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TODAYS DATEServerTribe/TribesName/AliasesSteam IDDiscord IdRule BrokenWarning/DateFirst Offense/DateSecond Offense/DateTotal PointsBrief ExplanationPunishmentBan/DateAppeal Y or N Date
2019 Points and Punisment Sheet
No color reflects at least 30 days since last offence.WARNING EVENT BAN (As decided by admin anything over 3 pts.)3 Day SEVER BAN (4 - 6 pts accrued)5 Day SERVER BAN (7-9 points accrued)PERMA BAN. (10 or more points)Pink reflects the Date that the points were rolled off. 1 Point for each two weeks WITHOUT a repeat offense.Usually Twice per month.
1/1/2019Tribe Of JennyTommy Tutone8675309Tom2tone(6) 4/18/18; (6) 4/25/18Warning given 4/18/18(1) pointClaimed Benjamin Button's dinos and did not moveEvents ban one monthDenied 4/30/18No color reflects at least 30 days since last offence.
1/11/2019#5ArraxiWindN/ALacioh#006961/11/20190 - warningClaimed nugget's admin unicorn. Very obviously not a legitimate tame. Dinos all slept.Flyers sleptNo color reflects at least 30 days since last offence.
1/18/2019#1Widespread Gamersbig boy daedae
SK8ER BOI (76561198226022656)
bavis brant#1467?1/18/2019Has been playing stupid in-game about rules while Princess SparkleKitten was being a douche. Then joined discord and reacted to my messaged with "FAG" and "SHIT" - told to shut up and follow the rules-ingame.Kicked from discord. Told in-game to shut up and follow the rules.WARNING
1/18/2019#1Widespread GamersPrincess SparkleKittenpoo shit CSGOEmpire.com (76561198355287644)awesomesauce#2738 | epicbeast2230#63591 (twice), 2 (several times)1/18/2019Started with a report from Rodney with a SS - him telling people to go fuck themselves, etc. I logged in & told him I was going to give him a 3-day and a 30-day event ban. He continued to argue with me and told me twice to go fuck myself, told Astro to go fuck himself, said he was going to report me for admin abuse & then joined discord.
awesomesauceToday at 10:59 PM
I'd like to submit a dispute against an admin on one your servers what do i do
NuggyToday at 11:00 PM
@Alphynen Bloodhart @AdmiNASTrator
Just as I told you in-game.
awesomesauceToday at 11:08 PM
@Nuggy is an abusive admin. They think that because they are an admin they can just intimidate anybody and give them an unjust PERMANENT ban.
NuggyToday at 11:09 PM
This is not the place for that.
I told you to DM our senior admins.
awesomesauceToday at 11:10 PM
Who are you to tell me where to go - you don't own this discord server
Permanant ban from the server & kicked from the discord. Rejoined on another discord account.1/18/2018EVENT BAN (As decided by admin anything over 3 pts.)
1/21/19KuiKangBangWe need a new rule...Multiple accounts of yelling, causing issues on Discord. Tried to join Patreon for all of 4-5 minutes, threw a fit and left. Was kicked, came back and threw a bigger fit, so he was banned from server for causing trouble. Swore Nuggy was a bad man (HA) when we were trying to help him.Banned from Discord and Server. He's now 'left' twice, we helped him this time.1/21/193 Day SEVER BAN (4 - 6 pts accrued)
1/30/19DecepticonsStarscream#81/1/191/30/19MULTIPLE accounts of claiming and not moving dinos. Warned by Zylana sometime in the last month with dinos slept, Nast discovered more, and slept dinos. 3 points awarded and event ban given to Starscream.Event ban until 3-2-195 Day SERVER BAN (7-9 points accrued)
1/30/19No NameJxx1997 #2, #8, COMMON SENSEAdmitted to entering someone's active base and claiming their missed baby. Argued with Zylana about punishment and rule 'not stating that was against the rules'. Event ban until 3-2-19PERMA BAN. (10 or more points)
02/01/19#5red_riotRed Death76561198304229292Dog#5686#2 x202/01/201902/01/2019Killed Fatman101 and took 2 cryoed dinos (lightning wyvern and Snow Owl) hid both under a wooden foundation in a storage box. Then had Reaper locked in a cage in his base said he had spawned there and didnt want him to mess with anything. He knew he was greiving but had no reason to why he did it, never tried to lie or compalin about his 30 day event ban so i kept it to that. Event ban until 3-3-19Pink reflects the Date that the points were rolled off. 1 Point for each two weeks WITHOUT a repeat offense. Usually Twice per month.
