Berryman Family Letters: The Story So Far - (each year on a separate tab)
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Key: Text in black is information in letters from the person
Text in red is information from others
DateWorld EventsGertrudeRichardJimTedBen(edicta)(Ethel)DredaPaulJane / JinnyRosamund(Chris)TopherRuth
Date of Birthb Aug 1857b Sept 1880b Dec 1881b July 1883b July 1882b Sept 1885b 1888b 1890b 1891b 1893b 1894
Age Jan 191961 yrs old38 yrs old37 yrs old36 yrs old35 yrs old33 yrs old30 yrs old29 yrs old28 yrs old26 yrs old24 yrs old
1918Gertrude, their mother, spent most of the war volunteering for the Red Cross, managing the family home as a base for her family, their friends and other soldiers to visit.Richard spent most of 1918 working as a doctor in France and then Egypt.

He decided to return to his previous job as a doctor in a tea plantation in Assam after the war, and set off for India late in 1918.
Jim started the year in Singapore and spent most of it in Mesopotamia (Iraq) occasionally meeting Ted. He seemed to spend more time building roads and generally occupying the place than fighting.Ted spent 1918 in Mesopotamia (Iraq) training troops and working on the General Staff. His letters were full of the sense of the tide of war finally being on the turn.

He was awarded the DSO for his part in the action at Ramadi late in 1918 and was involved in one of the final battles just before the Armistice.
In 1918, Ben was finally able to move on from the death of her fiance, Ivan, killed in 1916 on the Somme.

She married a long-term friend of the family, James Tucker, and they set up home together in Wimbledon.
We don't hear much about Dreda in 1918. It seems she finally gave up her work in the bank. She was bridesmaid at Ben's wedding. Paul married his fiancee Nancy Swan in August after many delays. We have very few letters from him after that.Jane marries a Candian Airman called Murray Gordon.We hear very little of Rosamund in 1918. A close friend of hers dies, and she is still presumably doing farm work.Topher finally gets his commission in 1918, and is sent to Palestine near where Richard is. By the end of the year he is sight-seeing in Jerusalem while posted in Palestine.We hear very little about Ruth in 1918, she seems to have had thoughts of going to Marseilles either to work or as part of a longer journey.
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Jan 1919Gertrude has the Spanish Flu and recovers
Jim is either in Mesopotamia or en-route to Salonika. His former regiment is in Siberia.
Ted is still in Mesopotamia. He's uncertain when he will get leave (he longs to come home and marry Nell) or what his role will be in the post-war Indian Army. He goes duck shooting, gets wet and suffers malaria.Ben and her husband James Tucker are living in a flat in ChelseaPaul's wife Nancy is expecting a baby and Paul is made a Lieut Commander (we find this out from Ted in February)Rosamund sends Ted some nuts; his mess-mates struggle to crack them open without nut crackers
Feb 1919
Richard has arrived in Assam with "all those animals & birds"
Jim writes to Ted from Cairo.

Jim arrives home in England, probably staying with his mother at Delaford.
Ted his ill with maralia and frets about getting leave and what he will do in the peacetime army as a regular soldier.

He is sent to hospital in Tikrit but continues to be unwell and is sent on to Basra.

He loses about £1000 worth of kit (2019 values)
To Paul's frustration, the Malaya is being refitted in Invergordon (in the HIghlands) not Rosyth (outside Edinburgh).

Paul has a boil on his knee which turns into cellulitis and is bedbound and then hospitalised. Nancy visits London and stays with Gertrude for a while.
Rosamund sends a photograph of herself to Paul.
Mar 1918Nell visits Gertrude who makes much of her and gives her presents. (This may have been Christmas, rather than March).Ted is still very ill, and is eventually invalided to India (because he is in the Indian Army). He's clearly homesick for England and longing to be married to Nell.
Apr 1919Ted is sent to England for a long leave, during which he marries Nell
May 1910Topher is in Palestine; he rescues a man from drowning during a swimming race.

He is sent to Syria and Bieruit.
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