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ABOUT OUR PROJECT: The first edition of The Data Journalism Handbook has been widely used and widely cited by students, practitioners and researchers alike, serving as both textbook and sourcebook for an emerging field. It has been translated into over 12 languages  and is used for teaching at many leading universities, as well as teaching and training centres around the world. Five years after its publication, we are developing a revised second edition, which will be published as an open access book with an innovative academic press. The new edition will be significantly overhauled to reflect these developments. It will complement the first edition with an examination of the current state of data journalism which is at once practical and reflective, profiling emerging practices and projects as well as their broader consequences. This second edition of the Data Journalism Handbook is being produced by the European Journalism Centre and Google News Lab, with support from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The Handbook will be available as a free open-source download on datajournalismhandbook.org in Autumn 2018. We want to make the Handbook freely available for everyone around the world and are currently looking for partners to help us translate it into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Indonesian Bahasa, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Hindi, Bengali and any other language you wish us to include. You can also get in touch with us directly at info@datajournalismhandbook.org or use #datahandbook to get our attention on social platforms.
Utami Diah Kusumawati/ utamid.kusumawati@gmail.comINDONESIACurrently, I am a Graduate Student of MA Professional Journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) as well as a Fulbright scholar. My specialization of study is data journalism and data visualization (Anaconda+Jupyter Notebook+Agate+Open Refine+ R) under the supervision of Prof. Matt Waite (drone+immersive technology+datajournalism). Prior to this, I have been a journalist for 5 years in several media in Indonesia, including CNN Indonesia (multimedia platform), The Jakarta Post (newspaper) and National Journal Newspaper (Indonesia) and a member of Journalists for Diversity (SEJUK). I have attended several conferences related to immersive technology and data journalism/visualization, including MobileMe&You 2017 Conference in Urbana Champaign, Illinois and NICAR (US National Institute of Computer Assisted Reporting) 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, in which I learned hands-on sessions including creating graphs, maps and story-telling using Tableau, making bot, and using R studio for statistics. Related to translation, I have translated several books either English to Indonesia and vice versa. The books include Something Blue by Melanie Griffin (Esensi Publishing), Sweet Stuff by Donna Kauffman (Esensi Pub.), Learning Shapes by Kathy Charner (Esensi Pub.), Blue Economy by Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry, and exhibitions catalogues of Bentara Budaya Jakarta. I also have edited Indonesian version books such as Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times by Stephen R. Covey (Dunamis Consulting) and Real English for Senior High School students (Erlangga Publishing) by Peter James. I am interested to translate the book because I believe I have adequate experiences in book translation as well as my current study is related to the data journalism and visualization. BAHASA INDONESIA (INDONESIAN LANGUAGE)YesYesNo
Jagoda PietrzakSpain/PolandI've been working 4 years with research and advocacy NGO (REACH Initiative, www.reach-initiative.org) in Middle East, Asia and Europe as data analyst. Interested in switching field into data journalism in near future.PolishYesYesNo
