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TimestampYour NameName of ActivityWhat did you do?What did you observe?What connection, if any, did the exhibit have with the real world?What scientific principles did this exhibit demonstrate?What questions does this exhibit bring up for you?Homeroom
3/1/2018 19:16:04Adi AroraBenham's diskSpin a wheel that had black dashes and look at what you saw while it spun.When you spun the wheel you could see different colors instead of black and white. When you you spun it right to left it went from Dark blue middle, to teale, silver, and bronze on the outside. When you spun it left to right it was the same colors but in a reverse order.Tricking people(consumers) into seeing something they aren't really seeing and just tricking people in general.Subjective Colors- Colors that only exist inside your headWhy did we see those colors and why did spinning the wheel in different ways affect the the order.25
3/1/2018 18:49:46Adi AroraTouch the SpringYou try to touch a springWhen you reach out to touch there is nothing there. There was also a flashlight that would make the spring look really realistic when you shined the light on it. When you reached past it the spring was actually underneath and somehow being reflected and projected on top.Illusion and making things that aren't there look like they are there -could possibly be used in some way for marketing.Illusions, Mirroring/reflecting, and lightHow did they manage to reflect the spring to actually look like it was sitting on a floor there in 3-D.25
3/1/2018 21:00:32Alex hell1visible vibrationsvisualised sound vibrations with sandthe sand moves based on the frequencyreal speakers vibrate to generate soundvibrations, sound25
3/1/2018 21:03:09Alex hell2breaking wavesa wave generator that you can manipulate on how much force it usesthe more powerful waves took more momentum to createthe ocean waves are created different but act similarwater physics, waves25
3/1/2018 18:58:19Ariana KulkarniMagnetic CloudsI dragged a magnet then released it to create a cloud of iron.The second that I put the magnet back on the iron/dust material was attracted to it.In the ocean iron containing sand lines up with the earths magnetic field forming magnetized sandstone.Magnetic force.25
3/1/2018 18:55:32Ariana KulkarniHot Cold CoilsI touched it, first with my whole fingers then with only one or two. I wanted to see if it made a difference.The end seemed hot and the middle cold but the longer that I observed it I realized that each area felt both hot and cold!Some things can be so hot that they feel cold and other things can be so cold that they feel hot.The idea of how our body reacts to temperature.25
3/1/2018 21:37:10Avani YoungDomino Effect Line up a bunch of dominos that gradually grow in size and push the first one down.Even though the first one is really small it still is able to knock over the last one.If you want to make money on a bet you can tell the person that a tiny domino can knock down a big one and they won’t believe it.Force How does it connect to real life?25
3/1/2018 21:30:54Avani Young Color ContrastWe tried to match the colors of the dogs tail with her head.The dogs tail and head might look the same color but since they have different backgrounds when you compare them side by side they look different.When online shopping the item might seem a different color than it is when it comes.LightHow often does this happen?
Is there a way so pervent it?
3/1/2018 19:36:52Benjamin SingerBeham's DiskSpun a diskThe disk was black and white, but when I spun it I saw a variety of colors.It was invented by a toymaker, and would make a interesting and profitable toy.The illusion your brain makes to see invisible color is called 'subjective color'.How is it created? Why do I see the same colors but in different places when I spin the disk in different directions? Do different people see different colors? Can it be created in a way where you see other colors?25
3/1/2018 18:15:02Benjamin SingerWhere did all the colors go?We shined flashlights to make color appear out of nowhere.The whole room is bleached in a pale yellow, but when whatever the flashlight hit would reveal its true vibrant colors.This no-color phenomena could be used in movies. An actor could pass through a colorless scene before the light reverts back to normal.The low-pressure sodium lamps on the walls sucked all the colors out of the room. With no color present, all light was a dull yellowish color coming from the lamp. However, as soon as you shone concentrated white light on an object, the white light showed the object's color.How expensive is this to make? Can this be used with other materials besides sodium create this effect? Could it show different colors? Could it work with just 1 lamp instead of 2?25
3/1/2018 17:34:05Benjamin SingerBeham's DiskSpun a diskThe disk was black and white, but when I spun it I saw a variety of colors.It was invented by a toymaker, and would make a interesting and profitible toy.The illusion your brain makes to see invisible color is called 'subjective color'.How is it created? Why do I see the same colors but in different places when I spin the disk in different directions? Do different people see different colors? Can it be created in a way where you see other colors?25
3/2/2018 7:20:44Betina Zscherpelsophisticated shadowsturn on and off light bulbs and stand in front of the lightthe less light bulbs you have on the less shadows you havelights in rooms and other light stuff, if you want to also create lots of shadows of an objectwhen you turn the light bulbs, each one makes their own shadow, more light bulbs equals the more shadow25
3/2/2018 7:16:57Betina Zscherpel3 kinds of lightyou change the kind of light by putting slides in front of itthe different materials changes the kind of light drastically. Ultra violet, sun and x-ray light, we see them everywheresunlight and heat25
3/1/2018 17:50:18Elizabeth McPhersonVelvet hands There were wooden hoops, with metal wire strung inside, and you put each hand on one side, and moved your hand around together. After awhile your hands start to feel really weird and soft, and kind of velvety. It kind of shows how our sense of touch works. It demonstrated the sense of touch, and nerves, and sort of how they relate to the brain. Why does this happen?
