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First NameLast NameBirthday: How many years you have been teaching? What is your t-shirt size this year?What are your favorite candy bars? What are your favorite sweet treats? What are your favorite salty treats?What do you enjoy snacking on?What is your favorite Sonic Drink?What is your favorite Starbucks Drink?What are some of your favorite restaurants?Where are some of your favorite places to shop?What kind of music do you listen to?What are some of your favorite movies?What is your favorite sports team?Do you have any pets? If yes, tell us about them.Do you collect anything? If yes, what do you collect?What do you do for fun?Anything else you want us to know?
CassieKnight7/136mediumMilky WayChocolate-covered strawberriesPopcorn, goldfishfruits and vegetables! water with raspberry nonfat hazelnut latteAnamia's, Rodeo Goat, Torchy's TacosTarget, LOFT, J. Crew, ExpresseverythingChick Flicks, War Movies, and Harry PotterDallas StarsNo pets. :(Books for my classroom library :)Hangout with friends, OrangeTheory, and READ! Nope :)
MeganSchlossstein4/85medium--Cheez itsCheez itsCokeChocolate frapacino Chili’s, Cheesecake Factory TargetAnythingAnythingDallas Stars HockeyHarrison my cat!---
StormyAllen6/1311smallKitKat Any healthy snack with peanut butterAny healthy snack with peanut butterAny healthy snacks!Sweet teaWhite iced or green teaAny Mexican food place ... literally any oneNordstrom’s, target, hobby lobbyChristian N/ADallas cowboys and Texas rangers Bernice and Marnie are our life. N/A Run with my dogs and spend time with family and friendsN/A
HillaryBrown3/99mediumTake 5, Reese’s, Lily’s chocolate barsChocolate chip cookies, RX BarsCheez-its, peanut butter pretzels RX Bars, cheez-its
Unsweet tea with peach or mango lime fizz
Green tea frapuccino with coconut milk or chai tea latte with coconut milk (iced or hot depending on the weather)Gloria’s, Snuffers, Hard Eight BBQ, Grimaldi’sOld Navy, Target, AmazonBroadway soundtracks, John Mayer, Jon McLaughlinBeauty and the Beast, Greatest Showman, 13 Going on 30Texas A&M Aggies, Texas RangersRiley, 17 pound chihuahua/dachshund mixOrnaments from the places I travel toRead, craft, travel, spend time with loved ones Not that I can think of!
extra extra large
Take 5, Kit Kat, Carmello, TwixRed Starbursts, Skittles, Twizzlers, Swedish FishGluten free pretzels, crackers, pistachios, cashewsI LIKE ALL THINGSWater with Raspberrynon-fat chai latte- I DO NOT DRINK COFFEECheesecake Factory, Chick-fil-A, Uncle Julios, Raising CanesAmazon, Target, Hobby Lobby, NordstromAll except RapAny romantic comedy. We watch movies ALL the time at our house.Steelers2 Beagles- Sophie and HannahI like notecardsHang out with the people I love, shop, go to the movies, go out to eat, work in the flowerbeds, watch reality tvLooking forward to an awesome year!!!
TaylorOsborn6/109mediumRessesPeanut butter mnmOriginal SunChips Peanut butter mnmsDr Pepper-Cheesecake Factory, chick fil aTarget, the loft-Pride and Prejudice Oklahoma Sooners--Travel-
MaithreyiSatish5/20/184mediumBark thins- mintFilled dark chocolateVeggie straws, Chex mixChocolate covered nutsStrawberry milkshakeChai tea latteWich Wich, TargetIndian classicalPixar and children's moviesNoneNopeUnique fridge magnetsPaint, craft and gardeningI am a vegetarian!
CharleneParnell9/217medium100,000 dollar barPasteryCashewPopcornCherry limeadeCarmal machiatoBj's , Blue OceanULTA , Grapevine mills Oldies, christianLonesome dove, Note book Kansas City Chiefs I have a green cheek conure which is a small parrot is name is pretty.FrogsI love to be outside hiking swimming and I also love to grow plantsI love working at Lee
LayneDennis9/2310smallSnickersDark chocolate peanut M&MsCashews, pecans, almondsNuts & blueberries Unsweet tea w/ light iceCold brew coffee on ice w/ no add-insOutback, Schlotzsky’s AmazonColdplay, La La LandMavs, RangersYes! Peevy Grace is a Weimaraner that was born 3.21.18 and is a ball of energy. Garden gnomesCamp, hike, hang out with familyReady for #RJLyear5! Side note - I’m pretty sensitive to scents, so prefer not to get candles or perfumes as I cannot use them.
Leigh AnnHoward5/59extra largeSweet Tart Cherry RopesIce cream-chocolatePretzelsPretzels and chocolate CokeMocha FrappCheesecake Factory, Twisted Root, MaritiosAmazonRockThere’s a lot!UNT, RutgersWish we didThe letter H, snowmanShop, read, binge watch TV showsSo excited to start mt second year as an AP with you guys!
