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Blues Aesthetics - Beyond the FundamentalsAthletic and relaxed posture, pulse, groundedness, lag. You are familiar with these fundamental elements of blues aesthetic and are ready for more. We'll work on coolness, ephebism, assymmetry, polycentrism, and the aesthetic variations among specific blues styles.AllAdvanced, MastersAesthetics
Keep It CoolOne of the defining principles of blues is "the aesthetic of cool." In this class we will develop your sense of cool, both mentally and in specific physical dynamics. Feel cooler. Look cooler. Be cooler. AllAll Levels, Intermediate, AdvancedAesthetics
How to Dance with a Drink in Your HandSometimes we get really caught up into how things look and if we are interesting enough. In this class, we will play with partnering that is comfortable and fun, finding the joy and the playfulness in our dancing. We will also find ways to “not try too hard,” having the unhurried and casual aesthetic of cool. Dance with a partner, party. AllAll Levels, Intermediate, Advanced, MastersAesthetics
What Makes it Blues?Blues music is playing, and you feel like dancing. What makes the dancing blues? We'll explore some of the common elements of the blues dances, including pulses, posture, grounding and interaction with the music. This class will also cover the basics of a few of the blues dances. Come in and get down!AllAll Levels; Beginning; IntermediateAesthetics
Arms, Legs, Heads, and Blues AestheticAs partner dancers, we sometimes forget about our appendages. This class will give you a whole hour of integrating your arms, legs, and head into your movement so that your dancing looks and feels more complete.AllAll-Levels; Intermediate; AdvancedAesthetics
Expression and AestheticPersonal style and individual voice are valued highly within blues and other dances created by the African American community. Blues dances also have specific aesthetics. How can we stay true to the aesthetic values of blues and African American dance while also fully expressing ourselves? We will delve into this topic with concrete examples as well as conceptual exercises.AllIntermediate, Advanced, MastersAesthetics
Body Care for Blues Dancers"Ooh, my body is killing me!" is a refrain we often hear at dance events. Using Franklin Method and other modalities, we will focus on some of the most oft-complained-about spots, giving you exercises to keep your body feeling more in tune. Your body will feel better, and it will show in your dancing. Wear comfy clothing that you can sit on the floor in.AllAll-LevelsBody Care
Bottom to the TopDeepen your blues aesthetic, improve your movement quality, and boost your partner connection. We will draw from Bartenieff Fundamentals, Franklin Method, and other modalities to strengthen the mental and physical links between your upper and lower body. Your leading and following will feel better, and your dancing will look more complete.AllIntermediate; Advanced; MastersBody Mechanics
Foot FeatsYour feet connect to the floor, starting the movements that make dancing awesome. About a quarter of your bones are in your feet, making them capable of amazing feats. We’ll look at how to make your feet more stable for great balance, and more articulate, for powerful steps. Come make your blues more awesome through greater understanding of your feet.AllIntermediate; Advanced; MastersBody Mechanics
Magic SauceDo you ever watch someone dance and wonder how all of their movements look so good? Ruth and Mike will delve into how you too can have that magic in your dance. You'll increase your connection to yourself, the floor, your partner, and the music.AllIntermediate; Advanced; MastersBody Mechanics
Pelvic PowerAdd more buoyancy to your pulse, harnessing the strength of your pelvic floor. Give your level changes more power, resilience, and groundedness. Your legs will thank you, as this class will help you use alternative muscle groups.AllIntermediate; Advanced; MastersBody Mechanics
Shoulder Girdle ShabamThis class will revolutionize how you think about connection and arm styling. As we delve into the anatomy of the shoulder girdle and how it connects to the rest of your body, your partner connection will change dramatically. Your arms will look more connected to your body as you change how you think about moving them. AllIntermediate; Advanced; MastersBody Mechanics
Super-Strong Supple Spine (Expialidocious)Your spine has a bunch of pretty awesome bones. Get more movement possibilities by using your spine’s mobility and stability in your blues. We’ll also explore some of the cool shapes that your torso can make.AllIntermediate; Advanced; MastersBody Mechanics