Andreas Veglis (professor)GreeceI have been teaching data journalism in graduate and postgraduate level since 2014. I have been conducting research on Data Journalism since 2013. I am a professor and the head of the Media Informatics Lab in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GreeceGreekYesYes, we have translated the first data handbook in the greek language
Mariam SargsyanUSAFreelance writer, Bachelor and Masters degrees in JournalismArmenianYes-No
Anders LundqvistSwedenWorking at the Swedish public service radio. Bachelors in journalism and communication. Masters in investigative journalism (included 10 weeks of data journalism)SwedishYesNo.
Pınar DağTurkeyI have been teaching data journalism in graduate and postgraduate level since 2014. I am a co-founder of a number of data journalism news portals: Dağ Medya, Data Journalism Platform Turkey and the Open Data and Data Journalism Association in Turkey. I teach the entire process of data journalism. Since 2012, I have contributed to and organized more than 50 activities, events, talks, panels about data journalism, both around Turkey and abroad. I have been conducting research on Data Journalism since 2012. I am a data journalism lecturer in Kadir Has University, ,İstanbul, Turkey. I will also contrubute the Data Journalism Handbook, 2nd edition for Turkey chapter.
TurkishYesYesYes, we have translated the first data handbook in the Turkish language. However it was not
published online.
Matteo MoschellaUKPart of the Storyful UK news team. Have a MA in interactive journalism at City, University of London. There I have learned about DDJ. During my MA my student's blog was a partner of the Data Journalism awards, I have previously interviewed Paul Bradshaw and used ddj for many stories. I am an Italian native speaker who works in English on a daily basis. More info in my CV that was sent to you with my expression of interest. LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2Cb5svA Twitter: @MatteoMoschellaItalianYes, personallyNoI haven't
Natalia MonjeSpanish
Christian Läßig Germany Data Journalism - not so much unfortunately. But 15 years as a general reporter for news papers and public service radio stations after a B.A. in Journalistics. Switched to a desk job in a public service radio and tv studio recently after years of reporting. Translating files has been part of the job and the previous studies every now and then. GermanYesYesNo
Adrián BlancoSpainData journalist at Spanish newspaper El Confidencial and professor in the Data Journalism Master at Centro Universitario Villanueva. I organize Journocoders Madrid https://adrianblanco.github.io/SpanishYes, personallyYes, personallyNo
Philip PramerAustriaAfter a B.A. in Political Science I am currently doing my MA in Journalism and work as media editor for the Austrian daily newspaper "Der Standard" and as freelancer for the Austrian Press Agency (APA). In 2016 I founded FaktIstFakt.com, Austria's first fact-checking site, where we plan to do more ddj-related projects. Currently learning to code, with basic understandings of Python (esp. Scraping), JS and PHP.GermanYes, personallyYesNo
Anna MichnaPolandI'm a digital PR manager who's interested in everything data related. Currently in the process of working on master application for data science. I work with data on a daily basis and would love to help with translating the handbook for the Polish audience. Polish Yes, personallyYesNo
Baurjan SafiUnited StatesI am an unemployed data scientist, I used to be a free lance translator and interpreter Worked as an interpreter since 1994 untill 1999. I also wrote to esquire.kz ("Записки кофевара") and I write to Medium.com/@baursafi. RussianYesNANo
Nenden Sekar ArumIndonesiaI've become a journalist for four years and got a master degree in Advanced Computer Science. Currently, I strive to learn data science and its application to journalism.IndonesianYes, personallyYesNo
Polash DattaBangladeshCurrently I'm attached with Dataful (http://dataful.xyz), first ever data based journalism portal in Bangladesh, which is set to be launched formally in March.

