Description of incidentCountrySuspect's name/sDate of arrestPlace of arrestItems seizedTrade routeCharges & descriptionSentenceSourceSource link
TCM products seized in GermanyGermanyNot available3-1-2016GermanytigerChina - GermanySixty medicinal products containing leopard, tiger and musk deer parts were detected in a postal parcel, during a random search at an airport in Germany. These originated from China, and were destined for Germany.n/aRobin de BoisNot available
TCM products seized in AustriaAustriaNot available3-1-2016AustriatigerChina - AustriaThree seizures of a total of 58 medicinal products containing tiger parts, during a random search. These originated from China, and were destined for Austria.n/aRobin de BoisNot available
TCM package found in luggage at HeathrowUKNot available1-6-2014Heathrow International AirporttigerChina - UK Ninety-four packets of medicial products containing tiger parts were detected in a passenger's luggage at an airport in the UK, originating from China. n/aRobin de BoisNot available
Big cats parts destined for Vietnamese restaurants, seizedRussiaNot available1-1-2015Moscowtiger head, skin, amur leopard, meatNo route Parts of a tiger and a leopard were seized in Moscow, when they were headed for two different Vietnamese restaurants. No further information provided.Not availbleRobin de BoisNot available
Catherine Emberton case (tiger parts)UKCatherine Emberton1-3-2015Sheffieldtiger teeth, clawNo route Catherine Emberton confessed to selling jewels online. Her ploy was discovered in June 2014. Released on bail, she recently appeared in Sheffield Crown Court. She pleaded guilty.€60 fine and 120 hours of community service.BBC News
Tiger skin seized in Primorsky KraiRussiaNot available1-10-2015Primorsky Kraitiger skinNo routeA man trying to sell a tiger skin was arrested, and the skin found to be from a 2-year-old tiger who was shot to death. n/aRobin de BoisNot available
Siberian tiger rescued in RussiaRussiaNot available1-10-2015Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrugsiberian tigerRussia - ChinaA young Siberian tiger was seized 1,500km away from its final destination in China. He was transferred to a rehabilitation center in Moscow, but could not be released into the forest as he was too young when he was rescued.n/aNational Geographic,was%20captured%20last%20year%E2%80%94Vladivostok.
TCM containing tiger claws seized at UK portUKNot available1-8-2012Felixstowe Porttiger clawNot availableHerbal remedies and massage oils containing ground tiger claws, poisonous plants and cow urine were seized by border officials at Felixstowe Port in Suffolk, in a consignment of 45 cardboard boxes which had come from India. Details of the seizure have been referred to customs authorities in India, who had to decide whether to take further action against the exporter. The importer in Birmingham has also been contacted and issued with a warning following the find.Issued with a warning by Border ForceIndependent
Tiger skeletons found at Prague AirportCzech RepublicNot available26-6-2016Prague Airporttiger skeletonCzech Republic - VietnamCustoms officers and CEI wildlife inspectors at the Prague airport checked a consignment exported by Vietnamese national from the Czech Republic to Vietnam. The big cargo shipment was declared as pots, pans, glasses, music players and other personal things. There were found two complete skeletons of tiger hidden inside music speakers. Plastic bags with bones were covered by odour napkins, probably to prevent from a possible detection by sniffer dogs.n/aStar Tribune,At%20airport%2C%20Czechs%20seize%202%20almost%20full%20tiger%20skeletons,destined%20for%20Asia%20black%20market&text=PRAGUE%20%E2%80%94%20Czech%20officials%20say%20airport,market%20in%20the%20Far%20East.
