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FFBlender Foundation has recently been able to hire 2 new devs to concentrate on Gamedev Support( ). This document is an attempt to organize projects/priorities for these devs. Feel free to log in with a google account if you want a record of your submissions.
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29Multi-object UV editingunwrappingGame assets often consist of separate objects that share texture space. Currently you need to join them all into a single object to unwrap them.Perhaps some sort of UVW modifier could solve this like in proposal #43 of this sheetGreg Zaal, Piotr Adamowicz, Arnis Vaivars, Jonathan Williamson, Michael Knubben, Dataday, Roberto Roch, Robin Karlsson, Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, N Greene, Brandon LaFrance, Duarte Ramos, Ken Beyer (KatsBits), Cenek Strichel, Phil Gosch, Benjamin Johnson, Ghislain "Cremuss" Girardot, dono, Aurelien "stilobique Vaillant, John Wise, Eugenio Miolo, Cody Burrow (vrav), Ricardo Lovelace (iKlsR), Paweł Łyczkowski, Martin Vykoukal, Pavel Křupala, Stefan Wickstrom, Tomáš Dostál, Ondřej Holan, CoDEmanX, Ezra Cove, Bartosz Moniewski, Oskar Świerad, Piotr Zurek, Sebastian Włoszek, Jyri Honkanen, Jans Petersons, Nick Rowley, Samantha Williams,Juan Linietsky, Przemysław Gołąb, Yusuf Umar, Jacob Merrill, Fabian Schempp, Vaillant Aurelien, Rémy Bouquet, Jesse Werner, Jacqueline Choe, Nathaniel Knight,Kristian Tot, JC Francois50
2Cage BakingBaking MapsVery important to get decent bakes. Stops missed rays caused by split vertex normals & smoothing groups/hard edges. Also important for characters and complicated shapes such as hands/ears etc. Should also control the ray direction as well as distance. Cage should also be able to export easily to external baking applications like xNormal..Jonathan Williamson, RagingElbows, Brandon LaFrance, Andy Davies, Robin Karlsson, Oliver M-H, DataDay, Jonathan "JSM" Mielke, Arnis Vaivars, Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Ken Beyer (KatsBits), Joseph Masaki, Maciej Jutrzenka, Adrian Rutkowski, Marco Di Timoteo, Phil Gosch, Cody Burrow (vrav), Ghislain "Cremuss" Girardot, Aurelien "stilobique" Vaillant, dono, John Wise, Michael Knubben, Tom Edwards, Bjørnar Frøyse, Andreas Strømberg, Jonas Pilo, James Ordner, Ricardo Lovelace (iKlsR), Paweł Łyczkowski, Todor Imreorov, Martin Vykoukal, Jyri Honkanen, Jiří Topinka, Pavel Křupala, Tea Monster, Tomáš Dostál, Ezra Cove, Bartek Moniewski, Oskar Świerad, Sebastian Włoszek, David Hattori, Porter Nielsen, Ger Moran "neomonkeus", Benjamin Tolputt (BTolputt), Nick Rowley, Todor Imreorov39All Done. Incorperated in Blender 2.71
19Improve viewport performanceViewport RenderingViewport performance is too slow for Subsurf and multires. Improvements for sculpting are important since Blender is noticably slower then other applications, but subsurf should be imporved first and formost as performance is espacialy bad in this area.This is under development by Jason Wilkins as part of 2012 and 2013 Google summer of code programs (doesnt go far enough. Old OpenGL is still a limiting factor)Greg Zaal, Andy Davies, RagingElbows, SamCameron, Robin Karlsson, Brandon LaFrance, Michael Knubben, NGreene, Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Duarte Ramos,Will Dalley, Eugenio Miolo, Joseph Masaki, Mark Titchener, Cenek Strichel, Phil Gosch, Robert Beckebans, Aurelien "Stilobique" Vaillant, Jonas Pilo, James Ordner, Ricardo Lovelace (iKlsR), Paweł Łyczkowski, Todor Imreorov, Martin Vykoukal, Jiří Topinka, Pavel Křupala, Salamanderrake, Carlo Andreacchio, Giakaama, CoDEmanX, Bartosz Moniewski, Oskar Świerad, Sebastian Włoszek, Maciej Jutrzenka, Zauber Paracelsus, James Neale, Nick Rowley, Šimon Kocúrek, Przemysław Gołąb, Jacob "BluePrint" Merrill, Fabian Schempp, Derek Barker31
11Edit & Export Vertex Normalsdna_customdata_types.h LaFrance, Andy Davies, Oliver M-H, RagingElbows, Arnis Vaivars, Michael Knubben, Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Piotr Adamowicz, Ken Beyer (KatsBits), Dataday, vitos1k, Marco Di Timoteo, Jorge Bernal, Cenek Strichel, Ghislain "Cremuss" Girardot, Aurelien "Stilobique" Vaillant, John Wise, Bjørnar Frøyse, Andreas Strømberg, Jonas Pilo, James Ordner, Ricardo Lovelace (iKlsR), Paweł Łyczkowski, Pavel Křupala, CoDEmanX, Michał Kuliński, Ezra Cove, Bartosz Moniewski, Oskar Świerad, Sebastian Włoszek, Oskar Pruski, Steve Koepnick, Nick Rowley, Przemysław Gołąb, Rémy Bouquet, Fabio Arnold30