I have been a digital journalist since 2010. Prior to the shift to digital, I had worked for daily newspapers, weekly magazine, television station since 2001.

I had done some data visualisation at Dhaka Tribune (http://dhakatribune.com) where I had served as the Digital Editor till August, 2016. Unfortunately most of my Data Visualisation has been lost as Dhaka Tribune moved there site to a new theme. Here's one, which is not available at Tribune: http://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/2015/05/16/world-reacts-to-brutal-killing-of-ananta/
Although the visualisation could be accessed here: https://www.easymapmaker.com/map/3ed98e9b6bf6dd7dcbffb00f784b07d5

I love data journalism and trying to make it a mainstream Bangladesh.
Veronica FerrariUKOver the past years I got really interested in data journalism and I have been reading several resources starting of course with your Data Journalism Handbook. I would be really interested in taking part in the translation of the new edition of the book in Italian, either translating parts of it or reviewing translations from other people. During my journalism studies in Pavia, Italy, and at the London School of Journalism, I could see the growing importance of data journalism, from being a specific niche to becoming a well rounded sector with its own inside niches.
Currently I work as an Editorial Analyst at Social360, a social media monitoring company. My main task is writing reports and analysis pieces for international companies, government bodies and digital agencies. Using the firm’s proprietary data-scraping content management system, I research social media data on breaking news, relevant online conversation and market trends, review digital campaigns and map industry influencers. My reports provide my clients with clear and concise insights and briefings for their executives.
Following my interest in data, ahead of the past UK general election, I created a weekly newsletter including infographics and data charts that reported figures on the political parties’ engagement and conversation on social platforms.
To stay up to date with the latest development in journalism, I attend the online courses offered by the Knight Centre for Journalism including Fact checking, the tool to combat fake news, which was sponsored by Google News Lab. These courses provided me with useful journalism skills, including the ability to understand the importance of original sources and verification of content. I have a background in languages and translation, I have been a freelance translator from Italian into English and from English into Italian and I taught Italian language classes to adults at London Lessons languages school. My Twitter handle is @_vero_ferrari, and you can find my portfolio here: http://social360monitoring.com/blog/archive.php?author=Veronica%20Ferrari and here: https://veroinlondon.wordpress.com/
ItalianYes, personallyYes, personallyNo
Jung-Hua LiuTaiwanI am an assistant professor in Department of Journalism, Shih Hsin University in Taiwan. In the last year, I use the first edition of data journalism handbook as my textbook and I hope I can join this project to make in available for more students in Taiwan.ChineseYesYesNo
Adriana ZeaPeruBachelor in Social Sciences, freelance translator since 2015. I have translated documentaries for Lightbox Media (London), academic reports, articles and webpages. SpanishYesYesNo
Caterina ZitaItalyBachelor Degree in Political Science and International Realtions with the university of Siena, Italy. MSc in journalism with the Robert Gordon University, UK. I have concluded in July a three months internship with The Local Newspaper in Stockholm, and currently, I am a communication Intern with the Global Forum for Media Development. To know more about my expertise: https://www.linkedin.com/in/caterina-zita-094aa5133/Italian--No
Aya SamiEgyptBachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature. Diploma in Cultural Development. I have been translating in this language pair (English-Arabic) for 7 years. I have worked with two data journalism initiatives in Egypt for two years and have done translation for both. https://www.linkedin.com/in/aya-sami-39546050/ArabicYesNo
Matthias KnollGermany Master of Arts in IT-Innovation Management, Bachelor of Arts in Science Journalism and trained IT-Specialist and Consultant - additionally holding a degree of a journalism school in Germany. I have been working as lecturer and instructor on IT- and Workforce-Topics beside running my own little business in the area of information technology for several years now. http://www.mknoll.net - www.realtimetec.de - www.realtimepress.de GermanYesYesNo
Assumpta PicasSpaintranslator and collaborating with some projects related to data journalism. Communication degree spainYesYesNo
Amit DuttaIndiaHindi Business Journalist having more than 13 years experience in Electronic Media. Interested in Data Journalism. I have done my MA (Journalism & Mass Communiction) from UoU, Haldwani (India). Recently I have written a detailed article for newswriters.in on Data Journalism. Here is the link
HindiYes, personallyYes, PersonallyNo, but I have used Data Journalism Handbook 1 as a reference book for the article on newswriters.in