White tiger cub seized from alleged exotic pet traderFranceNot available1-5-2019Brignoleswhite tigerNot availableInvestigators in southeast France seized a white tiger cub at the home of a suspected exotic animal trafficker, while pythons and endangered marsupials were found at his mother's house. Members of the public health agency OCLAESP were recently informed of the illegal sale of lemurs and their investigations led them to the suspect's premises. The arrested man is believed to have cashed the sum of 17,000 euros "but had not yet handed the small primates from Madagascar to the buyer". A raid on his home uncovered the white tiger cub, while a simultaneous operation at the home of the suspect's mother in northeast France uncovered four sugar gliders - small, nocturnal marsupials native to part of Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea - as well as nine snakes including two royal pythons. The baby tiger, now called Hermes, was taken to the Barben zoo in southeast France.8 months' imprisonmentGeo
Tiger cub arrested from Parisian drug dealersFranceNot available18-6-2016Noisy-le-Sec, Seine-Saint-DenistigerNo routeA tiger cub was rescued from the clutches of drug dealers in Paris was sent to live at the Loire, in a rare refuge for wild animals seized by justice. Skinny and malnourished when he arrived on 18 June 2019, now four-month-old Vengaï is a playful "kitten" and has managed to put on some weight. He had been the prey of dealers in the Paris region who were trading selfies with him. Vengai was later abandoned by traffickers in a cardboard box beside a road.n/aLe Parisien
Bengal tiger cub found in luggage in RussiaRussiaNot available7-19-2019Krasnodarleopard, tigerRussiaHeavily drugged leopard cubs and a tiger were found in the luggage of a black market smuggler on a flight within Russia. The Bengal tiger cub is around 10 weeks old and had suffered from malnourishment. All of the animals had catheters in their paws, used to heavily sedate them ahead of a planned flight from Krasnodar to Tashkent. The leopards, who had recently been separated from their mother, were just six weeks old. The 34-year-old Uzbek man did not have any paperwork permitting export of the animals, and officials suspected they were being sold to wealthy buyers as trophy pets. A criminal investigation was launched. n/aNot availableNot available
Aaron Halstead case (taxidermy)UKAaron Halstead24-9-2019Burnleytiger skullNot availableAaron Halstead, 28, was accused of either offering a range of endangered species for sale, or being involved in their illegal movement. In a joint prosecution between the National Wildlife Unit and wildlife officers at Lancashire Police, following a raid on Halstead's Burnley home in eaely 2018, he was also charged with purchasing or offering to purchase a number of other specimens. Magistrates heard that the 21 offences were alleged to have been committed between September 2014 and January 2018. Initially Halstead pleaded guilty to the prohibited offering for sale a rhino skull, sperm whale tooth and sawfish rostrum and entered not guilty pleas to all other charges, so the case was listed for trial. However, at Preston Crown Court on 23 June 2019 Halstead entered guilty pleas to a further six offences contrary to the Control of Trade in Endangered Species (Enforcement) 1997. He was sentenced to spend 56 weeks in jail. 56 weeks jailtimeLancashire Police
Tiger hunting trophies seized in FranceFranceNot available12-3-2008FrancetigerNot availableCustoms agents in France seized 215 hunting trophies of protected animals including elephant, cheetah, leopard, tiger, lion, baboon, hippopotamus, zebra, bear and monitor lizard parts. No further details provided.n/aNot availableNot available
Stuffed baby tiger seized from Netherlands teenNetherlandsNot available1-1-2014Eindhovencheetah skin, stuffed tigerNo routeAfter a tip from the internet, Netherlands police seized skins, tusks and a stuffed baby tiger from the home of a 15-year-old boy in Eindhoven. They also seized his computer and cellphone. n/aNot availableNot available
Leopard and tiger cubs seized in KrasnodarRussiaNot available07-01-2019Krasnodarleopard, tigerNo routeTwo leopard cubs and one tiger cub were seized in Krasnodar. No further details provided. n/aDaily Star