Improve Blender/FBX PipelineImport/ExportArmature support to importer, update exporter to version 7.3 of the spec, write binary files (not ascii), since the binary spec is now known. FBX is the primary file type for importing assets into most external engines, and good support is essential to a game development pipeline.Armature support to importer, update exporter to version 7.3 of the spec, write binary files (not ascii), since the binary spec is now known. Tangent and binormal export (for UDK).Jonathan Williamson, Brandon LaFrance, Andy Davies, Robin Karlsson, Oliver M-H, Arnis Vaivars, Michael Knubben, Mitchell Stokes, Abraham Brookes, Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Cenek Strichel, Ghislain "Cremuss" Girardot, dono, John Wise, Salamanderrake, Andreas Strømberg, Eugenio Miolo, Jonas Pilo, James Ordner, Matt Carter, Paweł Łyczkowski, Todor Imreorov, Jyri Honkanen,Jiří Topinka, Martin Vykoukal, Pavel Křupala, Tea Monster, Bartosz Moniewski, Sebastian Włoszek, Porter Nielsen, James Neale, Fabian Schempp, Rémy Bouquet, Erlend Sogge Heggen29New FBX IO now supports geometry (inc. UV, vcol, normals, mat, tex, etc.), armature, basic animation, both IO in 7.4 bin format.
3Bake Maps with AntiAliasingBaking MapsAdd AA options for baking maps to prevent pixelated textures or the need to bake at 4x resolution & resizing by 50%(cf. link opposite ->) 28
4Baking Cavity MapsBaking MapsAdd support for cavity maps which are most widely used by artists next to normal, ao and height mapsJonathan Williamson, Andy Davies, Oliver M-H, DataDay, Arnis Vaivars, Michael Knubben, N Greene, Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Ken Beyer (KatsBits), Robin Karlsson, Phil Gosch, Ghislain "Cremuss" Girardot, dono, John Wise, Ricardo Lovelace (iKlsR), Martin Vykoukal, Jiří Topinka, Joseph Masaki, Pavel Křupala, Bartosz Moniewski, Paweł Łyczkowski, Greg Zaal, Todor Imreorov, Przemysław Gołąb, Derek Barker, Ezra Cove22
23Realtime Phisically Based RenderingViewport RenderingBuild upon request 17 and 21 by including support for physically based shaders. Many of the major engines seem to be adopting PBR (Unreal Engine, CryEngine, Konami Fox Engine, Killzone 4). PBR shaders are more intuitive and physically accurate than current shading models.This paper offers an implementation that appears to be computationaly inexpensive (to a layman, actual programmers please comment). Brandon LaFrance, DataDay, Jonas Pilo, James Ordner, Cody Burrow (vrav), John Argunal, Duarte Ramos, Jiří Topinka, Martin Vykoukal, CoDEmanX, Bartosz Moniewski, Zauber Paracelsus, Nick Rowley, Todor Imreorov, Phil Gosch, Paweł Łyczkowski, Derek Barker, Aurelien "Stilobique" Vaillant, Rémy Bouquet, Ondřej Holan, Ezra Cove20
18A "realtime" shader like Marmoset Viewport RenderingNote: This can be done with Blender updating openGL and building up the GLSL. Marmoset also is about functionality. In short this is number 16 on the list. Could potentially convert existing "known" cgfx and HLSL shaders over to GLSL. Allow users to import their own GLSL/HLSL shaders.Note: this could be combined with №15
Better GLSL view
RagingElbows, Andy Davies, SamCameron, Brandon LaFrance, Michael Knubben, vitos1k, Marco Di Timoteo, John Wise, Andreas Strømberg, Jonas Pilo, DataDay, Paweł Łyczkowski, Todor Imreorov, Martin Vykoukal, Jiří Topinka, Tea Monster, Ondřej Holan, Ezra Cove, Bartosz Moniewski, Sebastian Włoszek, Denny Rahadian, Steve Koepnick, Nick Rowley, Todor Imreorov, Derek Barker, Aurelien "Stilobique" Vaillant19
20Node based texture creation. Advanced Texture/Map Creation/bakingNon-linear texture/map creation based on node system. Blender has an awesome node system for materials. Allowing users to use it for texture creation would be great. Includes batch export/merge. Also needs some additional nodes such as bump-to-normal-map and normal map renormalization. Additional workflow, not node specific: CGCookie's Unity guy featured using this approach here:

DataDay, Piotr Adamowicz, Jonathan Williamson, Brandon LaFrance, Salamanderrake, John Argunal, Martin Vykoukal, Arnis Vaivars, Duarte Ramos, Jiří Topinka, Mark Titchener, Adrian Rutkowski, Florian Richter, Bartosz Moniewski, Sebastian Włoszek, Łukasz Paraszka, Zauber Paracelsus, Denny Rahadian, Paweł Łyczkowski, Przemysław Gołąb, Derek Barker, Ezra Cove17
