Basil Downy Mildew Monitoring Records 2012
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State or CountryDate Symptoms SeenEstimated Date Symptoms StartedReporter NameReporter E-mail or other contact infoLocationField, Greenhouse, or GardenPlant and Planting SizeSeverityHow DiagnosedConfirmationAdditional Description and Comments
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AK8/20138/2013Shannon Postslpost6@gmail.comTalkeetna, AlaskaGreenhouseGenovese from seedTotal lossConfirmed symptoms with local cooperative extension, matches internet descriptions exactlynot in a labNew soil in greenhouse this year, unseasonably hot weather, then usual cold damp rain. Also observed small gnat-like insects. Once mildew appeared, aphids also had a feast. This is my seventh year growing basil successfully, first time with downy mildew. Also first time I raised a tomato and a tomatillo plant in the greenhouse. Disposed of all plants offsite. I am wondering if I have to sterilize all my soil or throw it out and start again. Thanks for taking the data.
AL5/22/2012April 2012E. Harryejh805@yahoo.comMobile, ALpotted outdoor gardenSweet Basil, about 1.5 ft talllower 50% of plantyellowed wilting leaves mimicing nitrogen deficit, black pepper-like spores on underside of leavesspores evidentPurchased plant from a "big box" store; downy mildew appeared about 2 weeks after purchase and transplant. Also in garden are rosemary, oregano, mint, parsley, and lemon thyme. None of those show any symptoms of infection.
AL5/22/2012MAY 2012E.
AL6/4/2012late MayEd Sikorasikorej@auburn.eduBirmingham ALoutdoor gardenunknownunknownmicroscopic examinationspores evidentOverhead irrigated. Located at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
AR7/2/20126/15/2012pam1824-1950@live.comColt, AR2 potted outsidevolunteernot to bad 20%noticed while cuttingnothese plants came up volunteer from seeds that fell into pot from last years plants
BC5/2/2012April 2012GrowerBC CanadaGreenhouseplugs & 9cm potSevereGrower familiar with pathogen and recognised it.Cofirmed by plant labSeeds & Unrooted cuttings. Sweet basils worst affected, lemon and Spicy Globe least affected. RH reduction program in place now. Weather was damp and OC, RH was 80%+, now 35%. Discarded whole crop and started again. Disinfected benches, greenhouses and surrounding area. Plants disposed of off site. Also noticed this on plants from other growers in area.
BCAugust 2012late AugustMyriam Dostertmyriamdostert@gmail.comSurrey, BC, CanadaCommunity gardenpatch about 4 sq ft and plants about 12-16 in highall plants fully involvedcompared to photos on website
CA4/29/20124/29/2012Bill Samuelsbillsamuels@astound.netConcord, CATrader Joes Grocery Store8" plantSevere-75% leaves involvedLeaves match all pictures on internet perfectly - looks like pepper on back and yellow spots on front of leaves. I have pictures as well.PhotosThe back of leaves are completely covered with black peppery mold that rubs off onto your fingers and forms black mold. The front of leaves are dying with yellow to brown burns. This matches all descriptions I can find on internet. The plant itself is also starting to wilt. I bought it at a local Concord (CA) Trader Joes and it was covered in a plastic protectant and was very moist, which probably allowed this fungus to grow. I'm also a biologist, so I have some identification experience, but I don't have access to a microscope at this time. I will return to Trader Joes and advise them of the problem, but I doubt they will do anything about it. I did notice that all of their plants had the same problem! I have photos of this plant and it appears that this plant is pretty involved in the disease.
CA6/9/20126/1/2012IGOR GRADOVigorgradovjr@gmail.comGuerneville, Sonoma County, CAGarden (raised bed, drip irrigated) 4 -12ft rows, spaced 12" apart.50 "Sweet Basil" 4" pots each plant +/- 6" tall70% infectedVisual, confirmed with comparison to Cornell's photos & UC Davis Master GardenerConfirmedRemoved all plants from raised Bed. Applied Serenade ASO to soil and ALL plants in garden. Will monitor Tomatoes & Peppers.
