/r/HSTrack 2016 Outdoor Goal Sheet
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UsernameEventsGoalsPriority (A-F)NotesDate Achieved
kmck96Marathon, half marathon2:35 OKC MarathonAMain goal, looking tough based on recent workouts and nagging injuries
Sub 2:40 marathonB-Backup goal. Definitely should be able to hit this
1:14 half marathonDReally non essential, just want to have a fast half time
Z3R0-0400mSub 52 400mATore my acl after first meet. RIP track season
Qualify for Nationals (8224)C
greendaymaggHammerQualify for state meet (143' in qualifier or top 18 people)AI'm sick of throwing in the JV State meet and really want to throw with the best girls aroundMissed states by one person :(
Hit 150' by the end of summer BGood number to hit and show collegesIt's not the end of summer yet but I've basically burnt out this season which is seriously upsetting
Place in NBON EE HammerCI'll be throwing in both EE and Champ, and it took 135ish to place last year, it would be pretty cool to get a medal at the national meet even if it's EE
GGC_PollyLejusticeMile4:50 1600mAI am just a freshman but this would be a dream (PR 5:04)
Stay injury freeBI stayed fairly injury free and would like to keep it that way
magicpants69400/8004x400 WIN STATEACurrent 11th place, at 3:30 but the ability and potential to drop sub 3:20
48.5/1:55BCurrent PR's 51 and 2:03, this is first year with good coaches and taking track seriously
Drake Relays 4 eventsB4x400, 4x800, 4x200, Distance Medley Relay
Jeremy2015GeneralGet healthy and stay healthy for the rest of the seasonA+++Hopefully this is going to happen. 5/23 Failed to get healthy at all and just going to start training for cross country when I can.
3200m11:59A (Reach)Big reach. As of 4/19 I am not in good enough shape. Hopefully I can work on that.
12:30B (Main)Main goal and it probably won't be too hard.4/19 In a rainy and windy race I got 12:18
1600m5:25A (Reach)Not too much of a reach. Hopefully I can reach this soon. This will probably indicate a sub 12 in the 3200m.
5:35B (Main)Main goal and again, it will probably be pretty easy.4/12 Almost there. Got 5:38 with bad pacing.
800m2:23CDon't really care about the 800m but I know I have to do it.
trialsofmilesoftrials1600/8004:24/1:57/qualify for stateA+ (reach)Currently at 4:37 and 2:05, but anticipating large drops in the near future (crossing my fingers, of course). School records are 4:24/1:59, state qualifying would be 4:20-30/1:58.State in 1600 on 6/4
4:29/1:59A (main)4:30.7 and 1:58.8
Win conference and countyCCounty in both, sucked at conference
flustard400 hurdles/Decathlon/Jav57 400IHAShould be able to break 60 at first meet
165' JavB-No idea how close I am
6000 in DecathlonBShould happen with some extra training
TheGreatConjecture800/1600/32002:02 800m Regional QualifierABeen pretty frustrated lately with my performance in the 800, can't break the high 2:06-7 area to save my life
4:32 1600 Regional QualifierBProbably the easiest of my goals, I have a teammate who I am very similar to in workouts who has done it and I have gotten really good training in
Sub 10:00 3200CI have never run the 3200 before but I want to see how I shape up, the plan is just to stick with my teammate and hold on for dear life
Rawr-mageddon400/400H/800Sub 60 400HB2015 Outdoor PR - 63.01. I just ran a 64.x like it was a walk in the park which was reassuring, but I definitely need to ramp it up to break 60. Did not complete - Constantly hitting 64-66 easy, but focused more on 400/800 into the later season
Sub 52 400B+2015 Outdoor PR - 53.35. Given my fitness compared to last year, I think breaking this barrier shouldn't be too hard.Did not complete - 52.5 4x4 split/53.19 open 400
Sub 2:02 800A2016 Indoor PR - 2:06.06. This is my first year really taking track and the 800 seriously. My coaches think 2:02 is the realistic goal, but I think I can shave off a few seconds based off indoor to outdoor conversionDid not complete - 2:02.38 - For all my state races, I just hit burn out really terribly.
ButtholeVenganceShotput/Discus/ Long Jump/10050' Shot PutAI threw about 42'. More lifting, more natural form and more aggression should get me where I need to be. I'm still at the point where I have to think about it everytime, so it hasn't become instictive yet. So long term again. (I've added 8' this year already, provided I throw that in a meet.)I placed 5th in districts so no more chances to get this. It's okay, I was hardly close. Switching to a rotation for next season, I feel like my mastery of discus should make this not too bad.
150' DiscusA I threw about 130' today. Everything felt good, could be better. My lifts need to get heavier and I really need to work on my focus and aggression. This is a really long term goal, like end of the season. (I've added 30' already this year, if I throw that in a meet.)Didn't throw it in a meet but I threw 180' in practice. Still made it to state but only threw 135'.