Alice PalussiereFranceBachelor in Communication and Politic Science. Bachelor in Journalism. I was Reuters French graphic editor for 7 years in Paris, where I was also in charge of the graphic translations (from english to French). I'm currently working for Idix Agency, where I specialize in data research and visualisation.
I have worked for daily newspapers, weekly magazines, television and websites since 10 years. Linkedin : http://bit.ly/2t09hQo. Twitter : @Journalice
FrenchYes, personallyYes, personallyNo
Wan Ulfa Nur Zuhra/Indonesian Data Journalism NetworkIndonesiaI am an MA Data Journalism student at Birmingham City University, UK. I have been a data journalist for five years in Indonesia before pursuing my master degree. I am the founder of Indonesian Data Journalism Network (IDJN), a community for Indonesian who want to learn data journalism. (Twitter: https://twitter.com/IDJ_Network). We are developing a website about data journalism and translating some useful materials so we can send it to our community members.Indonesian BahasaYesYesNo
Tatiana CobaColombia and Ecuador• I did a MA in Media Studies at the University of Groningen, so I am familiar with the topic of journalism data, I have read the Handbook of Journalism Studies and similar topics and my BS is “Periodismo” (Journalism in Spanish) so I am familiar with the related vocabulary both in English and Spanish.
• Regarding translation, I have volunteered as a translator in Ecuador to help American doctors communicate with vulnerable population, also, I had to translate hundreds of Spanish articles into English for my MA thesis.
• I hereby send you my LinkedIn link so you can see more about my background.
Elena IntraItalyFreelance Translator from English, Spanish and Chinese into Italian since 2009. Degree in Foreign languages and literatures (2008) and in International Law (2015). I also collaborate as writer for some blogs and newspaper. I'm currently very interested in data journalism and I would love to translate and/or review the handbook. You can find me on Twitter (@Elenaintra) and Linkedin (Elena Intra)ItalianYesYesNo
Min Jung Kim South Korea/KoreaAs a South Korean graduate student, professional writer and or KoreanYesYesNo
translator, I intend to translate second edition of the Data Journalism handbook from English to Korean.
In the past (2013) I worked for the Korean governmental agency in International Cooperation, and translated OECD French Peer Review into Korean.
I also have gained the experience of translating NPO documents and writing up of human rights newsletters to the readers in Korean.
As a Master's student in Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University, I also have translated numerous emails, education curriculum and pedagogy as well as worked for the undergraduate department of UIC at Yonsei University.
Antoun SamuelEgyptYesYesNo
Maithily ErandeUSAI am the Program Director(Dept. Chair) of Information Technology at Lasell College, in Newton, MA. I have spent 18 years in Corporate in Technology and Analytics.
Hindi, MarathiYesYesNo
Lanyue HuChinaI'm a colledge student in Beijing for master degree, and my major is journalism. I'll read English paper everyday for my artical, and write some essay in English sometimes. https://www.linkedin.com/in/蓝月-胡-30142b14b/ChineseYESYESNO
Florencia CoelhoArgentinaMember of LA NACION DATA (Argentina)spanishnoyesyes
Jihad Al-ShebeniEgyptMy name is Jihad Al-Shebeni. I’ve been working as a journalist and a translator since 2011. During the last two years, I contributed in translating two books about Data Journalism into Arabic. The first book was about the basics of Data Journalism and it was published by Al-Arabi Publishing and Distributing: http://www.alarabipublishing.com.eg/, and the second book came under the title: “Data Journalism Handbook for Covering Human Rights Issues,” and it was in contribution with Journalists for Human Rights. It can be found here: https://issuu.com/amreleraqi/docs/jhr_for_net/10.

Currently I am the Content Manager of the Arab Data Journalists Network (ArabDJN). It’s a platform about all that is related to Data Journalism all over the world. It aims to provide Data Journalists in the Arab world with all that they might need, old and new. My work involves a lot of translation, as the major content about data journalism is in other languages than Arabic.

I've applied to translating Alberto Cairo's PhD, he agreed and we're currently working on translating it.

As for my work in ArabDJN, you can check it http://www.arabdjn.com/, as abovementioned I am the
Content Manager of the site since day one. Please ignore the English and French versions of the website, as we're still working on them.
Farid HasanovBaku, AzerbaijanI'm more than six years in mass media as a journalist in Azerbaijan. I have experience in TV Broadcasting journalism and online media. Last 4 years of my career I spent for data journalism. For that reason I got my master at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs. I attended some internship, fellowship programs in different countries, as well as trainings and conferences. Several times I'm involved in data journalism trainings as a data journalist.

Currently, I"m collaborating with Eurasia Diary media network which operates in five languages and I'm the head of the English Department. Sometimes I translate exclusive articles from English to Azerbaijani and vice-verse.
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