iPad Apps Summer 2012
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iPad Apps for Andover Summer Tech Courses 2012
App Name with Link Type of ApplicationAverage User RatingDescriptionCostGrade LevelCurriculum Area
3D Cell Simulation and Stain ToolReference3 starsReally a pretty cool teaching app that animates and color codes the areas of the cell. Videos also includedFREE7-12+Science, Biology
Battle of GettysburgReference3 starsPhotos, maps, videos, and primary documents are all included in this reference tool of the Battle of Gettysburg. All photos and first hand accounts from this app can be shared via email for student projects.$0.998-12+Social Studies
BrainPOP Featured MovieReference4 1/2 starsIf your school already has a licensing agreement with BrainPop, you can use this app to pull full content, but if not, the featured movie of the day with interactives are always free. Great app that can be excellent discussion starters for lessons and more. Available in Spanish and EnglishFREEPreK-12Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Math, Digital Citizenship, Health, Engineering, Technology
CalcMadeEasyProductivity, Calculator5 starsThis calculator does everything from scientific features to unit conversions to financial planning. It's all the tools you need in one place$1.998 thru 12+Science, Math, Engineering, Business
Civil War Battle AppsReference4 starsThese apps which feature Cedar Creek, Malvern Hill, Chancellorsville, Bull Run, Devil's Den/Little Round Top, Gettysburg, and Fredricksburg are actually geolocater apps meant to be used while visiting these historic sites. Even without being at these battlefields in person, the resources are vast and interesting for student explorationFREE8-12+Social Studies
CliffsNotes App SelectionReference4 starsCliffsNotes is a free app, but if you want to download the study guide app for a particular book, it's $1.99. This app also comes with practice quizzes and everything a student needs to understand classic literature. Hungar Games is also included in this app.FREE but book study guides are $1.99 each7-12+Language Arts, Classic Literature
Comic LifeCreativity, Productivity, Digital Storytelling 4 1/2 starsThis comic creation tool is the top dog for amazing comic books and graphic novels in just minutes$4.992-12+Language Arts App, but could easily be intertwined to any curriculum or subject area
EdmodoProductivity3 starsIf your classroom utilizes Edmodo, you'll definitely want to grab this app FREE4 thru 12All grades and areas
EvernoteProductivity4 1/2 starsNow students can take notes, reference websites, incorporate photos, and even capture sections of webpages for their researchFREE9-12+All curriculum adaptable
Feel Electric!Learning Game3 1/2 starsDesigned for military families by the folks at Sesame Stree to help communicate the right vocabulary for every emotion, this wonderful little learning game is a great app for little ones to build their own vocabulariesFREEPreK-2Vocabulary, Social and Emotional Heath
GarageBandCreativity, Podcasting, Musical Composition, Digital Storytelling4 starsProbably one the coolest apps ever made for classroom application. Students can create music (even if they don't play an instrument) or podcasts with little effort. I highly recommond this app if your students do any sort of digital storytelling$4.993-12+Music, Podcasting
Geo Photo ExplorerReference3 starsThis atlas tool syncs with Google Maps and Panaramio to explore the world via photos. Great for any literature or history lesson that discusses geographyFREE4-12+Geography
Google SearchReference, Productivity with Google Docs4 1/2 starsI'm a HUGE fan of this app as it's basically Google Chrome on your iPad device. Students can access all of their Google apps for Education plus they can search via text, voice, or even photo. FREE2-12+All grades and areas
Google TranslateReference, Communication4 1/2 starsI'm a big fan of this app as it will translate text or speech into different languages. Though not 100% accurate, it does a fine job, plus if students are incorporating vocabulary from other languages found in literature, music, or dialogue, Google Translate will give proper pronunciationFREE3-12+All curriculum adaptable
Grimm's Rapunzel - 3D Interactive PopUp BookeBook, Learning Game4 1/2 starsRemember Reader Rabbit? Very similar here with this ebook that is interactive and fun.$3.99PreK-3Reading, Vocabulary
History:Maps of the WorldReference4 starsThis historical atlas app is one of several to choose from. Here students can investigate maps from different centuriesFREE6-12+Social Studies