CA7/8/2012620/2012John Bowdishcjbowdish@hotmail.comSanta Barbara, CA600 plants in fieldmature100 %saw the yellow leavesnodisposed of all infected plants which were planted in old brassica beds that also get downy mildew
CA06/201206/2012D Eastmandeastman92646@verizon.netHuntington Beach, CAGarden Pot3 plants80-90%VisualPlants purchased from Armstrong Garden Center in May or June 2012. Planted in Earthbox (selfl-watering) planter boxes with thyme, parsley, & oregano. Not being much of a gardener, and having gone on a two week vacation, I did not recognize it as a disease. by the time I returned this week, the plants are unusable.
CO5/1/2012Tamla Blunttamla.blunt@colostate.eduFort Collins, COGreenhouseunknownsporangiophores and sporangia match photos in the articlemicroscopeBasil, cultivar 'Genovese'; from a grower who supplies grocery stores with fresh basil in plastic containers.  I have not seen the greenhouse, but the samples that were sent to the Diagnostic Clinic are exactly the photos in your article.  I am not sure how they contracted DM as they use mother plants for propagation and do not use outside seed sources.
CT6/20/2012mid JuneJ. Allenjoan.allen@uconn.eduNew London County, CTGreenhousePlants about 10" tall in 4" potsModerate severity; large crop destroyed due to high incidence.Sporangia and sporangiophores observed microscopically.YesAlso sudden appearance (or notice) of symptoms. Genovese and Thai were affected.
CT8/25/2012Caroline Brownflowerladycb@gmail.comStafford SpringsfieldGenovese, about 40' x 3 rowsmoderatevisual comparison with online photosnomany upper leaves show the yellowing, still a lot of unaffected leaves, but this is just getting started; we are small OG CSA (not certified)--members love their basil! They will be disappointed. Field is a low-lying one, and we also just observed late blight of tomatoes in the same area; no overhead irrigation--we have drip line installed; late blight not particularly evident on our higher ground
CTEarly July 2012JuneNancy McMahonmcmahon172@gmail.comCTGardensgenovese Basil, 10"severesporulation visible on underside of leafspores, etc.Am pulling up all basil for this year and calling it a day. : (
DClate Maymid MayS. Gainessethgaines@gmail.comDC3 individual pots on windowsillunknown, planted when 6"70-80%matches picsleaves have large dry white areas covered in tiny black dotsProbably came from lettuce plants that were infested with all kinds of pests. Lettuce completely dead, one basil plant wiped out very quickly, two at far end of sill from lettuce now sick, one looks like it will die for sure. Attempting to treat with baking soda solution. May also have killed most of a mint plant, and may be attacking blooms on an African Violet, although the leaves look very healthy.
DE6/1/20125/28/2012E DeAngelisernie@tomatosunshine.comRehoboth Beach Deoutdoor gardensweet Basil20%slight yellowing dark powder on under side of LeafPictures look identical to plantsPurchased from grower in ohio large green house been in the ground 4 weeks just noticed have had downy mildew on impatient crop
FL3/2/20126/2011George Schiro98782009any@schiro.nameHarmony, FLGarden in Buckets4 plantsAll plants affectedLeaf discoloration on top with black and grey fuzz underneathReporting late but I have seen this prior to last year also (I think).
FL4/6/20124/1/2012Shouan Zhangszhang0007@ufl.eduHomesteadsentinel plots5-6 inch5%symptomsmicroscopeThis was seen in sentinel plots from seed sent by Meg. Actually downy mildew of basil is present year around in Homestead area. We had trials in winter (Nov - March) of 2011-2012 and the plants were heavily infected.
FL5/15/20125/10/2012Becca Fritschlebeccanise@yahoo.comPensacola,FLgarden sweet,opal,thai and variegated--plants are 12 inches and higher40%sporangiophores and sporangia match photos in the articlespores evidentmy first year to have this problem with basil. I believe infected plants came from one grower from whom I bought the majority of my plants this year. also noticed downy mildew on a coleus before I knew what it was.
