AEF DC - Event Log Jul 2018 - rev (Responses)
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TimestampDate TimeWhich Adult or eagletEventDescription of EventPosted by:
7/1/2018 12:26:487/1/201812:25:00 PMTestTestTest pfernf1_AEF
7/1/2018 13:09:377/1/20183:08:00 PMTestTestTest postfreebird_AEF

7/1/2018 16:57:077/1/20186:56:00 PMTestTestTest postfreebird_AEF
7/1/2018 17:05:047/1/00077:02:00 PMEaglet(s)Nest activityVictory is lying down to the left of the V resting while Valor stands in the V vocalizing sets of squees. It looks like TFL who is on the overhead branch perching.freebird_AEF
7/1/2018 17:24:047/1/20187:08:00 PMEaglet(s)Nest activityValor continues calling out. It truly seems that s/he is hoping for an evening fish. Loud squees are followed by chitter chatters. Meanwhile, Victory is napping away as cool as a cucumber. Valor lies down but still calls out. "MrP, where are you? Is there no one to bring another fish? I will surely perish over night if I don't get more food." Lol. Update :: It sounds like there was some great wingercizing going on earlier today and at least two fish deliveries with both eaglets being fed well.freebird_AEF
7/1/2018 17:50:517/1/20187:49:00 PMEaglet(s)Victory wingercizingVictory is busy wingercizing from one side of the nest to the other and accidentally lands on Valor. Valor did not like that, s/he stands up and the eagles have a bit of a rumble, wings flapping and beaking at one another. Nothing serious... Valor just didn't appreciate being stepped on with those big feet and talons. Victory out does Valor and Valor takes a defensive pose, but within minutes, they've both forgotten the whole thing and move on.freebird_AEF
7/1/2018 18:56:457/1/20188:56:00 PMEaglet(s)Nest activityValor continues to call out and looks up at TFL while squeeing. TFL is still perched on the overhead branch with her back to the nest. Victory tries a different approach than squeeing at TFL. S/he looks up at her on the overhead and sings her a little Lady Chatterly eagle song. Soft, melodic chirps rise up to TFL, who just preens and appears to ignore it. Victory can take a hint, s/he moves to the other side of the nest but then looks back at TFL and gives it another try. Chitter chattering a lovely soft song. Meh. TFL pays no attention. Victory, I love your song and think you're absolutely adorable. I'd feed you if I were your mama. Teehee.freebird_AEF
7/1/2018 19:08:567/1/20189:03:00 PMVictory, Valor & TFLGood nightIt's getting dark and both eaglets are quiet and lying down in the nest together. They were side by side for a few minutes and exchanged some gentle beak kisses, or at least, that's how it appeared. TFL remains perched above. It looks like there's a nice breeze blowing and the DC nest and eagles are looking gorgeous in the IR light. Sweet dreams to our cherished eagle family.freebird_AEF
7/2/2018 4:27:487/2/20186:06:00 AMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey/FeedingMrP delivers a fish, Valor mantles and gains possession of it. Beautiful job Valor! Victory moves over to take a look and Valor just steps aside and lets her/him have it. Sweet Valor, when it comes to getting a fish you're not supposed to share. Valor squees all the while Victory eats the fish. I think s/he might just be having second thoughts about this decision. Victory is really digging in and doing a good job at self feeding, not paying a bit of mind to Valor. 6:20am Victory steps away from the fish to move a stick. Valor makes her/his move and gains possession again. Valor self feeds with no confrontation at all from Victory. Victory just goes about her/his business of tidying up the nest and munching on an old bone.earlybird_AEF
7/2/2018 4:52:507/2/20186:30:00 AMEaglet(s)Self FeedingIt appears that Valor is having a little trouble now getting the meat out of that fish. There's only the head left so he picks it up and trots around the nest with it, softly squeeing. "I could use some help here! Mom...Dad....Anyone?" No one comes to the rescue this time so he starts to dig in again. It's tough going, it looks like a tough catfish head but s/he does well. Victory meanders around the nest, amusing her/himself with nesting material, jumping on the nest rails and lying in the nest. Finally Valor has got her/his fill and lies down in the nest. Victory says "Okay, I'll have another try at that fish now", munches on it for a few minutes and then goes back to perching on the nest rails. So now Valor moves over to get another turn at eating. They have gone back and forth several times with not a bit of aggression from either of them. This has been the nicest morning seeing the two of them getting along so well and sharing the fish. I didn't think that I could love them more but after this morning my heart is filled to the brim. You two are the sweetest!earlybird_AEF
7/2/2018 5:23:277/2/20186:53:00 AMWild Turkey?Visiting Bird on GroundOur cam op has spotted a large bird pecking around on the ground near the nest. It looks like it might be a Wild Turkey but I'm no bird expert so I can't be sure. You never know what you're going to see here next! earlybird_AEF
7/2/2018 6:09:497/2/20187:34:00 AMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey/FeedingMrP delivers another fish. This time he stays and feeds the eaglets from the leftover catfish head. Valor gets the majority of this feeding, Victory is up front too but doesn't make much of an attempt to eat. MrP flies off, leaving the new fish intact. Victory, wearing some feather bling this morning, takes a turn at the fish but doesn't get far and steps away. Valor steps in to take her/his turn but here comes MrP with a squirrel. It looks like they're having a smorgasbord this morning. Once again MrP stays to feed them and feed them he does. Both eaglets are eating well and seem to be enjoying this special treat.earlybird_AEF
7/2/2018 6:28:557/2/20188:15:00 AMMr. PresidentDepartureFinally both eaglets have got their fill and step away. MrP is now able to enjoy some of that squirrel himself. You deserve it MrP. That was a beautiful feeding. Victory and Valor chitter chatter as MrP flies off. "Thanks Dad for that delicious breakfast". Victory moves over to check out the remaining squirrel and self feeds. Looks like s/he's doing a great job at it. Valor perches in the V and chills for awhile. So nice to see both of the eaglets start their day with full crops.earlybird_AEF
7/2/2018 18:09:537/2/20187:53:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival / Valor squeesVictory is having a great time wingercizing. S/he's landed at least once a couple feet up on the left V branch while gaining some lift during flapping. Valor watches and appears to be taking notes and seems quite impressed. We see a flash of white as a parent flies by and onto the overhead branch. It sure looks like MrP's tail feathers. Will there be no dinner or will TFL be the super hero tonight? We'll know soon. Valor has been very vocal ever since MrP flew in. I mean... louder than usual. Like he's seriously asking for dinner, not just making a polite request. Lol. MrP looks over his right shoulder down at Valor screaming. The look on his face is priceless. TFL usually doesn't look back. She just ignores them but MrP looks back several times as if he doesn't know what to think. Dear Valor, I don't know if your request will be met tonight. It looks like TFL might have taken the day off and MrP doesn't seem to be going anyway any time soon.freebird_AEF
7/2/2018 19:06:167/2/20188:55:00 PMMrP, Victory and ValorGood nightValor quiets down, for the most part by 8:30 and gives in to the fact that s/he most likely needs to wait for breakfast. The squees turn into night time chitter chatter and chortles as Valor looks up at MrP, who remains perched on the overhead branch. The sun has set and night is falling, the IR light flashes on on Cam A and our DC family is quiet. We only hear the buzzing electrical sound that bugs make when they try to cool off on summer nights. We witness the evening enchantment of the nest and territory while bathed in the IR light. And it's time to wish our eagles a safe night and sweet dreams.freebird_AEF