Are there other things like this that have the same affect?
3/1/2018 17:46:22Elizabeth McPhersonKinds of Light There was a light bulb with three different filters, infrared, ultraviolet, and x-ray, and you put your hand in front of each of them. The infrared light was the warmest, and the ultraviolet light was cooler, but it wasn't really cold. The x-ray light was the coldest. We need light/sunlight, so it's important to know how it works. Sunlight, heat, and different types of light. Why were some of the types of light cold? If the ultraviolet light and the x-ray light aren't the same type of light from the sun, what are they similar to? 25
3/1/2018 17:57:52Emma HintzSophisticated LightsThere was a panel of lights and you turned them on and off. The lights caused a shadow on the wall and the shadow changed depending on how many lights were on. The more lights were on, the more duplicates of the shadow there were. Vice versa. With one light on, only one shadow, but it was cool to switch them on because there was a space between the shadows depending on how far apart the lights were on the panel. Lights and their shadows. Shadows and creating 3-D affectsWhy do the shadows overlap to create darker spots?25
3/1/2018 17:54:40Emma HintzGiant MirrorIt was a concave in mirror that reflected your image upside down. We just walked in front of it. It was concave and from some angles you couldn't see the people in front of it. I was sitting off to the side on the ground and looking at it when a bunch of people came. They all were looking at themselves, but from my angle, I didn't see them in the mirror. I thought it was the spoon affect because when you look at yourself in the spoon, it's an upside down reflection. It distorted the image because the light rays and the focal points bended to cause an illusion. Why does a spoon, which is the opposite of the Giant Mirror (concave outwards), have the same affect?25
3/1/2018 17:43:50Hayden SmithPedal generatorI tried to pedal enough so I could power lights, a fan, radio, and other things.It was somewhat easy to power 1 fan but way harder to power everything at oncehumans need ways to generate electricity without using themselvesGenerating electricityhow fast would you need to pedal to power a car25
3/1/2018 17:39:08Hayden SmithThe survival gameMe and elliot had to keep our cows alive, the goal was to stay above 60 cows, you can gain or lose cows depending on what happens. We could give cows away to other people. It was really hard an eventually we lost all 70 of our cows.In Kenya, Africa, Cow farmers struggle with this problem in real life.Seasonal droughts and weatherwhat is the best way to preserve your cows?25
3/1/2018 22:59:42Jamilet LopezHot and cold coilstouched a metal coilTemperature change Therma grill illusion25
3/1/2018 18:56:43Josh HallCircles of magnetismChange the direction of the current flowing through a wire in the middle of a bunch of compasses.When the current was moving up all the compasses pointed counter clockwise.magnetic fieldsmagnetic fields25
3/1/2018 18:53:59Josh HallAmbiguous CubeStand in front of a spinning cube and close one eye.When I closed one of my eyes the cube looked as if it began to spin the opposite directionThis could be used for a mind trick or illusion.ambiguous figure25
3/1/2018 20:21:15Kiya AkhenatonPitch SliderThey had a rod and we flicked it and then pulled another rod to tightenIt made a cool sound Sounds 25
3/1/2018 20:15:47Kiya AkhenatonOn a roll You stand on a piece of wood that it balanced on a metal sphereThat it is way harder than it looks Its kind of like a skateboardBalancing 25
3/1/2018 17:40:12Lance FissDived Attrition We tried to fowl blue balls that truned green over time and we had to track them all the way across the sceernThat most people can only follow a few balls at a time, The most one person could follow was 4I't did not really had a connection to real worldShort term memoryWould it be different if it was a different color or different shape25
3/1/2018 17:06:02Lance FissCarrea CrimanlWE had to chose if we were going to snitch or be silent and there would be punishments according to what happens.Most chose silent but a few chose snitch because snitch is the safe route. The punishments where minor for snitching but major if the person snitched on you when you where silent
This is used in jails and investigation normal not to go free but less of a punishment to someone else. A type of trust to your friends.What do most people do in the real world stay silent or be quiet?25
3/1/2018 18:38:19Samek RangarajanWater on a fan, then the water floats.I would take a dropper and fill it with water. Then I would take the dropper and put on drop over the center of the "fan." Then I would put another drop, and another, and so on. Sometimes the drop would stay floating, and other times it would fly across the table. I observed that when the ball was on the fan, it's height would vary. Also the water droplet would "explode" across the table. There is almost no connection between this and the real world. It is simply a cool trick, and could possibly used for some sort of levitation technology in the near future. How water behaves.