37Sculpting LayersSculpt/WorkflowCurrently Blender Multires has a very destructive sculpt workflow for character/asset creation. Layers enable the user to sculpt in a more non-destructive detail workflow. Example, If I have a face or environment asset, I can Paint pores or detail on a separate layer, and change the strength of that particular layer without having to start over, allowing quick editing where needed, before baking.It would work a lot like layers in a 2d image editor (opacity). An example of how it works in zbrush can be seen in the link I have referenced. Zaal, N Greene, Jonathan Williamson, Arnis Vaivars, Eugenio Miolo, Brandon LaFrance, Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Mark Titchener, Phil Gosch, James Ordner, Salamanderrake, Dataday, Martin Vykoukal, Jiří Topinka, Pavel Křupala, Tomáš Dostál, Ezra Cove, Bartosz Moniewski, Oskar Świerad, Denny Rahadian, Przemysław Gołąb, Rémy Bouquet17
16OBJ/FBX export native to C++Import/ExportPython is too slow when exporting multimillion polygon meshes. It can take 30 mins. to export 10 million polys compaired to 30 seconds for ZBrush.Andy Davies, Robin Karlsson, Brandon LaFrance, Michael Knubben, Cenek Strichel, Phil Gosch, Andreas Strømberg, Jonas Pilo, James Ordner, John Argunal, Jiří Topinka, Pavel Křupala, CoDEmanX, Bartosz Moniewski, Maciej Jutrzenka15Probably not going to happen - "<mont29> fbx is already nightmare in py, don’t even want to imagine that in C or C++" - also, new .py exporters have been optimized and are much faster than previous iterations.
14Better incremental snapping (for modular assets)ModelingMore versitile/exact snapping such as snap to grid (ADD: fixed grid/increments - disable zoomed increments?). Includes accessibility and possible origin point snapping.Perhaps this as to do with GSOC 2012 project Precision modeling tools? > (ADD: not necessarily precision tools no, that caters to a different aspect of construction) Davies, RagingElbows, Jonathan Williamson, Dataday, Brandon LaFrance, Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Ken Beyer (KatsBits), Duarte Ramos, Marco Di Timoteo, John Wise, Tom Edwards, James Ordner, CoDEmanX, Oskar Świerad, Ian Starrie, Zauber Paracelsus, Przemysław Gołąb, Fabian Schempp, Derek Barker, Ezra Cove14
34More/Better scene organisationUser InterfacePerhaps it's a case of needing to adjust, but I find it more challenging to organise heavily populated scenes in Blender. In particular, I find myself missing folders in the outliners, as well as naming layers.Michael Knubben, Eugenio Miolo, Duarte Ramos, Cenek Strichel, Sjoerd, Andy Davies, Will Dalley, Cody Burrow (vrav), Ricardo Lovelace (iKlsR), John Argunal, Paweł Łyczkowski, CoDEmanX, Bartosz Moniewski, Oskar Świerad, Phil Gosch, Rémy Bouquet, JC Francois13
50Texture paint compositing/layerstexture paintingWhile the GLSL materials allow texture layering, switching between them for texture painting is cumbersome and slow. The UI for doing that needs improvement. Optimally, you'd want this integrated with nodal texture compsiting from request #20. Adamowicz, Ruben K, Salamanderrake, Eugenio Miolo, dataday, Paweł Łyczkowski, Todor Imreorov, Tomáš Dostál, Bartosz Moniewski, Porter Nielsen, James Neale, Nick Rowley, Przemysław Gołąb13Texture painting has been overhauled. Integrated in 2.72
43Better generated UVsUV TexturingGenerated UV textures that work in viewport/game engine. Ideally something similar to 3DsMax's "Real World Scale" coordinates, where you specify texture size in actual scene units, instead of "tile an X number of times over the object". Correctly done this could drastically decrease the need to UV unwrap every object, and avoid having to constantly redo so after every geometry change. Very useful for simple objects like buildings or walls (box cylinder sphere generated coordinates) where the texture should repeat or tile instead of "stretching" along with the model geometry. Could be implemented as an UV modifier that keeps a genereted, applicable/exportable UV layer that is always up to date. Would improve workflow, speed, allow non destructive UV and possibility to recycle/reuse materials and textures for several objects with different sizes.This may be somewhat similar to what you can achieve in cycles with the vector transform node, not sure as I have yet to try it myself UPDATE: You can currently achieve this in cycles with the "Object" texture coordinate type. Perhaps integrate it better with other parts of blender, like viewport representation (probably on the roadmap for ViewportFX project), make them show up in like a regular UV layer, and perhaps control the type of generated texture (box, tube, sphere, along spline)Duarte Ramos, Michael Knubben, Marco Di Timoteo, Mark Titchener, Salamanderrake, Andreas Strømberg, dataday, Will Dalley, John Argunal, Bartosz Moniewski, Sebastian Włoszek, Zauber Paracelsus12