7/3/2018 12:31:457/3/20181:49:00 PMThe First LadyArrival of Prey and by whomThe arboretum is filled with a symphony of squeals. They get louder and louder and louder. Valor has spotted TFL. Victory doesn't quite see her yet. Victory walks around in a circle in the middle of the nest, looking in all directions. "What's going on Valor?" It takes but a minute and s/he sees what Valor has already seen. TFL with a fish! They both rush towards her, Valor grabs TFL's talon, Victory grabs the fish. Victory does a beautiful mantle and claims the fish. Valor realizing s/he got the raw end of this deal squees with disappointment. TFL stays but just a few minutes, sees that Victory has things under control and moves up to the overhead branch. Valor waits and watches as Victory self feeds. Finally, eight minutes later Valor moves in for the steal. Success! Valor now has possession and chows down. TFL flies back into the nest and offers Victory a bite or two from a leftover piece, then returns to the overhead branch. Valor continues to eat while Victory just hangs out near the lateral branch.earlybird_AEF
7/3/2018 12:57:097/3/20182:33:00 PMThe First LadyFeedingValor steps away from the fish just as TFL returns to the nest. Smart Mama gave both of her eaglets a chance to feed themselves and now she's back to help. Valor is up front and center and gets some good bites. Victory isn't quite as close but does get a few bites. Victory doesn't seem as interested and steps away, perhaps because s/he's still full from feeding her/himself. Sweet Mama moves the fish a little closer and offers some to Victory. "Come on over Victory, there's more than enough for both of you." Victory does get some more bites and so does Valor, squeeing the whole time. The fish is finally gone, TFL tidies up and flies off. earlybird_AEF
7/3/2018 13:11:457/3/20183:05:00 AMValorOfficial: 12:06pm Valor BranchesOfficial: Update 12:06 Valor took a big step today and branched! Beautiful job Valor! Congratulations! earlybird_AEF
7/3/2018 15:35:337/3/20185:00:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMrP delivers a fish and then flies up onto the right V branch to get out of the way. Victory gets it first, then Valor claims it and now Victory does a sneaky move and grabs and pulls the fish from underneath Valor. MrP departs at 5:08. Valor squeals with discontent while Victory feeds. Victory gulps down the tail as Valor tip toes over to work on the leftovers.freebird_AEF
7/3/2018 16:56:457/3/20186:20:00 PMEaglet(s)Nest activityValor vocalizes and then digs in to work on pulling meat off the fish head for a while before heading back to stand at the rails like Victory, trying to catch a breeze while on lookout. And then... they both go quiet. Relaxing, perching along the nest rails near one another and staring outward near the posts on the opposite side of the V branches.freebird_AEF
7/4/2018 5:10:047/4/20186:45:00 AMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomThe squeeing begins before we see MrP. He comes flying in with a fish and promptly moves up the right V branch. Smart thinking MrP. Much easier on the talons that way. Valor gains possession and mantles over it. Victory edges her/his way in. "Come on Valor. How about letting me have just a bite. A teeny tiny nibble?" Valor says no way and holds on for all it's worth. Victory is persistent and slowly steps closer and makes in for the steal! Off s/he goes with the fish. Valor says not so fast. Not five minutes later Valor jumps up on the nest rails, flaps her/his wings and jumps down to claim the fish again. That was one beautiful maneuver! What a give and take this morning! Victory moves over to the V but keeps watch over her/his shoulder as Valor chows down. Victory moves over and around Valor and onto the lateral branch. S/he's now very close to Valor and moves onto the nest rails, just a little bit closer. Look out Valor Big sister/brother is coming. Victory watches and waits.....earlybird_AEF
7/4/2018 5:36:157/4/20187:14:00 AMEaglet(s)Self FeedingValor continues self feeding. S/he's doing such a good job this morning, pulling off some nice chunks and eating quickly before Victory gets her/his chance to take it again. Victory still perches nearby, head turned away as if s/he doesn't have a care in the world, as if her/his mouth isn't drooling in anticipation at getting that fish back. We know better. Here s/he comes, a nice bob and weave and Victory wins back the prize. What an amazing Independence Day! How wonderful to see how independent these two have become. Valor watches from the V perch as Victory eats. Victory finally has her/his fill and steps away. Valor moves back in the nest and checks for leftovers. S/he's in luck, there's still a nice piece of fish left. S/he begins to eat once more but not for long. It seems that both of the eaglets have eaten just about all they can for the moment.earlybird_AEF
7/4/2018 5:56:197/4/20187:37:00 AMEaglet(s)PerchingVictory and Valor seem to have grown overnight. They are both such beautiful eaglets, accomplishing more and more each day. How amazing to see Victory casually perching on the lateral branch this morning like it's an everyday occurrence. So confident and self assured. It was so wonderful to see Valor branch for the first time yesterday. Valor looks like s/he wouldn't mind joining Victory on the lateral branch. S/he perches on the nest rails nearby and checks it out but doesn't seem ready quite yet. Victory moves further up the branch. "Come on little brother/sister. I'll make room for you". Valor says not just yet and lies down nearby.earlybird_AEF
7/4/2018 6:55:317/4/20188:41:00 AMEaglet(s)Nest ActivityVictory appears ready to get off of the lateral branch and back into the nest. Valor blocks her/his way and they give each other some beak bumps. Victory looks all around, weighing her/his options. How to get off of that branch with Valor right in her/his path? Conundrum! Victory looks to the left, s/he looks to the right and goes for it, jumping to the right of Valor and onto the nest rails. Victory is yours! Beautiful job Victory! A big sigh of relief can be heard by all. At least by me. lol earlybird_AEF
7/4/2018 10:04:597/4/201811:43:00 AMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomValor starts squeeing loudly as MrP is seen flying across the Arboretum toward to the nest with a fish. Valor does a beautiful mantle, claims the fish and digs in. Victory stands aside watching and whistling. Valor stops eating and squees at the fish, maybe asking to be fed by a parent rather than having to self feed? S/he walks away and over near where Victory stands. Victory takes the opportunity to move in and Valor chases after Victory, wings spread and vocalizing in complaint, but then walks away chattering and whistling while Victory gets a turn to self feed. Victory picks the fish up and moves it closer to where Valor is standing and Valor squees away but hasn't made a move or attempt to steal it back. Victory wraps up his/her feeding and leaves some behind. Valor takes another go at it and successfully pulls meat off the fish. They have a nice game of team tag feeding going on. Valor picks the fish up and moves it across the nest and continues to feed.freebird_AEF