You Need Your Knees"Ow, my knees are killing me!" Seems to be a common refrain around dance floors. Whether you currently have knee pain or you want to prevent knee issues from developing, this class will give you movement patterns and anatomical knowledge that will reduce pressure on your joints, giving your dance more freedom and longevity. Armed with this knowledge, we'll tackle cool ways to use your knees to dance more fully and to improve your partner connection.AllIntermediate; Advanced; MastersBody Mechanics
Advanced ChoreographyThis class is for people who have been working on choreography for a while, but want someplace to go- how do you take a choreography and elevate it from a routine to a piece of art? We will explore pushing artistic boundaries while staying rooted within the blues aesthetic.AllAdvanced, MastersChoreography
Choreographing NarrativeWeave a narrative through your choreography, creating a continuous thread from beginning to end. We will examine some of the common pitfalls of narrative, along with ways to overcome them. We will delve into gaze, character, story, blocking, facing, and other elements that come together to give the audience a coherent, well-knit experience.AllAdvanced, MastersChoreography
Movement Themes in ChoreographyYou have a wide range of moves, textures, rhythms, and more at your disposal. How do you choose what to include in a particular choreography? When do you express details of the music versus the overall mood and feeling? We will address these questions and more to help you create choreography that grabs your audience’s attention and never lets it go.AllAdvanced, MastersChoreography
Starting a ChoreographyAll choreographies have to start somewhere. We will give you many possible starting points and take you through the process of selecting an idea and generating material for that idea.AllAdvanced, MastersChoreography
Unison and Individuality in ChoregraphyIf you are choreographing for a group of dancers, how do you play to their strengths and their skill levels? How much do you strive for uniformity vs. differences? When creating a duet, either partnered or solo, how can you give each dancer their own distinct voice within the dance? How do you create polish while embracing individuality? We love this topic and will share our best thoughts and practices with you.AllAdvanced, MastersChoreography
Use of Space in ChoreographyYou have ideas for movements, but how should you use space? In this class we will examine setting a stage size and shape (Small, large, audience on one side or all around, etc.), and interesting use of the space. We will look at dynamics for a solo, partnership, small group, and large group, as well as ideas for practicing formations.AllAdvanced, MastersChoreography
30 Second ChoreographyStep 1.) Grab your listening device and headphones- bring them with you.
Step 2.) Pick 30 seconds of a song you like before class. (Forgot? Don't panic, we'll have some you can choose from.)
Step 3.) Choreograph
Step 4.) Profit! Ok, maybe not that...
In this class we will help you go from start to finish on a 30 second choreography of your very own.
AllIntermediate, Advanced, MastersChoreography
Competitive Dancer as ArtistSometimes trying your hardest isn’t enough to do well in a competition. In this class we explore the idea of creating a piece of ephemeral art in the moment with a partner, to whatever song is being played, even in a competition setting. We will explore what reads clearly to the viewer and what needs clarification, and play with ways to express how you hear a song within the blues context. AllAdvanced, MastersCompetition & Performance
Behind the ClipboardLevel up your dancing for competition, performance, and the social floor. Ruth and Mike will share many of their best tips, insights, and exercises for partnered competition, choreography, and structuring your dance. They routinely have long lines of people asking them for feedback after judging competitions. This intensive will let you skip to the front of the line.AllIntermediate; AdvancedCompetition & Performance
Performance for Competition, Audience and PartnerWe'll put on our judgy faces and give you insight into what goes on behind the scenes at a competition, then concrete ways to enhance your performance (No drugs involved!). When you're performing for an audience, the game changes, and we'll help you express yourself better to win them over. Dancing with a partner is also a type of performance- how can you dial in the expression to give your partner the best dance you can? We'll help you figure that out.AllIntermediate; Advanced; MastersCompetition & Performance
Dance Dynamics (Laban Efforts)Make your blues movement come alive with contrast. Find that "special something" that compelling dancers have, and discover how to put it into your own vernacular movements. You'll come away with concepts that will change how you think of your dance, and concrete ways to apply them.AllAdvancedConceptualThis class is best with some printouts that we can provide. We also need tape to mount the printouts on the walls.