51Cycles uv/texture bakingoImages/Baking Maps/Cycles Renderer
It would be beneficial to be able to use cycles renderer to bake textures from a higher polymodel to a lower poly model with its materials used for the render for greater realism in game models and textures creation.None so far. Zaal, Salamanderrake, Jonas Pilo, Jorge Bernal, Robert Beckebans, Will Dalley, Arnis Vaivars, Martin Vykoukal, Cenek Strichel, Stefan Greven, Mark Titchener, Piotr Adamowicz, Bartosz Moniewski, Oskar Świerad, Oskar Pruski, Steve Koepnick12Integrated in 2.71:
42MD5 / MD6 animated skeletal model / animated cinematic camera exporter / importerImport/ExportExport/import of animated skeletal models for idTech 4 / idTech 5 engines; ability to discard certain bones on export; export of animated camera for cinematics (free and on a spline).if this is a go, or at least to be considered, I will make a video of current workflow with existing MD5 model/camera add-ons; this request opens doors for modders to work on mods for Rage. Rage's EULA has a clause allowing mods to be sold (with Bethesda's permission and collaboration). "motorsep" Zubov, Ken Beyer (KatsBits), Russell Taylor (Solarsplace), Robert Beckebans, Stephen Howe, Salamanderrake, Daniel Gibson, JohnHenry Clark, Bastian de Zwart, Marquel "anonreclaimer" Owens, Hilário Martins "Argoon", Nikolai Chtcherbine11If this one is a go, I will contact idSoftware to get specs on MD6 format; note that there is one existing MD5 exporter for Blender that works, but lacking ability to discard bones. I also have somewhat working MD5 animated cinematic camera exporter. Hi, sorry if I am not allowed to comment here. You may be interested to know of a working MD5 exporter for Blender that I am sure Nemyax who created it would be pleased to share: Thanks
26Improved object groupinggeneral workflowManaging high poly models with many separate objects can be daunting. Being able to group them and treat them as one object would help.Similar to how currently bones are treated within armatures. See also polygroups in Z-Brush. Piotr Adamowicz, Arnis Vaivars, RagingElbows, Roberto Roch, Ken Beyer (KatsBits),Will Dalley, Cody Burrow (vrav), Martin Vykoukal, Duarte Ramos, Pavel Křupala, Denny Rahadian10
39edit mode' modifierModeling
A non-destructive 'layer' in the form of a modifier. Hugely useful in
things such as adding support loops for sub-d, or editing the mesh at the component level after a parametric modifier (bend, bevel etc) non-destructively. and subsequent replies.Michael Knubben, Jonathan Williamson, Eugenio Miolo, Duarte Ramos, Andy Davies, Andreas Strømberg, Martin Vykoukal, Jiří Topinka, Maciek Jutrzenka, Łukasz Paraszka, Denny Rahadian, James Neale, Fabian Schempp

47Ability to edit primitive parametersNot only immediately after creation, but for as long as possible. Obviously, opening edit mode would invalidate this, although it'd be nice if opening edit mode without making any changes could also leave it alone., Przemysław Gołąb10
5Ray Blockers Baking MapsAdd support for ray blocking mesh which helps avoid baking artifacts in tight spaces. Williamson, Andy Davies, Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Ken Beyer (KatsBits), Adrian Rutkowski, James Ordner, Martin Vykoukal, Jiří Topinka, Pavel Křupala9
15Better real time GLSL viewViewportGLSL needs support for higher quality realtime shadows.Psi-fi/Jason WilkinsMichael Knubben, Sjoerd, Andy Davies, Arnis Vaivars, James Ordner, Martin Vykoukal, Jiří Topinka, Bartosz Moniewski, Łukasz Paraszka, James Neale, Nick Rowley, Todor Imreorov, Ezra Cove9Psi-Fi is working on integration of Jwilkins viewport upgrade work. Currently realtime SSAO (shadows), and depth of field have been implemented in the gooseberry branch. Probably will be integrated 2.73
27Matcaps as a general display modegeneral workflowMatcaps are incredibly useful for spotting problems in subd models, but only being able to view a single object at a time this way is annoying. Piotr Adamowicz, vitos1k, Robin Karlsson, James Ordner, Salamanderrake, Paweł Łyczkowski, Todor Imreorov, Bartosz Moniewski, Oskar Świerad, Denny Rahadian9