Alphy Checked the Log today Feb. 2 2019
02/03/19#5Thick NecksTHICC NECK thickassneck salty76561198285025123 76561197973297070 76561198285987102 #2, #42/3/20192/3/2019Build a small shack around a snow owl what was coming up for claim. and they had 4 total bases including the shack blocking the snow owl. 2 bases have dinos in them and the thrid is outside of their cave base, up and to the north with water reserivors on it. Slept all 18 dinos and put up signs.
02/04/2019Kkona BrothersGoddishQuiteGoddish#8041#72/4/2019na5 wolves on wander all claimable/3juv. Removed all Claimable stock and Slept the parents. Sign up with Warning. First known issue.
02/09/2019#1Dingus KanDingle NINJAofTNT76561198238900672 76561198242905220#72/9/20190Left dilos on wander killed off 5 babies. Slept dinos and put signs up
2/13/2019#1N/ADabber76561198273476206dabber#9328#72/13/20190Dabber left dodos on wander on Island. There were 48 babies and more hatching when Nuggy got there. Attempted to wipe the unclaimed dodos and wound up wiping the entire tribe instead. Left an admin fire wyvern level 22,500 in his yard named "CONTACT AN ADMIN, ASAP."
2/14/2019#5LIT LEGIT TRIBELittlefish311376561198363193997D3RPTeeJay#33531 and 8Last yearLast Year2/14/20190Left argy on wander then blammed computer problems but asked why he didnt tell Mid about it and said that he was grounded from discord but not Ark? im sorry but im sick of the "uhh im sry, wont happen again" then two days later hes doing something else against the rules. Needed to drop the hammer a little harder on littlefish, this isnt the first time he has gotten in trouble for leaving dinos on wander along with the whole leaving 30 taming pens all over the place a little while back. With his conduct while at events punishment should of came eariler but i though id be nice that time, this him im not being nice. Event ban until 3/15/2019 5 day temp ban until 2/19/2019 at 10 pm EST.
2/15/2019#5DinoChow72/15/2019Gachas left breeding on 5. Probably due to a bug but there have been warnings to move males away from females.
Flyers slept.
2/15/2019#5Chapstick ChompersBronkzoo Jack The Ripper (76561198187928001) Bronkzoo#56937,4,32/15/2019 Argies left breeding on 5. Probably due to a bug but there have been warnings to move males away from females. Base built on metal nodes. Bad dino name and bad player name. "Naratard" - naruto retard.
Flyers slept, player put into their own cage. 3-day ban + 30-day event ban.
2/15/2019#5Chapstick ChompersNaratard Addictionzzz (76561198197764045) ?7,4,32/15/2019Argies left breeding on 5. Probably due to a bug but there have been warnings to move males away from females. Base built on metal nodes. Bad dino name and bad player name. "Naratard" - naruto retard.
Flyers slept. 5-day server ban + 30 day event ban.
2/16/2019#1Tribe of jokerSolidStone76561198038297853SolidStone#69301, 2, 20042/16/201910Had built tree platforms in the redwoods then when someone asked him to remove them but then wanted the player to pay for him to remove the tree platform. Zy caugh him logging in and slept him then he yelled "I'm 61 years old" Zy's Reply "And you haven't had rules THIS long in your life?" He told me to kick him. Banned.
2/28/2019#5AscendedHybridTheory76561198206324749[HERO] HybridTheory#0131Multiple #2's2/27/20192/28/2019Stealing players dinos, leaving them in a building owned by them and waiting for timers to claim them. gave him a second warning after the drowning of Zero about doing this on Center. Then here to find out he took a thyla from Skitzz's base(a patreon that i have been resetting due to irl stuff) and he decided to take my thyla i let her use..... I have already talked to him on discord about both claiming situations and told him a 30 day event ban has been awarded.talked to on discord. 30 day event ban
3/1/2019#5TimmyTimmy, Tina76561198222668656About9Ninjas#4028#8,10Timmy logged in today and set all 96 tames on A/W/M. in his tribe. Left a sign that is posted in Admin chat, student chat and notes. Timmy is banned. Tina is being given till Mar 13th to reclaim the base or I poof the rest of it and the dinos.Timmy is bannedPersonally I will not approve a appeal in this case. Alphy.