HannahWatts5/13mediumButterfingers, Kitt Kats, and M&Ms Ice Cream, Skittles, GrapesChips and Salsa, Pretzels, PopcornFruit, and CookiesDiet Dr. Pepper with light ice Black unsweet tea with light iceSeasons 52, Frescos, Target, Nordstroms, Country Anything that is a romantic comedy Cowboys and RangersNoOrganizational itemsShopping, playing board games, hanging out with friends and familyI am looking forward to a wonderful 3rd year at Lee! :)
JacqueMeier11/227mediumSnickersAnything. Not picky Jalepeno/BBQ chips Pistachios or almonds Water with raspberry Skinny Caramel MacchiatoChipotle, Salata, or any Mexican restaurant Nordstrom and TargetChristianLife As We Know It and How to Lose a Guy Dallas Cowboys, A&M Aggies and Arkansas Razorbacks
We have a 10 month old golden retriever named Henry- who is very mischievous and keeps us on our toes. I am quite obsessed with him. He has his own Instagram page LifeWithHenry17
Succulents And Candles Cook, read, shop, “golf”, sports games, concerts and just hang out with my husband, dog, friends and family.Excited for #RJLYear5
CorissaLamb10/144mediumReese'sSour Gummy Bears, Rolo's, Chocolate Covered PretzelsWhite Cheddar Popcorn, Jalepeno Chips from SchlotzskysCheez-itsDr. PepperSweet ShakenPassion Iced Tea LemonadeChick-fil-a, Schlotskys, PF Changs, On the Border, McAlistersLoft, Target, DSW, Barnes and NobleCountry, EDM, PopPirates of the Caribbean, Forest Gump, ZombielandTexas Rangers!Yes. We have a Australian Sheppard Mixed with a Blue Heeler named Molly. We rescued her in April of 2018. She is a ball of energy and super adorable!Yes. Post cards.Play volleyball and take Molly on walks.I would love some children's book donations!
KamilleMayes2/192.5largeTwix, ReesesDark chocolate, fruitSalt & vinegar chips (really all chips)FruitCherry Dr. Pepper or raspberry waterIced passion teaOutback, Chick-Fil-ATarget, LoftAll kindsAll disney movies (I'm like 5 years old)Meh...Of course! 2 of the sweetest pups- Gizmo & Gadget. They are the cuddliest little pups that make me so happy!NopeSpend time with family and friends, occasional crafting, lots of NetflixSo excited for this year!
PriscillaShaner01/0911smallI like Orbitz Mint and Spearmint gum instead
Breads: (homemade) banana nut bread or (homemade )pumpkin bread
NO SALT- cashews, pistachios, and pecans/ Sunchips: Garden Salsa
Fruit: Watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, apples & almond butter/ Snacks: Wheat Thins and Fig Bars (raspberry), Sargento cheddar or mozzarella cheese sticks, Chobani yogurt: Honey Nut or Key Lime Pie crumble mix
strawberry slushy-smallsmall Strawberries & Cream Frapp
Genghis Grill, PF Changs, Chick Fila, Dugg Burger, Smashburger, Newk's, Jason's Deli
Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, Half Price Books, TJ Maxx/Homegoods, Dillards, Kohls, Walmart, Movie theater (AMC or Studio Movie Grill), PinStack Bowling
For King and Country, Toby Mac - Christian Music / I also love 90'sI love all Marvel movies, historical/period movies (i.e. North and South), romantic comedy- I love going to the moviesDon't really have one- Steelers2 female cats: Snuggles (playful, loves to play hide and seek and bite) & Marshmallow (loves attention/to be pet)
BOOKS!! in book and Kindle form (Amazon)/ Puzzles (holiday and other)/ Board games & STEM games/ Colorful pens- Papermate/ Craft activities to do with daughter/ Home decor (sayings/quotes/scripture), Notebooks to write in (journals), Blank cards
Read, exercise, walk trails, go to movies, go to Christian concerts, paint w/ acrylics, play piano, watch Netflix, play board gamesI am allergic to anything with fragrance (i.e. candles, lotions, perfumes), so PLEASE, don't gift me anything with fragrance.
ShelbyHolbrook04/235smallTwixSour Patch KidsFlaming Hot CheetosFlaming Hot CheetosLemon Iced TeaSweetened Iced Coffee with Coconut MilkChipotle, Chick-fil-a, Buffalo Wild WingsTarget & AmazonTX Country, Alt. Rock, 90s PopHarry Potter, Clueless, Breakfast at Tiffany'sGo sports? :DYES! My dog Teena is my blonde bestie!No, I am so bad at keeping things!Read, shop, and eat I'm a bit nervous, but also so EXCITED to start my career at Lee!