7/4/2018 10:17:187/4/201812:09:00 PMEaglet(s)FeedingI can't help it! Valor reminds me of a little monkey the way he grabs that fish and moves it around the nest. Just the funny and adorable way eagles walk makes me giggle. Valor moves the tail end back near where Victory is perched along the nest railing and gulps the tail down. Way to go V & V! That was a great feeding and you both did it all on your own. Such big eagles. There's a nice breeze at the nest as our two eaglets stand side by side near the lateral branch. The forecast predicts a high of 92 degrees with isolated thunderstorms. There's a really nice breeze blowing through the area right now, helping to make the heat and humidity more comfortable.freebird_AEF
7/4/2018 10:33:387/4/201812:31:00 PMEaglet(s)Nest activityVictory moves to the lateral branch to perch. MrP and TFL did such a nice job of placing sticks so that the lateral branch is easy to gain access for V & V. Victory, I'm sure, is getting some nice breeze by perching on the lateral branch and new downward views to enjoy. Such big eaglets! How wonderful watching their natural progress. Victory feels confident enough to preen while perched off the nest. After preening, s/he wiggles his/her tail with contentment. That's right little buddy, you should feel proud of yourself!freebird_AEF
7/4/2018 10:54:317/4/201812:50:00 PMVictoryBranchingVictory continues to push him/herself and inches out further onto the lateral branch. S/he seems enchanted with all the new sights to be seen from the branch. Valor remains at the nest rails near the posts. Both have found the shady areas to rest. Victory is doing great with branching, even with the gusts of wind, and s/he inches out even a bit further. Well, look at you, Victory! You can even do a PS now from the branch! Valor decides to lie down in the nest near where Victory is branching. Victory is being a cool little eaglet, even relaxing one leg. I must say that I'm quite impressed. And now Victory is even assured enough that s/he catches a few moments of shut eye.freebird_AEF
7/4/2018 18:09:307/4/20187:05:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomTFL flies in with a fish. She stands at the railing while Valor squeals. She gives V & V a moment to see if one of them is going to mantle and claim the fish. When neither do, she starts to feed them. Suddenly TFL, Victory and Valor have a 3-way tug of war, Valor grabs the fish, drags in away, displays a strong mantle and begins to eat. Victory stands nearby watching, then hops out onto the lateral branch to watch. This is a good sized fish and there should be enough for both of them. It looked like Valor ate most of the fish but left a good portion for Victory to finish off.freebird_AEF
7/4/2018 18:20:577/4/20187:55:00 PMMrP and TFLArrival of Prey and by whomMrP shows up with another fish and TFL flies in right behind to feed our eaglets. MrP, being a wise eagle, departs immediately and is found watching the commotion at the nest from the primary perching tree. TFL continues to feed V & V and get some bites in for herself as well. Victory gets his/her fill and walks away. Valor is there till the end, whistling at TFL and helping her pick at bones for more bites. TFL glances over at Valor almost like she’s saying, “Are you kidding? You’re still hungry?” Lol. But she’s such a good mom and instinctively, she must know that her time to feed her beautiful offspring is winding down. Valor keeps squeeing with his/her head under TFL’s tail feathers — and then, just like that, TFL flies off at 8:13 and heads over to the NW branch to perch. Both kids head over to stand at the nest rails near the posts where they watch TFL. MrP remains cooling off with wings spread at the primary perching tree. What a dashing eagle you are, MrP! And what a stunning lady you are, TFL. Everyone is quiet. There's still a nice breeze helping to cool off our family on another hot and humid day. Fireworks sound off in the distance. Maybe one or both parents will stay close tonight due to the extra noise.freebird_AEF
7/4/2018 19:02:317/4/20189:00:00 PMThe First LadyTFL, the 2 V's and fireworksWe're hearing and seeing a lot of large personal fireworks going off in the DC area on Cam B right now. TFL remains on the NW branch, which I think is just adorable that she wants to watch after the kids. Victory and Valor are perched quietly and barely moving as they watch the fireworks displays about town. Every now and then, they look back at TFL, almost as if for guidance and assurance, just like my kitty does with me. Hey, if mom's okay and unbothered by all the lights and noise, then everything must be okay! freebird_AEF
7/5/2018 5:14:237/5/20186:45:00 AMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomIt's a another warm and sunny day, currently 80 degrees with a high of 90 expected. Victory seems very comfortable as s/he perches on the lateral branch. S/he's gone back and forth from the branch to the nest several times, flapping her/his wings as she goes. Valor has been spending her/his morning on the nest, finding leftover bones to nibble on. Victory and Valor rush over as MrP arrives with a fish. He says "See ya!" and skedaddles out of there. They both watch him go, squeeing their disappointment. "Where's the fish?" Valor turns around and what does s/he see? The fish! It was right behind you all the time, silly eaglet. Valor self feeds with Victory watching all the while. Valor does a good job pulling the fish apart and getting some good bites. Victory finally gets her/his chance and gets a good meal also.earlybird_AEF
7/5/2018 5:47:437/5/20187:20:00 AMEaglet(s)Sibling DisagreementVictory finishes eating and with a hop, skip and a jump moves over and around Valor to return to the lateral branch. S/he promptly gives a beak peck to Valor. "Why didn't you move out of my way?" Valor gives it right back and with wings flapping they have a little sibling disagreement. It lasts but a minute and they both go to their separate corners. These two can be so funny sometimes. It doesn't take long for Valor to move closer to Victory once again. S/he lies down near the lateral branch and fiddles with some nesting material. "Want to play Victory?" earlybird_AEF
7/5/2018 6:00:277/5/20187:51:00 AMEaglet(s)9 Weeks OldBoth of our eaglets are now 9 weeks old. It's amazing to see how much they have accomplished in just nine short weeks. The self feeding, the branching, the wingercizing and the interaction between the two of them have been a joy to watch. We know the time is getting near when they will be off on their own and exploring the world and having new adventures. But these memories will be forever in our hearts. We love you little ones.earlybird_AEF
7/5/2018 14:38:297/5/20184:01:00 PMThe First LadyArrival of Prey and by whomTFL delivers a fish. Both Victory and Valor go wild (as usual) and TFL flies up the left V branch to perch on the overhead. Valor claims the fish and wastes no time digging in. Victory stands to the side and does some wing flapping before heading to the V to watch. Each time Victory flaps and moves around the nest, Valor looks up and squees, “Don’t get any ideas. This is my fish!” Victory now stands in the outer V looking in, then hops back in the nest. Victory flies up the left V branch with wings flapping, then back down to the base of the V. Off we go with massive wing flapping around the nest and cute head tilting looking up at TFL. “Mom, would you go get a fish for me?” Valor looks up at Victory and squees, “Knock it off with the wing flapping! I’m trying to eat over here.” Lol. I’m surprised how Victory hasn’t even tried to steal the fish from Valor even though s/he keeps looking over at it with desire. Victory may be getting ready to make a move but no, s/he heads for the V again. Valor squees at what’s left of the fish and looks up at Victory and TFL, but s/he also backs away. Both eaglets are squeeing loudly and then... Whomp! Landing right over Valor’s head with a big wallop into the nest comes TFL from the overhead. She has to negotiate getting the fish from Victory, who grabbed it and tried to take it for him/herself. Once TFL has it, she immediately starts feeding Victory. Squeals of delight ring through the air. It’s a squee fest! Victory seems to get more of this feeding with TFL, which is great since Valor ate a good amount of the fish when it was first delivered. Time to clean the nest up. TFL searches around for leftovers. She looks upward then hops up the left arm of the V and both Victory and Valor chitter chatter and chirp loudly. The DC kids begin to settle down but still chatter. Victory finds a scrap, picks it up and hops across the nest while Valor heads to the side rails to look out, continuing to look up and converse with a TFL perched above. Well, that was exciting! Victory opens up his/her wings, spins in a circle in the nest and heads out to perch on his/her new favorite spot, the lateral branch. TFL has departed the overhead branch.freebird_AEF
