Conscious Consumers Badges, Standards and Accreditation processes
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Conscious Consumers Badges
Conscious Consumers badges reflect sustainable practices in business operations and products that respect people, the planet and animals. Conscious Consumers currently has 19 badges that apply to retailers and suppliers in the fashion, food retail, homeware & gifts, hospitality and personal care industries.

- Operational Badges: These badges apply to any business regardless of their industry type or size.
- Product Badges: These badges relate to the products sold by a business and, in some cases, will be specific to a certain type of types of industries.

Credible certifications, standards and NGO programme ratings are incorporated into all its product badge standards, including the Fairtrade Mark, Biogro Organics, Child Labour free, carboNZero and Living Wage Aotearoa and Conscious Consumers works in partnership with these certifiers and NGOs.

For detailed information on the badges and standards businesses must meet to become accredited please see the 'Retailer Badges and Standards' and 'Supplier Badges and Standards' sheets.

Shortly Conscious Consumer badges will directly align with the values consumers identify as important to them when they register via This will enable consumers to search for businesses who have been accredited with badges that directly align with their values. Businesses in turn will be able to make more informed decisions about new badges to adopt, new products to sell, as well as what information to communicate to consumers.
The Accreditation process
To become accredited, upload your evidence to the Conscious Consumers Good Spend Counter Dashboard as follows:

1. Log into the dashboard by going to Use the email and password credentials you were provided in your welcome email.

2. Once logged in, click 'Accreditation' on the left pane.

3. Choose the badges you wish to apply for.

4. Click on your chosen badges and fill in the required fields and upload the required verification information.

5. Once you have uploaded all required information click the “submit for approval” tab. Inform the Conscious Consumers sustainability staff that you have submitted all evidence needed.

6. Within 10 working days Conscious Consumers will contact you to confirm the badges you have been awarded and/or to request any missing or incomplete verification information.

7. Your profile will be upgraded to an accredited retailer and made live on the smartphone application once minimum standards have been met.

8. You may apply for additional badges at any time.

9. Once accredited, your badges will be valid for one year. After a year, a re-appraisal will be required to maintain your accredited retailer profile. A business will be contacted three months before their accreditation expires to ensure they have ample time to begin the re-appraisal process.

If a re-appraisal is not completed within one year, a business' accreditation listing will be downgraded to a ‘Insight’ listing until the re-appraisal has been completed. An ‘insight’ listing gives a retailer access to customer insights, but it is not able to send vouchers to customers.
Recognising top performers/leading retailers
To recognise top performing/leading retailers, retailers with the most badges and most products sold will shortly be given preferential ranking in searches on the Conscious Consumers smartphone app.

A bronze, silver, gold rating system is also being developed to recognise top performers. There will be opportunities for businesses, consumers and partner organisations to provide feedback on the rating system proposal in 2018.
How it works
Minimum standards
Retailer Badges and Standards
Supplier Badges and Standards