AktaPatel04/183extra smallCabury Chocolate (Milk, Fruit & Nut, Carmel)ChocolatesMixed nutsNuts, Fruits Strawberry LimeadeMocha -Target, Amazon--Mavs, StarsNoPostcards from places we travelCook, Yoga .
pretty much anything chocolate! Peanut butter M&Ms, Doves,
brownies, cookies, chips and salsa chips and salsa/queso, chocolate covered pretzels, Diet Dr. Pepper with VanillaI don't drink coffee. Frescos in Highland Village, Torchy's Taco, Chickfila, Mi Cocina, anything Mexican!Target, Amazon, Old Navy, Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Homegoods Christian, country The Holiday, The Proposal Baylor Bears no ornaments from places I visit crossfit, dinner with friends, church and volunteer activities I'm excited for a GREAT year!
Trying to eat healthier this year. Trail mix would be a good choice
Fresh and dried fruitsSalted cashews, sunflower seeds, almondstrail mix with dried fruitRaspberry WaterCoconut mil chia latteCheddars, Cheesecake Factory, MiCocina'sAmazonHillsong worshipNetflix and Amazon moviesNot really a sports chickBuster and Sady MerrittNew pens and office suppliesWatch movies, read and listen to books, spend time with familyIt is going to be a GREAT year!!!
ShannaSheffield10/124extra largeSnickersCandy barsPopcornFruit/veg., chips, popcorn and cookies, CokeCaramel FrappuccinoChick-fil-a, Palio's, Mi Cocina & Chili's, Target & AmazonClassic rock, 80's, classic countryPretty Woman and Love ActuallyDallas CowboysHolly, 9 yr old West Highland TerrierNot really, but I have a lot a chicken's in my kitchen.Read, walk, watch TV and hang out with my familyI love working at Lee. We have the best staff, learners, parents and PTO!
RuchaRajendra11/091mediumLindt Lindor, Nestle CrunchChocolate-Walnut BrowniesLays potato chipsTrail MixFrozen Strawberry LemonadeChai LatteMacaroni Grill / Olive GardenNew York and Co. , Loft, Macy'sBollywood Music, Any InstrumentalThe Shawshank Redemption, Harry Potter, Sound of Music, Any Comedy MovieCowboys, MavericksYes. 1yr old Maltese puppy "Buddy" Magnet Souvenirs collection from different placesBowling, spend time with family and friends, watch moviesI am feeling blessed to be part of this amazing FamiLee. Looking forward to another great year at RJL!
Dove DARK Chocolate or Dove DARK chocolate with almonds
Milano Cookies or "the Tonight Dough" Ice Cream from Ben and Jerry's
Chips and queso or salsaChips and Queso/Salsa/Guacamole
Iced Tea-Unsweet with a splash of sweet
Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion Lemonade (Iced)Mi Cocina, Blue Ocean Sushi, Cane'sAmazonKids Bop-hazard of the job (plus lots of other variety-nothing too loud once I leave the gym :) )Thomas Crown Affair, Blind Side, You've got Mail, Remember the TitansMy kids sports teams! (and the Cowboys)No, Allergies :(Not reallyGolf, some other sports as my broken body allows, movies, reading?
CourtneySinclair11/208mediumTwix, zero bar, 3 musketeers Red velvet cake, browniesMovie theater popcorn, sour cream & cheddar chips, cheetoes Kind Bars, LarabarsOcean WaterSweet Passion Tea Lemonade Chick-fil-A, Cane RossoTJ Maxx, Target CountryPride & Prejudice, Marvel moviesPatriotsTwo dogs, Hunter (yellow lab), Abigail (boarder collie mix) NoSpend time with family & friends, go to the movies or the lakeI look forward to continuing to grow this year.
Melissa Massey07/126mediummilky way, Hershey's, anything without nutsskittles, gummy bears, Cheeze its, goldfish popcorn, apples, chips and queso unsweet teavanilla latte Bread Zeppelins, Chick Fil A Nordstroms, Amazon, Target really anything- country, christian, pop any romantic comedy :)Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavs We have a boxer- Koda I don't collect anything but I like collecting sea shells at the beach. We have a large jar we put them in. I love handing out with friends- going to dinner or doing fun activities. I am really excited for another year at LEE! :)
LindaHoffmann 3/15/1820mediumAlmond JoyGummy bearsVeggie strawsWasabi almonds Strawberry LimeadeChai tea latte with non fat milkSalt Grass, Olive Garden, Buffalo Wild WingsAmazon Christian musicThe Proposal, Just Friends,
Not a sports person, but will root for Texas teams and Longhorns
No pets Starbucks mugs from everywhere we have visited, Willow angelsI love playing puzzles, playing games on iPad, craftingI am excited to be back at Lee and to be able to see the sweet students again! This is going to be a fantastic year!
KathyCollins4/3020mediumReese’s and TwixCandies- starbursts, chocolates, etcPretzels, chips/salsaPopcorn, mixed nutsCokeNonfat LatteMi Cocina, Ana Mia’s, Blue OceanTarget, Nordstrom, Kroger, TJMaxCountry, Pandora MixDrama, comedyLonghorns- UT AustinNoNot really- decluttering is great! Well, I do like clothes/shoes😊.Workout, garden, family game night, travel, grill, and meet up with friends/family.I love children!!