Air pressure.
What makes the water stay or fly off?
What purpose did the straws serve?
How would it work with other liquids?
3/1/2018 18:32:27Samek RangarajanTouch the SpringThere was a spring in a box. I would reach my hand out to try and touch it. There was a flashlight attached to the box, which I then shined on the spring. The result was the spring looking more and more real. However when I touched the spring, my hand went right through it. I then went around to the side, where I could see that the spring was really upside down and there was a mirror reflecting it so that it looked like it was really where it wasn't. The spring was really underneath the place I thought it was. I also observed that if I were to touch the spring at the bottom, my hand would appear in the mirror. There was no real connection to the world other than a symbolic one. Symbolically we perceive certain things as real when in reality they are not. This can be interpreted as conspiracy theories, or even people's illusions of the non existence of climate change. The principles of light and mirrors. How light behaves as a ball and as a wave. It also demonstrates how mirrors work, and can reflect the image upside-down and mirrored. What other illusions like this there are in our everyday life?
How this could be used in magic shows?
Why the light makes the spring look more real?
And how can mirrors create the illusion of three dimensional figures?
3/1/2018 18:34:56Winston HarBenham DiskSpin the disk in one direction to make the "blue" color go on the edge of the disk and spin the disk in the other direction to make the "blue" color go in the middle.The colored lines on the disk is not really there( the colored lines were black lines in varying lengths) it was all an illusion.It could be a cool toy. (it was invented by a toy maker)Ilusions25
3/1/2018 18:31:06Winston HarJacob's LadderCrank the fan clockwise to make the electric arc go down instead of up.Now that the fan is moving clockwise it is staying at the bottom of the ladder.Non wire electricity transfer machine.Electricity ionizes the air to produce light and heat.Does anyone actually use this in the real world?25
3/1/2018 23:16:44Zach HitchcockTriangle of deceptionYou look through a hole and see a "triangle" about 12 feet away. Then you go over to the "triangle" and find out that it is not a triangle, but zigzagging piece of wood.It was kind of weird when I was walking by what I thought had been a triangle, and then suddenly, it wasn't.Looks can be deceiving.Illusions25
3/1/2018 23:11:37Zach HitchcockLying to someone about cardsTwo people sit at a table. One is dealt four hands of digital playing cards. Only one has aces. Four each hand of cards player 1 will say "I have no aces." One of those will be a lie. Player 2 must guess which time was the lieIt was almost impossible to guess correctly.That the harder you try to find lies, the more likely you are to be completely wrong.Something psychology related25
1/27/2016 17:39:38GavinTornado tube: a tube full of water, swirled around in a clockwise motionI pulled a lever which decided how narrow the tornnados eye would beThe eye of the tornado started disipate because it was getting too narrowIt had a connection to huricanes and tornadoesHow water and air do not interchange with each other so the only way to make How did they make one of these so big & how do they make it so that be can control it25
12/18/2015 9:23:43Dominick RichiusoBronze handPut my Hand under a bronze hand, so that it was hidden, and let someone stroke both my hand, and the bronze one at the same time.It felt like the bronze hand was mineThe human brain can perceive unreal things. Brain's perception of limbsWhy can't our brain tell the difference252.5
12/18/2015 9:23:38Alyssa HallMagnetic sand Play with the sand and manipulate it The sand appears to be spiky when it comes close to the magnet Not everything is what it seems to be. At first it looked like normal black sand, but when it came close to the magnet it became something that it was not before. It dramatically changed.Magnetic forcesHow does the sand build up and turn in to spikes?253