7/5/2018 17:04:027/5/20186:33:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMrP flies in and drops a fish in the nest, then climbs part way up the right V branch to watch. For two solid minutes, Victory and Valor stand there looking down at the fish, squeeing away with all their might. I wonder if they might be singing a song to it and what song it might be. Lol. MrP remains perched, looking over his shoulder down at the fish. He looks tempted to take it if they don’t want it. Victory walks over to the fish and half heartedly starts nibbling at it. Finally, just as I thought MrP might fly down to reclaim it, TFL flies in to save the day and feeds her squealing little babies. Both squee with delight and the fish is gone within five minutes. TFL even gets some bites, then she wing walks up the left V branch and hops over to the overhead where she’s currently perched. A wing flapping tussle occurs at 6:56 and TFL looks back at the kids over her shoulder to check on them. They break it up within seconds. Our beautiful Victory heads back out to perch on the lateral branch and Valor is back on the nest rails perching at the nest. TFL looks like a goddess with her wings spread open and relaxed in a downward pose. And once again, all is peaceful and quiet at the nest.freebird_AEF
7/5/2018 17:07:227/5/20187:00:00 PMEaglet(s)Post dinner anticsLooks like both eaglets got a fair share of dinner from TFL. Victory did some after dinner wing dancing with exuberant flaps and hops, right atop Valor, who had to turn his/her back to avoid a frontal assault! Victory took one or two small steps up the left V branch and then proceeded to the beloved lateral branch. Kudos to Mr. P for paving the way from the nest to the lateral branch with perfectly woven branch connectors. Valor is sporting a very prominant crop and stands quietly in the nest. TFL is perched atop the overhead branch with outstretched wings, observing an almost clear blue sky. She must be aware of the beauteous scene surrounding her. The temperature is 88, going down to 76. Rain tomorrow will be followed by an exquisite weekend of sun and low humidity with temps in the 80's. Perfect weather for branching and nest dancing.kaco4_AEF
7/5/2018 17:32:527/5/20187:21:00 PMEaglet(s)After dinnerValor had been standing on a side rail, strengthening his/her foot muscles and then performing some lovely up and own hopping maneuvers. S/he now lies on the nest floor, gazing out and munching on a nearby twig. Victory maintains his/her position on the lateral branch with one foot extended in front of the other, a resting pose. I feel like singing Some Enchanted Evening. Uh oh. Victory upsets the serenity by literally jumping from the lateral and toppling into Valor who had been so comfy. Well Valor jumped back at Victory who ran back to the lateral.valor remains standing, wondering whether the nest floor is safe from obstreperous siblings.kaco4_AEF
7/6/2018 4:18:477/6/20186:18:00 AMEaglet(s)MorningIt's a clear morning, currently 80 degrees. Showers and thunderstorms are possible today with a high of 86 degrees. There's a nice breeze blowing as Victory flaps her/his wings and perches on the lateral branch. It seems this has become Victory's favorite perching spot, much like it was TFL's before she had two little ones to care for. A place to get away from the bugs and the extra warmth of the nest. Valor perches on the nest rails, preening her/himself and keeping watch over the area. We hear a beautiful melody from her/him as she squees her morning songs.earlybird_AEF
7/6/2018 5:28:357/6/20186:52:00 AMThe First LadyArrival of Prey/FeedingTFL is greeted with happy squees as she arrives with a fish. To their delight she stays to feed her young ones. Both eaglets are being fed well, Victory grabs the tail to self feed while TFL continues to feed Valor. This feeding was super fast. TFL flies off as Valor wingercizes and looks on as Victory chows down on her/his piece. Valor saunters over and reaches around Victory to snatch a leftover piece and takes it to the other side of the nest to eat. Valor wanders over again, maybe just maybe s/he can score one more piece. Victory says not so fast and heads for the V. Valor has become quite the good scavenger and finds one more piece to eat. earlybird_AEF
7/6/2018 5:47:377/6/20187:37:00 AMEaglet(s)ContentmentAll is quiet at the nest, even Valor has stopped squeeing for the moment. Our full and contented eaglets gaze peacefully around the area, Valor in the nest, Victory on the lateral branch. Victory is busy preening and rouses her/his feathers. S/he does some lovely wingercizing as s/he perches on the branch. What a brave and beautiful eaglet you have become Victory! earlybird_AEF
7/6/2018 12:17:137/6/20181:17:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMrP delivers a fish, both Victory and Valor squee loudly (especially Valor, of course). He starts to feed his eaglets as they are each positioned on either side of him. Then Valor pulls a large hunk of the fish off and drags it away. Valor munches down on his/her piece and MrP eats the smaller piece of the fish he was left with, after giving a bite or two to Victory. Victory walks by Valor squeeing, as s/he is the only one without fish, then heads out to the lateral branch. With MrP's piece of fish eaten, he moves toward Valor and finds another piece of fish (it looks like it was a leftover piece lying near the rails, or had also been divided from the current fish) and he starts feeding our eaglets. Lots of squeeing ensues and Valor still seems to be getting the most bites. My… how things have changed. Remember when Victory was more assertive at feedings? Valor seems to have learned many good lessons and has become more dominant by grabbing fish, mantling and even getting the most bites during many recent feedings I’ve observed. Valor goes back to eat the piece that s/he’d torn off earlier and MrP starts eating the other piece. Victory gets a few bites from MrP before heading back onto the lateral branch. Poor Victory. S/he’s branching alone and watching MrP and Valor stand side by side, each facing Victory, and each self feeding. What the heck?! Now that MrP is done with his second piece of fish, he moves in to eat the piece that Valor has been working on and had stolen earlier and Valor gives way, then scurries around chattering at him. Victory heads back into the nest to protest and gets close to MrP to be fed. MrP offers a few bites here and there. Valor stands at the nest rails complaining, then heads back in towards MrP and tries to get some more, which MrP begins to distribute once again to both eaglets. Victory stands to the side and watches MrP eat, waiting for an opportunity to get fed. MrP has a nice full crop and Valor returns to the nest rails to squeal about how unfair that feeding was and Victory heads back out to the lateral branch. Valor bounces toward MrP and takes a scrap away from him and MrP’s response is to back away and then… he’s outta there. See you later, MrP! That was a wild feeding! The kids chitter chatter in conversation about it before both quiet down. Victory shuffles over to perch farther out on the lateral branch and Valor stands at the nest rails on the opposite side of the nest.freebird_AEF