BethanyHooper02/158extra largeReese’s, KitKat, Big Hunk, sour patch kidsAnything with chocolate/peanut butterSalt and Vinegar chipsPopcorn, beef jerky, cashewsUnsweetened tea Iced Chai Chick fil a, Rosa’s, Cane RossoNordstrom, Sephora, Target, Old Navy, AmazonEverything Return to Me, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Gidget, Drop Dead Gorgeous Chicago CubsN/AMagnets Read, watch movies, hang out with friends, board games, I want to learn to play the guitar! Nope
KristinaWilkerson10/118mediumSnickersPeanut butter cups, chocolate chip cookies Chex MixTrail mixesStrawberry limeade Pike place with almond milkOn the border, Starbucks, chick-fil-aNordstrom, target, Whole Foods Pop, countryYou’ve got mail, runaway bride, any Christmas movieDallas cowboys, Arkansas razorbacks1 dog named BellaNoHanging out with my husband, shopping, traveling, working outHappy to be back for another year!
AyeshaKhan12/1913extra largeMilky Way, kit katStarbucks iced caramel macchiato Chips, Chex mix, nutsPopcorn, fruit, nuts, SpriteIced caramel macchiato Noodle wave, jimmy johns, ChickFilA Target, amazon R&BTitanicToronto blue jays, Toronto raptors No Stationary Spend time with family, shop, eat out Can’t wait for this year!!
KaseyKemp7/248mediumTwixWarm Chocolate Chip Cookies Cheez-ItsSunChips
Coke Zero with vanilla or water with lemon
White Chocolate Mocha
Everything! I love food! If I had to pick favorites I would say Chipotle or any sandwich shop.
Target, Nordstrom, Dillards Country The Proposal, All Disney Movies, Blindside Denver Broncos Andi is my sweet baby girl. She is a white Lab and Border Collie mix. I love candles! I like to be outside. I played soccer in college so I love to run and do anything active. I also like to sit on patios with friends when the weather is nice.
I am so excited to be part of the Lee Family this year! I know there is so much that I can learn working with the educators and administrators at the campus. I am passionate about working with children and designing innovative learning experiences.
MistyLynch08/2114extra largeDark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt Kind BarsDark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt Kind BarsDark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt Kind BarsDark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt Kind BarsNoneNoneLuna Grill, Mi CocinaAcademy, Dick's
Cage the Elephant, Twenty One Pilots, Sublime, Nirvana, Weezer, Panic at the Disco, Sound Garden, Oasis, Imagine Dragons, Stone Temple Pilots, Fall Out Boy, Gorrilaz, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, Kings of Leon
Donnie Darko, Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, Usual Suspects, The Big Lebowski, No Country for Old Men, Sixth Sense, The Princess Bride
Michigan WolverinesYorkie - Banky (13 years old)NoBiking, hiking, watching movies at Movie House I prefer not to have my picture taken, but loving taking pictures. I am great at taking group photos.
MeredithGreer1/251largeReeses and Hershey's with Almonds
Brookside dark chocolate pomegranate, Brownies, yogurt covered raisins
Goldfish, Chex-Mix, Smartfood Delights Popcorn, Cheez- NipsGoldfish, Smartfood Delight white cheddar popcornUnsweet Peach TeaIced Caramel Macchiato with non-fat milkCheesecake Factory, Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, Panda ExpressTarget, Amazon, WalmartToday's HitsSweet Home Alabama, Finding Nemo, Jurassic WorldTexas RangersI only have family dogs that I grew up with, none of my own. Children's Books, CandlesGo out to eat, watch Netflix, spend time with friends and familyI am excited for another great school year!
GwenDiRenzo11/61largeTake 5, ButterfingerWhite chocolate, jelly beansNuts, edamame, popcorn, pretzelsNuts- cashews, almonds, pistachio's, peanutsWater with lemon and strawberriesTall skinny vanilla latte with no foamAnamias, Pan Acean, Blue Ocean, ParmaLoft, Target, TJMaxxPop, Oldies, CountryDirty Dancing, The Sound of Music, Mamma MiaDallas Cowboys or Texas RangersI have a Morkie and her name is Brie and she is 4 years oldNoCook, Shop, Digital Scrapbooking, TravelI've lived in Coppell for 23 years!
MariahWallace12/81.5largeTwix, Hershey's cookies-n-cream, kit-katsChoc. Chip Cookies and browniesBBQ Chips, White Cheddar Popcorn Chips or desserts Peach Sweet Tea or Cherry Vanilla DPCaramel Frappe Costa Vida, Chilis, Chickfila Francesca's, Forever 21, Target Christian, county, rap Too many lol Dallas Cowboys No NoPlay sports, movies, bowling, craftNada!
Hershey’s with Almonds and snickers (plain or with almonds)
FruitRoasted peanuts or almonds, white cheddar popcornJerky, any kind and any flavor Strawberry limeade
Hot: grande blonde roast with 2 pumps sugar-free cinnamon dulce syrup and a very light splash of cream; Cold: grande cold brew with 2 pumps sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup and a very light splash of cream
Mi Cocina, PaneraTarget, Old NavyPretty much everythingI love musicals and super hero moviesDallas Cowboys and Texas A&M Aggie everything NoNoCamp Gladiator; photography; hang out with my familyI’m excited to continue my Alternative Certification program and FINALLY get my certification this year!
