Entrepreneurial skillageEstimated Cost (used games are much less $$ and games vary in price)Est. time neededPlayers Basic Idea of GameRobin's notesvirtual option
VentureLab Entrepreneurial mindset cards and random card generatorall entreprenerial mindsetall agesfree5 min 1+Entrepreneurship is more than a starting a business. It’s a way of thinking you can practice at school, work, or anywhere in life. Recognizing these mindsets is an essential part of growing as an entrepreneur.great tips and ideas for using the cards as games, recognition, and with different groups. yes,
Snake Oilcreativity, persuasion, innovation, pitchingall ages$255 min3+Within your group, one person takes a customer card. All other players take 6 "word" cards. Players combine two of the word cards to create a product/service for the customer. Each player pitches their idea to the customer who decides which idea is best. The person with the best idea gets the customer card. Each player in the group has the opportunity to be the customer once. The games ends after everone has been the customer and the person with the most "customer" cards wins.Best game! Love this for all ages. Educators need to look at all the cards and eliminate a few inapporpriate ones prior to allowing students to play. yes, or
Silicon Vally Start Upcreativity, persuasion, pitching, problem solving, fast thinking11+$1510 min3-10Players receive cards with crazy start up names, target users, and industry. They must create a product within these parameters and pitch it to an investor. The investor then uses a hot trend card and has an opportunity to ask questions to the person pitching. You must be able to think on your feet and turn weird and wild companies into winning pitches. If you like Snake Oil, you will like this!yes, needs adaptations
Disruptusinnovation, creativity, brainstorming, persuasion, pitching, co-operation10+$2510 min1+, modifications for teamsPlayers pick a card from the pile and then innovate this item based on the roll of a custom dice. The dice has pictures/symbols that signify what the player needs to do to the item: transform, improve, create, or disrupt this item. Strategic way to teach creativity and innovation. Similar to Snake Oil and Silicon Valley Start Up. Might be difficult to obtain; suppy issues.yes, needs adaptations
Mock Upsdesign thinking, creativity, cooperation, empathyall ages$2015 min1+Pick a card of each color and you suddenly have a design thinking challenge. White cards tell you the person you are designing for; grey cards tell you what to design; black cards give you the design constraints. Then pitch your design and quickly start again. Rapid prototyping.Need to have tape, scissors, and other materials available to complete the designs.Might be difficult to get a copy of the game.difficult as you are making protptypes, but doable with planning and could be super fun!
Pick Me Up Piggy storytelling, coopertion, problem solving, memory4+$2020 min2-4Players tell a story about why one of the four characters need to go to the store to start the game. Then players take turns drawing cards and driving piggy's truck around town. If they can run all of piggy's errands and pick up the four characters before they run out of gas, they win!Beautiful board and pieces, well madeno
Cash Flow for Kidsfinance, accounting, business acumen11+$7030 min2-6The game teaches students how to have money work for them. Students learn the difference between good credit and bad credit, assets and liabilities, earned income and passive income, and income and expenses. The game starts with pieces (rats) on an inner circle on the board and only after you accumulate enough money do you get to move to the outer ring and really have money working for you. You essentially learn how to get out of the rat race. Based on an award winning book, "Rich Dad’s Guide to Raising Your Child’s Financial I.Q."Great teaching tool for finance/accounting but should be played with an adult who can reinforce the concepts. yes but need adult,
Money Bagsmaking change with coins7+$1530 min2-4Roll the dice and move through the dollar-shaped board. First one to the finish line wins. Along the way, you will make change but you might not be able to use certain coins. This is a crazy coin counting game.Play money simulates real dollars and coins. yes with adaptations
Pay Daybudgeting, finance8+$1830 min2-4Classic board game. Players receive a salary and are paid at the end of each month. They must use this to pay their bills and have the ability to take out a loan if needed. Person with the most money (or least amount of debt) at end of a certain number of months, wins. 3 months takes about 30 minutes. I have not played this since my middle school days but remember loving it. I have had a couple teachers request it for the Be Enspired! mini grant so it is making its way back into the classroom.yes, but players need board, and adaptations
Pitstrategy, real-time experieince, little math, pivoting7+$1515-90 mins3-8This game is played in real-time with everyone playing at once. Players are dealt cards and need to trade with other players to corner the market on one commodity, like corn. Once they do, they ring the bell and receive points for winning. First player to 500 points wins. Like card game Spoons with a twist. Can get very loud. Simulates being on the floor of the stock exchange. no, must be played in person
