NurseHack4Health
Season 6
1Kupiri Ackerman-BargerNursing, Education, Workforce Diversity, Education Equity, Institutional Sustainability, Diversity in Healthcare, Stereotyping, Microaggressions, Learning Outcomes, Diversity and Inclusion Promotion, Social Determinants of Health, Health Disparities, Population Health, Representation, Racism, Racism in Nursing
2Mike Avery, Neil Ray, Jackie TaylorNursing, Design, Interdisciplinary, Interdisciplinary Team, Work Flow Improvement, Design Thinking, Design Thinking Process, Healthcare Innovation, Human Centered Design, Health Care Providers, Bridging Gaps, Co-Design, Co-Collaboration, Medicine, Healthcare Evolution, Innovative Project, Emergency Department
3Julia Votto, Casey Cheng BSN, RNNursing, Design, Co-Design, Integrated Product Design, Education, Interdisciplinary, Interdisciplinary Team, Interdisciplinary Education, Workflow Improvement, Design Thinking, Design Thinking Process, Healthcare Innovation, Human Centered Design, Health Care Teams, ED, Emergency Department, Low-fidelity prototyping
4April KapuNurse Practitioners, ICU, Advanced Practice, Patient Care Outcomes, Nursing Eduaction, Advocacy, Research, Leadership, Primary Care, Access to Care, Health Policy, Health Law, Technology, Telehealth, Innovation, Scope of Practice, Full Practice Authority
5Taofiki Gafar-SchanerNursing, Bedside, Nursing Innovators, Innovation, Manufacturing, Product Development, Technology, Investment, Seizures Pads, Nurse Informatics, Psychology, Resources, Prototyping, Problem Solving, Product Improvement, Design, Entrepreneurship, Low-fidelity prototyping, Start-up, Business
Ali Gorman
Start-up, Networking, Technology, Tech Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Human Centered Design, Health Reporting, Journalism, ROTC, Navy, Health Communication, Science Communication, Nurse's Voices
7Back to SchoolNursing Students, Innovation, ABSN Students, Nursing as Second Degree, Traditional Students, NP/Master's Students, CRNA Students, Inclusion, Giving to Community, Diversity, Penn Nursing, Student Nurses, COVID, Multidisciplinary, Nursing Process, Design Process, Holistic Approach, Different Perspectives, Mentorship, Leadership, Simulation, High-fidelity Simulators, VR, Technology, Subspecialties, Emergency Health Services, (Anesthesia, Acute Care, Nutrition, Obesity Epidemic, Healthcare Management, Mental Health, ICU, Critical Care, Education, Informatics, Neonatal, Pediatrics, Substance & Alcohol, Oncology, Women's Health)
Season 7
1Angela MundCertified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Nurse Leadership, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Educator, Nurse's Voice, Interprofessional Team, Autonomous Decisions, Autonomous Practice, Full Practice Authority, Collaborative Practice, Collaborative Voice, American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology, American Nurse's Association, Advanced Practice Nursing, Baccalaureate Nursing Students, Supporting Other Professions, National Engagement, Transparency, Diversity, Veteran, Veteran Care, VA Hospital, Pushing Legislation, Strength in Numbers
2Barbara GlicksteinPublic Health Nursing, Health Reporting, National Health News Media Strategy, Media Training, Strategic Communication Training, Policy, Nursing Activism, Nurse's Voices, Storytelling, Nursing Podcasts, Social Justice, Film, Journalism, Relationship Building, Listening to Stories, Nursing Advocacy, Nurse Empowerment, Patient Advocacy, Women's Advocacy, Leveraging Trust, Integrating Passions Into Nursing, Nurses as Sources, LGBTQ+ Health, Versatility in Nursing
3Randi Roy and John RydzewskiConsulting, Education, Entrepreneurship, Hospital Administration, Healthcare Administration, Innovation, Innovation Accelerator Program, Interdisciplinary Team, Mentorship, Nursing Innovation, Start-Up Company, Venture Capitalists
4Brighid GannonHealth Policy, Health Outcomes, Ryan Haight Act, Nurse Entrepreneur, Psychiatric Nursing, Lavender, Prescription, Drug Overdose, Drug Misuse Prevention, Online Pharmacy, Telemedicine,Telehealth Accessibility, Online Psychiatry, Provider Obstacles, Access to Care, Evidence-Based Approaches, Outdated Policies, Mental Health Crisis, Psychiatric Prescriber Shortage, Mental Health Provider Shortage, Opioid Crisis, Health Bias, Provider Responsibilities, Protecting Patients, Pharmaceuticals.