AmeiraOlayan02/150extra large almond joy, M&Msrice krispie treatsbeef jerky, popcorntrail mixpeach ice teaIced Caramel Macchiato In&Out, Cowboy Chicken, longhorn steakhouseTarget, Home Goods, Tuesday Morning Classic Rock, American folk Rock, Indie Pop rock Forrest Gump, The Notebook, Steel Magnolias FC DallasWe have 2 rabbits Cookbooks, coffee mugs play on my Ukulele , go to local festivals and farmers markets I speak Arabic as a 2nd language
AprilReeves12/1011mediumSnickersDark ChocolateAlmondsAlmondsUnsweet TeaBlack TeaAnamia’s, Cheesecake FactoryLoftAllRomantic ComediesGreen Bay PackersDaphne (Dachshund)
Clark (Beagle)
N/AFootball, Movies, TravelingN/A
MelindaMangum4/1919mediumM & M's, Dove, GhiradelliChocolate Chip Cookies, BrowniesTrail Mix, PretzelsSaltine Crackers, GoldfishCherry CokeHot ChocolateMattito's, Jersey Mike's, El FenixTarget, Kohl's, Dillard'sEasy Listening, OldiesPrincess Bride, Caddyshack, National Lampoon's Vacationnot a big sports fanTabby Cat-GarfieldGiraffesGardening, Cooking, go to local Plays/Musicals, go to MoviesI love Lee! I love the Media Center! I love the Designers! I love the Learners!
MayVoltz1/726mediumGodiva Dark Chocolates nonenonefruitDiet Cranberry Limeadenonfat, no whipped, Cinnamon doche latteAny steak or seafood restaurant!Lowes, Home Depot, Dicks Sporting Goods, Anthropology and AmazonClassicalLove comedies and science fiction! Dallas Stars1 cat, Mauschen ( means little mouse) . She's NOT little!No! If anything, I love colored pens, kitchen candles, and books for my learners!I love to kayak, swim, do yoga and I enjoy going to dinner with friends!Happy to be here at LEE! It's going to be a fabulous year! :<)
Mr. Goodbar, Snickers, Kit-Kat, & Hershey's Cookies & Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookies & BrowniesCheeto's Hot Fries & Chex MixDark Chocolate Covered Almonds & Raisins and PistachiosCranberry LimeadePassion Tea Lemonade (Sweet)Chik-fil-a, Canes, Chili's, Chuy's, ChipotleOld Navy, Target, Walmart, & AmazonAnythingAnything but scary moviesDallas Teams (Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars)NopeAnything related to Dallas Cowboys & Mavericks and UNTRead, Go to Concerts, Bake, Watch Movies, and Hangout with my family & friendsExcited for #RJLyear5
RikkiMundhada 1/93largeKitkatChoclate chip cookieChexmixMixed nutsStrawberry shakeFrappuccino On the Border, Yummy ThaiKohl’s, TargetCountrySound of musicCowboysNopeNopeWatch movies, spend time with family and friends,play board games Looking forward to another wonderful year at Lee.
NikkiHeimlich09/021mediumReeces and Twixcookies and cream ice cream Sour cream and onion potato chips, popcorn, gold fishspicy peanuts, fruit, white cheddar popcornDr. PepperIced vanilla latteGloria`s mexican restaurant, P.F. Chang`s, Cafe ItaliaTarget, Nordstrom rack, MarshallsOld Country, popStep Brothers, The Notebook, The Lion King, Forest GumpDallas Cowboys and Arkansas RazorbacksNo :(Yes, I collect coffee mugs.
I am on a co-ed kickball team with a group of great friends. Also, I am in a book club with some of my closest girl friends. Other than that I enjoy spending time with my family and fiance!
I will always be a kid at heart!
StephanieShannon8/2811largeSour Straws, Dark Chocolate, Milky Way MidnightSoft Chocolate chip cookies, Frozen Yogurt, COFFEEBeef Jerky, Veggie Straws, Limon Lays, Sea Salt WalnutsDukes (Jerky sticks), Trail Mix, Fresh Veggies, Honeycrisp applesWater with lemonHot Outside: Cold Foam Blonde Cappucinno. Cold Outside: Blonde Roast with steamed whole milkTwisted Root, New York Pizza Pasta, Chick Fil ANordstrom, TargetGood Music!My Best Friend's Wedding, the SandlotSan Antonio Spurs, New York YankeesI wasn't a dog person, until I was! Parker is our dog and she joined us in May. We're smitten. Starbucks points! :)Road Trip, play inappropriate card games, doodle (draw/write), Yoga, Family activities: dance parties, cooking/baking, play games#luckyatLee
JessieTadgerson3/2210extra largeHershey milk chocolate and Dove dark chocolateChocolate- no nuts! or cookies- no nuts!Trail mixes (nuts ok!)Trail mix, fruit/yogurt/granolaDiet strawberry limeade or sweet teaHot- skinny caramel latte Cold- vanilla sweet cream cold brewRaising Cane’s, Whiskey Cake, Hard 8 BBQTarget, Trader Joe’s, AnthropologieCounty, oldies, and 90s/00s! HahaOcean’s Eleven, My Cousin Vinny, The Holiday, Horrible BossesUniversity of Illinois, St. Louis CardinalsSadie, miniature dachshund, 13 years old Starbucks “you are here” mugs and the geographical frosted glasses (Catstudio)Travel, read, manicures, walks outside with the family Excited for my second year at Lee and Big Ten year of teaching!
