Project ThemeProjectHelp NeededContact InfoTeam Slack Channel (if applicable)
BusinessBuilding a mobile app to help match people to local businesses in their neighborhoods so they can find out what businesses are doing & how they can support through COVID-19Looking for a Designer to help with the UI and UX.
Please reach out via email. (This is an example)# example-slack
CommunityA high-adoption platform connects people requiring support with people able to offer support - eg. an exchange boardI'm looking for someone with logistics experience to help figure out how to best think through marketplaces. Please reach out if you think you could help (This is an example)# example-slack
Healthcoronamapbd.comFinance and backtrack algorithm expertbiplob@aapbd.comoptional
Healthcoronamapbd.comFinance and backtrack algorithm expertbiplob@aapbd.comoptional
OtherI'm looking for a project to work onI'm looking to join a
HealthA system to detect the presence of the virusFinancial, i am a web and mobile software developerNull
HealthChangeUp, Inc.Experienced devs knowledgeable in React Native, Firebase, Javascript, Node.js,
Vulnerable PopulationsMobile app that optimizes the allocation of tests by registering interactions and assigning
virus exposure risks to individual users. If implemented after infection reaches critical mass it can be used to minimize the exposure of vulnerable individuals.
Mobile dev, DevOpsadmin@autonet.aiWe're on Discord:
Educationno idea right now, but I am a researcher in educational sciences and online learninglooking to work with someone about education. slack handle kwokdon't have one yet.
Vulnerable PopulationsI'd like to help somebody else on their projectback-end, front-end, database, javascript, react, api integrationcbrislain@gmail.comdon't have one.
Vulnerable PopulationsMy application called VIRAPP , to detect Infected people , localise them and assist them while they are in isolation until hospitalisation. I couldn’t develop my app because I can’t fund it and because I have no IT developers. Myself. I don’t have it yet I don’t have it yet.
EducationI'm working on a website to highlight graduating art students and their work. The end of year exhibition for an art student is an important moment and COVID puts that into question as most schools have shut. By showcasing emerging talent we can offer a slice of creative respite during these trying times and also connect students with similar projects or interests to support future collaboration.Research, form building, design, frontend web dev@Jono Brandel (on Slack)#project-help-graduating-art-students
Educationcreate educational videos, graphs, and narratives that outline the success and failures from China experience, so that other countries can learn from them (I have some data and can collect more online)Programmers and graphic designersdraoke@163.comNone yet
EducationAmericanTeachers.comNeed software developers (preferably full-stack developers) to integrate Google Classroom programs with my website so I can begin an online school and start recruiting teachers/
EntertainmentHi, I've been in contact with many entertainers whose current income is $0 with the cancellation of events and government mandates that events cannot go on. This weekend I'm attempting a virtual comedy show and magic show for my family with two entertainers who currently have no income during this quarantine period. The concept is setting up a marketplace for services from live shows, lessons, and more for magicians, comedians, musicians and any other forms of entertainers who are struggling during this time. Further down the road, this can begin to transform entertainment consumption as consumer behavior is shifting We can diversify the revenue streams through providing reduced pricing for AV equipment that might be necessary to make remote, live teaching or shows more worthwhile to viewers of a performance. Long term, for the supply side of entertainment, they could leverage the marketplace to generate more incremental revenue through remote shows. Let me know if you want to help! There are millions of these performers out there and already communities where they gather online to spread the word. (Link to Overview: Stack, UI/UX Designross.m.blum@gmail.comTBD
17 App - Made with <3
Social Distancing Dating App which brings people together without distracting them with photos, age, anything unimportant, just Voice Messages possible!
A user could have an introductory voice message, which will be played to other user, who is considering matching this person.
Programming, Marketing, Graphics, Logo, Screen Design, UI/UX, Text, SEO,
BusinessesCovexit - Online Plattform exclusive for local companies.Full stack developer, It-security, frontend, backend developer, we use django and
HealthMachine learning and computer visionI would like to working in any project serve covid related to apply machine learning in health caremaideveloper2022@gmail.comI want to join
HealthI have an idea: an app that motivates, educates and holds users accountable to social distancing practices by geolocation and seamless contact tracking. Stop COVID19 by honoring healthcare's call: 'We stay here for you. Stay home for us.'