35Better Array ModifierImprovementThe use of an empty for certain effects is alright, but more should be possible from within the modifier. In addition, if an empty could be automatically created, and optionally parented to the object holding the modifier, this would save some time. As to which other effects I'd want to be be able to set: scale and rotation, for starters.Greg Zaal, Michael Knubben, Robin Karlsson, Eugenio Miolo, Andy Davies, Andreas Strømberg, Jonas Pilo, John Argunal, Florian Richter, CoDEmanX9
6Bake by Material IDBaking MapsSimilar to Ray Blockers, this is a feature where rays only register if they hit a mesh with the same material as the one they were fired from. This allows artists to bake complex models without exploding them into pieces.Andy Davies, Piotr Adamowicz, RagingElbows, Brandon LaFrance, Robin Karlsson, Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Jiří Topinka, Bartosz Moniewski, Sebastian Włoszek8
24Batch/Multiple map bakingBaking MapsSet up your source and target meshes, map types and output files, hit "Bake" and go make coffee while your workstation is busy.Piotr Adamowicz, Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Ken Beyer (KatsBits), Dataday, Michael Knubben, Pavel Křupala, Bartosz Moniewski, Oskar Świerad8
66Overlapping UVs toolsetuvA way to indicate two uv-islands are meant to be eachothers mirror copies (and addressing the same part of the texture sheet), so that when you re-unwrap after fiddling with the seams or using the 'pack' command they're treated as one island.Michael Knubben, Piotr Adamowicz, Robin Karlsson, Bartosz Moniewski, Sebastian Włoszek, Zauber Paracelsus, Nick Rowley, Przemysław Gołąb, Spencer Brown, Rémy Bouquet, Ezra Cove8
32Default uv's on primitivesWorkflowDefault uv's can be very useful, particularly on more complex things like tubes. I regularly use a path/beziercurve to make pipes(using the 'bevel' parameter to give it actual width) but this leaves you without uv's and no non-destructive way to unwrap it that I know of.Michael Knubben, Eugenio Miolo, Duarte Ramos, Cenek Strichel, Andy Davies,Dataday, Martin Vykoukal, Zauber Paracelsus, JC Francois7
36Better Bend ModifierImprovementWhile the actual functionality of the one in Simple Deform is ok, the UI is so cryptic that if you want to achieve a particular angle and endpoints, it's sheer guesswork.Michael Knubben, Piotr Adamowicz, Eugenio Miolo, Andy Davies, Andreas Strømberg, Jonas Pilo, Pavel Křupala7
41LWO exporter / importerImport/ExportExport/Import static meshes into LWO format with multi-UVs/materials/vertex colors/vertex alpha/normals/etc. This add-on would allow for Blender to author assets for idTech 5. "motorsep" Zubov, Ken Beyer (KatsBits), Forest Hale (LordHavoc), Russell Taylor (Solarsplace), Stephen Howe, Salamanderrake, Marquel "anonreclaimer" Owens, Hilario Martins "Argoon", Nikolai Chtcherbine7
44Better handling of cubemaps rendering; cubemap rendering support for Cycles; cubemap cameraRenderingBlender needs option for with customizable naming for projections of a cubemap to produce output that doesn't have to be additionally messed with for a chosen game engine. Making Cycles supporting cubemap rendering would be handy.
Please add either cubemap camera (to drop it into the scene, specify setting, render) or less awkward way to generate cubemaps (current way of setting up scene to render cubemap is very awkward, least to say)
currently Blender can render cubemaps using Blender Internal renderer, into an atlas. The setup of the scene is very cumbersome. Almost any game needs a cubemap images for skies and fake reflections, some for LDR/HDR lighting.
What's needed is a simple "cubemap camera", with option to enable 6 separate images output with specific naming based on game's coordinate system (suffixes _px, _py, _pz, _nx, _ny, _nz for cubemaps, _forward, _left, _right, _back, _top, _down for skyboxes; perhaps with option allowing user to enter custom suffixes per axis). This way artist just need to drop in the "cubemap camera", specify the output, press render and have nice set of images ready to be used.
Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Ken Beyer (KatsBits), Forest Hale (LordHavoc), Salamanderrake, Bartosz Moniewski, Nick Rowley, Przemysław Gołąb, Jacob (BluePrintRandom) Merrill, Rémy Bouquet, JC Francois7
52Deferred Shading/LightingLightingOn the first pass of a deferred shader, data that is required for shading computation is only gathered.
Positions, normals, and materials for each surface are rendered into the geometry buffer (G-buffer) as a series of textures. After this, a pixel shader computes the direct and indirect lighting at each pixel using the information of the texture buffers, in screen space.