Famous Failure Cardslearn about resilience, persistence, and hard work. Growth mindet11+$2020 min2-6"Go Fish" on steroids, this fun & challenging personal development card game teaches life lessons from true biographical examples of Famous Failures.Content might be dated but comes with blank card so you can create your own famous person/category. Quizlet decks
Strike - the game of worker rebellionCooperation, overall business acumen13+$4015 min2-4Players take on the role of the Strike Council to lead a city-wide rebellion against HappyCorp’s takeover, while also fighting for better livelihoods for all. Players will grow their ranks, mobilize their workers, and lead strikes around Mercury City. As the Strike Council scores victories for workers, they will gain the support of more allies, from the steelworkers to the teachers, and build new bases of support from the manufacturing district to the university. some strong political leanings that might or might not align with your own feelings and beliieves.Good for, (I think)
M is for Money - Matching gameLearn about money terms (finance) Pre-school-7free10 min 2Print these free cards (double sided) then play the matching game with your young student.Creative twist on matching game. Might want to laminate the cards for durability. It would be nice to have definitions or visuals that show value of items (nickel = 5 pennies), but maybe that will come in version 2.
Rise UpSocial movement/Entrepreneruship, imagination, strategic, collaborative12+$4520 min2-5Rise Up is a board game about building people power and winning together to create social justice—even when the cards are stacked against us. All players are on the same team, collaborating to build a movement and fight an opponent that is trying to crush your efforts. You'll have to strategize creatively about the actions your movement takes to win. Get inspired about the social change possible to make the world you want to live in, and learn tactical skills for how we can get there. have not played this game yet. But other games from Tessa Collecttive have been wonderful., ( I think)
Proofmental math to ultimately help with finance and accounting10+$1820 min2-6Deal three rows and three columns of cards for 9 total cards showing, Make an equation, shout the result, show your proof, Keep the cards. Like the game Set, but for math.white board
Co-opolycooperation, decision making, use of money10+$3530-60 mins3-6Co-opoly is a game of skill and solidarity, where everyone wins - or everyone loses! As featured in The Guardian and on PBS. All players are on the same team and work together to start a cooperative business or organization and compete against the Point Bank Learn. and practice skills needed to run a cooperative. board is small and a little flimsy but I love the cooperative nature of this game. no
Buy It Rightmath; determine price point, making change, value of money6-10$3020 min2-4Teach kids the importance of money recognition, adding and making correct change through interactive game play. Kids can set prices, buy and sell items and learn the value of money as they move throughout the game board. Includes calculator, game pieces, 40 paper play bills and 100 plastic coins. Having the calculator can be a plus or a minus (pun intended). no
Monopoly - jr, speed dice, etc. Buy, Sell, Negotiate, Basics of business. 5-105$1530 min (speed version exists)2+Fast dealing, property trading board game. Learn how to make deals, the value of location, and Love that Hasbro now has a speed version of this game. Classic game that every child should play at least;
ThinkPack, the brainstorming card deck that accompanies Thinkertoys book Brainstorming, creativity, problem solving (SCAMPER Technique) 11+$1820-30 min1+Teaches what to do when faced with a problem and how to systematically come up with a solution. Must read and understand the playbook before playing. You can not just jump in and play. yes, needs adaptations
Ideas for Good - WagiLabsempathy, creativity, pitching, problem solving7-12Not Available yetN/A1+A game of Curiosity, Compassion, and Courage for kids who want to change the world.Kids and this adult, LOVE this game. A great way to teach social entrepreneurship, empahty, problem solving skills. Yes,
Chicago Expressfinance, stocks, dividents, investing, wealth building, development; can easily be linked to history lessons too12+$75+45 min2-6Learning about stocks, ROI, and investing in the fun game based on railroad expasion in the 19th Century. Allow for extra time the first time you play, but then the game can be played in a class (45 minutes or so). Beautiful and well built game. Make sure you get the full original game and not just the expansion pack. Ebay is better than Amazon for this game. No
Cover Your AssestsStocks, math, strategy,7+$1515-20 min4-6Use your set of cards to challenge other players and gain their assets, or to make pairs and increase your assets. First player to $1 million dollars wins in this 4-6 player turn based cared game.If you like this, The bears and the bees is similiar and so is skull king (Both granda becks games)DIY available
Go VentureBusiness development, Sales, finance, globalization, negotiation8+$75+20-40 min2-6Players compete in "activities" to win the game, such as paying their expenses or managing employees.Board is tiny.many simulations online at