FL5/26/20125/15/2012L. St. Denislbstdenis@msn.comSarasota, FLoutdoor gardenSweet Basil 14 "40%slight yellowing, match photos in article spores evident, viewed with magnifying glassPurchased from Big Box store. I was able to get one cutting/harvest from the 6 plants. Rain, humidity, and overcast has begun the past 2 weeks. I had the same problem last year in a different part of the garden only it was much worse and appeared quickly after planting. I was not aware at the time it was DM.
FL6/6/2012Late May 2012RJ Ogdenffarm@cox.netGainesville, FLGarden, potsMature flowering plantsSevereFrom photos on this site. I've grown basil for my own use for many years and have never seen this before.NoDisease appeared abruptly on self-sown basil in garden and in 5 different varieties in pots on concrete pad some 50 feet away - Siam Queen, a generic Siam type, Envigor, Gecofure and Nufar. Sweet Dani was apparently unaffected, as was another lemon-scented type. A couple of the self-sown plants in the garden are showing significantly less damage. Infection seems to have originated shortly after several days of heavy rain and wind associated with subtropical storm Beryl.
Fl04/201204/2012Beatriz Mendozacortissozbeatriz@yahoo.comMiamiGarden pot20 plants all sizesl
FLgeneral reportalways presentRick Raid (entered by MTM)rnraid@ufl.edusouth eastern Floridafieldsymptomsspores evidentDowny has been rampant this spring, although it is present and on-going all year long now in south Florida. Several of our large growers suffered losses in April even with a rigid spray program, so that tells you something about the favorable conditions. If it is sweet basil, there is little likelihood of escaping conditions unless the canopy is kept dry and/or it is sprayed with an effective compound.
FL3/2012Matt Tlizardslaps@gmail.comocala,FLGarden15 plants 1 to 12inches 2 variety1005 of leaves and stemseen on plants googled itnot confirmedNoticed for awhile plants started with what looked like washed up dirt under leaves and eventually spread over the whole plant. Watched its progress over a month with no real symptoms other than a few black dots under the leave.
GA7/23/2012early JulyJ. Cooperjohn@woodlandgardensorganic.comGA, USAhigh tunnel production"aroma II" 12"severeemperical, labspores, etcwe have grown basil commercialy for 10 years -- first occurence. We are very anxious. This is a easy hoop house crop and more worried about spread of pathogen to other more important crops
GA7/23/2012early JulyJ. Cooperjohn@woodlandgardensorganic.comGA, USAhigh tunnel productionaroma II 12"severeemperical, labspores, etcwe have grown basil commercialy for 10 years -- first occurence. We are very anxious. This is a easy hoop house crop and more worried about spread of pathogen to other more important crops
GA9/30/2012last two weeks?Timothy Dennytdenny@uga.eduAthens, GAGardenAroma 2 cultivar, 6 mature plants from which stems were being harvested for the third time this seasonabout 10% of leaves (mostly older leaves)

plentiful sporangiophores visible on the underside and slight
yellow mottle on the upper side

yes - microscopic by professional plant pathologistplants grown from certified organic seed from Johnny's Seeds; germination tested 11/11. This sis the first year we've seen this disease
Ga4/2012Lizlizrote@comcast.netSavannah,GaGarden2 Plants in pots these plantsrandom-both lower leaves and upper leaves googled
HIgeneral report (3/18/12)Janice Uchida (entered by MTM)juchida@hawaii.eduOahufieldhigh disease levelssymptomsAll growers here are suffering tremendous losses. The weather has been extremely wet and the Hanalei valley was completely underwater for days. Unprecedented. On Oahu there has been a lot of flooding in many parts of the State including rare tornadoes, hail (some large) falling in areas where it has never been noticed before.
HIgeneral report (3/18/12)Janice Uchida (entered by MTM)juchida@hawaii.eduMaui and HawaiifieldPresentsymptoms
IN8/10/2012late JulyLiz Maynardemaynard@purdue.eduINsentinel plot1 ft.X ft. X 1 ft. plants, 28 plants 10%sporulation visible on underside of leaf
Jamaica7/2/2012every planting since about 2009C. Kingcatha876@gmail.comMontego Bay, Jamaica,W.I.outdoor gardenSummerlong, Sweetvaries, about 70%matches all pictures on websiteI have been seeing DM on plants for a few years now and only just seeing your article to realise what it is. Thought it was heat/sun. Have other varieties that are not as badly affected. Plants mostly from seeds. Very humid in Jamaica, doubt most growers are even aware it is a mildew to take preventive measures. Hope my entry is okay as column A did say State or Country.