What's the Point?You have the moves, you have the variations. Basically, you've got the stuff. What's the next level? In this intensive we will ask, "What is the point?" for all of your dancing, bringing focus to what you are highlighting with each choice. Is this moment about your foot rhythms? Your partner's hips? The stretch dynamic between the two of you? Increase your intentionally and up the clarity of your dancing for both partners and observers.AllAdvanced; MastersConceptualThis is great as an intensive.
Sexy Not CreepyOk, real talk. We have all danced with that person who made us feel in need of a shower after a dance. Realer talk: many of us have accidentally been that person.
Sometimes a song sounds really sexy. What are movements that express that musicality, without making a partner unhappy? How can one work with a partner to create something, without moving into unwanted intimacy?
AllAll LevelsConceptual
Blues from the BottomYou know those tiny, internal changes people make to their dancing, that change everything? That's what we'll work on in this class. Deepen your blues aesthetic, find natural grounding, gain more power, communicate more effectively with your partner, and find more interesting movements. This is our current obsession. Rawhr. AllAll Levels, Intermediate, AdvancedConceptual
Shape ShiftingNeed a shot of creativity in your dance? We'll make distinctive shapes within the blues aesthetic and play with interesting ways to transition between them. In the process discover some new, interesting patterns and movements for your dance. AllAll Levels, Intermediate, AdvancedConceptual
Groundedness“Groundedness” is a word that gets thrown around a lot. Just what is it, and how can you do it yourself? In this class we will provide both conceptual and concrete exercises to bring groundedness to all of your blues dances- both in look and in feel.AllAll Levels, Intermediate, Advanced, MastersConceptual
Social Dancer as ArtistSometimes dance classes focus solely on improving technique. We love good technique, but we also feel that it's important to focus on developing ourselves as improvisational artists, even if our audience is just our partner and ourselves during those few minutes. This class will focus on making artistic choices, expressing yourself in different ways, and being influenced by your partner to make different artistic choices. Develop your own voice as an artist. Art more. Art better. Art, art, art!AllAll Levels, Intermediate, Advanced, MastersConceptual
Feelin' BluesThere are many more emotions involved in blues dancing than we often access. Come explore some of them with us, and discover ways that they can make your movement and partner interactions more varied and interesting. AllAll Levels; Intermediate; AdvancedConceptual
Be RealWhat makes you, you? Individuality is an important part of all of the blues dances. Bringing that individuality means being able to express yourself on the dance floor authentically. In this class we will explore ways to dance as yourself.AllIntermediate, Advanced, MastersConceptual
Desert Island/MinimalismSometimes we fall into the "All of the things!" trap. Escape that by trimming your dance form to the basics, listening to the music and your partner. If you were on a desert island with limited moves, how would you make the most of them?AllIntermediate; Advanced; MastersConceptual
Stop, Collaborate and ListenYou have a lot of vocabulary, and you have solid technical partnering skills. When you dance with someone, how do you use all of your knowledge to create something compelling? We'll explore high-level partnering dynamics, "giving space" to your partner and what that means, sources of artistic inspiration, and more.AllAdvanced, MastersConceptual; Partnering & Connection
Discover Your MovementBuild your movement from square one. Explore different ranges of movement, and discover ways that you like to move. Create interesting moves by combining building blocks of movement. Ultimately, feel ownership over and understanding of your dancing.AllAll Levels, Intermediate, AdvancedCreativity
Freedom of ExpressionPersonal expression is a strong motivating force in jazz and blues music and dance. It is one of the main reasons that we love blues and jazz dances. We will help you unlock your potential to add your unique voice to your dancing.AllAll Levels, Intermediate, AdvancedCreativity, Musicality
Teach Yourself Take lessons from yourself- learn effective ways to practice. Find your annoying habbits and figure out how to change them. Discover your stregths and delve into how to develop them.AllAdvancedDevelopment
Level UpSo you want to challenge yourself? You want to “level up?” It’s time to take charge of your own dance learning experience. We’ll give you some concrete exercises to make the most out of classes and maximize your body’s dance potential. Push past your plateaus and find joy in developing your dancing.AllAdvanced; MastersDevelopment
Dance Thievery (Enhance Your Dance Creativity)Steal dance moves from your friends, colleagues, idols and enemies. Get a quick shot of creativity juice as we give you concrete ways to invent your own steal-worthy moves. We'll even teach you how to steal ideas from yourself.AllAll Levels; Intermediate; Advanced; MastersDevelopment