iDiary for Kids Journaling Platform for Writing and DrawingCreativity, Productivity, Digital Storytelling 3 1/2 starsGreat little tool for learning logs, but only downside is the limitations offered under the $1.99 version. Advanced options cost close to $6.99. 1.99 with even more advanced options with purchasePreK-5Writing, Digital Storytelling
iF PoemseBook, audiobook4 1/2 starsPoetry Ebook and Audiobook with poems read by Helena Bonham Carter, Bill Nighy, Tom Hiddleston, and Harry Enfield. This marvelous app not only reads poems by some of the best writers of all time, but it allows children to write their own. Absolutely lovely app to purchase, and 10% of all profits go back to Save the Children Charity$4.99PreK-12+Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Poetry
iMovieProductivity, Digital Storytelling3 1/2 starsVideo Production and digital storytelling has finally been made easy with this app. Students can create photo slideshows, book trailers, and more with a great and intuitive tool. Videos can be shared with YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo with the limitation of 15 minute long productions.$4.996-12+All curriculum adaptable
iTunes UReference4 1/2 starsThe worlds largest catalog to educational content with videos, podcasts, and handouts being produced by Museums, Universities, and School DistrictsFREE6-12+All curriculum adaptable
Kindle - Read Books, Magazines, and MoreReference, eBooks3 starsExpand your digital library with this app from Amazon. Download eBooks that can be read again and again. The best feature of this app is if a student does not understand a word, he simply holds his finger on the word and a dictionary pops with with the definitionFREEPreK-12+All curriculum adaptable
LeafSnapReference3 1/2 starsThis plant identifcation field guide is full of high resolution photos and data reference. (Consider what other reference guides your students might need because apps exist for all of them)FREE8 thru 12+Science, Biology
MadLibsCreativity3 starsYou remember madlibs as a kid, right? Here they are for the iPad. I use these as a vocabulary enricher in writing. Have the students think of the noun, verb, or adjective, but push them into exploring words with stronger imageryFREE3 thru 8Language Arts, Vocabulary
Math Formula CalculatorReference, Productivityn/aEvery math formula you could imagine is built into this app and provides an interactive calcution tool to plug in numbers to solve the formula equations. It's a one stop reference shop for all things math$1.996-12+Math
MeeGenius! Kids BookseBook, audiobook4 starsSeveral digital stories available here and catagorized by topic. Students can have the book read to them or choose to read it themselves. Great app for wonderful stories on the goFREE app by books inside app range in costPreK-3Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies
Memory Lane Today in HistoryReference4 1/2 starsShort video plays with events from that date in history. Truly a wonderful resource for history teachers FREE8 thru 12+Social Studies
My Story - Bookmaker for KidsCreativity, Productivity, Digital Storytelling 4 1/2 starsI simply love this app for its ease of use and intuitive design. Simple graphics and navigation allow students to create ebooks in no time. Features include drawing own illustrations, taking photos, typing text, and voice recording. Even middle and high school students can use this app to document and narrate any process from science experiments to character choices$1.99PreK-12Language Arts App, but could easily be intertwined to any curriculum or subject area
NASA App HDReference4 1/2 starsAll things NASA come to life in this wonderful little app. Videos, photos, data, and more is all found here.FREE4-12+Science, Astronomy
PlanetsReference4 1/2 starsThis 3-D guide to the solar system allows students to explore features and facts about stars, planets, and galaxies. Another great feature is the ability to reference each planet's visibility from the studetnt's geolocationFREE4-12+Science, Astronomy
Popplet Productivity, Concept Mapping, Timeline Creator4 starsConcept mapping is made easy with this handy little app. Students can incoporate their own photos and drawings with the text tools. iPads sitting close to one another can collaborative edit a Popplet making this perfect for group projects. Timelines can also be made with this tool.4.99 (Free version limits to 1 popplet and no collaboration)3-12+All curriculum adaptable
Quick GraphProductivity, Calculator4 1/2 starsBoth 2D and 3D equation plotting, this graphing calculator rules in every way. Why spend hundreds of dollars when this app does the job for free?FREE but for advanced features $1.998-12+Math, Science
Rory's Story CubesCreativity, Digital Storytelling4 stars9 picture dice roll across the screen to help inspire stories on the fly. The ideas are limitless. For ideas on ways to play the game visit - http://www.storycubes.com/ways-to-play/$1.99PreK-12+Language Arts, Writing