I do not have a tech background so to make this happen, a full team of knowledgeable and inspirational developers will be needed and together we can create something that could drastically save lives in this war against the COVID19 pandemic!Slack Workplace: Social Contract @ COVID19Hackathon Slack URL: socialcontract-cov19#socialcontract-cov19
HealthA solution to continuously try potential treatments dubbed TrialCloud compute credits.lost@losttech.softwareN/A
Vulnerable PopulationsHi! Yesterday I went to the supermarket and the guy on the counter said at some points there are queues and other times the shop is empty. Can we use phone data to help spread the demand on key services? Just like on the City Mapper app you can see how busy a train carriage is, why not do the same for supermarkets and pharmacies, to support social distancing? Keen to open the discussion on this topic! New to Hackathons and keen to find a team! I am a product design engineer by training. No experience on the technical side regarding development of Apps. Keen to involve individuals with a range of skill sets @Katie GibbardTbc
OtherCovid-19 World Social APP: “My Social Living APP” HANDSHAKESI have loaded the project on the Project Submission Page: I CANNOT SEE IT! In the link you sent..."All submitted projects are now live on the Submissions Tab!" - I believe I have submitted itcolin_glenny@hotmail.comnot created yet - have added to #Project Ideas
BusinessesEnable safe mobility during and after pandemicwe are looking for designers, marketing experts, doctors and people with video development background#facepandemic slack channelfacepandemic
HealthAn integrated, patient-centered mobile health platform for monitoring & managing health conditions.Mobile application developers - Android, Java, C++; software security, protocol experience;Laikingt@ieee.orgTBD
HealthA project to demystify Covid-19Hardware... I am looking for a laptopWhatsApp:(+256)712885877WhatsApp: (+256)712885877
OtherArtificial intelligence,web developmentI am looking for a teamyatharthagrawal@gmail.comNA
EducationA platform that provides immersive experience and autonomy to learners to drive their learning curve. Technical skills to build the
HealthFor my satisfactionNecessary time to time meeting challengesravitejahomoeoresearch@gmail.comHEALTH and communication
Vulnerable PopulationsIT FirmVillage
EducationINNOCOOPSNo thank you.emailNo thank you.
CommunityUber Eats like APP which display realtime information, delivery/pick up critical items(Masks, Sanitizers) for local community, so that residents reduce the risk of going outside, grocery store reduce traffic, better manage their workforceFront-end, UI/UX, APP developersyiweizhang325@gmail.com
EducationSchool Management SystemWith Buildingoluwasegunstar@gmail.comI don't have one yet
OtherLocal Restaurants Who deliveres food based on user location. I live in a small city and for now we have ten restaurants that deliver food, but the information is only on their website, which makes hard for the user to choose and find what is being offered. Would be more efficient with the App. The restaurants uploads image of the take away, price and description. The user can find by location, restaurants name or the description. The user can support the locals in that way and restaurants can still sell the food. The user can put the take-away on hold by Bankid while picking up, so that other user will not take it before. App developer, Im a QA and a graphic designerviki-pro@live.comNo slack channel yet
Vulnerable PopulationsFrontliner Daily TrackerFrom back-end to front-end, experienced hands to produce a reliable and responsive mobile app with no fancy features, all motivated to build an extra layer of shield especially for our frontlinersDiscord: agoza#1235, email: contact@agoza.workN/A
Vulnerable PopulationsHelpers CommunityContent Curators/ Designers/ Marketeershelperscommunity@gmail.com
Communityon a project to continually organizing and reorganizing so that punctual offers and requests for help can be issued to facilitate solidarity redistribution of resources. Through a similar system of classified ads by three categories: Accompaniment, Information and Distribution of resourceswe are a small project, and we want for orientation how to build and what resources in tech we need and contact experience people for help
Vulnerable PopulationsAwareness programmesFinancial
CommunityI'm working on a peer to peer system for communicating emergency needs, accounting for which needs are met, and coordinating transportation and errands (such as volunteer work) in rational ways within the resulting network.Everything (is full stack the appropriate term?) In fact, it doesn't need to be me who does this: do something better. But if I had to choose help with something, I'd say that I would most need guidance on managing relevant databases and maintaining user