12/18/2015 9:23:25Chris Raymondsilent or snitchYou put up a card saying you snitch or stay sentinel about your partner.good friends stayed silent and not so good snitched.Friendship changes the way u do things.Human Physiological. 252
12/18/2015 9:22:02Braedon NickersonHot Cold chimneysPut one hand on hot chimney, one on cold for 10 seconds. after 10 seconds I put both on a warm chimney. When I touched the warm chimney, the hand that was on the cold felt warm, and the hand that was on the hot, felt coldnoadaptionhow does your body know to do that?252
12/18/2015 9:21:11Yume Weissmannlighting a lamp with handsput 2 hands, one on copper knob and one on aluminum knob, at the same timelamp lighted up. BUT when I put a hand on one and my friend put a hand on one, it didn't work.The electricity went through from the circuit to my sweat and then through my blood.Electricity/circuits252.5
12/18/2015 9:20:25EthanVacuum frozen waterYou dribble water into a vacuum chamber, then you turn on the vacuum.The water freezes.This might be a cool magic trick to little kids.The vacuum sucks all the heat out of the chamber, so it freezes.Why does Mr. Heumann's vacuum boil water?253
12/18/2015 9:20:11Dominick RichiusoHot/cold coilsI touched the indicated coils.I felt a searing hot temperature coming from the coils. The coils weren't actually hot, they were just tricking my senses by switching temperatures from hot to cold.It simulates a feeling that does not actually existTemperature. Human perception of senses.Why does my body feel a searing hot tempurature252.5
12/18/2015 9:19:08Braedon NickersonHot Cold CoilsI put one hand on hot coils, on hand on cold coils. after 10 seconds i moved my hands to warm coils and it felt like I was getting burned.My hand felt like it was burningdidnt have anysomething about illusionwhy did it feel like I was burning? 252
12/18/2015 9:18:43william torborganti gravity mirorshowed half oy your bodie in the miror and li looked like you were flyingthat it loked like the person was flyingmirors and miror imagisreflection/mirorhow much did the miror cost252.5
12/18/2015 9:18:32Micah Weinbergersquirt vs sipyou could give the other person a squirt of water you let them drink water.when I pressed squirt people usually squirted me back.If you are bad people will be bad to you.it demonstrated how people will react, I don't think there is a specific name for it.Why do people always retaliate?253
12/18/2015 9:18:19Alyssa HallColor your appealMatch sentsColor effects what sent you think it will beThis is good to have in mind for marketing appealSense of smellWhy is it that when we see a color we expect it to be the sent of something that color. For example when I saw the Light green bottle I thought it would be mint, but it was orange.253
12/18/2015 9:18:12Montana LeslieA tracking roomIt was a dark room with a camera that tracked your movement and projected it on to the screenthat if you move you can paint an imagethe beauty in dancing sensory and artnone253
12/18/2015 9:17:59Yume WeissmannOptical illusion with metal ringsspun around the metal sculpturelooked like 2 metal rings balancing on each other like hula hoops, but in reality it was just spinningYou cannot always trust your eyesperception252.5
12/18/2015 9:17:34Ethan HintzHot and Cold coilsYou put your hands on the warm side of the coils, then on the cold side, then in the middle.It felt like your hands were burning.This is how burning really feels, very hot and very cold at the same time.Illusion.Why does burning feel like it's so hot that it's cold?252.5
12/18/2015 9:15:44Grace SmithDistorted Room You looked through the little hole in the window into the room, then went in the room.

If you walked in the room, the person in the window looked in and saw you.

If you looked in the window, your brain would see the room smaller than if you were in it, maybe because of the black-and-white squares.
Uhmm... It might be the same reason things in caves look so small but they're really big inside. Brain distortion, proportion, adaptation, optimum view, perspective, and space Why does your brain distort the image?

Do the black and white squares confuse the brain?

Would color-blind people see it the same way?