18' Long JumpA-I don't have a single mark yet this season due mostly to having a jumps coach that could not care less. I feel like it's very attainable, especially if I can get some more lift and I time my strides right, but we'll see how this upcoming meet goes.Smashed that hope this last Saturday. I had three jumps over 18 and a season PR of 19'5.5". My previos PR was 17' so I'm happy.
Sub 12 100mB+I'm really not sure where I am here. Coach won't tell me but I feel faster than before. I left it at 12 because I feel like going for 11.5 this season may be a little much, especially with all my other events. Hoping that maybe I am on the 4x1 team that wins the district, but we'll see what happens.Never even ran a meet 100m, so no idea where I am. Too bust doing other events I guess.
800sub 2 17B+First year in running. Got a lot better than I though I would but I want to get better. Ran a 5 22 during indoor in a shitty indoor track that is basically like hell. Started doing the 800 in a 4x8 this season. Ran 2 23, did well for my first time. Gonna run the 2 mile this weekend and hopefully break 11 30 to kick things off.
pjj9898981600sub 5 15A+But hopefully I get some serious racing opportunities and do well in my first and last year of high school running (senior).
3200sub 11 20C-
Make it to sectionalsA+I'm a freshman now, but I made it to sectionals in XC, and I'd like to do it in track as well.
nuppette_senpai1600m/3200m4:37 1600mBI'm going to try my best to get this time this year, but we'll see what I can do.
Stay injury freeA+Injuries are bad, and suck.
Kabbra1600mTop 2 at state/sub 4:17B+/AVery possible if I do well during the season, I'm qualified for districts and that's easy to go through, but top 2 at regional (my regional is often called the "regional of death" because we would take places 1-8 at state if everyone qualified) is tough- if I go on to state I only have to worry about two other guys. Did not qualify for state, ran 4:29
800mMake it to State / Sub 1:57C/BNot my best event but I am only 5s away from 1:57, the 2nd place school record, 55 is the school recordDid not qualify for state, ran 1:59 at regionals. Also the record is 1:53, 2nd place 1:55
Airbender11800m1:56CHaven't had a real 800m race since Sophomore year where I ran 2:01 in the wind and rain.
1600m4:10ARan 4:14 last year, but I'm coming off and injury this year and didn't put in very much base mileage. Was planning on shooting for sub 4:10 during cross but the injury set me back a ways.
3200mSub-9 at ElevationBRan sub-9 last year at Arcadia, hoping to get there by state (end of may), but do it at elevation. My early season injury might hinder that but hopefully a hard April of training will get me there.
Beagled800mSub 2:15BI've done alright for my first times running the 800. All-time best of 2:18, I definitely think I can knock that down.4/14: Ran 2:14.43. 4/29: Ran 2:13.42. (PR)
1600mSub 5:00AMy main goal coming into my first season of track. I've ran an all-time best of 5:11 so far this season. Plus I've beaten people in XC that have run sub-5 before, so I think I have the potential.4/14: 5:03.76. Next season.
MoE_QuAsTe800mSub 2:12 (Conference Qualifier)CDon't plan on running too many 800s because I usually run long distance but I wouldn't mind a Conference time.
1600mSub 4:37 (Regional Qualifier)ASo this might be shooting for the moon a little bit because my 1600 PR is 5:10, but that was at the very very beginning of the season and now that I have training I feel a sub-4:50 already so later this season I'll be able to go even faster
3200mSub 10:12 (Regional Qualifier)BOK so I really think I can accomplish this and I'd totally love to see it happen because I really enjoy running long distance races actually
SlinkyAstronaughtTriple jump40'AMy PR is 40'4" but I haven't been able to get 40 since. 40'4.25"!
Long jump19'8"BCurrent PR is 19'2.5" so this is the goal for this season before moving to 20' for indoor next year. 19'11"
High jump6'0"CJust PR'd today with 5'10" so while this is a goal it still probably needs some work for me to get there and isn't a top priority.
40053AI've run about 8 54 second times and I feel like I'm ready to get below that now.
MoralHitler800My bestA+Race Strategy. Race Strategy. Don't be afraid
400My bestA+Mathematically easy, experimentally hard. Just do it.
1600My bestAMore of a test of will/strength rather than speed. Don't give up.
hammertime514400Sub 53.5BI'd only run a 400 in the 4x4 unless something strange happens, so it's not a huge concern for me time-wise. That said, it would be cool to run low 50s4/13: 53.6 in the 4x4, kind of out of nowhere to be honest. I didn't feel tired and the team had a big lead, so I figured I'd just run the fastest anchor I could.
800Sub 2A+Definitely my main priority, I'll be doing 4x8 and open 8 at almost every meet, and I think it's doable by the end of the season.4/13: Ran a 2:04 leg in a 4x8, I was following another kid who went out in a 57- bad splits, good time for me.
1600Sub 4:45BHaven't really done a lot of 1600s, most recently a 4:58 indoors, but I feel like I'd be able to do better than that now. Not sure if I'll even be racing one this season, but this is a solid goal I think.