SuziDowney7/222largeButterfinger, York peppermint pattyAnything chocolateAny type of nuts, chipsFruit, nuts, cheese, crackersVanilla cokeCaramel frappucinoOlive Garden, AnamiasTarget, KohlsChristian, oldies, countryI Can Only Imagine, Field of DreamsDallas CowboysMandi, Boston TerrierBearsRead, spend time with familyI do not like attention drawn to me.
KarenJohnson7/1722mediumAnything dark chocolateanything chocolatesalt and pepper chips/crackersfruits, dried fruits, trail mixI usually just drink waterI usually just drink waterChick-Fil-A, Texas Roadhouse, Red RobinOld Navy, Target, MarshallsHard rockAnything Disney, Chick FlicksSeattle Mariners9 year old Yellow Lab Hoku and 4 month old Labradoodle Konanothing really particular but I like Mickey Mouse thingsspend time with my family exploring Texas, read, craftI am an introvert. I do not like speaking in front of people, to be put on the spot, called out in front of people, be the center of attention.
DeepaBlack10/1810largeNo thank you No thank youNo thank youAlmonds or Walnuts- no sugarsWaterWaterWhat a Burger
CheeseCake Factory
Amazon Target All good musicMystery, Romance, Comedy, Marvel MoviesNo favsToby the wonder dog. NoCraft and CreatExcited to start another great school year at Lee!
AngelaGarvin1/23/1819largeCaramello, York Peppermint PattyCadbury Mini Eggs, Frozen YogurtChips and GuacChips and GuacDiet Coke with Diet CherryNonfat Caramel Frappaccino (with whip)Anamias, Chic Fil A, Nordstrom, White House Black Market, LoftWorship/Praise, Country, Any? Star Wars I guessProsper Eagles, Green Bay Packers, Cowboys (sometimes)Ali, sweet golden retriever Crosses, Funky Coffee Mugs, Spend time with my family, watch my son's football games, read, yogaLooking forward to YEAR 5!!
MichelleApgar06/2227largeSnickers and Almond JoyM & M's and gluten free chocolate chip cookiespopcorn and Lay's potato chipsI love those Balanced Breaks with the cashews and white cheddar (no chocolate)Unsweet tea ( I add my own stevia) Hot cocoa all year longFuzzy's Tacos, BJ's and Roy'sWalmart, TJ MAXX, and my favorite....Amazon!!Contemporary Christian The Shack, Elf, and Sleepless in Seattle I love the Stars and the Rangers!I have a 13 year old border collie/ Australian shepherd mix named MollyI collect Longaberger baskets, travel magnets and dustI love to travel, read, kayak and fish I'm looking forward to this being a fabulous year!!
ClaudiaRios3/1820mediumRecesschocolateCheddar PopcornalmondsUnsweet TeaUnsweet green tea lemonadeFish City, WingstopTargetpop, soft rockHope Floats, Ever After, Something Borrowed49ersI have three furr babies, Pazzo, Jax and Gino.NoTravel, read, jog.I am one of Jehovah's Witness and do not celebrate any holidays, including birthdays, Christmas or Thanksgiving.
Samira Khan11/1310
extra extra large
Nonefresh fruits: blueberries, bananas, grapes, and orangesunsalted nuts: cashews, mixed nutsbaby carrots, fruits and nutsWater with lemonWinter: Extra hot non fat chai or any hot tea Summer: Non fat no whip Mocha Frappuccino Bread Zeppelin, Salata, anything MexicanIkea (my therapy), Pier 1 Imports , Bath and Body Works, Pottery Barn Coke Studio :) Desi MusicAnything historical. I love TV series: Law and Order, Chrisley Knows Best, Tudors American Horror Story and American Crime StoryNot into sportsNopePicture Books and Chapter Books with a cultural themeScrapbookingTalk to me and I'll tell you :)
AishaKhan10/116largeDark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Caramel, Reese’s or twixChocolate Chip CookiesChips and Salsa or quesoFruit, yogurt, belvita buiscuts, cashews, crackers and cheeseCoke Zero with cherryLatte or cold brewTexas Roadhouse, Torchy’s, Chick-fil-A, ChipotleTarget, Old NavyEverything MoanaSoccerNot right now.Not really. Travel, read, swim, layout, hang with friends, nature walks, try new thingsI’m happy to be here.