How to PracticeWhen you head home from a weekend workshop, what do you do with all of the new information you have? How do you continue to work on your dancing, both alone and with others? We’ll give you concrete ways to practice your dancing.AllAll-LevelsDevelopment
Teach Me a Thing! (Peerwork)Wanna level up? Wanna expand? Wanna take that cool thing that another dancer does and make it your own? Hone your abilities to learn, practice, teach, give feedback, receive feedback, and develop your dancing to its next incarnation.AllIntermediate, Advanced, MastersDevelopment
Hips FlowSmoothly integrate hip movement into a sequence of cool moves. We’ll give both leads and follows specific techniques for seamlessly adding notable hips to their dancing.AllIntermediate; AdvancedFlow
Fishtail FlowYou think you know fishtails? Think again. This flow will revolutionize your partnered fishtail possibilities.AllIntermediate; AdvancedFlow, Idiom Dances
Fishtail: ChallengeYou thought you knew the limits of the Fishtail? Think again. Texture, shape, pulse, hips galore, traveling to places you’ve never been before. In this fast-paced class we’ll go over a bunch of Fishtail variations you can throw in while dancing solo or with a partner. We’ll also teach some unusual ways of partnering Fishtail that cause heads to turn and partners to smile.AllAll-Levels; Intermediate; AdvancedIdiom Dances
Al Minns InspirationInfuse your movement with the shapes, fluidity, and vitality of the legendary Al Minns. We find that Al's dancing is a critical link from West African movement to our current blues and jazz dancing, and we would love to spread his inspirational style in our community.AllIntermediate, Advanced, MastersIdiom Dances
Hips Like EarlEarl "Snakehips" Tucker did incredible and iconic things with his body. We will bring you our analysis of his movement so that you can find new movements in your own body without injury.AllIntermediate, Advanced, MastersIdiom Dances
Sandra, Earl, and AlTurn back the clock with us to find inspiration from these three early jazz dance greats. Even though there are limited video clips of these dancers, we can still draw a lot of fantastic ideas from their movements.AllIntermediate, Advanced, MastersIdiom Dances
Shake It Like Sandra GibsonSandra Gibson's irrepressible exuberance and sass shine through the old black and white video clips of her dancing. We will take inspiration from her and look inward to see what spirit we can bring to our dance. We'll also break down some classic Sandra Gibson moves, examining techniques that help us emulate her style.AllIntermediate, Advanced, MastersIdiom Dances
Critique ClinicIn this class, (brave) volunteers will dance then be critiqued in front of the class. Due to time constraints, not everyone will have a chance to receive individual critiques, but everyone will work on concepts from the critiques.AllAnyMisc
Gettin' Your Groove OnA lot of blues music has a strong underlying groove in it. Learn to find the groove and feel the music on a deeper level. We'll explore movement variations to help you put the groove into your body and express it.AllAll-Levels; Beginning; Intermediate; AdvancedMusicality
Deeper Into the BluesGrow your relationship with blues dances from the music, finding the movements the music pulls out of your body. Find different pulses and develop your basics.AllAll-Levels; Intermediate Musicality
Music Dancing YouEver feel like you’re at a loss for new stuff to do in your dance? We’ll explore ways to let the music dictate the dance, drawing movement from you and your partner that you didn’t know you had. Get carried away with the music, and have people exclaiming, “You are so musical!”AllAll-Levels; Intermediate; AdvancedMusicality
Find Your GrooveFeel the rhythms and pulse of blues music through your whole body. Start experiencing blues music on a deeper level. We'll have lots of fun as we go, and you'll emerge with more blues aesthetic. AllBeginningMusicality
That's CommunicationWait, it's a partnered dance? Learn how to give everyone (including yourself) great dances. We'll give concrete ways to stay in the follow role while expressing the music and influencing the dance. We'll give specifics for how to mold your dance to the follow while still leading. For everyone, we'll get into how to not only be open to conversation, but how to actively encourage it.AllAll LevelsPartnering & Connection
How to Dance with AnyoneOn the social floor, do you find yourself grasping for what to do when dancing with someone who has a different amount of experience from you? We will explore how to bring your best dancing to your partnerships at all levels, from beginner combined with masters, and everywhere in between. In addition to concrete techniques, we'll explore mentalities and how to have an enjoyable, musical dance with anyone.AllAll-LevelsPartnering & ConnectionThis is best if it is truly All Levels - i.e. it includes dancers from beginners to very advanced.