Creativity CardsFlexibility, creative thinking, openess to novelty, incubation, embracing ambiguity8+$2515-30 min2-6Draw cards that are in 8 different categories. You then have to solve problems using one of the techniques on the card. Best pitch wins. Play as many rounds as you would like
You can get these at:
Immagination Cards /creativity Cards from Creativity and EducationCreative thinking, Using immagination, speech, draw, preform (act), fast paced12+$30-$7030 min3-9Each round one of the players becomes a game master. He draws two top cards of the deck and checks the number of the next top card (which is random from 1 to 10). Then he looks at the text lines ("tasks") with this number and chooses a task from one of those cards. Next, he chooses an action how to explain the task to other players: to speak, to draw, or to perform. (The method of explanation becomes unavailable for this player till he uses all three methods in his text turns.) All other players tries to guess the task. The game master and the player who gives the correct answer both score 1 victory point, keeping one of the two task cards drawn by the game master. After that the next player becomes a game master, and so on. The player with the most number of cards is declared the winner at the end of the game.
You can get these at:
The Allowance GameFinance, Responsibility, Math5+$2030 min2-4Race around the board (roll a die) doing chores and collecting an allowance, then spend your earnings on the things you want.Small board (18 inches)no
The Heistproblem solving, cooperation7+$235-15 min2-4One team - one mission - players take on the roles of different characters, money man, hacker, lookout, or explosives expert, and work together to open an electronic safe and grab $50 million in cold hard cash. Choose your character, use and trade tools to complete the task at hand, and listen closely to your team leader for one false move could trip the alarm.Like an escape roomyes
Lion In My WayPersuasion, creative thinking, negotiation, cooperation5+$1615 min2-5Cooperative game mode and competitive game mode - play with teammates or against them! Players draw random hands from 100 tool cards and try to offer the group the most compelling ideas of how to use the tools in your hand to overcome the obstacles. You are trying to get home by getting through 24 random obstacles. Use your negotiating and persuasion skills to argue for why the group should use your tool.Two games in oneno
Goods and ServicesSocial studies, economics, history6-10$10.0015-20 minAs many as you print outIntroducing basic economics to 1st-5th graders. Learn about wants and needsMany different varieties including bingono
CareersChoices, strategic thinking, goal setting, economics8+$3060 min2-6Players set their own victory conditions. A player may choose to pursue Fame, Happiness, Money, or a combination of all three. The limitation being that the total number of "points" earned in the 3 categories must total 60. eg. 60 Happiness, 0 Fame, 0 Money; 20 of each; or any other combination. The players endeavor to fulfill their goal by going through any number of different "occupation paths". All paths have some prerequisite for entry, and benefits accrue from going through any of the paths more than once. The different occupations are designed to be suited to different strategies, eg. Hollywood is good for fame points, while "Going to Sea" is good for happiness. In the end it is the player (or team of players) who gets to their pre-set goal first who will be the winner, and achieve everything they ever wanted in life.Teaches players about life and how money does not equal happiness. Becoming difficult to
Exact ChangeMath, money counting5+$1015 min2-6The goal is to play all of your cards first. You can discard cards by matching the color of the last card played, by matching the currency value (play a penny on a penny), or by making EXACT CHANGE. Making exact change allows you to discard multiple cards that add up to the value of the last card played. If the last card played shows a quarter, you can make exact change by playing two dimes and a nickel- allowing you to discard three cards in one play!no
Money Wise KidsMath, economics, money counting7+$12-3010-20 min2Practice making change while players earn a $100 bill. Then learn to budget money while spending it on life’s necessities, such as housing, food, clothing,
Shark TankNegotiation, math, finance, marketing, pitch8+$4020 min2-6Players take turns being the entrepreneur, taking a ptich out of a large deck of products and selling it to their friends as best they can. Thier friends (the sharks) bid, or dont, and if one wins, they get to back the company and get any rewards assocaited with it. Get bonus money for backing projects that match your investor's area of expertise.Real companies that have presented on shark tankno
Math DiceMental math, fast paced,simple8+$102 min2+Roll the two 12-sided target dice and multiply them to get a target number. Roll the three scoring dice and combine these numbers using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or even powers to build an equation that is closest, or equal to, the target. This mentally challenging and fun dice game helps players sharpen math skills by solving problems in a fun new waySimpleno
75 tools for creative Thinking, a Fun Card Deck for Creative Inspirationcreativity, problem solving, thinking outside the box8+$2520-30 min2-6This creative card deck toolbox will guide the player to be creative at the different stages of any process or situation where new ideas are desired. The seventy-five tools are organized around six steps in the process: get started, look around, ask around, break it down, break free, evaluate, and