3/3/2019#7tribe of kajdasz10kajdasz1076561198094042710???43/3/20190Fighting over spot with HybridTheory both were foundations spamming. Talked to in game, no points first warning.
3/3/2019#7AscendedHybridTheory76561198206324749[HERO] HybridTheory#01314 and 12/27/20192/28/20193/3/201910Was fighting with Kajdasz10 over a spot to build both started to foundation spam. HT then messaged zy about building too close to him and i then went to him to see what was going on and both were arguing who was her first. then HT message zy and said i was being a cunt to him. i allowed HT to transfer back to pub rag and transferred his element back over. he fed his dinos and i then banned him for 5 days. 2 points for foundation spamming 3 points for callime me (Stauro) a cunt. Banned from the ever at 8:25pm EST on 3/3/2019 Temp ban was upgraded to a perma after he stole a lof of elemet from Stella as Jenarri was giving it to her in a pinned bault and Hybrid got there first and was able to get the pin code.
3/12/2019#5RamTribeRambo76561198178211014Rambo#3446multiple 23/3/20193/5/20193/12/2019Dragged Raidans body to the water and killed him. Took his tek and 3 cryoed gigas. then told a friend what he did and that he was gonna leave the gigas in ark date so we cant find them. well Kerra found them and i took them back. Since he had intent to try and conceal what he did from the admin with the ark data trick and had been warned about being in other players bases before. i have issued a 30 day event ban and 3 day temp ban for his actions. His ban will be uplifted on Friday at 9:45pm EST. He well then have 24 hours to shrink his base a total of 6 dino gates atleast in north to south and east to west. He has 24 hours to get this done after his temp ban is over. I talked to him in Discord but he typed to me and i talked to him but i pretty much re read everything he tpyed to me to kerra but i will post his side of the convo. 2 previous warning and the fact that he tried to his the gigas he took in ark data. 6 points total were given. His ban is over at 9:45pm EST this Friday.
3/19/2019#8Tribe of ValterfTeo76561198016978289teo505#241573/19/20190Left male dire bear on wander. 14 unclaimed babies killed off.dmed on discord about the situation, first offense so just a warning.
4/6/2019#5Noah76561198185742251LEGININJA#26791 and 21/19/20191/23/20194/6/201910I watched Noah drop Tuna in the wyvern scar as i told him not to in discord and in global. before i got on he threatened to lead gigas to Tunas base all becuase of tribal issues which he has been warned for in the past. then told me that i might as well just ban him from this shit server. so i did and then he started to back pedal once he found out the ban was across the cluster. Perma ban on the server and Discord.
POINT System CHANGE and publish of System where PUBLIC can see this. Please note that this will be transcribed to the PUBLIC page Once a month.
No color reflects at least 30 days since last offence.1-3 Points - Warning4-6 Points - 30 day Event Ban 6-9 pts 3 Day SEVER BAN9 - 12 Points - 6month Ban12+ points Perma Ban.Pink reflects the Date that the points were rolled off. Points fall off at a rate of 3 points every 30 days.
5/2/2019#6Tribe of OptionOption765611983315922135/2/201912Claimed all across the Pat Rag server. Tribes claimed from Aquaholics, Piru, more as I clear the several spots of dinos up today.Full ban across all 8 servers. Removal of an solo bases on all servers. Where a joint base is, leadership allocated to another member.NO APPEALS for this offence.
5/9/2019#1The GoatGhost76561198093598819dan12334#25091, 5, and 912was doing a sweep of island and see he had 3 thylas on wander. Upon further inspection he had dinos and gear from Acharas base on SE. Took over 20 items and 70 dinos that he had. Ghost also had gear on him that was on alphy berfore she was killed by a rock golem. When talked to by Zy and myself he had admitted to luring the rock golem to achara and nells bases. Perma ban as soon as he contacts one of us.
5/12/2019#2TheRagedFireYT76561198216261560TheRagedFireYT#64711 and 95/12/2019Claimed a Griffin from Zy and then tried to keep saying that he didnt know it was an admin tribe. 30day event ban. Ends 6/11/2019
5/15/2019#1Wanderer's PAthJkrafty
Lost Wolf Riley
Ragnar Lodbrok
? ? ? Scp 682-A#7341 ? ? ? ? ? 25/15/2019 Had a bronto named Big Nig. was asked to change it over a week ago and never did. Killed it and im pointing the entire tribe since i can not prove whos tame it was.
