Approved Clubs Fall 2016-2017
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LCHS ASB Clubs 2016-17
President(s)MeetingsAdvisor and LocationSocial MediaMission Statement
Academic DecathalonOlivia CwikThursday209 KimN/ATo expand scholarly. Learning for students of different levels of learning. To provide a holistic scholarly program that allows students to blossom in learning and friendship.
Archery ClubDavid FeldmanTuesdays, 3:30-4:30Pasadena roving archers' range (Please Contact President for more information) KangOur mission is to promote the practice of archery, help newcomers with the basics, and hone the skills of more advanced archers.
ArmenianSasoon Krikorian1st Wednesday of each month, lunch201 ValissidisN/AThe Armenian Club purpose and main goal is to further educate students about the Armenian culture. Our mission is to bring students who are interest in learning different aspects of Armenian heritage including language, history, music, dance, and more, while adding to the cultural diversity of our school. Club members volunteer in various events throughout the year to introduce the Armenian traditions and ceremonies.
Asian American Youth Engagement
Averi Suk2 & 4 wednesdays, lunch201 Valissidis N/AWorking with the Korean Resource Center, this club hosts multiple evenrs, including voter registration drives, as well as try to empower Asian American Youth in Politics
Asian Pop CultureCora WuEvery other Friday, lunch205 MooreN/AOut mission is to explore cultural variety between Asia and America be keeping informed about Asian Pop Culture and its recent events and discussing the reasons behind their international popularity
ASLKelly Phelan1st & 3rd Tuesday, lunch 306 RedmondN/AASL Club hopes to educate students in Sign Language and deaf culture through a comibnation of interactive lessons and deaf events.
Be the ChangeAndrew GreyEvery Tuesday at lunch214 GeorgenesN/ATo be the change we wish to see in the world, help our local community and campus through different volunteering events.
Beach VolleyballScott KruglerFriday 3:00PMBeach Volleyball CourtsN/AAllows expierienced, as well as nonexpierienced players develop abd hone their skills. The goal of the club is to proivde a time and place where the members can come play games or practice and perfect their technique. The goal is to introduce new players to the sport and hopefully further LCHS volleyball programs
Best BuddiesHolly StonerWednesday or Thursday Step119 LaskaN/ATo help develop one to one friendships between general ed. syudents and special ed. students.
Botany Eugene HongEvery other wed @ lunch 315 Hainey To better our community through use of agriculture
Chess ClubRyan ChenWed. or Thur. lunch/ STEP TBD206 RedmondN/AThe La Canada Chess Club is a group of students dedicated to chess competition and learning. We are open to players at all levels, from those still becoming familar with the art of the game to those who are interested in the most advanced strategies and tactiles.
Chinese Culture ClubAdam SunThursdays at lunch207 RedmondN/ATo learn about Chinese culture from the officers and group discussions we will be mainly focusing on honoring the people around us, ex.) teachers parents friends everyone
Comedy SportzZoe WilliamsMonday 3-5 pmTheater lobby Williams
To learn improvizational games and perform, along with bonding as a team
Comp Science ClubBraden OhTuesdays, lunch607 ClausenN/ATo advance the art and science of computer programming outside of a formal classroom environment and working comp sci topics accessible to studnets of any age and skill level
Diamond Fund Investment FundColemen CornellThursdays at lunch301 BeatyThe mission of the Diamonf Fund Investment Club is to teach its membets sound security trading practices through real world investment.
Disaster Prep ClubOlivia StraussThursday at lunch311
instagram: lchs_disasterpreparednessclub
To educate peers on disaster awareness and CPR.
Dream ClubJessica Sitaramya and Emma StrobenTuesdays once a month, lunch209 KimN/AOur mission is to raise awareness and money for children who aspire to go to college and to be able to give them a higher opportunities. We plan to do so through fundraising and volenteering.