Science 360Reference4 starsCreated by the National Science Foundation, this app references dozens of videos and images for the science classroomFREE4-12+Science
Shake A PhraseCreativity, Learning game3 1/2 starsThis app builds vocabulary while providing inspiration for story starters. Also has grammar interactive games$1.998-12+Language Arts, Drama, Grammar
Side by SideProductivity4 1/2 starsThis app splits the screen into 2, 3, or 4 windows allowing you to multitask. Does come with ads, so it's suggested for ages 17 and upFREE11-12+All curriculum adaptable
SnapseedCreativity, Photo Editing4 1/2 starsOne of the best photo editing apps on the market. Photos become vibrant and artistic with this intuitive app$4.994-12+All curriculum adaptable
Sock PuppetsCreativity, Digital Storytelling4 1/2 starsStudents simply speak and an instant puppet show is created. Talk about an easy tool to grab student audio responses. Videos can be exported and shared with parents or the webFREE but advanced options available for small feePreK-12+Reading, Foreign Lanugage, Digital Storytelling
SparknotesReference4 starsClassic Literature is made easy with chapter summaries, character analysis, symbolism, and more. Think CliffsNotes for free on the flyFREE7-12+Language Arts, Classic Literature
Stick PickTeacher Productivity and Higher Order Thinking Assessment4 1/2 starsPick a student at random just by giving your device a shake or tapping the screen -- but that’s just the beginning. Stick Pick suggests question starters for learners at different levels on the Bloom's Taxonomy and also records how well students respond during classroom discussions.$2.99PreK-5All curriculum adaptable
Storylines for SchoolsLearning Game3 1/2 starsInteractive game builds vocabulary with studentsFREEPreK-3Reading, Vocabulary
StoryRobeCreativity, Digital Storytelling3 1/2 starsCreate a digital story quick and easy. Allows for both videos and photos. Also stories can be sent to YouTube or emailed to the teacher$0.991-12+Language Arts App, but could easily be intertwined to any curriculum or subject area
TeacherCast ProProfessional Development, App Reviews4 1/2 starsThis app is linked to the TeacherCast website where you can find mobile app reviews, podcasts, articles, and more for you to increase your own 21st century professional devleopmentFREETeachersTeacher Professional Development
The Amazing Improv GeneratorCreativity4 1/2 starsImprovization made easier here with this wonderful idea starter. With just a click of a button the screen provides a character, a location, and an event for inspiration$0.998-12+Language Arts, Drama
ToonTasticCreativity, Digital Storytelling4 starsGreat animation and digital storytelling app that actually walks through the elements of a short story. LOVE that feature. Students can narrate and animate their character's adventures easily to develop animated films.FREE but advanced options available for small feePreK-12+Reading, Writing, Foreign Language
US Geography by Discovery EducationReference, Learning Game3 1/2 starsStudents researching the regions of the US? This is the perfect application to supplement the social studies content. From interactive games and explorations of US geography to videos sharing culture and landforms of each region, your students will have a wonderful resource right at their fingertips $4.992 thru 8Social Studies
Wolfram AlphaReference4 1/2 starsWolfram Alpha is one of the best reference tools available and is actually the program behind the scenes of Siri. This app will not only do math computations, but it's a wonderful data and trivia searching tool. Students can search by text, voice, or photo$1.993-12+Math and Science focus, but all curriculum adaptable
Wolfram Alpha Math and Science Course Assistant AppsReference4 starsFrom Algebra to Physics, students have the entire course support help with these apps. Highly recommended.1.99 each8 thru 12+Math, Science
Word Wizard - Talking Movable Alphabet & Spelling Tests for KidsLearning Game4 starsThis is definitely the Speak and Spell app for this generation. Not only does it have the interactive games for spelling and vocabulary, but it does a text to speech option. Students type in a word or phrase, and the app reads it back to the student. Perfect for phonics and speech $2.99K-5Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling
World Book - This Day in HistoryReference3 starsVery quick reference app that provides three to four articles of events occurring on any day of the year. Video and photo references are featured on most daysFREE4 thru 8Social Studies
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