7/6/2018 13:37:237/6/20183:10:00 PMEaglet(s)PerchingIt almost seems as if Victory and Valor haven't moved from their positions since I monitored early this morning. Victory on the lateral branch, Valor in the nest, exactly where they were when I signed off earlier. But I see from freebird_AEF's excellent entry that they have both been fed not too long ago. Victory seems to love the lateral branch but I have a feeling that Valor would like to give it a try too. S/he appears to be checking it out as s/he stands near the bottom of it. "Should I or shouldn't I join Victory or that branch?" Give it a try Valor, we know you can do it. No.. s/he's not ready yet....not just yet. earlybird_AEF
7/6/2018 14:10:347/6/20183:45:00 PMVictoryPerchingVictory continues to perch on the lateral branch. She does what almost looks like a lovely pirouette as she turns around, using her wings for balance and faces the other direction. She reminds me of a ballet dancer, so graceful and majestic. Once again s/he does a beautiful spin and back again. What an amazing performance Victory!earlybird_AEF
7/6/2018 14:46:137/6/20184:09:00 PMThe First LadyArrival of Prey and by whomTFL delivers a nice sized fish! Both kids greet her with joyful squees and line up for bites of food as she tears into the fish. Somehow, the tail is ripped off and Valor tries to swallow it but it’s too big. Now Victory has it and tries swallowing it but instead carries it off to the nest rails. TFL takes it back but Valor goes in for the steal and takes off with it. Valor keeps the tail tucked underneath his/her talons while being fed bites by TFL. Valor tries again to swallow the tail but it’s still too large. Now Victory takes possession of the prized tail and s/he tries to gulp it down but is unsuccessful. TFL gets it back. She half swallows it, then decides to approach it differently and tears off some bites. Valor joins in and tears a few bites off the tail as well and finally it’s small enough to get down. Valor makes the final move, takes the tail and Valor is the winner! (This feeding is like calling a basketball game, for goodness sakes!) Now that the tail is gone, and Valor’s crop is stuffed, and there’s only one piece of fish left in the nest, the kids calm down and focus on TFL and wait for bites. Valor is the first to step away while Victory continues to takes bites and hangout with TFL. They both find scraps to nibble on once the fish is gone. At 4:30, TFL departs, and shortly after Victory heads back to the lateral branch and Valor perches along the rails by the posts. Valor eventually lies down in the nest to rest that big crop, then heads back to the nest rails to perch.freebird_AEF
7/6/2018 16:14:367/6/20186:08:00 PMTFL, Victory & ValorNest activityWe start out the 6 o'clock hour with TFL perched on the overhead, Victory on the lateral branch and Valor lying down in the nest. It's currently 85 degrees with 5 mph gusts and partly sunny.freebird_AEF
7/6/2018 16:41:247/6/20186:20:00 PMThe First LadyDepartureTFL dives down from the overhead branch and departs the nest.freebird_AEF
7/6/2018 16:54:527/6/20186:51:00 PMEaglet(s)Quick tussleVictory opens his/her wings while on the lateral branch, then flies in to the nest, wings flapping. Valor doesn't appreciate it and the two of them go beak to beak for a quick tussle. Valor backs off and it's over as quickly as it started. Victory returns to the lateral branch to perch.freebird_AEF
7/6/2018 17:12:427/6/20187:04:00 PMValorWingercizingWheeeee! Valor does some wingercizing. With Victory out on the lateral branch, s/he has the entire nest to him/herself. Beautifully done!freebird_AEF
7/6/2018 18:29:107/6/20188:16:00 PMEaglet(s)Evening ExercisesVictory is bopping around from lateral branch to nest and back practicing his/her jumps, hops, and wing flaps. Valor is in his/her usual position standing on the sticks of a side rail. Victory is also using a large stick near the V for foot strengthening. S/he jumps over to Valor's side but leaves when Valor gives him/her the stank eye. Oh my, now Victory crashes into Valor sort of on purpose. Valor steps away and turns his/her back to his/her sibling. Victory is so full of vim and vigor and Valor, well, Valor is full of valor and quiet courage. Two very different personalities but each healthy and spectacular. Wow, am loving the pantaloons on Victory, who has just hopped back on the lateral until sundown.
7/7/2018 4:15:567/7/20186:05:00 AMEaglet(s)WingercizingIt's a mild morning, currently 69 degrees with partly sunny skies, less humidity and a cooling breeze. What a nice reprieve from the heat for the eaglets. Victory is taking full advantage of the wind, wingercizing her/his magnificent wings all over the nest. S/he is feeling the wind beneath her/his wings this morning, getting some high jumps up and down on the nest rails. Valor squees her/his encouragement. "Go Victory Go"earlybird_AEF
7/7/2018 4:33:387/7/20186:20:00 AMEaglet(s)Nest InteractionVictory finally winds down and cuddles up with Valor in the nest. The interaction between these two this morning is absolutely adorable. They pass nesting material back and forth and play tug of war with a stick as the sun beams down on their precious faces. I'm beaming just watching them. The wind fluffs out their feathers as they preen themselves. Both put their heads back in their wings, almost in unison and fall off to sleep. It's been much too hot recently for them to enjoy each other's company like this. What a treat to see them snuggle up together on this pleasant day.earlybird_AEF
7/7/2018 17:41:177/7/20187:32:00 PMThe First LadyArrival without preyTFL lands in the nest... excuse me! Without a meal?! That's some dangerous business arriving without food. Both eaglets crowd around her squeeing. She quickly makes her way past the kids and Valor starts to chase after her so she heads out to the lateral branch and then flies off. Now Valor sounds the alarms. "Squee... squee... squee..." They both lie down together and regroup.freebird_AEF
7/7/2018 17:52:417/7/20187:49:00 PMEaglet(s)Morning Update8:40am :: MrP delivered a fish this morning at 8:40 and a parent was seen feeding Victory and Valor.freebird_AEF
7/7/2018 18:11:027/7/20188:08:00 PMThe First LadyPerchingTFL is perched at the NW branch. Victory and Valor are lying next to each other in the nest. Valor lets out occasional sets of squees. A constant reminder that they are waiting for an evening delivery. freebird_AEF
7/7/2018 18:42:227/7/20188:38:00 PMMr. PresidentFly byMrP flies past TFL on the NW branch and away from the nest. I didn't even know he was around. Maybe he's gone fishing. Lets wait and see. Victory is on the lateral branch and Valor is in the nest.freebird_AEF
7/7/2018 19:26:457/7/20189:22:00 AMMrP, TFL, Victory and ValorGood nightNo fish delivery from MrP but we had some fun watching our two eaglets nibble, beak and preen one another. Victory had some nice wingercizing and even played "jump over Valor" successfully... although Valor wasn't a big fan of that. There were a couple light tussles, just like two teenagers playing around and harassing one another. And now, V and V are falling asleep snuggled side by side with TFL tucked in on the NW branch for the night. Sweet dreams, dear beloved eagles. Sweet dreams, MrP, where ever you are!freebird_AEF
7/8/2018 17:55:547/8/20187:53:00 PMUpdateSunday update7:08 a.m.
Victory branches further up the left v branch to where his/her tail was the only thing displayed on the cam and then wing walked back down and into the nest. Way to go, Victory! You’ve got this branching thing down.
TFL delivered a fish around 10am. She did a drop and go. Victory and Valor didn’t make much progress on their own, so TFL returned and fed them.