EngineeringGeoferry Fierroeveryday 3-6 Pm604 ZimmermanN/ATo benefit the students of LC through knowledge of engineering concepts and practices
EthicsAlex ZhaoWednesday 3-4:00PM315 Hainey N/ATo spread awareness of philosophy in La Canada and compete in local competitions regarding the study of ethics.
Express YourselfJustin HuynhTuesdays at lunch209 KimN/AMy club is a club where people who join can talk about anything. Ideas, struggles, fears, and anything. This will be a safe place where people could speak their mind and get stuff off their chest.
FADTonia Lee2nd mon of month @ lunch620 LeeRaise money for an organization called free animal doctor where they help pet owners to pay for their vet bill
FIDMGrace RickertTuesdays at lunch301 BeatyN/AOur mission is to encourage peope to realize a love of fashion through activities with broad appeal and appreciate fashion as a form of creativity and self expression
Film Restoration SocietyStefan Markarian1st Tues. of every month at lunch315 Hainey N/AOur mission is to raise money to donate to various film restoration institutions, but primarily UCLA's Film and Archive collection.
Film/PhotoLinus JonesWednesdays at lunch608 Nichols-AliN/AOur goal is to provide a creative outlet for people with interest in photography/cinemetograpy, in order to help them practice and expand their craft.
Food for ThoughtElizabeth LeeWednesdays at lunch105 StattlerN/ATo try different cultures' foods with many people through dinners, outings, pot lucks, and meeting. Our goal is to try a different culture's food per month and fundraise to give back to the community. We hope to raise enough money through bake sales and resturaunt fundraising in order to pay for a meal for the Ronal McDonald House. We hope to serve the community at Ronald McDonald sometime in our second semester.
French Raina Chen8/24 9/21 10/26 11/23 1/25 2/22 3/22609 SadlerN/AEducate students on french culture and cureent events.
Future Business Leaders of America
Averi SukMondays at lunch301 BeatyN/ATo shape and provide oppoutunites to America's future business leaders
Future Problem SolversJenny WangTuesdays at lunch301 BeatyTo develop members' abilities to design positive futures through critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving skills
Gender EqualtiyConnie ParkTuesdays201 Valissidis N/AOur goal is to people become more aware of feminism and its values, give individuals a voice to share their values, beliefs, and opinions freely, and provide a supportive environment where people can successfully make an impactful change in society.
GermanVeronica Backer-PeralTuesdays at lunch322 SosExperience German culture through organizing traditional German activities. It will also aid German students by holding tutoring sessions and feild trips.
Gift of LifeBrendan Co3rd and 4th Wednesdays 317 HongN/ATo spread awareness and raise funds toward bone marrow transplant. Also we hope to help bring more people to be donors for leukemia.
Girl UpStephanie MussoTuesdays at lunch302 BeattieGirl up clubs have a huge impact on girls around the world, empowering both people in their own communities and adolescent girls in developing countriesto rise up. Through education, fundraising, advocacy, and service, girl up members develop the leadership skills necessary to make a positive difference in the live of girls everythwer and is affiliated witht the Girl up Org.
Girls Who CodeTaleen SarkisianFriday at lunch608 Nichols-Ali N/AOur mission is to bring computer science to as many girls as possible, in corporating them into the workforce in STEM fields.
Good NeighborsKyle LeeWednesdays at lunch305 Lively Neighbors is an international humanitarian and development organization committed to building a global communitiy where people live together in health, harmony, and dignity.
Green ClubJustin HawTuesday at Lunch221 WheelerN/AGreen glove aims to raise awareness of critical environmental issues and work to improve this is Datability of our campus in our world. We hope to play a small role in finding in implementing solutions to some of the most important challenges of our generation.
GSAAshley NewquistThursday319 WeldThe Gay straight alliance create a safe space for all LGBTQ  members and their allies while also raising awareness for LGBTQ related issues and fundraising for charities like the Trevor Project.
Happily Ever AfterGabi OhThursdays at lunch317 HongN/AWe are a club devoted to collecting and fundraising for books for children.