12/18/2015 9:14:57william torborgpedal geniratoryou pedaled a bike like genirator and powerd lights, fans and a radiothe faster you pedaled the more things you could powerits just like a home made bike geiratorenergy, powerhow do you make one253
12/18/2015 9:13:03Graham EdelmanGet Used to ItYou smell vinegar with almond flavoring, but you do not smell the almond, b/c the vinegar overpowers it. You then smell just regular vinegar for longer. You go back to smelling the almond vinegar and you can smell the almond vinegar prominently. Your brain gets used to the smell of vinegar only, so when you smell the extra scent mixed in with vinegar, you smell that scent over other ones.The way your brain adapts to its environment so you can detect subtler changes.252
12/18/2015 9:12:19Grace Smith Hoop Nightmares You could hold the goggles up to your eyes, and try to shoot the hoop and make the basket. You could change your aim, but generally you were supposed to leave the goggles close by your face. You usually missed the hoop, a little too much to the right. It was showing how your brain adapts to different situations and how prisms affect your vision. Your brain will adapt to the distortion, making you automatically throw to the right. Prisms, brain development/distortion/adaptation, physical contact vs. what you want to do Could you adjust (mentally or physically) therefore making the shot?

If you moved the goggles away from your face, how would that affect your vision?

Can video games use this to their advantage in technology? n
12/18/2015 9:09:06Manpreet SinghValvet HandsYou rub the circular steel and it stimulates nerves in your hands.Responds to nerve cells and stimulates them.That certain material can pick up on nerve cells and stimulate your hands.How did they discover this? and what would they intend to use it for?252
12/18/2015 9:06:19Chris Raymondsip or squirtYou sat with your partner at a station. You held your head down and they either gave u a sip of water or squirted you.People are jerks.Dont trust everyone.Human Physiological Why does everyone want to squirt you.252
12/18/2015 9:04:58Aidan PicenoTexting FishYou had to text "Fish" to a number they provided, and you had to work with other people to make sure they don't die and to make sure the fish don't go extinct.I'm not very good working with other people.Anything that has to do with teamwork, and logic.Cooperation, general logic.How can you go forever?
Why did I get game over for people? (I guess i felt like it...)
12/18/2015 9:04:29Graham EdelmanGive/Take TableThere is a bowl in a central location which is filled with random objects. If you spy something you want you take the object and leave something of similar value.The bowl was almost completely empty and had nothing of value inside. That people want to take more then they give, and will do so feeling no remorse.The psychological effects of having nobody know you are doing something wrong but you, and if you will do it or not. 253
12/18/2015 9:02:01Aidan PicenoHave to lie to judge, with cards.You were given four hands of cards, you had to say, "I have no aces" every time. Only one of them actually has aces, so you have to lie. Then the person playing the judge has to guess which one was a lie.Every time I lied, I made a different face. That's how he could guess.Poker! People have to lie in poker.The fact that you don't feel good about lying.Why is Justin so good at weeding out lies?
Would I be just as good? (I never tried it.)
12/18/2015 9:00:36Molly Bateshot-cold chimneysput one hand on a cold chimney and one hand on a hot chimney and hold for 15 seconds. After you place both of your hands on a room temperature chimney. Your hand feel the temperature opposite of what you had your hand on beforeone hand felt hot and one hand felt cold??adaption252
12/18/2015 9:00:34Connor Edelman3 kinds of lightThe light filter on a big flashlight.The sunlight filter was the brightest, while the x-ray filter was the darkestHow lights are filtered in rooms.How light effects the eyes.None.252.5
12/18/2015 8:58:16Connor EdelmanJacobs LadderThe amount of wind pulling down the electricity, changing how far the bolts would go up the "ladder."The electrirty stopped going up when I started cranking up the fanNot really any connection to daily lifeHow atoms are ionized in the airNone252.5
12/18/2015 8:57:47ManpreetPedal GeneratorWe pedaled and gave electricity to power the things. Powers on Fan,light bulb, radio and higher voltage light bulb.Man Powered bike, similar to trend mil. More power or voltage for more electricity.What is the maximum wattage?252
12/18/2015 8:57:31Molly Bateshot-cold coilstouch coils one by one. Come of them are hot and some of them are cold. Then you touch it with your whole hand. It starts to burn.none of the coils feel extremely hot but when you touch hot and cold at the same time it feels extremely hot.??illusionWhy does it do this?252