This gives the ability to render many lights in a BGE scene without significant performance-hit. G, Daniel, Cenek Strichel, Sadiki, Justin V, Ruben K, WesleyB, CoDEmanX, Zauber Paracelsus7
9Add checkbox to invert channel for normal mapBaking MapsSome game engines, such as UDK/UE3/UE4/idTech 5 require for Green channel to be inverted. "motorsep" Zubov, Sean Olson, Ken Beyer (KatsBits), Robert Beckebans, Arnis Vaivars, Bartosz Moniewski, Ezra Cove6
10FPS NavigationUser InterfaceWould be nice to navigate with traditional "game like" navigation
Sean Olson, Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Phil Gosch, Tom Edwards, CoDEmanX, Keavon6Will be Included in 2.7 release
38Automatic saving and loading of texturesWorkflowAutomatic saving of textures when they’re changed internally and automatic reloading of textures when they’re changed externally.Robin Karlsson, Sean Olson, Mark Titchener, Cody Burrow (vrav), Martin Vykoukal, CoDEmanX, Ezra Cove, JC Francois6
53Ngon support for booleansmodellingBooleans are a wonderful modelling tool, especially for low-poly meshes and retopologizing hard surface models, but Blender's booleans triangulate the area surrounding intersections, making them more trouble than they're worth.Piotr Adamowicz, Andy Davies, Michael knubben, Will Dalley, CoDEmanX, Bartosz Moniewski, Zauber Paracelsus6
13Vertex Alpha support (also in Viewport) "motorsep" Zubov, Ghislain "Cremuss" Girardot, CoDEmanX, Ger Moran "neomonkeus", Michael Knubben5
25Proxy meshesgeneral workflowMultiple multimillion poly meshes will bring any viewport down, but are a common necessity in game asset creation. Proxy meshes would make such scenarios workable.Piotr Adamowicz, Michael Knubben, Will Dalley, CoDEmanX, Bartosz Moniewski5
45PSD SupportTexturingI know of the problems with the license, but there are little to no open-source apps that don't have PSD support, and the removal of it in Blender hampered my workflow quite a bit. When working in engines that load psd directly*, there's value in keeping your files in the format for the entire duration of you working on them, rather than export to a different format all the time. (*ofcourse, they convert them in the background, but it's a wonderful timesaver to be able to find the texture in the engine and just doubleclick on it, opening it in Photoshop)see patch here: Knubben, Andy Davies, Jonas Pilo, Jiří Topinka, Pavel Křupala5
48Robust scattering toolsModeling / Objects manipulation / ToolsModern games can handle variety of objects in a scene. Natural environments look more "alive", atmospheric and in-place when world clutter objects (rocks, flowers, bushes, trees, mushrooms, grass, etc.) scattered randomly on the surface of the level. UDK and Unity have robust tools for scattering, but artist sometime want to bring already set up environment into game engine. Plus, other game engines might not have scattering tools available. What's needed is a tool tied into painting/scultping that would allow to pick out an object from the scene, set parameters of scattering, and artist would "paint" it over any surface. UDK / Unity

DarkPlaces "motorsep" Zubov, Cenek Strichel, Bartosz Moniewski, Zauber Paracelsus, Przemysław Gołąb, Derek Barker5Asset Sketcher addon fills this niche pretty well. It's under constant development.
56Vertex Paint "Paintbox"Vertex color manipulationA basic hue/saturation adjustment tool for each vertex color layer would be great, but having a more robust tool like the one in 3DSMax would be really powerful. Modify vertex color layers in a similar way to photoshop, GIMP, or 3dsmax. We should be able to tweak vertex colors after they've been assigned without overwriting them. Specifically, the image adjustment group and layer group functions from 3dsmax's VertexPaint Paintbox. This allows for easy hue and saturation adjustments on more complex objects. I'm including a link to the 3DSMax VertexPaint Paintbox documentation, as well as an example of the type of artwork that really benefits from having these tools.

Vertex colors are essential to creating performant mobile game assets, so having non-destructive tools for vertex color manipulation is important.

UPDATE: It looks like using Material Editor nodes you can do everything (and more) that I would like with my vertex colors, but I can't figure out a way to actually modify the vertex colors with this (saving the changes to the vertex colors rather than as a material). Maybe there's a way to make color nodes to edit the vertex colors or something? Just an idea for how this could be implemented with what's available already.,topicNumber=d30e272053
Ian Snyder, Ken Beyer (KatsBits), Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Dataday, Bartosz Moniewski5
21Retopology ToolsRetopoTools that allow fast and easy Retopology/Auto retopo. Artist sculpt or import high poly mesh, retopologize to low game rez mesh. Bake high poly details onto low poly. Major part of professional pipeline. ADD: Perhaps then focusing on making the remesh modifier work in like with keeping more detail or acting as a full auto-retopo feature while CGcookie/Jonathan W. works on the more manual retopo tools. Contours takes the right approach, very user friendly and effective.CGcookie's Contours Tool touches on this particular area.