Harmony and AcapellaLisa SonWednesdays at lunchchoir room BrookeyN/ATo create an environment where students who love to sing can truly have fun and become comfortable performing in front of others. We hope to performs on campus sometimes. in addition, we weill also perform off campus and share out love of acapella to the reast of the world
Heal the Bay
Meghan Bergen and Scarlet Kim
TBDTBDN/AWe are a club committed to the conservation and preservation of Southern California's rivers, beaches, wetlands. We work in accordance to the goals set forth by the Heal the Bay nonprofit organization.
Hearts for FurAmber LeeMonday and Thursday 2:45-3:30pm315 Hainey This club is a furry fandom club which will help people to learn the fandom more than hearing the media. This club will teach the goodside of it. We will sell things for our activities and charity for pets and children.
Help The HomelessHannah ChewThird wed of the month. 317 HongInvolve the students in giving direct aid to the local homeless shelters. Our club will fund and create projects to donate basic necessities and to directly visit shelters and work with families transitioning out of homelessness.
Hiking FamilyConnor ThomasFriday301 BeatyN/AThis club will go on hikes and do other outdoor activities. We will try to encourage people to have a more healthy lifestyle and observe nature around them. This clubs goal is to demonstrate the joy and benefits of hiking and outdoor activities. This club will go on hikes and do other outdoor activities. We will try to encourage people to have a more healthy lifestyle and observe nature around them. This clubs goal is to demonstrate the joy and benefits of hiking and outdoor activities.
Humans of LCHS
Rucha Kadam & Melina Tsotras
Every other Tuesday, lunch201 ValissidisN/AHumans of LCHS gives the students of LCHS the opporunity to anonymously express themselves and share their stories with their peers. Base off the popular blog, Humans of New York, the goal of Humans of LCHS is to allow all members of LCHS to share their thoughts, ideas, and stories with the rest of the community
Hunger HeroesMichelle TurchanTuesdays at lunch201 Valissidis
The goal for this club is to raise money by doing fundraisers and buying food for the hungry. The club will donate the food to a homeless shelter. Also, Thanksgiving is coming up and I would like to organize that one day for the club to go to the homeless shelter and cook for them.
Indian CultureShreya DesaiMonday (every two weeks)205 MooreN/AImpart knowledge of indian culture through music, dances, food, and festivities.
Individual worth clubEsther AnMonday's at lunch304 MispagelWe plan to be more focused on the individual rights and relationships of people in relation to current events. The topics of the debates we will be having will relate more to the rights of humanity, i.e. is LGBT rights, women’s rights, POC rights. An example of a debate we might have would concern the bathroom bill or HB2. Unlike the World Affairs club, we would not focus on foreign affairs necessarily, but more on the individuals and how current events are affecting and playing a role in their lives. We wish to raise awareness for the marginalized people around the world.
Japanese CultureErica LeeEvery other tuesday317 HongN/AIntroduce appreciation of Japanese culture and various aspects including language, history, religion, tradition, fashion, food, pop culture, social conventions, architecture, technology, and more. The club will teach members through presentations and lectures. There will also be hands-on activities such as recreations and stimulations of traditional festivals and ceremonies. Typical meetings and activites include presenting slideshows lectures, teaching Japanese language, tasting japanese food, and so forth.
JSAErica LeeEvery other Wednesday at lunch301 BeatyN/AJunior State of America (JSA) is a national, completely student-run organization that aims to teach its members debating skills and increase their political awareness and knowledge in order to help high school students develop as actively participating citizens and proficient debaters. La Canada High School Chapter of the Junior State will be part of the main JSA and will participate in regional conventions and events, where students will get the chance to meet other JSA students while debating, learning, and socializing. Regular school meetings and activities will include the following: traditional debates, thought talks, activism projects, informal discussions, structured debates, educational simulations, mock trials, political guest speeches, voter registration drives, and so forth.