Lost Wolf Riley
Ragnar Lodbrok
? ? ? Scp 682-A#7341 ? ? ? ? ? 4 & 85/16/2019Told Wanderer (leader) to remove the bases he admitted in logs to having too many of. Upon inspection, four 5 bases and several animals across the map. Wanderer acted as if he did not know there were other locations of bases besides his personal 3. Gave 24 hours. Removed 2 bases (and animals), removed 4 random animals. Awarded whole tribe 3 points for 30 day event ban. Ban over 6/15/19. Warned owner that any further building infractions would result in tribe removal.
5/18/19#4Tribe of DrakenguardDrakenguardDrakenguard`55/5/2019Warned on another map (#2) earlier this month about leaving animals on wander/mating. Found 51+ animals wandering around (35 females and 2 males left on wander.) 20 eggs eaten and 4 babies hatched while there. Gave max of 6 points for event ban until 6/17/19.
Tuna SticksTunaA Dictator Tuna Fish#53501Couldn't get into event, threw a fit. Came onto AB and caused a bit of a scene while we were in the middle of a boss fight. Warned him, snark continued. 1 point given.
5/20/19#1Wanderer's PathWanderer76561198126429249 Scp 682-A#73415Left animals on mating. Last one on in tribe after structure wipe (see below.) 3 Day ban, ownership is given to another person. ANOTHER pixel out of line and he's gone completely.
5/19/2019#1Wanderer's PathJkrafty
Lost Wolf Riley
Ragnar Lodbrok
? ? ? Scp 682-A#7341 ? ? ? ? ? 4Found 6 MORE bases from the tribe. Wiped structures and left a very detailed note describing the amount of need to communicate with their tribe.
5/20/2019#1Points updated for Mid MayAlphynen
5/21/2019#5Tribe of DrakenguardDrakenguard55/5/20195/19/20195/21/2019Again breaking rule #5, This time it was leaving 33 aggressive velos inside the wyvern cave on Public Rag, removed animals and gave 2 points for a total of 8 points and a 3 day server-wide ban.
5/21/2019#5HumanHumanhttps://ark.spectrumdominus.com/server/5/survivor/575501825/N/A55/21/2019Only played 39 minutes, claimed a bunch of animals and left them on wander/mating around him inside decaying base. Left in cage, animals asleep or claimed by admin tribe.
05/23/2019#5Tribe of SenseiSensei
N/A55/23/2019Broke Rule 5, player found a baby rhino and sure enough two were on mating, turned mating off and slept flyers. Left note.
05/23/2019#5Plus UltraDeku, FroppyN/A3, 55/23/2019Broke Rule 3 by leaving dinos in front of some ones gate, blocking their access, and also broke 5, having hyenadons and megalosaurus on mating. Killed babies off, left a cryo fridge with the scattered dinos in it, left note in their base, and slept flyers.
5/26/2019#5TOLTECATlaloc76561198328063339eddyloks#594125/10/201905/26/2019Claimed another tribes baby mosa from the CC on pub rag.
6/1/19#5Tribe of BenjableAyden
@Ayden#059156/1/19Left bears on wander. Slept flyers and warned.
6/2/19#5Tribe of BenjableAyden
Ayden#059156/2/19Left bears on wander. Removed unclaimed animals and gave a temp event ban until 7/1/19
6/3/19#5Tribe of BenjableAyden
Ayden#0591... guess. 56/3/19Left bears on wander for 3rd time in 3 days. Dino-wiped him and gave him 2 more points. Anything else and he'll be temp banned from server.
Alphynen Rolled points off and transcribed the data to the public chart.
jxx199756/10/2019Left velo's on mating. Slept flyers and warned via discord.
6/12/2019#5Dodo KingsBob and Sargon
Garfnarg = Bob
Andreto = Sargon
1, 26/19/20196/19/20196/13/2019Supposedly took dinos from a locked and pinned cryofridge. of Warp of unda fungus says he had possesion of the dinos and Two are in thier possesion that were raised by Jenari and Lavian. But NOT taking Jens word for it. They also did Freeze Skara at a drop and take the drop from her. Warning for the Supposed theft and 3 points for the Freezing incidentwere found in possesion of clearly documented stolen dinos. accused od Grief. banned after discussion in discord.6/13/2019
6/13/19#5Steel Workers 214Pinecones
6/7/20196/13/19Had been warned about animals on mating/wander on 6/7; left ankies to breed while offline. Removed 3 babies and accidentally took out one of their breeding females. signs left. 3 points and an event ban until 7/12/19
6/13/19#5Club Mackenzie https://ark.spectrumdominus.com/server/5/tribe/14068530916/13/2019Three rexes left in incubation, removed fully grown adult babies from their hatchery, linked to adults they own. Warning issued.