CommunitySocial distanceAvoid the spreding of corona
EducationNationwide free online tutoring for students affected by school closures: covidtutoring.orgWe need a full stack web developers - Preference django
HealthBig data, Machine LearningNeed help with the
EducationDistrict Zero - Social and Emotional Learning HomeschoolEngineering support to scale the mvp for more teachers and quicker reporting
Vulnerable PopulationsA flutter App that allows users to share essentials, donate (I intend to connect to an international NGO that is doing something in Africa on COVID), chat with a psychologist volunteer, connect to farmers and have home deliveries A full-stack developer preferably good with flutter as my project is in Flutter and TEAM
Vulnerable PopulationsGlobal location-based marketplace of foodstuffsProject manager, pitcheroleg@nedol.ru
Vulnerable PopulationsAn App created using React.JS, MongoDB, Express, Node.JS that Logs complaints by users with date, time, name, address. I want to link twilio to the project so that WHATSAPP msg is sent as soon as any change in database is made. If some one can do it please contribute! It has to be done with Node.JS and ReactMAIL DIRECTLY ON Individual. No team
HealthI am looking for NLP data analysis or time series prediction projectsteammatestheamrzaki@hotmail.comdont have
CommunityBring awareness about the power of perosnal coherence and how this can empower all of us amidst crisisGreater exposure, educate more people about Coherence
HealthRemote Medical TreatmentMobile, automated email communications, front-end crm
HealthCareConsult was created to connect licensed volunteer health professionals with patients at home to reduce the burden on hospitals and clinics through a shared Calendly-like solution.Helping alleviate the strain on the global healthcare system during the Covid-19 pandemic while providing high impact volunteer options for healthcare
BusinessesBusiness continuity planning during COVID-19 CrisisI need the main information to be established for my project like judge information, rules etc.,
BusinessesWeb DevelopmentFront End Developer, Api &, Skype:omer.velosiDont have it but can make one
CommunityA plugin for Slack that takes ever participants Devcon profile and scans their posts for keywords in order to match the people with the strongest potential for collaboration. I have a prototype of a simple form that asks questions based on peoples skills, experinece, passion and dreams(projects) that we have been developing and using to foster collaboration.finding a tech solution i was told by someone at slack Workflow Builder could work, and connecting to coders directly working at slack and devcon to integrate a questionaire that would enable pour people to collaborate during this hackathon and beyond.slack: Benjamin Lee martin email:
HealthCHAT BOTtrying to build a virtual assistant in messenger, and can assist in chronic diseaseabdelrazek.rizk@hotmail.comFirst Aid Kit
EntertainmentA tool for musicians to jam remotelyDevelopers: JS and Web Audio experience. Marketers. Copywriters. Musicians preferred. @Chris Johnston#jam
Vulnerable PopulationsManagement and IAI want to help some projet, I don't have a specific projectSlack-
Healthblockchain in healthcare system. I'm still gathering the necessary fact though.Didn't get this question. I'll need a team already working on related field. vvictorious99@gmail.comnil
EntertainmentPandemic PatchDesign, game strategy, communityaltimagewritingco@gmail.comNone
HealthTelemental Health
HealthTool to request user symptom data daily on a scale, and project that to doctors, public health officials, research institutions, and (of course) the user over time.Data Visualization
HealthUser-maintained database for systematic and anonymous self-assessment of symptoms as panel data from the first day of occurrence. Medical research will have insights into the early stages of covid-19.Partner institution or company with medical background, web-developer and visibilityinfo@covid-data.info
HealthAR app that helps you maintain a safe, 6 foot radius between you and passersby, and rewards you for doing so! It outlines your “safe space” so you can visually see how close you’re getting. When you get too close to someone, the app warns you. For every person you walk by, you get points for maintaining a 6 foot distance. You lose points if you get close enough to breach that 6 foot safe space.Need a Unity developer comfortable with AR and object recognition integration!hades@droga5.comNA
OtherSocial GamingThose who stay @ home right now,can play different social gamingleonardleo92@ymail.comI don't have