Key ClubJoyce NohMonday at lunchwest balcony auditorium KimN/AKey club is the oldest and one of the largest student led organizations whose goal is to provide members with opportunities of providing service for the community (it's people and the environment), Building character, and developing leadership. We want to raise leaders that will lead it beneficial change through any means in their communities.
Kicks For KidzGabi OhWednesday once a month a lunch201 Valissidis N/ALiving in a generation where shoe collecting is going viral, we realize everyday kid's love for shoes. there are children who are less fortunate to afford nice pairs of shoes. We want to provide that thrill and excitement of getting new shoes to them by collecting shoes that are new or gently used. We will also be buying the shoes as well.
Korean Culture ClubEmily Ballingerfirst Tuesday of every month at lunch620 Nichols-AliN/AOur mission is to spread the unique and exciting aspects of Korean culture throughout the community. We plan to do this by teaching both traditional Korean drumming, and K pop dancing as well as prep for meeting. We also plan to have cultural excursions to Koreatown and to share Korean food with our peers.
LC EquestrianJane KimFirst Monday of each month218N/ATo bring together competitive riders who desire to compete under the LCHS Spartans Banner. We promote good sportsmanship, athletic ability and team spirit. All funds will be donated to "Sports for the World's Chilrdren".
LIFTJoon Ahn and Gabi OhFridays at lunch317 HongTo make to world a better place by exploring our faith.
LINKJennifer Yoonevery other tuesday at lunch310 YoderN/AMembers of our club help raise money and awareness for the impoverished in North Korea.
Link CrewAlexi NazarianWednesdays at step 302/310 YoderN/AStudents helping students suceed.
Living ClubKatherine LuMonday at lunch205 MooreWe are club that focuses on healthy and happy living including community service opportunities to spread the happiness and love. We will explore and learn new ways to get to school, life, and extracurriculars while being there for one another and finding ways to destress and become stronger peers and friends.
Math TeamAlbert ZaiWednesday and Thursday step225, 218
Our goals are to develop problem-solving skills and prepare for and attend mass mad at competitions we will also explore real world applications and strive for personal best. Our goals are to develop problem-solving skills and prepare for and attend mass mad at competitions we will also explore real world applications and strive for personal best.
MD Jr.Vibha Kodancha
Wednesday at Lunch, every other week
221 CalmN/ATo inspire students to enter the medical field, through speakers such as professors,doctors and survivors of cancer and other diseases.
Medical Institute/BioTechAshley Mendina
Wednesday at Lunch, every other week
223 CompeauN/ATo teach interested students about medicine and biology, encouraging them to pursue a medical or biotechnology related profession.
MedlifeCarly Horne
First Wednesday of every month at lunch
315 HaineyN/ATo raise money for third world countries that do not have access to medical care. We tend to attend a mobile clinic to assist doctors in these countries
Mock TrialSonja KalaraThursday at lunch201 Valissidis N/AOur goal is to learn about the legal system through the theatrical competitive activity of performing a Mock Trial.
Model UNCharlie LeaMonday at Lunch317 HongN/ATo learn about the world social, political, and economic standings by representing their beliefs at competative MUN conferences.
Musicians ConnectSean SegalTuesdays at lunchChoir room Brookey N/ATo bring the music playin kids in La Canada together to teach, jam, and perform music
Operation WALKKalyn StewartMondays at lunch225 Walk is a non-profit organization that provides free surgical treatments for patients in developing countries. This club's mission is to raise money for less fortunate people that have no access to life improving care for arthritis or other debilitating bone and joint conditions.
Deborah Yi and Taleen Sarkissian
Wednesdays at lunch317 HongN/AOur goal is to spread awareness of origami and to teach students how to fold origami
Pacific American Volunteer Assoc.