7/8/2018 18:16:467/8/20188:00:00 PMEaglet(s)Nest activityVictory wing walks up the left v, hangs on and flaps like crazy. This intrigues Valor and s/he walks across the nest and stands at the base of the v looking up inquisitively. Victory tries to do some leaf pruning but is having a hard time reaching them. Down below, Valor decides it’s time for some wingercizing. Victory heads all the way up the left v, to where the branch goes vertical. S/he starts flapping his/her wings and for a moment, I thought s/he was going to start up the vertical part of the branch but some leaves capture his/her attention and s/he stops to beak at them (Is this similar to stopping to smell the flowers for humans?) Victory actually does it! S/he wing walks a couple feet above where the branch goes vertical, then calmly and confidently walks down the branch. Way to go, Victory! The entire time, Valor is resting in the nest. Valor turns around and starts to rise as if saying, “Don’t bug me!” when Victory gets too close. Victory picks up a small leaf in the nest and walks out to the lateral branch and then hops back in the nest, back out, back in… and hippity hops with wings a flapping back up the left v branch to perch.freebird_AEF
7/8/2018 19:07:457/8/20189:07:00 PMEaglet(s)Nest activity / Good nightVictory climbs even further up the left v branch. All the way to where it Y is. S/he perches for a couple minutes and makes it look so easy to climb back down. Victory has this sideways walk when coming down the branch that seems to work very well. I couldn't help but remember Liberty perched up on that same Y, waiting for Freedom to return after his/her first fledge. Victory tries lying down, but that's no fun! S/he keeps wingercizing all over, jumping over the top of Valor and landing on either side. After a lot of wingercizing, Victory goes back out to the lateral branch to perch, then finally as the IR light turns on, s/he begins to hang out in the nest. S/he's such a busy body tonight, carrying things around, up, down, back up again, trying to preen or beak at Valor. Victory does another jump up on the v branch, the right one this time then jumps back into the nest. Valor flashes one of those "settle down" looks. Such fun to watch them this evening. Good night, sweet eagles. MrP and TFL, sweet dreams where ever you are. I'm betting they needed some time to themselves today after TFL spent the last 3 or 4 nights at the nest tree watching over the kids during all the firework activity. Sweet dreams, everyone!freebird_AEF
7/9/2018 9:38:357/9/20186:10:00 AMParentArrival of Prey and by whomA fish was delivered to the nest at 6:10am. Valor mantled and was ready even before the parent landed. S/he claimed the fish and self fed. Victory wasn’t able to make the steal and self feed until 6:45. Both eaglets did a great job at self feedingfreebird_AEF
7/9/2018 12:35:377/9/20181:54:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival of Prey and by whomMrP delivers a fish and is immediately surrounded by two squealing eaglets. He gets out of there as quickly as possible. Victory claims the fish. It's fully intact and has not been unzipped and Victory isn't sure how to get it open. Valor heads over to try and help and they both whistle, pull and tug at the fish. Victory continues to work at it but isn't having much success and Valor moves aside. Valor calls for some help (or another fish) and Victory stops often to look up to see if a parent might be handy. Victory begins to have some success getting small bites down near the tail. It's been 25 minutes since the delivery and Victory continues to make progress. Valor begins trying to steal. First two attempts are unsuccessful. Then Valor makes an impressive move. S/he takes a mantling position, spreads wings, moves in walking sideways and in front of Victory, pushes Victory backward, leaving the fish for Valor to claim. Victory has been eating, tugging and pulling at that fish for quite some time, so s/he didn't argue about it and just moved back. There still seems to be a fair amount left for Valor to munch on and Victory moves out to the lateral branch to perch.freebird_AEF
7/9/2018 13:14:307/9/20183:03:00 PMEaglet(s)Hanging OutIt is easy to tell our eaglets apart when one is above midway up the left V branch and the other is eating morselettes from the nest floor. Victory on V branch, of course, happy to stay in one position looking out on this new vista. One can only imagine what the eagle eye can see from branches of the tulip polar tree! Wish we could all be DC Arb eagles for a Day to experience what they do. I'd give up all my creature comforts to be in their talons just for a while. The weather is simply perfect: 87 going down to 67 tonight. Low humidity of 29 percent. The next few days will be high 80's and dry. Showers predicted for Thursday. Victory and Valor: These are a few of the best days of your lives! We will cherish them for you.kaco4_AEF
7/9/2018 13:34:277/9/20183:25:00 PMEaglet(s)In and above nestVictory remains midway up the left V and Valor now stands in a shady spot on a large branch near rail opposite the V. Every five minutes or so s/he gives his/her signature whistle call. The last fish delivery was at 1:55 by Mr. P. Victory claimed it but Valor got a nice share. So it is a little early for dinner, little Valor. How about taking a siesta on the lateral branch? The only problem with hanging out on the branches is that you may end up being last to the nest dinner table! My observation for the day is a comparison of the temperaments of the eaglets. With each year, our brood appears more composed. This is probably a reflection of the more polished parenting skills of TFL and Mr. P. In addition, the later season hatchlings provided a greater bounty of fish as well as warmer weather for earlier movement and independence for the eaglets. I am so proud of the achievements of our First Family of the Arboretum. They just keep getting better and better.kaco4_AEF
7/9/2018 15:46:017/9/20185:43:00 PMParent1 fish or 2 fish?4:30
Another food delivery this afternoon.
TFL (I think) flies in and I’m not sure if she brought another fish or if she’s feeding them leftovers. It looks like it might be a new fish. It’s hard to see without zooming in and from the current angles. Either way, she’s currently feeding Valor mainly. When she tries to pull up a piece of fish, Valor has his/her talons in it and Valor’s leg rises with the fish. Victory snags a piece and takes off with it. The kids are acting wild and unruly this afternoon. No manners at all. Both eaglets are being fed. TFL hip hops out of the nest and up the left V branch. Wait! Did I see a yellow tail? Was that MrP? Not sure… lets stick with TFL… just as I’m not sure if she flew away or is on the overhead.
7/9/2018 16:12:597/9/20185:08:00 PMThe First LadyDepartureIt's been confirmed. TFL was the last parent to visit the nest. We just got a close up on Cam B, just before she flew off.freebird_AEF
7/9/2018 18:06:027/9/20188:00:00 PMEaglet(s)Nest activityThe last two hours have been lovely. It's a beautiful breezy evening and Victory has not let us down. S/he's been wingercizing, hopping and wing walking up both the left and right V branches, side walking or sliding back down into the nest... it's just been a lot of fun to watch this energized young eaglet exploring new boundaries and calculating his/her next adventure. Valor has also partaken in some wingercizing but often relaxes in the nest warning Victory not to step on him/her. They are maturing quickly at this stage as their personalities shine through and I love watching their little wheels turn, figuring out their next move, behind those gorgeous eagle eyes. Stay tuned and enjoy. This phase can go quickly as we observe them reach milestone after milestone.freebird_AEF
7/9/2018 18:45:437/9/20188:13:00 PMEaglet(s)Evening ActivitiesBoth eaglets are standing in the nest. Victory is pulling on the very long, thin branch that used to lie parallel to the V but now is perpendicular to it. It is Victory's favorite toy right now. Valor stands on a side rail, preening. Victory now lies in the nest with spread wings, ready for an early evening sleep? Valor continues preening with occasional wing flaps. Valor hops into the middle of the nest. S/he nibbles on a short stick or two, and then nibbles on Victory's tail. Oh! Mr. P flies in with a fish. He drops it in between the two eaglets and Victory mantles and claims it. Victory has been chowing down for five minutes while Valor looks on intently, waiting for the right moment to get an edge in. Valor finally gives up and walks to the other side of the nest. C'mon Victory, you've had your fill by now! Nope. Victory eats up every morsel. It was a small catfish. Only enough for one. Valor goes into the V and glances back at the still munching Victory. Victory trots off with the carcass but leaves a morsel or two behind. Valor gets a tiny taste.kaco4_AEF
