ACS FORENSIC CHEMISTRY CLUBAnne-Marie GavlasAnne-Marie Gavlas via emailStudents can enjoy a variety of chemistry focused activies beyond what is taught in the classroom. This club will help to educate students about forensic science and its role in solving crimes.
AEROSPACE CLUBTessa MazzeoTessa Mazzeo via emailThe Aerospace Club is a community of rising engineers and space enthusiasts dedicated to exploring, learning, and promoting a passion for aerospace engineering. Members of the Aerospace Club engage in a variety of activities, including discussions on aerospace technologies, hands-on projects, educational outreach programs, and exciting competitions.
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Bob Fenster Shawn LaytonShawn Layton via emailSupport human rights.
ANIMAL ALLIESDanielle DeCroceMeets twice a monthAnimal Allies is a club that specializes in animal rescue as well as endangerment research and advocacy. Club activities include, but are not limited to group presentations, letter writing campaigns, and animal crafts. During the year, club members will also have opportunities to come along on trips to local shelters and participate in volunteering. Additionally, we hope to have guest speakers come and talk to the members about their careers and how their roles in supporting this cause. Overall the goal of this club is to promote and educate members about animal welfare.
ANIME CLUBVacantThe Anime Club brings together those people with a similar interest in Anime, while also introducing students to a more comprehensive understanding of Anime and, as such, Japan.
BAND COUNCILJules Haran Nick ClippertonMondays before or after schoolStudent-run group to foster communication and cooperation in band.
BOOK CLUBMelissa LauriaMeet on 2nd Tuesday every month in 143 2:45pm-3:30pm
CHESS CLUBChristopher JamesThursdays in Room 632Learn to play, or hone your skills at chess.
CHOIR CLUBAshley MathewsSee Ms. Mathews in Room 317This ensemble provides a greater students with the opportunity to learn various traditional, classical and even popular music repertoire selections.
COMPUTER SCIENCE/PROGRAMMINGBonnie KeatingThursdays 2:30pm-3:30pm in room 252To grow and strengthen the student developer community in the areas of web development, app development, and artificial intelligence.
DAYS FOR GIRLS/GIRL UPDonna GriggsSee Ms. Griggs in Room 812We increase access to menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivating Social Entrepreneurs, mobilizing volunteers and innovating sustainable solutions that shatter stigma and limitations for women and girls.
DANCE TEAMKristin Commune and Debra Rooyakkers (Ashley Lopez volunteer)Contact Ms. Commune & Ms. Rooyakkers via emailA cost effective way for students to experience and continue to participate in a variety of dance forms.
DUNGEONS & DRAGONSRobert Santiagoemail
ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB (Project Green)Christopher JamesRoom 632The goal of the Project Green Club is to increase awareness of environmental issues in HHS and our larger community. The club uses contests, presentations and projects within HHS and participates in community events and local science fairs to educate the community of Hillsborough.
FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)Todd MacDonald & Nicole CalafioreContact Mr. MacDonald ( high school students for a career in business through academic competitions, leadership development and educational programs.
FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETESMackenzie Holguin & Michele TylerHuddles take place on Wednesdays at 7:00am in Rm 115The purpose of FCA is to provide a weekly huddle where students of multi-denominational faiths can meet.
FEMINISM IN MULTIMEDIA CLUBMelissa Lauriaemail mlauria@htps.usFeminist Multimedia focuses solely on the female and female adjacent perspective in modern and historical contexts.
FILIPINO CLUBVacantTo learn about a third-world country's culture as well as tradtions and way of life. The club would take part in some of the cultural dances, history and get a better understanding of the Philippines current state.
FRENCH CLUBVacantThe French Club is open to students of all levels of French. Members of the French Club will watch video clips and movies, listen to music, eat food, and play games reflecting the French language and culture. The group also communicates with pen pals.