Andrew KwonTuesdays at lunch207 Redmondhttp://www.pavaworld.orgOur goals are to preserve the environment and encourage the positive relationships within communities, expand volunteerism, and cultivate youth to be the next generation of leaders
Panda ClubLydia RenTuesdays at lunch201 Valissidis N/AWe are directly associated with China Consveration and Research Center for Giant Pandas. The club's mission is to fundraise and raise awareness for endangered species. All fundraised donations go to China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas.
ParkorZach ChinEvery other Tuesday at Lunch 225 CalmN/ATo provide an opportunity for safe and organized parkour training to LCHA students to encourage and promot the culture and history of parkous, and to encourage core values of safety, responsibily, cooperation,mindfulness, and respect.
Philosophy ClubJoseph PariserTuesdays at lunch322 Hainey N/ATo introduce students to the ways of thinking that impact society.
Reading and BeyondMichael LindeFridays at lunchDaisy Kim's RoomN/AOur goal is forming this club is to read, have fun, and encourage literacy in children.
Recorder EnsembleHarrison MinThursday at lunch106 StoneN/ATo spread music to nonmusicians through the simplicity of the recorder. We also want to expand the knowledge of curious minds.
Red CrossSarah LeeMs. Calm221 Calmredcross.orgOur goal is to fundraise enough money to send relief to victims of disasters and raise awareness of how to respond to emergencies. Working with the local Red Cross Chapter, we will participate in events such as blood drives, volunterring at nursing homes, and sending thoughtful letters to victims of disasters. While doing so, we hope to not only raise money and donate to a good cause, but also raise awareness among our peers.
RhapsodyRei ChavezBlock days106 StoneTo enrich the community with music through the teachin of theory basics, and instrument technique. We will be the organizer of student run teaching through the use of band/orchestra members as teachers
Roar ClubBella EcternochWednesdays at Lunch203 PowersN/AAn organization that helps to fundraise and raise awareness for homeless animals at the Pasedena Humaine Society. Our goal is to support them in any way we can.
RotaryBryan Guan
1st Thursday of every Month at Lunch
301 Valissidis N/AA branch of Rotary International, a philanthropic institution founded to provide service to others, promote integrity, advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.
Science Leadership and OutreachCeline Cano-Ruiz & Katrine Madsen2,4,6 block day during STEP223 CompeauOur goal as a club is to teach the LCHS 7th graders basic science labs and concepts while also inspiring them to pursue careers in the STEM field.
Science TeamDaniel OhFriday September 9 at 2:50313 WalshTo continue one's exploration into science through both studying and competing alongside peers, to form bonds, to extend the joys of competing in this subject to younger grades & individuals
Small Business ClubAdam Sunwednesdays at lunch114 SpitlerTo build strong Business Marketing and Costumer Service skills by going to La Canada Farmers' Markets every Saturday mornings (we will take turns, so each member will get to go once/ month).There will also be many other business opportunities through out the year. At each meetings, we talk about what we've done well and what we've learnt from doing businesses with costumers. We also discuss together which products to purchase and the best ways to purchase them.
SpanishKyle Lee
1st Wednesday of every month at lunch
125 PriceN/APromote the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries while celebrating diversity. We strive to accomplish this in an engaging interactive environment.
Speak and DebateSonja KalaraFriday, some Wednesdays 3-5:00 PMMrs. Moores roomN/AThe La Canada Speech and Debate Team empowers youth to express themselves as leaders through verbal and written debates, as well as platform and prepped debates.
Sports for SportsNolan Sheow1,3,5 Block Day (Step)205 MooreN/ATo hold sporting events that raise money for kids who do not have the opportunity to play sports.
StampmakingYiyin Hu
1 & 3 wednesdays each month @ lunch
317 Hong N/AOur goal is to help students relieve pressure through fun crafts like designin and creating stamps, which is called seal cutting/stampmaking
Students of AfricaIssabella IgnactianTuesday at lunch304 MispagelOur mission is to build friendships with African students through exchanging ;etters while raising money to benefit them.