7/10/2018 8:21:517/10/201810:15:00 AMParentArrival of Prey and by whomAt or about 6:43 am, one of our parents delivered a fish but quickly departed for the safety of its talons. Valor mantled and claimed this one. Victory got some leftovers once Valor stepped away. Chat is going on right now. Won't you join us with your eagle questions?kaco4_AEF
7/10/2018 12:56:317/10/20182:51:00 PMUpdateFeeding UpdatesThere were two additional feedings at 11:01 and 11:54 and Valor got both of them. At the 11:01 feeding Valor ate while Victory stayed on the lateral branch. At 11:54 feeding, Valor ate but there was plenty of fish left from the second feeding and Victory self fed on the leftover fish. The delivering parent did not stick around for either of the feedings.freebird_AEF
7/11/2018 9:52:137/11/201811:51:00 AMMorning UpdateFeedingTwo feedings. 6:22 MrP delivers, Valor claims it, Victory gets what's left after Valor steps away at 6:43. 7:43 TFL delivers a fish and feeds them. Current temp at the nest is 88 degrees. High of 90, low of 69 with sunny skies.FreeSoars_AEF
7/11/2018 16:22:307/11/20185:39:00 PMParentArrival of Prey and by whomA fish was delivered at 5:39pm. It looks like Victory's new found adventures perching above the nest are having a bit of an effect on claiming fish and meals. Victory will figure it all out soon enough. Meanwhile, Valor munches down and enjoys the delivery without anyone barging in. Victory suddenly squees and flies down into the nest. S/he is trying to get some food but so far Valor isn't letting him/her in. Eventually, Victory heads out to perch on the lateral branch and waits. Victory flies back into the nest and rushes toward the fish. This time Valor moves aside lets Victory enjoy what's left of the fish.freebird_AEF
7/11/2018 16:31:187/11/20186:28:00 PMVictoryFeedingValor starts squeeing and decides s/he wants more fish. Valor rushes Victory, who is busy eating, but Victory says, "No way, buddy. You already ate most of it!" and Valor heads back to the nest rails watching. Victory picks up the scrap and runs back and forth across the nest, eats more, runs back across the nest, eats more. Why do they always remind me of little monkeys when they do that? Then Victory grabs the leftover with his/her talons, then carries it back in his/her beak while running around some more with wings open. It looks like Victory is having some good fun with this meal.freebird_AEF
7/11/2018 17:29:497/11/20187:12:00 PMThe First LadyArrival of Prey and by whomTFL flies in with a fish. Both eaglets squeal with delight. Valor gets to TFL first but Victory grabs the fish and claims it. TFL doesn't stay in the nest for long. She gets out of the way, heads up the left V branch and perches on the overhead, looking down observing her offspring in the nest. TFL's expressions crack me up as she continues to watch. Victory leaves the fish, flaps his/her wings and Valor wastes no time moving in. Now Valor is eating the fish while Victory moves out to the lateral branch. Victory rapidly heads up the left V, flapping wings wildly and squealing, as if having a temper tantrum. Victory now perches on the left V squealing loudly at TFL as she just looks the other way as if not hearing a thing. Lol. Now Victory turns around to squee at Valor but Valor keeps eating. It's almost like Victory is saying, "Won't anyone listen to me?!" Victory continues a chitter chatter conversation with TFL who continues to look the other way. Oh Victory... you're too much and so much fun to watch!freebird_AEF
7/11/2018 17:45:597/11/20187:36:00 PMThe First LadyFeedingValor still has the fish head in his/her talons but s/he and Victory squee back and forth with one another. Valor is in the nest and Victory on the left V. Valor walks away from the fish. TFL is keeping a close eye. Will she fly off with the head? She makes her move but Valor meets her head on and TFL begins pulling meat from the head and feeing bites. TFL looks around for leftovers but the kids are really good at finishing things up these days. TFL flies up to land on the left V, feaks and flies onto the overhead. Both kids chitter and chirp in the nest. Valor heads to the nest rails and Victory to the lateral branch. Sigh. And that's a wrap... it's quiet.freebird_AEF
7/12/2018 7:31:567/12/20189:16:00 AMMorning UpdateArrival of Prey and by whomMrP delivers a fish at 6:01am. TFL follows him in. Valor mantles and is very aggressive and pushes Victory away. TFL moves up the right V branch and flies off. At 6:14am Valor steps away from the fish and Victory gets her/his turn.
At 6:24am, it appears to be TFL who drops off a fish and moves up to the left V branch. Victory scores that fish so s/he now has both. Valor looks up at TFL and complains. At 6:29am TFL flies off. Victory steps away and Valor gets to eat.
At 6:55am, it looks like TFL who arrives with another fish and feeds both.
7/12/2018 7:35:207/12/20188:44:45 AMVictoryPossible fledgeIt appears that Victory may have accidentally fledged at 8:44 this morning. The cams are looking for him/her and there may be some folks at the Arboretum available to check on things from the ground. Remember, it's only a fledge if the eaglet leaves the nest tree.freebird_AEF
7/12/2018 7:38:357/12/20189:25:00 AMThe First LadyArrival of Prey and by whomTFL comes in with another fish… the 4th of the morning! She carefully tests whether or not Valor will allow her to feed him/her. It’s safe, so she is feeding. The team believes they hear Victory and for a moment, both TFL and Valor turn their heads in the same direction appearing to listen. TFL departs at 9:42am.freebird_AEF
7/12/2018 9:46:397/12/201811:15:00 AMVictoryMisstepVictory was full of energy and confidence this morning as s/he pranced and danced up and down the branches. It felt like this might be the day that she took the big leap and flew off to explore the Arboretum. S/he didn't take that leap but a misstep instead and accidentally fell off the lateral branch. The Arboretum staff is on the ground and will let us know if they spot Victory. Valor perches on the side rails and looks around. S/he cranes her/his neck and looks up in the trees and down below. S/he may have spotted the Parents or even Victory whereas we haven't been able to yet. There's no way for us to tell at the moment but we know an eagle's eyesight is three to four times stronger than ours so it's entirely possible. earlybird_AEF
7/12/2018 10:22:167/12/201812:10:00 PMValorOn NestValor has been lying calmly and quietly in the nest. S/he's now awake and perching once again on the side rails. Squee! Squee! Squee! Yes that's the Valor we know and love. It wouldn't be the same without that beautiful serenade.earlybird_AEF
7/12/2018 11:21:557/12/20181:18:00 PMVictoryAccidental FledgeAround 1:06pm: It looks like we have an accidental fledge. Victory was spotted by ground crew flying back toward the nest.freebird_AEF
7/12/2018 12:14:157/12/20181:35:00 PMMr. PresidentPerchingWe find MrP perched high in a tree looking down and Valor is looking in the same direction, toward the parent. Valor moves around and keeps opening his/her wings and is now looking down below the nest, and then outward by the lateral branch, possibly tracking Victory. MrP flies from where they were perched toward the nest and Valor acts excited, flapping wings. And we wait...freebird_AEF
7/12/2018 14:19:287/12/20184:04:00 PMThe First LadyArrival of Prey and by whomValor has been so quiet the last hour but the crescendo of squees begins. Louder and louder and louder. TFL has arrived with a fish and Valor is right there to claim his prize. Valor mantles over it and continues squeeing. TFL just stands quietly and looks around. Is she hoping that Victory will follow? We sure would love to see that. It isn't uncommon for a fledgling to follow a parent back into the nest when food is involved. And we sure know how much these two love their food. TFL waits but it doesn't appear that Victory is coming this time. Maybe another time soon. TFL flies off, perhaps to catch another fish to feed Victory off of the nest. Valor digs in to that delectable fish squeeing all the while.earlybird_AEF
7/12/2018 14:38:047/12/20184:25:00 PMThe First LadyFeedingValor chitter chatters as s/he steps away from the fish. S/he has eaten quite a bit but it sounds like s/he would like some help. TFL must have been nearby because she flies in and grabs up the fish. She feeds Valor as she helps herself to some too. So nice of Mom to join Valor for dinner. We hope that Victory will join them for the next.earlybird_AEF
