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Beatrix Farrand Reef Point Gardens Library Bibliography
Introduction:This spreadsheet contains items in the Reef Point Gardens Library, gifted by Beatirx Farrand to the University of California, Berkeley in 1955. The information in this spreadsheet was compiled in part from lists of items in Farrand's library at the time of her donation, now held at the University Archives: University of California (System). Office of the President. Records: Numerical bound folders, 1929-1958. 1955-57. CU-5, Series 3, Box 26, Folder 24 (216-ARCH).
Scope:This spreadsheet includes items from Farrand's donation currently held at UCB Libraries as well as items purportedly gifted by Farrand but not currently reflected in the library catalog (not part of existing holdings).
Search:View the complete bibliography by clicking the tab at the lower left corner of this page.To search for items, use CTRL+F on a PC or COMMAND+F on a Mac. Please note, the search function does not recognize special characters (e.g., accent mark, umlaut) unless keyed in.
The spreadsheet is arranged in the following columns:
Permalink:A link to the item in the UC Berkeley online library catalog, OskiCat.
Title:As it appears in OskiCat.
Author:As it appears in OskiCat.
Date:Publication or copyright date as it appears in OskiCat or Date(s) noted on Reef Point List (for periodicals, etc.)
Provenance:Provenance note including call number. Check the OskiCat record to confirm location.
Call Number:Call number and location. Please note, great effort has been made to verify the location of Farrand’s copy of an item although some listings may not be the Farrand copy. Check the library catalog record for other possible campus locations. In some cases, the Farrand item may have been lost and replaced without a bookplate or gift notation. Some items have been rebound and are possibly unmarked as part of the Farrand Gift.
Reef Point List:Upon gifting her library to UC Berkeley, Farrand created several lists of the contents of her Reef Point Gardens Library based on their room location. The lists are now housed in the UC archives: CU-5, Series 3, Box 26, Folder 24 (216-ARCH).
The lists are: Morning Room, List #1; Max Farrand Reference Library, Garden Books (#2); Max Farrand Reference Library, Architecture Books (#3); Reference Library Reference Books (#4); Max Farrand Reference Library, Bird Books; Reference Library Miscellaneous Books (#6); Reference Library Guide Books (#7); Reference Library Foreign Language Books (#8); Reference Library Astronomy (#9); Reference Library Atlases (#10).
Other lists reflect items given to UC by Farrand after the initial gift and internal processing of items: List of Periodicals sent to University of California, Sept. 14, 1955; Books given to, or ordered for, University of California at Berkeley since gift of library in 1955; Books Received from Mrs. Beatrix Farrand - March 1956; Books Received from Mrs. Beatrix Farrand - April 1956; Report on Farrand Periodicals for Binding 5-4-56; Received from Mrs. Farrand via the Santa Barbara Bindery - May 1956; Farrand Collection Books being kept in the Rare Book Room, June 10, 1957.
Some items appear on more than one list.
Compiled by Jaye Fishel, June 2011. Environmental Design Library, University of California, Berkeley. Copyright © 2011 The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.