Dancing Your Non-Dominant RoleYou've been leading or following for a while, maybe even dabbling in the other role. Now you want to really work on the technique and mechanics to feel comfortable and confident in your non-dominant role. This is the class for you! We'll cover good leading and following practices, address how they are similar and different, and show you specifically how to switch your mindset when you are dancing in your non-dominant role. We will also build your vocabulary and skills in your new role so that you can have fun dancing it!AllAll-Levels; Intermediate; AdvancedPartnering & Connection
Double-Buggin’ [Alternate title: The Mighty Mighty Threeo]with Julie Brown, Ruth Evelyn, and Mike Grosser Want to dance with more than one of your friends at once? Too many follows or leads in your local scene? We offer you a solution - dance in a trio! We’ll cover some fundamentals of trio dancing for blues as well as a few of our favorite moves.AllIntermediate, AdvancedPartnering & Connection
Lead, Follow, and Dance at the Same TimeWe see many dancers alternate between leading/following and fully dancing. We will explore mental and physical techniques to maintain leading and following while dancing expressively. As dancers, we will focus on techniques for balancing individual voice and maintaining cohesion with our partner.AllIntermediate, Advanced, MastersPartnering & Connection
With Or Without YouLead and follow specific and complex rhythms very tightly. Switch modes to dance different rhythms than your partner by adding and subtracting steps. We love the contrast of using both of these modes in our dancing, and think you will too.AllIntermediate, Advanced, MastersPartnering & Connection
Physical ConversationsFeel inspired to express yourself in new ways, and develop your ability to listen to your dance partner. From breakaway and riffing to sensing how our partner feels the music in the way they take a step, we’ll teach you a variety of ways to interact with your partner conversationally.AllIntermediate;
Partnering & Connection
Momentum and StretchUse momentum and stretch for exciting, dynamic, feel-good moves. Learn to move seamlessly into, out of, and through momentum-based movements. Explore ways of using a stretch connection to create different effects, both as leads and as follows. AllIntermediate; AdvancedPartnering & Connection
Same DifferenceExpand your range as we delve into the differences between leading and following mirrored and parallel movements. We'll use both connection dynamics and parallel to explore options for fishtails, four corners, and other jazz movements.AllIntermediate; AdvancedPartnering & Connection
We Do the Weird StuffWant to spice up your connection? We'll be teaching some of our favorite "weird" connections, and exploring ways to discover more, along with the movement possibilities they inspire. AllIntermediate; AdvancedPartnering & Connection
Precision Following and LeadingTake your dancing to a place of precise and thorough leading and following. Learn what you can do to stay seamlessly in sync with your partner and make your connection look and feel as good as possible.AllIntermediate; Advanced; MastersPartnering & Connection
Dancing Together ApartWe believe that a great dance starts with each person dancing, as well as leading and following. We’ll explore some solo movement and ways to make your own dancing feel stronger, freer and more creative. From there, we’ll play with ways to interact with your partner without touching. Explore riffing, mirroring, and call and response as dynamics to help you find playful, interesting, fabulous interactions with your partner or partners. AllAll Levels; Intermediate; AdvancedPartnering & Connection (Breakaway)
Dance HugsMelt into beautiful close embrace with your partner. Explore new movements and settle deeply into the feeling of the blues. Once you experience magical close embrace, you may never want to do anything else.AllAll Levels; Intermediate; AdvancedPartnering & Connection (Close Embrace)
The (Open) World of Closed PositionWe’ll make your closed position connection feel secure and relaxed, then explore dynamic movement possibilities. What’s the difference between leading and following mirrored movement and parallel movement? How can you feel your partner’s rotation, in addition to seeing it? What are textures that each partner can add that will bring variety and musicality to the dance? We’ll delve into these questions and more.AllAll Levels; Intermediate; AdvancedPartnering & Connection (Closed Position)