Jeebus and Tuna Left two level 20 wyverns to hatch in their base, full grown and wandering when found. Removed. Citation given; two points for both memebers of the tribe that were on in the last 24 hours. Both are on an event ban now until 7/12/19.
6/15/19#1THE LAST OF BULLBULLManniska
96/15/20196/15/19Claimed multiple dinos from an Admin base.3 Points given, any infractions in the next 30 days will result in further disciplinary actions.
6/15/19#1No tribeGonefearless
gonefearless#710396/15/20196/15Claimed a dino from an Admin base3 Points given, any infractions in the next 30 days will result in further disciplinary actions.
906/15/201906/15/2019Claimed a dino from an Admin base3 Points given, any infractions in the next 30 days will result in further disciplinary actions.
Lacioh#7496Discord #201/11/20196/22/2019reacted to Zy's last announcement with Niger. #removed the reactions and asked him why in the world he would do that and he had no reason and thought it was funny. #asked him if a 30 day event ban is funny, he didnt think so.30 day event ban
7/9#5NPC TribeFriendly NPC #87/9/2019When cleaning up Rag #5, Zy found four traps from this tribe. Removed every one of them. Warned the leader (Friendly) person I talked to said they'd chat with tribe.
7/9#9NPC TribeWhile doing a sweep, found 3 full grown gachas and 2 dead baby gachas. Removed one pregnancy and turned off gachas. Already warned.
7/5#1"Diaper Mafia" Action Johnson#2, #3after multiple 'smaller' infractions (A frog named FartDick and almost dropping a player) I have given 3 points to the whole tribe and left signs around the sleeping person.Overall bad news. Warning, and thin ice at that.
7/5Eventhttps://ark.spectrumdominus.com/user/76561198840327938Screenshot left in notes. Logged on and was being a pain for no reason. Banned for PvP jerkiness. Played a whole 10 minutes in Jan.
Alphynen Rolled points off and transcribed the data to the public chart.
7/13/2019"Diaper Mafia" Action Johnson76561198050558454TheDunkMaster#3303#alot7/5/201910Tried to walk off with a boss dino then insisted that the admins abused their powers and that i was a shitty admin and even offered to ban himself? More info in note. Banned
7/16/2019#9Dunder MifflinMichal Scott76561198074558981Michal Scott#1568#alot6/30/201910Dround Sodule and had left the discord just before the inciodent only to rejoin to see if he got in trouble. Once i was finally able to message him about its if confessed with out me even asking. his excuss was "i wanted to see if people can be dround."Banned
7/16/2019#1Vod Killed our Tribe AdmNightowl734 JayCee Leon Quartz Buck Hunter Kurama MeanBeans Keith Twerk Pearly Dragon thic thighs save lives 76561198309057187 76561198221238536 76561198044185155 76561198204405053 76561198060376517 76561198354007699 76561198203212147 76561198167311605 76561198050341915 76561198096966441 76561198280473890 76561198846124659? JayCee#7821 ? Leon#8702 ? ? KuramaYang#0747 ? ? ? ? ?MULTIPLE #1s, MULTIPLE #5s, #126/15/20196/15/20197/16/2019!0+Argued with admin about a tribemate possibly being dround but had no actual proof other then hear say. Once they finally accecpted defeat on the discord end the renamed their tribe to "Vod Killed Our Tribe Adm" and then insisted on unclaiming all dinos after setting them on aggressive and wandering. Also thought that they would be cute and leave the admin cute messages as dino names like "Admins here are corrupt and This sever has Corrupt." Banned
7/20#1We dont want the sleeperRelentlessFPS76561198203012784?5 violations of rule #2, 3 violations of rule #47/20/2019Inappropriate dino namesDinos name changed and fliers taking a nap
8/9#5NPC TribeDayne76561198203012784)MULTIPLE #52 pointsTold them many times before to watch their dinos on mating. Thylas gave birth unattended, resulting in wandering babies.
8/11#1Steel Workers 214Pinecones#5Theris left on mating/wander in their base. REMOVED multiple animals. Also found some outside of base on wander.
8/13/2019Alphynen rolled points off and posted to the Public sheet.