Vulnerable PopulationsCOVID-basic-needsData Scraping in your region of food still available to people in need!@Max or @akeem on Slack#darcie or #foodbanksupport
OtherQNBAIThe right mindhttps://qnbaiorganization.slack.com
CommunityA flutter app that parents install for their kids, using data from Google or Facebook we determine if kids are in close proximity to other kids and if so send an alert to parents and/or local authorities. The vision is that it would pinpoint areas where groups are gathering, notify relevant parties and disband then accordinglyUX/UI, Flutter, Access to Friend location datasoconnorsoconnor
CommunityBuilding an idea for COVIDRequirements for COVIDsrupesh51@gmail.comproject-ideas
EducationCOVID-19BY providing the exact information regards that cannot create a panic among the people.At present we are working on it. Not yet ready
HealthI am trying to make an app which will be free for everyone and help people lead a healthy life everyday.I am confused on how to add the data which is needed in it and how to store it as it's my first app i am trying to develop.zakiya.fathima27@gmail.com
HealthEarly detection of COVID signs (coughing, Sneezing, Temperature) by overlaying surveillance camera imaging with thermal cameras imaging stream at Public PlacesI need public places videos real time streaming by surveillance cameras and thermal cameras for pose detection of hand close to face, coughing posture detection, temperature measurement at approx 6 feet distanceshaistaaman@live.comShaista Aman
HealthUser-maintained database for systematic and anonymous self-assessment of symptoms as panel data from the first day of occurrence. Medical research will have insights into the early stages of covid-19.I need teammates , need to talk with team how to build this project, submit ideas and get it done.ankitbhatia11519@gmail.comhome-group
OtherProgrammingoverall projectdragor778@gmail.comoptional
HealthCOVID 19 DIAG FACE BOTData Scientists,Cloud Admins,Mobile app Developersbalaji_xp@hotmail.comNo slack channel yet
HealthA Virtual Physical Examination System

We are currently working on Android systems and we need help to port the output to primary care COVID-19 oriented interfaces.

In the face of COVID-19 pandemic, I am offering to repurpose our Melanoscan®️ total immersion photo/video system as a short-range whole body telemedicine system for enhanced medical evaluations. This radiology like scanning service enables our system to be used in a handsfree mode to automate the acquisition and distribution of high-quality physical examinations. The Melanoscan system captures 65 views with still and video modes. We have instituted the following crucial steps to improve clinical contact with patients:
Whole-body scans rather than the visual skin exams for able-bodied patients
Enhances clinical accuracy
Improves subsequent visit quality
Provides optimal documentation
Embedded videoconferencing software
Enhanced Personal Protective Equipment PPE for staff and patients for additional screening services.
Our short-range whole-body scanning system is sanitized with a blast of high-intensity 308 nm ultraviolet as well as wiped down with disinfectants active against COVID-19. I invite you to visit and examine our system which places a premium on patient safety while enhancing diagnostic and therapeutic efficacy.
Contact me if you have clinical or methodology questions.
We have been scanning our population with total immersion video plus photography for 20 years, 40,000 scans have worked out some of the scaling factors. The system runs on android cell phones. We can measure vital signs and obviously skin disease. I am strong on data for AI. Millions of annotations. We work in Android Studio, and Windows. I am going to need some administrative help. Anyone interested in lending a hand, please contact me by messenger. Rhett Drugge At this time I am looking for new graphics for the group, a chatbot, and a group survey person.rhett.drugge@gmail.comMelanoscan
BusinessesGlobal Supply Chain solution for companies manufacturing critical medical supplies that save lives. React js, PHP, UI Designer Slack - Member ID U010Y9SQ1K9 under RobinneGlobalSupplyCOVID19
HealthIntegrated Symptom Management and Telehealth ToolCoding backend for telehealth
EducationA platform to connect parents (working remotely) looking for who to help their kids (K-12) with homework explanation, with people who have been laid off/looking for income and can provide homework solutions, for a feeDesigners, Frontend and Backend Developers, Solution, eserichard(slack handle)#homeworkconsult
Vulnerable PopulationsGivr is actually an application to giveaway away stuff you no longer use (Android version)

We all have items in the house that we no longer use. Also this items can be useful for other people.