Big cats seized in Altai Krai, trafficker prosecutedRussiaNot available06-01-2019Altai Kraipuma, lion, amur tigerNot availableLive puma, lions, amur tigers, wolves and bears were seized in Altai Krai and one suspect was convicted of trafficking endangered wildlife. There were 15 animals in total, and they were discovered in cages being transported in several KAMAZ vehicles. No further details provided. Not availableMy Altai
Tiger cub killed im Primorsky, two suspects detainedRussiaNot available12-1-2019Primorsky KraitigerNo routeA tiger cub was killed in Primorsky and two suspects were detained. No further details provided. n/aNot availableNot available
Amur tiger paws seized in Primorsky Krai, two detainedRussiaNot available11-12-2019Primorsky Kraiamur tiger pawNo routeBear paws, Amur tiger paws, mammoth tusks and unidentified animal body parts were seized in the Russian Primorsky region, and two foreign nationals were detained. n/aThe Daily Mail
Tiger corposes seized at Lake KhankaRussiaNot available1-30-2018Lake KhankatigerRussia - ChinaOne tonne of bear paws, four tiger bodies and other wildlife parts were seized on Lake Khanka between Russia and China. No further details provided. n/aNot availableNot available
Poachers who killed two endangered Amur tigers detained in Russian Far EastRussiaNot available4-11-2020Primoryered book amur tigerNot availableTwo men aged 51 and 57 who were in the business of illegally hunting and selling protected Amur tigers were detained as a result of a lengthy joint operation by the regional FSB security service and specialists from the Amur Tiger Centre. They were caught moments after getting 700,000 roubles (US $8,834) cash for selling pelts, fangs, claws and bones of two Red Book Amur tigers to a buyer from outside Russia. Names of the men and the details of the operation were not fully disclosed, but it was understood that the buyer was likely to be based in China. The poachers faced charges under article 258.1 of Russian Criminal Code, illegal poaching and trade of Red Book animals, and could serve between five and seven years jailtime. n/aThe Siberian Times
Lithuanian zoo trader falsifies official papersLithuaniaNot available07-01-2019LithuaniatigerNot availableA biger cat trader in Lithuania with connections to two zoos was approached by an undercover investigator, in response to an online advert selling tiger cubs. The trader offered to sell four tiger cubs (at €6,000 each or discounted if more than one was purchased) which were reportedly born in June 2019, at a zoo that was open to the public. He added that dead animals are more expensive than live ones and quoted that a dead tiger can be worth up to €10,000-15,000 and used for its skin and claws. The trader explained how the zoopark can manipulate registration and CITES papers, for example by writing that cubs were born at an earlier date so they can be traded sooner, by registering a puma cub as a Bengal cat to circumvent keeping prohibitions in Italy, and by using contacts with company registration numbers in certain countries (e.g. Romania) from which onward transport to anywhere can be organised.n/aFour Paws
Puma kept in Lahr apartmentGermanyNot available12-01-2018LahrpumaCzech Republic - GermanyShortly before Christmas 2018, authorities discovered and confiscated a male puma cub in a private apartment in the German city of Lahr. The then two-month-old exotic pet was legally bought in the Czech Republic but smuggled into Germany. The young puma was purchased from a Czech breeder for €2,300 and brought to Germany by car. The buyer, however, had no permit to keep the puma, nor proper documents to drive the animal from the Czech Republic to Germany. The animal’s papers showing his vaccination record and origin were switched with the papers of his sibling, which was sold to a (zoo) park in Germany.n/aFour Paws
Tiger cubs confiscated from private home in AustriaAustriaNot available08-01-2019AustriatigerSlovakia - AustriaTwo tiger cubs were found in a bathtub at a Slovakian woman’s apartment in eastern Austria. The 34-year-old woman worked at an animal protection center in Slovakia and the cubs apparently had been brought there. It appeared that she had brought the cubs home with her to continue providing the “very intensive care” they needed and she acted in good faith.€600 fineAP