8/13/2019#7GravitasEnki76561198046812088Filippo#0441 (Enki)Multipe 12s and 4 on the event rules8/13/201910 pointsTook an event dino from a rockwell fight. claimed he forgot it was on his shoulders. then claimed it was no where in the rules about taking event tames. which is false because there is a list of event rules that you need to agree to before you can sign up for any event. He contiuned to argue with Snow about it till i Stauro got on and wiped him from the cluster. Nast banned him on discord and i banned him in game. also just one of his many good quotes "touch me base and ill remove my patreon."
8/19/2019LyonesseJenarri/ Jenn
Ketrazul#2964Ark AND Discord Rule#1/ Rule 139 pointsHas been previously warned about having two tribes to skirt cap rules. Was given plenty of time to fix it and made no effort. Public defamation of admin team in discord and on server.Banned8/19/2019
9/4/19Alphynen rolled points off and posted to the Public sheet.
Team Four Star#5Tek Raptors left on mating. Removed offspring and slept flyers, gave points to alert them to a continuing problem.
9/8/19#1Dying WhisperBeaver on wander/Wolves on mating. They've been warned before.
9/14/2019#6#AkhilezPatreon Rule #29/14/19Banned#PatRAG #Patreon Rule 2 #Akhilez Claimed several dinos from Psycho's base. (Vixen owner)Banned... Though in this case as he is so new.. I gave him the right to appeal in six months... he has to explain what hes learned by then.
9/14/2019#6AristotlePatreon Rule #29/142019Ban pending them contacting an admin#Aristotle #Pat RAG #Claiming dinos... out of Psycho Base. Notified in Supporters chat to talk to an admin.
9/18/19#1House of EvolutionBluvian#5Contacted them in discord about the penguins being left on wander/mating
10/6/19#5Tribe of BenjableAyden#3 #42 pointsWarned by players and admin to remove dinos from the CC, he did not. Also had a wyvern blocking the hatchery public area. 6 dinos removed. 6 points given. Event ban until 11/6/19
10/7Alphynen rolled points off and posted to the Public sheet.
11/7#1Peanut's Dodo ArmyONLY Lorelai (NOT ANY OTHER MEMEBER)Unsure until contact an adminTook 4 of Achara's dinos when base went claimable. Had to walk past alpha rex to get them. Slept all flyers, removed animals from cryo as well. Returned animals to Achara's tribe.
11/11EventTribe of JohnBoyBMOREJohnBoyBMORE76561198831409361JohnBoyBMORE#5999911/116claimed dinos from the dinoshowroom on the eventmap. 60day event ban and 6 points awarded.
11/11Eventsurvivors Juansolo7176561197998431015russian spongëb0b#9080911/116claimed dinos from the dinoshowroom on the eventmap. 60day event ban and 6 points awarded.
11/17#2Soup PotChris76561198328948577StewedMammal#8801911/176Caught him while he was still online and he knew as soon as i asked for him in global while in Sounds of Madness that he fucked. I told him to gather the dinos that he had taken and he also let me know that there was fert eggs from those dinos so i took them as well. #since he was not mad about the punishment coming to him and fully accepted my question "i hope you dont have any important breeding lines." Gave him 6 point but no wipe.
11/17#2AutomataBebela76561198244086876????911/176full dino wipe since i had to look between two different bases for 45 dinos that they had claimed. check for fert eggs and cryos. #full dino wipe, 6 points and billboards up explaining what happened.
11/18#1Tribe of LeonidasWhite Walker
#Island #Tribe of Leonidas - Another player on the Island server saw through open doors that this tribe had two players in a cage. I destroyed the cage, left signs to visit discord read the rules and get admin support to wake animals. Also gathered a couple dinos around the map. Each tribe member awarded 3 points.
11/18/19#1Tribe of LeonidasLeonidas
11/18/19#1Tribe of LeonidasMastaJ
1, 23^Ditto
11/20/2019#5Tough Guys?? Ballistic ?76561198313519925✟ Ballistic ✟Discord 1 & 2 and Ark 1 & 211/1911/194[7:21 PM] ✟ Ballistic ✟: I Donated $1000 to lgbtq today [7:21 PM] ✟ Ballistic ✟: I hope they find a cure. After these comments in Discord General, the event precipitated into him being kicked from the discord, He then proceded to go onto #5 Pub. Rag and carry on about being kicked from the Discord and other Remarks that ended with Silver Strange and or Staurophobic having to tell him to "Chill out".
Alphynen rolled points off and posted to the Public sheet.