12/18/2015 8:55:47Nicolas then RandazzoSound PongYou play pong, but with your eyes closed. You put a headset on and listen. A beep is sounded depending on where the ball is. The beep is on the left if the ball is to your left, and to the right if it's to your right. Then you move your paddle towards it and the beep becomes louder or quieter depending on how close you are. It was hard, sound kinda messes me up.EcholocationSound wavesn/a252.5
12/18/2015 8:53:17Nic then RandazzoGenetic InheritanceChoose options like eye color, ear type, gender That 0/48 people are like meIt sees how many people have the same stuff as youGenetics..?None. I am special252
12/18/2015 8:53:00Reina Chheangoptical illusion roomthere was a checkerpattern floor in a slanted room that made the person watching see the person moving up and down the room inside seem to grow and shrinkmy brain hurtoptical illusions are everywherethe brain's effect on the eye. why does our brain frick with our eyes?252.5
12/18/2015 8:51:09Reina ChheangStop Motion MovieMe and Mika used multi-shaped blocks to make a heart by moving the pieces together one at a time.it is hard and tiring to make a stop motion movie.all clay-mation movies and stop-motion moviestime lapsenone, other than how do clay-mation artists have patience for this.253
3/24/2015 17:38:01Sebastian Martinelliworm gets the apple with a teamControlled the worm to go left. I changed positions some one to make it go down.Screaming was involved and a lot of blaming.There is a goal (apple) and you need to get it. But it doesnt help when only have you.Team work25
3/24/2015 17:35:05Sebastian Martinelligive & takePutting stuff in and taking stuff out with equal value. But we just took 1$nobody read the rules and put food in there.You can take but just give back.How people just take but don't give.25
3/24/2015 17:32:27Sebastian Martinellired/blue button hitting counterHit the button as fast as you could. 2 teams red and blue. Counted up the numbers after 5 min. alot of people got agressive. They also didn't last 5 minutesDon't give up? But everyone didteamwork nothing25
3/9/2015 10:06:51Addie ShepherdYellow LightThere was a room with yellow street lights shining all in in at white flashlights hanging from the ceiling. All the walls had pictures on them that appear brown. If you shine the white light on the walls you see that the wall's pictures are actually coloredOn the street at night street lamps illuminate everything but make everything seem brown. You cant see very much color so this could lead to car accidents. perception of lightWhy does yellow lights make things seem brown? 25
42072.41957Maya RamanFading DotYou didn't really change anything at the exhibit but there was this bright green circular screen. In the middle of it was this bright blue dot that had fuzzy edges. You were supposed to stare at the blue dot.When you would stare at the blue dot, slowly, after a couple of seconds, it would disappear and fade into green. This wasn't any animation on the screen, but just how our eyes work.Our visual system is designed to completely erase things from our vision if they don't have sharp edges.It demonstrated the characteristics of the eye, and your visual system.If something so bright can disappear mainly because it doesn't have sharp edges, how many things do we miss in real life?25
3/9/2015 9:41:25Jaxson Leonard Black sand Play with the sand Its magnetic Nothing Magnets None 25
3/4/2015 20:04:45Aiden Fleurywater resistant leavesi watched water fall on the leaves and roll off.that over time the leaves would get wet and not be water resistant.it would help water get to the ground in a rain forest resistancewhy can't we have other stuff like that?25
3/3/2015 21:13:01Yorsabell WodajGiant MirrorYou just look at your reflection in the mirror but, instead of seeing it forward you see yourself backwards. I saw the effect of seeing yourself a different way or side. It just shows the reflection of yourself. It also say how your eyes plays tricks on you. It demonstrates the brain playing tricks on you and eyes seeing things differently. Why does the reflection change from seeing yourself backward?25
3/3/2015 20:23:20Gabi ZolnierekCriminal GameI have to have a partner and go in a different room and decide whether or not you will snitch or be silent on your partner, because we both took part in a crime.(stealing)It shows how much you think of a person would you rather rat out on your partner or be silent. It's what we think of each other.What you're consequences would be if you commit a crime. Also, what is your relationship between the other person. How our brains work.You have to think deeply what the other person would do.