(Contours Tools is not a free AddOn, Blender should have a good, free and "out of the box" retopo solution) Contours is indeed a free addon and is released under the GPL., Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Arnis Vaivars, Pavel Křupala, Ezra Cove4
40Animation layers / Procedural walk-run-jump-swim-etc. cycle designer / FootstepsAnimationAbility to add secondary motion to certain bones without affecting existing animation and without a need to create yet another Action. Parametrize cycles allowing fine tuning of walks/runs/etc. Such set of features clearly illustrated in 3DS MAX CAT (used to be standalone library until Autodesk purchased it and integrated into 3DS MAX). "motorsep" Zubov, Eugenio Miolo, Todor Imreorov, Salamanderrake
, Zauber Paracelsus, Todor Imreorov
46Catmull-Clark creasingThis could be a nice side-effect of Pixar's OpenSubdiv 2, but if that's not a sure thing then having creasing work as specified (as in Modo, Maya and Mudbox) would be a very nice thing.Michael Knubben, Andy Davies, Bartosz Moniewski, Nick Rowley, Fabian Schempp4
54Modifiers that pass down to child objectsWorkflowsimilar limitation to that we can't do multimple object or uv editing, is that we can't use one modifier to many objects. This is very useful if, for example, we wan't make a lattice or a bend to a character but is composed of different objects, each with different modifiers. In blender we have to join everything which limits our asset creation pipeline. If modifiers could also influence child objects we would have a much better and flexible non-destructive asset creation pipeline. Fenner, Michael knubben, Tom Edwards, Duarte Ramos, Zauber Paracelsus4
57Action LibrariesAnimationGame development often involves creating large animation libraries for a single model, but Blender does not currently have any good way to manage these groups of Actions. We instead have a soup of ID blocks to which we must remember to add fake users, which has been acknowledged as a bad solution that leads to data loss. Actions should be associated with objects in the same way that Materials and Textures are. There is a patch ready to go which achieves this. Edwards, Martin Vykoukal, Pavel Křupala, CoDEmanX, Steve Koepnick4
63The ability to bake down particle movement and other non-keyframed actions (like jitter/noise on top of a keyframed animation) so they can be exported to an engine. import/exportFor instance: animating empties with physics and exporting this to unity, so you can add particle effects and trail renderers. Or breaking a sheet of glass and having it shatter with physics. To be able to bake that down would be great. Assigning a bone per particles would be also a good idea (either Empty or a bone) as it would allow for woder compatibility and flexibilitymichael knubben, Arnis Vaivars, Tom Edwards, Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Rémy Bouquet4
68Snap during slidemeshTurn on snap during slide edge/vertex4
8Add a swizzle to Normal map bakingBaking MapsAdd a few dropdown boxes in the baking options so users can choose which order and orientation the channels are baked in (X+Y+Z+ or X+Y-Z+ etc.) This is redundant if #9 is implemented fully.Andy Davies, Cody Burrow (vrav), CoDEmanX3
12HIVE systemnode interfaceThis system needs support and help from other people to make it really powerful an part of the official Blender,, Sjoerd, Jorge Bernal, Todor Imreorov3
Improved functionality/Streamlining
User Interface/WorkflowFunctionality that takes a process that currently requires 3-10 steps and simplifies it into 1-2. Increase accessibility with smart design. Find out what process the user goes through now, and see if it can be designed to be done in less steps with the same result.Streamlined: GUI designed or organized to give maximum efficiency; adding textures (image textures using UV-coordinates should be default, tangent space normalmaps should be default as opposed to B/W bumpmaps for normalmapping);A good example is the material editor, which could use some streamlining for game asset dev.Dataday, Robin Karlsson, CoDEmanX, Zauber Paracelsus3
31OSL for bakingBaking MapsScripting shaders would make baking much more flexible and would future-proof the baker for next-gen and allow users to script their own support for any special requirements commercial engines often have.Would probably require the baker to be Cycles-based if at all possible. Pie-in-the-sky feature really, but one can dream.Piotr Adamowicz, Marco Di Timoteo, Salamanderrake
51Alternative tangent basesbaking mapsMikktspace has been gaining support in the industry lately, but many engines still rely on custom solutions for their tangent basis calculators. Ideally this would be user-scriptable. Adamowicz, Wei-Cheng Sun, Robin Karlsson3
58Unlocked Preview FramerateAnimationGame animations are rarely played back at a 1:1 keyframe to rendered frame ratio. It is common for animations to be authored at 30fps then played back at 60fps with extra frames interpolated in. For this reason, actions should be able to define their own framerate separately from the framerate used to preview them and animators should be able to scrub smoothly between keyframes (i.e. use floating point frames instead of int).Tom Edwards, Cody Burrow (vrav), Arnis Vaivars3
59Store references to datablocks in Custom PropertiesScriptingThere are numerous import/export tasks that would become much easier if Python scripts could store references to datablocks in Custom Properties. The new Python-powered Node Editor sorely needs this feature.should integrate well with current custom property system
-> bpy.props.IDProperty(...)