Givr help you to publish stuff you no longer use, allowing you share short information about the item and finding a receptor fast.

Givr is adding Favors Module that allows vulnerable people to find donations of medicine, transportation, food and others.
For example, If a lonely grandmother/grandfather and high risk people cannot go out to pick up their medicine or buy food, they can find someone young and healthy to volunteer and help them.
Givr is totally non profit and I'd love to promote Givr application to help high risk people.
Looking for an iOS developer for iOS version
Email:, whatsapp: +50670112916, Slack: Esteban López A.givr
EntertainmentParty Time - app for party with friends on social distancing Making the video, ui designmagdalenaglabinska@hotmail.com
80 - an educational coloring book for kidstranslation, copywritingslack: Markus Böge#colorona
Vulnerable PopulationsVirtual assistant who can manage multiple requirements to assist people living alone (elderly, single mothers, persons with disabilities)
, in requirements related to (medical and psychological assistance, communications with relatives and government institutions, purchasing management, IoT management)
developer web, mobile, IA,project team carlos.rojas.vasquez@gmail.comfacepandemic
Vulnerable PopulationsVirtual assistant who can manage multiple requirements to assist people living alone (elderly, single mothers, persons with disabilities)
, in requirements related to (medical and psychological assistance, communications with relatives and government institutions, purchasing management, IoT management)
developer web, mobile, IA,project team carlos.rojas.vasquez@gmail.comfacepandemic
BusinessesMobile and web platform to create ecosystems offering products and services in areas with confinement without direct contact between providers and customers,
It benefits people with self employment and individual businesses can have economic income in confinement seasons, this requires the use of drones and robots
for places where you have the technical and economic facilities.
Developer web, mobile,project team carlos.rojas.vasquez@gmail.comfacepandemic
BusinessesA chatbot that dynamically generates websites to empower those who aren't technologically savvy to move their businesses online!AWS/Nodejs/NLP( Developers! And simple frontend work (React) or Anthony Pham (Keydex) in the covid slackMessage above
OtherDesign a global scale social game to help inspire millions of Millennial and Gen-Z individuals across the world to engage in social distancing in order to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.UI/UXbrandon@formless.lastopthevirus-social 1 | Add a topic
Communityquick-qlimit queue and tired
EntertainmentWe are working on a video platform built exclusively in response to quarantine. Concept is simple: Find people in quarantine 10km away from you.

"Fight Social Distancing by meeting people in your area from home."

The algorithm allow you to meet people randomly in your area using TokBox API.
We would like to release it to the world during Worlwide Quarantine with budget for Instagram, Facebook and Google Ads (40k $) and contact medias to talk about
HealthContact tracing with privacy: Building an system that informs people of their probability of being infected, while preserving their privacy. Infected people are requested to provide a history of their movements which are then matched with other users location data. Whenever someone falls ill or is under assessment their contacts are notified with an estimated level of being infected, so they get tested or put into quarantine.Data scientists, ETL developers. Healthcare organizationssmoncadav@gmail.com
CommunityCOVID-19 At-Home Swab TestingI need engineers to help me build the web-app ive
HealthContact tracing with privacy: Building an system that informs people of their probability of being infected, while preserving their privacy. Infected people are requested to provide a history of their movements which are then matched with other users location data. Whenever someone falls ill or is under assessment their contacts are notified with an estimated level of being infected, so they get tested or put into quarantine.Data scientists, ETL developers. Healthcare organizationssmoncadav@gmail.com
BusinessesServiceTransport ksatheeshkumar1995@gmail.comNa
CommunityAn application to connect people 1-1 through video chat to combat loneliness and social isolation. Ideas and backend or Stefanie Davis on slack#not-alone
HealthStoryGuide.aico-founders, team members, designers, front end developers, back end developers, machine learning experts, artificial intelligence gurus, video mystros, storytellers, ptsd survivorsholly@eideticfilm.com
OtherFull Stack DeveloperLooking for project to contribute as developervpriyank91@gmail.comPriyanka Vijayaraghavan
CommunitySolidarityDev Yii Frameworksemail, slack, discord#hackathoncovid19