Is this how it work in real life?25
3/3/2015 19:10:29Khael WesronAdapting to ColorI stared into green and pink lights shaped for eyes.
after, my sight changed and adapted to the green and pink which made me see pink and green hints in my visionyour eyes will adapt when you see a bright light or are in the darkanatomy of the eye25
3/3/2015 16:26:16Naya VerdierTouch The SpringI tried to touch the spring, but my had went through it.The spring was a hologram, created by a mirror.It shows how technology could advance in the feature.Fermat's principle.What is the math behind the hologram being created, and what exactly causes the hologram to appear there and for the light to not go on forever.25
3/3/2015 16:05:53Theodor HarSelf balancing stickstart and stop machine, and make the stick unbalanced.the machine balanced the stick very fast, 8 movements max, even with no movement for a startthis tech. can help people balance heavy things really high up from down low.Kinetic and potential energy and balancecan you make the machine move the stick more than eight times to make the stick balance upright?25
3/2/2015 22:25:59Sean Hornchekcircuit workbenchI attached wires to metal pointsthe battery made the motor spin when I made a circuitAll electrical devices electrical conductivity none25
3/2/2015 21:22:39Sean HornchekTinkering StudioI turned a knobThe knob made other objects moveOne thing can effect an other
my energy that I got from eating is burned by turning the knob and the result is a model bicycle moving
work principlenone25
3/2/2015 7:23:25Olivia CatalanoSensitive plantsWhen you lean in and touch the plants, instead of being open, they close, as a defense mechanism.I learned that when they close, it takes alot of energy for them to be able to close. All plants and things of nature have unique ways of protecting themselves. I also learned that when they close, it takes alot of energy for them to be able to close.self defenseWhat makes them know when to close?25
3/1/2015 21:08:23Juliana GarciaTouch The SpringI reached into a little cubby in which i saw a spring inside. But when i tried to touch it, my fingers went right through it. And i realize the spring isn't physically in the cubby. its an image of a spring. the reflection of a spring that looked very realistic. That not everything you see is real. And that some things are just an illusion. The image of the spring is formed by a concave spherical mirror. Light rays spreading out from one point on the spring are reflected by the concave mirror so that they come back together at a point in space - creating a real image of the spring. none. 25
3/1/2015 19:40:50HannahSmall/Slanted RoomI walked into a small room which floor was at an angle. I obsevered how the room became a little smaller and how from the outside the room looked normal but when you walked in the room was at a angle.This exhibit had to do with the world because of picture where you tilt the card and you see two different images with your eyes. It also has to do witho any visualization effects.This exhibit demonstrates scientific principles involving mirrors and angles.
How does the room sit at an angle?
How is it possible that the room gets a lttle smaller when you walk in?
3/1/2015 16:21:27Joaquin CoquisAfter image Basically you look in through some binoculars. Then a flash hit your eye and there an image in the flash.That imgae after the flash is like multiple time.When you go to the doctor they put you in a machine and take a picture of your eyes and eye hurt and then you see flash.anatomy of an eyeNo question25
3/1/2015 13:46:19luka torresolabio sciencelook at plants and marine animals and earth watched things grow and formlifegrowth25
2/28/2015 22:54:25Avi AroraMagnetic cloudsThere was a large tube with an unknown liquid and inside where small specks of metal(that where magnetic) When you took a magnet on the outside it would gather the magnets and have them follow the magnet then drop in a cool patternit would gather the magnets and have them follow the magnet then drop in a cool patternMagnetic Fields25
2/28/2015 22:47:18Paola MorenoTouch the SpringThe exhibit consisted of sticking your hand into a hole and reaching for a spring.I observed that the spring was not actually there. It was just mirrored and was an optical illusion.The exhibit didn't have much connection. Maybe that things aren't always as they seem.It showed optical illusions and different perceptions/ views.How can the spring have a shadow and not physically be there? Is there a way to tell that it is just a mirrored image before testing it? Do different people see different things?25
2/28/2015 22:20:47Eliki DamuniBlack SandYou were able to put the sand on magnets. When you did the black sand would act like spikes and stack on top of each other, while the normal sand just fell off the magnet.I observed how heavy the sand was when you made a bridge in-between the two magnets. The sand was so heavy it would bend when you make a bridge. I also observed that when you put some of the sand in your hand, and moved your hand around the magnet, the sand filings would move around in your hand.The Black Sand had no connection with the real world.The Black Sand demonstrated magnetism.How is Black Sand made? Is it expensive? Why was it invented and who invented it? 25
2/28/2015 20:00:00Vaibhav GopalSelf-balancing stickI pushed the inverted pendulum that is standing upright.
I observed that the pendulum stick goes down and swings back and forth 8-10 times before coming back to the upright position.

The real world examples like segway is similar to the inverted pendulum where if you push the handle bar, the segway will move forward.Exhibit demonstrated potential energy, kinetic energy and gravity.How did the pendulum stay in the upright position?