Illegal transport of 10 tigers from Italy to RussiaPolandNot available10-01-2019KoroszczyntigerItaly - Poland - RussiaIn October 2019 a truck with 10 tigers was stopped by authorities at the Polish-Belarusian border in Koroszczyn after six days of transport. One of the tigers died and the rest were confiscated by Polish authorities. The tiger transport, organised by the circus family Montico and undertaken by a farm animal transport company, started in Italy, and crossed Austria, Czech Republic and Poland. The destination was allegedly a zoo in Dagestan, but it was verified by investigative journalists that there are no operational zoos in Dagestan. On the transport documents it was stated that the receiver was a meat and alcohol import company registered in Dagestan. n/aBBC
Six investigated after more than 200 illegally stuffed animals seized in SpainSpainNot available02-12-2019Alicanteafrican lion, bengal tigerNot availableSpanish police seized more than 200 stuffed endangered animals, including giraffes, rhinos, lions and tigers, from an illegal taxidermy workshop that was selling them online. Officers found the stuffed animals at a warehouse in an industrial area of Alicante, a city on Spain's Mediterranean coast. They seized others in the nearby city of Monovar, at the home of a man suspected of working as a taxidermist without a licence. Police placed six people under investigation after the seizing the haul, who could face charges of trafficking in endangered species.n/aThe Independent
Panther roams the roof of French buildingFranceNot available09-19-2019LillepantherNot availableA black panther that was seen roaming rooftops near the French city of Lille was captured. The juvenile big cat appeared to have escaped from a private home. The animal's owner appeared to have escaped through the window, possibly fearing arrest for illegal ownership of a wild animal. Local media reported that two investigations were ongoing. One, by the police, is against the individual owner and is focused on the danger posed to members of the public. The other probe, by hunting and wildlife authorities, focused on how the animal was acquired and the conditions in which it was kept.n/aDW.com
Police seize lion cub from Paris suburb apartmentFranceNot available10-24-2018ParislionNot availableFrench police seized a six-week-old lion cub from an apartment in a Paris suburb, and arrested its owner. The female cub was discovered in a child's bed in the apartment of neighbours of the 30-year-old suspect, who was found hiding in a closet. Police were alerted by videos circulating on social media, in which a man offers the cub for sale for about €10,000 ($11,470). 6 months imprisonmentThe Local
Lion cub found inside luxury car in ParisFranceNot available11-13-2018Champs-ElyseeslionNot availableA lion cub was found in a flashy car on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. The baby lion was discovered inside a hired Lamborghini during a police search on the busy luxury shopping street. The driver was taken into custody and the cub was being looked after.n/aThe Local,being%20kept%20as%20a%20pet.
Tiger "Angela" found in private gardenItalyD.G.M.12-2013Mugnano, Naples, ItalytigerItaly - FrankfurtA man known only by his initials, DGM, was accused of illegally keeping a tiger and in an environment that is not fit for big cats. When the tiger, Angela, was confiscated by authorities, she was covered in feces, had nothing but dirty water and was without food. DGM was sentenced to pay a fine.18000€ fineIl Messaggero
Palermo, Carabinieri seize circus tiger SimbaItalyC.V.01-17-2019PalermotigerPalermo - Emilia RomagnaForty-four-year-old circus manager CV was charged with irregularity concerning one of the Sandra Orfei circus' tigers, Simba. The microchip inside the tiger was registered to another big cat, who had died three years earlier. CITES intervened during a welfare check and presented two theories on what happened: either a mistake was made when implanting the chip into Simba or the chip was purposefully reused. CV was charged with an administrative offence " concerning the failure to communicate the death of animals".10,000€ finePalermo Today
Tigers, lion seized in PalermoItalyNot available03/2017Carini, PalermotigerPalermo - Bergamo, Roma e TodiTwo tigers were seized by police at Villagrazia di Carinin, along with several farm animals. They were transferred to three different zoological facilities located in Rome, Bergamo and Todi, in Umbria.n/aPalermo Today