Tom Edwards, CoDEmanX, Bartosz Moniewski3
60Image plug-insImagesExporting images to proprietary formats is a complete pain right now: Python access to pixel data is so slow it's better to export to TGA and convert manually. Blender should have a native C plug-in system for reading/writing image files.Tom Edwards, Jonas Pilo, CoDEmanX3
72Calculate Tangent normals from Object normalsBaking MapsFeature to create tangent normal map from lowpoly mesh and its object normal map. This method can provide most acurate and error free normal maps, also don't need to split lowpoly geomery for proper shading. Artist at first must bake object normal map from hipoly mesh onto lowpoly. Then this map is calculated with normals of lowpoly mesh to create tangent normal map. Moniewski, Oskar Świerad, Sebastian Włoszek3
17Reorder Object Space normal axis to match TS normal mapsBugAndy Davies, RagingElbows 2
55Join UV maps by nameunwrappingWhen you join two objects, both of which have more than one uv map, the maps will be joined by their position on the list. Because making game art often involves a lot of joining and splitting, this can lead to problems like your unique normal map uv set being joined with your non-unique diffuse uv set or your decal uv set, or your lightmap uv set, unless the objects have the uv maps in the same order. Either let the uv maps be joined by name, or allow the user to reorder the uv map list.commited on rev 60288Piotr Adamowicz, Andreas Strømberg2I think this can be considered as a bug, can you report that in the tracker?
3d sprite game object Game Devallows developers to test sprite sheet in game engine,use existing tools and pipelines to view a generic system for 3d sprite objectsJacob Merrill, Fabian Schempp2
1Improved/updated Ogre3d pipeline
A complete functioning pipeline for importing and exporting Ogre3d models meshes, bones, animation, and includeing scenes. As it stands now those tools have fallen into dissarray even in Ogre3d's own tool sets
None so far.None so far.None so far.salamanderrake, Jacob Merrill,1
7Bake Derivative MapsBaking MapsDerivative maps are currently supported only for rendering and not baking(cf. link opposite ->) Davies1
28Group instances cannot use baked lightingBaking MapsThis might be more of a BGE thing, but one of the big drawbacks to light baking in Blender is that group instances cannot be used because they have no per-instance properties. To solve this, every object (including group instances) could have an assigned lightmap texture and lightmap UV coordinates. These per-object parameters can then be sent to the shader to handle light maps. This could also make the Texture Atlas addon simpler.Mitchell Stokes, Jacob Merrill,1
64Option for Transform operations to act on displayed locations in Cage Mode on Modifiers (esp. Cage Modifier)From the Documentation: "The Cage Mode button is used to apply the modifier to the editing cage, which gives a more accurate display of the geometry of a mesh once a modifier has been applied. This displays vert/edge/face positions in their modified locations instead of their original positions. It should be noted, however, that transform operations still act on the original locations of the cage vertices and not on the displayed locations."

It would be very helpful to have an option for transform operations to act on the displayed locations of the cage vertices, edges, and faces. For me this is especially important with the Curve modifier, as I want to keep the curve shape for tweaking, but be able to modify the vertices in a way that makes sense more intuitively on large objects. Snyder, Ken Beyer (KatsBits), Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, Dataday, Bartosz Moniews1
65Preserve UV'suv“When on, you can edit components without affecting the object's UV mapping Without Preserve UVs, there is always a direct correspondence between an object's geometry and its UV mapping. If you turn on Preserve UVs, you can perform minor editing tasks without changing the mapping." Knubben, Ezra Cove, Fabian Schempp1As for the BA thread this seems to be handled by BMesh already. Why to keep this on the list?
67NGON Export for every filetypeEvery filetype that supports it, ofcourse. Whereas NGONS will (almost) always be triangulated upon import into a game-engine, it's annoying to lose them when going from one program to another.
Michael Knubben1
69Face Weighted Normals An alternative way of calculating face normals. Useful for lowpoly meshes that will not use a normalmap to define its curvature, or something like a simple rounded box, or curved glass. Maya 2013 has this on by default, and there exist scripts for Max and Modo that achieve the same thing. Knubben, Andreas Strømberg1
70Cycles interpolation on/off buttonso you can view low resolution game textures Derek Barker1Can you explain this a bit further?
71UV Deform to skinwrap a mesh to the flattened version of another mesh, and then morph it back to its original shape. Highly useful for patterned clothing (chainmail...) or fur etc. As shown in this gif: - - Knubben1
71LOD (Level of Detail) Meshese.g: UDK creates different polycount versions of the mesh pending on camera distance to the mesh.. Allow different versions of mesh: 4 types; 1. billboard planes 2. low-poly 3. decimated/normal 4. hi-poly or allow the user to customize the LOD properties: distance, models assigned for the LOD iteration, etc..Comment: Add some data return like object.LODLevel Pruski, Zauber Paracelsus1
System to bake sprites using Multiple camera angles, to create 3d sprite objects, especcially usefull for getting freestyle into games.Game DevA system that takes a animation and renders a sprite sheet based on a UI inputUse existing render and tools, to record animations from multiple angles on a sprite sheet. Merrill1
Export Selected' defaultimport/exportPrevents risky accidental exports of a lot of highpoly data.I've discussed this with a few people, and the concencus seems to be: Export Selected when something's selected, export everything if nothing's selected.Michael Knubben1
Tangent-space normal map in material node editor.Node editorSame as "Vector>Normal map" node in Cycles material editor, but for Blender Game material editor.Vit Prochazka1
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