Design Kit Travel Packbuild empathy, unleash creativity8+$3520-30 min2-6design kit is hardly the only place to learn about the power of human-centered design. these books, guides, and free downloads are all great destinations to help you routinely innovate and solve big problems.not exactly, but you can print out multiple kits
CacaoStrategy, economics, market sales, employee allocation, revenue generation8+$4045 min2-4Cocao...fruit of the gods, you are surrounded by it. As chief of your tribe it is your responsibility to harness nature's bounty and lead your tribe in the cultivation and trade of Cocao. Earn the most gold to see your tribe rise above the rest, but don't forget life's other necessities...the need to worship the gods and access to fresh water! Take turn placing worker tiles on the board. Your worker then gives you access to this part of the board If you have a worker in the market they can sell the cacao. If you have a worker in the jungle they can harvest the cacao. Earn the most money by the end of the game to win!simple, can be learned and played in under 30 minsno
Setgrowth mindset, creativity, matching6+$1030 min1-20Quickly create sets that are all the same or all different. there are three components in each card. Shape, number, and shading. To create a set, you need to find 3 cards that have all the same or all different in each category. Example - 1 red unshaded circle, 2 green unshaded diamond, 3 purple unshaded rectangles. Each card in the set has a different number, the same shading, and a different shape. Start the game by putting out 12 cards in a 4 by 3 grid. When you think you have a set, say "Set" and point out your set. If it works, you keep those three cards and the dealer replenishes the board with three more cards to take thier place. the winner has the most sets at the end of the gameyes:
Blink Fast paced, pattern recognition,speed, growth mindset7+$1010 min2-4Without taking turns, players race to empty their hands by matching the color, shape, or number of symbols on their cards in their hand to the top card of the two discard piles in the center. As soon as a player lays down one card, they can draw another, up to the hand size of three cards. If both players can't play, they can both draw a card directly onto the discard pile at the same time and then continue to play. The first player to empty their hand and draw pile
Loud and Proud a social justice word gameFast paced, social justice, social reform, important conversations, conversation starter12+$25.0020/40 (short game/long game)3-6Take turns flipping cards from the center pile. Each card has a symbol and a category. If your symbol matches with another players symbol, the first person to say something in the other persons category wins the card. Currently experiencing a backlog may delay orders, Also this game is played exactly like annomia for help on
GlobalizationNegotiation, corporate strategy, long term goals, revenue generation, finance, economics12+$21.9960 min2-6 playersBuild your global empire… one company at a time! As the head of a multi-national corporation with one goal in mind – to make money – players in Globalization attempt to outbid their competitors to acquire businesses within six different industries and grow their conglomerate. Streamline operating costs build additional factories sue your competitors or take one of your subsidiaries public for big returns! Your corporate strategy will impact which companies you buy and how to take your corporation worldwide. The first to reach a billion in net worth wins!looks really funno
Rush Hourproblem solving, thinking ahead, one goal in mind, strategy8+$22full game is 60 min but can be played in 10-152-6A grid of cars are parked on the board. Move the cars one at a time to try to get the red car out of the parking lot. You move onto the next level once you are able to get the red car out of the parking spacecheap versions availableyes
Race to the TreasureCooperation, strategy, goal oriented4+$1620 min1-4Make a path from start to the treasure and collect the three keys that open the treasure's locks before the Ogre gets there. Strategize, cooperate, and build the path together as a team with your friends.On your turn, draw one tile from the bag, it will either show a piece of path or a picture of the Ogre. Place the tile down where you would like it or move the Ogre up one position. Work together to beat the Ogre to the treasurevery simple - no reading - children as young as 2 can playno
The Start Up gamecreativity, cooperation, pitching, empathy, design thinking10+$2020 min1-4Grow your idea or inspire others to grow theirs. This game guides you from creation to realization using six waypoints: Define, Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver and Drive. A fabulous game that helps students understand what it really takes to be an entrepreneur. Comes from the UK. Might take time to get here. no
Rory's Story Cubes creativity, storytelling, writing, imginationall ages$122 min +1+Roll the picture dice and create a fantastic story. Rory's Story Cubes come in themed versions too.Great way to spark imagination. Can be altered to use the dice pictures like Disruptus or other similar pitch games (per the advice of educator, Lynn Carney).