I prefer SOUR candy! Strawberry sour punch are my favorite :)
Brownies, cookies (especially Tiff's Treats!), ice cream
Chips/queso/salsa, Goldfish, Cheez-its, Honey Mustard & Onion pretzel bites
Any of my favorite treats, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, cheese & crackers, fruit
Water with Lemon, Coke Zero with Vanilla
Iced coffee w/ 2 pumps of white mocha & soy milkAnamia's, Torchy's Tacos, Twisted Root, Chick-fil-aTarget, Amazon, Old NavyCountry, Pop, Rock, Easy Listening, Christian... pretty much anythingLove a good romcom or comedy. Anything I can quote with Bethany Hooper!!!Oklahoma State, Dallas CowboysScout- 3 1/2 year old rescue dogNoWatch movies/Netflix, golf, trying new restaurants, travel, work out, hang out with friendsExcited for a new year with some new teammates!
Kristen Schliewe 8/234mediumReese’sChocolate chip cookies Chocolate covered pretzels Popcorn 1/2 and 1/2 iced tea Pink drinkChick fil a, chipotle Nordstrom, TJ MAXX, Old NavyAnything on the radio🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️Shea and Tucker, my two mutts Nothing Hand lettering, watercolor painting, crafting Can’t wait for year 5 ❤️
KylieRadka02/097extra largealmond joy, twixcookies, ice creampopcorn, monster trail mix from Targetfruit and veggies, trail mix, pretzelsStrawberry Limeade Passion tea lemonade, vanilla sweet cream cold brewChick Fil A, Bread Zeppelin, Starbucks, Black WalnutTarget, TJ Maxx/Homegoods, LoftMostly Christian, top hitsThe Greatest Showman, How to Lose a Guy In Ten Days
Oklahoma State Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Texas Rangers
My mom has two dogs that I consider my own. Moses is a shih tzu and Hope is a border collie. School Supplies!! Spend time with Miguel exploring Dallas, planning a wedding right now (which has it's fun moments!) hanging out with friends, going to the movies, trying new things!I am PUMPED for #RJLEAR5!!!
JessicaFloyd10/305extra largeLindt Excellence Chili Dark Chocolatechocolate or gluten free sweetsgluten free pretzels or popcorngluten free snacksunsweet ice teaflat white with almond milk with an extra shotMi Cocina, AnamiasNordstrom, Sephora, Targeta little bit of everythingmusicals, Harry Potter, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Mob moviesCowboys/Patriots and Rangers/Red Soxnot applicable Red cardinal Christmas ornaments hang out with family/friendsYay for #rjlyear5 !!!!
MeghanWood11/120mediumCrunch and Kit Kats Starbursts and Chocolate chip cookiesChipsSalted cashews (Regular or honey roasted) CokeI do not drink coffeeChick-fil-a, Chilis, Anemias, Saltgrass Target, Hobby lobby, Amazon, Kohls Country Disney films, comedy, and chick flicks New York GiantsWe have two dogs, Milo and Levi. Milo is an Australian cattle dog mix, he is 5 years old and Levi is a black lab, he is 3. They both love swim and play. No Spend time with family and friends, go to the lake, go bowling or to top golf, play games, and get my nails done. I am outgoing, love to laugh and excited to be teaching at Lee!!
Julie Landefeld 9/74smallDark chocolate BrowniesCrunchy Cheetos Skinny popDiet Coke with lots of iceLatteBread zeppelin, whiskey cake, chick fil aLoft, Athleta, Dillard’s, Nordstrom 80’s, countryMarvel moviesChicago Cubs I have a cockapoo names Rosy who’s blind as a batFiesta ware Read, garden, runI’m excited to be in the library this year!
extra extra large
White chocolate peanut butter cupsSkittles and Jolly RanchersGluten free crackers and pretzlesChips and queso, cheese and crackers, or nutsDiet Vanilla Dr. PepperVanilla Bean Frappacino Pei Wei, Mi Cocina, Anamias, RosasTarget, Dillard’s, and Belks80’s New Wave Jaws, The Matrix, The Exorcist I don’t really have oneWe have three dogs - Ozzy, Dixon, and Pippa Kate. We also have two cats - Holly and Lilly. Unicorns, crosses, and Classic Pooh vintage items Swim, play with our dogs, read, and shopI still love anything pink with glitter. I still hate attention on me. I am very shy around people I don’t know.
LisaHart11/2411largeTwix, 100 Grand, Milky WayHot Tamales, Cherry TwizzlersPopcorn, Pretzel RodsPopcorn, Rice CrackersDiet Cherry LimeadeFat Free Milk- Java Chip Frap with Whip CreamCheesecake Factory, Anamias, Olive Garden, BJ'sTarget, Nordstroms, GapPop Rock, 80sSteel Magnolias, The Fugitive, The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, BridesmaidsDallas Cowboys. Kansas City ChiefsA Fat English Bulldog named LeBron and a Yorkie named SnickersHearts, Angels and CrossesRunning, Shopping, TravelingI am very blessed to be at Lee and love my job!