MA8/3/2012AugustA Catheramanda@communityfarms.orgWaltham, MAfield large field planting, plants 12 inches tallmoderatevisualNo
MD6/21/2012Early JuneN. VanHornnmvanhorn@hotmail.comBaltimore City, MDIndoor, but next to a mint plant that had been outdoors (both in pots)10-12" plants. 7" inch pot. 1 older (2 year old plant) plant, 1 just older than first harvesting, and one entire mint plant all infected. From photos on this site and others. All leaves have tiny spores on their underside. There has been significant wilting, with the tops of the leaves showing yellowish-white 'smears' and tiny black specks/dots. I then became worried and checked the underside - where I first saw tiny greenish bugs (aphids), but then noticed what resemble pores/spores. NoI recently placed my mint plant outside in early June. I then brought it back inside, and put it next to my Basil plants. Soon I noticed my mint wilting and becoming very yellowish and speckled with black-purplish dots. I didn't think too much of it. Not long after I noticed my Basil plants started to get the similar black-purplish specks/dots. Thereafter I noticed the yellow/white streaking and blotching; I noticed the wilting; the tiny bugs; and, most disturbingly, tiny spores on the undersides of my entire plant. However I did notice that my mint does not have any spores on its underside, which seems strange.
MD8/20/20128/1/2012R Dortzbachrdortzbach@gmail.comBaltimore, MDGarden, raised bed16" plant90%observation, spores underside leaf
Me7/4?20126/?/2012Deb Daiglebarnndeb@megalink.netLivermore Falls, MeGreenhouse&field8x12 greenhouse&20'fieldAll bottom leaves effectedwebsiteconfirmedwill destroy and bag infected plants
MEJuly 2012mid-late JulyMarla Davism.h.davis@comcast.netMEgardensweetmatches picsI have already made pesto to freeze using healthy leaves. Is it edible?
MI8/29/2012Jan Byrnebyrnejm@msu.eduAllegan Countygreenhousemicroscopic examinationsporangiaphores and sporangia
MI8/29/2012Matt Visserinfo@isadorefarm.comCedar, MIField160' 8" centers, 3 rows per bed 12" apart50% and spreadingI'm a mycologist as well as an orgainic farmer, wet mounts made at 400xyes1st time I've seen this one, also having issues with cucurbit downy mildew this year in nearby rows. We're certified OG, looking for advice on control.
MN8/10/20128/7/2012Dana Jokelafarm@featherstonefarm.comRushford, MNFieldplants 8-12" tall, first harvest 1 week prior to onset, planting size = 3000 row ft10% of field at one end of field unaffect so far. Remaining portion 80%+ affectedinfo and photos from Cornell & Long Island Hortnot confirmed; only visual diagnosisCan uninfected leaves be eaten?
MN9/7/2012July 2012Kathy, MNField & raised bed gardenSeveral varieties30 - 80% of plants dep on variety, 20-75% leaf surface affectedleaf symptoms, mount of spores,sporangiophores yesSeveral varieties and 2 planting dates. Did not see any planting with no downy mildew
MN9/8/20129/6/2012Claudiabensonbrantz@gmail.comMinneapolis,MNgarden4 plants in 10 ft x 3 ftYellowing from ground up, some brown spots on some leaves, some leaves have holes, brown and white sporulations visible on undersides of some leaves.Reported in St. Paul, Mn for first time 9/6/12. Looked up symptoms on internet.not confirmedOne plant was from cuttings from basil plants in my garden summer of 2011. The other three purchased at garden store when 1 ft tall.
MN9/11/2012Kathy, MNPotleaf symptoms, mount of spores,sporangiophores yes
MNAugust 2012JulyTina CountyGardencontainermicroscopic examinationsporangiaphores and sporangiaThis was identified due to a call to the MN Dept. of Ag. regarding her basil growing in a pot.