7/12/2018 14:53:357/12/20184:49:00 PMThe First LadyPerchingTFL flies off after feeding Valor but she hasn't gone far. She perches on the NW branch scanning the area and watching over Valor. Perhaps Victory is not that far away and she's watching over her/him too.earlybird_AEF
7/12/2018 15:49:517/12/20185:41:00 PMValorNest ActivityThe wind has really picked up over the past half hour. TFL is perched on the NW branch and Valor is playing in the wind and enjoying some wingercizing. TFL keeps lookout from above and glances down at Valor's activity. All I can say is, have a great time playing in the wind but don't get yourself blown out of the nest, Valor. That's the last thing we need! Lol. So far, Victory has not been spotted by cams.freebird_AEF
7/13/2018 4:22:057/13/20186:05:00 AMValorNest ActivityValor is so adorable this morning. S/he's found a fluffy white feather and has been carrying it around like s/he's just won a prize. So active and curious, reaching way over the nest and trying to reach a stick. I think our sweet little one wants to play and might be missing Victory but s/he seems to being doing a good job of amusing her/himself. S/he perches on the nest rails, scanning the area and doing her/his morning preening. It sounds like s/he may be hungry. The squeeathon has begun.earlybird_AEF
7/13/2018 4:32:497/13/20186:20:00 AMValorFly BySomething has sure gotten Valor's attention. We see a brief fly by as Valor's squeals echo through the area. S/he seems excited about something, perhaps it's a parent or even Victory. All is calm and quiet now. Valor lies down, nestles her/his head between the V branches and nods off. earlybird_AEF
7/13/2018 4:42:207/13/20186:33:00 AMVictoryPerchingThanks to the Arboretum staff we have some wonderful news to report. Our sweet Victory has been spotted. S/he is perched in a tree about 80 feet from the nest tree. S/he appears calm and content and enjoying her/his new freedom. MrP is perched nearby watching over her/him. What a great Dad!earlybird_AEF
7/13/2018 5:29:357/13/20187:20:00 AMValorWingercizingIt's a sunny morning, currently 72 degrees with a high of 89 expected. Valor has had a nap and is full of energy. S/he's doing some beautiful wingercizing, back and forth in the nest, up and down on the side rails. S/he just did an amazing leap from the rails all the way across the nest and landed right in the V. Great agility and coordination. I think someone might be trying to get her/himself ready to join her/his sibling. Practice makes perfect Valor. You're almost there.earlybird_AEF
7/13/2018 8:48:437/13/201810:30:00 AMThe First LadyArrival of Prey/FeedingValor whistles and squeals as TFL delivers a fish. So sweet of TFL to stick around and help her/him out with the feeding. TFL and Valor have a little pull and tug going on with the tail. Valor wins this one but TFL tries to get it back twice. Valor holds firm and says it's all mine. TFL steps away and flies off.earlybird_AEF
7/13/2018 15:20:477/13/20184:31:00 PMMrP and TFLArrival of Fish/FeedingSo good to see MrP arrive at the nest. Valor sounds happy to see him too. MrP has brought a fish to the nest. Valor mantles over it squeeing away. MrP flies off to the NW branch as Valor starts to dig in. This one seems a little hard for her/him to pull apart and s/he looks up at dear old Dad for some help. But Dad says you can handle this Valor and calmly perches on the branch. Valor steps away from the fish and finds a leftover piece. This seems much easier to pull apart. Valor finishes off this piece and looks up at MrP again squeeing away. MrP remains on the branch. Finally Valor starts prancing around the nest, flapping his wings, trying to get MrP's attention. You are adorable Valor but it doesn't look like he's coming to help. He knows you can do this. In the midst of all of this TFL arrives with another fish. Valor rushes toward her and this time s/he gets some help. How sweet to see the two of them share a meal together.earlybird_AEF
7/13/2018 15:58:187/13/20185:52:00 PMChatModerated Open DC ChatHey everyone! Come join us tonight from 6-8pm. Tonight we'll be shaking it up and doing a moderated Open Chat. Bring your questions and comments for the mods.freebird_AEF
7/13/2018 16:41:097/13/20186:07:00 PMTFL and ValorAt nestTFL is currently on the overhead branch and Valor is in the V chirping and chattering at TFL while looking out for Victory. TFL turns her head, apparently listening to what Valor has to say.freebird_AEF
7/13/2018 17:05:247/13/20186:40:00 PMVictoryReturns to NestValor lets out some sharp squees and opens his/her wings. She's tracking someone that's moving around. Last look at TFL, she didn't seem bothered at all. Could it be? We hear squeeing coming from off the nest. Valor is calling out. And whomp! Just like that, at 6:47, Victory flies down into the nest from a perch above. They both mantle and it's a bit crazy for a moment and then they both go quiet. Victory goes to the nest rails and into submission. Victory slowly begins raising his/her head upward. Victory tries to look at Valor and Valor squees a warning but all is well, folks. They'll get over it in no time. Valor cocks his/her head to the side and takes a closer look at Victory. Valor, that's your sibling. Remember? And just like that, at 6:59, Victory spins around, heads toward the center of the nest and grabs a leftover and starts pulling away at it, trying to get some food. Let the reunion begin. And welcome home, dearest Victory!freebird_AEF
7/13/2018 17:21:197/13/20187:09:00 PMVictory and ValorReunion / ActivityVictory flaps his/her wings, jumps a few steps up on the left V branch and hops right out onto the lateral branch. You don't scare me, lateral branch! When Victory comes back into the nest and stands next to Valor, Valor gently does a beak nibble. That was sweet but then it's followed by Valor telling Victory to settle down. Lol. They now stand side by side looking at one another. It's so good to see them together again but I can't help but sense Victory's wild side. S/he's tasted freedom and the feeling of flight and is busy flapping and jumping about the nest. A nice big fish sure would be nice about now. Victory wing walks up the right V squealing and vocalizing loudly. "Fish! Fish! Fish! Fish!" S/he then flies to the left V branch from the right. This is one rambunctious fledgling! Valor shows Victory some wingercizing moves. Victory doesn't seem impressed and goes to perch in the outer V, looks right up at TFL and squees loudly. TFL looks down, like you crazy kid! All the while, Valor stands at the nest rails taking it all in. Victory takes flight with a big gust of wind. It blows him/her upward and backward to the other side of the nest. Wow! No problem. S/he flies back to the left V. And sweet Valor does some wingercizing and catches some air too.freebird_AEF
7/13/2018 17:46:187/13/20187:28:00 PMVictory and ValorNest activityVictory is back in the nest picking at some scraps while Valor watches from the rails. Victory looks up at TFL with sweet resounding chirps, as if asking very nicely, "Could I have a fish, pleeeeeez!" She then squees and flies back up the right V. TFL is keeping an eye on this little wild thing. Victory makes his/her way up and around the Y branch on the right V. S/he is now ready for the next step to try to get to the overhead branch to perch with TFL but slides back down onto the lower right V. Victory protests that the cupboards are bare and flies over to perch on the left V branch. Valor blinks and watches, all chill, like what's all the fuss about? Victory continues vocalizing and Valor is lying in the nest relaxing and even nodding off here and there. These two characters couldn't be more different.freebird_AEF
7/13/2018 18:04:327/13/20188:01:00 PMVictory and ValorActivity / Sweet dreamsVictory is definitely having a bit of a tantrum and TFL responds with a relaxed wing stretch. Valor does a crop drop and calmly watches. Time to turn down the sound as Victory relentlessly calls for fish, then suddenly flies down into the nest bed toward Valor. S/he approaches Valor slowly and starts nibbling on his/her feathers then plops down beside Valor so they're face to face, and they playfully beak at one another. Awww... heart melt time. And suddenly it's quiet. I guess all the adventure finally got to Victory and s/he decides it might be time for a rest in the comfy nest bed with his/her sibling. The sun has set and it's been a busy day. It's comforting to know that Victory is back home safe and sound for the night and resting beside Valor. Lets drink it all and enjoy these two together because they are growing quickly and there's no telling how many more opportunities we'll get to share with the two of them before one or both fly off into their own lives. Sweet dreams, sweet eagles.freebird_AEF
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