How does the kinetic energy goes down when the connected bar is moving?
2/28/2015 11:47:44Ali RadwanCranky Thingy that showed numbers every time you cranked it I cranked the crankNumbers went upLike those number machines the you click and the numbers go up or car odometersThe gears and ratios that we learnedI wonder if you were to bring a drill how many times you could spin it in a second. I also wonder if you could make one with two cranks you could spin that made the numbers go twice as fast then just one25
2/27/2015 21:02:07Tuisku Sorensenvibrating pinwheelyour hands to adapt to temperature my nerves like i move my hsnds tells me whether object is warmer and cooler than i am when there's a fire pit it is usually really burning your hands may start to being affected to your skin but it will take awhile to cool your hands by coldest to the affect of feeling.when there is cooking it is actually burning hot as it is especially when the heat burns out of the affect of what the temperature might be or it could be either the heat turns to the affect of your temperature of yor hands.Is it mostly the heat or the temperature?25
10/25/2012 13:29:07Allie Hsusweat on hands make positive and negative charge, shows microamps of energy.I put my hands on two of the metal plates and saw how much energy was produced, and how different combinations had different outputs of energytwo copper had the least, to aluminum was second, and one of each made the most energythis sort of technology could be used for self propulsion and things like thatchemistry, heatcould you power a scooter or something with it?25
10/24/2012 17:27:12Monika ZscherpelOrange roomWe went into a room with a powerful orange light, and everything looked orange. We tried to guess the colors on the wall, and had regular flashlights to see if we got the color right.That you can still see shades of black and white, but just in an orange way. But if 2 colors were the same shade, you couldn't tell which was which.Color blind people. They can't see color.Sight, reflective light. (Not really sure)What is it like for color blind people? 25
10/23/2012 15:31:09Claire FaulknerPendulum SnakeSwing the ball that is on a string.Diffrent lengths of ball moving at diffrent speeds.Motion go zoom zoom.Patterns, gravity, motion.Why?23
10/23/2012 15:27:58Claire FaulknerTwo wheels abd a ballpulling leavers a ball moving in a circleMoation can do A LOT for the real world.Mathematics, motion.No questions.... i'm not very curious....23
10/23/2012 15:25:18Claire FaulknerBone StressI pulled a leaver that was connected to the plastic bone.I watched the bone get bigger.Working out like LMFAO and Mr. Heumann, pushups, lifting things.Bones,stress, weight, muscleWhy can I not think of any?23
10/20/2012 21:58:28Clara IgouTone memorywe had to listen to a sound of tome them match the same tone we just heard with the same pitch of sound.that it was really hard to get the exact tone you just heard,even if you thought you were right. And that it is hard to remember tones.It involved memory,sound,and that sometimes you have to listen real carefully to hear a sound ans sometimes you still don't remember it. It had connections to Sound waves,memory, psychology, and how your ear works with your brain. Does this work with all sound?
How does it very with age/
Do older or younger people hear it better?
How does your brain remember sound?
10/20/2012 21:48:21Clara IgouCircular bubblesWe took metal loops and dipped them in bubble solution. Then we took the bubbly loops and blew bubble domes over each other. This action turning the liquid film of bubble solution into spherical domes. I observed that you have to work with the other person to make the bubble dome go over the people at a certain speed. I also observed that for the majority of the time there the 8th graders acted more like kindergartners. This exhibit had a connection with a couple of things in the real world. One of these connections was the relationship between the light reflecting of the bubbles,giving it the multiple colors on the bubble itself. Another was on the effect of maturity and emotions of people playing with the bubbles. this exhibit had the pricibles of light on things,chemical reactions, and emotions on the body. how do different colors come onto the bubbles?
Why are we so interested in bubbles?
what are the chemical reactions doing to create the bubbles?
10/16/2012 20:37:32Anthony DamorePendulum ShakeReset pendulum and watch them swing.The longer the string on the pendulum, the slower it went, and the less swings it made in a certain amount of time.The length of the chains on swings.This exhibit may demonstrate a pert of momentum. Is there a place were they use this to there advantage. 23
10/16/2012 20:32:24Anthony DamoreJacobs LadderTurned wheel to turn fan.When I turned the fan static electricity was made to form a electrical current That traveled up the "ladder".Lightning, and when electricity travels up trough the air.Electricity and transfer of positive and negative electrons. Can you use this to your advantage?23