10 Bengal tigers seized in BlacourtFranceMario Masson12-16-2020Blacourt, Oisebengal tigerNo routePolice seized 10 Bengal tigers from a trainer at a place called Les Landrons. This followed a complaint filed several months ago by One Voice. The tigers were kept together in cages (2 m2 each). A criminal investigation continues.n/aActu.fr
"Caresse de tigre" animal shelter in France (tigers, lions)FranceLilian et Brigitte Klimond11-24-2020Arelaune-en-Seine, Seine-Maritimetiger, lionNo routePolice seized 14 big cats from a so-called animal shelter named "Caresse de tigre". The place was opened to visitors the whole year, even though it wasn't allowed to. Visitors paid to cuddle baby tigers and lions. The animals were seized, but allowed to stay on site.n/aDaily Mail Online
Couple buys Sumatran tiger then turn to police in Le HavreFranceNot available10-6-2020Le HavretigerNo routeIn 2018, a couple purchased a baby tiger thinking it was a certain breed of cat and when they realised they had been duped, they went to the police to report what had happened. After a two-year investigation, authorities arrested nine people linked to the sale.n/aActu.fr
Two lion cubs found in TretsFranceNot available12-31-2019Trets, Bouches-du-RhônelionNo routeTwo lion cubs were found in a box, in front of a place that keeps lions and tigers in Trets, Southern France. They had been abandoned there. No further details provided.n/aFrance Info
Two lions and two tigers illegally owned in Evry-Grégy-sur-Yerres FranceNot available05-21-2015Evry-Grégy-sur-Yerres, Seine-et-Marnelion, tigerNo routeA former animal trainer from Evry-Grégy-sur-Yerres, Seine-et-Marne was caught illegally keeping two tigers and two lions in his residential garden. He did not have the proper permits to do so. The animals were seized and transferred to Prima Donis, Spain.n/aActu.fr
Dealers offered selfies with a baby tigerFranceNot available06-17-2016Boute-en-TraintigerNo routePolice and the National Office for Hunting and Wildlife seized a baby tiger in Boute-en-Train. The animal was thought to be held by wildlife dealers in Saint-Ouen, in Seine-Saint-Denis. They had been offering selfies with the animal to their customers. A suspect was arrested for drug trafficking or consumption and on his cell phone, police discovered photos of people posing with a baby tiger. The owners of a Facebook account advertising this service were also taken into custody and subsequently released. No arrest was made, but the tiger was seized and eventually transferred to a zoo near Saint-Etienne, in the Loire. n/aFrance Bleu
Half-starved lion cub found abandoned in Paris flatFranceNot available10-11-2017Noisy-le-SeclionNo routeA half-starved lion cub was found in an empty apartment in a gritty Paris suburb after being abandoned by a man who kept the animal to show off. Police began hunting for the cub after noticing selfies on social media of the 24-year-old man posing with his tawny pet. The man was taken into custody on charges of illegally keeping a wild animal. n/aThe Local
Siberian tiger seized from slain mobster's estateItalyLucio Vetrugno01-02-2011PuglialionNot availableA rare Siberian tiger was seized by police from the estate of a southern Italian mobster slain in a mafia war. The tiger had lived for 16 years in a cage on the estate near the town of Monteroni di Lecce in Puglia belonging to Lucio Vetrugno, a 55-year-old who was shot dead there in 2010. Vetrugno, nicknamed 'Lucio of the Tiger' by fellow criminals, was a convicted member of a powerful clan of Puglia's Sacra Corona Unita, Italy's fourth major mafia syndicate after Sicily's Cosa Nostra, Calabria's 'Ndrangheta and the Neapolitan Camorra.n/aAnsa.it
5 white tiger cubs spotted together on SnapchatFranceNot available05-03-2020FrancetigerNot availableOCLAESP confirmed that five white tiger cubs were spotted on Snapchat. Authorities tracked them down and seized them. No further details provided. n/aOCLAESPNot available
2 tiger skins on saleFranceNot available09-06-2020Francetiger skinNot availableOCLAESP and OFB seized two tiger skins advertised for sale in France. n/aOCLAESPNot available
2 seizures in ItalyItalyNot available2019ItalytigerNot availableNo details availablen/aCarabinieriNot available
1 seizure in ItalyItalyNot available2020ItalytigerNot availableNo details availablen/aCarabinieriNot available