Open PossibilitiesDiscover the joys and possibilities of open connection. We’ll find clear communication between leads and follows, explore momentum and stretch, and style it up with some great movement ideas.AllAll Levels; Intermediate; AdvancedPartnering & Connection (Open Position)
Connection Continuum: Super-Advanced EditionAt this point in your blues dancing, you know that blues can utilize a wide range of connection modes and types. In this two-part class, you'll expand your dance's dynamic connection possibilities and increase the range of people you can click into an amazing dance with. We'll explore diverse ways to have lead/follow conversation in your dance as well as different ways of thinking about the roles of lead and follow.AllAdvanced; MastersPartnering & Connection; Conceptual
The Connection ContinuumPartnered dancing has wide range of connection modes and types. This range is part of what we love about it. You'll expand your dance's dynamic connection possibilities in this class as we approach partnership from two opposite sides. We'll explore close, tight, literal leading and following, play in breakaway (dancing together without a physical connection), then delve into the space between those extremes.AllIntermediate; AdvancedPartnering & Connection; Conceptual
Passing EnergyHow do you play with switching between leading and following during in a song in a way that feels great to your partner? Can you make them giggle with your switch? Change roles so smoothly that the dance is seamless? In this class we'll cover some of our favorite ways of switching between roles, from the subtle to the wow-inducing.AllAll-Levels; Intermediate; AdvancedPartnering & Connection; Switching
Switching It UpDo you enjoy dancing both lead and follow? We do! In this class we'll develop your non-dominant role, then play with the subtlety of role switching during a social dance. We'll cover role switches from the sneaky to the flashy, and discuss the art of conversing in both roles.AllIntermediate; AdvancedPartnering & Connection; Switching
Awesome RhythmExpand your world of rhythm. We'll work on rhythms that are additive, subtractive, sharp, sustained, and more. Take your rhythm to the next level. AllAdvanced; MastersRhythm
Feel-Good RhythmConnect more deeply with the rhythms that inhabit blues music. Ruth and Mike will combine their backgrounds as musicians with their experience as dancers to bring you fun, unusual, asymmetric, and captivating rhythms. Feel the groove, settle into the pocket, and have a great time dancing your socks off!AllAll-Levels; Beginning; Intermediate; AdvancedRhythm
Lines and RipplesThis class focuses on elegant and janky full-body shapes and extensions, playing with undulations through them.AllAll Levels, Intermediate, Advanced, MastersSolo Dancing
Move Your ButtIn this class we will wag, undulate, circle, and tick with out backsides, focusing on ease and freedom in our movements.AllAll Levels, Intermediate, Advanced, MastersSolo Dancing
Floor Humpin'Dial up the raunchiness, hit the floor, and get your sexy on. We'll take inspiration from sources including but not limited to Dancehall, Magic Mike XXL, and Shake Blues.AllAdvanced, MastersSolo Dancing
Solo Dancing for People Who Don’t Like ToDo you approach solo dancing with apprehension? Contemplate a solo jam with horror? Come brush off your fear and have a good time dancing with yourself. This will be a non-scary solo class. You might even like it.AllAll-Levels; Beginning; IntermediateSolo Dancing
Authentic SexinessExplore ways to enjoy your own sexiness in blues dancing, without feeling like it is "put on" or awkward. We will go through concrete types of movements, then discover ways of putting them together that feel good for you, as an individual.AllIntermediate, Advanced, MastersSolo Dancing
Lines and EleganceIn this class, we will learn ways to use beautiful lines and elegance that still go with our blues dancing. We will explore extending arms and legs while keeping them connected to through the body to the ground for a complete picture.AllIntermediate, Advanced, MastersSolo Dancing
It's Like an Onion (All About the Layers)Can you rub your belly and pat your head at the same time? How about apple jack, knee wobble, chest pop, and pulse at the same time? We'll show you how.AllIntermediate; AdvancedSolo Dancing
Sand StepsGet some fun and flashy footwork to fancify your feet. This style is great for a broad range of blues music as well as funk, soul, and more.AllIntermediate; AdvancedSolo Dancing