The Entrepreneur Board Game
Business development, budgeting, marketing, business acumen, enterprising
12+$5030+2-6Goal of the game is to create and operate your own business and build a better lifestyle in the comfort of your home.This game does a really nice job with the business side of being an entrepreneur. While it does incorporate many entrepreneurial mindsets, it does not touch on the innovation and creativity aspects of product development, but rather starts with the players opeing up a store to sell a product that already exists.There are still many valuable lessons in this game (partnerships, modern marketing approaches and dilemmas, investments, etc.), but know that there is a heavy emphasis on the business side of being an entrepreneur.
Ithrive Game Foundation
SEL and English Standards9,10,11,12freevariesvariesHave 3 games and will create games for youNot a traditional board game with entrepreneruail skills building, but cool free resource
Irrational GameResearch, 12+$40varies2-5Players predict human nature by guessing the outcome of unique situations. All actions are backed by research and each card explains the source of this unique and sometimes puzzeling behavior. Like many card games, there are special cards that turn the game around in an instant. Best part about the game is the discussion that ensues after each card is read. Players gain insights into how decisions are made and how to use research to back up decisions. This game will require the educator to lead the discussion about how we tie human behavior and our decision making process into our product or service. It is not easy to find a game that incorporates "research," but I think this one is fun and with a little guidance from the educator, can be used to spark a great discussion about the intersection of entrepreneurship and human behavior.
Happy Little Accident
creativity, looking at things in a different way,
10+$1815 minutes3-6"Players turn whimsical squiggles into creative masterpieces in this positive party game. Inspired by painter Bob Ross, you will surprise yourself by transforming abstract shapes and squiggles into charming pieces of art. Then share your clever doodles and award points to other players for their inspired creations."You can do this idea with pen and paper as a quick time filler in between lessons. Creativity and Education has a great resource for quick items like this.
Mouse Trap
Cooperation, communication, flexibility, grit
6+$2530 min. 2-4Build a Rube Goldgerg type contraption to catch a mouse. Get your mouse around the board without being caught while building a mouse trap to catch opponents mice. Introduces students to Rube Goldberg Machines and using common objects for different reasons.
Venture Lab, Pitch GameCreativity, Persuasion , pitcging 6+ Must be able to read flashcardfree5 minutes+1+Use computer generated flashcard to combine an adjuective, noun, and verb into a unique product. Player must convince other player why they need this product. For extra challenge, add a location, material, and/or customer into the mix.
Game Ideas Blog to read
creativity plus any skill from existing game
5+$05-60 min1+make your own game using tradittional board games, add creativity to your existing gamesBlog from Creativity and Education:
Games to be reviewed, not necessarily YEI "approved" yet:
Double DittoIdea generator
Know Opportunity
Start Up
Playing Lean
I'm The Boss
Startup Fever
Zeros to Heros
Hot Company
Math Slam
Sum Swamp Addition & Subtraction Game
Genious Square
Forbidden Island
The Fairy tale game
Mindfulness Cards
Spot it
24 card game
Build Z
None of a kind
Raccon Tycoon
winning moves, brain spin activity game
What Should You Do?
Peaceful Kingdom Games?
The Stock Exchange Game
Learning Advantage, Money & Budget
Kids on Stage
Ducks of Dusen burg (sister to Taverns of Tiefendal)
Above and Belowhire people, fantasy based, book with story
Time line - inventors and discoveries
quartoset but 4x4, shapes, 3d, place agains to get row of similar quality