Christina Giddings 05/310small Hershey's Milk Chocolate with almonds Justin's Peanut Butter Cups Sweet and Salty Kettle CornKind bars, Kind granola, FruitStrawberry Limeade Iced Hazelnut Latte Mi Cocina, Chick-fil-a, Raising Cane's Target, Home Goods, Walmart, Sprouts, Kroger, Market Street I listen to a variety of music E.T., You've got mail, Groundhog Day, Pay it forward Dallas Cowboys, Golden State Warriors NoAnything and everything Hello KittyCamp Gladiator, yoga, cooking, spending quality time with my family.I am beyond excited to be joining the Richard J. Lee FamiLee.
Stephanie Deskin8/129smallSkor BarHarbio Frogs and BrowniesTeriyaki Beef Jerky, Zapp's Voodoo Kettle ChipsPimento CheeseCoca ColaBlack Iced TeaMcAllister's, Gloria's Latin Cuisine, Texas RoadhouseHomeGoods, World Market, Target, AmazonAll types of Rock especially 90's , 80's Country, and Christian. Into the Wild, Frequency, Looper, The Bourne Series, Wall-ETexas A&M AggiesKobe, our Chow Chow, who is 7 years old. He is the best dog ever. Nail PolishGardening, Traveling, Cooking, CraftingReady for #RJLyear5! :)
SuzanneHunt4/149mediumHershey with almondsAnything homemade :)Mixed nutsNuts and cheeseDiet vanilla dr pepperLatte no cream withb 2 SplendaUnclejulios, zoes kitchenLoft, charming Charlie’s, gap, banana republic Country, Christian, pop Mysteries, chick flicks CowboysBatman- catAnything farmhouse Time with family, decorate, churchLove to help out in anyway I can.
SamanthaJensen8/278largeDark Chocolate, swedish fishchocolate chip cookiescheez-its, goldfish, jalapeno chipsfruit, cheez-its, popcornWater with lemonSkinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte or iced coffeeBread Zeppelin, Newks, or anywhere with TacosTarget, Amazon, LOFT, Micheal's/Hobby LobbyAnything except countrySuperhero movies, Harry Potter, Buffalo Bills2 dogs-AJ is a 7 year old terrier and Max is a 4 year old golden retrieverSkeleton keysI love to hang out with friends, family and my dogs, exploring new places, curling up with a good book, live music, doing crafty things or working on my house. = 0 )
MeganSonnamaker3/312mediumReeses, almond joySee above Skinny popSee above Coffee blackCoffee blackSchlotskys, bjsTj maxx, target Christian, country Mystery onesDallas cowboys Lab/great pyrenees cowboy, kitty called kittyCoffee mugs... cactusGo outside, exercise, decorate, play with famNo
LeslieHoward9/38mediumReese's Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ice cream PopcornKind Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt bars Dr. PepperGreen Tea Lemonade Uncle Julio's, Chick-fi-la, Italiani's Loft, Target, Old NavyChristian Worship music, some country, musicals Mary Poppins, Harry PotterTexas RangersNo Books and bookends Spend time with family, read, travelI'm excited for this school year!
Micha Patel5/187mediumPaydayBit-O-Honey, Hot Tamales, Red HotsPretzels, Chex Mix, Honey Chex MixChips and Dip Dr. Pepper with EXTRA iceCaramel MacchiatoWing Stop, Chick-Fil-A, Texas Roadhouse, Cowboy ChickenAmazon, Target, Country and RapGrease, Dirty DancingDallas CowboysNoNoWorkout, hang with family and friends No
TaylorHolcomb6/157largeno candy this year please:) fruit nuts fruit, nuts and water with raspberry blonde roast coffee black chick fil a target ALL! all longhorns Yes- I have a dog. Her name is Maddison. No i do not workout Cant wait for year 5!
SusieEvans9/1126mediumReese's or TwixChocolate, Banana Pudding, CheesecakePretzels, Pistachios Sunchips, Pretzels, Kind Bars
If I'm Cheating--Root Beer; Water with Lime
Chi Tea Latte or Upside down Caramel MacchiatoChipotle, Ole's, Anamias, Jersey Mikes, Salt GrassNordstrom, TargetAll?? Don't really have time to watch movies
Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Suns; And Coppell Cowgirls (my daughter is on the 9th grade team for Volleyball and trying out for basketball)
N/AN/AMy children's activities; I also work out and attend sporting eventsThank you for welcoming me to RJL! I look forward to working with everyone.
Kristi Howard7/30mediumTwix, Hershey bars, Kit KatsCookies, brownies and red velvet bundt cakesDoritos and white cheddar popcornFruitCoke Zero or Diet Dr. PepperIced Coffe with Sugar Free Vanilla and low fat creamChick Fil A, Newks, Slim ChickensTargetAllRomantic ComediesTexas LonghormsYes, I have a dog named Goldie and 2 gerbils named nerf and twinklenoplay tennis and watch my kids sportsI am very excited to be a part of the FamiLee
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