Zoe Schmidt & Julia Quinn
Thursdays at Lunch322 GeckleN/ASpoken Word and Slam Poetry Club helpes students at LCHS write, analyze, and perform original and prewritten poetry
TACH Luke Johnson1,3,5 Step301 Valissidis N/ATo serve the many needs of Childrens Hospital Adolescent Center and the underprivileged teens of Los Angeles served by Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles. This service is organized under the direction of the Flintridge Guild of Childrens Hospital, whose mission is to raise funds for on-going programs at the hospital.
TASSELAveri SukTuesdays at lunch Pelletier's roomN/ATeaching cambodian children how to speak English as well as raise money to provide for their lives.
Tech Kamyar SalahiWednesday at lunch322 GeckleN/AThe La Canada Tech Club was founded in 2014 on the basis of collabarative learning and spreading of enthusiasm for chemistry, physics, and technology to a community that had been long denied proper access to these fields. The club designs projects that demonstrate concepts in the fields of chemistry, physics, and technology, with an enjoyable and interesting aspect. We have since worked to improve our school's current science situation. To apply our knowledge in technology, physics, and chemistry, the clun participates in the Los Angeles Science Fair and various local hackathons.
TechniqueJoshua ChoiTuesday at lunch605 Nichols-AliN/ATo learn the history and technique of art that is unique to each culture.
The Bible Talk
Rebecca Lim and Naomi Stephen
1st and 3rd thurs every month at lunch
317 HongTo encourage healthy discussion of all religions, and to facilitate a safe, open place to express yourself and form friendships. We also have a focus on seving the needy, and will help the homeless and the HOPE Org.
The Friends of Best Friends Casey PhelanEvery other Tuesday205 club, aimed towards animal lovers, will be focused on helping the animals at Best Friends Animal Society. Best Friends Animal Society, founded in 1984, is the leader of the No-Kill movement. One part of this initiative, no Kill Los Angeles (NKLA), is working to get a euthanasia rate of less than 10% in LA shelters by the end of 2017. To help, we will be assisting with events, raise money, and creating needed supplies for the rescure. This club will discuss and raise awareness about serious animal related issues, and will provide information to LCHS students about these problems.
The Janada L. Bachelor Foundation for Children
Celine Cano-RuizTuesdays during lunch203 starred as a mission to rescue abandoned and abused girls in Tanzania has turned into a holistic approach to alleviating extreme, rural poverty. JBFC's strategy includes providing a safe home for girls, quality primary, secondary, and vocational education to both boys and girls, access to health care, and rural economic development through the JBFC farm. We will fundraise money to help this cause.
The Mighty PenJimean LeeWednesdays at Lunch201ValassidisN/AOur mission is to focus on writing and creative writing. We will proofread each others' work and our main goal is to apply to contests and gain experience in writing. I hope that everyone gains interest in writing by joining this club.
3rd World CountriesCarly Horne1st Wednesday of every month315 HaineyOur goal is to raise money for Third-World Countries that do not have good medical care. We plan to attend a mobile clinic to assist doctors in these countries
TPF RangersLucille ParkThursdays at lunch213 DiFiorehttp://theodorepayne.orgTo promote the awareness to the Theodore Payne Foundation, a native plant nursery, along with native plant preservation and water conservation.
Trail BuildersGaby LichuckiFridays at lunch, every 3 weeks Dr. E's ClassroomN/AOur mission is to construct and maintain hiking trails in the Angeles National Forest, working with the JPL Trailbuilders volunteer group, in order to enable the public to enjoy our national park.
UGCShivam PatelFridays at lunch315 Hainey We plan on spreading awareness of UGC baddlings in competitive tournaments
Ultimate FrisbeeDaniel LandesmanFridays at 3:00 PMHahamonga WheelerN/ATo play ultimate frisbee and to spread knowledge of the sport.
World AffairsCharlie LeaTuesdays at lunch317 Hong0To learn about the world by visiting "Los Angeles World Affairs" events and by meeting world leaders.