Stanthemanfan(4x)800Sub 2:00/Make/Medal @ State (Reach)AI need a good 800 for our 4x800 leg, it's gonna be tough to get out of sectionals but if I run a good time we should make it. Wouldn't really mind hitting 2:01-2:02 area as I'm more of a 3200m runner2:05 split now twice
16004:30BJust a Glory run for me, not the most important race, would love to say I am a sub 4:30 miler thoughShitty 4:48 >:( not put in it as I don't want to triple 4x800 1600 and 3200m
32009:40/SectionalsAMy main event, also just a glory run, but it's more important to me than the mile. I want to make Sectionals but that in itself will be tough....last year 3 kids from our district ran 9:11 9:17 and 9:21, getting 1st 2nd 3rd in state, they are all still running high school track, and only 4 get out of districts...10:01. Frustrated felt too comfortable the entire damn time
migDmig1600 - 3200 - 80010:00 3200 (varsity league trials) 4:38 1600 (varsity league trials) 2:07 800 (Dual meet)A+ A C+Disppointing season so far. Ran a 4:44 mile and 2:08 800 last year. This year only at 2:11 and 4:51. Probably will peak really late this year. Update: 4:46.9 on April 20th (8 more seconds) Update #2: 4:46.16 on April 23rd Update #3: 4:45.5 on May 5th Update #4: 4:42.5 on May 10th(4.5 seconds) Update #5: 4:37.1(May 15th) 10:15 2 mile(after already running the mile)
SamurottXHalf Marathon1:30BApparently Freshmen can't be in the full marathon5/29 - 1:29:40
10k40:00:00B-Another Freshman on the team's goal, which he may or may not accomplish5/29 - Ran 40 flat as part of the 1/2 marathon, times were shown at each 5k
8002:10BCurrently at 2:21 during Indoor, a 2:10 will at least get me somewhereI wasn't in a single 800 this entire season
16005:00AFinally achieved on 5/21 after a 7 second PR. I have no idea why I didn't break 5 any time before this4/26 - 5:04.6 5/7 - 5:02.27 5/21 - 4:55.33
320011:00BPR is 11:24 from mid Indoor season, can probably do this.4/23 - 11:03 5/17 - 10:58 but my coach's watch stopped working so it's an unofficial time from a friend
An_Awesome_NamePole VaultQualify for Division Championship (9'6")ALast year was my first year of Outdoor track as a junior. I've run indoor all four years, but did baseball my freshman and sophmore years. Anyways I vaulted 7' 6" last year and want to make 9' 6" this year.4/13 - Cleared 8'0", was a really cold day in New England
Chief GamkenDiscus135AVery achievable, just need to overcome some mental barriers
Shot40CI never practice shot, and this is my first year throwing it so it'd be good
ferubs1600mBreak 5, maybe beyondA+My favorite and main event, breaking the 5 barrier would be cool5:04.5 :/ maybe next season
800m2:08A-Qualification time2:14 maybe next season
imposingthanos800mgo under 2:08A+Biggest goal of the season, current time is 2:12, three more meets to go.
fierydeath26800Break 2:05AI'm constantly trying to outdo a friend of mine, we go back and forth. This was my original goal, but really I just want to finish ahead of him, wich is 2:04 right now. Competition helps me improve more than a time goal
1600Break 4:40A-I know I can do it, but I've only run one 1600 this season...I need to run more!
3200Break 10:10C-I hardly ever run it, but it's an easy ticket to our league-wide meet if I can get a good time, which I'm sure I'm capable of
CrestedGeckos3200mBreak10:30A+PR last year was 10:48.82. Update 4/23/16: ran 10:44.79. I started on pace with a 5:15 first 1600m, but I died out the 6th and 7th laps because I went out WAY more aggressive than I ever have before.
1600mBreak 5A-I wanted to break 5 minutes sophmore year but fell short at 5:03.30.4/23/16 4:55.87. New goal is to break 4:50
800mBreak 2:12CIf it happens, it happens.
tmwyatt99800mBreak 2:10B+My best race in track is the 1000m in Indoor. This is the closest to that length of middle distance, so I want to push myself to get below 2. I've usually run around 2:155/7/2016: Ran a 2:12, am going to focus on longer distances but will return to 800m if I have time or break other goals
1600mBreak 5AI haven't ever run the 1600m before, but I really want to break 5 minutes as I am shooting to be more of distance runner than middle-distance
Long JumpJump 17'6"CI did the long jump in Indoor, but literally only got to jump once at a meet before getting whisked off to the 1000m. It was literally the only long jump I had ever done in my life, and I got 14'2". I have a good stride and vertical though so I'm shooting for a respecatable distance, which in my league is about 17'6".Jumped 16'4" in my first meet, still haven't practiced yet. Am going to continue to work on it
Gelatinous Masses800mBreak 2:30ALast two races gotta make this happen, hit 2:30:something before
1600mBreak 5:25A+Been on a losing streak since indoor season not making PR's and last time only hitting 5:34, 1 second over my PR. . .