MNAugust 2012Kathy, MNGardenGenoveseleaf symptoms, mount of spores,sporangiophores yes
MO8/27/20128/12/2012Mattmatthew@perfectiongrowers.comKC, MOGreenhouse12-18" 12%Visual confirmation with comparision to photos on Cornell Universtity web-siteNoWe grow our basil in the ground inside a greenhouse - crop is cut weekly for fresh basil market. We lost an entire crop in 2009 to this same disease. We did not plant again until this year hoping it would not return - just spotted the symptoms last week. Going to take aggressive control measures this year. In '09 our crop of 2000 plants was 100% infected within four weeks of first observing the mildew.
NC6/13/2012Early JuneJ. Halljesseshain@gmail.comWake Forest, NCRaised patio planter8" plants, recently pinched back, 6' x 30" raised planter and separate 10" clay pot, all 3 plants showing mildew Severe. 2 plants have about 1/2 leaves infected, 1 plant about 1/3 leaves infected.From photos on this site. I have also grown basil for years and have never seen this. Familiar with most other garden pests, this was a new one.NoFeels like it happened overnight, I check plants daily--including under leaves for aphids. It has been rainy and humid the last 2 weeks, but temperatures have been mild in NC for mid-june (65-85 degrees). Third plant is about 5 feet away from the closest two. All three are Sweet/Genovese basil plants.
NC08/201207/2012Jeff Serenajserena@sterlingpublishing.comAsheville, NCgardenGenovese, 4 plantsAll leaves except topmost young leaves affected Yellowing in sections between veins, black or gray sporulations visible on undersides of leaves.not confirmedUnusually damp summer in western NC. Have not encountered this disease before, and guessed at first that it was a nutritional deficiency. An earlier planting of Genovese basil from a different seed source and harvested in mid July was not affected.
NH7/20/2012june/JulyT. KrichevskyTamar@Tamarsky.comWilton, NHgarden10 plants, about 1.5 ft tall. about 20 inches apart. All 10 plants in garden infected. Two plants in pots not affected.Visual: yellow leaves, brown/black fuzz on back. Looks just like the diagnostic pictures on the web.NoBought plants at local garden center. Only plants in garden are infected (so far). Plants in pots on deck are healthy. It has been a hot, dry summer. Relied on overhead watering every few days.
NY6/7/20126/1/2012Jen Stenglejjs95@cornell.eduHopewell Junction NYpotted outdoor gardengenovese Basil, 10"25%yellowing of upper leaf surface, microscopic examination of lower surfaceSpores evidentPurchased from a local grower, Genovese cultivar. Planted in new container mix. Extended cool rainy period that has lasted nearly two weeks.
NY7/6/2012within last weekMark Gillilandcce@mark.orgIrvington, Westchesterpotted outdoor gardensweet, 24"h x 16"w60-70% - only newest 2-3" growth at stem tips is free.matches picssporation and light fuzzy growth on underside of yellow areasPurchased basil starts from Rosedale Nursery. Only noticed visually (yellowing patches) over the last week. Rapid onset. Containers are irrigated with drip system from below.
NY7/9/2012mid JuneC. Changchris.h.chang@gmail.comIthacapotted outdoor garden on balconySweet basil15%matches picsfuzzy black growth on underside of leaves
NY7/18/20126/25/2012Teresa Rusinektr28@cornell.eduUlster CountyFieldSweet Basil 90%Visual
NY8/1/20128/1/2012D. Hechtdshecht@verizon.netPort Washington,NYgardenstarted from Park seed bottoms of upper leaves have black moldwebsitewebsite
NY8/12/20127/25/2012BernieWestchester CountyGarden4 potsVery badVisuallyNo
NY8/26/2012mid-AugustDeb Palumbo-Sandersdebpalsan@frontier.comPenfield,NYFieldCaesar, Pluto not infectedmost of the planting, especially on lower leavesvisual and microscope confirmation
NY9/15/20128/31/2012Marita Wilsonman232@cornell.eduIthaca, NYGardenTwo basil plants in a pot (Envigor and Rosie cultivars), 1.5 ft tall1/2 of leaves affected - only lower/older leavessporangiophores visible on underside of leavesyes - microscopic by Cornell Horticulture grad student (Bill Holdsworth) 10/11/12I received these plants from the Cornell Plantations. They were grown in their greenhouse and spent time in their gift shop. They had yellowed/pale leaves at the time of purchase but I did not check for mildew at the time.