5Renee OmoyeniAccessibility, Underrepresented Students, Minorities in Nursing, Pre-Nursing, Nursing Students, Nurse Advocate US Army, Mentorship, Health Education, Professional Development, Health Care Exposure, Middle/High School Students, Higher Education, Advanced Practice Nursing, Versatility in Nursing, Scope of Nursing Practice
6Lucinda CantyArt and Poetry, Health Equity, History, Nursing Education, Nursing Education Policy, Nurse Educator, Nursing Mentorship, Reproductive Health, Representation in Nursing, POC Health, Racism in Nursing, Structural Racism in Nursing, Maternal Mortality, Maternal Morbidity, Safe Spaces for Black Women
Season 8
1Live from the Summer Innovation InstituteLegislation, Nurse Leaders
Special Episodes
Casey Cheng and Amy XiaAPANSA (Asian Pacific American Nursing Student Association), Nursing Students , Microaggressions, Prejudice, Stereotypes towards Asian Americans, Support Groups, Penn Nursing
Dallas DucarGender-Affirming Care, Patient-Centered Care, Trans Community, Healthcare, Legislation, Nursing Leadership
COVID-19Alison ButtenheimCOVID-19, US Healthcare, Safety Guidelines, “New Normal”, Societal Adjustments, COVID Vaccination, Dear Pandemic, Masking
Marion Leary and Dr. Angelarosa DidonatoPivoting to Nursing, Critical Care Nursing, Trauma ICU, Evidence-Based Practice, Associates Degree vs. Bachelors Degree Programs, Nurse Anesthesia (CRNA), Pennsylvania Association of Nurse Anesthetists, Nursing Leadership, Scope of Practice, State Regulations and Limitations for Advanced Practice Nurses, Billable Procedures, ICU Nursing, Center for Resuscitation Science, Nurse Research Coordinator, CPR, Quality, Improving CPR Training, Innovation in Health Course, Design Thinking for Health, Human-Centered Innovation, Nursing Story Slam
COVID-19Dr. Alison Buttenheim & Dr. Carolyn CannuscioCOVID-19, What we know, How to lessen the spread, What to expect in the following days/weeks, Public Health Research, Behavioral Epidemiology, Social Epidemiology, Penn School of Nursing
COVID-19Dr. Lisa LewisDepartment of Africana Studies, Diversity and Inclusivity, Health Equity and Health, Disparities, Advocating for Black Patients, Caring for Diverse Patient Populations, Racism and Social Justice, Nursing Influence, Anti-Racism Nursing, Nurse Leaders, Bedside Nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses, Nurse Scientists, Pediatric Nursing, Mount Sinai Hospital
COVID-19Dr. Lisa CampbellPublic Health Nurse, Former Chair of the American Public Health Associate’s Public, Health Nursing Section, Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations, US Public, Health System, COVID-19's Impact, How to flatten the curve
COVID-19 UpdateDr. Alison Buttenheim & Dr. Carolyn CannuscioCOVID-19, Where we are in the pandemic, How it has been handled locally + nationally, What is to come
COVID-19Brianna Morgan & Elise TarbiAdult and Gerontological Primary Care Nurse Practitioners, Advance Care Planning (COVID-19), Supporting people at increased risk, Increased Demands on Hospitals and Providers, Rationing
COVID-19Dr. Rachel Walker & Dr. Anna ValdezNursing Mutual Aid 2020 Twitter Conference, Global Connections, Nurse Twitter, Virtual. Conferences, Nurse Leaders, Free Open Access, Amplifying New COVID-19 Knowledge, Deficits of Public Health, Acute Care, COVID Triaging/Testing, Nursing Mutual Aid, Nursing Community, Representation, Inclusivity, Marginalized Types of Nursing
COVID-19Lynda Benton, Molly McCarthy, & Rebecca LoveNursing Innovation, NurseHack4Health, Directors, Molly McCarthy (CNO @ Microsoft), Supporting health plans using technology, Health bots for COVID-19, Virtual Rounding, Telemedicine, Assisting Frontline Workers, Lynda Benton (Senior Director @ Johnson & Johnson), Johnson and Johnson Nursing, Unique Role of Nurses in Healthcare, Patient-Centered Care, Rebecca Love (President @ SONSIEL), Nurses as Innovators, SONSIEL, Creating meaningful change in healthcare, Empowering nurses to create solutions, PPE to frontline workers, Virtual Collaboration with Engineers and Developers, Nursing Hackathons, Rapid design thinking process, Allowing nurses to own healthcare problems and solutions
COVID-19Dr. Laura Vargas & Dr. Adriana PerezPenn Injury Science Center, Nurse Practitioner, Latinx Populations, Healthy Aging, Aging in Place, Immigrants, Farm Workers, Migrant Workers, Exposure to Trauma and Effects on Mental Health, Strong Family Culture (Familismo), Offering Support Resources in Spanish, COVID-19 Challenges, Health and Healthcare Disparities, Addressing Complex Issues, Discrimination, Racism, Uninvolved in Plan of Care,
COVID-19Dr. Sascha James-ConterelliNY State Association of Licensed Midwives, Yale School of Nursing, Racial, Disparities in Maternal Morbidity and Mortality, Healthcare Accessibility and Quality, Holistic Care, Social Determinants of Health, Physical and Social Environments, Added Challenges of COVID-19, Maternal Morbidity and Racial Disparity Task Force, Alternative Settings for Birth, Nurse-Led Policy
COVID-19Dr. Pritma Dhillon-Chattha and Dr. Brighid GannonNursing Entrepreneurship, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Impact of COVID, Digital Health Technology, Improving Access to Health for Marginalized Populations, Deregulation of Barriers to Access, Access to Mental Health Treatment, Lavender, Creative Solutions for Improving Mental Health, Telehealth, Healthcare Worker Trauma
Inaugural Story Slam
2019Erin CornmanMSN Acute Care Student, Assistant Nurse Manager, US Air Force Veteran, Trauma, Nursing, Casualties of War, Compassion
Linda FontanillaDNP Nurse Anesthesia Student, US Army Veteran, Critical Care Nurse, Unfulfilling- not being able to see patient’s end result, Purpose and Self Worth
Pamela CacchioneGerontological Nursing, Penn Nurse Innovation Fellow, Nurse Scientist, Emergency, Patient on Plane, Rotating Tourniquets, Distended Abdomen
Bruce Kloss (00:35)Oncology, patient death, grief, religion, humanity of nursing
Renee Luster Fishman (07:45)Television, training, military nursing
Jill Distefano (19:10)Diagnosis of family member, intersection of personal and work, empathy
Cindy Heffron (25:35)Hospice, death of patient, humanity, patient connection
Elizabeth Bass (37:30)ICU, delerium, humanity, patient relationships
Brianna Morgan (43:20)Palliative care, oncology, quality of care, hospice, death
Elaine Selan (49:45)Psychiatric, court-ordered care, delusion, humanity of nursing