Solo BlitzWe will blast through a slew of blues and jazz moves. This class is great for expanding your repertoire of movements, getting better connected with your body, and having a great time!AllIntermediate; AdvancedSolo Dancing
Turns and SpinsTurns and spins can add great accents to your dancing. Learn a variety of turns and spins and style them to different types of blues music.AllIntermediate; AdvancedSolo Dancing
Advanced TricksIf you want to do advanced lifts and tricks, this is the class for you. Expect physical training as well as doing actual lifts. Partner required.AllAdvancedTricks, Lifts & Dips
Exclamation PointsAdd some Shazam and Kapow to your dance! (Without endangering your partner.) We will share some of our favorite tricks, tips and dips for making a dance statement that pops.AllAll-Levels; Intermediate; AdvancedTricks, Lifts & Dips
Skips, Dips, and LeansLearn some fun and flashy moves that are great for the social dance floor.AllAll-Levels; Intermediate; AdvancedTricks, Lifts & Dips
Hardcore FlashPartners Required. If you wear a dress, bring shorts. Bring water bottles. Come prepared to work hard. Emerge with new flash. Learn awesome tricks that will break your minds but not your bodies.AllIntermediate;
Tricks, Lifts & Dips
“Oooh, Ahhhh”Sometimes you want to make an audience say “Ooooh.” We’ll teach you a few of our favorite crowd-pleasing lifts and dips. You may have heard “It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it” - to us that’s what separates good tricks from great tricks. We’ll emphasize body mechanics that will make these tricks look (and feel) wonderful, stand out from the crowd, and make musical statements.AllIntermediate; Advanced; MastersTricks, Lifts & Dips
Essential TurnsYou see people turning effortlessly, a long string of turns to a new spot on the dance floor. There are also gritty paddle turns, with great rhythms in small spaces. We'll show you how to make these turns yours. After this class you'll have the tools to lead and follow turns that look and feel great. AllAll-Levels; Beginning; IntermediateTurns
Enter the Turns MatrixTake a deceptively simple turns pattern and expand it into enough awesomeness for a whole dance.AllAll-Levels; Beginning; Intermediate; AdvancedTurns
Turn Like a BossThis class will sharpen your turn technique and expand your turn repertoire. We will explore a variety of shiny turn patterns and give you tools for creating your own variations. Leads will learn how to lead turns from their full bodies, and follows will learn how to follow complex turn sequences effortlessly.AllAll-Levels; Beginning; Intermediate; AdvancedTurns
Turn Like a Boss Pt. 2 (Turn Like Upper Management)Prepare for awesomeness! This class will use the techniques from Turn Like a Boss Pt. 1 to explore a variety of our favorite and most shiny turn patterns. We will also give you tools for creating your own variations.AllAll-Levels; Beginning; Intermediate; AdvancedTurns
Not Your Usual TurnsLearn some new turns and dress up some of your old favorites. We’ll play with barrel turns and variations, finding ease for both leads and follows. Lately, we’ve been playing a lot with turns that utilize shadow position- we’ll share some of our favorite variations with you. Rhythmic variations and jazz are also great ways that both leads and follows can dress up their turns. We’ll teach you some that spotlight the lead, the follow, and both partners. Your turns will thank us. :-)AllAll-Levels; Intermediate; AdvancedTurnsCan be stand-alone or part of the Blues/Fusion Throwdown Weekend
Turn RhythmsYou have turn technique, now spice up your leading and following with some challenging rhythm-changing turns. We will go over leading and following technique, teach some great sequences, and some cool follow variations. AllAdvancedTurns; Rhythm
On the PulseExplore a variety of vertical and pendular pulses to help you diversify and deepen your movement. Play with pulse rhythms and combinations to open up new possibilities in your dance. Come learn more about pulse than you ever thought was possible- it will enliven your dance.AllAll Levels;
Vocabulary & Technique
Rhythms and Textures (Beginning)Come groove out with us as we vary rhythms and textures of our lead-follow movement. Your fundamental movements will feel great!AllAll Levels; Beginner; Intermediate; AdvancedVocabulary & Technique
Hips for EveryoneRoll, shake, drop, and hit with your hips! Whether you love dancing with your hips or you are not sure how to move them, this class will strengthen your connection to your hips and challenge you to move them like never before.AllAll-LevelsVocabulary & Technique
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