NY9/25/2012mid JulyElaine Banachjoebanach@hotmail.comCorning, NYgarden potsSweet Basil multiple plantings from different nursery sources100% of plants infected. Didn't realize what is was until recently via your website. the spores spread quickly to all new leaf growthPhotos on the Cornell website. First noticed yellowing on top of leaves and when I looked at the underside I noticed a dark dusty substance. I have never had this problem before so I was stumped by what the cause was until now. noI like to make a lot of Pesto. I am assuming I can not use any of the leaves with signs of the Downy Mildew on I guess no Pesto production this year!
Ontario8/14/20128/2/2012Zac Guizzettizguizzet@uoguelph.caVaughan, OntarioGardenPlants 20" tall, ongoing leaf harvest and pinching of flowers, 18" apart.Patches on 70% of leaves, with visible black mold on the underside of leafwebsiteconfirmedUnknown source, potentially brought on by a week of frequent rain, cloud cover and high relative humidity.
OR8/15/20128/1/2012Michelle Field Agronomistmarmstrong@wilburellis.comClackamas countyFieldMultiple plantings 4"-harveston size10-90% depending o 5 plantingVisualNoI believe this started in a different field last year but did not see the spores this year I am seeing the yellow spots and spores as well in both grower locations
PAgeneral report on 9/1/12no symptomsLee Ann Reinerslarch@zoominternet.netTidioute, PA (Warren Co.)pots on deckheight: pot #1-2: 18" ; pot #3: 4" no signs of mildewn/an/aI started both the Genovese seeds you provided and seeds I had from a commercial source, variety unknown. Some seeds were started in my greenhouse in April/May, and some in late June. None of the plants is exhibiting signs of mildew. Just some insect damage, but that's all. I will be taking a pot of plants to Florida for the winter and will see if any mildew develops there. Some of the plants were grown in the same containers as potted tomatoes (Bush Goliath), some in a container with oregano & zinnias. All received full sun and had decent air circulation, plus automatic watering from a soaker hose. Only water to hit the leaves was rainwater.
PA8/18/2012Janet Rochejanet.roche@gmail.comWyndmoor, PAGardenGenovese, two 14' rows and one plant in potAt least 75% on all plantsyellowing leaves with spores observed on underside of leavesnoAll plants affected, those grown from seed and those purchased as seedlings.
RISeptember 2013N. Franksnfranks@risd.eduProvidence RIKitchen gardenplants were propogated from cuttings both from store bought basil packages and nursery purchasestarted at low leaves and took over full plantInternet searchconfirmedOccured on plants that first appeared completely healthy. Also occured in cuttings I propogated from store bought basil package. The propogations were fine until I grew them next to one another (the infected plant and the new growth). By the weeks end all plants were over taken.
SCearly May5/4/2012Anthony Keinathtknth@clemson.eduCharleston, SCgardentransplants in pot for 4 weeksvisualspores evidentTransplants were purchased from "big box" store; downy mildew appeared after they were planted in pots.
TX3/19/20123/17/2012Kevin Ongkevo@tamu.eduSan Antonio, TXnurseryBased on phone call to nursery (observed and confirmed in previous years). Problem is reported to be present again this year. Will be making a visit to location soon.
TX9/24/2012Ameliaamelia@puelucktexas.comDripping Springs, TXFieldNufar, cinnamon 3ft rows with 18 inch plant spacingspores on underside of leavesCertified organic seed from Johnny's. This is the second year we have been affected. Spores have developed both years in September when it finally rains, humidity is higher and temps are lower than 100 degree summer temps.