FRIDAY NIGHT SKI CLUBVacantThe purpose of our club is to involve as many students as possible who are interested in skiing and snowboarding as a group. During the winter, our group will travel to and from Mountain Creek Resort for several sessions of Friday Night skiing and snowboarding.
GENDER-SEXUALITY ALLIANCE (GSA)Kevin HodulikMeets Wednesday's in room 134GSA invites all students to work together to develop understanding and acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals at HHS and in society as a whole.
GIFT OF LIFE (Donate Life Club)VacantTuesdays and Thursdays once a month in 229The Donate Life Club is the service-oriented high-school chapter of the New Jersey Sharing Network, The mission of the Donate Life Club is to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation and how signing up to be an organ donor can make a tremendous difference in the lives of others. The club does this through monthly meetings, fundraisers and guest speakers. Members also have the opportunity to be trained at the headquarters in New Providence to become Certified Volunteers, who then can provide educational outreach in their communities.
GIRLS WHO CODEJohn Askewemail jaskew@htps.usGirls Who Code is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology and computer science. GWC is an organization that values diversity, equity, and inclusion.
HHS BUSINESS CLUBDana Richensemail drichens@htps.usProvides an opportunity for students to explore careers in entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance.
HHS THEATERNicole MaloneSee Ms. Malone in 219The Drama/Theater club meets periodically throughout the year to assist in production of the Spring and Fall plays, announcements giving details of upcoming events.
HINDU STUDENTS CLUBMaura O'Neillemail moneill@htps.usHindu Students Council (HSC) is a well established organization present in many other high schools and colleges. Our goal is for Hindu students to come together and spread cultural awareness to other students. We want to encourage Hindu students to feel pride in their culture as well as provide a safe space for Hindu students, and students of other cultures to come and share their experiences! As a club, we will discuss and execute different methods of appreciating Hinduism as a religion and culture, as well as have fundrasiers and fun events.
INTERNATIONAL YOUTH NEUROSCIENCE ASSO (HHS NeuroBio)Ron Knightemail rknight@htps.usThe Neurobio Club is for students interested in neuroscience. Meetings include lessons, demonstrations, lab experiments, guest speakers and the discussion of topics in the field of neuroscience. Additionally, students will participate in several science competitions including the Brain Bee, National Science Bowl (NSB) and the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO).
JEWISH STUDENT UNIONAmy Boreremail aborer@htps.usThe JSU (Jewish Student Union) club is a place for Jewish and non-Jewish students alike to discuss important Jewish topics, celebrate holidays with each other, and have a space for those who need it.
KNIT and CROCHET CLUBKatelyn Culikemail
LINGUISTICS CLUBEric Maitland/Thomas McDevittemail & tmcdevitt@htps.usStudents will learn new cultures and languages to stimulate thier interestes in this field.
MAGIC THE GATHERING CLUBRobert Robsonemail rrobson@htps.usThe Gathering Club is a place where students can play the various formats of the Magic card game. Hailed as the game with the most complicated rules, students are able to hone their skills of strategy and deck-building in a collaborative and imaginative way.
MAHJONG CLUBVacantThe club is a space for students to learn a traditional Chinese game, make new friends, and develop problem solving skills in a fun setting.
MARINE CLUBKole Hobbsemail khobbs@htps.usMain goal is is to help protect our oceans, ecosystems, locally and internationally.
MEDICAL MINDSTaryn Furmatoemail
MIXED MEDIAErica Gavzyemail egavzy@htps.usThis club was created for artists interested in honing their craft and help promote sharing and appreciation of different types of art.
MOUNTAIN SKI CLUB (Friday Night Ski Club)Vacant
MUSLIM STUDENT UNIONAziza Hassanemail ahassan@htps.usMSA is an organization to promote unity, and to encourage and enable Muslims and non-Muslims with the basic knowledge of humanity, equality, and service to others.
OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING CLUBDonald Adams & Brandon WiaterThe Olympic Weightlifting Club is an organization affiliated with USAW, a national organization training athletes to compete in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting at the Olympics. Safety, overall fitness and strength training are stressed in a fun, yet competitive setting. There are weightlifiting competitions which participants may attend and compete with other high school students in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.
P.A.L.S.Anjana Iyer and Jessica StibitzMeets every other Thursday before school in the auditorium with occasional after school and weekend events.P.A.L.S. supports and fosters friendship between general education and special education students through planned monthly activities after school.
PHILOSOPHY CLUBCaryn BroganSee Ms. Brogan in room 709The focus of the Philosophy Club is to discuss philosophical issues in a friendly environment. Previous topics have included life after death, Darwin v. creation, the necessities of life, love, life, and sexuality. New members are always encouraged to attend.
PING PONG CLUBRob Longoemail rlongo@htps.usStudents who enjoy a good game of table tennis will thoroughly enjoy this group.
PODCASTING CLUBBrianna KaneContact Ms. Kane in room 247The Podcasting Club supports students in producing a podcast. Learn the ins and outs of creating your own podcast including writing, recording, editing, publishing, and marketing. If you are interested in audio production, public speaking, media, or just ranting about any topic of your choice, this club is the place for you. All skill levels and experience are welcome.
PRIDEvacantThis club is dedicated to create student leaders and then facilitating ways to prevent bullying at the high school and elementary levels.
RAIDER POWER LIFTING CLUBDonald Adams & Brandon WiaterMeets Tues. & Fri. 2:30-4:00 or for in-season athletes Health & Physical Education class electiveAn extension of the Raider Strength and Conditioning club that is sanctioned by USA Power Lifting, the club offers Hillsborough Township students the opportunity to compete at two state meets in their own Hillsborough High School Gymnasium and train utilizing current national caliber coaches and volunteer athlete/coaches.
RAIDER STRENGTH & CONDITIONING CLUBDonald Adams & Brandon WiaterMeets Mon. - Fri. 2:30-4:30 for 3 or 4 days per week programs or for in-season athletesA unified program that utilizes a partnership between Hillsborough Township Health and Physical Education and Athletic Departments. There are opportunities for overall fitness and sport performance, which offer the opportunity for progress and competitive Olympic style weightlifitng and/or powerlifting.
REBELRebecca BalaguerMeets 2nd & 4th Tuesdays. Location TBAMembers act as positive role models as they demonstrate the benefits of living a healthy tobacco/drug free lifestyle.
SOCIAL ACTIVISM & AWARENESSEllen WellerMeets twice a month on TuesdaysThe Social Activism Club strives to create a safe space to talk about topics that impact the lives of all people. We disuss ways to spread awareness about these issues, we hold events and have guest speakers who help us to better understand a variety of topics, and we talk with professionals about ways to raise awareness.
SOUTH ASIAN CULTURE CLUBAnjana Iyeremail aiyer@htps.usThe South Asian Cultural Club is a student-led program that discusses Asian representation in society and finds ways to enact systemic change.
STOCK MARKET CLUBPaul GoldsteinSee Mr. Goldstein in room 511
TED-ED Club (formerly Loud Speakers Club)Melissa BlevinsSee Ms. Blevins in Room 713This club is designed to foster the improvement and confidence in public speaking
THE BORO TONES (Acapella Group)Lauren Rankin & Claire Tuohyemail / email ctuohy@htps.usThe Borotones are HHS's co-ed a cappella group, specializing in pop and rock music.
VIDEO & FILM CLUBRobert SantiagoSee Mr. Santiago via emailMeetings are held once a week to view rare films, selected scenes and other movies of student interest. Students vote on themes and film genres to determine the agenda for each week's club activity.
WRITER'S CIRCLEJulianne Anderson (9/1-2/29) & Claire Tuohy (3/1-6/30) Ms. Anderson via email This group holds leisurely meetings to share works in progress, discuss authors of interest and participate in projects to promote creative writing.