TX12/9/201212/1/2012John Lewisjal_1214@yahoo.comHouston, TXRooftop container garden14 plants total, incl. Genovese, Purple Opal, Spicy Globe, and several wild self-sown crosses, all grown from seed. All plants are mature with florets (which I've been pruning back) and around 1 foot tall. Some in nursery pots and some mixed in with vege's in lg. planters. It's also worth noting that I have a lg. container of Chia (salvia hispanica), which suffered a sever defoliation a cpl of weeks prior, though I never noticed any gray mold on them.These plants were all healthy and happy, a week prior. Had noticed some lower leaf drop on a few plants a week ago, but thought nothing of it. Went out of town for a few days and when I returned today and checked my garden I found that all of the basil plants had obvious gray fuzzy mold on the undersides of leaves, old & new. In addition, some leaves had already suffered severe necrosis (brown & curled), and had dropped or were dangling. I noticed the very obvious, thick fuzzy, gray mold on many of the leaves, as I was pruning the florets back and harvesting the tops for drying. I had to look it up, as this was the very first time I'd ever seen this before. I've been growing basils on my roof for a few seasons now, and never come across this.just visualNOTE: The weather here in Houston has been very damp and mild, with overcast skies and little bright/full sun, with 100% humidity all nite. Also - I'm just throwing this out there for consideration, but I did ad some bagged compost to all my planters about a week prior to the date that the early symptoms arose. I read that the fungal disease is wind-spread, but perhaps those spores were in the compost and splashed onto the plants.
TXJune 2012Late May 2012Jayan Pillaigreentiger87@gmail.comPasadena, TXGardensweet basil transplants in 5 gallon containers; holy basil, thai basil and self-seeded cross volunteers in raised beds; thai basil and lemon basil from purchased seed in 3 gallon containersSevere defoliation on sweet basil, minimal on lemon basil and holy basil, moderate on thai basil and crossessymptoms, sporesnoFrequent "hard pruning" and disinfection with dilute bleach or hydrogen peroxide solution worked remarkably well, but greatly reduced production overall. Very minimal symptoms on lemon and spicy globe. Minor symptoms on holy basil with quick leaf drop.
VT7/6/2012late juneT. Andrewsfarm@vycc.orgRichmond, VTField+high tunnel600 row feet in field60%visualnospread rapidly in hot humid weather
VT8/20/20128/1/2012Daniel Hovissdaniel@putney.netPutneyCommunity garden2'most tops of plants fully involvedsporulation visible on underside of leafTrimed effected leaves an tops hoping for a second growth...
VTAugust 2012J. Steinjeshawks@shoreham.netShoreham VTkitchen garden6 plants, genovese, bought as starts from local organic nurseryAll plantsInternet searchTook me totally by surprise. Noticed color change on top leaves, checked a couple of days later, saw it was worse, turned over leaves and saw what looked like dirt on the undersides. Picked some that didn't look too badly affected, but on closer inspection saw they all were. Plants were overwhelmed and dying within a few days.
WA5/2/2012unkownGibbonsSeattle, WA
wa8/18/20128/10/2012Mark richardsonmmarkodavid@hotmail.comBellinghamgardenstarts AND directly seeded
WA8/29/20128/20/2012Kate Halsteadkhalstead@wsu.eduMonroe, WAgarden, containers two different locations 2 miles apartGenovese, about 40 total plants in multipae plantings/locationsrapidly becoming severebrought to WSU Snohomish County Extension for confiramtionyesHave seen minor amounts of this problem in prior years, didn't know it was DM, this is first year it is devastating most of my plantings, regardless of location, soil, exposure, etc. Expect to lose everything by end of week.
WI4/29/20124/22/2012Amanda Gevensgevens@wisc.eduMadison, WIgreenhouse12 plantsall plants infectedsymptoms and signs consistent with DM; microscope confirmation of sporangiaconfirmedone plant bought at Menards in Monona WI. Alerted garden center to the diagnosis of basil downy mildew. plants were off the shelf within a day (they looked terrible and couldn't be sold, I assume)
WV6/17/2012late MayJennifer Smithjls9@mac.comLost River, WVpotted outdoor gardengenovese Basil, 10"50%yellowing of upper leaf surface, not too much mildew on the back.a few spores evident but a lot of yellowingPurchased from Lowes in Virginia. I wasn't aware of the mildew until a friend pointed it out. None of my other herbs show signs of infection.
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